Eco-friendly parties

Eco-friendly parties
Eco-friendly parties 

Kids parties that don't cost the Earth... literally.

Kids' parties are typically a bit of an environmental disaster - lots of plastic and lots of waste.  By making some different choices for your child's next party, you can not only tangibly reduce your impact on the environment, you can also help mould a new generation of eco warriors!  By embracing an eco theme, you can also create an event that is both beautiful and high impact.


Given the incredibly wide range of eco friendly party supplies available these days, there is no need to turn down the colour or fun on your kids' parties for the sake of "going green".  By choosing products carefully, you can stage almost any modern or traditional themed party in an eco friendly way. 

However, opting for a party theme with a "green" twist will definitely set your child's party apart from the typical "factory" party.  For example, there are lots of wonderful ways to incorporate eco party supplies in a hippie, safari, bug, nature or garden themed party. 

By choosing products carefully, you can stage almost any modern or traditional themed party in an eco-friendly way.

An eco themed party also sets a wonderful example for your kids.  In the middle of all that fun, they will be learning to respect and protect our planet!

Party Bags and Favours

Instead of the traditional plastic loot bags, opt for paper bags or re-usable fabric party bags - you can buy these online or make them yourself.

Avoid the usual plastic loot bag fillers too and opt for traditional, ethical wooden toys.  Things like pencils and little wooden animals, spinning tops, jewellery, etc. are beautiful and affordable alternatives.  Some organic fair-trade chocolate would also make a great filler that adult guests will appreciate.  Alternatively, or in addition to a loot bag, you can hand out native seedlings (with homemade gift tag attached) as party favours.



Consider investing in party decorations that can be used as decorations in your kids' rooms or elsewhere around the house for years to come.  Things like posters or tin signs make great wall decorations.  For table centrepieces, use your child's existing toys or buy a gift that doubles as a table centrepiece.

Fabric bunting seems to be everywhere at the moment and looks lovely in a child's room after the party.  Alternatively, you can make your own banners using strips of fabric or paper doyleys.  Paper chains take some time to make but look amazing.  Streamers are a relatively good choice.  Also, look for balloons that are biodegradable and candles made from beeswax.


Continue the eco theme with the food you serve.  Where possible, buy fresh, local, organic food to provide at least a few healthy options for guests.  Smoothies and fruit skewers are always popular.  With some creative presentation, you can also create some very appealing edible "creatures".  There are lots of gorgeous kid-friendly recipes online incorporating fresh fruit and vegetables.


Where possible, use your own cutlery and crockery and brighten it up with some coloured or themed napkins.  Dress up a plain white table cloth with a fabric runner that you can use again and again.

If you do need to use disposable tableware, there is such as wonderful range of affordable eco options these days, there really is no need to resort to the traditional plastic tableware.  Eco options are also generally very beautiful, such as plates made from palm leaf and bamboo, and surprisingly affordable.  If your local stores don't stock eco alternatives, you can always source products online.


There are lots of party games and activities that will get your kids in touch with nature, here are just a few examples:
- Sack races are always great fun (use pillowcases if you can't find traditional hessian sacks)
- Try a scavenger hunt through the garden with nature-related clues and prizes. 
- Set aside some time for guests to decorate their own mini terracotta pots and send them home with a little seedling to plant in their creation.

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