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Pg with #1 after M/c BG #5

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#1 Freckles

Posted 25 March 2012 - 09:53 AM

Time for a new thread ladies. Old thread is here.

Please note that this BG is for those who are pg with #1. original.gif

#2 Jlove14

Posted 25 March 2012 - 10:22 AM


Lala- HOW AWESOMEA BABY GIRL!!! SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU.  There are so many cute clothes out there forgirls! HOW CUTE! By the way were you happy with your haircut? I was super happywith mine and now I'm just going to let it grow out nicely and then get another just before bug comes...

Marylou- I'mgonna go and play with the urbo next weekend. I have a feeling I'm going tolike it. Do you know if you can get it in any other colours besides black? Ibet that was bub that you felt.  I wasexactly like you- thought I felt something and I got so excited but then didntfeel it for a while, but I know it was movement- mothers intuituion . Hope thetime flies for you so that you can see your DH soon

loulla- you knowwhats funny I am actually not feeling my tummy growing I am just taking comfortfrom other people telling me it is growing! But I think I'm overanalysing it! How is your sore throat? Your doctorsounds very thorough and that is so reassuring. Blue mountains soundslovely!  Hope its cold so that you canrelax in front of an open fire with a glass of non-alcoholic wine!

Little lion- woohoooofor the spew!  Such funny things we cheerabout! Hope your cold has passed.  I usedto get waves of nausea and then I figured out it was how my body reacted towhen I was hungry.  I went for a scanwith my ob in between my dating and NT scan- I needed that reassurance, I wentat 10 weeks.  I think you should bookyour NT soon in case your scan place gets booked out easily

Liltuss- I havehad a bit of restless leg too- my ob recommended caltrate. Oooooh how was thepregnancy massage? Where did you go?  Lullaby CD- what a great idea!  As I'm not really a great singer

Fairey- Thanksfor the tip for pram warehouse- I'm going to check it out online. LOL to yourDH's reaction to your cramps!  I havedone that as well and forced my DH up to rub my leg for me! haha Yeah I am notgoing for the 3D scan pics.  Instead I'mgoing to do pregnancy shots with my DH (with our wedding photographer) and thenmy DH will do the most of the newborn shots because he is a photographerhimself

AFM I am prettysure i have been feeling little wriggles inside of me!  Nothing that obvious that DH can feel it but Icant wait for him to finally be able to feel it. Its now 4 days till my morphscan, its gone kinda fast and I know I'm going to be super nervous onthursday.  DH and I (well mainly me) havedecided not to find out the sex.  Want tokeep it as a surprise and something to look forward to at the end.  DH has his cricket grand final this weekendand then its a break for a while so we can finally do some proper baby stuff onthe weekend and start getting organised. Also after my morph scan I'm going to buy the cot, change table and pramand also get fitted for a proper maternity bra (havent done that yet)

Also- dopplered it up on Friday and was successful!!YAY!  Bug’s heartbeat was at 151 bpm wub.gif

Hope youre all having a lovely weekend!

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#3 Des_Hen

Posted 25 March 2012 - 11:52 AM


Hi ladies. After a MMC in December, I finally received our BFP on friday original.gif
I'm super happy & nervous...

I've been stalking you ladies since superfruity & little lion left our TTC group. original.gif

So I'm literally 4+2 today...  I am SUPER fatigued all the time. That's how DH new we were UTD. I keep prodding my boobs to see if they are tender - not yet... They are "fuller" though...

I have made an appt with my OB - she is seeing me at 8 weeks! Seems so far away... This time around when did you first see your OB?

I want to see my GP too, to get blood tests. Did you girls get 2 to see hcg levels?

Sorry for all the Q's! I look forward to being around the next 9 months and getting to know you all.


#4 Fairey

Posted 25 March 2012 - 01:16 PM

hheart.gif Pregnant with Number 1...
... After Miscarriage hheart.gif

~ July ~

EDD - 24th July
Gender - bbluestork.gif
Location - Canberra

EDD - 27th July
Gender - Leaving it a surprise
Location - Victoria

~ August ~

EDD - 3rd August (hopefully!!)
Gender - bbluestork.gif and bbluestork.gif
Location -

EDD - 14th August
Gender - bbluestork.gif
Location -

EDD - 16th August
Gender - bbluestork.gif
Location - Sydney

EDD - 21st August
Gender - Leaving it a surprise
Location - Sydney

EDD - 23rd August
Gender - Leaving it a surprise
Location - Riverland, SA

EDD - 28th August
Gender - bbluestork.gif
Location - Sydney

~ September ~

EDD - 24th September
Gender - ppinkstork.gif and ppinkstork.gif
Location - Brisbane

~ October ~

EDD - 20th October
Gender - check back on May 30th!
Location - Sydney

~ November ~

Little Lion
EDD - 5th November
Gender -
Location - Brisbane

EDD - 26th November
Gender -
Location - Adelaide

~ December ~

EDD - 6th December
Gender -
Location - Sydney

EDD - 13th December
Gender - Leaving it a surprise
Location - Perth

EDD - 15th December (will likely go early - it's twins!!)
Gender -
Location - Melbourne

EDD - 18th December
Gender -
Location - Sydney

porkchop's mama
EDD - 25th December xmas_tongue.gif
Gender -
Location -

bbluestork.gif Our Beautiful Babies ppinkstork.gif

dizzy-anne ~ 12th April 2012 ~ Lara Elizabeth

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#5 mojo11

Posted 25 March 2012 - 08:09 PM

Lala - WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!! Congrats !!!!!!

