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Over 40 and TTC with IVF/ICSI #15

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#26 Pilar Palabundar

Posted 30 April 2012 - 11:42 AM

Thanks Hattie... really appreciate your input.   You must be relieved to finally know with your diagnosis, hope you feel better soon.  Enjoy Wednesday with your DS.... Happy 4th Birthday to the little guy!

#27 chloe69

Posted 30 April 2012 - 02:19 PM

Hello Fab Forties waves.gif

Liltuss - thanks for your post...and the wise advice. Are you still taking time off work so you and the bub stay calm and stress free?

Peaches - that is some pretty serious endo that you had! Great news that it is all gone and that you can try naturally for a couple of months. Drug free body - Whoo hoo! You also have a safety net if you are looking towards August for your next round........fingers crossed that you don't get to August. Happy BDing dev (6).gif (is that the EB terminology?)....great excuse to shop for some new lingerie.

Lelly Belly - Hello to you and the fantastic 2 embryos waves.gif . Grade 2 sounds pretty impressive. Were these Day 5 embyros LB?  How long does that mean you have to wait until you can test? Are you okay during the 2WW or does it drive you crazy? I find first week okay and then second week a lot harder......

Pingyrat- thanks for the wellwishes...and an apology for the delay in posting....I had posted updates a few times but lost my post...does that just happen to me?
Did you end up making transfer today or do you have to create an excuse for tomorrow (or Wednesday?).
Aaargh...it would be sooo much easier to just come clean

...this is me as well....some people do involve their work colleagues in this process, but for me I couldn't cope with the sympathy when things weren't working....though the celebrating would be great and the understanding for days off!
Hmmm...can I lend you an excuse? Public transport or a car accident (minor, you weren't hurt - just shaken up).....burst pipe that closed down access to your street so you couldn't get out....you were snowed in and had to dig your way out, with your bare hands, to struggle to work.....terrible flu and can't make it in at all (overused but hard to argue with)..... ssecret.gif

Good luck with the process.Let us know how you go

Waterlilly - bbighug.gif . I'm sorry this wasn't your time. Has AF come yet or could there still be some hope that you tested too early? ddown.gif
I hope you had a lovely bottle of red and took some time out to allow yourself to be sad. Your attitude sounds amazing - like you are ready for a long term approach to this...giving yourself the year to try and get that postive result. I admire your strength and I'm hoping you get your dream sooner than later.

Hattie - finally a diagnosis for you! Is there a time delay until the treatment kicks in or did you feel results straight away? Aarrggh...why wasn't this picked up sooner?
Enjoy your little man's birthday - doesn't the time go so quickly? Any plans for the day or requests from your 4 yo?

Pilar - bbighug.gif for your tough decision. Does a 0.2% chance equate to 1:500 chance? That seems a good result considering our (ehm) "advanced maternal" age (btw: have you been called a "geriatric" yet? I know it is a medical term applied to fertility but I was quite dismayed when I first heard it....."geriatric" us????? you must be kidding! laughing2.gif )
I've been doing some googling on Nuchal scan risk since your post glare.gif . Your "base" risk for DS at age 20 is 1:898 and at age 40 it become 1:57 (and 1:24 at age 43).....doesn't that sound amazingly high regardless of age?
They do say that 15% of women will be in your situation Pilar. With a DS risk of between 1:100 and 1:1000....but that 95% of them will go on to have a baby without abnormalities.
The web seems to disagree with your OB at the scanning clinic...it says that the scan + blood test are 90% accurate in detecting DS....but I guess it can vary depending on what website you read.
One site I read gave some good advice. Your risk is low (comparatively)...but it doesn't stop the worry...so your decision for further testing comes down to your individual situation....and if the CVS will give you this reassurance/comfort then that is probably the answer.
As you say though it is complicated by your chance of m/c. What does your OB suggest? I've heard that if you go with a reputable and experienced CVS the risk of m/c is much lower than the 0.5% risk.....
I'm trying to think what I would do in your situation (...or what I will do if we get a similar result).....and I just don't know.....I think I would be swayed by my OBs opinion (as I trust their extensive experience)....my DP would definitely go for further testing. He wouldn't hesitate...he had a sister who had DS and is perhaps more realistic about the situation that I would be with my protective maternal instincts kicking in....and on reflection I would say that he is right....so I guess (today) I would go for further testing....but maybe I'd go for another scan and BT first....just to be sure.....
It is such an individual decision....and such a tough one....I wish you didn't have to make it.

