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Pg with #1 after M/c BG #5

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#51 Jlove14

Posted 08 April 2012 - 12:57 PM

Happy Easter Everyone!  Hope you all got lots of chocolate eggs!

Marylou- Congratulations on your healthy baby boy!!  So happy for you!! Very exciting

Mojo- What is delayed cord clamping and instant contact?  

Little lion- How awesome your scan went well, It is so great to see that movement for the first time, it makes the fact that there is something alive inside you so much more real!! I got the tasman eco tuscany cot in white http://www.tasmaneco.com.au/index.php?opti...4&Itemid=67

Fairey- Hope you're having fun on your babymoon!

Superfruity- You are probably so right about my bro, he probaby is just not interested cause he is in the wrong age bracket!! Not long till your NT scan- I am so hopefull and excited for you!  I am sure all will go well x  And I hope telling your mum will help with her depression

MrsS- glad to hear you are going ok, besides the tiredness and high bp.  The bright side is that your 2 babies are doing just fine

PCM wishing you all the best on your first round of IVF and hope you get to join us soon x

AFM my DH and I got back from our bugmoon today.  We had a really good time although we did get some bad service at some restaurants we went to (meals coming out slow) or perhaps my patience is getting less and less as my pregnancy goes on?  The place we stayed at was really nice and my spa treatment was unbelievably good!  It involved a pregnancy massage, foot spa and facial- was so good.  I also got heaps of movement from bug!  Must have been enjoying the bugmoon!  Did lots of relaxing but didnt really sleep well at night, was up around 6am every morning.  Still debating if I should get a body pillow- any recommendations?  Oh I also booked myself into powerbirth classes http://www.powerbirth.com.au/  

Wont be seeing my ob for another 3 and a bit weeks (so that means no seeing bug) but the movement is now really helping although I might still need to get the doppler out once before my next appointment!

#52 -Pz-

Posted 09 April 2012 - 09:53 AM

Hi everyone,I'm a bit hesitant to post here so early, but I'm really excited reading all of your postsJust got my BFP.gif 2 days ago, but hoping that this will be a sticky one!I had a mc in January at about 11 weeks. After testing, found out bub had Turners Syndrome (only 1 X chromosome) and that I have Hughes Syndrome, which is a blood disorder that means that my blood clots more easily that most people's. I'm currently taking an aspirin a day, but will be checking with my obstetrician tomorrow to see if I have to go on daily injectionsIt's nice to see some familiar faces in here!

#53 little lion

Posted 09 April 2012 - 10:11 AM

Hello Pz, nice to see you here.  biggrin.gif I hope this is a sticky one for you!

Jlove your cot is lovely. I really like Tasman Eco. I'm glad you enjoyed your 'bugmoon'! Ohh the spa treatment sounds nice.

Lou did you end up eating a double share of chocolate? My nausea has continued so I haven't eaten much chocolate, or anything else for that matter. But I am drinking juice and milk which I didn't really do before. I've had a few people comment on my weight loss!  ohmy.gif I can safely lose a bit of weight so it is no drama but I don't want to draw too much attention to my changing body!

#54 porkchop's mama

Posted 09 April 2012 - 10:51 AM

little lion - I've hardly done ANY chocolate this Easter.  It's an outrage.  My bump from the hormone injections has gone down too.

JLove14 - hello again :-)

Superfruity - finally getting around to a personal for you.  Fingers crossed for the NT scan.

~Pz~ - best of luck and hope that the obs appt will provide a clear path for the rest of your pregnancy and its management.

I'm PUPO as of today.  Pregnant until proven otherwise.  Our embryo was transferred this morning and I have a blood test on Friday April 20.  Fingers crossed the little one is healthy and stick.  He/she was a 5 day transfer and had a high grading so the chances are up to 50%.

It is all in the hands of God and the Universe now.

PCM xxx

#55 SharkFish

Posted 09 April 2012 - 03:07 PM

Just a quick one to welcome Pz. I have Factor V Leiden and am on aspirin and clexane injections too. Have you ever had any clots as a result of your Hughes Syndrome? Feel free to PM me if you like.