Liltuss - Nawww that is so so sweet of your mum !!!! Hopefully your smoothies will fix those restless legs !!!

Fairey - Ohhhhh pram warehouse at ballarat I had no idea lol that is only an hour from me !!! I drove all the way to Melbourne which is over 2 hrs each way lol... SOOOOOO how was it ??? What prams did you like ??? Oh no I hate the night cramps have you gotten any magnesium ??

Loulla - Will pop a pram report in my AFM section for you ;P

Little Lion - Hope you are feeling better xx I booked in for my NT after I got the all clear at my 8 week scan..

Jlove - YAY for feeling wriggles, that is how mine started to begin with !!! YAY for finding heartbeat I love the doppler !!

Des_Hen - Hi and welcome to the group !!! Yes I was HcG tested weekly and was told the levels as well as given print outs.. I did not see OB (public) but saw my Dr weekly from week 4 - 8 then was handed over to the hospital/midwifes. Sending you super sticky vibes !!!

AFM - Okay my personal pram reviews lol

My favourites -

Bugaboo - Donkey (I adored this pram but well out of my budget)
Bugaboo Bee - LOVE this pram - PRO - Light easy to move, small,has proper suspension, good sized basket. easy to fold up and open, looks good.. CON - Sun shade could be bigger and feels a little flimsy
Mamas & Papas Urbo - Also love this pram - PRO - Joints are all welded and metal, looks good, basket is good size, material feels great, has awesomely large sunshade.. Could see no cons with this however have read many reviews saying that the wheels freeze up.. Also I think the bee is cuter lol

Both the above are reversable

Bebe Reversable - This was my intial fav but once I saw it IT IS huge !!!! If you are after a pram around the size of the striders than this is awesome but far to big for me.. Looks good, massive storage space underneath.. Seat converts to bassinett..
Strider - Once again to large for me but has great wheels could be used for off road as well as onroad
City Jogger/Elite - Small, compact easy to handle but is not reversable also very very light you are not suppose to put any extra weight on handle etc, can tip pram they said.
Phil & Teds - On par with the City Elite.

Okay so just my opions and feedback from the shop..

So I have now narrowed it down to the Urbo or Bee still undecided but lol

#6 SharkFish

Posted 26 March 2012 - 05:31 PM

Hi Ladies,

I've been MIA. I've missed heaps, and don't have time for personals, but will try at some stage in the future to catch up on personals. I have been reading though.

CONGRATULATIONS LALA! How exciting having a girl. Have you started to toss around names yet?

Welcome Des-Hen  original.gif

Just thought I would update quickly. I had my NT Scan last Thursday. It went well and they can see everything they would hope to see at that stage  original.gif Technically I was 12w6d, but T1 was measuring 13w1d and T2 was measuring 13w3d. My OB has now brought my EDD forward 3 days to 24 September because of that. He said main reason is if heaven forbid he needs to do something at 24-26 weeks etc, 3 days makes a lot of difference. My twins are Mono-Chorionic Di-Amniotic which means they are sharing a placenta which means C-section. At least I have months to fully get my head around it, but I'm not too worried as long as I get healthy babies at the end.

My next U/S is at 16w and then at 19w and then apparently they'll be fortnightly after that, due to risk of TTTS and IUGR they like to keep a close eye on things apparently!

Glad to hear everyone seems to be well.

My nausea is at it's all time worst so far  sad.gif  hence the reason I haven't been around in a while. I'm finding it quite debilitating. I only have actually vomited about every 3rd day or so though.

That's all from me for now. Be back in the next few days to try and catch up  original.gif

#7 little lion

Posted 26 March 2012 - 06:10 PM

Mrs S, you poor thing. I hope your nausea eases up soon. But you mst be pleased with that NT result. original.gif

Des hen welcome! I know the early days are full of anxiety. My GP knew nothing about doing two hcgs (he had heard of it but didn't know what to do with any results) so referred me to my Ob early. Ob ordered the two hcg tests 48 hours apart (4.5 weeks), and did scans at 5.5 and 7 weeks. He understands my need for reassurance.

Mojo I love bugaboo bee too! It seems much more convenient than the more popular chameleon.