Good luck with your decision Pilar.

Em, Ellie, others I've forgotten - waves.gif


#28 Pilar Palabundar

Posted 30 April 2012 - 05:04 PM

Hi Chloe, thanks very much for replying, I really appreciate it.

Three FS's and not been called a geriatric yet by any of them huh.gif .  That's a tad rough to be called that.  We know we are older, what do they think we are delusional in our advanced age and need a rude awakening about or something??

We will wait to see how the scan goes and make a decision then.   I think I'm leaning towards an amnio, few more days to make a firm decision.

Thanks again...

#29 EloiseIVF

Posted 30 April 2012 - 05:38 PM

Hey gang,

Still dragging my way through the OCP part of the down reg. talk about s.l.o.w...

On this issue of DS testing - and I'm looking way, waaaaaay ahead here, given that to this point I haven't even been able to get a fertilisation - does anyone know if they can test for DS prior to transfer? I ask because I am at Melb IVF and I picked up a brochure from there about "Advanced Embryo Selection". It says "This test screens all the chromosomes in a developing embryo, allowing selection of the embryo with the greatest likelihood of a pregnancy success". I will ask my FS when I see him, but wondered if anyone had heard of that and whether it can pick up DS, since it is a chromosomal abnormality. If it can, I reckon I would do it to save doing it later with associated MC risk. They don't do it as standard at MIVF, but from what I can tell from the brochure, you can opt in to having it (it costs $2,995) and it is all out of pocket.

Ellie x

#30 EloiseIVF

Posted 30 April 2012 - 06:36 PM

UPDATE: So I've just had a look around the MIVF website and yes, it does test for DS. So, if I get a fert this time, I'm going to use it...

#31 Pilar Palabundar

Posted 30 April 2012 - 06:53 PM

Gee thanks for the update Ellie, tad insensitive, given I asked for the opinion of others who had a decision to make on an amnio or not - not whether I should have done pg testing.  But when you get some embies to test and been through 11 transfers, an m/c and a threatened mc you well may put more thought into your posts.

Testing embryos are not always an option for everyone, we were quoted somewhere between 3-4000 dollars, it wasn't an option for us.  We definitely didn't have an extra $30 - $40K to spend on top of our cycle and travel costs.

PS, thanks for making me feel worse about the already thousand decisions we've had to make over the past 6 years.

#32 EloiseIVF

Posted 30 April 2012 - 07:10 PM

Gee, thanks for your "when you get some embies to test" comment Pilar. What is it your signature says? Maybe practice what you preach...

#33 Pilar Palabundar

Posted 30 April 2012 - 07:20 PM

Ellie, there was nothing sinister implied to the comment you quoted me on.  I was just highlighting the fact that's all, definitely not a put down, that's your take on it.

If you don't want your insentivity pointed out perhaps a buddy group is not the best place for you to be, the general and venting sections are particularly pleasant homes should you wish to vent and analyse other's signatures to your merry content.

And I won't reply again, so do your best with your next shot.  This is not the place for a back and forth.  Good night.

#34 EloiseIVF

Posted 30 April 2012 - 07:43 PM

Wow, what a bizarre rant! Not really appreciating the unnecessary aggression, but happy to move on from your group given that I don't really need a pregnant woman "highlighting the fact" that I have not had an embie. Perhaps you might think back to your early IVF days sometimes and be a little kinder to new recruits in the future. After all, you should never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up.

Bye and baby dust to those who have been great to chat to...


#35 sal37

Posted 30 April 2012 - 10:12 PM

Hi Girls

I have been stalking this forum for some time and in particular I have been following Pilar's story.  I have really enjoyed reading your posts Pilar and I am so thrilled for you that you are pregnant.  I have been thinking of joining this forum also as I am 41 and am currently undergoing my blood tests to pinpoint my ovulation for my second FET.  I did an antagonist cycle in November last year which resulted in 13 eggs,  1 which resulted in a blastocyst and 3 frozen embryos.    I had the blastocyst transfered but it was BFN.  I had a FET in February in which my HCG came back at 9 which meant that the embryo had probably tried to implant but had failed!  Anyway am now on the rollercoaster again for another FET in the next week or so.  I am blessed to have DS who is 5 but I have had 4 miscarriages since having him and am trying IVF as a last resort.

