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Due in November, 2012 Chat Thread #8

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 31 May 2012 - 09:33 PM

Hi all

New thread time

Previous thread



#2 Chief Pancake Make

Posted 31 May 2012 - 09:46 PM


Has anyone booked into classes at the hospital yet?

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#3 christmasiscoming

Posted 31 May 2012 - 10:10 PM

Hi all,

SILVER !  I've never written that before !!

*Chief Pancake Maker* We wont do birthing classes this time around ... this is our third bub so I'm going in with (presumably  wink.gif ) a bit of knowledge on how things are going to go down ... at least I hope so LOL.

I'm having car dilemmas ... we've been looking at new cars for the past couple of weeks and have found some great options that will fit 3 carseats but ... I dont want to pay for it sad.gif   We currently have no car repayments and so to go from that to a rather large car repayment is a bit scary on one wage, especially as I dont have any plans to return to work and put 3 kids in daycare just to afford the car ... it's not worthwhile working that much only to fork out so much in daycare fees.  But I'm not even sure if it's legal to have a third carseat in our car (2003 Rav4) due to the configuration of the back seat and how the straps would sit and also because we'd need to get a third anchor point installed anyway ...
Geez, these things stress me out !!  So so cruel that wine is off limits during pregnancy  wink.gif

I'm sure we'll work it out ... maybe a lotto win might help original.gif

Night all xx

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#4 franno

Posted 31 May 2012 - 10:41 PM

Damn with a new thread I can't remember what I want to write.

TJ - OMG that would be so hard! I think the reason it's easy for us is that on both sides our Mums are adamant they don't want to know so a) it doesn't seem right telling others before our Mums b) how sad if news got back to our Mums of the gender and someone spoiled the surprise? c) I find it a bit of an anti climax when my friends have bubs and I know all the details. If they find out I am dying to know and really excited and buy my pressies ahead of time but for the ones I don't know it's different, as their due date approaches I think about them all the time, we have lots of guessing phone calls etc - it's kinda fun. So let's see I am not sure if I can keep it a secret as I feel more relaxed than first time but still ... Our Mums !!

Spring Chikadee - congrats on your little man!!! How lovely. We are also expecting a boy (you might have read) ... Lovely bump pic going to see if I can use photobucket on the big computer - iPad sucks.

Christmas - I also hate spending money on cars! Luckily don't need one here in SG. Good luck.

CPM - not the hospital but I am going to hong kong early July for a calmbirth refresher.

#5 Ms_Jae

Posted 01 June 2012 - 08:35 AM

Wow new thread already biggrin.gif Just relaxing today and possibly lots of EB.
Have a great day ladies.

#6 whatnamenow

Posted 01 June 2012 - 12:12 PM

just popping in to say hi,

Thanks to a stuff up by my GP i am only now officially booked into the hospital.  But our local one doesnt start doing antenatal till 20 weeks so i have a few weeks to go till my first appointment.  I did however meet one of the obstetricians after a scare last week ( cramping, backache and bleeding ) and feel pretty happy about them all now.

I hadnt thought about doing the hospital birthing course.  Maybe because this is my fouth baby.  But it is DP's 1st so maybe just maybe i should do it because of him, so he can know what to expect?

I am now only 30 days out from my wedding!!!  Still frantically trying to finish everything off for the big day and having nightmares about not fitting into my dress.

My good friend almost had her baby a few weeks ago at 26 weeks ( she is now 31 weeks and has been having proper contractions all that time ouch!! ) and it made me think about worst case scenario just how soon we could be parents.  I'm not ready for a baby!!!!!

#7 mellmatho

Posted 01 June 2012 - 12:32 PM

*Chief Pancake Maker* I did them with my daughter but choosing not to this time..

Not sure when I have first visit to hopsital.. Im doing shared care between the midwives and dr.. the midwives come from Wallaroo District.. I filled in forms a few weeks ago. so guess I may here from them soon, or will be told info in a few weeks at my appointment after scan

#8 franno

Posted 02 June 2012 - 05:17 PM

I just got back from a mothers and baby expo thing. Miles away and it was such a pain trying to carry all my own purchases. Got the maxi cozi and a bumbo and bottles, dummies, Lamaze toys, cot protector, knives and spoons, snack carrier, bibs, burp clothes, swim suit. A stack of stuff. Loads of fun!!

