Lindy Klim with daughter Stella

Milk Baby - Lindy Klim

When Lindy had difficulty finding the right skincare products for her baby's delicate skin, she came up with a solution - she would make her own range, Milk Baby.

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Rock A Bye Baby Nursery & Equipment Hire

Mum in Business

Rock-A-Bye-Baby - Danni Guerreiro

EB member Danni saw a gap in the market for a company who could provide exceptional baby hire products, so started her own company.

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Meals by Mel

As a mother of two young children, Mel knows how hard it can be to organise dinners. That’s why she has decided to do all the work for you by planning your weekday meals.

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Sarah Novati talks to EB about starting up FLATOUTbear, being a mum and running an exciting business.

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aden + anais

Aden + Anais - Raegan Jones

Raegan Jones, founder of aden + anais, tells us about her muslin wrap and swaddling business, which is now represented in over 3,000 stores worldwide.

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Working Mums

In search of the best working model for children

It's an issue that has long been debated - does a mother's return to work in the first year of her baby's life have any adverse consequences? There has been some concern about what impact, if any, mothers' return to work is having on their babies' cognitive development and social and emotional welfare.

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Dad and baby at the beach

Blurring the role of Mum and Dad

Stay-at-home dads, working mums: modern parents are slowly, sometimes uncomfortably, blurring the traditional lines between breadwinner and caregiver.

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Hurphy Durphy car seat belt buckle

Hurphy Durphy belt buckle for car seats

There is nothing greater than having a baby come into your life. They turn your life upside down, permanently, and we wouldn't have it any other way. So it's natural that parents will do anything to ensure the safety of these precious little people.

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Some older women in the study were not using the more effective methods of contraception.

Older women turn to abortion

An increasing number of older women are having abortions, and most are working mothers who choose to focus on their career, current children and financial stability than have another baby, a study has found.

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Looking for inspiration to start your own business?

Start your own business

What do Apple, Hershey Chocolate, and the Ford Motor Company have in common? They all started out as home-based businesses.

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