Just wanted to say that I was abit sad about the last few posts that I read!  I really hope you girls can work it out!  I dont think Ellie meant to be insensitive Pilar.  I am sorry what she said upset you but I am sure she never wanted to hurt your feelings.  IVF is such a stressful time and then if we are lucky enough to get pregnant we end up feeling sick and exhausted and stressed again over decisions about whether we should do amnios or not and whether we will ever have a baby of our own.  I think we all need to take a deep breath and give each other a break and support each other and let it slide abit if someone says something that upsets us as I am sure it is not intentional.  I really enjoy coming in here and reading all your stories and it is such a shame to see these last few posts.  Anyway I hope you girls can put your differences aside and work it out and I hope I have not upset anyone.  I just couldn't help replying after what I read.


#36 minidiamond

Posted 01 May 2012 - 07:33 AM

waterlily, I'm really sorry to hear about your BFN.  What DPO are you ? It may be unlikely but you never know, it's worth still having your BT on Wed.

Hattie, not sure how you're feeling about your Hashimotos diagnosis,   I guess that was a big shock for you, but as with so many unknowns in IVF, a relief to be able to pin down something.  I do know of another woman on another forum who has H/motos but is still TTC#1 and is a bit younger than us, in her mid 30s I think.  If you like I can send you a link to that forum, just let me know.  Happy birthday to your little man for Wed !!

Chloe, apologies if I was a bit gung ho in my 'advice'.  It's probably a matter of taking it step by step right now.   I had an OB appt & taking time off this week under doc's orders, it's really gotten to a horrible stage with this stress over a final decision on where I'm headed (altho it's most likely out the door, I hope it's with a stack of cash).

Lelly, best of luck, I hope you're going okay in the 2ww.  I popped over to the April thread, it sounds like there's a good old lot of baby dust in there, so hoping it rubs off.

Pingy, best of luck for your transfer & a sticky one !!

Ellie, yes, pre-diagnosis is possible on an embie, but generally speaking, downs would be 'picked up' as part of any PGD treatment for other issues, generally not used purely to detect DS.  PGD (my clinic does CGH, a more advanced PGD method) is often recommended for couples that carry genes that may be defective (eg cystic fibrosis) and also for older women who've suffered multiple miscarriages.  It doesn't give you better embies, it is a finer selection process for the ones that might survive and implant ie cancels out the chromosomally imperfect ones.  After 8 transfers & two m/cs, we went down the CGH path however when we got to testing point, we only had one embie good enough to test (possibly a second they were taking to day 6) - and decided not to go ahead with it.  It was approx $8k for CGH for the stim cycle & then CGH, but m/c doesn't cover CGH.  

Hi Sal37, and welcome ! Sorry to hear about your BFN, I hope you can have some success with the next cycle.

Pilar, I'll just give you my experience & an anecdote.  But needless to say it is a very very tough one, I can completely understand how nervous you are about it.  I am not sure what the 0.2 indicates, but we were given 1:770 risk factor after the NT scan and bloods.  I leant very much on the OB's advice, which was not to have the anmio, so we didnt' go ahead.  I feel comfortable with my decision although of course I'll be anxiously waiting at the birth to see if our little boy is free of down's (and any other issues!).   There are so many different stories of things going both ways - ie no test & ds resulting, high risk and no ds resulting, unfortunately it's a decision only you & your DH can make.  My OB did tell me a story of an older patient who came back relatively low risk from the NT scan, but insisted on an amnio.  She miscarried and further testing showed the baby was free of down's.   sad.gif  Big hugs & best of luck on whatever decision you come to, and as always, PM me if you need anything.

Hi to everyone else.

AFM, Just on the recent posts, all I'd say is having been in this forum for around 2 years, I've seen nothing but complete support for one another, with the understanding that we are all going to have good days & bad, with some truly awful ones thrown in there. It's a mighty strange concept to 'care' for someone you don't even know & have never met, but I hope we can keep doing that from here on in.

