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Pg with #1 after M/c BG #5

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#26 MaryLou88MaryLou

Posted 28 March 2012 - 02:33 PM

Hello Ladies,

Liltuss – A healthy baby boy!! YYYYAAAYYY!! SOOOO EXCITING! Congratulations original.gif YAY! You made me laugh so much when you wrote “ But we have ten little fingers, ten little toes and one little ...... willy !!” hahah too funny!!

Fairey – Ice cream with nutella YYYUUUMMM!! I love nutella – must be because I am German original.gif I think all our husbands think we are a little insane the way we dance around, talk to our bellies and have hormonal break downs heheheh

– With your hair growing like crazy. Is that only since you are pregnant? I agree – the baby on the puj tub website is sooo cute! I can definitely recommend the tub. I had a play with it in the kitchen sink. Its so nice – filled it up with water etc and it seems great. Fits perfectly. Luckily DH wasn’t home otherwise he would have thought I have totally lost the plot. Thank you on your more detailed ‘report’ on your scan – happy and healthy baby girl. So nice and you get to see your baby girl again in 4 weeks which is very exciting! Very happy for you and how sweet is your DH original.gif

Little lion - That’s cool that you have a sink in the sunroom – that will come in very handy. GGRRR that your cold is getting worse. Make sure that you get lots of rest and ginger, honey, lemon tea seems to always do wonders for me when I have a cold (and ginger also helps with nausea). Your OB sounds fantastic – how nice that he did all of that over the phone.

Jlove – Yoga was great. I really can’t imagine a week without my Yoga anymore. It feels amazing stretching everything and the relaxation at the end. I still have that weird joint pain in the hip but the teacher said that there is not much you can do. I slept like a baby last night after the class – feel all great and energetic today. Enjoy your class tonight! Morph scan tomorrow – one more sleep! So exciting! Really cant wait to hear your news. Everything will be great! Your bugmoon sounds lovely – enjoy the spa treatments! NICE! And enjoy some yumy hunter valley hard cheese...yum yum

Also stalking for Lou’s results  ph34r.gif ! Hope you are doing well lou!

AFM – Yoga was great as always last night and I slept like a baby. I am not sure if any of you ladies have been thinking about a Doula? I have had several chats to my Yoga teacher now and I think a Doula would be wonderful to have at the birth as I heard horror stories about annoying midwives, nurses and doctors not letting the women birth in their own time and pushing them and putting loads of pressure on which can be a disaster to the birthing process and can slow down, if not stop labour. So I am looking into getting a doula who can support me on the day and help me concentrate and achieve a natural birth that I would love to have so much without interference or pain killers. I will interview 2 or 3  with my DH and we will then make a decision. Have any of you thought about having a Doula?

#27 mojo11

Posted 28 March 2012 - 04:59 PM

THMS - Wahooooooo on your NT scan sounds like it went really well !!! Nawwwww think of how many times you get to see your bundles xxx

Little Lion
- I agree I like the bee as well and it seems heaps more convenient than the chameleon !!! Ohhh not long now till your next scan !!

Loulla - lol no problems I am so indecisive that all I keep doing is researching !!!!! I hope your coughs and sniffles have cleared up !!!! Nawwww I love feeling kicks !!!

Fairey - Yeah I have its awesome !!!! There are a few things I am eyeing off there !!!! What did you not like about the Bee I am curious about everyones opinion because the Urbo seems to have no cons but IO cant seem to shake the bee lol I hope you got some icecream !!!

PCM - Good luck hope to see you in here soon xx

Lou87 - No problems its heaps cheaper over there !!!! I agree its all a very personal thing and so so hard to make the decision !!!  I agree I love the donkey !! How was your morph scan today !!! I am glad you took your mum with you that would have been really special !!!

