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#51 MagsJee

Posted 19 April 2012 - 10:28 AM

QUOTE (Satay chicken @ 19/04/2012, 10:12 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I have 28 charts, i'm amazed at my dedication over the last 2.5 years.

oomg2.gif  OMG!  That is truly dedicated Satay.  Have a great trip, Vegas certainly sounds super and leebec just made it sound way way fantastic.

#52 leebec

Posted 19 April 2012 - 11:52 AM

Fi - Can I make a suggestion with hotels (Monte Carlo hasnt been renovated for a while):

Augustus Tower - Caesars Palace (rooms are to die for - if you want friend me on FB and you can then see the rooms on my Honeymoon).
Paris Hotel - Red Rooms
Aria & Cosmopolitan hotels.....

The pool area at Caesars Palace is amazing and during the week as long as you are a hotel guest you dont have to pay to use the "private party pool".....the show in there from other people was great.

Also one of the best things I found - if you are flying home from Vegas and say you have an arvo flight and you check out in the am - keep your flying home clothes with you and go to the pool area - we then used the showers in the pool area to get ready for our flight home and it was such a great thing to do.....

Also just check there is nothing else going on in Vegas during your time there.....we could not work out why the week we went was more expensive then the weeks either side...turns out it was Mexican Independence day and I swear half of Mexico descended on Vegas for the first 3 days we were there....the only good thing about it was the 30% off at Banana Republic on the actual Independence Day (I swear it was bad for the first 3 days......)

My brother is going at the end of May and is staying at Planet Hollywood he stayed there last year and really liked it. I think staying in that middle part of the strip is the best. We actually said when we were leaving we wished we had stayed at the Paris hotel because that was where we ended up spending most of our time - Caesars was still beautiful though - the shopping centre in Caesars is fantastic.

Also Sugar Factory has a restaurant at Paris hotel out on the strip thats were all the stars get those crystal lollie pop holder things with lollie pops - i have one at home with 3 lollie pops and I havent touched one of them.....

#53 Daisy1974

Posted 19 April 2012 - 04:10 PM

Hi ladies

Just popping in to say hi and also to thank you all so much for your lovely messages.  I can’t lie; this has been the toughest few weeks of my life.  I have been so sick.  After the chemo and then the surgery I then got a kidney infection, bladder infection and now have Staph infection.  But am now definitely on the mend and back at work – albeit a little bit wobbly!!  I think I still may be in state of shock as to what happened as I am not sure if I have really done much grieving for losing another one.  Maybe cause it was all about looking after me and my health that the reason I was there just didn’t seem to come into it.  Because of the chemo we have to wait 3 months before we can do another transfer – it’s funny because everyone is telling me how great the break will be for me physically and emotionally and I find myself nodding and agreeing and saying yes yes will be so good not to think about TTC and babies.  But deep down I know that I am hating having to wait and it worries me how all consuming this TTC is.  I just would like to find me again - the fun happy person I was before we thought about starting a family.  

I have been reading your posts just haven’t been up to posting myself.  Welcome to all the newbies.

Mish am so sorry to hear about your mother.  Sending you lots of love and prayers to you and your family.

Satay – this may be a silly question but what is Clexane?  What does it do?  Your Vegas trip sounds fab – I love it there.

Sorry for lack of personals will do better soon and again thank you all for wishes.


#54 AmberSpark

Posted 19 April 2012 - 04:46 PM

QUOTE (Satay chicken @ 19/04/2012, 10:19 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Need a laugh!!

Watch the video (and check out the cocktail) http://www.montecarlo.com/pool-amenities/

I wish I looked like that.....I would look like I was carrying a bong or something......I'm a bit jealous though...... lmao roll2.gif

Daisy - I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are....I am so sorry and what you had to go through was terrible, no one should go through that. I put you on the having a break list but when you are ready, let me know and I will move you back or if you want me to add you back to the list, I will do whatever you want me too.. Take care and god speed on the recovery..... bbighug.gif

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#55 bettinae

Posted 19 April 2012 - 07:55 PM

Hello there Bueatiful Ladies xxxxx

I have just been reading and catching up a bit xxxxx

Just wanted to pop and and oggle but I have gone all emotional nothing new for me..... we are on our last letrolzole month still on steriods as well and then if this no good then I have to try and a loan for out last IVF.....??????