Ooh Jlove not long now until your morph scan! I bet you are nervous yet excited.

As for me: I booked in for another scan (purely for reassurance, plus Ob tells me the blob will look better on-screen then) for 9.5 weeks, day before good Friday.

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#8 Loulla

Posted 26 March 2012 - 07:06 PM

Little Lion, yes many names do get wrecked from teaching! I always loved Grace but now I just cant use it  unsure.gif

Hmmmmm reassurance scans, well I was the queen of them  blush.gif  I didnt realise though that if you go to a place that doesnt bulk bill and you have more than 2 (excluding NT scan and morph scan) that you have to pay in full as medicare only rebates you for two that arent for anything official iykwim. So I paid like $190 outright for one but the reassurance was worth it. I think I booked my NT scan in once I got the paper work just so I had a date to look forward to. Good to hear you have one booked in before the NT scan.

Sounds like you've got true MS now. it's so gross right, the last thing you feel like is food but you know you'll feel worse if you dont eat. Those cheeky little bumbas making our bodies all different!

Jlove, awwwwww little bubby wriggles  wub.gif and yes I reckon not finding out about the gender would make it so exciting at the birth finding out!  Nice you found baby's heartbeat. Will be  ph34r.gif  for news on your morph scan, so soon yay.

A big welcome Des Hen, and congratulations!!! We were seeing an FS and had hCg /P4 monitored but then after you see the heartbeat she said it wasnt necessary to track it anymore. I didnt find a good, official Dr who cared about antenatal care until 14wk, and then had my first midwife app at the hospital at 21wk. My FS looked after me up to before 12wk.

Ooooh thanks for the pram reviews Mojo  wink.gif You can be appointed as our baby products research guru  biggrin.gif  Im going to copy and paste your favourites into our baby list.

Mrs S that is truly wonderful news about your NT scan considering the risks of sharing a placenta etc it looks like both babies are growing well. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that they keep growing well and into the post-premmie weeks. Your MS sounds revolting lol! I'll send you non-nausea thoughts and hope it passes sooner than later.

AFM still recovering from the cold have an annoying cough and sniffles now. Didnt really feel baby wriggle for a couple of days and then he has made up for it today  llove.gif I cant believe I have a half DH, half me growing inside  - it really is too astounding to contemplate properly  original.gif

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#9 Fairey

Posted 26 March 2012 - 08:18 PM

Hullo chickies,

Des Hen - the fatigue is a good sign. I had sore boobs around about 6ish weeks and it was all over by 8 weeks. Though my M/S didn't crank up until between 8 and 9 weeks. I didn't have the hcg testing (live in  a small country town). I had a blood test done when I first went to the doc for confirmation, then didn't have a repeat at all. I was booked in for a dating scan at 8 weeks (purely for reassurance). As far as an OB is concerned, whoever the ob is on call the day I go for labour, is the OB that will deliver my baby. So I see whoever is on at the hospital each time I go for my checkups. Not really very helpful there!
Feel free to dump on us all of your stresses and fears during the first tri... we've all been there and we all know exactly how you feel Again a big congruatluations on your BFP!

Mojo - spectacular list you have there! I personally just do not like the Bee - but I'm for baby shopping so if it's your fave then I say go for it!! wink.gif
Sorry that I've only just brought up Pram Warehouse - have you checked out the website yet?

Little Lion - Yay on booking another scan! I'm so in love with scans... love seeing our little bubba! (I really want one right now!! My next one is still weeks away!)

Mrs S - You poor thing. I hope your m/s eases up soon. It's horried, isn't it?
That's quite a good scan result. Bubs are so far healthy and growing well. And it sounds like your OB has a good care plan in place for you.

JLove - Yay to finding a heartbeat! Love that little thumping sound. It's the only real proof I have at the moment! (So boring... no movement, no close scans, no sickness any more... gah!)
Score on hubby being a photographer... you'll have the most amazing baby photos!!

Loulla - I love the name Grace wub.gif I've taught one... she was a pleasure. So the name is still on the list!

AFM - I want some ice cream...

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#10 porkchop's mama

Posted 27 March 2012 - 11:58 AM

Fairey, Loulla, little lion, TheNewMrsS!!!!

I am so excited for each of you.

It seemed so long ago, didn't it, all that time after the MCs.

Anwyway, I know I'm not meant to be here .... yet but I just wanted to touch base and wish all the very, very best.

I've just started my first cycle of IVF and I know there are no guarantees but wouldn;t it be lovely if I could be here with you ladies this cycle?

PCM xxx

#11 Lou87

Posted 27 March 2012 - 12:18 PM

Hi ladies, Sorry that I've also been MIA a bit lately! Our internet connection's still sketchy and I'm really nervous about the morph scan tomorrow so I've been weird and quiet and keeping to myself a bit!