Des_Hen - I got HcG blood testing up until week 7 then she referred me for my scans from there ! LOL oh you poor thing no more pink or red or undies with pink or red designs !!! Increase saliva is a UTD sign !!!  I can understand your OB's comments on the scan but HcG tests are pretty conclusive but in saying that its what give YOU piece of mind, I could not have handled no testing and would have been a stress mess but that is me

MaryLou - I am so confused about if I like the Urbo or Bee better lol I think I may just end up tossing a coin !!!! Ohhhhh that bath looks cool !!! YAY for DH almost being home !!!

Liltuss - Wahoooooooooooooo CONGRATS on your blue bundle !!!!!!!

Lala - Nawww thanks its only out of pure indecision that I spend so much time reviewing everything lol Nawwwww that is so cute of your DH !!!! She certainly does have hiom wrapped around her fingers already !!!! Fingers crossed your placenta moves for you !!

JLove - Good Luck for tomorrow !!! No problems let me know what you think about the Urbo !!!

AFM - Not much to tell still in indecision land about prams !!! Not sure if I mentioned it but got a mix pack of MCN's and I adore them - 10 pack for $38 bucks from ebay <3 them so so cute if anyone wants the link let me know !!!!

#28 Fairey

Posted 28 March 2012 - 08:25 PM

Liltuss!!! A boy!!! So special... so happy for you!! I think that makes 4 boys, 1 girl now for our little group, doesn't it?! Great to hear that the scan went well xx

Mojo - Please don't hate me... but I just think the Bee is a lil' bit on the ugly side (I'M SORRY!!!!). BUT, in saying that, I know that people don't like the Strider or City Select (we're 99% going to get one of those). All that matters is that you like it!
Good work with the nappy purchase xx

MaryLou - I'm so jealous that you go to prenatal yoga. I wish they had that here. (I wish they had any sort of prenatal anything here).
Haven't really considered a Doulla... and again - I doubt there would be any in this area. DH is just going to have to suck it up and perform like he's never done before that day.
Nutella is evil... far too nice to only have a little bit!

JLove - your bugmoon sounds beautiful! I'm looking up the website now!!

AFM - Cmon baby... kick me dammit!!

#29 little lion

Posted 29 March 2012 - 09:25 AM

Poor Fairey, it sounds like you live in a cultural and retail desert! By the way you talk about it anyway. Are you on a country teaching contract?
I understand why you think the bugaboo bee is ugly. It is minimalist, whereas the city select and strider look like 'normal' prams.

Mojo I haven't started thinking much about MCNs versus disposables. Well except for the fact that due to a family connection, I can get disposables at cost price. I imagine I might try amid of cloth and disposables to see what DH and I like best.

Marylou I have read a little about doulas. I think for me, since my husband is a medical professional, I feel confident in his ability to advocate for me during labor. And both mum and MIL worked in childcare so I think that will be enough support for me in terms of learning how to look after the baby. In my husband's culture, new mothers stay in confinement for a month, so few visitors, no cooking, just focusing on healing your body and bonding with baby. MIL is happy to help me follow as much of that tradition as I like. This is an interesting modern take on the practice: http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/life/bab...t-hotels-020912

#30 Lou87

Posted 29 March 2012 - 01:13 PM

Liltuss - a boy!!! Big congrats to you!!

A quick phone update from me as home Internet is still dead!

Morph scan was amazing. They both had their heads up the same way so we have some amazing 3d pics/vids of them hugging, almost kissing, and bopping each other on the head. Apparently it's pretty rare to get them both in the one shot like that so we were very lucky!! Mum was amazed. She kept sighing happily. It was very good she was there original.gif

Technical stuff! They're both measuring a couple of days ahead now, which was amazing, since that means that out littler twin 1 has caught  up! All organs, etc perfect. But some bad news too: twin to twin transfusion syndrome has been confirmed. The amniotic fluid around twin one is of lower quality and volume, so the frequent monitoring starts now. It's early stages, I just hope it stays only in the early stages. If it progresses I can't bare to think of some of the decisions we'll have to make. Or the outcomes... It's really terrifying. But I have to do my best not to focus on that somehow!! I'm not wonderful at being positive 100% of the time though, as you may have picked up by now!!