PCM - I'm so glad to see you in here. I really really hope that we can 'officially' welcome you with big cheers on April 20. I will be stalking!

little lion - I agree - fatigue better than nausea  original.gif

waves.gif to everyone else original.gif

Jlove - like the cot. Glad you had a nice time away on your bugmoon original.gif

#56 Loulla

Posted 09 April 2012 - 07:47 PM

A big welcome for you Pz, I hope all continues to go well for you and baby!

Mojo, I want my cord to stay intact until it stops pulsing as well! And instant baby cuddles on chest. Apparently if you let baby, it will eventually wriggle up to your breasts and latch on naturally  wub.gif
I think it's standard now for most hosptials to place baby on mummy as soon as possible if all is well?

Little lion yay for 10wk!  original.gif  Great to hear about healthy little baby from scan. Isnt it adorable seeing them. I could only eat fruit and dairy for ages... isnt is gross feeling like that!

Superfruity, yes it's such a miracle we can grow little humans inside of us, it surprises me everyday! i hope the news warms your mother's heart. Good luck with exercising, its true that if you are able to maintain your fitness (gently of course and within reason) that it helps a lot with post-birth recovery.

MrS sleep sleep sleeeeeeeep for you! My friend was so sick and so tired for ages in her pregnancy (not twins though) and would skip dinner every night because she would chuck it up anyway and go to sleep at 5:30pm all the way through to the next day! Hang in there... it sounds tough but here's hoping the extreme tiredness will pass eventually.

Lou, hope you ate enough Easter eggs for both bubs to get an even share  happy.gif

PCM all the very best with your transfer and future sticky!

JLove, glad you had a nice babymoon. Yes bad service can be annoying when you're paying for it. Me too, the baby movements really helps with daily reassurance and I hardly use the doppler now.

AFM back from our Blue Mountains Baby moon. It was lovely but also nice to be back home too. I now feel bub every day and DH has felt his gorgeous little kicks numerous times now! Woke up last night with aching sternum and sore ribs, directly under breasts and in the centre. Baby must be growing. Still get some waves of nausea here and there sick.gif and have to eat vegetarian for a few days until it passes. Back to school tomorrow for just 4 days and then Im on term break! Will be going in for a few days  during the break to get started on reporting as I dont think I will have the energy this time to stay back as late as usual during report time next term. Hope everyone had a happy hoppy Easter! xxx

Hello and love to anyone I have missed xxxx

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#57 mojo11

Posted 09 April 2012 - 10:42 PM

Little Lion - Yep my DP spent the weekend in his man cave with his man toy lol Yay for the reassurance scan !!! I am so so happy for you !!!

Fairey - I am exactly the same I get excited to hear others when they find out the sex but no desire to know, even at the scan I had no desire to know... Ohhhh hope you have had an awesome babymoon and Easter !!

Superfruity - Oh dear well he bout a Honda Big Red which is a motorbike but a trike and a peewee50 !!!! He has spent all weekend either working on them or out on the road bike I must say I am a little jealous I miss riding lol It sounds like you rmum has made a good decision and I hope she gets the treatment she needs... I was also slack with first tri exercising but look at it as though you have given your body rest to let your bubba settle in and get comfy !!! Good luck on Wed xx

TNMS - Yay !!!!! That is great news about your 2 healthy heartbeats !!! Yes fatigue is very very normal in first tri !!!

JLove - Delayed cord clamping is when they allow the umbilicial cord to finishing pulsating before they cut it which means bubba recieves all the nutrient rich blood from it that would otherwise be lost.. The componenets in that blood are incredibly important and has lost of beneficial factors to it, let me know if you want more info and I will track down some good articals for you... Instant contact is when instead of doing all the tests ie weight etc straight after birth they allow you to hold and bond with bubba first... It means you get that instant bonding and is said to help reduce PND as well asother things... I love my body pillow though DP trys to steal it all the time, I got a cheapy from spotlight !!! Sounds like you had a wonderful bugmoon and powerbirth looks amazing !!!

Pz - Massive congrast on your BFP !!! Sending you super sticky vibes !!!!

PCM - Massive congrats on the PUPO !!! Sending super stivky vibes your way as well !!!

Loulla - They say it is natural instinct for bubba to wriggle up and latch !!!! It is standard though I want it done straight away not after measurements etc Ohhhh sounds like you had a wonderful baby moon as well !!!!

