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Dealing with postpartum hair loss

So you had your baby a few months ago, and now your hair is starting to fall out. It may be alarming, but postpartum hair loss is actually normal. Here's why it happens and how to deal with it.

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"This the first time I've worn clothes day in and day out that are really, truly, comfortable" ... Kiran Chug

Coming to terms with my 'mummy uniform'

I never thought I'd become a mum who lived in flats. I guess it's just another one of the surprises that motherhood brought my way, and one I'm more than happy to accept.

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Why did mums once conceal themselves in photos?

The moment photography became cheap and available in the late 1850s, thousands of parents queued to capture their child's image. But not all were seen in the images.

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Target’s Gok Wan doesn't hold back in the ads.

Are breasts 'bangers'?

Department store Target appears to be getting bang for its buck by using British reality TV guru Gok Wan in a series of TV commercials, but his use of "bang" has some viewers up in arms.

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Glamour and grooming often feels like a luxury because they require two things in rare supply these days: money and time.

How to colour your hair: a mother's guide

There was a time when I would lounge at the salon for hours - but now, those days are over. Now I avoid the salon and stalk the supermarket shelves and colour my own hair ... with interesting results.

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