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Mums n Bubs Feb Group Chat

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#26 QueenElsa

Posted 27 March 2012 - 10:31 PM

Hi girls,
How are you all going?
Sage has started smile some more and it is just beautiful!! She smiles the most first thing in the morning, almost makes the early starts worthwhile!!  DH says he hasn't seen a proper smile yet so I suggested he get her tomorrow wink.gif - he's not a morning person!

She is in infant huggies, there are occasional poo leaks... I used Aldi with other DDs but their quality has gone down so I don't know if I'll bother this time.

We also have the pimply rash, can't remember the name the paed gave it but said it should be gone by 3 months. Also gone by then will be the excess body hair - anyone else's bub got that?

Well I couldn't believe it last night, Sage went from 8pm-4am. Was fab, hope she can do it again. The most before that was 6.5 hours. I gave her a warmer blanket as its getting a little colder here, maybe that helped.

I have been to a couple of work meetings this week with Sage, it is great to show her off!! I whinged a lot during the pregnancy at work so it is nice to show the positive result of all that. And it's great to join the "thinking" world again. I know that sounds bad but it's amazing how feeds, laundry, settling etc can fill a day....

Mel - so glad Nixon is thriving!! You must have a great milk supply.

Mumof32b - I admire u using MCNs, I love the idea but just don't think I could. But they are cute original.gif

Carmen - hi!! I'm also nearby, in Brissie. Hope S is good at the wedding

FTM - how is Lucy?

Natalie - LOL about next one?  I find it odd saying goodbye to my OB, but this time I have another check in 6 weeks because of the op last week. Then no more hospitals hopefully (as a patient anyway)

Molokai - how are you?

hugs to all the Mums & bubs,

#27 jimbobmel

Posted 30 March 2012 - 01:42 PM

Hey ladies

How is everyone going? By the look of how slow moving this thread is, we are all very busy!!

How beautiful are these smiles that are coming out. Nixon's are getting bigger and bigger each morning! It really does melt my heart & make it all seem worthwhile, especially after days like we had yesterday......
Holy moly my little mister wouldn't settle all day and only slept for a grand total of about 1 & 1/2 hours from 5am until 7pm!!! In saying that, he slept from 7:30pm until 2:30am so at least I got to catch up on a little bit of sleep.

Doctorseuss- I have been using aldi nappies during the day and they aren't too bad. My only issue with them is that they don't have the poo catcher around the top of the nappies at the back like the huggies do but it's only occasionally that we have a leak from there.

Mumof32b- I'm really keen to start using my MCN's but I have no idea what sort of system I need to be running. How do you go about it?? Good on you for doing it from this age, I was going to hang out until Nixon is 3 months old.

Carmen- is the wedding this weekend?? Have a really great time! How is the spots on S's face? Nixon's have all cleared up now so hopefully S's have too original.gif

Molokai- where are you? Haven't heard from you for ages. Hope that everything is going ok original.gif

Nixon & I have our 6 week checks on Tuesday next week so that should be a nice outing....

Hi to all the other mums that I have missed and hopefully everyone has a great weekend!

Mel x

#28 1&Twins

Posted 30 March 2012 - 02:48 PM

Hi All,

How is everyone and their bubs'?

Lucy is doing much better since we've been giving her Rubarb and Soda drops as prescribed by the Gp for her wind/colic.  She's a great sleeper at night, sleeping 4 to 5 hour blocks and I think she is starting to get the hang of napping better during the day.  She also a few of the pimple like spots on her face and back of her neck - it's referred to as a milk rash but I'm not sure of the technical term but know its hormonal and will fix itself by 3 months.

Lucy has put on 1.6kgs since birth and we are using Huggies Infant nappies.  A friend suggested we try Snugglers also but my mum has been buying lots of nappies for us, so I reckon we may even be onto the next size when we need to buy some more.

We are also getting some cracker smiles - it's just gorgeous.  Lucy makes her daddy giggle so much when she smiles it makes my heart melt.  I'm glad everyone else is getting the cheeky smiles too.

On Monday we have our pediatrician appointment and on Thursday Lucy is having her immunisations sad.gif not looking forward to that!

I love it when we are out and about and the amount of people that stop you to sneek a peek at Lucy and ask how old she is.  I certainly feel like a proud mum!