AFM - Not much to tell 24 weeks !!!! Had a nice relaxing easter and just enjoying feeling bubba move... Set up some of the nursery which was exciting !!!A

#58 Des_Hen

Posted 10 April 2012 - 11:39 AM

Hi ladies!

Sorry I havent posted in a while. I work full time as well as Uni and I'm soooo tired all the time... Hard to get online here!

I hope you all had a great Easter holiday.

We went away camping. Told the inlaws about gummi-bear & they were so happy! Told my family too

Apart from that, not much to report. I feel like I'm in limbo again! Limbo after MMC, limbo TTC, Limbo TWW, now limbo until 1st scan!

I'm currently 6w4d, really fatigued, slightly nauseated when hungry - that's about it... First OB appt is 30th April, I'll be approx 9w3d, so body pretzel (everything crossed!) little gummibear is moving around for us little lion!! original.gif

Was speaking to SiL on weekend about how happy I was about bubs, but also nervous. She said of course that's expected, but don't let it override you're excitement, you don't want to miss out on the early excitement stage. So true!

Sorry for lack of personals. I am glad that all your scans have gone well original.gif
Fairey - I'm sure I read you're from the riverland in SA? We travel to Renmark twice a year for a mini-holiday! I love the river original.gif

Sending everyone good vibes for continued strong heartbeats & movements!



#59 little lion

Posted 10 April 2012 - 06:15 PM

Des hen what are you studying? It must be tough doing uni plus full time work! I struggle with full time work and my small amount of freelance work, but I want to keep saving money while I can.

Mojo I had to giggle about the motorbike! My DH just got rid of his, yay!  biggrin.gif That goes into the baby savings too. Though I'm sure he has his eye on some other big boy toy.

Loulla I'm the queen of fruit and juice too. I only eat a real dinner perhaps twice a week. I hope your nausea disappears!

PCM you had me perplexed with PUPO.  cool.gif I hope you become PP (proven pregnant) on the 20th, not long now.

Hello to everyone else. original.gif no news from me, doing NT bloods soon. Nausea continues but no vomiting lately, yay. I had to stifle yawns in a meeting with my manager this afternoon. I feel so lazy but I wish I didn't have to work!  ph34r.gif Anyone else got similar thoughts?

#60 -Pz-

Posted 11 April 2012 - 08:25 AM

Thanks for the welcome littlelion, PCM, thenewmrsS, loulla, & mojo11!
thenewmrsS - no clots yet but varicose veins already (since I was about 20). I've done lots of overseas travel so it's scary to think of the risks not taking aspirin! Does having Factor V Leiden mean that you're at risk of clots too?
Des hen - how far along are you?
Afm, booked in with my gp for Friday, and my first OB appt for May 7. OB office was lovely - letme know that it was ok to call them anytime prior with any questions or concerns, and to keep taking aspirin daily for now. Then last night, obstetrician himself called to wish us congratulations and to give some reassurances. It was very nice of him - despite the mc last time, had a great experience with this obstetrician and have already talked to him about how anxious we'll be this time

#61 Tomate1910

Posted 11 April 2012 - 06:29 PM

hey Ladies...

just a quick one from me after the NT scan today...

everything was perfect.. she let us hear the heartbeat straight away.. Relieve! and we had a little nice wiggly bub... and very good risks (adjusted Downs at 1:14470)... and measured ahead of dates as well, so a very well growing cookie...

oh and very happy parents original.gif

got heaps of pictures and a dvd (i will send a copy to my parents before I tell them the news)

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#62 minidiamond

Posted 11 April 2012 - 09:19 PM

Hi everyone
We had a lovely break for Easter so been MIA for a while.  Took our pooches away to the country and just did nothing, very relaxing as we both have quite stressful jobs.

Superfruity, that is fabulous to hear your NT scan went well, congrats proud mummy & daddy !!

Pz, welcome and what a lovely welcome from your OB ! Nice to have such great service before you've even been in for the first time.  Good luck with everything.

oh little lion, I completely hear you about work !! I am a bit older than most of the girls here so have been working pretty much non-stop for 20 years.  I don't expect life will be all beer and skittles with a newborn but boy am I looking forward to not working for a while.  Our focus just changes completely with the growing belly.

DesHen great you've been able to share the news with family, it's so nice to see reactions as you start to tell people.  Hope the nausea eases soon !!  Yep, and totally true what your SIL says about the nervousness /excitement.  I hope the excitement starts to outweight the nerves soon.

