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Due in Feb, 2013 Chat Thread #3

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#51 Nowfor4

Posted 24 July 2012 - 01:04 PM


Welcome amyc1981 and baysmummy_21.
baysmummy21-I am also having my fourth, there are a few of us which is good!
Nattsmum-I went to Qld when I was pregnant with my 3rd, I was 16 weeks, but everything was fine. Only a 2hr flight from Melbourne so wasn't too bad, and at least you will be feeling good. I also drove up a couple of weeks ago and I don't recommend holidays in the first trimester, I was so sick.
Amy1981-Great news on your scan, makes it real.
Nicnic85-My ms started easing at 10 weeks, but I still have a few bad days too, hopefully it eases up soon.
Leisamd-Hope the bleeding stops soon, good luck with the midwife.
Epg-Good luck at your scan, hope the heart thing turns out ok.
Babycat-Hope the ms eases, good luck telling the boys. I am going to tell my kids after my scan.
Hi to everyone else.
Not much happening here, getting over a horrible cold. Hanging out for my scan next Thursday.
Hope everyone is starting to feel better.

#52 Girlintheredshoes

Posted 24 July 2012 - 04:20 PM

Leisamd- I hope all is ok

Nicnic85 & babysat- 2 sets of twins for the group :-) :-)

Welcome bays mummy & amyc1981!

I had my first ob appt today - I'm so glad I chose him- very caring and supportive. I even saw bub on his u/s.  wub.gif

#53 mumatelle

Posted 24 July 2012 - 05:22 PM

hi girls,

hope all the worries turn out to be nothing at all..

morning sickness has almost left the building here, thank goodness!! still feeling pretty zapped of energy but with working and looking after an active toddler and being preg thats prolly not surprising!

wondering if anyone else is already huge?!! lol.. i have a real baby bump, i cant believe i am only 11 weeks, i was looking at photos of my last preg and i was this size at 20 weeks with my son. Is anyone else bigger second time around??? it's really hard to keep it a secret, im sure people must be curious either that or they just think ive taken up the booze and my beer belly is getting bigger each week haha

congrats to those expecting twins! must of been quite a shock!!

all the best to everyone...

now to work out what to have for dinner... urgh wish i had a chef! and a maid too! original.gif

#54 whale-woman

Posted 24 July 2012 - 05:53 PM

Hi all.
Welcome newbies!

Leisamd - I hope the bleeding settles and all's well.

It seems a lot of people are having their 1st ob apps and scans. I got to see my ob  yesterday and bub was kicking away like crazy on the scan. I got a comment that it looked big for dates but I'm certain of the dates... We'll see at the US. I got bulk billed too biggrin.gif so i've got 500$ in my pocket that i didn't expect to have....

I've elected to go straight to a CVS without bothering with the screening. I'm a bit neurotic about these things and just want to be sure there isn't a problem. Last night I had a dream that the CVS caused a MC. I had a dream conversation with bub and make a deal for him ( again stupid feeling this is a boy) to stay out of the way of the needle. Telling myself to relax and not be silly about these things. Only 10 weeks still and still puking and eating everything salt covered in sight. I hope this settles soon. DD has at least calmed down and is behaving better....

Edited by whale-woman, 24 July 2012 - 05:54 PM.

#55 tribemama

Posted 24 July 2012 - 06:58 PM

Hi all.
Im off to my first scan tomorrow. I wasnt going to do a dating scan, but as my belly is huge for my dates, (to the point that people are brave enough to ask me if Im pregnant), and my symptoms were so full on so very fast, both me and the dr thought it might be a good idea to check for twins (my sister has two sets) and my dates.
My partner and I are pretty excited. Im going to tell the girls when I have a picture to show them too, I think they deserve an explaination for why Mummy has been so sick lately and why my belly is big (my middle girls asked the other day lol).
Morning sickness/nausea is still kicking my butt. I feel icky all day every day and headaches too. This is really not nice but after reading the HG thread, Im thinking Im pretty lucky.

