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TTC#2 Grads - Ongoing thread

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#26 Pssst...

Posted 03 April 2012 - 01:56 PM

Smiley – everyone’s birth experiences are so different, I find it really fascinating.  Even though I’d like to go for VBAC this time, my C/S and recovery went really well.  And I can see why you might want to choose one – I have a friend in a similar situation too.  Hopefully all will go well for both of us!

Carol – don’t worry about the VB/VBAC thing.  I still get confused by acronyms in this place!  My C/S wasn’t an emergency but it wasn’t planned either (see story below).  There shouldn’t be any reason why I can’t have a VB so hopefully it will go that way.  Sorry about your nausea, but in a weird way it must be comforting to have such strong symptoms.  Glad to hear everything went well with your blood tests and scan

Andrea – the water birth sounds amazing!  I’ve been super hungry too.  Had two breakfasts yesterday!  One at home and another when I got to work!  But I felt sooooo sick on the way to work and I just had to eat something.  I find that I can go along for ages and then suddenly – bam!  I’m starving and I have to eat NOW!  

Aurora – yes, will be interesting to see if my OB will support me.  He’s a pretty relaxed guy and we’re keen to use him again – but if he won’t support me then I’ll be looking elsewhere.  Thanks for sharing your birth story, I love hearing/reading them!  Did you manage to book in with your OB?  Will be watching closely to see if your high levels do mean twins!

AFM – on and off nausea and still some tiredness.  Took DD to her swimming lesson this morning and my boardies were a bit harder to do up!  Feeling quite bloated and I have been eating heaps to combat the nausea.  Must try really hard not to put on 20kg like I did with DD though!!  I do bootcamp three times a week and told my trainer yesterday.  I managed to keep going with bootcamp until I was about 15/16 weeks with DD and then it was too intense.  Only problem was I didn’t replace it with anything.  So have to make sure I do better this time.

Stuck my head into the December DIG briefly.  So many people!  Not sure if I can keep up with all of that, but I'll try to at least go back and introduce myself...

Also happy to share my birth story.  I had what could be described as the typical ‘cascade of intervention’ but it was not traumatic at all…

OB was talking about inducing me due to PE and I was going to the hospital for monitoring twice a week.  And I had some acupuncture to try to get things moving along naturally.  I was meant to go to the hospital on the Wednesday night to be induced but the OB called to tell me that the hospital was too busy and I should just go and see him for my usual Thursday morning appointment.  Sitting at home Wed afternoon I felt a tiny trickle.  Didn’t think it was my waters, just thought I let a bit of wee out!  And nothing else happened after that so I didn’t think anything of it

Thursday morning we went to the appointment where the OB did an internal and my waters went all over him, all over his bed and all over the floor!!  Sent to the hospital for checking but they still didn’t want me.  Once they were satisfied all was OK with bub, they sent me home to clean up and pick up my bags etc.  Back to the hospital around 2pm.  By this stage it was nearly 24 hours since my waters broke (the tiny trickle the day before) and no contractions had commenced so they put me on the drip.  All was fine, labour built up at a good rate and I dilated and coped with the contractions well.  

By about midnight I was asking for pain relief but I couldn’t handle having the mouthpiece for the gas in my mouth – it made me want to gag and I’d already been feeling nauseas.  DD was posterior so the only comfortable position was standing bolt upright with my hands on the bed.  But my legs would keep getting tired.  Originally I didn’t want an epidural because I wanted to have the option to move around.  But I was pretty much stuck on or near the bed anyway, so decided to have one.  And managed to have a couple of hours rest thanks to it.  I seemed to stay at 7cm but since DD was showing no signs of distress they were happy to let things continue on to see if they would start up again.  Eventually though, my OB advised the C/S due to the fact that many hours of ‘ineffective’ contractions can actually be damaging to the uterus and make it harder to have other kids.  So, we agreed and DD was born just before 4am.  Turns out that she had turned during labour and was stuck so was probably never going to come out on her own.  

The worst part of the experience for me was being so sick from the morphine about 2-3 hours after DD was born.  And then the fact that I couldn’t get up to get her wasn’t great either, especially that night once my DH and mum had left.  I recovered really well and at the beginning wasn’t too bothered by the fact that I’d had a C/S.  But the more time that goes on, the more I wonder ‘what if’ and I’ll admit to pangs of jealousy when I hear/read about other people’s amazing VB stories.  Hopefully one day I’ll get to experience that too.  

#27 *Mumma-to-A*

Posted 03 April 2012 - 11:45 PM

I will try and do personals this weekend but so tired and have attempted them for 3 nights now with no success.

Psst- I am hoping to have a VBAC for this baby and have been planning it before we even started TTC. Everything you wrote about feeling what if is exactly how I feel too. I have joined Birthrites which is a support group for VBAC's but moreso to help with a positive second birth if a c-section needs to be done. It's really helped me so far.

I'll try to explain my last birth as best as I can: sorry it's long I should blog it instead Feel free to skip.