But what I wanted to say was I took a pretty bad jolt after the M/Cs and the IVFs and I havent been able to come on here just to painfull for me  but u are all never far from my thoughts and always in my prayers and I know that you wouldnt know this but u are amazingly strong women all that you have all been throu and are still going throu and you are here sharing and supporting each other and not giving in God Bless everyone of u I think you are amazing xxxxxxx

Thinking of you all and sending all my love and thoughts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx bbighug.gif  bbighug.gif  bbighug.gif  bbighug.gif  bbighug.gif

#56 AmberSpark

Posted 20 April 2012 - 09:31 AM

Great to see you again Betts.......I was wondering how you are? The one thing I have taken from my journey and it was something that my mums breast cancer nurse said and for some reason it has hit home for me, your story is not there story, you have your own journey and sometimes its the only thing that keeps me going...weird I know.

Well - today is Friday which means that my appointments are Monday....woo hoo....working out the finances last night and I think we will be okay.....for this round....

Have a great weekend everyone.......

#57 Satay Chicken

Posted 20 April 2012 - 10:20 AM

Morning!  Love my Friday's... finally some sun in Sydney, just about to go for a walk.

Betts - Been thinking of you too!  Totally understand you need some time out at the moment but pleased to have you pop in and let us know how you are...

Mich - I so agree, this is our journey..  Hope you are well today and your mum is ok.

Leebs - Sure matey, PM me your full name and I will add you.  I'm hidden on FB and not sure how to unhide myself..
As for Vegas, we are there for 10 nights so going to go pretty low key for the first 5, not too worried what the rooms are like but like the location of Monte Carlo.  For the other 5 nights we are looking to go to the Mirage or something but are going to decide when we get there.  Also, kind of keen to stay out of town at Red Rock, G needs a bit of convincing as he loves the Strip.  

Daisy - Been wondering how you are too... so sorry to  hear things are still tough, we are here for you, take care.

Everyone else, hope you are well!!

4DPO and a better temp this morning, although I was not going to temp from yesterday on.  My Acu guy said to stop the temping if its p*ssing me off but I spose I just needed to see a decent temp today, it was so thats it now.
I'm again feeling a massive urge to move on with my life, its a gut feeling now and its getting louder and louder.  I'm starting to think about travelling and having a lovely garden etc.. most likely its self preservation but still, its there... Looking forward to a few months of not trying (even no BD), and think about things..

Can I vent??  I live in a unit and every day a chick brings here 2 year old kid to her mothers place and all day the kid goes EH EH EH... FK!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm not overly keen on other people children... mad.gif


#58 amyc1981

Posted 20 April 2012 - 02:17 PM

Hi everybody
Satay sounds like you need a break from everything... that kid next door sounds annoying. I know that self preservation urge well, I think - its a feeling of 'stuff it I'm just going to live my life!" and do other things that you CAN control.
My birthday yesterday was a bit depressing, didnt do much because DH was away and just felt a bit blah as I'm about to start IVF.
Had nurse's appt this morning and she covered everything. I now have all the injections and meds and am ready to start next week - Tuesday/Wednesday should be day 2. It all seems okay and I'm not too scared/overwhelmed. Will be very upset if it doesnt work and we have to wait till late June/July to try again.
Anyway, mich good luck with your appt on Monday !
daisy and bettinae bbighug.gif great to hear from you both.

#59 Satay Chicken

Posted 21 April 2012 - 07:04 PM

Well this Clexane frikkin kills to administer... G gave me the shot and it bloody killed, felt really sick after it for about 30 mins too.. better now, just having a hot chocolate..  

All otherwise ok today.  Fruitloop friend on FB liked another thing my brother put up, she stll goes no where near anything I comment on..  I was p*ssed at the thing last night and put a "?" as a comment straight after..  as in WTF?  There's no denying this is getting really weird.

Amy -How are you?  I should settle down a bit hey, everything is getting to me a little bit again I know.  Wishing you all the best for the start of your cycle next week too, hope all goes well.

Hope everyone is well and having a nice weekend.


#60 Bigwoo

Posted 22 April 2012 - 10:48 AM

Hi Gals.