Other than that, I am on stress/sick leave for another week as my redundancy saga continues.  OB told me to take a week off & I'm hoping this will push my company to finalise a pacakage for me.  I was relieved when he said that baby is very resilient so he's certain bub isn't feeling it, and there was lots of activity in my scan, so all on that front is good.  It's just really important for me to be mentally healthy.  25 weeks today.

Take care all.

#37 Hoping4a2012baby

Posted 01 May 2012 - 09:24 AM


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#38 Hoping4a2012baby

Posted 01 May 2012 - 09:27 AM

Sorry, double post.

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#39 emski72

Posted 01 May 2012 - 10:04 AM

Just a quick one as I have to take off in a tic to a work conference in Newcastle. But I'm another one hoping we can get past last night.

Ellie I appreciate your posts a lot as we are in similar a basket / at a similar stage in the IVF journey!

Pilar I can't even imagine what you're going through - it's a tough decision to have to make and I'm thinking of you.

Hi to everyone else. I'll write more when I'm back - there's not much going on with me anyway ... waiting for AF to begin the next IVF round.
We've been trying naturally this month and we are sick of BD'ing every day now... my ovulation pattern is all over the place day 25 today and still no temp shift! Every day I think ok it'll be today... next day... no temp rise. (OPK's don't really work for me so I can't rely on them). DP will be glad to see the back of me today so he can have a few days off!

All the best to everyone - love you all!
Em x

#40 Peaches.

Posted 01 May 2012 - 11:24 AM

Hi Ladies

Oh I am so sad to read the board today. Come on girls we need some positive, happy vibes in here.

Pilar - I'm sorry I can't give you any advice. I can't imagine how hard this decision must be for you. I really don't think Ellie meant to upset you. I can see where you are coming from though and it would be a scary time. You just want to know the right answer. I wish you all the strength to make the right decision. Gosh it seems getting preggers really is just the first hurdle. So many hurdles to get over after the positive HPT. Seems unfair.

Ellie - please stay around. Em is right it does help to have others around the same cycle to support each other. I know I am not cycling at the moment but I still pop in here everyday to support everyone and at times gain my strength from you all. And of course learn stuff as well.

Waterlilly - I am sorry for your BFN honey. I hope you can enjoy a glass of red and just look after yourself. Keep positive for your next step. Thanks for the tip on tampons and endo. I think there may be some truth in that.

Pingy - any news on your FET date? I hope you are close. You are so right - our bodies never co-operate when we need them too.

Em - yes I will be in your boat the next few months trying naturally. I feel for my poor hubby!

Lelly - how are you feeling with your 2 little embies on board? Any signs?

Hattie - so glad you finally got a diagnosis. Must be such a relief for you.

Welcome Hoping4a2012baby & Sal. I wish you all the luck in the world.

Liltuss - I am sorry you are going through such an uncertain time. It is scary. Sounds like you do have a strong little resiliant baby in there. It is happening at my work too over the next few months. I guess no-one is safe these days.

Anyway sending happy vibes to everyone today. I hope you all have a great week.

#41 chloe69

Posted 01 May 2012 - 02:16 PM

Hi Fab Forties waves.gif

Confession time: home day for me today and I've just finished off 2 jam tarts, the creamy full-fat youghurt and am about to try a slice of the date cake I've just cooked....uh, oh my health kick isn't going that well...... mad.gif . I should now go for a walk to get a bit of "balance"...but I've decided to catch up on what is happening on EB....sigh!....anyway, a bit that's a bit too much sharing from me....on to more relevant things!

PG mentioned****

Liltuss - congratulations sweetie on the 25 weeks! That is such great news. I think I remember reading somewhere that your baby can be born after 24 weeks and, due to modern medicine, go on to be a happy and healthy baby. Now, not in anyway do you want your baby to be born early but the comfort I got from that was that - phew, big milestone reached. (Since I'm obsessed with junk food at the moment: if it was a cake, all the rising has been done and it now just needs to bake to a perfect finish!)

Are you taking it easy at home? It sounds like a horrible situation to be in. I work for a firm that has been having massive redundancies over the past 2 years (due to offshoring) and it is such a shake up in lives...though the majority of them have ended up in better situations. I hope work finalises your package this week and it is huge, huge, huge (O/S trip and kids private education prepaid huge! roll2.gif )...or at least enough to mean that there isn't stress whilst you are waiting for the bub (or after the bub arrives).....