#9 luckynumber2

Posted 03 June 2012 - 11:22 PM


Hello lovely ladies
  I haven't been on in a while but I just had a quick catch up of all your  comments and wow it’s all coming along fast now, esp when compared to 8 weeks;  an eternity ago! I am in week 17 and I really want to know what I am having so  I can get the bubs stuff ready but also to prepare mentally for a boy/girl if  that makes sense.
  One thing that struck me with some of your posts, and this is just my opinion,  but I think important, ITS YOUR CHOICE as to if you tell people the sex of  their baby or not, as well as a whole load of things that people will expect of  you now and in future…I know that people don’t know the pressure they put on us  at times but this pregnancy thing is hard enough on us as it is. It’s taken me  ages to work out that no matter what you do, you will always be judged, so you  may as well start doing what you want! If you wanna tell then tell, if you  don’t then definitely don’t! I am normally a massive non-confrontational  pacifist that bends to everyone’s wishes to keep everyone happy but that has  landed me in terrible situations over the years. BUT I changed all that when I  fell pregnant, I am trying to be a strong mumma bear, in the driving seat with  this pregnancy with my partners support hhugs.gif . So far so good.      
  Things that I have conquered with the family, & some friends are:-

1.    I  don’t need to buy a cot-it wont get used, the only bedrooms i have for a cot a ridiculously  bright and the baby wont sleep during the day in it. I want a mosses basket and  a stand for it. It can sleep in it until its outgrown it and then bubs can have  its own bed.

2.    I  don’t want the baby in my bed-ever. I know that one will be hard to carry out  (who wouldn’t want to snuggle n bed with their bub?) but I really want to try.

3.    I  don’t want a baby bottle steriliser-the dishwasher works fine.

4.    I  don’t need to buy a bigger house-I love the one I am in and the baby isn’t  going to care yet.

5.    If I  want to have the occasional glass of red wine then have a glass of wine I will.

6.    I am  freakishly tired yyawn.gif and if I don’t want to  exercise then I won’t.

Has anyone else got anything to add to the list?
  Even my signature reflects the new me! biggrin.gif
  Christmasiscoming  are you in NSW? if you are go to http://www.rta.nsw.g...uckle_right.pdf
  its perfectly okay to have three seats-there’s even a pici of three bubs across  the back seat - the bubs look very cute! So its do-able and obviously the  cheaper option, just a bit squishy if they can fit them in. you can contact the  RTA (or equivalent where you are) they will tell you who the nearest authorised  fitter is, then you can go to the fitter to check if you really need a new  anchor point. I only know this because at my work I refer mums to-be to one  locally and they are a wealth of information on all things car seats.

Franno I  need to learn from you- you shop like a pro, even down to the Lamaze toys, I  love it! I didn’t even think about the fact that it will be summer not long after  our spring babies-I am going to get some swimmers. You even got the pram all  sorted! After bubs is born you can just throw all your shopping in the pram so  you don’t have to shuffle along lugging it around. especially christmas  shopping!     Well done on a great shop.
  Charlottesmum04 only 30 days to go! you must be so  excited, good luck and I am sure  that you will look amazing!

Big hugs to you all, this is getting very exciting!! bbighug.gif

#10 franno

Posted 04 June 2012 - 09:33 AM

Wow Rachel go the assertiveness! Agree with all your points you need to do what works for you. Although your point # 1 wouldn't have worked for us as DD outgrew her Moses basket in 9 weeks!!! Yep into a cot the day she turned 9 weeks. we got a sterilizer as no dishwasher but not the fancy expensive contraptions just the one you throw in the microwave for 3 mins. when DD was a baby there was a lot of research saying that sterilizing wasn't necessary and just a good wash in warm soapy water was enough, anyone know is that still the case??

So what I can add to that is 1) if I don't want to tell people the gender then I won't !!