Loulla, glad you had a nice babymoon. It is nice to get back home too though, I totally hear you, nesting is well & truly happening for us all I think !

Pork chops mama, hi to you, we will all be crossing everything for your BT.

TNMS, great news !!!

Hi mojo, lou, jlove & everyone else.

AFM, Not a great deal to report here, 22 weeks now,  I had sciatica last week that was unbearably painful but OB referred me to a fab physio who seems to have fixed me.  She said I can go back to my personal trainer next week but really want to do some regular swimming to help loosen me up.  Bought a mat swimsuit from Ripe, so want to use it !!  Otherwise, have another OB appt on the 30th of this month and next milestone is glucose test for gest diabetes.  Oh and I turn 43 next week  unsure.gif  - I am truly old but I'm also lucky this pregnancy has been ok so far.

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#63 lalalollipop

Posted 12 April 2012 - 10:28 AM

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great easter break bbighug.gif

Mojo - so cool you can see your belly move! I had a weird dream last night that I could see baby girl's arm poking up through my belly and I held hands with her - and I woke up at that point and she was having a good old wiggle around original.gif Will look into delayed cord clamping, I hadn't heard of it before. Haven't really been doing much reading up on birth - I think it's called DENIAL! How's the nursery looking?

Little lion - so glad the reassurance scan was great. Woo hoo for a dancing littlest lion! ddance.gif It is so great seeing them actually look like a tiny human rather than a little blob, makes it all seem more real. Wow, NT bloods already, getting close to the NT scan now - what date is your scan booked in?

Fairey - how was the babymoon? Hope all's good in Faireyland original.gif

Superfruity - congratulations, great news on your NT scan! eexcite.gif  And fantastic downs results too. Sounds like your mum has made a really positive step - and I'm sure your brilliant baby news will give her even more strength. Yep, I'm not a girly girl either, so not rushing out buying pink frilly stuff isn't a huge challenge for me - though having said that, I did buy a very cute pair of pink/red/blue striped tights and a pink bodysuit with a funky design on it last week! But most of the stuff I've bought is in neutral colours - love red and white striped bodysuits, and also got some super cuter stuff from Next (UK based, but delivers to Aus). If anyone's keen, they have some gorgeous funky things: http://www.nextdirect.com/au/en/shopping/g...=01_02_03_01_03 - love the hippo t-shirt, got that one and the one with the turtle.

MrsS- Wonderful that bubs are both doing well. Hope the BP drops now! I'm on the other end of the scale, very very low so getting super-dizzy and cotton wool headed, but not much I can do but eat more salty foods and avoid using stairs! I hear you on the tiredness, I reckon I'm more tired in the last week or so than in the first trimester. But it's worth it of course! Glad your MS is gone though. Yep, I think I am the only girl mum (that we know of anyway) in the group. Funny, everyone I know is having boys! I guess baby girl will have more choice of boyfriends when she is old enough (at least 28, if my DH has his way!) laughing2.gif

Lou - did you get double chockie intake? So cute about the tiny punches, I reckon that was them saying 'yes please mummy!!' Awwww....

PCM - great news! Fingers crossed that this one is the one, honey. Will be sending you all the best vibes on 20 April for your blood test and nice strong levels of HCG.

Jlove - the cot looks great! And bugmoon sounds good too - especially the spa treatments, mmmmm..... PowerBirth sounds interesting - is it just local to your area - I had a quick look at the site and it said Castle Hill?

Pz - welcome and congrats! Hope you get to hang out with us for the next 8 months. Your OB sounds fabulous, hold on to that one!

Loulla - Glad you enjoyed your babymoon. 25 weeks, wow! Can't wait til DH can feel the movement from the outside too, that must be lovely.

DesHen - great advice from your SIL - it's such a challenge staying positive after MC but I reckon every baby deserves the best and happiest start!

Liltuss - your break sounds nice too. What sort of pooches do you have? I think our babymoon will need to be dog-friendly as we always have trouble getting a dogsitter, so a country place sounds divine. Plus I am also a huge fan of doing nothing these days! I can definitely recommend swimming, makes you feel great and if you get tired you can just float and relax (it's like sleeping on your back, oh how I miss that). I have to get a new swimsuit too, mine is definitely not up to the job of covering my middle-mass anymore! And happy pre-birthday (and 43 is not old - and so long as baby is doing good, I reckon age is irrelevant!)