Peaches - now that you aren't cycling are you still tracking?...or just letting what happens "happen"? I have a friend (not on IVF, but using Clomid) who swears by "Maybe Baby".....have you heard of it? If not, it is this little mini microscope that you put a bit of your Saliva on and it tells you when you are ovulating and therefore the best time to do the "deed".....I'm a bit excited for you that, now the horrible endo is gone (grade 3!) that things could all change for you....I'm sure you are feeling that as well x 10....

Lelly Belly - how are you doing in the 2WW? Sticky vibes to you and the Fantastic 2!

(just trying the date cake I made, yum! directions said wait 5 minutes after taking out of oven...I lasted 2....definitely vegetables only for dinner tonight!)

Pingyrat- have you had transfer yet? I think it your last post you said that you were planning on Monday but things looked like they were going to be delayed? Best wishes if it was today. bbighug.gif

Waterlilly -  how are you and DH getting through things? This is a tough year for you and hopefully life balances out with good things from now on. The A/C journey isn't one you would wish on anyone.

Hattie - enjoy your day off tomorrow with your little man. Great advice that we need to take time out every now and then to appreciate what we have. Thanks again for being there in this forum with all the great advice!

Pilar - how are you and DH holding up?, this must be all you can focus on at the moment.... You mentioned you have a few more days to make the decision on the amnio...and will wait until after the scan. Does that mean you are to get reassessed again?
I also read that risks with amnio are really,really low with an experienced practitioner (good) but the results take 2-3 weeks to come back (oh no! more waiting). Having a  baby over 40 is not the butterflies and daisies scene at all!

I also found this on EB....not sure if it helps (but I hope it does given your history of threated m/c):

and I found that the risk of miscarriage after amnio is similar to the risk that any pregnancy would miscarry at that stage, even without an amnio
Our own findings (at the Women’s) show that the miscarriage rate amongst women who have had an amniocentesis is no higher than those who have not had the test done (an estimated to be 1 in 200.)

from here:

Strength and support to you Pilar bbighug.gif
emski72 - your post gave me a giggle...
We've been trying naturally this month and we are sick of BD'ing every day now... DP will be glad to see the back of me today so he can have a few days off!

Poor DP dev (6).gif ...I hope he gets his strength back whilst you are in Newcastle....good on you for giving this such a good go!!!!!

Ellie - thanks for sharing the information on "Advance Embryo Selection"...it is great the advances that IVF is making - but I have to admit I don't really know that much about it and didn't look into it when we cycled. We didn't have it done (cost I guess was the major factor, and no history of known inheritable genetic disorders)...but one of my friends did. She has a muscle wasting chromosome which she didn't want to pass on. It is quite amazing how they are able to pick this up from looking at the embryos (they are so miniscule!)...anyway all the first lot of embryos had it and so all were discarded, she tried again and all but one had the chromosome abnormality and it didn't fertilise. I think she may have received some financial assistance because of her history (but I'm not sure).....(just finishing that story with a happy ending....she had her first bub @ 41 with an egg donor, a gorgeous little girl)

Sorry to hear that your Down Reg is passing so slowly....things will speed up once you get closer to Transfer I'm sure!

sal37 - glad that you took the time to post. Wow, 41 and 13 eggs. You are the like the Easter Bunny (ie. you deliver lots of eggs! biggrin.gif ). Good luck on your second FET.....not long to wait if you are currently doing BTs. Just wondering.....have you been asked the 1 or 2 embryo decision yet? It is such an individual decision and opinions vary widely on this forum - but it is something that I am interested in (I've always gone for one, but given I went through 4 FETs in a row without success I feel like (in hindsight) I wasted a year and wished that my FS had suggested 2 at a time).

Hoping4a2012baby - I appreciate you sharing your story, I'm sorry you lost your baby. I wish you all the best for getting pregnant and I hope you live up to your username!

