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TTC#2 Grads - Ongoing thread

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 28 March 2012 - 09:12 PM

Hi everyone

Here is your new group as requested.

There are a few rules so here they are:

As specified this will be the one and only follow on thread from the TTC #2 thread in the TTC Buddy Groups.

The rules are the same as for the TTC Buddy Group section and I am still your moderator original.gif

Also as Essential Baby is an open site all, other members are welcome to join this group.

Congratulations girls and I wish you all the best for the next 9 months and welcome new ladies as they come through.

Those members still TTC'ing in your group TTC group are welcome to post or read this thread to see how you are all going but I stress that once your BFP is confirmed you should only post in this thread.



#2 caroldiem

Posted 28 March 2012 - 09:57 PM

Thanks Ali original.gif

Woohoooo i am the first poster i wonder if anyone else is going to come in and post original.gif

Ok now to divulge how i am really feeling 6.5 weeks preggo here and freaking out at times i have my good days but i also have my bad ones where i worry about another blighted ovum dreading the first scan.....

Oh and just to add i have major  sick.gif no vomiting i didn't with DD either but horrid 24/7 nausea and i just feel very off i can't function

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#3 aurora sleeping

Posted 28 March 2012 - 10:08 PM

Can I claim SILVER ??????  eexcite.gif  eexcite.gif  eexcite.gif

bbabyflip.gif  bbabyflip.gif  bbabyflip.gif  bbabyflip.gif  bbabyflip.gif  bbabyflip.gif  bbabyflip.gif

Looks like I'm due 4th December. Starting to feel the tiredness dammit. mad.gif

Ahhhh well, all for a good cause!!! Will try to get a blood test next week, before easter. Anyone else going to do that?

Carol I would feel the same I think - it's so hard this early as you know they don't always survive. I try to distract myself as much as I can until the safe time. I did read that after 8 weeks the likelihood of it being okay is much better than earlier. So I'll feel a bit better once I get to that point I think.

#4 *Mumma-to-A*

Posted 28 March 2012 - 10:47 PM

Whoo hoo! Came in to spy on the other girls to see how they were going and saw this thread. 16 weeks now and have had on/off spotting and bleeding up to 13 weeks.

I haven't really posted much in the september DIG just because I wasn't confident but starting to feel wiggle movements now. Due 12th September. I need to go back to Gp for 1 more visit and get my referral for 20 week scan and then I will start going to antenatal clinic at hospital.

I don't really have many symptoms mainly I am still tired but I can get past 8.00pm every night now. Good luck everyone!

#5 ms-marti

Posted 29 March 2012 - 07:13 AM

Hello Ladies. I like this new group.
Well I'm sitting at 18 or 19 weeks now and the next scan is 4/4/12 which we should be seeing what it is that is on board. I have people guessing it's a girl then a boy it's been intriguing. Movement has been sporadic, me thinks due to the anterior placenta but there have been a few "upper cuts" through my gut when I have clearly upset the baby nugget whilst bending in weird ways  huh.gif

*Mumma-to-A* - I hear you on feeling confident with the pregnancy we have hardly told any of our friends, I feel a little bad but I really want to wait till the next scan to ensure all's as well as can be before I feel comfortable to tell all. I also had on and off spotting for the first 13 weeks and got to say being 2nd time around for me has been so much more stressful in so many ways that I have hardly really thought about her all things going well there will be a new member of our family in August.

caroldiem - the nausea was so much worse this time around. 5 of the 6 ladies from mother's group that I keep in touch with are all pregnant and they all had pretty full on nausea, not sure what it's all about. Mine did finally pass around week 13 :-) hope it's sooner for you.

aurora sleeping - Tiredness of the 1st trimester so don't miss that wacko.gif much harder this time around not as many chances for naps :-)

#6 SoTired

Posted 29 March 2012 - 09:50 AM

Hi Mummas!

Just spotted this online- what a cracker!

For those of you who dont know me, I am about 5 weeks along and due late Nov/early Dec (will prob need a dating scan). DD is 11 months old, I am 30 (current bub was probably conceived on my bday!) and DH is 34.

We had been trying since Dec, with one CP and one MC.

I have already told close family cause I wouldnt be able to keep it a secret- I am also a drinker so they would know something was up in an instant!

