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Due in November, 2012 Chat Thread #9

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 18 June 2012 - 10:45 AM

Hi all

New thread time

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#2 mellmatho

Posted 18 June 2012 - 11:43 AM

Goodluck with your scan T.J

Bubs has been moving around heaps lately, my dp felt it the other day, he had his ear on my belly and bub booted him a few times..

Ive only purchased 3 maternity tops and a pair of maternity leggings so far. holding off for as long as possible.

I have my scan this friday and then appt with midwives/ob next wednesday. I do shared care, Not sure when Ill have hospital visit etc.. but im sure the midwives will tell me next week

#3 ABeautifulLife

Posted 18 June 2012 - 01:05 PM

Hi All,

I have been meaning to post for ages, however life is very busy here at the moment.  I am 30 yrs old and about 16 weeks with no. 6, all the family is very excited biggrin.gif  We already have a 10 yr old DD, 9 yr DD, 7 yr DS, 6 yr DD and 3 yr DS.  Looking forward to my next scan, still unsure as to whether I want to find out the sex.  We have almost finished renovating our new (old Qld'er) so are looking forward to moving in in August.  Baby is due 28th November so I have a few months to get everything organised.  The morning sickness this time has been the worst out of all my pregnancies but I am also recovering from the flu at the moment which isn't helping.  Lucky we live where we work so my DH has been able to take over my share of duties and caring for the kids.  He also makes the best chicken soup ever !!! I will keep watching out for updates on everyone else who is expecting and I hope things go smoothly for all you expectant mummies original.gif

#4 Alacritous~Andy

Posted 18 June 2012 - 03:23 PM

Holey moley, ABeautifulLife, six kids.  Wow!  I will be 30 next month, and I would love to have a large family.  Unfortunately, it took us over 4 years to get pregnant with DS, so our plans to "start young" didn't really pan out.  

We are renovating a Qlder, too.  I am jealous that you are nearly done.  Are you in Brisbane?  Are you going public or private?

Sorry for bombarding you with questions. original.gif  Welcome!

#5 ABeautifulLife

Posted 18 June 2012 - 03:57 PM


Bombard away! original.gif We live just up past the Sunshine Coast, I will be detouring around the local hospital and going back to the public hospital at Nambour.  I have had my last 3 children there and received excellent care.  Thankyou for the positive 'large family young' comments ( a refreshing break from the norm rolleyes.gif )   yes we were lucky that our plans have panned out, it isn't for everyone however it works for us.

Don't despair, renovating is hard work but worth it.  When our friends first seen our place they thought we were crazy, it looked BAD.  Now when they visit they cannot believe it is the same place.  It is unfortunate that we were not doing this 15 years ago (however I would only be a 15 year old child bride!) as what was viewed as junk back then went to the tip however is now classed as retro and worth way too much money.  Classic example is casement windows, people used to pull them out deliberately and put in aluminium sliders and either burn them or throw them away.  Now at demolition yards they are worth a small fortune and we want to put them back in.  Thank goodness for Ebay. Sorry I'm rambling... what stage are you up to and what era is your house?  

Ps Hello to everyone reading original.gif

#6 emnut

Posted 18 June 2012 - 07:35 PM

Hi all

Abeautifullife - you are so lucky to have a big family.  We had hoped for one but circumstances said otherwise & will be happy if we are lucky enough to have 2 to raise when this one is born

T.J. - hope the scan went well

Franno - I'd be somewhat lost not being able to buy bigger clothes (I am a 16-18 normally).  I can't wait to start feeling somersaults (though never did with DS)

Mellmatho - how exciting that DP has felt the baby.

Hi to everyone else - can't see the other thread to reply to all.

I am plodding along waiting for my next scan on Wednesday to try to get the needed pictures of the heart.  For anyone in Qld, DH is thinking of taking DS to the Gold Coast for the last week of the school holidays so I can have a break - can anyone recommend anything that is not the obvious touristy stuff that they can do up there.

#7 Batmansunderpants

Posted 18 June 2012 - 08:06 PM

Hi all!

Welcome abeautifullife. Your family sounds amazing. I admire people with large families so much.

T.J - I hope your scan went well.

I had my scan today and all is well. Bub is measuring 21 weeks, so a bit ahead. It's a boy! It was very obviously a boy lol.

Edited by Miss Cookie, 18 June 2012 - 08:09 PM.