I'm so looking forward to weekend and having DF home so we can all spend some quality time together.  During the week DF comes home from work during Lucy's witching hour and it's a lot of grizzles and cluster feeding and not much daddy time, although he does bath her most nights which she loves and good bonding for them.

Easter next weekend and I'm kinda disappointed that we can't go camping in the Flinders Ranges this year but there will be plenty of camping and 4WDriving trips coming up soon enough.  This year we have a lunch on Easter Sunday at my cousins with family so that will be nice anyway.

hugs to Everyone xox

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#29 Molokai

Posted 30 March 2012 - 05:55 PM

Hi girls! Sorry I've been MIA - I'm addicted to Draw Something, so when I sit and feed Archer I'm drawing pictures on my Galaxy tablet - don't get on my laptop much anymore. Its harder to type on the tablet so I don't do much posting, but I do read!

Archer is going well, he had some unsettled periods where he wanted to feed every hour and only slept on me, would cry if I tried to transfer him to his bassinet. I stretched his feeds out by distracting him (mostly going for walks in the pram, or getting someone else to hold/cuddle him - if I do it he smells the milk and goes bananas crying) and his sleeping just got better, not sure how - maybe the walking tired him out?

My friends from WA were here on the weekend and would fight over who got to hold him, so after each feed he'd get cuddled and rocked to sleep, and held for his whole sleep - no doubt helped contribute to the sleeping problems since they left! He's always been good at night though, we've had a few 6 hour then 4 hour stretches, but he mostly does 4 then 4 - I'm not complaining, if I get 8 hours sleep it doesn't worry me if its broken in half.

Archer is smiling lots now too, and its freaking adorable. That little gummy grin. He also tries to talk, guggling and gahing, sounds like he says 'hi' sometimes. I try to tell him 'mum, mum, mum' all the time original.gif but he hasn't got it yet.

He is going for immunisations on Monday, I feel so sad for him already even though I know its for his own good, and I'm not mentally scarred from my own childhood needles so I guess he'll be fine. Poor bubs, don't want to see his face crumpled in pain sad.gif

He has also had almost no wind and no vomits for a week or two - remember I suspected colic or reflux? He's great now, just the occasional little overflow spew after feeding. I barely have to burp him, he usually burps as I move him. Either its because he's older and his digestive system has matured, or its because I stopped drinking cow's milk. DH had a hunch so I swapped to soy. Not sure if its helping, but it doesn't seem to be hurting at all, and I don't notice the difference so I'll carry on with soy.

I love going out and about with him too, especially now he likes the pram. He always gets comments on his hair (still ginger, but very light coloured, and due to his double crown it has an automatic mohawk - very cute), and people always say 'he's such a little man' / 'he has such a boy's face'.

We have a wedding to go to tomorrow down the coast, it will be his first overnight away so I'm trying to remember what to pack, writing lists and going crazy. I've expressed milk for the day and night, but will still have to pump or my boobs will explode, so I have to sterelise and take everything with me, keep the milk on ice etc. The drive is 2.5 hours and I'm more worried about that, because he still hates his carseat. If I put him in asleep he'll be ok until he wakes and realises he's in the car. I might take earplugs along! If he does well we might consider going somewhere over Easter. Otherwise I'm pretty happy to sit home and eat chocolate while DH takes on some child-distracting biggrin.gif

I've got my Ob appointment next week too so that should be a nice final chapter to the pregnancy/birth process. Must organise birth control asap, not interested in number 2 anytime soon (if at all!). Had the paed appointment yesterday but nothing too interesting, he's average length, above average weight and below average head circumference. He's about 5.3kg now, still fits in infant nappies but almost outgrowing his 0 - 3 month clothes. I just tried a previously-too big outfit on him today and its almost tight! I have 5 onesies I bought in the US with 'rock star' type pics on them and they nearly don't fit anymore. He's going to wear them all next week original.gif He's got a tuxedo onesie for the wedding, can't wait to put it on him.

Mel - your MIL sounds like a nightmare. What a PITA.

Mumof3 , doctorsuess, Carmen, FTM - sounds like all's going well with the bubs. We are all about on the same page with them, its nice to know.