I am a little tired, only cause DD was awake shouting MUMUMUMUM in her cot at 3am this morning! Have to pee a little more frequently and have massive cravings for hot food (mmmmm, Red rooster chips, nomnomnom).

caroldiem- chin up my love, hope it will ease off sooner rather than later. If it makes you feel any better my record of chucking with DD was 12 times in one day. thought I was gonna vomit not only the baby up but one of my legs too!

aurora sleeping- Bring on 8 weeks! They say that for twins, the new "ok time to tell" is about 8 weeks and for single babies, 10 weeks is pretty much okay as the volume of M/C in those weeks between 10 and 12 has really decreased in the past few years.

*Mumma-to-A*- Hope everything is okay now. Maybe spotting was just normal for you?

ms-marti- Are you def gonna find out the sex? We did with DD and I think we will do the same again. I love surprises but not surprises THAT big!

Anyway, have spent waaaay too much time on EB this morning.
Chat soon!

#7 andrea79

Posted 30 March 2012 - 10:58 AM

Hi ladies!! Very excited for this group to be here and to be a part of it!! Although I'm freaking out after my m/c and the fact that I've had some brown discharge this morning. AF was due today so I'm hoping it's just some old blood coming away from that but I just feel like I'm about to go through the whole thing again. I did do another HPT this morning and the test line came up before the control line and was darker than the BFP I got on Wednesday.

Agh sorry for my little rant, it's so stressful but I'm trying not to stress as I know that won't help either.

Ok personals now!!!

Mumma-to-A - Wow 16 weeks already! That time has flown by!! And I hope you don't mind but I am taking some comfort in the fact that you had spotting/bleeding on and off for the first 13 weeks. Oh the first niggles are so exciting!! Great to talk to you again

caroldiem - I'm hearing you about having good days and bad. This is only my 3rd day and it's already been a rollercoaster ride of emotions!! Promising news though that you still feel so sick!

aurorasleeping - hi! And I'm hearing you on the tiredness! Last night I was soooo tired but then I start second guessing the reason?! Was it just a long day at work?? But we're talking absolutely buggered at 8.00 which is not like me at all!!

ms marti - hello again to you too! I'm loving this group!! Wow 18-19 weeks! How exciting about your scan next week! We'll be finding out what we're having too! I hope you don't mind either but I'm also taking some comfort in your spotting in the first 13 weeks. It's definitely more stressful this time round.

gisses - Hi! Hopefully a few of the other girls who got their BFP will come over shortly?!

Ok well apart from my little stressed out rant above I'm due on the 8th of December and going to see my GP on Thursday. Not sure what will happen with bloods as I'm guessing I won't be able to have the second lot til after Easter but I guess there should be a nice big jump (hopefully) in that time.

Not a lot of symptoms so far, very tired last night, a bit of gagging when brushing my teeth, gagged when I smelt the new soap I brought this morning!! Boobs a little sore and a few dull aches etc. oh and I seem to have a lot of CM? Anyone else having this??

I'm not having an early scan this time round, I didn't with DS so I'm going to wait until at least 8 weeks. It's just a little time frame I have in my head as we lost bubs at 7 weeks last time so if I make it that far then I'll feel more comfortable having it then.

That's it for me for now! Hope you're all having a great day

Andrea xox

#8 Pssst...

Posted 30 March 2012 - 12:47 PM

Hi ladies, especially to those who have just graduated from the TTC#2 group as well!  biggrin.gif

carol Ė sorry about the nausea, hope you feel better really soon!  Iíve had a bit, but nothing I canít power through

aurora Ė I hear you on the tiredness!  And looks like Iím due around 3 Dec

mumma-to-a Ė oooohhh, movements, Iím really looking forward to that again

ms-marti Ė good luck for the next scan.  Do you have hopes either way for gender?

gisses Ė well done on the birthday bub!  I know what you mean about telling people because you drink.  Iíll be making up some corkers of excuses for the next few weeks!  Iím actually finding it harder to not tell people this time around

andrea Ė yes, Iím having lots of CM.  I remember having it with DD but maybe not as early as this?

AFM: I got my BFP on Sunday, had bloods on Monday to confirm and off to the GP next Wednesday.  Am very excited!  Not sure if Iíll have a dating scan or not, had one with DD but didnít really need to as I was sure of my dates and I think Iím pretty sure this time too Ė although I did ovulate late so maybe itís worth having a scan?

I pretty much feel exactly the same as I did in the early days with DD so perhaps Iím having another girl?  Weíre not fussed either way in terms of gender.  We didnít find out for DD and probably wonít find out for this one either.

ETA: I'll be considering a VBAC for this bub, is anyone else in that situation too?

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#9 Smileyhappy

Posted 30 March 2012 - 07:32 PM

Hi Girls

Congratulations on your BFPs and I hope we all have uneventful pregnancies ahead of us.