I went to my appointment 10 days (a friday) after my due date hoping to get induced it was 1st february and I was truely over the summer and being pregnant only to be told the earliest induction they could give me was the following thursday afternoon (would have been 17 days over) The Doctor gave me a s&s and I went on my way to have lunch with my mum and nan. Later that night I roped DH into "helping me out" (DTD). Work up at 3am and had my first contraction (if I known it was going to be so long I might have stayed in bed longer) I sat in our lounge room waiting for the intensity to increase and timing them (they were 7-8 minutes apart) 7am my Dh woke so I told him about the contractions but told him we had plenty of time to get organised. I was in pain but they were coming anywhere from 20 minutes to 5 minutes apart. Around 9.30am I rang my mum (she was to be with us in the birth) came running down even though I really did want to just be alone and relax. I laboured with painful contractions  7 minutes apart for most of the day. I also used our pinball machines to distract myself and found them great to lean on when I had a contraction

I rang the hospital at 1pm and told them I was in lbour but wanted to stay at home. They were happy for me to stay there but I had to call in every few hours to update them. at 7pm I had enough contrations were 5 minutes apart and I was tired. Mum went to stock up on some supplies for the hospital while I had a shower and our last few moments as a couple. Anf off we went to the hospital being in the car did nothing for me and the 45 minute trip didn't help. We went to the FMU and was assessed at being 3 cm they could either admitt me or we could go for a walk and get dinner. I opted for option 3. it was 10pm at this stage and could only find macdonalds in perth city they only place for a quick feed - I remember having a massive contraction at the counter and freaking out the place - food to go we had to get back to the hosipital got admitted and opted straight for the bath for pain relief - which was ok but felt so cold and I wanted it warmer which they couldn't do as it is temperature controlled through the hospital so I didn't last long in there. Out of the bath I got a plush labour room and went to the bed - it looked so good and I was so tired. My lovely midwife did an examination (around 2.30am sundy morning) and I was at 4cm and he was positier and I had  back labour (I hd slipped L5 disc 4 years previous so no wonder I was in pain) At this point I opted for  epidual (maybe not the wisest decision as I think it slowed down a slow labour more).

Fast forward my novel to 12pm sunday where I was at 9cm and the big boss doctor (don't know what they call him) who told me I had an hour to deliver or it was a c-section (no bed manner what so ever) I was exhausted so burst in tears. I wanted nothing than to avoid the c-section. And hour and the nice dr came back and I was told I was at 10cm so could start pushing. My epi was wearing off (cause I didn't want to use the top up and wanted to start feeling again) Ds would not comply to my pushing (he was still up high I could feel him near my ribs) so Mean head doctor came back in to check me again. I was 10cm but had an anterior lip and my blood pressure was dipping so I need a c-section and it had to be now. I was wheeled away and had to have a spinal tap as the epi was too old (or something like that) I remember being so scared and they told me they were going to make the cut and my baby would be here soon. I was shaking so much from the spinal tap and Dh wasn't there yet. He walked in just in time and whispered that he loved me. He then peeked over the curtin and said my guts where on the table (yep I got a sweet one there) Then they produced the ugliest blue monkey I had over seen. Took him away to the table to clean up where he proceded to wee on the nurses. Dh then got his first cuddle - I was jealous I wanted the first cuddle. Alex David was born at 3.55pm 3rd February and was 53cm 8 pound 2 ounces (3.69kg) He had no name for almost a week.

I was wheeled to recovery and Dh went to spread the news and was told I would be out soon. Alex stayed with me and my midwife helped him have his first feed. After 45 minutes DH was allowed in (I think they were worried he would wear out the carpet) I had bleeding that they couldn't control so ws glad for the time DH was allowed into recovery for. I was so out of it and had no feelings towards Alex at this time.

I going to stop now but I'm glad I am finally writing down my birth and I think I will blog it for myself including the afterbirth stay in hospital and recovery. I'll link it to anyone interested. I found blogs for birth stories really good to make me feel I wasn't alone. I'm sorry it is so long.

#28 aurora sleeping

Posted 06 April 2012 - 07:51 PM

Awwww loving the birth stories ladies!!! It's good to remember that special, crazy time and think that it's not to far away for round 2! And Mumma-to-A your story was great, not long at all!!! Love the bit about the pinball machines LOL!

carol I'd be pretty darned excited for 2 girls!!!!! It would be a crazy time in my house as it's very small, but I'd love it anyway!!!

