What contraceptive are you?

Choosing a contraception method that is relevant to you
Choosing a contraception method that is relevant to you 

If an unplanned pregnancy isn't on your wish list - read on!
We all have different wants and needs when it comes to starting birth control and choosing a contraception. Lifestyle is one of a variety of factors that may determine what contraception method you choose when considering birth control.

A 2008 web survey conducted by Marie Stopes International Research showed that 60% of women who experienced unplanned pregnancy were using contraception*…contraception that’s obviously wasn't working for them!

A busy work and home life, the demands of your family, travel, and enjoying 'life as it is' can all impact on the type of birth control that works best for us. Choosing a contraception method that is relevant to you is a personal choice, and needs to be determined by careful consideration of both an individuals needs and the family’s goals.

There are many different types of hormonal and non-hormonal contraceptives available including the pill, the implant, the contraceptive ring as well as a variety of hormonal and non-hormonal options.  

While choosing the right contraceptive can be difficult, the www.whatcontraceptiveareyou.com.au  website is designed to provide information about different contraception methods and options. If you would like to discuss the various options for birth control with your Doctor you can take the confidential Survey. This can then be printed in the format of a letter for you to share with your Doctor. Whether you are just starting birth control or simply looking to learn about other options, you can find plenty of information in our Contraceptive Choices section. There is also a tip sheet on how to get the most out of your contraceptive consultation. These aids are intended to help you identify issues that may effect your contraceptive choice so you can discuss them with your Doctor.

By completing our free and quick survey, which can be formatted into a letter for your Doctor, you can go armed with relevant information to help you and your Doctor make the right contraceptive choice for YOU. This list of questions is not exhaustive but will help your Doctor to advise you of contraceptive methods that may suit you and your lifestyle. The survey results are not recorded on the website, they are only for you to print off to take to your Doctor to help with your discussion.
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