But I'll try not to ramble on in doom and gloom mode, and I'll watch our cute little videos again instead! I'll be back later when the Internet plays nice again for personals, but I do hope you're all having a wonderful week!! xxx.

#31 little lion

Posted 29 March 2012 - 03:41 PM

Lou, I'm glad you got some beautiful pics but sorry to hear about the TTTS. I guess all you can do is take things day by day. I'm thinking of you and your little bubbas. X

#32 Fairey

Posted 29 March 2012 - 05:31 PM

Lou - Nawww... sounds so cute the way your little twinlets were positioned for the scan. And I'm so glad you had your mummy there to share it all with you  wub.gif
I'm so sorry to hear about the TTTS (I've just been looking it up). I'm actually glad your mum was there for that news too - it would have been a lot to take in and process.
Keep us updated - we're all here for you xx

Little Lion  biggrin.gif  Yep, living out in the sticks does has it's downsides (actually this really isn't that bad... I'm in the Riverland, SA. 2.5 hours to Adelaide, 1.5 hours to Mildura. So there are things relatively close by. And DH have no desire to live back in the city, so this really suits us. Just makes some things that bit trickier.
DH is a bit of a legend. Me and bubs did pretty good there. So I'm sure he'll be a bit of a star when it comes to it. Love that man  blush.gif

#33 Jlove14

Posted 30 March 2012 - 12:39 PM

HI ladies

Liltuss- How exciting a boy!!  So very excited and happy for you!

Marylou- How interesting a doulla.  I had not thought about it at all.  I'm going to do a bit more research, consider my options and then make a decision.  My gut feel at the moment is not not opt for a doulla becuase I think that as much as I want a natural birth I really want just DH and I to experience this together by ourselves- something we need to do as a couple.  Hey yes I have joint pain in my hips as well- mainly the left one.  I think its cause our hips are expanding, getting ready to give birth!

Mojo- can I have the link for the MCN's please?

Little Lion- Those confinement hotels sound pretty cool!  

Lou- How incredible you got to see your bubs hugging and kissing!  So so cute original.gif I'm sorry to hear about the TTTS and I hope that it only stays in the early stages

Fairey- Such sweet stuff you are saying about your man biggrin.gif

AFM had my morph scan yesterday and it was great!  Such an amazing scan and its so cool how you can see the brain and the 4 chambered heart and the heart valves.  Such intricate little things which are so important, the human body is an incredible thing!  Doctor checked out all the vital organs (I think!) and the body parts and said that all was looking good.  We got a DVD and we were on our way!  He didnt ask us if we wanted to know the sex and we didnt ask him either so it was really unspoken about so we are not going to find out!  We went to my parents house for dinner and showed them the DVD and they were both glued to the laptop screen!  At the end of it my dad kissed his fingers and then touched the screen- was so sweet

Also just have to vent- I'm a bit agro at my brother at the moment, he wasnt home when we visited my parents and I havent seen him in ages and I feel like he doesnt care about how I am going and how bug is going......

ANyways that is all from me at the moment
Have a lovely weekend!

#34 little lion

Posted 30 March 2012 - 03:23 PM

Great news Jlove original.gif how old is your bro? Is it possible is a bit jealous and wishes he was about to become a parent? My DH has been sensitive to his siblings' reactions to our baby, as DH is the youngest yet the first to be a dad. I think you have great willpower not finding out the gender! Part of me wants to know and part ofme wants a surprise. But I'm curious re: setting up the nursery, I guess you just pick a neutral theme?

#35 mojo11

Posted 31 March 2012 - 05:54 PM

Fairey - lol no it is fair enough the bee does not really have a pram look about it so I completely understand.. I hear you I do normal aqua aerobics and normal gym as they dont offer pre natal things like that here either !!