A little about me, I am 41, DP is 42, DS is 20 months and we have been TTC#2 for 12 months which included a missed m/c at 11.5 weeks, and a chem pregnancy the month before this one. Our EDD is 4 Dec (I think) but will get a scan when we can to see if that is right.

Pssst - We are in the same boat, not fussed on gender, just hoping for a successful pregnancy. As for VBAC, I am going the other way. I had a natural birth first time around and (for me) it was horrendous experience. It put DS in a lot of distress so I will be requesting CS and given I will be close to 42 when I deliver, I am sure I will get one.

Andrea - I am feeling what you are saying. I am not as excited as I would like be, as it feels like the m/c was not that distant a memory. I hope the blood spotting is an isolated event. The HPT sounds perfect tho so it sounds like its going well. Hang in there chicka.

Gisses - I hope DD is giving you a little bit of a break and sleeping through the night. I hear you re tiredness, but I imagine bub waking during the night doesn't help. Thankfully DS has been behaving in that regard, tho I think he is hitting the terrible 2s early (and I dont like it). Also he is very active so I am wondering how I am going to keep him from whacking me in the stomach.

Hi Miss Marti - I hope your scan goes well and that you are able to tell everyone your news. It sounds like you have had a bit of a stressful time with the spotting but the upper cuts do sound very promising for a healthy bubba. Fingers crossed for a wonderful result.

Mumma-to-A - 16 weeks - WOW that seems to have gone quickly tho I expect that is easy for me to say. May not have gone as quickly for you. I know what you mean about the DIGs. I started in one last time before the mc but it was just too many people. Good luck with your 20 week scan.

Hi Aurora - yeah I dont know what to do about blood tests. I have an appt with my OB 2 weeks yesterday and he gave me blood tests to check on fertility when I saw him last month assuming I wasn't pregnant. Know that I am, I think I will just wait to see him and do what he asks me then.

Carol - hope the  sick.gif eases off soon. I know I was awfully sick with DS for about 7 months so I am hoping I am not like that this time, but at least it was a successful outcome so I will take what is dished out.

AFM - seeing my chinese fertility lady regularly for acupuncture appointments but they are a bit of a chunk out of my day. Also taking the herbs which are yuk, but seem to be doing the job so wont be stopping until at least the 3 month mark.

Also seeing my OB in 2 weeks but I suspect it will be too early to see much, but he wanted to see me early given the last missed mc.

Symptoms, slight nausea, especially if I am working out, tho only doing light workouts. Mild cramping on and off which is annoying but comforting at the same time. Tiredness during the day and sleeplessness at night which my acupuncture lady says is due to elevated progesterone so she gave me a couple of needles today to help with that.

I hope you all have a great weekend

#10 caroldiem

Posted 30 March 2012 - 07:53 PM

Hi girlsssss  waves.gif

I came in earlier today and did this long post and lost all of it GRRRRRRRRR so I decided to take a time out  wwhistle.gif and come back later.

aurora sleeping - YAY for the  bbabyflip.gif bbabyflip.gif bbabyflip.gif   love them!!!! I can relate to feeling tired i haven't been able to function fortunately i am not working right now and I am at home so i sleep atleast 10hrs a night and have nanna naps in the afternoons most days. In regards to the blood test i think it's good to get it done for piece of mind. I got one done at 17dpo and then another one done at 19dpo to see if the HCG was doubling i also asked to get my progestrone checked just in case there were any issues there and fortunately the results came back good it's just to give you some piece of mind that it's starting off well. Considering i am at home and i don't have work to distract me i have been pretty happy with my attitude for the most part as i said some days not good but most days i think it's out of my control whatever happens is going to happen it's good to have a happy positive attitude throughout it but it's natural to worry!!!

*Mumma-to-A* - Congrats on making it to 16 weeks that is awesome i think you got your BFP just as i joined the TTC2 thread. How did you get through the first 13 weeks with the on/off spotting? that would have been so hard for me i would have been terrified. Look forward to hearing about your 20 wk scan i am sure it will all go smoothly.

ms-marti - I had an anterior placenta with DD my first and i didn't feel anything until 22 weeks i am hoping this time around it will be different but only time will tell (If there is a baby in my belly hehheheh). Oh wow you had spotting as well that would have been so stressful i can understand why you haven't said anything yet. Because of my miscarriage (blighted ovum) last year DH and I have decided to zip our lips for quite awhile maybe even wait till after  the 20 wk scan, the only people that know are my trainer ( I love this man he is awesome and very supportive) my mum, dad and sister that's it, DH's whole family has no clue and they won't for awhile fortunately my sister in law is due to give birth to a baby girl any day now so the focus is on that which makes it easier not to spill the beans, plus my other sister in law also had a blighted ovum in February soooooooooo i know my news will hurt her.....but i have been a real help and support to her in such a difficult time it was her first.