Now...I'm going to get myself off my butt and out for some exercise (maybe jog to the b bakery....just joking! biggrin.gif )

Enjoy your day everyone

#42 Jane002014

Posted 01 May 2012 - 02:22 PM

Hi all,

I hope you don't mind me joining even though I'm a bit early.  I'm waiting for AF which isn't due for another 3 weeks then we will be starting our first IVF cycle.  I'm excited, anxious etc but trying to keep an open mind about it all and what will be will be attitude (though I know this will change when I'm in the 2ww   rolleyes.gif ).  I have had 4 m/c and it's been 14 mths since the last and I haven't been able to fall pg again so we are giving IVF a go.  In that time I have turned the lovely age of 40 which gives me the benefit of joining all you lovely ladies  original.gif

Pilar - I wanted to respond to your post.  My last pg my ob suggested we go straight to the csv (no scan etc) due to my age and the fact my last m/c showed abnormalities.  We did this and unfortunately we lost our babe 3 days later - the results showed there was nothing wrong with him and he was perfect.  I was the unlucky 1% but in saying that if I'm lucky enough to get pg again I think I would do the same but wait for the amnio as there is less risk.  It's such a personal decision and I'm thinking of you as I know how hard it is  bbighug.gif

I may just  ph34r.gif  awhile longer until our cycle actually starts - but will be reading along and wishing you all the very, very best of luck.

#43 Water_lily

Posted 01 May 2012 - 05:42 PM

Hi Everyone

AF arrived on time on Monday. I was upset yesterday but better today. I am worried about $$ as I am stay at home mum. I might have to go back to work just to balance the books. We do not want to put DS on childcare yet.

Welcome Jane. Sorry to hear about your M.C but I am sure you are going to be lucky again.

Pilar: WIth my DS I had 1:1200 and I was 40. We decided not to do any other tests. It is a hard decision.  I want to do amino but who knows how you react when you are in that situ.

Ellie: I am with my MIVF but we can't afford to pay as there are no guarantee that it is going to stick.

Chloe: Just a note about ET one or two. I thought I was going to have 3 embies. I wanted to transfer all 3. My FS paused. However was Ok with it. I was told after 42 performance of frozen embies drops generally. FS knows ladies who had babies at 42 with frozen embies. It all depends on the individual. My son was from a frozen embies too but I was 40.

Hello to everyone else.

#44 chloe69

Posted 02 May 2012 - 01:12 PM

jane23 - Welcome! ddance.gif ...and welcome to the Naughty Forties. I hope you celebrated the milestone....Good luck with your first round of IVF.

Waterlilly - lovely to hear from you. bbighug.gif I sympathise about the $$$s... cry1.gif ...IVF is so expensive to fund. If it worked each time we'd happily pay double but when you are paying continuously for no result....well, it feels (to me anyway) like a double whammy....I do work and put my DS into childcare as we need the income...but in the past I have dealt with the guilt of putting his needs second to the IVF monster (perhaps monster is too harsh a word but I can't think of one to describe something that consumes your life and prevents you from living in the moment!). Hats to you for managing so far with DS and IVF....and I'm sorry that it is putting you in a decision where you are considering going back to work before you want to.

I'm not sure where you are located? If it is Sydney, someone told me that there is a Public IVF scheme through Westmead Hospital. I imagine there would be a bit of a waiting list though and I'm not sure of the criteria..

That is interesting on the FETs.....and the dropping in performance after age 42. I've never had any success with FETs....but I've heard that some people are the opposite and go straight to FET. Glad to hear that your DS was one of the successful "frosties".

Hello to everyone else waves.gif . (Pingy/Lelly Belly - hope all is on track).


#45 sal37

Posted 02 May 2012 - 02:06 PM

Hi Girls

Hope everyone is going well.  In relation to your question Chloe about putting back 1 ot 2 embryos it did cross my mind forf this cycle as I only have 2 frozen embryos left and was tempted to put both of them back in but I guess I am afraid of having a multiple pregnancy!  I guess the chances are very low, but I am just not sure how I would cope with twins or even more with my DS as well.  I don't have alot of support as my mum is 80 and lives an hour and half away (she had me at 39!!) and my husband runs his own business and does very big hours so doesn't always have alot of spare time.   I did not end up asking about having 2 embryos put back in but I was wondering about what it costs in relation to having just the 1 put back in.  Does anyone know how the fees work if you put back more than 1 embryo?  Anyway had another BT this morning so should hear soon when my FET will be.    Hello to everyone else!!

#46 Water_lily

Posted 03 May 2012 - 08:10 AM

Hi Chleo: I am in Melbourne.