Little Lion - I am going to use both as well and see how I go !!! Score that you get them at a discount !! Ohhhh I like the sound of first month confinement !!!

Lou87 - I am so happy that you got some beautiful pics and such a special moment with your mum.. Also really happy that they are the same size !!! I am praying that the TTTS does not get any more advanced xx  Thinking about you xx

JLove - you sure can original.gif This is the one for the 10 pack http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/10-PAPOOSE-One-...=item3a6ae03ca7 and this is the one that is for 20 pack http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/20-PAPOOSE-One-...=item35b360a20c you can pick what ever coloir, designs you want... I opted for a mix pack of designs (no plain colours) and ended up with designs that are not even in the picture which was awesome so they actually have more available then what they say original.gif I got some boyish and girly stuff in it so I will have a cross dressed bub for a bit lol

WAHOOOOOOOO that your scan went well and yay for a secret buddy !!!! Bummer that your brother is like that men are funny like that..

AFM - April tomorrow and all my classes are starting this month !!! Birthing/breastfeeding and meeting with the midwife from the program I got into !! Its all happening.. Getting lots of movement now and am huge !!!!!

Have also pretty much decided on the Bee as well lol

#36 Loulla

Posted 01 April 2012 - 05:09 PM

Hi girls,

I had a good read through everything you all wrote since I posted last  hheart.gif  Am just going to respond to the scans stories for today due to too much to catch up on!  Big hugs and kisses to all you other gorgeous girls xxx

Liltuss  bbluestork.gif  bbighug.gif  YAY a little baby boy, congratulations!

Lala  ppinkstork.gif  A little bunny girl naaaaaaaw ddance.gif

Lou, glad to hear the twins are going well so far. Praying that they keep on staying healthy xxx

Jlove well done on a healthy scan, what a relief for you and DH! And nice the gender is a mystery..  cool.gif

AFM baby and I are going well... one night he had his first aerobics session that literally went for hours! It was gentle but constant movement, wriggling and kicking! So DH finally felt his first kicks and he was so so surprised! I think it hit him a bit more  llove.gif  havent had quite as much movement again, but he does move most days now, its so so cute. Didnt feel movement until 20wk for those who are wondering.
Tummy has been aching sometimes, and if I walk around too much for long periods, everything gets a bit achey including public bone, pelvis, lower back and tuummy - sides and down low! Once I lay down though it helps heaps. Overall Im pretty lucky though, am having a good pregnancy and it hasnt really stopped me doing much so far.
Am becoming waaaay more sensitive to smells though  sick.gif for example cleaning products at work, I can smell every item that is on someones sandwich lol, smelly stinky classrooms, the food cooking demo at Woolies made me nauseous etc. BLURK!

Ive been so confused about baby wraps/carriers etc and found this website that completely explains all the different types and I feel it has all demystified now!

And we have been looking at these Ergo ones because we want something quality, safe and secure and one that keeps baby in frog leg position for a while...at least it looks like the bottom part is a zipper removable part for the legs?? It does look a little bulky though. I want one to wear around at home too. Any advice girls?

Edited by Loulla, 01 April 2012 - 05:10 PM.

#37 Fairey

Posted 01 April 2012 - 07:25 PM

Loulla - I have this ergo (bought it in between pregnancies)
I chose it for no other reason than it's purdy wink.gif

I should actually try it on one of these days to see if I'm going to need an extender belt for my tum...

If you can get to one of the baby expos Ergo might be there? They were at the Adelaide expo and had 30% off all products.

Also - THANKYOU for telling when you started to feel bubs!!

Mojo - I'm glad you're happy with your pram choice  biggrin.gif  (And I'm super glad that you know that my opinion is just my personal opinion on what I think looks purdy!!!!)