gisses   llove.gif Thanks for the chin up heheheheeh fortunately i am only chucking once in the morning at the moment I will pass on 12 times a day that is just insane you poor thing. I am so over the peeing already it's guaranteed i am up at 4am to pee then at 5am then at 6am it drives me batty arghhhhhhhhhhhhh. Love the link just checked it out roll2.gif

andrea79  bbighug.gif I can 100% relate to how you are feeling the brown spotting was probably implementation bleeding it happens. Ok so we miscarried the same month last time this time around we have to make sure that just doesn't happen with amazing positive attitudes i keep reciting the mantra "My body knows how to make a baby it's done it before and it can do it again" i don't think i got the words right but you get the gist it makes me feel better. Don't be sorry for the rant please rant away that's what we are here for i know it's really hard and so stressful and the silly brown blood does not help the situation!!! I  hands.gif that it will all be ok and we will get through it together your going to be ok. I have a truck load of CM it seems to have parked itself in my private bits it's a constant flow of white clear fluidddd in the beginning i was paranoid it was blood (run to the toilet and check every 5 secs hehehehe) but fortunately i am getting used to it now it annoys me but it's also a good sign it means things are happening.

Pssst... - I had a Vaginal delivery with my first DD and i plan on doing it again if everything goes well i was induced as well my OB stressed the fact that there is a 50% chance of having a emergency c-section with your first pregnancy if you are induced but i was determined to have a natural birth so i did tons of research and came across this great documentary by Ricki lake called "The Business of being born" and it's all about the American medical system and how the push these drugs onto the pregnant woman during labour and how it creates a rollercoaster for emergency c-sections to happen basically OB's in the US just want to get out the door of the hospital and they don't care about the what's best for the patient or their baby. So when it was my turn i took my fitball in the delivery room i refused drugs went 18hrs with nothing then at the end i had to have the epidural to get the baby out i didn't want to but i thought it's more important this baby is born then being rushed to emergency c-section because i was too stubborn

AFM - Well i don't know how i have gotten through the last couple of weeks some days have been fine and others not so good but fortunately i won't have to wait too much longer to find out if i have a real baby in there this time. part of me is sad because this journey could be cut short again I had another lot of blood tests done this week to see what my HCG levels are and if they are rising, I wanted to check for week 6 that they are over 10,000 because when i had the blighted ovum they peaked at 9000 something and that was it plus the scan was so traumatic last time that i want to go into this scan armed with some idea of how it's going to go. Last year with the blighted ovum i didn't feel pregnant and i knew something was wrong from Day 1 BUT this time around i am sicker then with my DD, we think it could be a boy. My MS  sick.gif  is so bad now i can barely leave the house i am so lucky i am not working i just couldn't do it, the nausea has really kicked up a notch this week along with the morning vomit. So Monday morning i have my doctors appt where i will get my HCG results and then if there not good i will probably have a scan that day if they are good i will hopefully have a scan Tuesday or Wednesday i have to know before Easter, it's been killing me...not knowing  
cry1.gif cry1.gif

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#11 caroldiem

Posted 30 March 2012 - 07:59 PM

Smiley - I just saw your post we must have posted around the same time. It's interesting my chinese doctor will not treat me now that i am pregnant. I rang her and asked her but she said there was no need maybe it depends on your situation i started seeing her in Feb she has a fantastic reputation and is the best acupuncturist in Sydney everyone knows of her and i fell pregnant straight away that cycle. She said if i have bad MS she can treat me for that but if not no need.

#12 bex18

Posted 31 March 2012 - 07:24 AM

hi guys, Bex18 here from the TTC # 2.  Just wanted to pick a few brains.  Last night I had pinkish blood in cloudy CM - I was 10DPO.  Is that too early for implantation bleeding?  I have had nothing today, just a bit of off white brownn tinge after i wipe.
Did anyone else have this?  I did check my CP on thurs night, could  that have caused a bit of pink blood on the fri night?  AF is doe on wed - should i test now, or wait until then?

#13 andrea79

Posted 31 March 2012 - 08:55 AM

Pssst - hi! I really can't remember if I had a lot of CM with DS but I definitely do this time around so that's reassuring! Sorry cant help with the VBAC, as DS was a VB and definitely planning the same this time. Actually he was a water birth which I LOVED and will be wanting another water birth this time. I honestly believe that's what helped me to not tear or anything, only a small graze!