#8 Chief Pancake Make

Posted 18 June 2012 - 08:12 PM

Evening Ladies,

I had a good day today. Met with my boss and he said he met with HR and the director and they agreed to give me all my maternity leave - yah (my contract ends 2 weeks after baby is due).  I still dont know the details about if I will have a contract when i go back, but it is one less thing to worry about for now.  

I also went shopping (9 nipped up to the shops during my lunch break) and managed to find 2 tunic dresses that look ok and should fit for a couple of months.

This evening I had my first prenatal yoga class. I enjoyed it, I was worried it would be all breathing and meditiation, but we actually got a half decent work out.  And I booked all my other prenatal classes and hospital tour.

No baby movement yet - I have been trying to feel it when I am quiet, but no luck yet.

Belly rubs every one.

#9 whatnamenow

Posted 18 June 2012 - 08:49 PM

Just a quick personal to emnut to say that if you havnt done it yet the aquaduck is the best kids experience ever on the GC.

A quick bus tour that then drives into the water, turns into a boat and does a boat tour before driving back out of the water near seaworld.  The best bit is that they let the kids drive the boat in the water and then give them a certificate at the end certifying them as aquaduck drivers...

not much happening here.  Been left on my own for a week while andrew is away in melbourne for a weeks uni prac so i have been doing alot of juggling work with kids and feeling exhausted at the end of the night before getting up a few hours later and doing it all over again.  Last night being the best of them all when i was just about to head to bed at 11pm when my youngests DD came upstairs shaking and just made it to the bucket before sick.gif .

#10 Heather-Elizabeth

Posted 18 June 2012 - 09:22 PM

mellmatho - You're so lucky to be feeling baby, I'm 18 weeks tomorrow with my second and I still can't feel any kicks.

ABeautifulLife - Oh, I would love to have a big family. DH has agreed to 6, I'm pushing for more. I am 27 and we are having our second. Hopefully we get the other 4 (or more ) in before I get too old.

Miss Cookie - Glad your scan went well, ours is next week.

Chief Pancake Maker - Good news about your leave. I wont get any from work this time, so I'll be holding out for the government one. No movement here either.

T.J. - Glad you are happy about your new boy. It must be hard to be wanting one sex and getting the other. I can see how it would be hard, I don't mind which we have this time, but I would eventually like to have a girl. Part of the reason we didn't find out the sex last pregnancy was that I kind of wanted a girl, and I was worried I would be disappointed if the scan said boy. Luckily, after giving birth, I was very happy to meet our little man.

charlottesmum04 - Happy to hear about your new little girl. Hopefully your other little one gets better soon.

Not much happening here. I had a tupperware party yesterday, so I spent the morning cleaning the house and running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to get ready. Luckily Mum came around to help me, thank goodness, because DH is super slow at house work.

Now we just have to keep it clean until at least the weekend when the In-laws will be here for Z's birthday. Luckily they don't stay with us anymore. No room at the new house  biggrin.gif .

I'm hanging out for our scan next week, it should be something nice to look forward to while holding DS down for his 12 month needles which are on the same day  sad.gif . I am booking into hospital tomorrow and I'm going to ask them for a copy of my file from DS' birth because I never got it and I would like to have a read before having Valentine.

#11 emnut

Posted 18 June 2012 - 11:24 PM

T.J. & Miss Cookie - glad the scans went well & congrats on your lil boys.  

T.J. must be a bit of relief to be ok with baby being a boy - I think I'd like to have another boy since that is what I know if that makes any sense.   I did the panicked phone call to my ob after the scan convinced something was wrong but he assured me it was just positioning of the baby - still frustrating waiting though.

charlottesmum - that sounds awesome - I'll have to let DH know (or is it really wrong to keep it to myself in the hope we can do it together another time)

CPM - must be a relief to have sorted out your maternity leave at least.  Are you hoping to get another contract after maternity leave?

#12 Turquoise1

Posted 18 June 2012 - 11:44 PM

Hi everyone. Nice to read your updates and welcome ABeautifulLife.

After lots of research, including some fantastic independent midwives (sadly costly), I got lucky when I called the local hospital again. I spoke to a midwife there who has taken me on as an extra. The hospital and 3 others had said they were fully booked for November.

I'll be having the home water birth I've hoped for (if all goes swimmingly). I'll have a big support team - student midwife, doula and some sister-like friends. We'll see if my fiance can get a visa from Turkey in time.