AFM - So, I've hit the 5 week mark and I'm VERY tired but no nausea yet. I didn't really get it with DS either so am wondering if this will be similar... I'm worried about how early I'm going to show as I already feel like things are getting big (paranoia, or twins lol) and I'm not sure if it's just due to bloating. It probably is, I'd forgotten how crap you feel right at the beginning. It's already stuffing around with my bowels so that sucks.  sad.gif

Managed to get my scan.. but I have to wait 3 weeks!!! I was a bit spoilt with DS, got in for a dating scan at 6 weeks and was able to see the heartbeat. I was hoping for that again but the OB I'm going with is on leave at the moment. So, I'll be 8 weeks at least by then. Another 3 weeks to go *sigh*

I'm actually going with a different OB to the one I had with my DS - basically, that one was great but he was coming back from leave about 2 weeks before my due date and as Levi was early he didn't make it and I had one of the other OBs he works with. That one was great for the birth so I was open to having him - checked both of them out and their fees are similar but my original OB is again having leave right around when my due date is, so I'm going with the other one instead! I'm glad the OBs I have are all in a team and I know they're all good so whoever is rostered on will be good.

Hope everyone's having a relaxing Easter!!! xxx

#29 ~A2~

Posted 09 April 2012 - 07:18 PM

Hi girls

Just checking in to see how you are enjoying your new home.

Hope everyone is going well.


#30 *Mumma-to-A*

Posted 10 April 2012 - 10:02 PM

Loving it Ali. Can't wait for a few more friends (both old and new) to join us.

Aurora sleeping - LOL yes my very expensive laundry folding stations ie pinball machines do come in handy during labour. Every labour ward should have one. DH has 9 in total at the moment - funny that he is also legally blind and can barely see me across the other side of the room but can play these for hours.

When are you all planning on on buying/laybying stuff if you need to? I want a capsule and of course a new pram but luckily my sister is loaning alot of her stuff.

I got some really bad news that a friend lost her battle with cancer on sunday night sad.gif I'm sure that pregnancy  hormones aren't helping with this news this week (I cried the other day because I forgot to hang out a load of washing)

Hope everyone else is doing well.

#31 ms-marti

Posted 12 April 2012 - 02:26 PM

Hi Ladies.

A quick note to say it's a healthy looking baby with all the bits in the right places thus far, yeay and it's a BOY. Moat people were guessing another girl which was fine, I kind of figured that the sonographer would say it's a girl I might have that second of OW and then be all psyched - suffice to say it actually never occurred to me what I would think if they said it's a boy  laughing2.gif I know I'm an idiot. Now all I can think is yikes what am I going to do with one of those  roll2.gif hmmm the same as with my DD take it one day at a time.

Got to say this pregnancy has felt totally different (stress alone) but also all the corny stuff I'm carrying totally differently, have been having some serious savoury cravings, could eat a jar of olives if one would let me  blush.gif my poor hubby thinks its funny.

OK now I need to go back, catch up on all the posts before I waffle on anymore.


#32 caroldiem

Posted 12 April 2012 - 03:46 PM

ms-marti - That is fantastic newssssssss!!! ddance.gif  eexcite.gif Congratulations on a healthy baby boy!!!!!

I have still been quite sick had another chuck last night i can't believe i am 8 weeks still very scared and anxious still haven't really told anyone i just hope it all ends well

waves.gif Hi to everyone i am currently cleaning so this is going to be a short one. Still at home full time haven't found a job yet the market is dead oh well we will survive

Hope everyone is well i really hope jesstazzy gets amazing news and can join us here in 2 weeks

#33 andrea79

Posted 12 April 2012 - 04:07 PM

Agh was typing a post and my phone just went blank and I lost it. Thankfully I hadn't typed much so here I go again!

Mumma - so sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer is such an evil disease. Thinking of you hon and I hope you're going ok  bbighug.gif

Ms-marti - woo hoo a baby boy  bbluestork.gif fantastic news!!! How exciting!!

caroldiem - oh the throwing up isn't nice but a good sign!

AFM - symptoms really kicking in this week, so tired and boobies really sore. Already gone up a cup size  ohmy.gif
and feeling a bit queasy most of the time, basically when I'm not eating which I hate because I don't want to stack the weight on!! But trying to stick to plain foods anyway like some crackers etc. feel like I'm a bit irritable too which I also hate as sometimes I find myself losing it with DS over things I wouldn't normally so trying to keep that in check. It's mainly at night though so the tiredness is making that worse I think.

Will probably call my OB tomorrow to make an appointment, not really planning on going til I'm 8-9 weeks so not too fussed about it yet.

Been posting in the Dec DIG but I know what you mean Psst, it just feels so big and impersonal. You ask a question and no one seems to answer it or within half a day it's about 20 posts back and no one, including me, can be bothered going back that far!! I'll keep plodding along though, it will no doubt settle down once all the BFPs have been and it's the regulars posting.

Not much else going on here, I've had this week off work which has been nice so just relaxing and spending time with DS. Can't believe I'm almost 6 weeks already! I know that's still early but seems like its going quickly. Hopefully the next 2 weeks goes quickly as I just want to get to 8 weeks to feel a bit more confident.

Well I'll stop rabbiting on now! Hope you're all having a great day!

Andrea xox

ETA - oh no, just called my OB and he's away until the 28th of May. I'll be 12 weeks by then and I don't know if I can wait that long although I didn't see him til then with DS. I could see another OB before then but I don't really see the point. Or maybe I could get a referral from my GP for a scan around 8-9 weeks just to make sure it's all ok. But then I'll be going for my NT scan about 3 weeks later anyway??? Agh so confused???