JLove - yep - super sweet about my hubby. Firstly - he got me pregnant (twice!) Top effort with that. Secondly - convinced him that we should go to Tassie - Top effort that he agreed. Finally - He's started to get excited about our night at Cradle Mountain (told him that we can have bubble baths instead of spas {he hates spa baths}... and he can't wait for that).
Besides - I agree with what someone was saying... that I feel it's something that we should be able to do alone. I mean.... no one needed to help us to MAKE the baby....  tongue.gif
I'm so glad you're keeping the babies gender a surprise - it means I'm not going to be alone! Morph scan sounds amazing! I have 12 more days to wait (not counting at all!!). Enjoy watching and rewatching your DVD!

Love you all long time xxx

#38 Jlove14

Posted 03 April 2012 - 08:44 AM

Little lion- thanks for your advice on my bro, it could be a jealousy thing but he is 5 and a half years younger than me so he is not even married yet.  Yes for the nursery we have picked a neutral theme, actually the room is already painted blue (thats how we bought the house) so we are going for an underwater theme!  Hope all is going well with you

Mojo- thanks for the link!  Also can you tell me what classes you are doing specifically?  At the moment I am only booked in for antenatal classes and they go over 3 saturdays and are in the month before I am due (July).  I want to make sure I am doing all the right classes!

LOulla- thanks for the link re the wraps/ carriers, I hadnt really thought about that yet.  How awesome that your DH has now felt kicks!  My DH is desperate to feel them but bug is only kicking strong enough for me to feel

Fairey- I was saying that we should be able to do it alone!  hehe  Yes definitely not going to find out the gender but I am thinking (along with everyone else) that its a boy.  How cute that your DH is excited about your trip!  My DH is excited about ours as well- only 2 and a half more days to go!

AFM  bought the cot and pram over the weekend.  With the pram opted for the mychoice 3 mothercare in the sandy colour: http://www.mothercare.com/Mothercare-Mycho...s/dp/B001NM0NIS
My parents bought us the cot so that was very nice of them!  Also bought a few more clothes for bug and got fitted for maternity bras (finally!) I am a 12D
Going to get the change table soon and also car seat and bassinet and rocker- its all happening!!  Also have started thinking about my baby shower!  Oh I also bought a few more maternity clothes- some swimmers, a dress and some work pants, all from Ripe Maternity!  So I guess I went a bit crazy shoping!  My poor DH!

#39 MaryLou88MaryLou

Posted 03 April 2012 - 04:13 PM

Hello Ladies,

Sorry a me me me post!

We had our 19 week scan this morning! OMG! How exciting - I am on a very happy cloud at the moment original.gif All the organs and other measurements were perfect! The sonographer was very excited and pleased for us. Bub was moving around like crazy - little dancer just like at the 12 week scan.

It was actually the same sonographer that looked after us when we had the scare at 6-7 weeks so it was nice to see her again and being able to show and tell her that everything is going great.

We also found out the gender original.gif

Another  bbluestork.gif for our group! HEHEHE! I had a strong feeling from the beginning that we are having a boy - all confirmed now. My husband is over the moon. He is so happy and it was amazing to have him there and to see his big smiles.

Sorry that was a me post! Will be back for personals later this week.

Big hugs to you all!

#40 lalalollipop

Posted 03 April 2012 - 05:06 PM

Hi ladies!

Marylou - huge congratulations - another boy! And all healthy and happy. huge hugs to you and DH bbighug.gif
I think a love of nutella knows no international bounds... yum, yum, yum! And on yr hair question - my hair has always been pretty healthy but it's definitely growing faster and thinker now since being pregnant. Had a giggle at you doing a puj tub bathing trial - maybe you should get a baby doll and bath it, really freak DH out laughing2.gif  I thought about a doula, but I think we'll try do it ourselves and maybe have my best friend as back-up... she's very level-headed and has been at a few births before - including one as the person giving birth! Did you decide on one?

Little lion - how's the cold, are you feeling better? Your OB sounds unreal. And I LOVE the idea of a confinement hotel - though I would struggle to resist the urge to go out in public and show off bub!