Hi to anyone I've missed, hope all's well out there.

AFM - 22 weeks today,a nd my first OB appointment at the RPA Birth Centre, so I should find out today if my low-lying placenta means they can't accept me there and I have to transfer to the labour ward. I hope not - I'm really keen on the birth centre and they've been great so far with answering any little queries over the phone, you're a lot less like just a number there - but at the end of the day, we want to do what's best for baby girl of course. Plus I would get easier access to drugs if I freak out and decide I want them, of course, so a bit of a silver lining there. We'll see!

Am feeling movement for sure now, especially at night when I'm relaxing on the sofa or trying to get to sleep. It's so lovely, just little wriggles (like someone else said, like a fish brushing up against you) and the odd little light punch or kick. Had a bit of a 'turn' last night - low blood pressure stuff, was nearly passing out and felt weird - so it's reassuring to be able to feel baby girl a little!

Speaking of sleep - is anyone else having trouble sleeping at the moment, esp if you're around the same stage as me (22 weeks)? I always used to be a great sleeper but in between peeing 4 or 5 times a night and being so restless in between, I'm not getting much sleep at all - feel absolutely buggered! Would be nice to see some of that famous second trimester energy surge original.gif

Anyway, seeing I'm skiving off work soon for my OB appt, I should really get back to it!

Love to all, have a great day xx

PS - oh god I want chocolate right now!!!

#64 SharkFish

Posted 12 April 2012 - 10:47 AM

Just a quick update - had u/s yesterday at 16w2d.

I'm bumping up the number of girls in the group  babygirl.gif babygirl.gif

Congrats on the great NT results Superfruity  original.gif

#65 lalalollipop

Posted 12 April 2012 - 01:20 PM

Yay MrsS - welcome to the girls team!

#66 little lion

Posted 12 April 2012 - 05:56 PM

Yay so much good news to read in here. original.gif congrats on the little girls Mrs S. and Superfruity I'm so happy your NT scan went well.

Lala how was the appointment? Did you get into the birth centre?

Liltuss do you have plans for your birthday?

Pz your Ob sounds great, a little understanding means a lot, doesn't it?

As for me, work is driving me nuts at the moment. Short version is I started in January (two weeks before what would become my LMP  laugh.gif ) and my role is new, in a new project. Essentially it has many high level responsibilities but without the big pay and title.  mad.gif My probation ends in  July, and thats when a review will happen, but I will be six months by then. so I kind of want to express my feelings and negotiate, but I think I should do it before I tell them I'm pregnant. Argh I don't know what to do.

#67 Tomate1910

Posted 13 April 2012 - 05:43 PM

Congrats MrsS the girls are finally catching up original.gif

Lala thanks for the link... they certainly have some very cute stuff! I'm still to make my first purchase... I keep thinking it should be something special...
I did make something for bub... A little crochet baby blanket original.gif

Little Lion... your work situation sounds just as complicated as mine...It's very difficult to know what to do right? Honestly since you are on an ongoing contract I would just try and do the review negotiation as if you were not preggo.. And tell your review team the same, this way you might be able to negotiate good terms, hopefully...
I just hope I get my contract extended rather than finding myself out of a job at 23 weeks.., sad.gif

Have you booked your NT scan yet?

We started telling people yesterday and it is a really good feeling... And I am slowly but surely really getting excited... and i cant stop watching the DVD we got from the scan...Cookie is moving around so much. I am in love  hheart.gif
I have my booking in appointment at the hospital in 2 weeks... yay...

and does anyone know of any good sites rto find out about garage sales? In Germany they have what they call Baby Bazar where lots of private people can go like once a month to sell used baby clothes and everything baby might need.. Have you ever heard of anything like that here?

Hope all you other lovelys are all going well!

#68 mojo11

Posted 13 April 2012 - 06:36 PM

Das_Hens - Nawwww that is really awesome that your family and inlaws are so excited !!! SIL has good advice !!!

Littlelion - lol we now have 4 of them !!!!! Although I love bikes I miss riding lol Oh yeah I hear you I am sooooooooooo over work !!!!!

Pz - I am glad the OB office was so lovely and open to you calling anytime !!! He sounds really good !!