I have lots to catch up on but will have to keep it pretty brief for now thanks to work...

JLove - Hooray for little wriggles! It's pretty amazing. I'm also waiting for the movement to get strong enough for DH to feel, but that won't be for a fair few weeks yet. You have so much control not finding out the sex! But I'll be thinking of you for your morph scan - I'm sure you'll get an amazing result! I'm not buying any big things until after the morph scan either, but this is me who doesn't ever buy anything decent until 'after the next scan'!

Des_Hen - Welcome, and congratulations! The first tri-mester is hard, but we're all here for you original.gif The fatigue is just starting to creep back for me now, and I remember what it was like in the first 12 weeks - I think it's a good sign though! I only had one set of bloods with the GP, and was never given any results (no doubt with the HCG results they should have suspected twins then, but it was never mentioned!) and my first OB visit was at 9 weeks, so 8 weeks for you sounds perfect! I hope the time goes quickly for you, and you get to see that amazing little flicker on the ultrasound screen that we all love!

Mojo - Love the pram list! I too love the Donkey, just not it's name, haha!! It seems to be the only one where you can have twin newborns both facing you, and it's something I would really like. It's a delight to steer too, even though it's wide. I love that it spins on the spot for tight corners! And thanks SO MUCH for that link - if we were to buy the Donkey twin from there it would save us $650 from buying in Oz! Craziness. I'm thinking of spending less on the cots, and more on the pram, but am still making decisions. It's so tricky! I hope you find one that you love! (I thought I was going to love the City Elite, or whatever it's called, but hated it! I found it horrid and heavy to steer, even when it was empty! Maybe I'm just the wrong height for it though! I know 3 people who have it - 2 loathe it and 1 raves about it, so it's all just what works for you personally I guess!)

MrsS - I was hoping I'd find an update from you! Mono-Di - woohoo!!! So they have themselves that sneaky little membrane = FANTASTIC news. I haven't been told it's a definite C-section with the shared placenta, but that it is very likely, not to mention that there's every chance of one being breach, etc, etc. I guess you will be monitored closely for Twin-to-Twin too? That's making me SO nervous. Has there been any talk with you yet about steroids to get their little lungs nice and strong in the event that they are quite early? There's so much to get your head around! I'm with you though - just want some healthy babies at the end!! (I'm still so glad yours are mono-di too though!!! That is just plain brilliant.)
And yes, the nausea is hideous. I wish I could make it go away for you! Mine didn't until 17 weeks, not that you want to hear that! I kept some dry cereal with me at all times, just to have a tiny bit when I started feeling horrid, which sometimes helped. I must admit that I tried every remedy that was suggested though, and very few worked. Zofran, on the other hand, worked just fine! I didn't want to take too many meds, but that was my saviour if I was out or at work, though I didn't start taking it until about 15 weeks I think? And then promptly wished I'd taken it much sooner!

Lala - a GIRL!!! Congratualtions my dear. You sound so happy original.gif I love reading happy news!

Little Lion - Glad to hear you're getting that extra scan. There's nothing wrong with a bit more reassurance. Was it you who mentioned the crazy train-sized bright orange pram? That's the ABC Zoom, which I thought I'd LOVE when I was researching it (in a different colour of course) but I cracked up laughing when I saw it in person! I couldn't even see over the back seat to see where the front of the pram was. No wonder it's bright orange - it's a hazard! Plus, all the joints/mechanisms are garbage - thin little plastic bits that were breaking off onto the floor as it was being demo'd to us. I knew one lady at the store - she said they'd sold one in the 8 months they'd had it, and it was returned 2 weeks later falling to bits.

Loulla - I'm keeping you company with the sniffles! I think I've had them the whole time - pretty annoying!! Hope yours are clearing up by now. I love what you said about your little half DH/half you growing inside you - so true!

Fairey - Did you get the ice cream?!  I've heard good things about Pram Warehouse too. There's one about an hour's drive away from me so I'll check it out when I'm closer to it one day. But it's great they sell online too! I also spent a stupid amount of time in the one and only Baby Bunting store in Qld too over the weekend - but they're online as well! I hope the night cramps don't keep bothering you. I haven't had any yet but I'm sure they're not too far away. I get them all the time in winter anyway, let along when we will be mixing winter AND pregnant soon!!