Had a great weekend but so busy spent a lot of time in the heat and walking around so was exceptionally knackered last night. Picked up mums friends from the airport who are staying a few nights. The good thing about this week is that I have tues, wed, thurs off! Infact I work short weeks except for next week every week until mid-July due to taking days off for various things and appts and having lots of leave to use. Then only 2 months till maternity leave!!

#11 mellmatho

Posted 04 June 2012 - 01:06 PM

If people ask the gender we will tell them , but we have decided noone except for me and josh will know the names we have chosen.. everyone will find out when the baby is born..

I wont be using a fancy steriliser either, a plastic container with a lid and milton tablets are fine enough, its what I used with my daughter..

Ive been sick for the last week:( and boy does it suck, have lost my voice a few times too..
but bubs is kicking away so it makes it better:)

wish the next two and a half weeks would hurry up, I wanna see bub again lol.

#12 catty81

Posted 04 June 2012 - 01:21 PM

Hi girls,

Feeling great today.  Had a run in with the MIL yesterday and told her exactly what i thought of her.  Used a fair few f words too.  Lucky for me I have these raging hormones to blame it on!

Rachel, I loved your post.  Good for you!  

Franno, I am so impressed by your shopping spree. i guess it's easier when you know what you're having.

Hope everyone has a great week! original.gif

#13 whatnamenow

Posted 04 June 2012 - 01:33 PM

just had to post a quick post to say has anyone noticed there is now a Feb DIG??? ohmy.gif Time is flying!!!!

#14 catty81

Posted 04 June 2012 - 01:46 PM

charlottesmum i just saw the Feb DIG and was ohmy.gif too lol

I am 17 weeks today, scares me how fast time really is flying!

#15 otm

Posted 04 June 2012 - 02:00 PM

Hi Everyone  happy.gif

Newby here- have been stalking for a few days and just finally registered.
Due with no.2 on Nov 26th original.gif

#16 Turquoise1

Posted 04 June 2012 - 04:54 PM

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your stories. I've been MIA but when I read, I feel a mixture of empathy, learning and sometimes it's like an episode of Desperate Housewives - I don't want to offend - wow - there is drama for some of you. My greatest wish would be to be having some of the interactions you are having - especially with friends. I understand some of your interactions are very difficult so I've skipped that. Being isolated here in Turkey has brought out the worst in me - mostly self-pity and inaction. The good news - I'm back in Melbourne early August via a babymoon in Bali. I'm lucky I have something to look forward to.

I'm sorry if I missed any talk of this - anyone having a homebirth? I haven't been able to book a hospital from here and I'm desperate for a water birth. I know some hospitals have baths but I hear often you can't have the birth in there.

Welcome OTM! You'll feel the warmth of the group soon.

Another thing, I'm finally noticing my Coconut (baby's nickname) in totally different positions in my torsoe - sometimes a bump on my right...or left...or higher. I only notice this when I wake in the morning - anyone else feeling this?

Thanks again lovely Mums!

#17 whatnamenow

Posted 04 June 2012 - 05:10 PM

Turquoise  I think with the drama stuff it just happens that when something big happens we run to share on EB whereas when the boring everyday humdrum happens we dont think its worth it.

I would of loved a home birth after my last 2 being a birth centre delivery but i cant find an independant midwife.  As for the different positions i totally freaked out today when i couldnt feel the baby move.  but then this afternoon baby surprised me with a good whallop on the completly other side than i was used to.  Usually i feel everything on the left and this was on the right.  original.gif  Nice to know theres some room to move in there and everything really is getting bigger.

#18 Ms_Jae

Posted 04 June 2012 - 05:58 PM

Hey guys,

Just popping in before dinner.
Drama is everywhere unfortunately. I tend to stay out of those conversations. Best to stay out.

I am not feeling a thing yet. With nugget would move or do something so I know its ok. When do they normally move?

I am still waiting for my booking in app.. My god I feel like nothing is happening.. No one has checked me over since Ive been pregnant. The only thing I have had is a scan and blood tests.

Hope the second half of my pregnancy is more better.

Talk soon original.gif

#19 tanglez

Posted 04 June 2012 - 06:34 PM

Hello ello!

