It's the world's toughest job, but billions are already doing it

The job sounded labour intensive, but impressive nonetheless: a company was looking for their new Director of Operations.

The company paid for ads to be placed on employment websites, and it was eventually seen by an estimated 2.7 million people. 

The ad outlined the requirements of the job, including the following:

  • Must be able to work 135+ hours a week
  • Ability to work overnight, associate needs pending
  • Willingness to forgo any breaks
  • Work mostly standing up and/or bending down
  • Must be able to lift up to 75lbs (34kg) on a regular basis
  • PhD in psychology or real-life equivalent
  • Crisis management skills a must
  • Ability to manage a minimum of 10-15 projects at one time
  • Ability to communicate at all levels (basic to advanced)
  • Ability to improvise
  • Proficient in handling sticky situations (literally and figuratively)

After reading that list, only 24 people actually inquired about the role. They were interviewed via webcam, and their real-time reactions were captured on video.

"That's just crazy," said one applicant as the job specifications were read out. 

The applicants got more and more incredulous about the job ... until they were finally told what the role actually is, and the ad comes to its surprise ending. 

Yes, the position description was for that of a mum. 

The ad was part of a clever campaign for It has been viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube in the past two days, and has been shared 40,0000 times on Mashable alone. 

While we do feel for the 'applicants' who spent their time preparing for an interview that turned out to be part of a viral campaign, we hope they were repaid somehow - in addition to the renewed love and admiration they undoubtedly have for their own 'Directors of Operations'.