Superfruity - YAY for hearing HB and getting such great results !!!! That is a great idea about the dvd to your parents !! The crochet blanket is gorgeous !!!

Liltuss - Sounds like you had a wonderful easter !! I am glad you are not in pain from the sciatica anymore !!! I love doing aqua classes it makes you feel so light and good afterwards !!! happy birthday for next week !!!!

Lala - Nawwwwww what an awesome dream !!!! lol I am still in denial it has to comeout at this stage !!! Nursery is clean everything ids in there but not in its place !!!! Did you get into the birth centre ??? Most birth centres practice delayed clamping !!! Nawwwww yay on feeling regular movements its so beautiful !!! Sleep is no longer my friend I cant get to sleep and when I do I have to get up all night for the toilet !!!

TNMS - WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO congrats on your baby girls !!!!!!!

AFM - Started birth classes last night !!!! They are still trying to tell me that a stork does not drop baby off !!!!

#69 minidiamond

Posted 13 April 2012 - 08:30 PM

TNMS, wow !! Two little bundles of pink, how exciting ! Congrats !

mojo, I had a good chuckle at your stork comment, I am looking forward to birth classes and I don't claim to know a whole lot but there are some naive people out there ! One of my GFs was telling me a dad-to-be asked what drugs were available to Dads - and he was serious !  There was a thread on here yesterday about a DH who said to his wife he was hoping she had stitches so she'd 'tighten up' a bit down there.  Can you believe that ??  Both my DH & I have a bit to learn but there are a few things I think we've got covered.

superfruity, it's such a nice feeling to tell people !! How did you end up telling your relatives overseas ??

, it sounds like  a few of us are in tricky work situations.  I agree you should negotiate now without telling them you're pregnant.  I always look at it from the employers perspective - they'd do what's best for them, right ? So you should do the same thing in terms of your approach.  The worse thing that can happen is they say no, we won't pay you anything more but we'll review in July - and assuming your performance is good etc,  then they'd be pretty game to refuse you that increase/promotion just because they know you're going on mat leave.  If you happen to know anyone, I also think keeping an eye open for a good person that can fill your position while on mat leave is an idea - makes the employers job a little easier.  So in July you say, hey guys, I deserve a better title and more money, understand I'm going on mat leave but I think Jane/John will do an awesome job of filling in.  Good luck with it !  I'm in a nightmare situation right now, looks like I'll be made redundant but I'm getting total silence from my boss & HR.  I'm just praying it's a healthy payout as we've just taken out a massive mortgage to build our new house. I don't need the additional stress.

lala, how did you get on at the OB ??  Hope you got to see bean again and you have some answers re birth centre.  I am totally with you on the sleep but not from peeing, mine is from turning over from side to side and a bit of restless legs.  Although it doesn't seem to affect me too badly in the day so maybe the 2nd trimester energy is helping me get through what I'm missing in terms of sleep.  And I'm having similar movement to you, I just love the gentle little flutters & prods.  Re pooches, we have two labs, one new puppy (4 months) & a 3yo choc lab.  They are the loves of our lives & spoilt rotten but we try to put alot into training so they're reasonably well behaved.  Unless we go o/s most of our hols now involve them !

Hi to everyone else, hope you're looking forward to a great weekend !

AFM, a bit of a stressful week with work situation (per above) so boss has suggested I take some leave next week, which I will.  I'm just going to relax, try & have a few swims and maybe a massage etc.

I've had some weird dreams lately too.  Last night a whole lot of mummy & baby whales came up to the shore where I was on a beach - they weren't beached or in distress, they were just gently lolling about having a lovely time.  The previous night it was a straight out breastfeeding dream. I had my baby and spent the whole time breastfeeding !

#70 little lion

Posted 13 April 2012 - 09:02 PM

Liltuss thank you for the detailed advice re: work. Especially given your stressful work situation. I think you are right though. I have experienced a redundancy but I had the choice to leave immediately, so I chose that option. But I understand being pregnant complicates this! I hope you have a relaxing birthday week. original.gif

Mojo haha Iwish the stork would bring the babies!

Superfruity I've heard good things about www.babiesandkidsMarket.com.au . Your work does sound tricky! But you couldn't hide a baby belly until 23 wks I imagine! Pity, hey? My NT scan is 27April.

