'Snot and poop are a fact of life': Laura's $1.7 million business is not for everyone

Laura Klein sells Snotty Aspirators in Australia.
Laura Klein sells Snotty Aspirators in Australia. Photo: Supplied

Laura Klein is well aware that her line of business is not glamorous.

"Snot and poop and all those subjects are not pleasant to talk about but they are a fact of life and I am all about solutions," she says.

Dealing with her own children's blocked noses led the mother of three to discover a battery-powered nasal aspirator - commonly known as a "snot sucker" - for clearing noses.

The Snotty Aspirator is still Klein's best-selling product.
The Snotty Aspirator is still Klein's best-selling product.  Photo: Supplied

While some parents choose to suck the snot using their own mouth, Klein looked for a more palatable solution, "I decided it was time to use technology for good," she says.

Brisbane-based Klein discovered the Snotty Aspirator and says she was delighted the product "did what it said it was going to do".

"I thought every family in Australia needs one of these," she says.

Klein got in touch with the distributor and started selling the snot suckers to family and friends in 2013 before launching her website and business Snotty Noses.

"Our relationship [with the distributor] has evolved over the years," she says. "My first order was couple of hundreds of units and now its in the thousands each month. Now we have a range of about 25 products that come under the umbrella of gadgets for good health and good sleep."

The increased range has enabled Snotty Noses to employ five staff and turn over $1.7 million last year but Klein says the Snotty Aspirator is still her hero product.


Klein says Snotty Noses sees a spike in sales in February as thousands of young children head back to daycare and the germs start spreading.

Online continues to make up 90 per cent of sales as Klein has struggled to crack retail distribution through chemists.

"There have been a lot of closed doors but you just have to stay motivated and keep your eye on your prize and know what you are doing is a business but you are also helping people," Klein says. "When one door closes you find a way to go through the cat flap."

Klein says she primarily uses Facebook ads "the gift that keeps on giving for small business" to market her products.

"We target women aged 21 to 35, that new mum market that might not know this product exists," she says. "By the time they contact us, they needed it yesterday as that is when their baby got sick so we pride ourself on getting it to almost anywhere in Australia in around 36 hours."

Klein's aim is to double turnover for Snotty Noses based on what she says is growing demand.

"Anything that helps your baby to breathe better and sleep better then boom!," she says.

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