How To Videos by JOHNSON'S® baby


How To Videos by JOHNSON'S® baby

We've learned a lot since we launched our first JOHNSON'S® baby powder way back in 1894, so we've put together this collection of 'how to' videos to get you started on your exciting journey.

We think you'll find them really helpful. Watch them below and drop by our Facebook page for more babycare tips and tricks.

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1) How to do: Bath time play
With these bath time tips getting clean will always be great fun!

2) How to do: First night at home
Feel confident to bring your baby home to start your journey together.

3) How to do: First time out
There's an exciting world out there to explore with your little one. Here's how to get started!

4) How to do: Baby massage
A gentle massage is a great way to bond, and it's really easy once you know how.

5) How to do: Touch
Your kisses, cuddles, and gentle touch can help your baby feel safe and sound.

6) How to: Change a nappy
Keeping little bottoms clean is easy when you know how. Here are some tips and tricks!

7) How to do: Baby skin care
Your baby's skin is 10 times more sensitive and needs a bit of extra special care.

8) How to: Bath your baby
A warm bath is a great way to relax your little one and help them drift off to dreamland.

9) How to do: A good night sleep
Learn the steps of our 3-step bedtime routine which is clinically proven to help your baby sleep better.