Edited to add: the Doppler arrived today! DH ordered it online and tells me it is a pretty good one. So we decided to try it out tonight, although I didn't get my hopes up. We heard the heartbeat, around 155 so with that nice surprise, I'm going to sleep. original.gif

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#71 MaryLou88MaryLou

Posted 14 April 2012 - 09:37 AM

Good Morning lovely ladies and happy weekend!

Thank you all very much on your congratulations on our boy and positive scan!
Sorry that I have been off the forum for a little while – life has just been busy but I have off course always been reading up on what is happening in our awesome group!

Time for personals  biggrin.gif

– Bonding with your little girl sounds great. The baby bodysuit you bought sounds cute. How did your appointment at the birth centre go? I hope they have accepted you. Little movements from your little girl is nice! Beautiful! Speaking about trouble sleeping – I am definitely one of them. Struggle sleeping a lot and still wake up on my back a lot which freaks me out.

Mojo – Can’t believe your boobs have jumped from a 12 A to a 14 D. Your DH must be happy heheh. Amazing that you can see your belly moving – that must be so cool! Great to hear that you are having delayed cord clamping and instant contact – we are doing the same (obviously if everything goes to plan and bub is healthy).

Little Lion – CONGRATULATIONS on your reassurance scan! YAY! Well done to a healthy baby – such great news! And you even got a little “hello mummy/daddy” dance from bub.

Fairey – Your bubble bath story made me laugh! So funny! I hope you got to feel your little bub again after the bath ☺ I hope you are having an amazing baby moon!

Superfruity – CONGRATULATIONS on your amazing NT scan! Well done!! YAY to your healthy, sticky baby! YYYAAAYYY!

The blanket you made for bub is gorgeous!! I am starting a knitting course in May – cant wait to make things for bub.

Good question regarding my German family. At this stage neither my mum or dad are going to come to Australia once bub is born which is really sad as it is their first grandchild (who knows maybe once they see bub on skype they will want to come over). My plan is to go over to Germany when DH is on a deployment which would be good as I wouldn’t be sitting here alone for 6 months waiting for him to come home. So I will probably go to Germany for 2-3 months while DH is away and spend lots of time with family and friends and like you said especially with the older generations like my grandparents so they can get most out of it.

TheNewMrsS – CONGRATULATIONS on two beautiful girls! How wonderful! I hope your blood pressure gets better very very soon! It is good to hear that your ms has eased up and is leaving you alone.

Jlove – It sounds like you had a lovely babymoon! Especially the spa treatment sounded awesome!

PZ – Congratulations on your BFP! YAY! I wish you all the best for the first trimester, lots of patience and positive thinking. Your OB sound lovely!

PCM – I hope you are doing well! Not too long now till your blood test. I have everything crossed for you and your little bub! Thinking of you!

Loulla – I have watched some youtube vides on the baby wiggeling up to the breast after birth. Isn’t it amazing! I hope most of us will get to experience it. It must be such an unforgettable moment. Felling bub every day – that is so nice! Aching sternum and sore ribs isn’t fun. I get the sore robs too.

DesHen – YAY on telling your in-laws the news! Sending you sticky baby vibes.

AFM – Also having work issues. I handed in my letter regarding maternity leave last week and mentioned in the letter that I am very dependant on childcare with regards to returning to work and that I will do my best to return 3 days a week after my 1 year maternity leave. The response from the general manager was – I will give you a written responds but just so you know we want to keep you but really I don’t know if we can offer you a 3 days a week role pretty much saying either you come back full time or we are not taking you back. It doesn’t surprise me as they have done that to another lady since I work there but I am still in shock a little. Not too sure what is going to happen….I guess I will not be going the extra mile for them over the next 3 months. If they don’t care about me….I might as well start on time and leave on time. Why would I put extra hours in if they don’t support me – I already didn’t get a bonus because they knew I was pregnant. Frustrating and I would call it discrimination!

Baby wise I am doing very well which is much more important than work  wub.gif  I can feel bub a lot now. Still very soft but feel our little boy pretty much every day. DH was in NZ all of last week visiting his family and he came back with some beautiful presents from the family. Old pieces that have been handed down for generations – so special!

And we have booked our Doulla which I am very excited about. She is just amazing and I am sure she will give DH and I the support we need on the day.