AFM - I'm getting SO sore and achey of an evening, right down the sides of my belly. I try not to focus on it but it's pretty bad! I'm going to book a midwife appointment to see if they have any remedies for me! Still, I don't want to complain because that must mean they're growing - my belly certainly is!
I had a major meltdown the night before DH went away this time. He's been there for every other scan and appt and the morph scan tomorrow is the first one he'll miss. I always get SO nervous beforehand, to the point of feeling ill, since we always meet there coming from different directions (and I'm always stupid-early), but when he comes round the corner it all feels better. So, as some of you suggested, I'm taking my mum with me tomorrow. Initially I wasn't going to, because I'd hate for her to be there and have to share the experience if there's any bad news (ie - signs of TTTS starting up), but then I decided I'd better suck it up and kick my doom-and-gloom stupid brain to the curb and just accept that chances are, it'll be GOOD news, and that would be amazing for her to share! I mean, the last (and only) ultrasound she would have seen was with me over 28 years ago now, and she only had one, so imagine what it will be like for her to see today's ultrasounds!! Plus, part of it will be a 3D scan which will be INTERESTING. Am hoping they don't look too much like freaky little alien babies!! And there'll be a DVD to show DH. He really wants to be there - I feel bad for him! (My meltdown probably didn't help at all either - ooops!) I'll be sure to let you know how it goes though. I'm going to be a basket case at work in the morning, so they'd better not be difficult with me! wink.gif

#12 Lou87

Posted 27 March 2012 - 12:21 PM

PCM! Just in case you see this:

Congrats on starting your first IVF cycle!! I'll be thinking of you and sending the absolute best vibes your way!  original.gif

#13 Des_Hen

Posted 27 March 2012 - 01:17 PM

Thanks for the warm welcome ladies.

mojo - sounds like you had fun pram shopping.
Your GP was good to see you weekly. did you get scans weekly? bloods? or just a "check up"?

MrsS - i hope your nausea gets better.

Little lion - hello!! glad your GP was understanding and referred you early. what did the scans show at 5.5 & 7w?

Loulla - thanks. is p4 progesterone? I hope your cold feels better.

fairey - thank you. i am definitely fatigued. flaked out by 8:30 - 9:00pm every night.... my boobs are full, but not 'sore' yet. although, they just got sensitive last time.
i have to wait 8 weeks too it seems = torture!

lou87 - thank you. i hope the time goes quickly too. what did your GP test in your bloods? hcg? vitamin levels?
i'm sure your scan will be perfect and your mum will feel so honoured that you have included her original.gif

AFM: i feel so happy & nervous every minute - nerppy! haha
I had a freak out today in the toilet, thought i saw spots in my undies, only to realise it was the pattern :-/
HELP! haha.
I'm starting to swallow alot, with a lot of access saliva! i hope this is a sign of m/s... i know that sounds weird, but it will give me some comfort knowing things are progressing.

Last time i had a scan at 10w, but bub stopped growing at 8w.

i am so anxious about waiting until 8w this time with OB. Should i get a referral from GP for a scan at 7 weeks?
She is waiting till 8w, as she said it can sometimes be too early to see a HB before then, and only stresses new mums.
Same as hcg results, can put undue stress on mum if results aren't that positive.
Rational thought? how dare she!
Trusting my body again is hard.
I read this mantra on someones sig, and i have adopted it "my body knows how to nuture & grow a healthy baby".

I will be repeating this every minute until i see that HB!


#14 little lion

Posted 27 March 2012 - 01:25 PM

Hello PCM. original.gif I was thinking about you last week. Was going to contact you but I didn't want to be one of those smug fertile women we dislike.  wink.gif It would be lovely to have you join us here, I hope you can very soon!

Lou you made me laugh out loud with the abc pram comments! Yes that was me. I haven't seen a bugaboo donkey yet but I'm sure they are way better than the long orange train (wreck)! I like baby bunting too, it is worth heading to the gold coast for. On the weekend DH and I went to a pram warehouse for the first time. Well it is certainly warehousey, it felt dark and depressing to me. But after about 10 minutes there we had to leave because I was hit by nausea. We went to the stafford store so maybe next time I will visit another one to see if the store ambience is better.

I'm home sick today. The cold continues and spewing this morning sealed my decision to stay home. Just booked my NT scan, woot! I will be 12 weeks 4 days. The centre didn't have many appointments left so I'm glad I called now, thanks for the push, girls. original.gif

Edited to add: des hen we must have posted at the same time. I love the term nerppy! At 5.5 wks we saw a sac of the correct size in the right place, at 7 weeks we saw and heard the 153 beats per minute heartbeat. original.gif and you made me laugh getting worried about the 'spots' in your undies! I know we are all as nerppy as each other.

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#15 porkchop's mama

Posted 27 March 2012 - 01:34 PM

little lion - not at all.  I don't think any of us could be capable of 'smug' after all that we've been through.

Lou87 - thank you for the kind wishes too.

It gave me hope and happiness today to find you all here, safe and well.

PCM xxx

#16 MaryLou88MaryLou

Posted 27 March 2012 - 03:37 PM

Hello Ladies,

Congratulations on the BFP – well done!! As all the other ladies all ready said the first trimester is tough but we will all be here to support you! I also had HCG tests done and they reassured me a lot (at least for a day or two hehe) and then also had an early ultrasound but that was due to spotting – I went to the emergency department at the RNSH that was when I was almost 7 weeks and we saw a little HB. After that I had two more scans before the NT just for my peace of mind. And yes I did have to pay for them in full and they were not covered by either private health insurance or medicare. Your fatigue sounds very promising and your increased saliva too! Keep up your positive mantra! Just lovely!

