Fun girls' party themes

Find a great party theme for your special little girl.
Find a great party theme for your special little girl. 

I’m not sure who gets more excited about planning a little girl’s birthday party – mum or the Birthday Girl. There are just so many spectacularly gorgeous things to buy for a little girl!

As I see it, girls’ parties broadly fall into one of two categories: parties for girlie-girls and parties for not-so-girlie-girls…

Pretty in pink
What can I say? The vast majority of little girls have an affinity with glitter, frilly stuff and the colour pink. It is written in our DNA (or if not - see our not-so-pink parties below!) Here are just a few of the “girlie” themes that I love:

Tea Party
A classic! Mum, act as “hostess” for the day by donning a frilly apron and giving your guests run-down of tea party etiquette. Put your china collection on display (out of reach of little hands obviously). Vases of beautiful fresh flowers are a must. Scatter little bowls of sugar hearts or cubes around the room. Serve up scones with jam and cream, tiny sandwiches cut into shapes using a cookie cutter, raspberry tarts, chocolate covered strawberries, petit fours, flavoured iced tea. Fill favour bags with “silver” teaspoons, tea bags, conversation hearts, and bubbles. Host some age-appropriate “ladylike” activities like making some pretty dried flower baskets, or decorating a hat or doorknob hanger with fabric paint and silk flowers

Fairy Party
This party theme is certainly not original, but will almost certainly be a winner. We definitely recommend that you bring in the experts on this one. There are plenty of “fairies for hire” who will enchant your little guests for hours on end whilst you run around madly preparing food. Professional fairies are also much more proficient than the average mum with a set of face paints… and no one wants to leave a fairy party without a seriously decorated face and a skin full of glitter. Keep fairies-in-waiting busy with fairy colouring-in pictures and/or crafts. You can find organza favour bags in almost any craft shop. Fill bags with lip gloss, hair clips, bubbles, glitter, and fairy stickers. Hand out wings and wands as guests arrive. Food is easy: fairy bread, fairy floss and fairy cakes, all washed down with some pink lemonade. Hang a decorated bed canopy in the main party room, which can also double as a Birthday gift.  

Carousel Party
This is such a gorgeous and distinctive theme that incorporates every little girl’s favourite thing - horses! Buy musical horse carousels as table decorations (they can double as a birthday gift). Hire a canopy (preferably round) to set your tables up under or to use as a play space. Download some Carousel music. Serve up lots of “fairground” party food like: hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, toffee apples...and don’t forget the fairy floss. If your budget permits, think about hiring a fairy floss making machine. Attempt a carousel inspired cake! You might be able to pick up a carousel cake pan on eBay. Alternatively, you can buy a cake separator set from Wilton.

Modern little ladies - not so pink parties
It cannot be said that all little girls fall over themselves for a tutu and set of fairy wings however...  Some do manage to escape the clutches of pink. Here are a few “not-so-girlie” themes that I love:

Dora Party
I love this girl - sensible bag and sensible shoes. Dora party supplies are very easy to source in local toy and party shops. There are pages and pages dedicated to Dora parties and supplies online. If you are going to host a Dora party, go all out and invite guests to dress up as Dora. As everyone arrives, hand them a canvas backpack (complete with a packed lunch, map and other supplies) and assign them all a Dora-style mission to complete. This may take lots of pre-planning but is sure to be a big hit.

Tropical Party
As guests arrive, present them with a grass skirt and a lei. Decorate the walls with wave or beach scene setters. Hang honeycomb palm trees and pineapples from the ceiling. Have some Hawaiian music playing. Place a couple of beach umbrellas around the yard or room and use bamboo table runners. Serve up fish and chips in paper cones, chicken and pineapple kebabs, fruit kebabs, and fresh lemonade. Consider an ice cream or snow cone stand for desert. Little tin pails or woven straw bags would make lovely little favour bags. Fill them with sunscreen, tropical lip balm, shells and may some cheap little sunglasses.

Slumber Party
Older girls will love a sleepover party! Fill the party room with pillows, blankets, bean bags, and stuffed animals. Hang fairy lights and glow in the dark stars from the ceiling. As guests arrive, hand them a “sleepover pack” including a torch, bed socks, toothbrush, comb, etc. Have a sleeping bag race or a scavenger hunt in the dark, using glow in the dark creatures. Hire a Karaoke machine for the night – sure to be a huge hit. Provide supplies for a pedicure and manicure session. Finally, set the girls up with a movie and some hot chocolate to fall asleep to. Pizza, popcorn and sundaes will sustain guests in the evening, but don’t forget breakfast… smoothies and muffins are always a hit.
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