Satay - kill the thread on FB. It's getting you worked up over small stuff, I think you should be focusing on having an amazing holiday and all the good people in your life.

Daisy - you doing ok?

Mich - good luck for tomorrow - hope all goes smoothly.

Amy - they won't give me the trigger shots until the day I start them at the hospital - and then I have to go there at 7am! You're lucky having everything ready to go. I had to do a mad dash in the rain last week on my bike to find a chemist that stocked provera (I had left it till the day I was supposed to start of course :\)

Just an FYI update for those girls starting meds. I have been doing the Provera progesterone pills with no real side effect for 5 days, maybe a bit of extra angst and sleeplessness than normal. Had a negative preg BT yesterday (no surprises there), and now on Day 2 of the Synarel nasal spray to suppress the release of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH). So far nothing in the way of side effects, but I have horrible hayfever every morning so it's hard to find a good time to squirt. I have been told to expect a horrible AF this week though, yay!

A question: for those who have done the cycle before, what parts of the cycle were you off work for? Just trying to plan in the disruptions.

#61 AmberSpark

Posted 22 April 2012 - 07:26 PM

Woo can't believe my final IVF appointment tomorrow (monday), can't wait I have been getting some strong period pains and really sore boobs, so AF should be here in a couple of days and hopefully they will let me start ASAP. I have worked out the money and all is good. Fingers and toes crossed for me.

Amy - Happy Belated Birthday. Tounge1.gif Sorry it was a little flat, thank you and I hope I remember it all and I don't get over whelmed.

Satay - Ouchy - hope you are feeling better now. Sorry it hurt so much. That friend of your is a weird and needs to be blocked or deleted asap. Even your brother needs to delete her. That you don't have to see it.

Bigwoo - Thanks and my sinus' have been killing me this week also and have been really blocked. So I hope that it clears for you soon. It is going to rain in Melborne or week, so hopefully that clears alot of the germs away.

Will update tomorrow when I have a better understanding of everything. tthumbs.gif

#62 amyc1981

Posted 23 April 2012 - 12:22 PM

bigwoo I should clarify - I have the first lot of injections (Gonal F) and the orgalutron injections (I forget when I have to take those) but not the trigger shot, they give that to me later. They will also give me the Crinone gel later. I didnt have to have the nasal spray, my FS just wanted me to start the injections from day 2.
Bad thing is DH got back on Friday night and has been really sick with the flu all weekend and still is - I have him taking the antibiotics already (as my clinic makes the male take antibiotics from day1) and I really don't want to get sick! I need his swimmers in good shape!
Anyway, my boobs are really heavy and sore, but think AF is just on the way. I did glance down in the shower last night and think 'whoa!' Should be day 1 tomorrow - I want to test to get the possibility of being pg out of my head, but still holding on to a tiny bit of hope. If AF doesnt come tomorrow, I will test.
mish let us know how it goes. I am still feeling pretty anxious about it all, can't believe that we are actually doing it.

#63 leebec

Posted 23 April 2012 - 02:30 PM

Bigwoo - as far as time goes for both of my fresh cycles I have had from the day after trigger shot as the trigger shot makes me feel crap till the day after transfer off - in total last cycle I took 6 work days but the weekend days off. I started my first day of leave on a Wednesday and went back the following Thursday. For my frozen cycles I just have the day of transfer off.

I dont have to worry to much about work as they all know whats going on and just tell me to do what I need to do. I take it as a mix of sick & annual leave.

When I do my cycles I get all my drugs at the begining - so everything from Puregon, Orgalutran, Ovidrel & Progesterone pessaries and just keep it all at home.

I dont know what my new clinic does but guess I will find out next month when we get ready to start our 3rd fresh cycle.

Fi - you need to defriend the weirdo. I am going to be doing that this weekend. There is a group of girls I am friends with. They all went to school with one of my best friends (she was my brothers ex and in my brothers year) so I have known these girls forever. I "thought" they were my friends. Turns out one of them is getting married this Friday. She never even told me she got engaged, saw it on FB and when I asked to see her ring at our friends wedding last month she was all funny. DH was speaking to her fiance and he asked so when you getting married and he was like April, so we just assumed next April....nup. Also turns out I am the only one not invited....so I am waiting till Saturday or Sunday when photos start appearing so i can see what the skank looks like (I swear if you could see the way she dresses) and then I am deleting her from FB. It will cause all sorts of problems with my best friend. I am now going to refuse to go to anything she is at and will not go out to dinner with them as a group from now on if she is there. I am done trying to be the one who bends over backwards. I had her at my wedding etc.....I am seriously annoyed at this one.