Jlove – Regarding your question on the urbo. Some shops also sell it in a slat and red colour which is a little more exciting than the black. I bought it at a baby kingdom sale and they only did the special price when buying it in black so I ended up with the black one but I do like it. The silver frame lightens it up a little too. Amazing that your DH is a photographer – you will have incredible baby photos. Little wriggly movements – CUTE! Your morph scan is not too far now – I hope you are not too nervous but obviously understandable if you are. I think we are all a little nervous when it comes to the morph scan. I am looking forward to hearing some great news from you Thursday. I will be thinking of you and crossing my fingers that everything is just perfect with your little bub! Good on you for not finding out the sex – I wish I could be that patient original.gif

Lala – a baby girl!! SO BEAUTIFUL! WELL DONE! I am so very happy for you!

– great pram report original.gif Will be interesting to hear which one you will buy at the end and for what reasons.

TheNewMrsS – Amazing news on your NT scan! Time seems to be flying by – YAY you have reached the second trimester and your babies are looking perfectly healthy! That is just so wonderful to hear. Well done! You must be over the moon and sooo incredibly happy! Not so great to hear that your nausea is so bad – I hope it will get better for you soon now that you are in the second trimester. Go away sickness! I am looking forward to hearing more from you when you are feeling better and when you have time.

Little Lion – great idea with booking in another scan! It really helped me to relax a little. And it is just so great to see the little bean. Enjoy! You poor thing – you don’t sound very well. Now also a cold ... Not nice. Well done on booking your NT appointment. Now you have a date to look forward to.

– The name Grace is so nice. Shame that you have negative associations with it. GGRRR to the cold – GO AWAY and leave our Loulla alone! I agree with you – it is just a miracle thinking that we all have a human being growing inside us. Just amazing! The moment we meet them will be so incredible.

Fairey – I hope you will be able to feel movement very very soon! Which ice cream did you go for original.gif YUM YUM!!

Lou – Morph scan tomorrow. Time really has just been flying by. I wish you all the best for tomorrow! I will be thinking of you and sending lots of healthy baby vibes. I think it is great that you are taking your mum. It will be nice for you to have someone with you and not be all alone and it will be wonderful and special for your mum to share the experience. She will never forget that. And after the scan you might even want to go on a shopping tour with your mum and by the donkey wink.gif The pain you are having – do you think it is ligament pain? I hope you DH is home soon and will be able to share all up coming appointments and scans with you. I will be looking out for your tomorrow.

AFM – Last week of DH being away. Counting the hours...not long now. 3 more sleeps original.gif I have been struggeling to sleep this week and have had ligament pain on my right and side in the back where my hip is so I am looking forward to my Yoga class tonight which will hopefully help me stretch out and feel better and to get a nice deep sleep. I found a great product which I thought I would share with you – the PUJ tub. Because we have a small apartment I have been thinking “where will we bath the baby” because we don’t have a bath tub and those plastic tubs that you can buy are huge and that’s when I found a product from the US called puj tub. Here is the website http://pujbaby.com There are a few Australian websites you can order it from and mine arrived yesterday. I love it – it is nice and soft, easy to fold up and to store and fits just perfectly into our kitchen sink. I think that is all from me original.gif 7 days to go till my morph scan...

Edited by MaryLou88MaryLou, 27 March 2012 - 03:40 PM.

#17 Fairey

Posted 27 March 2012 - 05:30 PM

Just quickly...

Ice cream was great original.gif I had vanilla with a spoon of nutella on it (hey - whatever works!)

PCM - I think of you often, my love. I hope IVF is successful for you and that you are in here with us very soon xx

Lou - I'm glad that you're taking your mum. It's going to be beautiful to share the scan with her if you can't share it with your hubby. Enjoy your bubba!! xx

MaryLou - Thanks original.gif I hope I feel movement too (I keep asking the baby to kick harder and to flutter me.... but so far it doesn't seem to listen  shrug.gif ) And yes - my husband thinks I'm completely insane!

#18 Fairey

Posted 27 March 2012 - 05:37 PM

Forgot to say...

Des - laughed at your story about your undies!
If you do have some spots though (I only say this because I'm nearly 19 weeks and have a spot and or small clot every 1-2 weeks) don't stress too much straight away.
Spots = okay
Cramps = okay
Spots & Cramps (at the same time) = not okay

Fingers crossed you'll be nothing like me and see nothing sinster at all for the next 8ish months!!

#19 minidiamond

Posted 27 March 2012 - 07:06 PM

You ladies !! impossible to keep up with so I'll make it quick.

