Anonymous parents share their secrets

“Sometimes I just want to run away from my family … but I’m the mum.”

“I just feed my toddler in the bath.”

“I’m afraid my partner can’t co-parent my child.”

two women secret
two women secret 

These are just some of the parenting secrets shared on Whisper, an app that allows people from all over the world confide in others anonymously. And yes, it's apparent that even the mums who seem the most put-together have a few secrets tucked away.

Started in 2012 following the success of the postsecret project, Whisper was originally mostly used by US college students. Since then its popularity has spread around the world and into different age groups, and the site and app now have billions of page views a month.

Using the app (which is available for Apple and Android operating systems), users can simply select a background image, write their confession on it, then post it for others to see. Others can reply with anonymous notes, often offering encouragement and words of support for those going through tough times.   

The parenting subsection shows a mix of highs and lows, of funny secrets and dark confessions. Have a look through our gallery to see a selection, or download the Whisper app to share your own.