Cannot believe there is a Feb due in group, we are moving along! Nineteen weeks today and bummed I haven't elt the baby move, though midwife did say the location of my placenta may make it later than normal. I apologise in advance but I need a little rant (Rachel you inspired you, awesome post!)

I am finding work so hard at the moment, I'm a Prep teacher and it is only my second year post graduation nd first ever prep class. It is just exhausting and having to write reports is not helping sad.gif

In one day I had ppl tell me my bump is so small and hasn't grown much (thanks, makes me worry that everything is ok with the baby) and that I am so big so early (thanks, makes me feel fat)

On a lighter note... my latest ice cream craving is strawberry! I started with rasberry choc enigmas, then moved to crunchie ice creams, then it was choc mint and now strawberry. I wonder what will be next! One month until school holidays and a much needed Bali Babymoon! Then we can move house and buy a sensible car, trying so hard to train my brain into likig sensible cars but it is not working very well!

Sending out lots of belly rubs and well wishes! So so excited that some of you have started to feel bubs move, that is brilliant!

#20 Turquoise1

Posted 04 June 2012 - 11:55 PM

Hey again! I just wanted to clarify that I haven't felt actual movement yet - which is amazing considering the bouncing and somersaults I saw in the last scan. I hope to feel this in a week or 2 - now I'm 16 weeks along.

I almost freaked out when I saw your lovely bump photos - mine only looks like a slightly larger pot than usual. I was relieved when I researched that first time Mums take longer to pop out and I have a longish torso so I guess that's why I'm feeling my coconut shift...with the womb (İs that the rıght word? I want to say swimming pool!) like a lump on one side of my tummy, another day on a different sıde - only noticed first thing in the morning.

Stormgirl (Jae) I have a strong feeling you're fine and we'll feel alooot more soon!

Take care everyone!

#21 otm

Posted 05 June 2012 - 07:45 AM

Turquoise1- You will find different personalities on every forum unfortunately, I used to be part of another one and it was just like this one. Actually I was warned about the nastiness before I joined this one LOL. I am almost 16 weeks too and not feeling anything, although do feel bumpy on one side rather than the other if that makes sense.

Tanglez- hahaha!! you are so specific with your cravings! Makes me laugh. I have only craved a few things but they easily pass this time. Last pregnancy I craved oranges all the time and would eat a 3kg bag in under a week. I don't envy you trying to educate a bunch of 4/5 year olds ohmy.gif I hope it somehow becomes a bit easier for you

Well as for me,

like I said 16 weeks this week, no bump, no movement. Just sick sick sick. Lucky I have a DP who loves to cook biggrin.gif because I still cant stand preparing food

#22 BulaFiji

Posted 05 June 2012 - 02:41 PM

Hello ladies I havent been on here for 2 weeks and cant beleive how busy its been and now on a  new thread.

CPM - I havent booked or chosen my hospital yet.  I am still tossing up between two hospitals! My friend is due this week and will be going to one of hospitals so I will ask her for her feedback and then should be able to decide.  As its my first I am really looking forward to starting the classes, there is so much to learn!

Charletsmum - congrats for having a boy and wow how exciting that you are also getting married, your a busy bee, all the best for the special day.  Are you going on a honeymoon?

Im 18 weeks and have come down with Veritgo sad.gif  Just when I thought I was feeling better and over the ms and intigestion.  Has anyone else come down with dizzy spells?  My natropath looked at me and said I looked pale and that I should have my iron levels tested.  When I saw my obs I asked him for an iron blood test and he said there was no need to have one as my iron levels were high 3wksago and it couldnt have changed that much.  I told him that I had not been eating red meat and it was making me vomit and giving me intigestion so it could be possible that my iron levels are low.  Then the next day I was lying on my tummy getting my legs waxed and when I turned my head the whole room spun.  When I get up in the mornings the room spins, I have been to physio and am having treatment for my neck.  I got gp to refer me for a blood test which I had yesterday, I also have been waking up feeling really dry in the mouth and thirsty so I got tested for gestational diebeties yesterday.  They dont normally test it so early but I just want to know what is causing my vertigo.  I will find out the results tommorrow and if I do have low iron I will be really p*ssed off with my ob for not listening to me, I would feel like changing obst.