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#34 Pssst...

Posted 12 April 2012 - 06:07 PM

GRRRRR....  I just did a massive reply, but while I was typing EB logged me out and I lost the lot!!  

So, here's a really quick version of what I can remember:

Mumma to A - sorry to hear about your friend.  And thanks for sharing your birth story - LOL at your labour aid of pinball machines.  Bet that's not in any of the books!

Aurora - glad you have your OB sorted.  I'll be using the same one, if he'll support my VBAC attempt which I think he will

Ms marti - yay for a boy!  And even more importantly, yay for everything being where it's meant to be!!

Carol - sorry you're still being sick.  Hopefully it's good signs for a strong, sticky bub

Andrea - I guess it depends on how much you want to use the same OB?  If you do, and you're happy to pay for an extra scan then maybe have one around 7/8 weeks and then see the OB at the end of May?  Originally I was happy to just wait until the 12 week scan but my GP suggested a dating scan due to cycles being irregular since having DD.  Now I'm quite happy for the chance to check on things a little earlier.

AFM - also feeling queasy most of the day.  Worst is after breakfast and early evening.  Haven't chucked yet so am thankful for that.  My mum guessed on Sunday as I didn't have any wine with Easter lunch and she's super excited.  

Having a dating scan on Wednesday morning and I'll feel much more relaxed once I've seen a heartbeat.  And then I see my OB in early May.

OK, going to send this now before I lose it again!!

#35 *Mumma-to-A*

Posted 12 April 2012 - 08:45 PM

ms-marti - Yay for a boy. I'm really thinking I'm carrying a girl and trying to work out how to deal with my feelings if it's another boy. I know deep down boys are great but I'd love one of each.

Caroldiem - Yuk! Hope you feel better soon. Never really got sick just lots of nausea. And I hope Jess can join us too. Wishing her all the best for this 2 week wait (and mummajeena too)

Andrea - Why don't you just get a dating scan from your Gp for peice of mine. 3 weeks in the first trimester is such a long time.

Pssst - I would say most OB seem to be supportive of VBAC these days so your chances are good. I got my DS to tell my mum and dad. He told them I had a baby in my belly it was so cute.

AFM _ Feeling so much more movement now. I love this part of pregnancy. Really tired still even though I actually got a full nights sleep so thinking my thyroid or iron levels need to be checked again. Better go before I also lose my post too not EB's fault my laptop battery died and I keep knocking the power cord out.

#36 aurora sleeping

Posted 13 April 2012 - 12:22 PM

Hi lovely ladies!!! Lost this thread for a while, had to do a search to find it again!!!

marti YAAAAAAAAYYYYY for a boy!!!! Oh, you will love him, boys are delicious little creatures and lots of fun!!! Love my boy so much I have to be careful not to squish him too hard lol. wub.gif  And think about what your DH/DP will be like - so nice to see the relationship between Dad and Son. Oh congrats - have fun with names!!!

Mumma to A - I feel EXACTLY the same. Now I've swayed for a girl, I feel good that I gave a little girl a chance but I'm worried about feeling a bit sad about not having a girl this time. I have 3 brothers, DH has 3 brothers and I just feel like I'd love another female in my close family other than my Mum - sounds weird but I'm worried about when she dies and I won't have that mother/daughter relationship and I just feel like it would be a comfort to have that with a daughter. Anyway, whatever happens I will love this bub (I already do!) so that's not in question, I guess it's just lamenting the loss of that kind of relationship. But we shall see!!! Agggghhhh your comments about movement made me feel all warm and fuzzy, can't wait for that time too!

Carol 8 weeks woohoo!!!! Good on you cleaning, I'm having trouble getting off the couch!!!!!

Pssst... hoping your OB supports your VBAC attempt. Looking forward to hearing about the scan!!!

Andrea, I said it in the other group, but if it were me, I'd get one. Unless you feel you can wait and would prefer not to pay the money, I'd find it hard to wait that long. That's me though. Chat to DH and see what he thinks, but it sounded from your other post that he felt the same.

AFM - Tired...  yyawn.gif  yyawn.gif  yyawn.gif  yyawn.gif  And staying up late is not helping, I really need to stop doing that! Although every 2nd night I fall asleep on the lounge at 8:30-9pm. Not much MS although I've been feeling a bit faint every now and then. I've been trying to make sure I'm not left feeling hungry though so maybe that's held it off a bit. When I go back to school next term I'll be 8 weeks so hopefully it won't kick in then. Waiting, waiting, waiting for my scan... 2 weeks to go...

#37 Bellefin

Posted 14 April 2012 - 10:47 AM

Hi girls
(whispers) Sssssshhhhhh! I'm not really here yet! I got a massive surprise natural BFP yesterday and it's still there today a little darker. I'm too scared to post in the DIG yet but thought its ok to say hi in here. I'm 14dpo today and no AF. My EDD will be (if it sticks) 22nd December, the day after my birthday but I couldn't care less if it's born on Xmas day, I just want a real live baby. I'm going to go to the GP next week (he's going to kill me lol for how many times I harass him about this then show up pregnant) then officially join here and the DIG.
Hoping Jess, mumma and duck-o-lah are joining us soon.