Hope everyone is going well and lots of cuddles to the happy smiling bubs original.gif

Sorry this is an ASW post all about me but have to type fast before the monster wakes up again! biggrin.gif

#30 QueenElsa

Posted 31 March 2012 - 01:30 PM

Hi girls good to hear your news?
How did the wedding go Molokai? Is he being babysat for the first time?
How are Lucy and Nixon?
How was your wedding Carmen?

Sage is proving to be a super sleeper - she did 2 nights from 8pm-6am!!  I couldn't believe it when I woke - but my boobs were exploding. Last few nights is back to 4am, I'm happy with that too as long as she goes back to sleep.

We are getting some smiles, mostly in the mornings. And some "talking" little goos and gahs. Sweet!!  She is also growing out of 000 suits already, I can't believe it.

Tomorrow we have DH's 40th and Monday is immunisations - oh no!!  I know it's essential but a little traumatic too.

Hope you are having a good weekend - its a quiet one here, DD1 has croup, DH is working today.

#31 Mumof32b!

Posted 31 March 2012 - 08:32 PM

Hello All

So nice to hear long newsy posts about how everyone is going.

Jimbobmel I love my itti bitti's I also have a bubblebub.  I have the AIO's which are so easy to use, you just put them on, chuck them in a bucket with a lid and I wash every second day.  For poops I use a liner so I can just lift it out and flush it away, then I rinse the nappy and but in the bucket as above, the beauty of breastfed babies poo is it doesn't smell or go yuck!

Doctorsuess lucky you with the sleeping, we get one 5 hour stretch then 3 hour blocks but as we both go straight back to sleep after the feed it is not too bad.

Molokai my Archie is the same, ginger in the sun and adorable full head of hair.  He is also held a lot by the school mum's so a bit spoilt but I don't care, he is my last one and it is working for us so far.

FTM1 glad Lucy's colic is better, Archie had those spots and they did disappear overnight it is amazing!

Archie has needles on Mon as well, am not looking forward to them, tried to to put them off but that is just avoiding the inevitable I think.

Best go now, sorry for those I missed hi to everyone, have to shower the big boys before they kill each other!

Have a great week everyone


#32 Flutters

Posted 02 April 2012 - 02:03 PM

Hi Everyone..just wondering if I can join in. My DD Felicity was born on the 4th of Feb, and she is our first. She is going pretty well, and I am getting the hang of being a mum - OMG biggest learning curve ever :-)

She was emergency c-section as she was 8 days overdue, and she reacted badly to the gel they used to induce me, so after 5 hours of midwives walking in, checking the monitor and screwing the noses up, my OB said a c-section was best. My recovery was good and fairly quick, and 8 weeks later we just went on our first longish walk! Im looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

I've read through the posts and a lot of what everyone has said has applied to us, so it's good to know everything seems to be normal behaviour! The biggest issue I am having at the moment is she won't sleep in her basinette during the day - she just wants to be held. Sometimes she will sleep in the pram, and if she is on my chest she will sleep for hours, but as soon as I put her in her basinette she will be awake and sooking within 5 mins normally. Although I have had a bit of success today - she has been down for 20 mins without waking. It's weird, becuase she is happy in it at night, and I will get normally a 5 hour stretch, and then a 3 - 4 hour stretch, which I am happy with. Last week we had two nights of 7 hours - it was fantastic. She is back to 3 - 4 hours, but I think she has just had a growth spurt. But still, if I am only up once or twice a night I am not going to complain. She is fully BF and that is going well for us too. i just can't figure out why she doesn't like the bassinette during the day, but is so happy in it at night - it's odd!

Look forward to getting to know you and your babies. She's just woken up, so at least we had a tiny bit of progress today!


#33 lizzylizzy

Posted 02 April 2012 - 02:13 PM

omg! so happy i found this link!!

Hello girls!

Madeleine and I are good- loving reading your stories.

Will write more when the screaming stops... why is it that as soon as you start something you hear a little voice calling for you????


#34 jimbobmel

Posted 02 April 2012 - 03:13 PM

Hi mumma's

Welcome Flutters, congratulations on the birth of Felicity! I know what you mean about bub not sleeping in the bassinet during the day for long!! It's frustrating, especially since they do sleep so well in them at night.

Hi Lizzie, glad you found us & glad that everything is going well with Madeleine!!! That little voice keeps us on our toes hey!!