Counting down the days till our baby moon in Palm cove…1 week today! YAY!

LOTS OF  hheart.gif  TO YOU ALL! xxxx

#72 -Pz-

Posted 15 April 2012 - 03:31 PM

I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find it: what is everyone's opinions on Dopplers? Do you have one or will you get on? I'm undecided right now, but if everything goes ok at our 8 week scan, I might get one

I'm counting down the days til our 8 week obstetrician appointment: May 8, 21 more sleeps!

#73 Jlove14

Posted 15 April 2012 - 06:05 PM

Hi ladies, sorry long time no post but have been checking in daily to see how you are all doing!

Pz- Welcome to the group, hope we can be as much of a comfort and reassurance and sounding board to you as all these lovely ladies have been in here for me.  And congrats on your BFP!!  Your ob sounds lovely calling you like that.  Re the doppler I didnt buy one but my friend gave me one and most of the ladies on here have one!  I think we all convinced each other to get one!

PCM- woohoo to being PUPO!!  I have everything crossed for you that it will not be proven otherwise

Mojo- I really want delayed cord clamping and instant contact too!  Will ask my ob about it at the next appointment.  Your stork comment cracked me up!  I cant believe they go through that??

superfruity- how awesome your NT scan went well!  And that is a fantastic result with the DS risk.  Your parents will be so surprised getting the DVD first, what a great idea!  Let us know how they react!  Nice blanket!  I really want to make something for bug but not sure what yet...

Liltuss- hope the sciatica hasnt come back, sounds really painfull.  And I bought mat swimmers from Ripe as well- got a 2 piece with long halter neck top in black.  Happy birthday for next week!

lala- yes I am pretty sure powerbirth is just in castle hill although am not 100% sure.  Have you been accepted into the birth centre?  And sorry to hear about your turn, has it come back since?  DOnt worry youre not the only one having trouble sleeping!  I am similar dates to you and I have quite a bit of trouble!!  I find though that if I have a pillow on either side of me to hug and put between my legs it really helps

MrsS- Congrats on the twin girls! A girl in my office is also having twin girls

Marylou- How long have you been at your workplace for?  That is really bad that your general manager said that, it just discourages any women who want to start a family to work for him!!  I hope you can work it out

AFM I am going well just cruising along feeling bug move!  Its funny because everytime bug moves I jump- you think I would be used to it by now??!  I have already cracked the doppler out though because I thought bug was being a bit quiet yesterday, found the heart beat and it was all good.  Bug tends to be awake during the day, I feel movement more during the day then at night which I think is the opposite to normal?  Hopefully that means that bug will sleep at night when he/she comes out!

#74 mojo11

Posted 15 April 2012 - 06:08 PM

Liltuss - Oh dear some men really have no idea do they !!!! I think the birth classes are really a big eye opener for the men.... I know a lot about TTC but did not know so much about the pregnancy part so for me it has been really good... I found even though I knew most of the basics it was nice to ask questions and get more insight on everything...

Oh no I have everything crossed that you are not made redundant or if you are its a massive payout !!! Enjoy your week off and try to relax and not stress about it !!! I have been having heaps of vivid dreams to bu no baby ones !!!

Little Lion - No they do I am sure of it !!! I wont believe the facts a stork has to lol  Wahoooooooo about hearing HB I love my doppler !!!!

Mary Lou - LOL DP would be happier if he could play with them more but they are so tender at that size !!!! Ohhhh that sounds devine getting to go spend that time with your family !!!! Bummer about the response from your GM, highly frustrating !!!Nawwwwww I love being able to fell bubba everday !!!! Nawwwww so so sweet of your family !!! YAY for your Doulla, I find them amazing and wonderful, I am sure you will have a great experience with her there to support you !!

Pz - Most of us in here got a Doppler !!!! We all caved and its been a wonderful experience to be able to hear bubs HB... We all got them from


Great price, fast delivery !!!

Just keep in mind that you may not hear anything for a bit I heard bubba at 13 - 14 weeks

AFM - Not much to tell 25 weeks now, GTT test in the next 2 - 3 weeks.... 2nd birth class this Thursday !!

#75 -Pz-

Posted 15 April 2012 - 08:52 PM

Thanks mojo & jlove - ill wait til after my ob appt in May before making any decisions. I'm still too nervous to create my ticker yet!

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