Emojis for parents

An emoji says a thousand words ...
An emoji says a thousand words ...  Photo: Supplied

It's been a big year for emojis. First, one of them was named 'Word of the year' by Oxford Dictionary.

Now, Kim K and Kanye have used them in their birth announcement on Twitter.

It's time to check out some common emojis and what they mean when you're a parent …

Yep, I'm at the supermarket on my own. No kids attached. I can take my time and even go down the chocolate aisle without anyone losing the plot. Now this, my friends, is called Living It Up.


The kids just finished playing indoor soccer. Using the couch (don't ask). And my mother-in-law just said she's dropping in in five minutes.

You guys. I managed to get the kids up, fed them breakfast, packed their bags, got them dressed, brushed their teeth, did my own hair and made it in time for school drop-off. If this isn't winning, I don't know what is #winning


It's 3am. The baby's crying and my husband got out of bed to go to her before I even had to start breathing really deeply to pretend I was fast asleep. AMAZING.

If I stand here really quietly and don't make a sound, maybe the kids won't realise I just stuffed my mouth full of Tim Tams.

I just unpacked that bag from the back of the car that we took with us to the zoo about six months ago. Oh, sweet mother of all things holy. Old apples! Old cheesestick! Old yoghurt! I'll never be able to un-smell those things.

So, parenting, hey?

I had the best Mother's Day ever! The kids brought me breakfast in bed, and made me cute little cards, and bought me my fave perfume #blessed #soblessed #luckymama

Oh, it's starting to rain. Excellent. So glad I spent half an hour straightening my hair this morning only to forget an umbrella to bring to school pick up (where it always rains, right?).

Oh my goodness. Her name's Lara? And her kid's Lucy? I've been calling her Lana all year and her little girl Lily.


I've had waaaay too many coffees today.


You're kidding me. After spending 45 minutes convincing my son to get dressed for kinder today, you're telling me it's Pyjama Day?


Who, that kid? The one having the massive tantrum at my feet? Never seen him before.

You ate the rest of the chocolate? Without consulting me first? After the day I've had? There. Are. No. Words.

Oh my. Knee fat. Chubby thighs. Baby feet. C'mere, little one, and let me smother you in kisses.

Yep, they're my kids. Yep, I agree, they're well behaved. Thanks so much for noticing.

Yep, they're my kids. Yep, they're trying to see who can fake fart the loudest. Thanks so much for noticing.

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