I spoke to one of my girlfriends on the weekend, saw another yesterday and seeing another this week. I am making an effort to see my friends at I feel I have pulled back from them a lot in everything that has gone on.....

My two best friends are both pregnant and due about a week apart so it makes it hard for me to see them, the one referred to above its her daughters birthday next month so I might just arrange to see her for that on my own.....

I cant wait to speak to her next week after the wedding and see if she says anything to me about it....especially if she posts stuff on FB.....going to be quite interesting.

I am at 7dpo today. Temps are still sky high, well for me anyway which is kind of interesting. I am a bit crampy today so really just waiting for AF to turn up on Saturday and then I can book into have the tests done I need for when we see FS on 9 May.

#64 Alana Banana

Posted 23 April 2012 - 02:44 PM

Hi All,

Sorry no posts from me yet.

Satay - I love your dessert story, it made me smile  original.gif

Bigwoo - Sorry about your negative BT results sad.gif

Amy - fingers crossed that you get a suprise BFP. as for how do you get around work with IVF appointments, I have found that honesty works best for me, I have been completely upfront with me work and they fully support me. it is just another stress taken off you that you dont need to worry about.

Hoping for bubs - sorrt to hear about your Low AMH - I know just how hard it is to get that news as I have a low AMH of only  2.1

Eyes - sorry to here about your sister sad.gif

Mish - sorry to read about your mum  sad.gif

Scuff - good to see you think about your future with or without children in such a positive way.

sorry to anyone I have missed, it has been along time since my fist post.

AFM - I have just got back form a relaxing week in Bali now go straight in my second cycle of IVF, Had an ultrasound and blood test this morning to find out what dose to take tomorrow - I was originally told to take 300 u of Gonal F so we will see if my blood test is still saying the same thing. ohhh let the jabbing commence  original.gif  

AB original.gif

#65 AnnaBee87

Posted 23 April 2012 - 07:37 PM

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been around for ages! I have been having some personal issues and finally feel like life is back on track.

Mish - How did your IVF go today?

So I am currently 8DPO, and had a tiny bit of spotting 2 days ago, and more spotting today, but it's been absolutely nothing. Also been feeling really nauseous and have been completely brainless lately too. I keep forgetting stuff and also forgetting to do stuff! It took me 3 trips in and out of the house last night before I could get to my friends place to do my washing. First I left and locked up then realised I forgot to bring the washing with me, then I forgot the washing basket and finally I managed to get out!

I have been so tired lately, slept until 4pm yesterday! Super fatigued.

Anywho, I hope you are all keeping well original.gif I hope to see some BFP's soon original.gif I need some inspiration original.gif

#66 AmberSpark

Posted 23 April 2012 - 07:57 PM

Hi Amy, seems like we are on the same cycle and same drugs.

Leebec - that is weird about your friends / friend, some people can just be cruel and don't understand.

Alana - Hope your holiday was nice and relaxing. Good Luck with the start of it.

Hi Annabee - good luck, hope it is good news.

Hello to all the Endurance Team ...

AFM: Well it was super confusing but clarifying at the same time. If that makes sense, I am on the same cycle as Amy, so GonalF 225 from Day 2, then orgalutron injections from Day 8 and hopefully Trigger (Ovidrel) on Day 12, I think that I have to do that one but they tell me when as it is 37 hours to EPU. My DH for the first time looks at me and was so overwhelmed, at the end he said I have a head ache...lol. I said to him, you do.

Any, we had the Counselling, which was good, then the Nurse and then the PLA. All okay, in between the appointments, I went to the Loo and bang, spotting, so AF should be here spot on as excepted, so I told the Nurse and they organised my drugs on the spot and I don't have to go back in. Just have to call them when it is officially Day 1, I will watch my flow tomorrow. Sometimes I have spotting for two days and then a proper flow.