#56 (feral)epg

Posted 24 July 2012 - 09:30 PM

Hi everyone,

Had my first trimester scan yesterday-all normal! And a wriggly little baby just like Dad.
Cardiac ultrasound normal too - just a 'flow' murmur and not related to any problems.
Then dentist in the afternoon.  They seemed surprised that I didn't have any gum bleeding - apparently really common.

Thought morning sickness was all over but DP cooked bacon and eggs on Sunday - I started eating feeling fine, got half way through when I started feeling a bit queasy - then had spectacular run to the bathroom spew on the walls type vomiting.  Then 5 minutes later I was STARVING again.  So i finished my breakfast.  DP is totally appalled.  

Good luck everyone heading for scans soon!

#57 amyc1981

Posted 25 July 2012 - 11:39 AM

Hi all

good to hear scans are going well, isn't it great to see them moving around so much? DH asked how much coffee I'd had at the last one - at the 12 wk scan bub was much more laid back with legs up on the wall. Now I'm counting down till the 19 week scan!

hugs to those still suffering MS - I was pretty lucky and only threw up once (fingers crossed) had a fair bit of nausea but was manageable and was having bad headaches every day but they have eased a bit now. I am still exhausted though. I fell dead asleep last night at 9:30 and struggled to get up before 7 this morning. I am already counting down the work days left!
Are most people here working till the end of the year then stopping, or going back in January? I am only working till end of year, but I am due 2/2/13 so not much point going back in the new year. I have a Saturday job also (so work 6 days a week currently), but I am stopping that one mid September so that I have my weekends back.

#58 PeanutButterTurtle

Posted 25 July 2012 - 06:57 PM

13 days til my NT scan too! I'm terrified that something's gone wrong, my nausea has gone from 'living on maxolon' status to 'niggly, but can get through the day without it'. The Ladies are still tender and massive though so hopefully that's a good sign, and I struggle to get through the day without a short nanny nap. DP hasn't seen Yoda yet (unfortunately he couldn't make the dating scan), and he's finally getting excited about it so I really hope everything is ok!

I'm all booked into the hospital, not sure if I'll be considered low risk or high risk as I've got a medical condition that could swing it either way. Hopefully given that it's well controlled and all of my blood markers are normal, I'll be low risk. I'd love to get into the MGP program and use the birth centre!

Has anyone else considered a Midwifery Student? I've got someone on board already, if only I was this organised for everything else!! biggrin.gif

#59 tribemama

Posted 25 July 2012 - 08:17 PM

I had my dating scan, only one baby, and Im 9 weeks today and due on 27th Feb. There really wasnt much to see, baby was there, all was normal, good strong heartbeat. She spent more time looking for my right overy. Turns out, she couldnt find it at all. Ive never had my overies scanned before ever, so maybe I do only have one? Meh, no biggie I guess.
I will definitely be having a natural birth as I have done with two of my girls, and will be having a natural third stage and delayed cord clamping too. I got to experience the breast crawl with my third baby and it was so super cool and I strongly believe it made it possible for me to breastfeed that time. I will be aiming for all that again. Ill also be having my previous Doula (who turned out to be one of my best friends afterwards), so thts awesome. Shes so lovely and really helped me throughout my preg, birth and after.

#60 TheFirstNoel

Posted 25 July 2012 - 09:23 PM

Hi ladies, I'm afraid this is goodbye from me.  After waiting for  3 hours in emergency today we had a scan and unfortunately our little one didn't make it.  Would have been 12 weeks on friday.  I'm upset but ok, have to go back tomorrow to discuss if I need a D&C.

Wishing you all a wonderful 6 months or so!

#61 dede79

Posted 25 July 2012 - 09:48 PM

Oh Leisa, that's terrible!  bbighug.gif take care of yourself!