#38 caroldiem

Posted 14 April 2012 - 11:22 AM

Bellefin I am  ohmy.gif  biggrin.gif  ddance.gif ddance.gif ddance.gif  eexcite.gif eexcite.gif eexcite.gif    

That is just amazing news acupuncture is amazing isn't it I am so very excited for you i know it's early days BUT i really hope it's a sticky for you i have a feeling it will be original.gif

I also really hope jess, mumma and duck o lah can join us here very very soon like tomorrow hehehehehe.

Most of us are still in the first trimester GAH!!! can't wait for that 2nd trimester to hit

aurora sleeping - Unfortunately my feeling good cleaning didn't last long the next day i woke up feeling horrible again and couldn't function, same thing yesterday this morning i had a lovely dry retching episode all good signs though OB appt 1 week to go i am counting down Monday the 23rd of April i really hope the baby is still there with a heartbeat I am staying positive until something goes wrong. Can't wait to hear about your scan twins here we comeeeeeeeeeeee original.gif

*Mumma-to-A* - It is so lovely when you are at the stage of your pregnancy when you can feel movement original.gif hopefully i will get there I don't like being in danger miscarriage zone but we all have to go through it

Pssst... - yep still feeling sick 24/7 bad nausea but luckily the vomiting is sporadic not like some woman who vomit every 20mins I really feel for them. Look forward to hearing great news about your dating scan original.gif it's the best when it all works out and you walk away atleast knowing at that point in time there is a baby and a heartbeat

andrea79 - I have just put on my bonds maternity bra from my previous pregnancy ahhhhhhh bliss!! finally my girls feel a little comfortable they have been sore and enlarged from Day 1. If i was you i would just go to my local GP and get a dating scan referral and get it done at 8 weeks there is no way i could wait until 12 weeks especially considering what we have both been through. Plus there usually free just ask your Gp to write bulk bill on the form something my GP forgot to do because she was so bloody excited for me  ddoh.gif heheheheh but doesn't matter

#39 *Mumma-to-A*

Posted 14 April 2012 - 04:51 PM

Bellefin - Quickly and quietly YAY! grin.gif Update us soon.

Caroldiem - The thought of Bra shopping right now is way too much but I am in desperate need of maternity bras. I have a good mix of other bras because I lost alot of weight last year (but gaining it with this pregnancy) but they aren't going to cut it much longer. I still feel like I am in the danger zone. I can't wait till my next scan just so I can relax again. 2 weeks to go.

Aurora sleeeping - It's how I feel too. It's not that boys aren't great they really are but I want the mother/daughter bond I have with my mum. I had a dream it was a boy last night and even though I was disappointed I was so happy to kiss and cuddle him. All other dreams have pointed to a girl so maybe this is my subconcious telling me that it doesn't matter either way because I love this baby.

AFM - I'm resisting sleep. I finally have gotten around to clean out my study/tip room. My bin is already full and the trailer is half full of stuff to donate. And I uncovered my old maternity clothes and while they are big they will do - whoo hoo. I need to know what I am having now so I can repaint and carpet the floors and then sort out the 3 packing boxes worth of stuff for the baby. So much paper work to sort/file better get back to it.

#40 caroldiem

Posted 15 April 2012 - 08:15 PM

Ok just want to come and say  sick.gif  sick.gif I mean i know i am not vomiting every 30 mins but i tend to vomit atleast once a day and feel absolutely horrible with the worst nausea 24/7 i hope it's a good sign that this baby is growing in there. i figure if it isn't my symptoms would dissapear. I am counting down one week to left to my OB appt i am so anxious i think i have convinced my DH to come with me just incase there is bad news

Sorry for whinging but i just feel so so ill

#41 Bellefin

Posted 15 April 2012 - 10:50 PM

OK I'm still here, for the time being anyway!

Caroldiem - thank you and I know! I totally have faith in chiro and acupuncture. Once I started chiro my cycle went to a textbook cycle and I had no spotting before AF, and once I started acupuncture almost straight away - bam! Pregnant! Well chucking sucks but at least it's reassuring. And it should pass in a few weeks. Were you sick with #1? I never was.

Mumma to A - wow you can feel movement already! I am desperate to have a swollen belly and a squirmy baby inside. Sounds like you are starting the "nesting" already!

Pssst...I hear you about waiting for the scan. Imagine when they didn't have scans and all this technology!

Aurora sleeping - what's all this talk of twins? Was it because you got an early BFP or cos of your hCG levels? Oh well we'll find out soon I guess!

Andrea - yes the DIG is overwhelming, I've had a quick peek. I wonder why they don't split them like they used to, EDD before and after the 15th. Then they are half the size and much more manageable. 6 weeks, that's halfway to 12 weeks, every week is a little closer to safe, that's the way I try to look at it.