Jlove - huge congrats to you on your fabulous scan results - another happy bit of news. Big hugs to you too bbighug.gif Woo hoo to shopping, sounds like you had quite a spree! So sweet about your dad, makes me miss mine millions. How're things with your brother - have you talked to him about it? Maybe he does have his own issues, but I hope he can be there for you more.

Mojo - that's great your classes start already! Our antenatal ones don't start til June, boo hoo. So exciting, it's all happening!

Fairey - any kicks yet? I think I felt a teeny tiny one last night. Lovely words about your DH, he sounds like a keeper wink.gif How many sleeps til morph scan now?

Lou - those scan results sound brilliant, and go twin#2 for catching up! So sorry to hear about the early stage TTTS, and of course you have every right to feel worried about it. I hope it stays early stages and doesn't develop, will be thinking of you x

Loulla - the aerobics session sounds adorable! And lovely DH got to feel it too. I hear you on the smell sensitivity - I feel like I can smell everyone in the next suburb! I am going to a concert tomorrow night, I hope people remember to wear their deodorant original.gif Thanks for the carrier links, will check it out. I hear Ergo Baby is brilliant, a couple of my friends absolutely rave about it - but they said that it's not the best when the baby is newborn and still tiny, as they're so far down in the carrier and might get a bit claustrophobic - but they bought theirs a few years ago I think the newer models have a better newborn insert. I was thinking I might be cheeky and get two - a Baby Bjorn style one for when they're small and ErgoBaby for later!

AFM - all fine here, am loving bonding with baby girl, but I haven't rushed out and bought any pink just yet! I think we have a growth spurt on as I'm getting lots of pulling cramps at the sides of my tummy and my back is starting to hurt a little. Extra yoga class this week for me I think...

Love to all xx

#41 mojo11

Posted 04 April 2012 - 05:52 PM

Loulla - Yay for DH gettingto feel bubba move its so unreal !!! Thanks for the carrier link, I am also going with an Ergo.

Fairey - original.gif  I am keeping bub a suprise as well so there are a few of us in here !!!

JLove - I am doing birth classes (I assume they are the antenatal ones) I start them this month and do them over 3 thursday nights... I am also doing a breastfeeding class... That is it at this stage !!!  Ohhhhh I like that pram you have chosen !!!! Reminds me of the Bebe !!! lol sounds like you had a great shop !!! I am now a 14 D from 10/12 A !!!!

MaryLou -  Wahooooooooooooo on another blue !!!! I am so so happy it all went so well for y ou !!!!!

Lala - I am very excited about classes but from what I can gather they are very early compared to everyone elses !!! Yay for growth spurts but not the pain, preg massages has been my friend oh and my Bio Ceuticals Ultra Muscleze

AFM - Not much to tell, think DP is having a mid - mid life crisis he keeps buying things with engines lol

I can now see my belly moving which is really cool and I tend to stare at it for ages in awe lol

Have also decided I want delayed cord clamping and instant contact for my birth.. T

#42 little lion

Posted 04 April 2012 - 06:01 PM

Bah I just lost my post.  mad.gif here is the lazy version.

Marylou congrats on the beautiful boy!  biggrin.gif And most importantly, I'm happy the scan showed he is developing well.

Jlove your pram is nice, especially that sandy color. Which cot did you choose?

Mojo that is funny, my DH would probably do the same. He does love his man toys  rolleyes.gif

Superfruity, I'm thinking you must be due for your NTscan?

I have my ' reassurance' scan tomorrow, so will update you then.

#43 Fairey

Posted 04 April 2012 - 10:07 PM

Helloooooo lovely ladies!

MaryLou - Nawwwwww!!! huge big congrats on your scan! Another lil' boy to the mix!! You and your hubby must be over the moon!! So excited for you!

Mojo - Yay! Another person who is going for the surprise! I get so excited for everyone when I hear that they've found out the gender.... it's bizarre! I just have no desire to know early (I'm sure I'll have plenty of desire at the scan! Gotta be strong!)
How fabulously cool that you can see your belly moving! My god, I can't wait for that!