I had to laugh when the nurse was explaining how to do the needles, she said, just think of your belly button as a nose and your belly as the lips, move the needles along the lips so you don't do the same place twice. I turned to DH and said I don't think I need anymore Collagen there thank you. LOL and then I said, don't think my boobs are the eyes either. I think the nurse wanted to laugh but was trying not too. Ooops she probably thinks we are feral now.  All Good. So Hopefully tomorrow is Day 1 ladies and I am on my way. I have decided not to tell anyone when we are exactly starting, only my mum and a close friend, the others I will say in the next couple of weeks, gives us time to get out head around it.

#67 AnnaBee87

Posted 23 April 2012 - 08:20 PM

Well Mish sounds like you had an eventful day!
So glad it went well for you and you don't have to go back soon!

Also, can someone add me to the list please?

Name: AnnaBee87
Age: 24
Enduring Since: December 2010
The Facts: Several ovarian cysts, nothing to say why we aren't pregnant yet!
Waiting until June 2012 before we see a FS.

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#68 Satay Chicken

Posted 23 April 2012 - 08:33 PM


So I think I learnt the hard way!!  Definately better to do your own needles....  G did Saturday (frikkin killed like a FKR, bleed, nearly passed out in pain), last night he did it again, bit better but still aweful - so tonight I did my own - much MUCH better!  Worked out to do it straight after a shower as the skin is more full (Mich, not probs with me getting a good hold of flesh either  biggrin.gif ), then sit on the toilet and stab that in sucker!  

8dpo today and thinking the Clexane is futile but at least we gave it a go.

After this month we are having our lovely break for two months and I am so darn ready to go back to the old me for a little while - I have forgotten what its like to not TTC, temp and worry... Also looking forward to no BD.... unless its warrented of course  dev (6).gif

Mich - All the very best for your upcoming cycle and please keep us updated with how you go ok!

Annabee - How you going matey, certainly has been a while.

Alana - So pleased you had a good break in Bali, would have done you a world of good... all the very best to you too for your upcoming cycle.

Leebs - Yes, giving it one week and she's a goner - or if she comments again on bro... I bet its less than a week.

Hope everyone else is going on!!  Thinking of you all...

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#69 AmberSpark

Posted 24 April 2012 - 10:53 AM

Thanks Satay....I LMAO on the imagine of sitting on the toilet and stabbing myself.... I don't know if I will be able to have DH do it either, he wants too but I think I might freak out. We will have to see. Maybe if he just watchers...... ph34r.gif

All added in AnnaBee87

#70 Alana Banana

Posted 24 April 2012 - 11:30 AM

Good Morning Ladies original.gif

Annabee - your symptoms sound very promising, fingers crossed that they turn out to be a BFP original.gif

Mish - Good Luck with the start of your IVF, My DH does my Jabs for me and I simply stand up in the kitchen every morning and turn my head the other way and it is over and done within 15 seconds original.gif he is very gentle, although during our last IVF cycle my tummy looked like a used pin cushion and even had some bruising.

Can you please add me to the list when you get a chance

Name - Alana Banana
Age - 30
Enduring Since - August 2010
The Facts - Low AMH level of 2.1, Angel Baby January 2012, IVF #1 Cxxld Mid cycle as only 2 eggs, currently doing IVF cycle number 2 - grow little eggies grow

Satay - May I ask what clexane is? first time I have heard of this.


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#71 Satay Chicken

Posted 24 April 2012 - 01:08 PM

QUOTE (Mish*J @ 24/04/2012, 10:53 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Thanks Satay....I LMAO on the imagine of sitting on the toilet and stabbing myself.... I don't know if I will be able to have DH do it either, he wants too but I think I might freak out. We will have to see. Maybe if he just watchers...... ph34r.gif

All added in AnnaBee87

And naked at that!  Even the cat had to turn away !!  oomg.gif

QUOTE (Alana Banana @ 24/04/2012, 11:30 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Good Morning Ladies original.gif

Satay - May I ask what clexane is? first time I have heard of this.