I haven't posted in here for ages, I find the Facebook page lots easier, and I'm a bit lazy.
Big hugs to those who have lost their precious bubs since last time I posted.
For those of you experiencing ms, hope it goes away asap.. Mine was pretty terrible from weeks 6 to 10 but is pretty much gone now (11+2).
NT scan is next Thursday, can't wait! Love seeing everyone's scan pics on FB.

Ok, bed time, I'm such a nana now!  tongue.gif

#62 Nowfor4

Posted 25 July 2012 - 09:55 PM

Leisa I am so sorry for your loss, take care of yourself-xx-

#63 bubba ship

Posted 27 July 2012 - 09:21 AM

Morning mummas!
though i'd come in and say hi.

I'm sincerely sorry for the looses in this group. hope you're all well and hope to see you in another DIG soon. bbighug.gif

For everyone else... YAY!

I declined the NT scan, but a got a quick ultrasound at the OB's office that showed that it was measuring around the right size. I suppose that's good enough for me.

Also I'm sicker this time around. work is a struggle as i'm nauseous constantly, and evenings are worse and I haven't been able to do any chores. poor DH has had to really pick it up lately. it's starting to ease, but not by much!

I bought a few books for my DD who is nearly 2 - my baby, i'm a big sister and i can go potty!! hehe can't wait to get them!

see you all later!

#64 BJBubbles

Posted 27 July 2012 - 09:44 AM

Hi Ladies,

I've been lurking but thought I would finally (cautiously) join...

My EDD is 17th Feb - so currently 10w5d. I've had 4 (yes 4!) scans with my OB already and so far everything is looking good.  I've had a pretty crappy TTC and pregnancy history (as you can see in my sig) so am finding it a little hard to get overly excited about this one yet.  I'm waiting for my NT scan on 6th August before I really let myself embrace this PG. Only 10 days to go!

Hope everyone is hanging in there - not much longer and all the MS should be subsiding!


#65 hillplain

Posted 27 July 2012 - 11:03 AM

Hi Ladies,

I haven't posted in here for ages either as I have been lurking in AC grads but it is quiet in there.

BJbubbles - Wow the miricle baby! What a wonderful experience for you. Congrats You are due the day after me. You are so lucky to have had 4 scans. I have only had the 1 viability at just under 7 weeks and I am so nervous for the 12 week one in a week.

bubba ship - hope that the MS subsides fast for you!

Bubble1 - I share your fears. I have had had very few symptoms at all. A bit of nasea here and there and tired but that is about it - so scared that nothing is happening at all. I am just working on the fact that no spotting is a good sign and that I am just really really lucky.

dede79 - good luck next Thurs. Hope that all goes well for you.

leisa - I am so sorry for you. I have no words that can express how sorry I am for you. Big hugs and I hope that you feel better soon.

Good luck to all others and stay well.

AFM - Just hanging around waiting for the 12 week scan (nearly 11 weeks now) in Melb. Have booked that and the day off to get there and back. Also had a bit of a look at prams etc last night which was exciting. Thought that if everthing goes well in Melb that we might do a bit of looking whilst I had DH with me. He is 6'6" and I am quite tall too so need something that is comfortable for both.

#66 LittleJacksonOne

Posted 27 July 2012 - 07:50 PM

leisamd- so sorry to hear, take care of yourself!

Hi Ladies, just a quick one from me so you know why I have been missing and not updated the list yet-
since weekend I went downhill sickness wise, and on tuesday hit rock bottom sad.gif Turns out I caught Hand foot and Mouth disease from my neice which adults normally get no symptoms from except when their immune systems are down eg due to pregnancy!!
Well it got so bad i ended up in emergency on wednesday night on a drip! I hadnt kept food or drink down in 48 hours (havnt vommited from MS previously) so was severly dehydrated and also had a gush of red blood so suffice to say scared too! Our local ED has no ultrasound machine (what the?) so all they could do for me is take bloods that my doc still hasnt given me the results for, and book me into the high risk doctors so i can see them asap (due to my abnormal uterus). I had my midwife appt yesterdy and it wasnt very helpful, she didnt take any measurements or use a doppler or anything :S. Red blood has stopped, so feeling better, but just hanging out until my 12wk scan on monday and my appt with the high risk doctors monday also.
Still pretty sick and nervous, so when i have the energy to read the thread over (hopefully by the end of wknd) I will do personals and update list (sorry to those waiting).