I'm now on the southern coast of Turkey - nicer than the city I was in. Feeling the heat - high 30's. There have been many earthquakes here in the last few weeks - I haven't felt any thank goodness. Today I have the blues - toootally feeling like a teenager again - sooo sensitive.

Tomorrow will be a better day...and I can almost feel those kicks and somersaults!

#13 lady_Mosh

Posted 19 June 2012 - 10:06 AM

Hi ladies!

I've been reading all the threads but have either been too busy with my DD or way too exhausted to post. However, now i'm feeling loads more energetic and ready to join in!

It's been wonderful to read all about the scans that you have been having- we have ours next monday. It cant come fast enough!!

It seems like i've just popped in the last week. One day i had a flat tummy and the next day i woke up with a basketball under my pjs  huh.gif will have to duck out soon and pick up some longer jumpers and mat tights....

Has anyone bought maternity stuff online ie asos or newlook? It looks to be a little more fashionable and way cheaper than some of the maternity stores i've visited.

I've been feeling lots of movement with this one - last night i think he/she was having a dance party in there whilst we were watching The Voice! I think they were happy that Karise won biggrin.gif

I cant believe that most of us have hit the halfway mark!! It's gone way too fast and i'm feeling a little unprepared. Any tips from those who have more than 1 would be greatly appreciated.... Abeautifullife - i'm sure you have the routines down pat with all that practise original.gif And you'll have lots of helpers who will be so in love with their new little playmate.

Have a wonderful day and i'll drop in again soon!


#14 10to10

Posted 19 June 2012 - 11:03 PM

Hi ladies,

Really nothing much to say except that there is now a March 2013 DIG! Another milestone!

#15 Chief Pancake Make

Posted 20 June 2012 - 12:19 PM

I am glad I am in the Nov DIG.  Not just because you are all such lovely ladies, but I really wanted to have a baby by the end of 2012. mostly for selfish reasons that I have been waiting for the right time for 34 years - Damn it I didn't want to wait any longer. Plus I am not getting any younger.  I was prepared for TTC to take 6-12 months but I am really glad that it didnt.  If I had been in a 2013 DIG I think I would have been just a little disappointed.

It seems a bit of a quiet time for most of us - am waiting for my 20wk scan in a couple of weeks and looking forward to feeling bubs move.  

Turquoise - I wish I was on the coast of Turkey right now - it is very cold and wintery here.  The change of seasons coincide with each trimester so looking forward to to spring, then summer for lots of reasons

#16 Spring Chickadee

Posted 20 June 2012 - 02:54 PM

I am glad I am in the Nov DIG. Not just because you are all such lovely ladies, but I really wanted to have a baby by the end of 2012.

I hear you loud and clear. We lost our First pregnancy in 2010 so I think waiting until 2013 would have felt like mentally much longer than 2012.

#17 Heather-Elizabeth

Posted 20 June 2012 - 11:18 PM

T.J. - I had a not so nice midwife when I first arrived at the hospital, and I'd be interested to see what she wrote. But also, I had a bad tear, but I'm not sure how bad, because I wasn't told. And I haemorrhaged too, so I wanted to read what was written about that. Also, I had trouble breastfeeding, but refused to give Z formula, and it took a little while to get him to drink from a bottle. And the one day he did feed well, the same horrid midwife had apparently written in my file that I was starving Z because I refused to give him a bottle, just because I had been breastfeeding him through the day, and could not record how much milk he'd had. Z also had some jaundice from a head trauma, so I was wondering what was written about that too.

The midwife called on the morning of my appointment and cancelled though, so now I have to wait until the 7th. And I bet when I book in they complain because I will be over 20 weeks, and they like us to book in before 20 weeks.

#18 BulaFiji

Posted 21 June 2012 - 10:53 AM

Welcome aboard Abeautiful life and lady mosh biggrin.gif
Congratulations TJ and Miss Cookie on having a baby boy, yeah we are having boys babyboy.gif  I went shopping and bought some cute boy outfits. Its great knowing the sex cause we have started to plan out the nursery.  Last weekend we designed out our nursery how to make the furniture that my sister is so kindly handing down fit.  We decided on paint colours and carpet colour.  I went to a few baby shops to look at cot bedding and I was dissapointed with the small range for boys, there are so many lovely ones for girls but for boys theres quilts with patterns of cars, boats, monkeys, fish, abc  but I didnt love any of them.  I went shopping with my friend last year for her baby stuff and I could not believe that they still have the same stock now.  I still need to check out some more stores this weekend, but in the meantime I have been searching online for cot bedding and omg USA have so many georgious designs, however some of the stores like Amazon wont freight to Australia so I have to try and find another store that can get it here if I dont find anything here.  I wish I hadnt looked online cause I found a multi pram that I really like its compact, 4 wheeler and has all the attachements but as always we are behind in Australia and dont stock it.  So now I have no idea which pram to get, Im short and dont want anything to big/heavy.  Is anyone else getting a pram that fits a capsule so that you can put baby straight in the car without waking them up, some people have told me that its not worth the cost of buying one as baby grows out of it 4-6 months and its so much cheaper hiring one.  I need to buy a car seat, looking at the Mirage 0-8 years old, its great to find one chair that will fit your baby all the way til 8yrs old, but I wanted to know if anyone else has used this or knows if its good?