Hey AB - Clexane is a blood thinner and can be used to separate (I think) natural killer cells, lowers the immune system and for extra bloodflow the the uterus at implantation.
If (yeah right) I did get pregnant I would have to take Clexane to the 13th week until the placenta takes over.
Usually Clexane is done during an IVF cycle but I had a bit of a hissy at my FS and she has let me try naturally and use the Clexane....
Its a horrid thing though, doesn't hurt going in but as you press the plunger it stings like hell and then for about 15 minutes after its like a very painful scratch ache from the inside... Couldn't imagine 13 weeks on the stuff TBH..

My trip is coming together, just now looking at hotels in West Hollywood....  biggrin.gif

#72 amyc1981

Posted 24 April 2012 - 01:33 PM

mish - glad your appt went well. It is a little bit exciting but scary too. Like you can't believe its actually going to happen. I always thought of IVF as a last resort and here I am. Glad we will be able to go through the cycle together, I need an IVF buddy as I haven't told anyone, (not even my mum as they are overseas and I don't want to worry her).
I will be injecting myself - DH offered but I think it will be worse if I don't know when its coming and can't control it myself! I have never injected myself though, or anyone else, so will be interesting. I'm sure I'll stuff it up first time.
satay - how exciting your trip is coming up! I love the US, I am planning another New York trip in 2013 if I am not pregnant by then as a consolation prize for myself.
I know what you mean about wanting to go back to the old you - this is all consuming sometimes.
annabee fingers crossed those symptoms mean something!

AFM: Feeling really down today. Awoke at 4am with bad period pain and AF arriving. At least we have the plan in place for IVF but it stills hurts to know we failed naturally 16 cycles over. It scares me that there's no reason for us not to conceive and we can't. Day 1 always is the worst day of the month. I also feel a little alone and unsupported, because DH was away all last week and has been sick since he came back - so I feel like I have been doing everything on my own for a couple weeks (including all the pre IVF appts) even though I know its not his fault.
Anyway, so start injecting tomorrow. I'm sure my mood will improve once I'm focused on this cycle.
mish did they give you the counselling appt before you started? At my nurses appt it wasn't mentioned. I think I'm probably going to need it since I'm not really telling anyone.

#73 AmberSpark

Posted 24 April 2012 - 04:02 PM

Endurance Team
"When you get to the top ofthe mountain, keep climbing."

Welcome to the Endurance Team! We are a group of ladies who have been doing thehard yards while waiting for our first miracles. Most of us have been tryingfor 12 months or more and we have been through every up and down imaginable. Ifyou have endured this journey far longer and harder than you ever intended, youare most welcome here for support, a shoulder and most importantly, hope.

Name: Satay Chicken
Age: 35
Enduring Since: On my 22 cycle
The Facts : Currently doing final testing
Presumed NK cell / implantation issues
MTHFR positve

Name: Mish*J
Age: 37
Enduring Since: April 2010
The Facts: Lap : May 2011 Endo and cyst removed
DF: Low Sperm Count - Abnormal
Currently under FS at RWH in Melbnext
Appt 23/04/12
First IVF: May 12
Name: Eyes (eyesabove)
Age: 28
Enduring Since:May 2009
The Facts
Starting clomid any day now

Name: Mia
Age: 31
Enduring since: September 2009
The Facts:
Lap September 2011, some endo found and removed, but has left scarring
FS recommends IVF- Maybe in 2012?
Trying a natural and holistic approach for the next 6 months

Name: Ali (Ali88)
Age: 28
Enduring Since:July 2010
The Facts: Lap - Nov 2009 Endo (mild) removed
Otherwise, both DH & I "normal"
Acupuncture/Herbs since June 2011
FS appointment booked for 31.01.2012, not sure what I hope to gain from it....

Name: Skoki
Age: 36
Enduring since: April 2010
The facts:
HyCoSy identified uterine polyp, but no other issues.
lap in July. No endo. Polyp removed. DH all clear.

Name: hoping4bubs
Age: 32 (in Nov)
Enduring Since: Aug 2008
The Facts: No reason for inferility. HYCOSY showed all clear. DH has good spermcount.
3rd round of clomid 100mg, will give 1 more month to try and the IVF clinicappointment mid March.