QUOTE (Bubble11 @ 27/07/2012, 12:39 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
For those who have joined the FB group
I don't use FB.  Clicked on join group and it didn't really do anything. Just changed from join group to cancel request.  Not sure if I needed to send anything?  Or if I'll get an invite later or how it works at all?
Amy W.

Sorry Amy, due to what I said above I hadnt been on FB until tonight, I accepted your request now though original.gif

#67 BJBubbles

Posted 27 July 2012 - 09:01 PM

hillplain - We're going private and I have a wonderful OB thankfully. She knows all to well my history so has been amazing supportive and tried to alleviate my anxiety as best as possible...  I think we're all hanging out for that 12 weeks scan and the reassurance it should bring!  Where do you live?  Where are you going for your scan? My OB works at St Vincents Private, so I have my scan at City Imaging (Womens Ultrasound) across the road from the hospital.  My OB does most in her rooms though - so they are free! ... well included in her massive management fee!

LittleJacksonOne - wow, you've had a rough week!  Hope you are starting to feel a little better. Good luck for Monday - hopefully you get some reassuring news too! Take it easy over the weekend! xox

#68 hillplain

Posted 28 July 2012 - 12:25 PM

QUOTE (BJBubbles @ 27/07/2012, 09:01 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
hillplain - We're going private and I have a wonderful OB thankfully. She knows all to well my history so has been amazing supportive and tried to alleviate my anxiety as best as possible...  I think we're all hanging out for that 12 weeks scan and the reassurance it should bring!  Where do you live?  Where are you going for your scan? My OB works at St Vincents Private, so I have my scan at City Imaging (Womens Ultrasound) across the road from the hospital.  My OB does most in her rooms though - so they are free! ... well included in her massive management fee!

We are public as there is no private hospital anywhere near us. We live on a farm near Deniliquin NSW but I work in Echuca Vic so easier to go to Echuca where the health system is better equiped. My GP/OB has suggested that I go to East Melb ultrasound which will be 4.5 hour drive but after the trips to Melb for IVF it will just be another drive for us.... There are no facilities for ultrasound with our Drs/OB so have to go to hospital. If it is anything special then it is Bendigo or Melb. Our journey has not been an easy one with having to get people to look after farm whilst we have been away in Melb so quite a few know about what is going on. It will be nice to be able to tell the world though.

#69 Liah

Posted 29 July 2012 - 10:52 PM

So sorry to hear those going through a rough time - hope everything turns out okay -   What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.

Everything seems to be going along well with the pregnancy...although thoroughly over the lack of energy, and I'm starting to a feel a bit of "baby brain" creeping in!

Had a rough couple of week with the boyfriend though...any single mothers out there?  Because that looks like where I'm headed...

Looking at doing a post graduate course next year...has anyone studied with a baby to look after as well?  Possible or impossible?

#70 Nowfor4

Posted 30 July 2012 - 11:13 AM

Hi All,
Liah-No good about your relationship issues. I studied with a 10 month old, 4yr old and a 6 yr old, busy but doable!
Hillplain-I am having my scan at The East Melbourne  ultrasound too, mine is on Thursday.
BJBubbles-I had my second at St Vincents, and did my ultrasound there too, very good!
LittleJacksonone-Hand foot and mouth is awful, sounds like you have been through the ringer, hopefully everything is downhill from here!
12 weeks today, yay! Scan on Thursday then if everything is ok we can tell the kids! can't wait.
Hope everyone is feeling better and ms is starting to ease!