Does anyone have a student midwife?  I was approached by one and was thinking it maybe a good idea to have one for second opinion.

#23 Turquoise1

Posted 05 June 2012 - 04:50 PM

Hi Everyone,

BulaFiji - I do get motion sickness - on bus trips I look like a freak as I work hard looking where the driver is looking. Also, when I was searching for a film at the DVD shop, as I flashed from screen to screen I felt sick and had to lie down when I got home. That's different to you - I assume your blood pressure is OK?

I'm totally up for a midwife student. I offered myself and it was hard to reject 2. I have my first Skype chat with a student today. I figure, 4th year student is like a professional and I look forward to any extra input.

Everyone else - I'm happy to hear that your queasiness has mostly subsıded. I'm on extra iron tablets as I was aneamic. My energy levels have lifted and I definitely am experiencing some pretty wild orgasms!

Take care!

#24 annie82

Posted 05 June 2012 - 07:10 PM

Hi all - I had lots of personals I wanted to write but I was so far behind in reading, now I'm through them all I've forgotten!

So - I can't remember who to - but I'm 15 weeks tomorrow and I have almost no bump in the morning and a huge tummy by night, it's hilarious. So I have no doubt two people could see different things in the one day.  They say the secret is to relax and treat everything as normal unless it's clearly not (eg strong cramps, bleeding etc).   I can only feel where the bub is first thing in the morning if I've been sleeping on my left side - random I know - but it seems to pop out the side, and stays there until I've sat up for a few seconds.

Turquoise - are you living/working in Turkey at the moment? Have you had any challenges with medical care over there? I assume you speak Turkish, otherwise it would be very hard!

BulaFiji - I have had two fainting fits - the first one I blacked out completely but managed not to fall (just no vision, ringing ears, sick feeling), the second one I felt it coming and sat down and avoided it.  I never considered low iron; my obstetric GP told me it was normal as the baby was taking blood away from my brain (hmmm that can't be good).  I agree though with your specialist that it would be very weird for your iron to drop from normal to low over 3 weeks - I've been anemic before and it takes a long time for iron to go up or down, at least in my body. I hope you do figure out what's going on though - it's a nasty nasty feeling. Crossing my fingers all your bloods are ok.

Has anyone else been told they have an anterior placenta?  The doc said there is nothing really different about this except that I won't be able to feel the baby until a bit later than usual, but I'm sure my SIL was told it could cause more back pain and so forth, because the baby will usually sit with its spine against your spine.  I'm a bit sorry I won't be able to feel it for a while, I was really looking forward to it...

Sorry for the long post - hope everyone is doing great.

#25 Batmansunderpants

Posted 05 June 2012 - 07:14 PM

Spring chickadee- how awesome our having a boy! It's very exciting and real when it's no longer a baby an now a baby boy.

Cheifpancakemaker - wow, some people are I rude. Everytime she aka tell her your having a puppy!

Welcome Otm.

Turqouise1 - it must be so hard being so isolated. Im glad your way home soon. I haven't been involved much due to sheer laziness.

Storm girl - it does feel like ages before appointments start. I bought a cheap Doppler off eBay last pregnancy and used that to hear bub when I was worried. This time round it's appointments galore. I had booking in 3 weeks ago, next week a midwife is coming to my house to see me, and my hospital appointment the week after.

Try not to worry about not feeling anything yet. If your placenta is at the front it can be later that you feel movements. My last pregnancy I only felt movements on the outside, if touching my tummy but not inside feelings if that makes sns.

Tanglez - gosh yes, vent away. Work can be painful during pregnancy. I wish I craved ice cream! Just cheese and tomato saladas and lasagna for me.

My scan isn't until the 18th and we will be finding out the gender if bub allows it. No kicks yet as such but I can feel where bub is as I have a bump on one side and not much on the other. I'm finding it harder to carry my 18 month old these days. I plan to get in here more from now on and getting to know you all. My last DIG was amazing and we still chat and meet up when we travel.

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