JLove - nice pram choice! That pink picture is fantastic! Hehe! I'd be boring and go black or the sandy colour too. Love baby shopping... I really wish money grew on trees cos then I'd be having one of EVERYTHING!
And also - thanks for saying that labour is something you feel you and hubby should be able to do alone!! You know that I completely agree!
(Though I'm all for people having a Doula too! In some ways I think someone else that is there purely for positive support is a great thing)

Lala - Yay on maybe feeling little kicks!! Funny you ask about me and movement... I thought that maybe I felt something earlier tonight. It felt like tiny bubbles popping in my belly. I felt it twice.... But I was in the bath at the time, and I had bubbles, so knowing my luck there were bubbles popping close to my belly and I imagined them to be in my tum. Who knows?!  wacko.gif
And how many days now to my scan... well - I'm pulling baby brain. Turns out I hadn't counted an entire WEEK. GOOD GOD! More freaking days to wait! So now it's still 16 days to go. GAH!

Little Lion - hope the scan goes well tomorrow. Can't wait to read good news xxx

Anyhoo beautiful girls. Tomorrow is babymoon time (after school.... hope the day goes fast!). We start by driving to Melbourne tomorrow arvo (prob take about 7-8 hours) then head to the ferry first thing Friday morning. I'm taking the comp, but not sure how much I'll be able to actually get on for proper replies. But, I'll definitely be reading from my phone. Fingers crossed I'll actually feel some real movement in the next week and a half (and I'll definitely let you all know if I do!).
Hope you all have a beautiful and safe Easter (next Easter we'll all have children!!!!).

hheart.gif  you all xxx

#44 Tomate1910

Posted 05 April 2012 - 08:30 AM

Hi Ladies,

Sorry for being MIA for so long, but as I said EB is out of the question for long posts at work and by the time I get home I am just so tired I am glad if iI don't fall asleep on the couch before 9pm... But I'm working from home today and trying to catch up...

MaryLou! yay for another little boy! you must be ecstatic! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you are going to handle your German family once bub is born? Are they coming here or will you go and visit them once bub is older? I haven't been in germany in 4 years and I guess I will really have to go to show bubs to all our older relatives who will definitely not make the trip out here (both PPM and my family live over there)...

Little Lion... hoe are you going? hope your scan went well! I can't believe I actually made it to 11+5 without having another one...Thanks for checking on me... Yes I got the bloods for NT done yesterday and then the scan next wednesday (12+4)... only 6 days to go... hoping for the best..

Fairey Have fun on your Babymoon! Tassie sounds great! I hope you have a wonderful time and finally get some real movements!

Des_Hen how are you keeping up with the first trimester nerves? hope everyhting is going alright... have you had your first scan yet?

Mojo... wow cant believe you are already thinking about birth options... and hehe on your engine obsessed DH... what was his latest purchase?

Lou Happy to hear that your boys are doing great and as all the other I am keeping everything crossed for you that the TTTS will be a really mild case.... keep us updated...

Jlove... love the story about your dad kissing the screen.... so sweet... As for your brother... maybe he is just too young/immature to really care... maybe it is not real for him yet... try and get him when bub is active that should make it more real... maybe he is just a young self-centred normal 20 something... I dont think I heard of lots of clucky 20something males... wink.gif

Lala As you are one of the only baby girls in here, you said you wouldnt go and buy lots of pink yet but are you planning to go all out with little dresses etc? I'm just asking because I am not just such a girly girl and wonder how I would dress decorate if I had a girl...

Loulla Oh your acrobatic sessions sound so great.... Can't wait until I get to this stage! It must feel so surreal... thanks for the carrier link... I think at a later stage I really will need to read through all these threads for all the practical links and things you girls have already discussed...

Sorry if I have forgotten anyone...

