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The history of the bra

Reflecting on the high points of the bra's eventful 100-year history, from the "bust flatteners" of the 1920s through to today's colourful, shapely styles.

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Frumpy mum

Are Aussie mums frumps?

Aussie mums must stop being schoolyard frumps and become yummy mummies, a Melbourne author and mother says.

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Brook Gossen

Designer career for these mums

Ever fantasised about a creative career? Two mums have discovered a new passion in life after studying design at the International School of Colour & Design.

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HOTmilk's guide to the perfect maternity bra

Gone are the days when women have to resort to mismatched grey cottons and bras made from uncomfortable fabrics while pregnant and nursing, with no consideration for when their breasts are at their most sensitive. We know you want to look and feel comfortable all at the same time - so we've designed bras which allow you to do just that!

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The Shoe Princess' Guide to the Galaxy

Shoes, I am afraid to say, really do mean a lot to me. You know how men seem completely incapable of going down a street without eyeing every woman in a fox-like flash? Well, that’s me – but with shoes. I simply cannot help it. It’s reflexive. Addictive. Compulsive.

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Did you 'let yourself go' as a new Mum, or did you never have it in the first place?

Motherhood and fashion: have you let yourself go?

"It's a shame so many mums let themselves go", mused the young, childless hairdresser attending to my mop last week. "You see them around here all the time in tracksuit pants. It's like they've just stopped making an effort."

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Mummy tattoos: would you get your child's name tattooed?

Occasionally, in my young and wild days, I’d wake up the morning after the night before and find I’d done something silly. Who of us hasn’t? But one day I discovered I’d had the word “Susie” tattooed on my chest.

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Online store allows mum to work at home ... Michelle Walsh wears an eye mask she designed and sells from her Tamarama ...

Slipping into a life more comfortable

Model turned fashion designer Michelle Walsh discovered she was pregnant with her first child while working on the television series Escape With ET.

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Braving the shopping centre

Who knows how I will decide to dress when I can no longer read the care labels on my clothes without glasses. I hope I opt for stylish over sexy. I also hope I sometimes get to enjoy a spot of shopping and a bite to eat with my daughter and granddaughter.

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