Karen, you've inspired me!! I'm going to start with the MCN's next week! I have quite a few itti bitti's (heaps now actually thanks to their month long sale all through March) a couple of bambooty's, some bum wraps & some Internet cheapies. I definitely have enough so that I don't have to wash every day. Hope that Archie's needles weren't too traumatic for you today original.gif

Molokai, it was nice to hear from you & I'm glad that everything is going well!! I wish Nixon liked the pram. I don't think he actually likes it at all! Did you end up getting a bugaboo? I'm thinking of getting a Bee because I can have him face me. I think that he doesn't like not being able to see me! I'm not going to tell DH though, it's just going to miraculously show up..... ph34r.gif

Doctorseuss, lucky you with Sage being such a gret sleeper! Nixon is getting better at sleeping for longer stretches through the night but Sage is incredible!!

Just got home from a trip to the shops, oh my gosh, talk about over stimulation overload!! Poor kid hardly slept a wink, hated being in the pram & practically screamed the place down!! Thankfully I took the carrier too so he did catch a few minutes of sleep! If you girls in Brisbane go to Westfield North Lakes, give the parents room in Myer a miss! It was totally horrible! Freezing cold, the feeding chair in the most stark, bright white, sterile room was so uncomfortable & had wooden arms that were in such a bad spot. It was so noisy too, I think it backed onto their store room. There was no way any child was going to go to sleep in there!! Then the cleaner came in while I was changing Nixon & she pretty much sprayed us with their cleaning product. I was choking on it! I think I'm going to email them about it.

Anyway target is having 20% to 30% off all clothes there at the moment so I got some good bargains. 2 pairs of bonds leggings for $9! We have our OB & pead appointments tomorrow.... What a way to spend my birthday.... Then we have Nixon's needles on Wednesday  sad.gif

Ok, enough from me for now! Hi Carmen, Nat, FTM & anyone that I have missed.

Hopefully the lead up to Easter is a good week. Anyone going away anywhere?

Chow, Mel x

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#35 1&Twins

Posted 02 April 2012 - 04:30 PM

Hi again everyone and welcome Flutters!

Flutters - Lucy has a very similar sleep pattern at night.  I have only just been able to get Lucy to sleep in her bassinet during the day in the last week, she's actually sleeping in it right now.  It was exactly the same though... grizzling within 5-10 mins.  I spoke to the CAFHS nurse about it and she gave me some really good settling tips and to look out for Lucy's tired signals (I think I was trying to put her down when she wasn't that tired).  Basically I will feed her, let her play either on the play mat or bouncer and talk to her (playtime) and then look out for when she's getting tired - her cues are yawning, jerky movements, staring, red eyes etc.  I then wrap her up and put her down, she will even self settle if I'm lucky!  The nurse said that although it's not always good to watch the clock but little babies can usually only tolerate an hour and a half of awake time which includes the feed.  I followed this when at home and it works more often than not.  So maybe some of the tips I got might help you and Felicity.

DrSuess - I had a couple of nights of Lucy sleeping 7 or 8 hours and yep my boobs were sooooo sore and bulging.. I wear a soft maternity bra to bed with nursing pads as I tend to leak a bit overnight but on those occasions.... need I say more!

Mel - I got some bargains at Target too.. so cheap!!  Such cute tops for under $10 - amazing value and their clothes seem to be pretty good quality.

Lucy had a first follow up with the paediatrician and her hips are fine and she's doing well in all other areas.  The doctor was really happy and said that she's looking great and actually said "she comes from the good paddock" hehehehe.  Lucy has put on nearly 2kgs since birth.. so we are all smiles here biggrin.gif

Immunisations Thursday - hope she tolerates it ok.  She barely grizzled during her hip ultrasound (she was actually smiling at the sonographer) or her examination today, so fingers crossed for Thursday!  

Karen - how did Archie's needles go today?  Hope he's well and you too!

Hope everyone is doing very well.
Amy x

#36 QueenElsa

Posted 02 April 2012 - 09:38 PM

Hi girls,
Wow it's getting busier here, great to see!
Welcome Flutters, of course join in. My DH loved the name Felicity, we almost used it. Love the meaning.

Lizzie glad you found us, hope Maddy is going well.

Karen - how did Archie go today with needles?