Name: Scruff
Age: 37
Enduring since: February 2010
The Facts: Lap August 2011; cyst and endo removed. high-ish FSH, lowprogesterone, AMH 8.8
DH: low morphology (2%)
Initially did not want to pursue any form of AC, fortunately, 5 months later,had a change of heart and will give IVF a crack.
IVF/ICSI - Feb 2012

Name: Leebec
Age: 35
Enduring since: September 2010
The Facts: diagnosed PCOS after MMC. 6 months OI. 1 round IVF and 1 round ofIVF ICSI. 7 frozen from that round. FET #1 Jan 2012 - 2 embies back in.

Name: Bigwoo
Age: 34 DH: 34
Enduring since: August 2010
Unexplained infertility. First FS appointment Oct 2011.
Polypectomy December 2011. IVF#1 May 2012

Name: XFingersAndToes
Age: 32
Enduring Since: Jan 2011
The Facts (thus far)
Me low ovarian reserve
DP low sperm count and motility and high abnormality

Name: Thalandria
Age: 29
TTC Since - Dec 2010
The Facts -
Not really any to speak of so far. Just about to start the journey with thedoctors testing and then FS. No medical reason that we know of so far.

Name: Emso
Age: 26
Enduring since: Dec 2010
The Facts: Dh has no sperm. Me AMH of 7. back to FS feb 6th. Need testicularbiopsy for DH and IVF simultaneously. Hoping for sperm to be found. IVF tobegin in Mar 2012
Name: PennysLane - Sarah
Age: 23
Enduring since: February 2011
The facts: Just started getting results back, found out today I don't ovulate.DH so far so good
Name: Lainey
Age: 33
Enduring since: mid 2008
The facts: first FS missed the problems despite lap/hysteroscopy - fibroids andendometriosis finally removed Feb 2012, mild PCOS
Starting tracking cycle end May after a few weeks away
Age: 30... 31 next week!
enduring since: January 2011
The facts: No facts! All tests done and all clear for everything. Unexplained.
IVF possibly in May.
Age: 38
Enduring since: TTCIVF Nov2010
The facts: Apparently I have elevated NK Cells, CD57. Diagnosed myself with athin lining. DH has MFI. Seeing a RI who is dealing with my immune issues. Justrecently did ivig with no luck. 7 unsuccessful transfers. Not quite sure whenthis journey will end successfully.

Name: AnnaBee87
Age: 24
Enduring Since: December 2010
The Facts: Several ovarian cysts, nothing to say why we aren't pregnant yet!
Waiting until June 2012 before we see a FS
Name - Alana Banana
Age - 30
Enduring Since - August 2010
The Facts - Low AMH level of 2.1, Angel Baby January 2012,
IVF #1 Cxxld Mid cycle as only 2 eggs,
currently doing IVF cycle number 2 - grow little eggies grow

Friends of the Family (taking time out)
Name: Betts (bettinae)
Name: Gaia
Name: Felix
Name: Daisy74

Recent Grads

Ards - Little Boy Noah
Curious Chicken
Sarah (Kate)

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#74 AmberSpark

Posted 24 April 2012 - 04:15 PM

Alana - All done and added to the list. Sorry it reposted, I am having a bad time with it. I might have to retype soon. LOL.

Satay - I put my hand in front of my dogs eyes when I get changed, I don't want to burn an imagine in her head of me.....lol. Ouchy on the Clexane but woo hoo on the trip planning. So exciting.

Amy - I still haven't hit Day 1 yet, I normally have spotting a couple of days before I actually get it, so it should tomorrow or any day now. I just want to get it going seeing that I have my drug stash.  Yes we did the Counselloring appointment yesterday, asked us a lot of questions about what if we die or one of us dies and do we give our spouse the right to use the embies or not and other stuff, it was very helpful and good for my DH, as it was good to hear what he had to say. He has been quiet on most things. I would ring the nurse and ask them, I don't know who you are going through but I am Melbourne IVF. I have decided not to tell people when we are starting, so I am just going to say in a couple of weeks, so that we have some time to ourselves. I was so open and honest with people that I need them to back off abit and for us to do this, so mum knows and that is it. Good luck and I should be right behind you. eexcite.gif

#75 leebec

Posted 25 April 2012 - 08:24 AM

Mish - everyone knew about our 2 fresh & 1st FET cycle and it started to get to much. By the FET people were speaking like we are never going to have a baby. Only our parents knew of our 2nd FET and only 1 friend besides our parents knows we have changed to a new clinic....so so much easier.

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