Bump too big to shave your legs? Fear not, there's a gadget to help

Giraffe Razor Extension / Facebook
Giraffe Razor Extension / Facebook 

Ladies, rejoice!

We've just heard about a genius product that has revolutionised the entire process of shaving your legs when pregnant. 

The Giraffe Razor Extension Handle (AKA the 'Giraffe') is a telescoping handle that slots in to most disposable razor brands and adds an additional 50 centimetres to your reach.

Volia - no need to bend at the waist or overextend yourself.

Because let's face it, when you're over 30 weeks preggo, breathless and can no longer tie up your own shoes or see anything below your button, a simple tool that makes life just that little bit easier is most welcome! 


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Look, I'm not going to lie. When I was heavily pregnant, keeping my legs and downstairs area smooth, silky and hair-free was not high on my list of priorities, but the Giraffe really is a game-changer.

The device was also designed for anyone who is unable to shave their legs due to mobility or flexibility issues, such as those with rheumatoid arthritis, back pain or who are recovering from hip or knee surgery. 

The shaving accessory retails for about AU $42 and is receiving plenty of rave reviews on Amazon


"I gifted this to my pregnant daughter and she says it's amazing! The length is adjustable as well as the tilt of the part that attaches to the razor."

"This product has been so helpful to me after my back surgery. At first I had my daughter shave my legs, but then I found the Giraffe. I had surgery nearly 3 months ago and still use this. To have my independence back has been HUGE!" 

"So happy I purchased this - I had hip surgery and this made it possible for me to continue to shave my legs after surgery while not breaking my hip precautions. Fit my Venus razor great. Would also work well for pregnant women or for use in an RV shower."

Admittedly, I'd also find it handy while I'm soaking in the bath after a long day and having to sit up those extra inches to reach my pins feels really hard. Lazy but true.  

Turns out, men are even using it as a back shaver so you can share it with your hubby. What a treat!