We had the vaccinations today, I have never heard a cry like it. The agony for her!!!!  I've told DH to do it next time, but he hasn't done one for any of the DDs so don't know if he'll do it. Safe needed paracetamol at lunchtime as she just kept crying for no reason - totally unlike my super calm baby.  DDs were full on today, we were all up late with DH's 40th y'day.

Sage is back to a 2-4am wake up, but it's pretty quick and she is soooo happy to see me!

She is now 5.7kg and 95th percentile - crazy!!

Amy - I know about night time leaks, oh it's a different sensation to wake up in the wet warmth of leakage...,I now wear a fitted singlet. I didn't have this problem with other DDs, had lower supply.

Mel - I've been disappointed with the baby change rooms here. Toombul is ok but chairs with hard arms, Chermaide is tiny and always occupied. Melbourne has better ones, and ikea was good, not surprisingly.  

I would never get away with a bugaboo, but I like the sporty prams anyway (we use a Phil & teds most of the time)

Must go to bed, sooo tired after a busy day.

#37 Molokai

Posted 03 April 2012 - 11:06 AM

Hi all. Just quickly while I'm feeding Archer in the waiting room for Ob: Mel the bugaboo is great. I'm glad I got the bee and not chameleon as Archer already likes sitting more upright in it, so the bassinet attachment would have only had 6 weeks use. I agree with you about Myer - what's with the hard armed chairs in feeding rooms? Impossible to lay a baby across your lap in them. I'd complain about the cleaner spraying you.

Well the Ob just cancelled, emergency c section. Time for coffee and cake! I just changed Archer in his pram in the outdoor area of the hospital cafe. It was a rush job in case he did an accident while naked! Never thought I'd do that but now I just do what I have to do to keep him happy. He's whining for milk now so better feed him. More personals later xx welcome newbie!

#38 HurryUpAlready

Posted 08 April 2012 - 07:58 AM

Hi girls, happy easter! I hope you're all having a lovely long weekend.

This is just a 2 second post to say hi and sorry for being slack lately. I've just read all the recent posts - it's so good to hear that everyone is doing well and it's nice to see some new mums too. Hi Lizzy, glad you found us.

Zara has just finished a feed and I want to put her back in bed before the sun comes up (it's 6am) so I'll scoot for now but will bbl for a longer post.


#39 QueenElsa

Posted 08 April 2012 - 09:04 PM

Hi girls, just wanted to wish you all a happy Easter. We had a fabulous day, DDs were so excited about the Easter egg hunt.  We've all had too much chocolate but will go to sleep happy. original.gif

#40 jimbobmel

Posted 08 April 2012 - 09:55 PM

Hi all

Happy Easter to all you lovely mumma's too!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekends! I really wish there were more this long!

We've had a pretty eventful week....... Tuesday was my birthday and then Wednesday night I spent the whole night in hospital with gall stones. How painful are they!! I managed to get sent home with 2 pretty hefty doses of anti-biotics to reduce the inflammation on the gall bladder wall. Luckily I can still BF while taking them but apparently it makes breast taste bitter (I don't know who tests this theory!!??). Poor Nixon, he really didn't think much of my milk the first few days. I do have to have surgery to remove it soon now too sad.gif I have been expressing like mad because if the pain doesn't settle then I have to have the surgery ASAP. At this stage though I'm not feeling too bad so I think the med's are working.

Tomorrow is DH's birthday so more celebrations to come!! Anyhow I'm off to bed before another big day! Enjoy the last of this long weekend and take care!! Here's hoping that the Easter bunny made it everyone's place!!!

Mel xx

#41 QueenElsa

Posted 09 April 2012 - 02:33 PM

Sorry to hear that Mel, how awful!!!  Hope the pain settles. Funny about the milk tasting funny, although I bet Nixon isn't amused. Hope you can put off surgery for a while.

We went for a family bike ride this morning, I had the 2 little DDs in the trailer, DH pulled DD1 with a tag a long bike. It was fun but now i'mexhausted!!  And can't nap because neighbours are mowing lawns and big DDs are making soo much noise. Looking forward to tomorrow when it's just DD3 and me. original.gif

#42 Mumof32b!

Posted 09 April 2012 - 03:40 PM

Just quickly as we are just back from our Easter break and there is masses of washing and uppacking.

