kate mills

Mum in business: Kate Mills

Kate Mills started, an employment community for women, after the birth of her first child. She's a mum to Coco, 5, and Bebe, 3.

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The Chic Element ... Tiffany Faglin and her sons Romeo,  Texas and Keeanu.

Mum in business: Tiffany Faglin

Tiffany Faglin is the founder of TheChicElement, an online business that sells a range of beautiful, functional pieces for home offices. She's also the mum of three boys under the age of four.

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The basics of starting your own business

What's the difference between a 'mumpreneur' who sees her business as a hobby, compared to one who uses it to earn her income? Two business owners explain how they started out.

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Mum in business: Ilde Naismith Beeley

Ilde Naismith Beeley is the inventor of Starlettos, a unique and stylish yet practical footwear solution. She runs the Starlettos company while raising her two young children.

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Mike Catabay and kids, Jacob (2yrs) and Noah (7mths)
 Photographed for Sunday Life, March 2013.
 Photo by Nick Cubbin

The rise of the blogging dads

Move over, mums who blog - your male counterparts are hitting the net, and they're bringing a new wave of 'dad-vertising' with them.

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Mum in business ... Ere Perez with her daughters,  Maura and Emma.

Mum in business: Ere Perez

Ere Perez runs her own make-up and skincare company, Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics, and is also a mum of two girls.

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Mum in business ... Cris Bucknall of Eco Chic with her daughters Kira and Emery.

Mum in business: Cris Bucknall

Cris Bucknall is the co-founder of Eco Chic, a stylish, sustainable furniture and homewares emporium. She's also the mum of Kira, 7, and Emery, 5.

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Top: Noelle Sandinsky; middle: Fridge-to-go small lunch cooler bag, $29.95; bottom: cool tote, $59.95

Mum in business: Noelle Sadinsky

Noelle Sandinsky is the woman behind Fridge-to-go, a unique range of eight-hour cooler bags. She's also the mum of two boys: Jasper, six, and Cruz, three.

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