My tummy has grown so much and baby is sitting so low, Im ok when I sit down but as soon as I get up I feel so much weight down below and its really uncomfortable to walk, Im starting to straddle.  I feel like I need to push baby up as hes pressing on my bladder.  Anyone else feel their baby low and finding it heavy to walk around or uncomfortable at times?  Im seeing my obst tommorrow so he can have a look, others have told me that they have felt the same, I didnt think at 20 weeks that I would find it uncomfortable to walk!

#19 Chief Pancake Make

Posted 21 June 2012 - 02:32 PM

Bulafiji   I am thinking of getting the steelcraft agile pram and hiring the capsule that fits in it.   I also don't want something that is heavy - its only 7kg compared to 10-14kg that some of the others are.  

DH has banned me from buying baby clothes as he wants to wait and see what other people give us and then buy  only what we need, I have been good so far but I am not sure how long it will last.  

I am not sure, but I think I may be able to feel baby move sometimes, but it seems to happening more frequently over the last couple of days so I hope so, its either that or my digestive system is rumbling a lot.

#20 Ms_Jae

Posted 21 June 2012 - 07:54 PM

Evening ladies,
Bub is moving around nicely, mainly of a night when I am sitting and watching tv.. lol.
Why cant Monday come quicker? Its my booking in appointment and just dying to get things moving. I havent had a check up in like forever. Went to the GP the other day and he said just wait until I see the Hospital. Didt even check my blood pressure or even feel my tummy. Its just frustrating to have to wait.
Bring on Monday! lol
So close to being half way yay..

Belly rubs and hugs

#21 christmasiscoming

Posted 21 June 2012 - 09:15 PM

waves.gif Hi everyone, especially the newcomers !!

Only good news stories from me today  tthumbs.gif

Well we had our scan today (19w1d) and everything was perfect.  Two arms, two legs, everything else exactly where it should be and doing what it's supposed to be doing so that was fantastic news.

The other fantastic news is that we are expecting another  babyboy.gif   which will make it DS number 3 for us so that is exciting news.  I've thought all along that we were having a boy but part of me was hoping that I was wrong and they would tell me today it was a girl but when THAT shot of the baby came onto the screen it was sooo not dissapointing.  Another boy kinda fits the picture quite nicely really.  Come November we'll have a 3.5yo toddler boy, a 1.5yo baby boy and a newborn baby boy.  Hoping they can grow up to be the best of friends  blush.gif

A close girlfriend has told me last week that she is pregnant again after suffering multiple miscarriages in the last couple of years (one at 18wks which was so terrible for her) and I am praying that this little one sticks.  She had her dating scan today and they detected a heartbeat of 130 so hopefully this one is here to stay  hands.gif

And last, but not least, our new 'family' car is ready tomorrow.  I'll say goodbye to my little ol' Rav4 and be saying hello to my lovely new Kluger which will fit 3 carseats nicely along the backseat.  Now I just hope we can afford to drive it LOL.

Belly rubs to everyone.  Hope you're all feeling fit and fabulous.  If I can work it out I'll try to post a pic of our beautiful baby boy xx

#22 franno

Posted 21 June 2012 - 10:08 PM

Hey ladies,

Just jumping in to say bulafiji you can use comgateway to get USA stuff sent to you. It's really easily and you sign up online then access the website through them. Do all your online shopping as normal and get it sent to them in the US. Once all your packages have arrived (they will store and gather them up for a month) they repackage together and sent it on to you. Their costs are not bad. It's really convenievent. I have just used them to take advantage of the Raplh Lauren sale (US$13 t-shirts) and disneyonline for some things for DD.