Smileyhappy - thanks hon, I'm hanging in there! Just trying to make myself understand that there's nothing I can do to stop anything from happening so just relax and STOP stressing!! I'm hoping my OB doesn't want me to have an early scan, I just don't want to have one after what happened last year but I'll wait and see

caroldiem - thank you hon  bbighug.gif  I will definitely start reciting that mantra and I'm trying to relax more and just let be what will be. There's nothing I can do anyway to stop it so I need to concentrate on doing what I can do and having a positive attitude is what will help so we'll definitely be in this together! And I know exactly what you mean about the CM! It freaks me out because I think I've started bleeding or something so I hate going to the loo but all good so far!! All the best for Monday and I have a good feeling that everything will be fine and you'll see your little baby before Easter!

bex18 - hi and no I don't think that's too early for implantation bleeding so it sounds very promising! I would have thought if you had irritated your cervix on Thursday you would have seen it before Friday night? And no, not too early to test so it's up to you! I got a pretty strong positive at 11DPO so keep us posted!

AFM - well no more brown discharge and it really wasn't much at all so hopefully it was just some old blood coming away because AF was due yesterday. I'll do another HPT Monday morning and then wait till I see my GP on Thursday. Trying to remain positive and not stress out!

Still feeling tired, peeing a lot and now waking in the early hours of the morning to pee and then having trouble going back to sleep grrrrr! Boobs a bit sore, feeling hungry a fair bit and not full on nausea but a bit off IYKWIM?!

Well I really need to get off EB and get ready, DS has swimming in a bit over an hour! Hope you're all well and you have a great weekend

Andrea xox

#14 caroldiem

Posted 31 March 2012 - 10:53 AM

bex 18 - So glad you posted in here i was  ph34r.gif in the TTC thread and i saw your posts but obviously i couldn't reply because where not allowed to so i was going to PM you but no need your here YAY!!!! u must encourage the other girls to come in and say HI as well i miss them original.gif

Ok so i think it's one of two things we know for a fact low progestrone does cause breakthrough bleeding which is the spotting you get before the full force AF. As you know this isn't the greatest news because you need good prog levels to support a pregnancy but fortunately that's a problem that is very easily fixed with prog pessaries. Yes it could also be implementation bleeding but i have a feeling it's the former issue if i was you i would test using a HPT straight away and if you get a positive u must go straight to the GP for prog support if the test isn't positive then you know it's because of the low prog and if i was you i would seek treatment for that. You do acupuncture right but you were saying your chinese herbal medicine doctor hasn't given you any herbs???? I really think you need to find a new chinese doctor who will give you herbs to realign your hormones and it should help with prog too are u in sydney? if so PM me and i have a fantastic one i can refer you to. Goodluck please know you are always welcome in here all the TTC2 girls are original.gif

andrea79  llove.gif Definitely sounds like implementation bleeding it's all good original.gif

#15 bex18

Posted 31 March 2012 - 11:12 AM

UPDATE:  i did a test, BFN sad.gif  Had dr appt, and she refused to give me the tablets for progesterone, apparently it is up to a fertility specialist to request these.  Getting bloods redone at CD21 to compare to bloods done 3 months ago.  She said that if my periods are light, then she is happy  to write me a referral to a FS.  Will do this next month if AF shows.  Hoping that the pink in the CM last night is implantation, just have to wait a few more days, grr!

I didn't realise that low progesterone can cause break through bleeding, really think it is not a BFP.  I have never had pink discharge days before my period.  It normally starts a day before, and is red, not pink.  Are GP's allowed to write scripts for progesterone pessaries?

No I am based in Brisbane sad.gif  But in sydney for a wedding in april, may be i should make an appointment lol!

Yes he said he doesn't think i need herbs.. which is odd right, normally A and TCM go hand in hand.  Feeling really blah now.

#16 JuniorGandR

Posted 31 March 2012 - 07:15 PM

Grrr just wrote a long post and lost it.  And so tired, so going to bed.  Hi to you all, looking forward to being part of this group.  

#17 caroldiem

Posted 31 March 2012 - 08:11 PM

JuniorGandR - That is very frustrating i don't like it when that happens.