Been crazy busy... but as I said above I will have my NT next wednesday and hope that nothing is gonna come in between this time around... I am actually freaking out a little as I made it to the Bloods last time and then started bleeding a few days laters... so I am scared that something will happen in the next week until the scan...
But I am also getting more and more to thinking that this time it is for real ... I am actually pregnant with a little person growing inside of me...and that is freaking me out a little as well... has anyone of you ever had freakouts like that?

I have also decided to wait after the NT to tell people... My mom who has been battling depression for the last 20 years has finally admitted herself into a longer term therapy in hospital and even though they are O/S i wanted to see her face when I tell her... I think she should be home by her birthday again and thought I might send them a copy of my NT scan on DVD and show her my 15 week "bump"  over skype.... I just have to make sure PPM won;t be too excited to tell all our friends and especially make sure no one writes anything on my FB wall....

Now on to the shower and then for an induction meeting at my new gym... I have been so slack with exercise in this trimester and don't want to get any more floppy...

have a wonderful day ladies and an awesome Easter break!

#45 SharkFish

Posted 05 April 2012 - 07:30 PM

Hi lovlies,

Still around, read almost daily but struggle to get on the PC instead of phone to reply and do personals.

Just wanted to say a quick congrats to Marylou and lala on your scans. lala is that our first girl for the group? If my memory serves me correctly it is! I'm just glad they are both healthy for the both of you.

I'm still around, just don't get on PC much and usually read from phone. Had OB appt today, still 2 heartbeats (I'm not sure when I'll go to an appt not worried there will only be one!). My blood pressure is high so I'm now on blood pressure medication boo! Never had high bp before.

My ms has eased heaps over the last week - only to be replaced by constant fatigue and tiredness - I've never experienced anything like it. Said to OB today I sleep pretty much every minute I am not at work or driving to and from work. His response was 'You're pregnant with twins MrsS'. Lol, guessing that's his way of saying it's normal!

Stay safe over the long weekend everyone. Fairey - enjoy the babymoon  dev (6).gif

#46 little lion

Posted 05 April 2012 - 07:57 PM

Mrs S that's great news you heard two heartbeats today. original.gif and I reckon fatigue is better than nausea!

Superfruity I think that's a nice plan to tell your mum.

Fairey have a fantabulous time on your baby moon. Lucky thing!

As for me I had my reassurance scan today. It was amazing!  biggrin.gif heartbeat was 180-something and baby was measuring 3 days ahead of dates. The best bit was the movement! He/she was waving and dancing, so incredible. Des hen I recommend a scan around 9 weeks if you get the opportunity, it was so much more exciting than 7 weeks.

#47 Fairey

Posted 06 April 2012 - 08:43 AM

Mrs S... cute ticker! And that's good to hear that your ms is easing.

Little Lion... glad to hear your scan went well. Just wait till the 12 week scan. More exciting again!!!

#48 Lou87

Posted 06 April 2012 - 12:46 PM

Just heading out the door but wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter! Keep growing strong little bubbas!

(And on that note.... Do I get twice as much chocolate because I'm growing two little people?! All the happy tiny punches right now must mean a yes  biggrin.gif )

#49 porkchop's mama

Posted 07 April 2012 - 04:36 PM

Hello lovelies

It's so exciting reading how you're all going with your pregnancies!

Just dropping in to say Happy Easter and that I hope to be joining you all in the next few weeks.

So far, so good with this cycle of IVF.  I keep wondering if there was a mix up at the lab.  Can everything really be going to plan?

The lab called today and I have embryos that are all doing well.  The plan is to transfer one on Monday and hopefully freeze the other two.

Then I have a 2WW until a blood test to hopefully confirm some great news.  And NO I WILL NOT BE POAS until then.  The dramas it got me into last year...

Take care all and looking forward to being here for real very soon.

PCM xxx

#50 little lion

Posted 07 April 2012 - 05:54 PM

Sounds good PCM. I've been wondering how you're going. I hope you get it first go! original.gif

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