#71 hillplain

Posted 30 July 2012 - 12:34 PM

Hi all,

**loss mentioned**
Spent yesterday in the ED with red bleeding (not much). Had an US today and have been told that there is nothing there. I am out unfortunatly. Words cannot describe how I am feeling. An hour drive home to an empty house was terrible. Can't get into see doctor till maybe tomorrow so not sure what happens now. The US nurse was so nice and check my ovaries which are fine. Sometimes things are just not meant to be I guess.

Thanks to all in here and good luck on your journeys!

#72 Girlintheredshoes

Posted 30 July 2012 - 02:05 PM

Big hugs Hillplain

Hi liah
I did my undergrad when I was a single mum from when my son was 14mths old.

I'm now doing postgrad studies part time as well working full time. I'll continue with my thesis when baby arrives. Although this time I have a DH to help out.

But it is doable :-) Good luck!

#73 palm05

Posted 30 July 2012 - 08:58 PM

Hi, I should be sleeping - still so tired in the afternoons but couldn't help read through all the threads. Some have made me chuckle, some have made me nod, some have made me cry. Mostly they give me hope that all will be ok. I have my first ultrasound and bloods on Thursday when I will be 12.4 weeks. I am an "older/high risk pregnancy" apparently. I still haven't been to the doctor apart from telling him quietly at the end of my eldest sons Drs appointment that I was pregnant. He asked if i was sure. Well yeah at 41 with 2 teenage boys I think I know. So here I am trying to think about anything else and hoping that I can keep it a secret for another couple of months. I know friends and family would never in a million years ever ever suspect pregnancy, so it will be fairly easy to cover up. I am getting used to the idea and I there was never any question of termination but I sure would never plan this with a 14 and 16 year old. Any other surprised older Mums out there? God I just called myself an older Mum sad.gif

#74 Ringarosy

Posted 31 July 2012 - 12:59 PM

Hi everyone,
So sorry to hear of the losses lately. Thoughts are with you all ... Leisa and Hillsplain xxooLittlejacksonone- you poor thing. Hang on there.!!Bjbubbles- I'm booked at StVs too with a female ob!!
I haven't posted for a whole but have just read up and am updated on everyone's status.
Happy to hear the happy news of those of you who have has a successful first trimester scan.
Like, some of you my ms is still hanging around. I'm 11weeks 3days and it's still here....... It's just so awful I haven't worked in 3 weeks!! Unless I am laying down I am sick everywhere and even laying down doesn't take the nausea away.. I'm getting very upset about it. Poor Dh!!!!Happy to hear some of you are feeling a bit better.
Does anyone have any ms cures... I'm desperate!!!I have been taking ondansetron for the nausea but trying not to use it all the time.... Is anyone else has this??
I have my scan next thursday and am really excited.

Does anyone know if St.Vincents has a bath on the birthing centre?Is everyone taking multivitamins? If so which ones?Thanks allLx

#75 amyc1981

Posted 31 July 2012 - 01:08 PM

Hi all,
hope everyone is going okay. I have finally started telling people at work, so now it is not secret from anyone. It is a relief to have it out in the open.
I am just over 13 weeks, but still struggling to get through the day. Wondering when that second trimester energy kicks in? I am fine in the morning and try to get everything done at work then, but by about 12 I get really bad headaches, a fuzzy head, no energy and struggle through the rest of the day. I was nearly in tears last night trying to cook dinner through the exhaustion! It took me a long time lol.

hillplain if youre still reading, I replied to you in the AC thread but I hope you are going okay and starting the healing process. Big hugs xxx

ETA: lozypopz I am just taking Elevit and Vit D as I was low. Am thinking about taking iron supps again, as I have history of iron deficiency and am so tired.

Edited by amyc1981, 31 July 2012 - 01:10 PM.

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