Hope everyone had a great easter, Mel you poor thing hopefully you are not in too much pain, poor Nixon hope all is ok now.

I love a bikeride, DH and the big boys did a lot of that over the break, I spent the time mostly chilling with Archie, the others went to the beach a lot but Archie still too little I think which is fine with me.  He was so good away, seeing we were in a house with 16 people in it of various ages, such a great baby, although I think we are all glad to be back to our own home and routine.

Archie did a great job especially as he had his needles last week, so far no ill effect, he is so good and I am so lucky, he might be a bit whingy now but that could also be the holiday. he is feeding heaps though so I think he is really thirsty, it has been pretty warm in Perth, 35C tomorrow so am expecting another big feeding day.

SO excited it is the holidays, have no plans now but to chill out and  relax, hopefully the big boys let me!

Take care everyone, be back later to update more.


#43 Flutters

Posted 12 April 2012 - 10:15 AM

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the welcomes original.gif It sounds like everyone had a nice easter break..we stayed home and caught up with family and had some family time.

I've been meaning to get on here for a couple of days, but Felicity has been a little restless, so that has been a bit of a challenge.

Mel that sounds horrible - how are you feeling now? I'll bet you are keen to avoid surgery.

Amy thanks for the tips on getting Felicity to sleep in her basinette during the day - we have had success! Last week she slept in it for at least one of her day time sleeps every day which was fantastic. I was wary about pushing it because I didn't want her to get a negative feeling about it and risk stuffing up her night times, but it's been pretty good. She has been sleeping pretty well at night too, and last night she slept from 10pm to 7am. WOW! I doubt that will be a regular thing, and it may have been becuase she was sooooo tired after grizzling most of the day, but we will see. I am still lucky, as since she was about 6 weeks old (she's now 9.5 weeks) I have only had to get up once most nights. I'm not under any illusion about how good that is, so anything more is an extra bonus. Now to get the dogs to stop waking me during the night...yeah right!

I had a Felicity free outing on Monday, I went to breakfast & the movies to see the hunger games with 4 girlfriends while our DH's watched the kids. It went well, but little miss decided she didn't want to take  the bottle, so she was pretty hungry by the time I got home! I said DH should have called me and I would have come home, but he managed to get her back to sleep and had some couch cuddles while they waited for the movie to end. So that was nice of him, and I was impressed he managed to get her back to sleep while she was hungry! In the end she went 5 hours without a feed rather than 4, so it wasn't too bad.

Okay well I hope you are all well, I am going to try and get some things done around the house while little miss is having a snooze

#44 Justaduck

Posted 14 April 2012 - 09:15 PM

Hi everyone,
I was in the Feb 16-29 group so hoping to join in here with you all. Mia was born on the 16th via elective c-section due to my respiratory issues. She was born 3.570kg & 49cm long. We had a high risk for down syndrome from the 12wk scan & no amnio so were very relieved to find out she didn't. She ended up with jaundice (just on the border to not need the lights) and feeding issues & dropped to 3.19kg in hospital. She is 2 months old on Monday & weighs about 4kg now, so still on the smaller side, but we have persisted with the bf'ing. DP and I only have one friend each with kids

Mel I hope you are feeling much better now and the pain is settling. Westfield Garden City is not too pleasant in their feeding rooms - I had the cleaner open the curtain and gawk in at me, and the same curtain had blood stains on it :/ The new one at Carindale is lovely, although very busy and I was lucky to get an armchair to sit in to feed. Hope DH had a lovely birthday

Flutters - Sounds like you have a lovely time. You are lucky to have a great partner to watch the kids so you can have some me time.

DP has just gotten home from work so I better go, Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend original.gif

#45 QueenElsa

Posted 15 April 2012 - 07:39 AM

Hi girls,
How are you all?
Welcome broncosbabe!!!  Hope little Mia continues to feed well and grow. My DD1 was smallish and BF so I know how you feel. This time I have a chubby bubba, 6kg already and into 00 suits, it's crazy. She didn't even get to wear some of her 000 clothes.

We had a birthday party for DD2 here yesterday, so was chaos. But good to reconnect with people again. It is quite isolating having a baby, isn't it? Or maybe it's because most of my socializing was at work?  