Sal: I did put 2 FET . The cost is the same.

AFM: Spoke to my FS. She thinks given that I got pregnant last year,  it is worth a one more try and not keep on gong. I told that I am happy to do it this year and if this does not work may take a break and do it again. She agreed. Feel quite anxious. It really coming to an end one way or the other.

Take care everyone.

#47 Torquoise

Posted 03 May 2012 - 01:52 PM

Hi Ladies

Sorry I have been missing in action.  My DH decided to add an extra 2 days holidays onto the ANZAC public holiday, so we have been enjoying doing lots of things together.

Eloise- I will be with Monash IVF once I get started again.
Hope all is going well with you.

Kez-Nice to see you back again

Pingy- Good luck with your FET. I know the feeling about your cousins falling pregnant. My second cousin just gave birth to twin girls and I have another cousin who is due on the 19th of May and I haven't seen her yet as I just can't face it.  I'm happy for her but it just gets me down so I like to avoid the whole situation.

Emski- Which acupuncturist are you seeing again?
          Are you in Melbourne?

Chloe-So pleased for you. How exciting to hear the heartbeat. I would of burst into tears also. My husband has finally given in and told me he would like another baby. I was so shocked as I never expected him to change his mind. I'm so pleased now. hooray!!!!

Jane-Welcome Jane and good luck with IVF.

Peaches- So pleased that it's all positive for you. Good luck trying naturally and hope it happens for you before July.

Waterlilly- Sorry to hear about your BFN.  Like you I'm a stay at home Mum until I can get another job.  Our main concern is also the $$$ for IVF, but my DH and I have decided we shall give IVF one more go and if it doesn't work,  we shall just have to forget about TTC number 2.

Pilar- In my opinion and if I so happen to be lucky and fall pregnant again I would to the amnio. I know there are risks but I think I would definitely go and do it. Good Luck with your decision.  

Hattie- So pleased to hear that Hashimoto's disease is treatable.  Enjoy your DS he definitely is a miracle. Happy 4th Birthday to your little boy.

Liltuss- Hope all is going well with your pregnancy.  Fantastic 25 weeks, great news.

Sal37- Good luck with your FET whenever the date may be.

Hoping4a2012baby- Welcome and good luck, hope your dream happens for you.

Hello to all the other ladies I've missed.

AFM- I'm so pleased to say my DH has finally seen the light and decided to join me on TTC baby number 2.  Last Friday my DH and I  went out for the day shopping  and then had a lovely meal together.  When we left the lovely restaurant my DH said that he wanted  something so I had to guess what it was.  Honestly  I didn't know what he was thinking as he was so against having another child.   I eventually said a baby and he said yes.  I was so shocked, I couldn't believe.  It's amazing that eventually they do come around to the idea.
So now I shall have to start doing the Police checks etc to get going. So it's very exciting and stressful times ahead.

Baby dust to everyone



Edited by Torquoise, 03 May 2012 - 02:00 PM.

#48 Pingyrat

Posted 04 May 2012 - 07:54 PM

Hi girls

Turquoise - Fantastic news....I'm so happy for you. What strikes me the most about your story is that DH didn't just say he agreed to try for another baby, he actually said he wants one. Hopefully the police checks (still can't get over that one) won't take long and it will be action stations.

Waterlilly - I'm sorry the witch found you but so glad you are going to keep trying. So, are you getting straight back into it or will you have a break in between cycles?

Sal - Welcome! Firstly, I have to applaud you for being the first to address the rather awkward situation that occured a few days ago. I thought that was very brave, particularly as you are a newbie to the thread and you summed things up quite well. Have you had your FET yet? As regards 1 vs 2 embryos, I have 2 transferred routinely. My FS recommends this as he feels that the chance of a multiple pregnancy in over 40s is very low.

Chloe - Oooh, I'm loving the sound of your pigging out! I do love my food, especially sweets and I can't wait until I have the "eating for two"/cravings excuses! Bah, who needs an excuse? I'm off to make some hot chips for dinner and then onto the mint slices I have in the fridge....

Jane - Welcome! You've been through a rough time bbighug.gif I hope IVF is kind to you. For me, the thought of it was quite terrifying but once I started it was really OK. I only started in February and a couple of the other girls on this thread started after me so you have some fellow newbies. You'll find that everybody here is incredibly lovely and supportive.