Des, welcome, fabulous group here !

Porkchops, hi hun, all the very best, ditto to what Fairey said about you joining us here.  

Lou, I am also up for morph scan tomorrow, I'll pop back in to check on you & let you know how we get on.

hugs & hi to all.....

#20 lalalollipop

Posted 28 March 2012 - 11:40 AM

Hi lovelies original.gif

Liltuss - big hugs and positive vibes to you today... can't wait to hear your good news original.gif The restless legs sounds un-fun... did the massage help? The lullaby CD sounds beautiful, and so wonderful to have that from your mum.

Fairey - thanks for the MCN definition! Not you too with the leg issues (but lol on DH's comments laugh.gif ). I hear magnesium is great, my best friend had that during pregnancy on the recommendation of her naturopath, and she said not only did it help with cramps but it also helped curb sugar cravings!

Loulla - how great DH is a good photographer, you'll get so many lovely pg and baby pics. Your cocoa malt drink sounds YUM!

Little lion - sorry to hear you're sick. I've heard colds are common during pregnancy because the immune system shuts down so your body doesn't see the baby as a foreign object. My doc got me to have a flu shot this morning, apparently it's free and recommended for pg ladies. Good on you for having the reassurance scan, the more views of bub the better I say! I will be thinking of you original.gif

Jlove - haircut was ok, I don't love it because she didn't really do what I asked, but it's ok... besides, my hair is growing like crazy so it won't take long to grow back to normal anyways! Yay to wriggling, and not long til your morph scan - woo hoo! Glad the doppler worked.

Des - welcome, and sorry for what you've been through but so glad you're here with us and pregnant! We all know what it's like, and this group is a brilliant support (and we all know how tough and anxious the first tri is after MC) - so feel free to vent any and all anxieties and be swamped with reassurance x

MaryLou - glad DH is coming home original.gif Love, love, love the puj tub! We have the same situation, I think I'll get one too. How gorgeous is the little baby model in the bathtub, can't believe we'll all have one (or two, in the case of Lou and MrsS!) of our own in a few months wub.gif

Mojo - you really are the pram guru. Maybe you should start up your own baby product review website!

MrsS - Congrats on the brilliant NT scan - great news!!! Sounds like the twins are doing great. Yep, we've had a girl's name for years now, and we both still love it. Will keep some boys names in mind, though, just in case. Boo to vomiting - it does seem twins make you sicker for longer! Hope you feel better soon - I remember thinking after the NT scan - ok, we've hit the second trimester, and that previously reassurring MS is no longer required, so bugger off! tongue.gif

Loulla - I bet you have heard some cracker names being a teacher. A friend of a friend of mine is a teacher and in her class she has a Beyonce and a Kanye!! (Sorry if anyone was thinking of naming their kid either of those names blink.gif ). Yay for wriggles, and boo to sniffles...

Lou - thinking of you today, and waiting for your good news too original.gif . I get that aching at the sides, probably just growing pains/ligaments etc? I'm glad your mum can go with you - imagine how special it will be for her. And US has changed so much since we were in utero, she will be blown away. Sending you all the best vibes for a perfect scan.

PCM - hi, and hope you can join us soon. Our baby is IVF, so if you have any questions or want to chat please do! It was third time lucky for us... and yes, it's quite a journey and can be tough, but is a billion percent worth it to be nearly 20 weeks along and all going fine! Good luck (and by the way, the injections are a breeze - I was terrified but in the end bizarrely enjoyed doing the injections - it made me feel like I was making it all happen!)

Hi everyone else! bbighug.gif

AFM - so as I said in my last quick post, scan went great! All the bits in all the right places, and appear to be working well. They couldn't get great pics of the heart - from what they can see it looks fine - but I have to go back in 4 weeks for another scan (yay, more BabyGirlTV!) to get clearer pics and do the 3D ones as she wasn't in a great position to see much with those. Only concern at this stage is the placenta now looks to be low-lying, so if it doesn't shift up a bit I won't be accepted at the Birth Centre any more and will have to transfer to the Labour Ward antenatal clinic, which is a bummer but in the long run I don't care, seeing it's all about what's best for the baby!

So little girl's doing great. Well, they said they only ever can say 80% certainty that it's a girl (boys are easier to pic, for obvious reasons!) so we may be suprised at the birth anyway! I don't mind either way, but it's nice to be able to call bubs 'she' instead of 'it' biggrin.gif We had been calling it Peanut, but since the scan she's now referred to as Baby Girl. DH is is beside himself, she's got him wrapped around her finger before she's even out in the world. So sweet. He's already getting protective - jokingly said the other day he'll have to shop for a shotgun for when she starts dating, to scare bad boys away lol.

Have a great day girls

#21 little lion

Posted 28 March 2012 - 12:04 PM

Lala it is good to hear details of your scan. I'm sure the next one will go well too. That's interesting about them being only 80 per cent certain a girl is a girl. I'd never thought of it before but it makes sense.

