'It's fine to wear makeup every day, if that makes you feel happy'

I realised you didn’t need to wait for big events to be creative with makeup. You could do it everyday, just because it ...
I realised you didn’t need to wait for big events to be creative with makeup. You could do it everyday, just because it made you feel happy. Photo: Shutterstock

In the almost ten years since I started having children the whole Instagram make-up fad seemed to pass me by. Lost as I was in the trenches of parenting three kids, I didn’t realise when highlighters became a thing, and when primers became an essential item in one’s beauty bag.

I was unaware of the benefits of contouring and how now, anyone who was anyone was gluing fake eyelashes over their actual eyelashes before a night out.

The only make-up I did since becoming a mother was concealing the dark circles under my eyes, which was why concealers became a necessity for me. I also realised if I lined my eyes with eyeliner it made me look awake, instead of looking like I desperately needed sleep – which I often do.

But that was the extent of my make-up routine, until I discovered a half price beauty sale at the local chemist.

I glanced at liquid eyeliners, “chubby” lip glosses, gel blushes and thought what the hell. I took my haul home and turned to social media to see what to do with these items. This is when I discovered online beauty tutorials – yes I know, I’m very late to the game – and they opened my eyes.

Like literally. Apparently, concealer over your sleep deprived eye bags wasn’t going to fool anyone. Now to make yourself look awake you needed to roll a jade roller under your eyes. Then pop on some eye cream, and then an eye primer, before even thinking of concealers.

If you were dealing with puffiness along with dark circles, you may have wanted to put some haemorrhoid cream on your eyes too, since the main ingredient — phenylephrine — constricted blood vessels.

Only then did you start with the make-up, which included a whole heap of eyeshadow, and brightening liners, and mascara and did you know that well shaped brows helped create the illusion that your eyes were well rested?

Which reminds me, I only recently discovered what those tiny round sponges in the makeup aisle were meant for. Apparently, they are beauty blenders, and another essential makeup item. I only really found out about them because of this meme.


To be honest, just watching the make-up videos made me exhausted. Realistically I didn’t think I could invest this much time and money into make-up.

Sure, there had been a time when I was into experimenting with beauty. Before I had children, I wore glittery eyeshadow and experimented with giving myself a smokey eye. I also used make-up brushes instead of dabbing at my face haphazardly with an index finger like I do now.

Also, I don’t go out as much as I used to. Most Saturday nights my husband and I are on the couch in our pyjamas by 9pm. But just because you don't go out as much doesn't mean you have to stop using makeup.

A friend reminded me of this when she turned up to playgroup with a face full of makeup. She looked gorgeous. I realised you didn’t need to wait for big events to be creative with makeup. You could do it everyday, just because it made you feel happy.

As women we spend so much time on others, that spending time putting on make-up seems superficial, even vain. But it's not. It's fun, and if it makes you feel good I really think we should be investing more time into it.

Which is why I’ve started experimenting with makeup. Even doing fancy things like putting on winged eyeliner . I wore some blush the other day and I liked how it brought colour to my face, disguising that washed-out over-caffeinated look I usually wear.

I realise I’m probably a decade behind everyone else in the makeup game. But mothers especially tend to forgo little pleasures for themselves in the pursuit of motherhood.

You don’t have to wear makeup of course. For the most part I don’t, mainly because I’m too lazy.

But I’m here to say it’s OK if you want to wear glittery orange eyeshadow to Gymbaroo, or experiment with bold eyebrows and thick eyeliner before taking your little ones to swimming lessons.

Do what makes you feel good, and please, share your makeup tips! Many of us are still learning.