Sage has now started the big smiles which are delightful, and making some cute "aargh" noises. She sleeps 9 hours most nights, so a 5am wake-up is common here.  Last night though I heard her choking / coughing at 3am so got her up.... Poor little thing.  It was probably just some milk regurgitating but it worried me at the time.

Hope you are feeling better Mel.

How did you all go with the needles?  We had a few extra tears and mild fever but that's about it.

2months already, sometimes it feels difficult to imagine life without baby but at the same time they are so new!

hugs to you all,

#46 1&Twins

Posted 16 April 2012 - 04:10 PM

Hi everyone,

I can't believe that Lucy is 9 weeks old today.  We had a very unsettled week last week (week 8 is a wonder week) her night time sleeps were still pretty good just very grizzly during the day.  So hopefully her day time activities improve but I'm definitely noticing some development changes - it's great to see them grow and progress mentally also.

Needles went fine - if anything I reckon it made her drowsy!  I didn't like hearing the squawk though, DF held her as I tried my best to distract her.  So no other reaction that I could tell.  I hope all the other bubbas coped well too.

As Lucy is growing so quick we have made the transition from the bassinet to the cot.  The bassinet is quite small.. a family heirloom (white wicker rocking style) she could possibly stay in it for a few weeks yet but we are driving to Melbourne in a couple of weeks (we are from Adelaide) and she'll have to use a portacot, so we wanted to get her familiar with a bigger space.  Lucy has slept in her own room since she came home which is right next to ours and luckily she has transitioned very well to the cot.  She settles much better in it.  We actually put her down, say good night and walk out - I can't believe it!  Last night she slept for 9.5 hrs woke at 4am for a half an hour feed the slept til 8:45.. I would love that to continue but things can be so different from day to day.

Anyway, enough of me..

doctorseuss - Sage sounds like she's doing very well and a good sleeper too.  I love hearing the new noises that they make.  Lucy is 6kgs too but is still fitting into most 000 clothes at the moment.  I don't know how you manage having 2 others to look after!

Flutters I'm glad to hear Felicity has had some success with day naps.  Your DH deserves a high five original.gif .

Mel hope you're recovering well and Nixon is good.

Welcome broncosbabe and Mia!

Karen it sounds like Archie is a little trooper and just likes to go with the flow cool.gif

Hello to everyone else, duty calls!

#47 jimbobmel

Posted 17 April 2012 - 01:52 PM

Hi all!

Welcome broncosbabe & little Mia. Wow, Mia really a little one isn't she, Nixon was almost 4 kilos born & I thought he was tiny then. Good on you for sticking with the bfeeding too. Looking forward to hearing more from you as the months go by!

Hope all you ladies with school aged little ones enjoyed the Easter holidays. Karen, it sounds like Archie is such a little champ!

Ooh, a baby free outing flutters!! I can't wait for that day although it looks like my first baby free day will be the day that I have to have the surgery on my gall bladder sad.gif

How scary was the bassinet to cot transition FTM. Nixon still sleeps in his bassinet through the night but for his day sleeps I put him in his cot.  His bassinet is huge & he will still fit in it for a while yet but I do want to get him used to his cot for when the time comes.

How sweet are these big smiles doctorseuss! Nixon is smiling all the time & it just melts my heart! I can't help but beam back at him, even when it's 5:30am & I'm trying to get him back to sleep lol! Also when I'm feeding him & he pulls off, gives me a big smile then latches back on.... So sweet!

Needles went ok, I only had a little tear but Nixon did get a mild temp & I had to give him panadol to help bring his temp down that night but he was fine the next day.

AFM- I'm feeling much better at the moment thanks girls! I have an appointment with the specialist next week to discuss surgery. I must say, I'm pretty keen to have the gall bladder out as the pain was excruciating & I don't want to go through that again but I do want to discuss the pros & cons with surgery and bfeeding. What did they say to you about it doctorseuss when you had to have a general anesthetic the other week? How did it effect you feeding Sage?

Hey Lizzie & Molokai, hope your both really well & a big hello to anyone else I have missed.

Have a great week!

Mel xx

#48 Molokai

Posted 17 April 2012 - 03:52 PM

Hi ladies. Hope all is well. I'm rarely on my laptop lately so its hard to do a long reply. There's no room on my lap with a little man laying there most of the day!