Ms Marti - hi again  biggrin.gif Wow you're already halfway then. Does your DD understand? My DD is totally into dolls and babies at the moment, she wraps up anything she can find and carries it around trying to feed it or put it to sleep. I've told her Santa is bringing her a very special present this year and she just grins at me.

AFM - OK so this is what happened. I had totally given up trying, after 13 cycles and my terrible test results I knew it wasn't going to happen. I was just looking forward to my FS appt. 2 weeks ago I got a really strong OPK on the Friday so out of habit I guess we BD that night about midnight. Next day I had terrible O pains just after midday so I put DD to sleep then went to sleep myself. I wasn't even thinking about being in the 2WW, I was just looking forward to seeing if my LP would be 13 or 14 days, and what the new FS was going to suggest. I had a cold last Weds which is unusual for me, some crazy dreams which I thought nothing of, and I was super hungry, but that sometimes happens in LP anyway. So Weds I was happy I got to 13dpo and I took my temp as usual and it was 36.9 ohmy.gif . So I did an HPT, knowing it would be another BFN and not straight away, but after a while a very faint line appeared.I woke up my sister and BFF calling them ranting about a line.  I peed on anything I could find that day like my last test and an OPK then I bought a 3 pack of FRER and did one in the arvo - darker. Next morning - darker again and this morning darker again.

And here I am. Can't believe it. Don't know if the clomid last cycle gave things a boost, or if the chiro and acupucture helped or it's because I had sort of given up and stopped expecting it to happen naturally. I don't know if it will last, I've been told my egg quality is bad and my fertility is declining so I'm super paranoid. 12 weeks seems like an eternity from here 4weeks 1 day. I haven't had any symptoms except for slight nausea once in a while so looking forward to those in a few weeks. Tomorrow I'll call the Drs to get a BT but I'm not really in any rush, just trying to get through the day without any bleeding. Still on school holidays, the weeks go so fast when I'm back at work so that should help. I've read its the size of a poppy seed right now and I just can't fathom with all the problems I've had that that is going to turn into a baby, but my body has done it before, it can do it again. Please please stick little baby!

#42 caroldiem

Posted 15 April 2012 - 11:01 PM

Bellefin _ i am taking the same approach i take it one day at a time and i just think when i wake up every morning "please no bleeding today" if i get through the day with no blood things are looking good and then i just think ok caroline just keep going think positive until you get bad news. My Chinese herbal medicine doctor told me it's important to start talking to the baby when you are 5 weeks supposedly she said they did some research in england that the baby at that gestation can hear you and connect with you so i make an effort to speak with the baby once a day it's hard though. Sounds like it was a combination of things but i know acupuncture is amazing i only had 3 treatments within 2 weeks of seeing my Chinese medicine doctor i was pregnant. i can't wait to share all the info i know with my sister in law who had the miscarriage as well about 3 months after me because i know there is a good chance it will work for her as well. hands.gif it will be all good Bellefin

#43 aurora sleeping

Posted 16 April 2012 - 12:55 AM

Oh Bellefin I cannot believe it!!!!  eexcite.gif  eexcite.gif  eexcite.gif Wow, I'm hoping that now you have your BFP it's nice and sticky!!! You and Carol are pretty darned inspirational!!!  hhugs.gif Oh and you'll be in our DIG too!!! Yaaaaaaayyyy!!!!  ddance.gif

And yep, the deal with the twins stuff is that I got an early BFP and my levels were high. Nothing very concrete at all, just a bit fun to talk about. Having said that, I'm now just over 6 weeks and I can't hold my tummy in any more.... May be cuz it's baby #2 and everything's already all 'soft' though. We'll find out in 2 weeks in any case!!!!

Carol, if I were you, I'd be hating the MS too, even if it is only once a day. It's still every day!!!

Tired still, and almost fainted yesterday when I was on my way to a party, having gone to another party earlier. I think it was cuz I didn't eat as regularly yesterday. Need to go to bed now, so that's it for me...

#44 andrea79

Posted 16 April 2012 - 08:12 AM

Agh just lost my post again! Seems to be when I try to use an emoticon so this post will be emoticonless!!!

Pssst - I bet you're excited for your scan on Wednesday! All the best and I'll be stalking for an update!!

Mumma - oh love feeling the baby move, that's my favourite part of pregnancy! I remember after I had DS I even missed it!!

Bellefin - woo hoo!! CONGRATULATIONS lovely that's fantastic news! So happy for you and sending tonnes of sticky vibes your way. And I reckon they'll split the DIG once all Dec BFPs have been received!

caroldiem - oh sorry to hear about the vomiting but as the other girls have said its a really good sign that things are still going well.

aurorasleeping - oh wow the fainting thing isn't good. And this is when you're on holidays. Take it easy and make sure you keep nibbling on something!!

Sorry for the minimal personals! On my phone!