I have had and still have really bad MS today i can barely eat anything except raisin toast but food doesn't even make me feel better anymore i vomited twice and waiting for the next one. My DH is being very unsupportive at the moment he is being very grumpy just sitting in front of his computer and playing his silly football game while  i am here dying and trying to deal with DD she is still up  rant.gif

#18 bex18

Posted 01 April 2012 - 07:09 AM

QUOTE (caroldiem @ 31/03/2012, 10:53 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
if the test isn't positive then you know it's because of the low prog and if i was you i would seek treatment for that.

GP said  she wouldn't give me the script for the pessaries.. not sure if it was because she couldn't or because she wouldn't.  She looked at the rest of my hormones and said that you need to look at them overall, not individually, and she said it  all looked fine.  So might need to make an appt at a FS - $200.  Will be so angry if GP's can write them, and she was just being difficult.

Take a look at my chart, my temps drop after 7DPO.  Temps are related to progesterone right?  So if temps are droppping, then that means progesterone is dropping too?  Apparently progesterone needs to stay high until about 11DPO, otherwise difficult to maintain a pregnancy.  But does low progesterone cause other probs in a cycle?  Everything else is so normal for me, 14 day luteal phase, at least 3 sustained temps rises to indicate O and 28 day(ish) cycle.

Naturpath talked about putting me on chaste tree if i wanted something for the progesterone levels.  My only worry is, if there is an underlying issue, then what happens when i do fall pregnant on these herbs as you can't keep taking them when you are pregnant.  Does that mean i will miscarry?

Acupuncture guy said that by doing acupuncture, we are restoring the balance within the body, which then in turn gets everything doing what it should, hormones and all, which is why he is hesitant to give me them... ?

I don't know what to do?  Do i make a FS appointment?  Am i being too obsessive over the whole thing, should i just wait and get CD21 bloods done again with the GP?  The problem with tesing P at CD21 is that is when it is  at its peak, 1 week after ovulation, then it starts too drop, so what i need to monitor is how fast it drops, because if it gets less than 20, thats when it can't hold a pregnancy.

Hope your MS is better today, try some ginger x

#19 aurora sleeping

Posted 02 April 2012 - 12:10 AM

gisses, yep I'm thinking I'll need a dating scan too. I had one with DS and I just want to know it's only one in there. Plus, I found it helpful to see the heart beating, just knowing that a number of big obstacles are over by then. And if things haven't happened, I'd prefer to know sooner rather than later. Loved that photo gallery you posted, so cute!!!! wub.gif

At this point, thinking a bit more carefully about my cycles, O day and when I should be due, I'm going to say I'm due 6th December as that's more accurate. I was early with DS though, so I'm going to be prepared for that!!!

andrea rant away! That's what we're here for!  biggrin.gif  Hoping it's all fine mate, and that the next few weeks fly by for you!

Pssst... no VBAC here as I had a vag one with DS but I say, go for it!!!! Some OBs aren't keen though, so might want to check that with your OB?

carol that sounds like my dream - no nanna naps for me, especially with DS! However, I have school hols coming up when I'll be more at home so will try to get some naps in when DS is asleep. And yep, I'm thinking I'll go with the blood test, just to be sure. Sucks you're feeling so crap, but on the flip side, that's a really good sign for a sticky bubba!!!! Hoping you get confirmation of HCG levels rising very soon!!!! yyes.gif

Hi JuniorGandR!!!! waves.gif  Bummer about the post, I always feel like that's such a waste of time!!!! nno2.gif

bex sorry to hear AF arrived - was stalking the other thread and saw.  sad.gif

AFM - More tired (stupid me being awake now, but slept in til Noon today!!!!!). Also getting colostrum already! Just a bit, but it's there! Plus a few aches and pains around the pelvic/hip region. I think things are getting more flexible and I spent the last couple of days at a conference sitting on the floor a lot, so I think I've been stretching myself out a bit!!! In any case, it's now a bit sore. No nausea yet, but I had no vomiting with DS, only a tiny bit of nausea when I didn't eat regularly. Feeling bloated and pulling my tummy in to try not to look preg - don't know how I'm going to hide it!!!

