Mike Catabay and kids, Jacob (2yrs) and Noah (7mths)
 Photographed for Sunday Life, March 2013.
 Photo by Nick Cubbin

The rise of the blogging dads

Move over, mums who blog - your male counterparts are hitting the net, and they're bringing a new wave of 'dad-vertising' with them.

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Mum in business ... Ere Perez with her daughters,  Maura and Emma.

Mum in business: Ere Perez

Ere Perez runs her own make-up and skincare company, Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics, and is also a mum of two girls.

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Mum in business ... Cris Bucknall of Eco Chic with her daughters Kira and Emery.

Mum in business: Cris Bucknall

Cris Bucknall is the co-founder of Eco Chic, a stylish, sustainable furniture and homewares emporium. She's also the mum of Kira, 7, and Emery, 5.

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Top: Noelle Sandinsky; middle: Fridge-to-go small lunch cooler bag, $29.95; bottom: cool tote, $59.95

Mum in business: Noelle Sadinsky

Noelle Sandinsky is the woman behind Fridge-to-go, a unique range of eight-hour cooler bags. She's also the mum of two boys: Jasper, six, and Cruz, three.

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Project Ten.

Mum in business: Jacquie McLean

After being a stay-at-home mum for six years, Jacquie McLean decided to make one of her business dreams a reality, creating the Project Ten beach bag range.

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Mum in business ... Sarah Hardie, of Fabrik, and her daughter Jemima.

Mum in business: Sarah Hardie

Sarah Hardie is the founder and 'chief dreamer' of Fabrik, an online company that sells beautiful children's clothes, homewares, dolls and more. She's also a mum to Jemima, 4, and Jonas, 18 months, with her third child due in March.

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rhian allen

Mum in business: Rhian Allen

Passionate about health and wellness, Rhian Allan, a mother of one with one on the way, created an online business designed to help mums lose weight safely post pregnancy.

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In the spotlight ... 'Mummy bloggers' featured on the ABC's <i>Media Watch</i> with Jonathon Holmes.

Are mothers who blog frivolous?

When Media Watch dedicated its airtime to “personal bloggers” - aka ‘mummy bloggers’ - it seemed to pose the question 'why are mummy bloggers such big fat frivolous bores?' But the program really missed the mark, says Victoria Birch.

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Yahoo CEO Marisa Mayer gives birth

Yahoo! Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer gave birth to a baby boy earlier this week - and plans to return to the office within days.

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Cushie Tushies.

How one mum built a cloth nappy empire

When Michelle Fowler's first son was born seven years ago, the new mother had made up her mind she wanted to use modern cloth nappies rather than adding to landfill by throwing away soiled disposable nappies well into toddlerhood.

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