AFM - boobs sooo sore, feeling tired all the time, and queasy/nauseous basically most of the day except when I'm eating! I've been crashing on the couch when DS goes for a sleep and sometimes up to 2 hrs! I never do that!

And thank you all for your advice re a scan. I decided to call my GP and arrange a referral for a scan which I'll have when I'm 8 weeks. So I'll pick that up today and make an appointment. Starting to feel a little on edge this week. I started bleeding right on 7 weeks last time so I'm feeling a little anxious about that time coming up but I'm having a lot more sympptoms than I did last time so I'm taking that as a good sign!

Well I better go and have a shower and do the housework! Joy! Hope you all have a great day!

#45 ms-marti

Posted 16 April 2012 - 11:47 AM

Bellefin - I am cautiously over the moon for you biggrin.gif Hey maybe it's a trend you know last time you were pregnant before me and now I am pregnant before you. I have everything crossed for you and am positively looking to see if this one is a boy, you know following the trend with me wink.gif

DD's understanding of there being a baby is to constantly lifts my top and "look at the baby", her comment: Baby's in the belly, it's hiding, can't see it" and cause my sister is pregnant too she was going through a stage where she would look at her tummy and say baby in Georgia's belly and my DH's  roll2.gif as my poor DH was a little concerned she thought his belly looked pregnant too  wub.gif was so cute. She also feeds the dolls, puts them to sleep, baths the dolls, they sort of end up landing in the bath behind my back, even the ones not suitable for bathing, that's been fun  laughing2.gif but all in all I don't know how much she gets that there will be a screaming infant at home soon enough. I think once we set up a  room with a bed and all she'll get more aware, well once we have built the extention and we have a room  rolleyes.gif . Hence we bought a bassinette over the weekend as she’ss till in her cot and I was a little concerned that if we moved her out and put the baby ion it she might not process that well  wacko.gif I'm probably just being paranoid.

What are you all ladies thinking/doing for the bed/sleeping arrangements for baby no 2 :-) oh yeah might be too soon to ask maybe  blush.gif

Caroldiem – I hear you with one day at a time. Having had the bleeding./spotting for what seemed like ever it took a lot of reminder from my DH that this sort of happened the last time as well though I honestly cannot recall it having been this intense. Hence why I had made a conscious decision to do away with the negativity, decided to enjoy whatever part of the pregnancy this was going to be, as well harsh it may be there was little I could do to stop nature taking it’s course and I did not want to get to the end of the line and be disappointed at how little I had a chance to “enjoy it”

aurora sleeping - 1 or 2 babies either way I'm sure you will have a blast. In the meantime  ph34r.gif for the scan results to see how many bubs there are on board  tongue.gif

andrea79 - Thinking of you, tiredness sounds good to me, was catatonic in the first trimester, had my DH laughing that I could almost sleep on my feet  blush.gif I kept saying growing a baby is tiring work  biggrin.gif. Having a dating scan this time did make it more real for me and maybe reassured me with having seen the heartbeat and all the other bits were there that were meant to be, guess made it more real.

*Mumma-to-A* - I can see that having the "pigeon pair" has this almost logical balance about it and this in only my opinion but I think it’s fair to be honest with yourself cause bother worse then being all OK and not really I guess dealing with the fact that it’s OK to be a little disappointed, I think I probably would have been and yet by the same token would have been ecstatic for my DD to have a sister, that’s a bond all in itself. I honestly think that my mum is the most exited it's a boy as my DD is totally utterly a grandpa's girl wub.gif

Pssst - I would think the same with VBAC and the OB's approach to them but as with all things maybe it's best to discuss upfront then you have a chance to change OB's if that is what you need/want to do.

Me - I'm going good, nausea seems almost gone, though there have been a day here the there where I just got totally sick on something I ate, or it could have been me overindulging glare.gif so my DH tells me, it was Easter and there was so much nice food around, i blame my mum for baking 5 cakes  ohmy.gif . Really who does that, oh more like who eats all that well that would be me grin.gif

Edited by ms-marti, 16 April 2012 - 11:55 AM.

#46 *Mumma-to-A*

Posted 17 April 2012 - 12:48 PM

Just a quick post as I have 3 kids here and not sure how long tresure buddies will hold their attention (working so far) That and I am exhausted. Really exhausted. Having iron and thyriod checked but I need enough energy to go back to pathology and wait and I feel to tired to drive at the moment.

Ms-Marti - I still have DS bassinett so baby will be in that for a few months. I don't even want to buy a cot till xmas time (because thats when we would start using it) but DH just wants to get the cost over and done with. We sold DS cot when he grew out of it and went into a bed a few years ago. I have started to empty the study which will be babys room. I have got to sell a few things (and get rid of a trailer of stuff for donation) before I can consider painting and convince DH that both kids need new carpet for their rooms. He thinks that the kids will destroy it but I just want something cheaper but looks modern (it's orginal carpet when the house was built in 1985 and I know this because I know the orginal owners still)

I might just pop into the other thread and see how the other girls are doing. Try a proper post soon. I knew the movie wouldn't last long.