I have brought a capsule to fit the pram this time. Last time I resisted and regretted. I thought she would get used to being moved car to pram etc and stay asleep but sue didn't and the amount of times I woke her on getting to the shops and ruining her routine vice versa wasn't worth it.

I am using the Facebook page much mor. I find it so much easier to get notifications when coming soared and reply to each individual post. Ciao for now.

#23 whatnamenow

Posted 21 June 2012 - 10:30 PM

QUOTE (BulaFiji @ 21/06/2012, 10:53 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Welcome aboard Abeautiful life and lady mosh biggrin.gif
Is anyone else getting a pram that fits a capsule so that you can put baby straight in the car without waking them up, some people have told me that its not worth the cost of buying one as baby grows out of it 4-6 months and its so much cheaper hiring one.  I need to buy a car seat, looking at the Mirage 0-8 years old, its great to find one chair that will fit your baby all the way til 8yrs old, but I wanted to know if anyone else has used this or knows if its good?

My tummy has grown so much and baby is sitting so low, Im ok when I sit down but as soon as I get up I feel so much weight down below and its really uncomfortable to walk, Im starting to straddle.  I feel like I need to push baby up as hes pressing on my bladder.  Anyone else feel their baby low and finding it heavy to walk around or uncomfortable at times?  Im seeing my obst tommorrow so he can have a look, others have told me that they have felt the same, I didnt think at 20 weeks that I would find it uncomfortable to walk!

I have bought the steelcraft cruiser and the capsule to go with it. We spend an awful amount of time in our car doing short in/out trips and hiring isnt an option in our regional town so figured it would be worth it.  

When looking at car seats most research i have seen has suggested that the 0-8 seats dont work very well as a booster.  Also as one poster put in a thread the best car seat of today will be almost obsolete in 8 years time and certainly wont be the best available so hy do it.

As for my belly wow i have been telling everyone that this week has been the first week i have really felt my belly getting in the way.  For me more uncomfortable when i sit.  Just doesnt seem to fit like i am used to.  Let alone bending and twisting to grab something. When i get up from sitting down though i get a sharp pain in the bottom of the uterus that quickly goes but man is it annoying.

Only 3 more work days before i get a whole week off.  I am so looking forward to it.  Finally finished organising/paying for everything for the wedding next week.  So i can finally almost cross that off my list.  ( is it wrong that i am almost over the wedding and just want to move onto the baby?)  Had to stop myself from buying girls stuff when i was in target today.  I have heard that my future inlaws are bringing up a car load worth of stuff for the baby when they drive up for the wedding so i am refusing to buy anything else until i see what they are bringing.

#24 emnut

Posted 21 June 2012 - 11:15 PM

Hi all,

suffering massively with the flu atm but just popping in to say baby cooperated yesterday & we got all the pictures of the heart chambers that are needed.  Baby looks good - has fallen down slightly again size wise but not inconsistently (i.e. abdomen & head have remained at approximately the same rate of growth which is what we are looking for now).  So from hereon I will be having a scan each week to check the placenta functioning and fluid and a full growth scan every fortnight.  Friends have started having bets on whether or not I'll get to past 29 weeks when DS was born - really hoping so.

#25 ~MakkaPakka~

Posted 22 June 2012 - 09:50 AM

ABeautifullife:  I have four children - this being #5 original.gif  Quite funny but my children are also:  DD9, DS7, DD6 and DD3 - fancy that *LOL*.  I am living in Brisbane (well more Ipswich now) and 34 years old.  I have heard Nambour is a great hospital too (I am doing a Bachelor of nursing through CQU and my nearest uni hub is Noosa, with a lot of our lecturers working there).

CheifPancakeMaker:  So glad you are getting all of your maternity leave original.gif

Springchickadee:  I have tried looking for you on FB but I am having the same problem with you not showing up on the list  ohmy.gif

EDZ:  I am not to sure if they will give you all of the files.  I had a three week stay in hospital where I almost died (had EBV virus but my body didn't like it)  when I got my files they had a lot of information but not really any nurses notes.  I hope that you can get some answers though.  With my first I had two midwives have a huge fight infront of me.  I was like  blink.gif   but I guess it was some entertainment  laugh.gif blush.gif  .  It was change of shift and they were fighting over what care I should be recieveing.   wacko.gif

Congrats on all the scans and  bbluestork.gif  and  ppinkstork.gif  llove.gif

I am looking forward to my scan on tuesday.  *YAY*  I would love another boy but I really don't mind either way.  Deep down I have a feeling it is a girl though..

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