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New fathers often have to balance being the primary source of family income with spending time with their new baby and ...

Fathers need to join the conversation on paid parental leave

I recently asked my father if he took time off work after I was born. "Nope", he replied without missing a beat. He went to work the night I was born and taught his corporation  law class at a local university.

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Beautiful in our eyes: Georgia's story

I will never deny the fact that grief has a place when you give birth to a child who brings a set of circumstances very different to what you imagined. Because for nine months, I thought I knew my Georgie.

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Premmie twins ... Shea (in the blue CPAP hat) and Tainn.

Born too early: Shea and Tainn's story

In Australia, around 57 babies are born prematurely (before 37 weeks) each day. EB member Jannette tells her story about her twin sons, who were born at 24 weeks.

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