#47 Pssst...

Posted 18 April 2012 - 10:15 AM

Hi everyone

Quick update from me: scan went well this morning.  Heartbeat nice and strong and bub's size shows that I'm 7 weeks today.  I had estimated I'd be 7+2 so pretty close.

Belle - so happy to see you in here and hopefully you'll feel confident to come and join us in the DIG v soon! xx

Ms Marti - we're house hunting so fingers crossed this bub will have his/her own room (at least initially).  If we haven't found somewhere then we'll buy a bassinet (we didn't have one for DD) and bub will sleep in our room until ready to go into the cot.  And then DD and the little one will have to share.

waves.gif big hello to all the other ladies in here.  Hope you're all well

#48 *Mumma-to-A*

Posted 19 April 2012 - 10:00 AM

Just another quick one today.

Psst - You never know those 2 days could by you time at the end for a VBAC. I'm glad everything was ok.

Our sept group was split but not by the mod, though she agreed shw would keep it that way until things slowed. It was working ok but both groups slowed alot now so we are back in one group again so this is why they don't split them anymore.

Vent coming up. feel free to skip. I'm so annoyed at my mum right now. I've asked her repeatly not to put stuff on FB about my pregnancy as I didn't want it on there. Now she not only put it on her status yesterday about expecting another grandchild - which I had a go at her but then my name wasn't meantioned. Today I have some family member congratulating me straight on my page, which I deleted and thanked them via PM but explained that I hadn't annouced it on my FB. I know it's a petty vent but I have a few close friends who are having problems TTC and they all know in RL but it's just hard to explain on why I didn't want it there. Don't mess with a hormonal pregnant lady. And FWIW I was going to put scan pictures up next week but I preferred to tell close friends in person.

#49 caroldiem

Posted 19 April 2012 - 10:26 AM

Vent away *Mumma-to-A* you have every right to. Mothers are just so unbelievable sometimes, i would need a whole day to vent about mine  rolleyes.gif seriously mine acts like a child and is very insecure and looks at any chance to accuse me of something it's ridiculous. I have to walk on egg shells all the time around her. I am personally not a fan of announcing pregnancies on facebook i will never do it it's just too personal for me i would also never put any photos of scans up etc it's just not me i think it's really tacky but each to their own.

I need to vent i am sooooooooooooooo sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i want to dieeeeeeeeeeeee seriously

I have my DD's lovely throat virus plus the pregnancy sickness. Last night i made a beautiful red wine lamb casserole it was delicious with yummy vegetables thinking this is what my body needs to get better etc well my body had a different idea and an hour later decided to come back up out of my mouth it was disgusting. I am too scared to eat the left overs in the fridge because i know i am just going to vomit it back up again. I was never this sick when pregnant with DD we are convinced it's a boy. My DH always gets a smile on his face when he hears me chuck because he feels it's reassuring the baby is still there and growing. Last night after my lovely chuck he said to me well the baby didn't like that he is a meat man well it could be a girl only time will tell. And then this morning due to constipation i had bleeding from my tooshie after doing a no 2 it was awful i wiped and was like OMG bloooddd then realised of it's from my lovely anal fissure  *sigh* i know too much information but i feel so much better venting here.

Off to sulk in the corner with a cup of tea dried toast and some panadol. Seriously all i can eat these days is dry toast and crackers

#50 Bellefin

Posted 19 April 2012 - 01:48 PM

Hi just a quickie from me, supposed to be doing housework!

Mumma to A - that is totally understandable, my BFF was complaining to me yesterday cos her mum went and bought a whole bunch of stuff for the baby that she didn't want. She wants to get everything second hand and choose stuff herself and she was really annoyed. I told her grandmas-to-be get hyterical and there's not much she can do except maybe make a list of some things she needs and let her mum buy them. That's not cool putting stuff on facebook though without asking you.

Carol - far out you are sick lovely! How awful sad.gif Well hopefully it will pass by 12 weeks. You can get medication for morning sickness. My BFF (same one) chucked several times a day and got the medication although it didn't stop it completely it did reduce the amount of times per day. She is now about 18 weeks and totally fine.

AFM - I feel like disgusting crap. DD continues to wake up multiple times a night howling for me and I have to sit by her bed until she falls asleep then I go back to bed and I have early pregnancy insomnia so I can't sleep so I lie awake for 2 hours then she wakes up again and starts again. I also have a cough/cold/flu thing because your immune system goes down during pregnancy. I am struggling and have to go back to work next week and pretend everything is normal.

I got my Dr confirmation today, no hCG number, just "positive". I'll be 5 weeks at the weekend and I have my scan at the OB booked in 2 more weeks when I'm nearly 7 weeks. In with tradition, my sister and I have come up with a funny way to tell (confuse) my mum. Last time I told her on mother's day, and this time the EDD is only a few weeks different so I can tell her on Mother's day again.

Going to change my sig now then get on with the washing/tidying...

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