Fun boys' party themes

From trains and planes to things that bite, choose a party theme here!
From trains and planes to things that bite, choose a party theme here! 

Little boys are generally pretty easy to please and it’s not much different when it comes to party planning!

Boys’ party themes typically fall into one of three categories:
•    things that go;
•    things that fight or bite; and
•    things that involve a bat, a board or a ball.


I am not at all enamoured with modern racing car themes. V8 Supercars are not my thing personally, however, a vintage race car theme makes for a glorious little boys party. Think big black and white checks, burgundy and vintage racing green. There are so many little touches you can add to make this party buzz. Make badges or t-shirts for guests featuring their name and race number. Create a racetrack cake in the shape of a figure 8 and decorate the “track” with Matchbox cars. Host a “Grand Prix” in your own backyard.

There are two takes on this theme that I love.  

Thomas the Tank Engine is the most obvious. Who doesn’t love Thomas? Thomas party supplies are available in abundance. A friend did a gorgeous job with this theme by laying out a long table as the train “carriage” and sticking a Thomas play tent at the head of the table as the “engine”.  

My preferred take on this theme, however, is the plain old-fashioned steam train theme. If you are lucky enough to have an old steam train that operates near your home, have the party on the train or at a stop along the way! Alternatively, you might have a local park where a miniature train operates. Train driver hats make great and practical party favours, and you can apply the “driver’s” name with fabric paint. Fill favour bags with mini toy trains, whistles and old-fashioned Choo Choo Bars (you can source these online).

Things that fight or bite

Star Wars
I have seen mums do some AMAZING stuff with this theme. A friend (based in Sydney) managed to hire some Storm Troopers to entertain guests, and I believe there might also be some Jedi Knights available for hire. If you have the time and inclination, think about hand-making Jedi robes or tunics for your guests – big effort, but looks gorgeous. Toy Light Sabers are available inexpensively from many toy stores and make an ideal party favour, as do Star Wars drink bottles and other movie paraphernalia.  Star Wars themed tableware and decorations are available everywhere.  Entertain your guests with “Pin the Light Saber on the Jedi” (using a movie poster) or “Destroy the Death Star” (using a homemade or modified piñata).  


Such a classic party theme!  Send a “treasure map” invitation, marking your house with a scull and cross-bone.  Ask guests to come dressed as pirates, or hand out eye patches, bandanas and swords at the door.  Decorate the house with pirate flags, inflatable palm trees, coconuts, toy parrots and a beach or island scene setter.  Use homemade “treasure chests” (painted cardboard boxes) as centrepieces and fill with maps, compasses, plastic jewellery, and chocolate gold coins.  Make or buy some black “canon balls” for a game of “Sink the Ship” (whereby one team tries to sink the other’s ship by throwing cannon balls into their bucket).  “Pin the Patch on the Pirate” and a treasure hunt are other crowd pleasers.

This is your opportunity to go totally crazy.  Lay out green monster footprints on the path to your front door.  Put in coloured light bulbs and hire a smoke machine for a really spooky effect.  Use cardboard boxes, craft supplies and lots of paint to create monsters of every description to display around the party area.  Alternatively, break guests up in to teams to create and name their own monsters as a party activity.  Put your aversion to food colouring to the side for the day and serve up bottles of bright blue, green, red and yellow cordial with “monster juice” and biohazzard labels, monster face pizzas, monster toes (long cookies with green colouring in the dough and a lolly “toenail”), eyeball cupcakes, etc.  Try an eyeball and spoon race.  Fill favour bags with glow necklaces, lolly teeth, gummy worms, claws, horns, and feet.


Oddly enough, there is not a lot of inspiration for this theme online or elsewhere, but there is no doubting it would be a winner with many boys. If you can, time your party during one of the test matches during the Summer and have the match playing in the background. Ask your guests to come dressed in their cricket whites. Decorate the room with cricket posters and/or Australian themed party supplies (like flags and green and gold streamers). Play a game of backyard cricket if you have the space. Miniature signature bats or cricket balls would make popular party favours. 

Party supplies are readily available for just about every football code and team in the world, making this a particularly easy theme to pull off.  A “[INSERT TEAM NAME] Training Camp” party is a neat idea. Ask guests to wear a team jersey or other apparel.  Line plastic cones up to form a path to your front door. Spread footballs around the party area and fill the walls with football memorabilia.  Kick the activities off with a “warm up” including jumping jacks, push-ups, and crunches. Make an obstacle course out of cones, chairs, etc. and run a dribbling relay - have stopwatches and whistles handy. Play a game of blindfolded goal shooting (you can do this with a real ball and net, or on a wall ala pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey style).  Buy cheap hats for guests to decorate in team colours. Send a “player trading card” to each guest (featuring a party photo of them) as a thank you note.

Go retro with this theme. Ask your guests to come along in their best hibiscus print. Display some inflatable beach balls and palm tree around the party area. Put a retro surf movie and retro surf tunes on to create a bit of atmosphere - a great excuse to buy the Best of the Beach Boys, if you don't have it already! Serve up some Summery treats, like hamburgers with pineapple, coleslaw, fruit kebabs, homemade lemonade and make a surfboard shaped cake.  Serve up food in old fashioned beach pails and use beach towels with groovy prints or solid stripes as table cloths. Consider hiring a snow cone machine for the day. Fill favour bags with coloured zinc and cheap sunglasses.

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