Anyone want to share a brief summary of their birth story with #1? Mine goes like this - tried to be short!:

10 days before EDD, my waters break spectacularly in the lounge room, after my plug coming out that morning (was about 5:30pm at this point). Gushing out - thank goodness for faux leather lounge and wooden floors!!! Home by myself, call DH, leave teary, scared message to COME HOME, call Mum to come over now, call hospital, then get in the bath as I have no idea where to go with all this stuff literally gushing out!!! (I was pretty big and my OB said it seemed as if I had a lot of amnio fluid). Go to hospital at about 7:30, contractions (which had started 5 mins after waters), 5 mins apart but not too bad. Try to manage pain moving around. After a couple of hours try gas. Makes me want to vomit - no way. Curse gas as that was my pain relief option I was going to rely on! Get in bath for about 1hr (feels like 5 mins). About 1am get in shower. Feel like elephant in trauma and sway and groan through pain. After 5 very bad contractions (which I realised was Transition Stage later) decide I want epi. Send DH to get midwife. She says to come out so she can see me. Don't want to come out, so try to walk, struggling, so get on all fours to 'rest' and involuntarily PUSH - tell DH to tell midwife I am PUSHING! She says come out so she can see. Get onto bed and feel relieved, my poor legs needed a rest: OB called, I am told I can push if I want while I wait (15 mins). OB gets there 2am, then start to push properly: WAAAAAY better feeling than Transition stage!!! 20 mins later DS born, cord around neck but OB sorts it out quick. We lie with him for about 1.5hrs (bliss), then rinse off and we all go to room to have sleep before the breakfast gets brought around! After hearing a few stories, I feel like this was a really good labour, and not traumatic at all (well, was a bit for DH but it always is for them I think!!!).

I would be happy to have the same experience this time, but trying to prepare for whatever happens (I tried to do that last time too, think about the options beforehand but try to go with what happens on the day).

Anyone else want to share? It's okay if not, I know for some it can be a bit horrific. unsure.gif

#20 caroldiem

Posted 02 April 2012 - 05:50 AM

Guys i thought VBAC was just a normal vaginal delivery which is what i had with DD what is VBAC then???? HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh just worked it out vaginal birth after a c section gee i feel silly i need to go back and amend my earlier post  ddoh.gif

bex18 - You poor thing you sound really stressed and worried about it. if i was you i would see a FS specialist and get more testing done. Don't worry it will all work out in the end and may i add you are YOUNG still in your 20's which is awesome in my mind you have heaps of time u should not worry.

Ok i am off to the docs this morning my DH is coming with me for support this is it I am freaking out!!!!

Edited by caroldiem, 02 April 2012 - 09:05 AM.

#21 SoTired

Posted 02 April 2012 - 02:53 PM

Just a quickie for me:

Carol- how did ur appointment go?

#22 andrea79

Posted 02 April 2012 - 06:10 PM

bex - sorry to hear AF arrived and sorry I can't help with the progesterone stuff, I'm a little clueless when it comes to all that stuff. Hopefully you get some answers soon and you're GP isn't just stuffing you around.

JuniorGandR - grrrr very frustrating when that happens. Hope you had a good nights sleep though!

carol - how did the results go today?

aurorasleeping - thanks hon and yes, things seem to be going well at the moment. I love reading people's birth stories so I'll share mine in a minute but understand if people don't want to.

AFM - boobs getting sorer, tired, waking at 4.00-5.00 to pee then having trouble going back to sleep. No nausea as such but just a general off feeling, especially if I'm hungry. Oh and appetite seems to have increased a bit but not much. More randomly I'll just feel sooooo hungry and it seems to take forever to satisfy it, then other times it's not too bad! Just hanging out now to see my GP on Thursday. I could have got a walk in appt today with another doc if I wanted but after my mc last time I just want to see my GP!

Ok here's my birth story for DS! I'll try and keep it short!

I lost my mucous plug about 3.00pm Monday so thought something might happen within the next 24 hrs! My mum was flying down from Sydney the next day to spend some time with me before the birth and she was coming in with DH as she wasn't able to experience my sisters or SIL's births for one reason or another.

Tuesday morning woke up at 8.00 and as I got out of bed I felt a little rush of water but it wasn't a lot. I didn't know if it was my waters breaking or I'd peed myself! Figured out it was my waters so called my midwife. As no contractions had started she said to call her back at midday to tell her how I was progressing. For the next couple of hours I had a shower and just wandered around the house. Pains/contractions not that bad, mainly felt like bad period pain.

I started timing my contractions at 10.40am and they were about 4 mins apart and lasting about 30-60secs. By 11.20 or so they were getting stronger and closer together so thought I'd better call my midwife back then rather than wait til midday. As soon as I told her what was going on she said to come to the hospital and meet her there between 12.15-12.30!

So off we went. I still remember as clear as anything sitting at traffic lights having a contraction and DH said that maybe we should have left earlier - my response was - don't worry about that now, just drive!! Oh and before we left I called my mum and told her to drive straight from the airport to the hospital - about 1.5hrs away.