I think I'll go to the clinic tomorrow, I wasn't to ask them about Archer's feeding. He rarely spends more than 5 minutes on the breast and usually won't take the second one at all. At night he falls straight back to sleep after the 5 minute snack but only for a few hours then wakes up hungry - maximum of three hours straight. I'm so jealous of you girls with bubs sleeping 9 hours! During the day he sleeps lightly for an hour or so them wakes up.

I'm wondering if he doesn't like the milk, or what. I'm close to trying formula to see if that makes a difference. The clinic lactation consultants will no doubt say its normal and put up with it, but its starting to get to me. I thought things are supposed to get better by 12 Weeks but I can't see him changing in 2 Weeks.

He had also decided that 3am is scream time, after a feed he screams while I'm changing him and won't stop, won't take the second side and won't go to sleep unless I actively pat his back and rock him for half hour. Plus you can set your clock by him when arsenic hour comes, 5 pm daily he screams himself into a tizzy and only stops when we bath him. But then he had his long sleep after the bath, so from 7 ish until 10.30 or 11.

Gah sorry about the whinge. I don't have anyone to talk to about this, no friends with babies here. Is he normal?

At least the rest of the day and night he is good, cute and happy and gives gorgeous smiles and giggles and I love him to bits. Just looking forward to longer sleeps from him if it ever happens!

Hope everything goes well at the specialist Mel.

Hi to broncos, Karen, flutters, FTM, doc Seuss, Lizzie, Nat and everyone else. original.gif

#49 1&Twins

Posted 17 April 2012 - 06:55 PM

Hi Molokai,

If you are concerned with Archer's feeding then make an appointment with your clinic for sure - if anything it will give you peace of mind that he doing well.

Be assured that the 9 hour stretch is not a regular sleep pattern for Lucy, however we are are luckily enough to get 5 hours of unbroken sleep regularly.

Lucy is also very ratty in the afternoons and sometimes screams and screams but since I have been trying to establish a routine and really understand her tired cues things have improved greatly.  And you're not whinging - it must be hard if you don't have friends around you have babies.  I also try to do internet surfing with any queries/concerns.

I hope the 12 week mark is that miracle turning point we are all told of too!

Anyway bath time for Lucy.

#50 Flutters

Posted 18 April 2012 - 09:25 AM

Hey Everyone & welcome Broncosbabe!

Molokai I feel your pain - the last 5 days the wheels have really fallen off with Felicity - back to not sleeping during the day unless she is in someones arms, and her feeding got really bad too. She was constantly pulling herself off and screaming and when I would lay her down to put her back on she would cry and cry, and get soooo worked up. Friday she slept for 3 lots of half an hour between 8am and 7pm, my god I was pulling my hair out. Then she got worse over the weekend...Sunday night she screamed for over 4 hours, and finally went to sleep. Her long night time sleeps have gone out the window too - she is back to sleeping for about 4 hours at a time, and last night she decided at 3.30 after a nice long feed that she wanted to check out the loungeroom, so she was looking all over the place..little miss nosy!

I was going to take her to the clinic yesterday, but Monday night she was getting back on track, so I think I can put it down to something I ate affecting my milk. Could that be it with Archer? Is there something you have every night that could be upsetting him? It's all such a guessing game! I hope you got some suggestions from the clinic..my local clinic has been a godsend, I think they are a good set up.

Felicity is also bad in the evening..from about 5pm to 10 pm she just snacks and naps and cries. DH and I now tag team dinner, or make sure we have something that can be eaten one handed. I am like you though - I keep hanging out for this magical 12 weeks, but she is 10 weeks now, and I just can't see big changes happening in the next 2 weeks. Which then freaks me out, as the MACH nurse said I should be trying to get her into a routine by 12 - 16 weeks, so that I'm not forming back habits. I just don't see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially when it comes to her evenings.

Anyhow enough on me..

I agree with you doctorseuss - it's so hard not to interact with them when you are getting big smiles at all hours of the morning...I feel nasty for not chatting to her, but I do give her big smiles and a little cuddle and kiss as we are on our way out to the loungeroom to feed.  

Mel I hope you are continuing to feel better.

Hi to everyone else - my mum has just turned up to watch Fliss while I take the dogs down to get groomed, and Fliss has just woken up right on cue!


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