Em - Ah the days of trying naturally! I never thought my DP would get sick of BDing but there were times around ovulation when neither of us could face it laughing2.gif

Peaches - I hope you and your DH aren't suffering from BD overdose! Regarding the Maybe Baby that Chloe mentioned. I have heard differing opinions about it. Some women swear by it and others say that it doesn't work for them at all. When I was intensively charting, I found that CM was the best indicator. OPKs worked really well for me but I definitely got very different results from different brands so it was a bit of trial and error.

Hoping....- I know what you mean about the 2ww group. I have stalked over there a little bit but never posted as I felt the same as you. I posted in a Charting thread for quite a while too and had a similar experience at times. I'm so sorry for your loss bbighug.gif and for your IVF disaster. Are you planning on having another go?

Liltuss - 25 weeks is fantastic. So pleased to hear that everything seems to be going well with your pregnancy. Has anything been resolved on the work front? As stressful as it all seems now, I'm sure it will seem insignificant in a few months when you have your beautiful boy in your arms.

Lelly - How are things going with you?

Pilar - I really feel for you. It must be an incredibly stressful place to be. I hope you have made a decision that you feel comfortable with. As someone else said, the BFP really is just the start of many hurdles.

Hattie - I hope you had a wonderful day with your little boy.

Ellie - I hope you will stick around. I think most of us here agree that you didn't mean to be insensitive. Please drop in and let us know how you are going.

AFM - FET was Wednesday so I am back in the 2WW wacko.gif I didn't even bother trying to make an excuse for being late to work. I just told them I was going to be late and let them speculate. I guess I'm really lucky I have a flexible workplace.

#49 spring_rain

Posted 04 May 2012 - 10:55 PM

Pingy, I'm glad you mentioned about the OPK's - I've been trying them for the past month or so with not much success. They don't seem to go off, but I think I can pinpoint approximately when I'm ovulating with CM. We're so exhuasted at the moment  that BD'ing happens maybe 1-3 times a week maybe not enough. I suspect that this current cycle isn't going to be the one. DD is 22 months and sleeping well, but I find I'm still quite tired.

For those trying for #2 or more, I was just reading another thread about knowing when it was time for another. I didn't really feel ready to consider another until DD was 20 months. Other people i know including my SIL started trying fairly quickly (when their kids were about 8-15 mo old). I bf DD until she was 15 mo, so it took a while until I felt ready. I don't know whether to feel guilty about that or not, given that my 40th was when DD was 18 mo, maybe I wasted some time.

#50 146 Lucina

Posted 06 May 2012 - 03:13 PM

QUOTE (Pilar Palabundar @ 29/04/2012, 02:06 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I was hoping to call on any of you lovely gals who've had to make the "do we do an amnio or not" decision. I'm struggling with the numbers, the chance of a miscarriage, the chance of a DS baby. We have a scan on Thursday and have been given the option to do an amnio if needed. We have a 0.2% chance of DS, I know it's low but here are the things I've been toggling between:


**pregnancy mentioned**

Hi Pilar,

0.2% is 1:500, which was a similar result to what I had. I had a 1:450 chance at age 43.

I remember discussing with DP, that if I had a 1:200 chance or less, I would have an amnio. But even with 1:450, I was very unsettled about the result, and it took a week or more of sleepless nights, talking, and reading as much as I could about it. My OB more or less recommended against it, quoting a more like 1:100 chance of MC. I read into that, - (since he would be doing the procedure), - that he was not well practiced, and therefore not too confident in a great result.
My sister, on the other hand, did an amnio regardless of a more favourable results than I had (she was a few years younger than I was, at the time). She had hers done by people that did almost nothing but amnios. They quoted a 1:750 chance of MC in their practice.
Anyway, we decided not to do it, and I "convinced" myself that nothing was wrong anyway. But to be honest, I was not terribly comfortable about it until the morph scan, where the ratio went to 1 in about 1200, from memory.

My opinion is to listen to your gut. Too much science can just get in the way sometimes. Good luck with your decision, if you haven't already made it.

  waves.gif Hi to everyone else. Hope you are all well.

Luci  biggrin.gif

Edited by 146 Lucina, 07 May 2012 - 10:48 AM.

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