Got to the hospital at 12.20. Midwife checked me about 12.30-12.45 and I was 3cms. About 1.00-1.15pm I hopped in the bath for some natural pain relief (no pain relief so far) and the bath was amazing. It's makes the uterus so buoyant and took the pain off my back. My mum arrived at 1.30pm! Good timing!

Just after mum arrived the midwife came in and didn't do another internal because it was a bit harder in the bath but considering I was only 3cms before she said I'd probably have at least another 3 hrs to go. So about 2 or a bit after the contractions were running into each other and I wasn't getting a break. I told DH that there was no way I could keep doing that for another 3 hrs so I asked for the pethidine. Midwife jabbed me then about 10 mins later I needed to push! Midwife was caught a little offguard and at 2.20pm DS entered the world! I didn't feel any affects of the pethidine at all and the midwife said it wouldn't have had time to take affect anyway?

So I had cuddles in the bath for a little while but the water was getting cold so they took him away to weigh etc while I walked back to my room to have a shower.

It was the most amazing day of my life!

#23 caroldiem

Posted 02 April 2012 - 09:36 PM

Hi girls,

feeling very  sick.gif i really can't function am i the only one but is anyone else checking for blood every 5 mins it's crazy i know i can't believe i am at 7 weeks I need to get myself a ticker original.gif

OK so went and saw my GP this morning i was able to convince my Dh to come with me for support i was so nervous it felt like D Day for me. Anyway sat down and she's like "How are you" and i 'm like " I have been really sick" she's like "yeah you look it" and then i am thinking oh crap she is delaying telling us the results because they are BAD!! but luckily this wasn't the case she said well great news your results are brill.

22 000 beginning of week 6 and then 3 days later it was 46 000 so i was so overwhelmed i started crying my DH is looking at me like "Please don't cry don't embarrass me now pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". Anyway so she was so excited she got me in for a scan at 11:30am woohooooo

So based on my LMP date i would be 7 weeks today and due 19th of November. I was so nervous waiting for the scan fortunately the woman that did my scan was lovely i went to lie on the table and i just started crying I told her about my miscarriage and how scared i was i asked her not to put the TV on i didn't want to see. Fortunately my bladder was nice and full so i just had an external scan, she spent about 30secs looking and then see there's the sac, yolk sac, fetal pole and the baby. i couldn't believe it the baby is measuring spot on for dates exactly 7w and based on her report i am also due on the 19th of Nov so i was very happy about that, the heartbeat was 141bpm which she said was the average and overall she said everything looked good nothing to worry about it. I was crying when we left the room.

When i got home i read the report and it said i had a small extra membranous hemorrhage inferior to the gestational sac measuring 1ml in volume i have had no bleeding up to this point so i am going to assume my body will just absorb it because 1ml is tiny right? also i am aware from my DD's pregnancy that i have a bicornuate uterus i told the sonographer today but she called it a subseptate uterus it is a deformity and it can cause issues later on in the pregnancy or can cause a miscarriage if the egg is implanted on the septum and not receiving blood flow fortunately my deformity is minor and i figure i had my DD with the same uterus so hopefully i can do it again but i will address this with him when i see him in 3 weeks so now i am just   hands.gif  for no bleeding over the next 3 weeks

Now the next milestone waiting for OB appt 3 weeks to go  cry1.gif cry1.gif

#24 aurora sleeping

Posted 02 April 2012 - 09:49 PM

Wow Andrea your story is a little similar to mine - my DS was born at 2:20am!

Oh Carol, you and your VBACs you crack me up - don't worry I didn't know what it was for ages too! Now my post will look weird roll2.gif ! So glad you got a good result lovely, I was thinking of you!!! I'm sure it will be okay, like you said, your uterus has done it before! It's a good sign that she said everything looks good - but so hard not to worry isn't it! I'm looking for blood every time I go to the toilet too - sometimes I go just to check as I imagine something's there, but it's just some CM or something. So, certainly not the only one lovely!!! I find distraction is the key!

AFM - Got my blood test today. Technically I'm only 4 weeks and 4 days along, but my levels were 3115, which I think is quite high. oomg.gif  I'm sure of when I ovulated, so it's not further along than what I think. Hmmmm can't wait to see the scan now!!!! Wondering if there's more than one... Will call the OB tomorrow to book in officially - gosh, that makes me feel like it's all real now!!!!! Can't believe it's really happening!!!! ddance.gif

#25 caroldiem

Posted 02 April 2012 - 10:00 PM

aurora sleeping -I can't wait for your scan either how exciting i am getting the feeling you are definitely having twins, i am getting not identical 2 girls  i wonder if i am right ( I am a little bit psychic)

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