Speaking of scans, I am  ph34r.gif for Lou and Liltuss's scan results.  

Marylou that tub is cool. We have a bathtub but I don't imagine it'd be comfortable leaning on the hard floor to bath the baby. So  I might look into that puj tub. Funnily enough our sunroom (currently used as the office) must have been a nursery previously, because it has a sink with hot and cold water! So that's pretty nifty.

I'm still off work, my cold is a bit worse. My Ob is so cool, I called him this morning and he did a consultation over the phone, and DH is now picking up an antibiotics script and sick note from his office. I can't fault his service, I paid him nothing for that today.

#22 Jlove14

Posted 28 March 2012 - 01:02 PM

Welcome Des_Hen!  And congratulations!  I hope we can give you the support you need and wishing you all the best for a sucessful pregnancy.  I first saw my ob at 8 weeks, he saw me a bit earlier than usual as he was the same ob that dealt with my m/c. I got the usual blood test from my gp to confirm my pregnancy but didnt get any blood tests after that.  Your freak outs sound completely normal and I know we all had something similar so you are not alone!  I think you should wait for your 8 week scan as you dont want to be stressed out if they cant find the heartbeat at 7 weeks....the baby feels your stress so keep repeating that mantra!  

Mojo- thanks for the pram reviews!  I'm gonna go play with the urbo this weekend and may check out the bugaboo bee and donkey as well

Mrs S- So happy for you that your NT went well! and what a relief there is a membrane!  Sorry to hear aout your nausea, if you are not vomiting is it just a feeling of nausea that you are getting that is debilitating you? Have you tried different rememdies such as eating something sour, ice pack?  I didnt get that much nausea but I know some of the other ladies on here did and they should be able to give you good tips

Little lion- glad you booked in an in between scan, will definitely help to keep you sane while waiting for the NT!  Hope you are feeling better

Loulla- I have had the same thought! I just cant believe that there is something alive growing inside me and me and my DH made it!

Lou- How was the morph scan with your mum?  I loved taking my mum because the look on her face when she saw bug on the screen was just priceless and one I will never forget.  How was the 3D scan.  Cant wait to hear all about it

Marylou- How was the yoga- did it help to ease your muscle pains?  I missed my class last week because I had to work late but I am going again tonite- woohoo!  The puj tub looks so cool!  Sure beats just bathing the bub in the kitchen sink! haha

Liltuss- Update on the scan please!

lala- that is so sweet that your DH is getting all protective and is in love with her already!  so so sweet, brought a tear to my eye...bloody hormones!  ps. hope your placenta shifts

AFM not really much happening, still get some wriggles every now and then from bug but not enough for DH to feel yet.  Havent used the doppler since sat and might give it a whirl tonite, even though my morph scan is tomorrow!  My thinking is that if I dont get a heart beat with the doppler tonite then at least I will be a bit more prepared at the scan tomorrow- negative thought I know!!  Had a lovely relaxing bath on the weekend and it made me feel so light- I was like "bug are you really in there because I cant feel you!"  Oh and DH and I have booked a quick getaway bugmoon for the easter long weekend- we are going to the posh CHateu Elan at the Hunter Valley- literally CANT WAIT!!  I've got a few spa treatments lined up- its the mother to be package.  I thought since I cant drink I may as well spend up big at the spa! haha

Have a great day ladies!  And wish me luck for tomorrow

#23 minidiamond

Posted 28 March 2012 - 01:24 PM

Hi everyone
This is gonna be a me post, hope that's alright.

So we had our morph scan this morning, I was excited but still nervous as I'm sure everyone is !

Thrilled to say everything is going well, sono was able to get a decent look at the heart, head, all the vital organs, limbs etc etc.  Placenta is anterior, think I mentioned that earlier and all else as it should be.  We have a very slight adjustment to the EDD from August 14 to August 10, don't think it makes any difference really.  But we have ten little fingers, ten little toes and one little ...... willy !!  So yes ...

It's a boy  !  

Oh dear, I am getting teary typing this in the office so I need to sign off ....

But DH & I and grandparents and sisters/brothers are all over the moon.

Edited by Liltuss, 28 March 2012 - 01:27 PM.

#24 lalalollipop

Posted 28 March 2012 - 01:34 PM

Liltuss, that's brilliant!!! Congratulations on your healthy baby boy. Now I'm getting teary! ddance.gif

Stalking for Lou's results ph34r.gif

Jlove - good vibes for tomorrow!!! Everything will be fine, I can feel it hheart.gif

I love how the good news just keeps on rolling in xx

#25 little lion

Posted 28 March 2012 - 01:36 PM

Yay for you, Liltuss! original.gif A boy is brilliant!

The holiday sounds great Jlove. Lucky thing.

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