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Pg with #1 after M/c BG #4

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#101 mojo11

Posted 16 March 2012 - 07:45 PM

Little Lion - Dont know if its control or just being totally overwhelmed and not having any idea what to buy lol... I went shopping today and ended up with some MCN's, 3 muslin wraps, 2 blanket wraps, a cot set (doona, sheets etc) and one 5 pack of bonds singlets lol so its a start !!!!

Lou - How did you go today ?? I have EVERYTHING crossed it all went well xxx

AFM - Well my pram drama continues LOL and it looks like my pram budget has now blown stupidly out of control !!!!! I have been looking at some o/s pram sites and well I have discovered that with exchange rates the way they currently are I can get a Bugaboo Bee for around the same price as the Bebe if I buy it from Europe or USA !!!! So my budget has now gone from $300 I recall was my original one to $700 including all extras !!!!!!!

I have justified this to myself buy adding up what I have spent to set up my nursery and extras (around $500 fotr everything thanks auctions, ebay and facebook !!!!) and deciding by saving money there surely my pram budget can be larger lol

Sooooo I am off to the big smoke to play with both prams now and see which one I prefer lol

#102 Jlove14

Posted 17 March 2012 - 11:21 AM

Hi ladies

Its a dreary saturday here is Sydney today...had a good morning so far, slept in till 9 and then made pancakes for brekky- YUM!  Am loving pancakes at the moment, wish I could have them every day!

My sids angel friend came back to work last week, I'm so glad to have her back.  Also she said she has a doppler so she is going to give it to me, woohoo!  My ob thought it was a waste of money buying a doppler but this isnt technically buying it biggrin.gif  Although he also told me that his wife had 2 miscarriages and even he couldnt convince her not to buy one- can you imagine?  The wife of an ob buying a doppler??!

My stomach has still been on and off, some days it feels really big and hard and other days not so much- so thats helping with the confusion and lack of confidence in my pregnancy unsure.gif  but not long till my next scan now and if I get the doppler next week will be  able to check on bug..if I can get the hang of it!  

My parents are back from o/s today so I'm really excited to see them.  Mum said she got lots of baby stuff so cant wait to see that

Marylou- sounds like you had a good GP appointment, really glad for you!  I am also into the shopping at the moment, especially online!

Fairey- I absolutely LOVE your idea of both you and your DH writing letters to your bub.  I think I am going to steal it!  Its perfect for me because I am the type of person who doesnt  show their emotions outwardly much and much prefer to write things down.  OUr first bub was due around Christmas time and surprisingly I wasnt as down as I thought I would be, possibly because it was the festive season and I knew I was pregnant again.  DH and I simply hugged and the got on with our day.  A bit anticlimatic I know but I guess thats just life..How exciting you have planned your "regular holiday" biggrin.gif I am still to convince my DH, the only problem is that he wont be able to take much time off cause he has started a new job..

Mojo- thanks for the link to the diary, I think I want one with just blank pages...not sure yet.  SO are you going to get a 3D scan?  The bugaboo is an awesome pram but I'm not sure if I could justify spending that much on a pram?  I am thinking the mamas and pappas urbo

Lou- How did you go with the scan?  Hope all is ok

#103 mojo11

Posted 17 March 2012 - 06:43 PM

JLove -  I hope your friend is doing okay.. I can not imagine being in her shoes and to be honest it scares me to think that it even happens...

YAY for the doppler !!! LOL about your OB's wife !!!! Nawww that is so cute of your mum !!!

I am leaning agaisnt the 3D pics at this stage I am looking into preg and newborn shots instead !!!...

I hear you about the Bugaboo price but I am looking at paying $450 - $550 for the Bebe and if I get the Bugaboo from Europe or USA its the exact same price... This means I am saving around $300 compared to what they sell for new here and the resale price for Bugaboos is so high that I would get close to what I spend back for it if I eve have to sell it lol

WELL thats part of how I am justifying it to myself  unsure.gif  oomg.gif  wwhistle.gif

AFM - Did my first bit of clothes purchase today bought 6 onesies lol !!!!

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#104 Lou87

Posted 18 March 2012 - 12:43 AM

I still owe you all a proper reply but can only access the net from my phone again, makes it tricky!!

So quick 'me' check-in once again: (sorry!) But, scan all good! Thanks for asking original.gif

Right now: nearly 1am. DH still away but can't sleep because am lying here while there's a tiny party going on in there.... Felt first certain movement today, and they're really making it clear that's what it is right now! So tired but too excited to sleep. Oh my goodness!!

Much love everyone! Hoping Internet plays nice for proper replies tomorrow! (now I'm hungry... Crappy timing!)

#105 Loulla

Posted 18 March 2012 - 04:31 PM

© rights to Mojo for finding a great product for us all! Including Marylou yay! Has your DH been told of your quiet purchase yet?! happy.gif  my personal theory is the reassurance from hearing the heartbeat overrides the stress of wondering. Especially if you dont use it every day. Definitely a design fault with the sceen being unviewable while dopplering. 2 weeks until your morph scan!

Fairey yay for OL purchases arriving, isn't it exciting. Buying, looking at and playing with baby clothes makes me ridiculously clucky. Yes I think I was about 14wk or so when I got my doppler and could hear the hearbeat. Hope your days at work pass fast. Hey how many weeks are you planning on being when you begin mat leave? I was thinking to try and go until the end of term 1 but I would be 37+3 I think  ohmy.gif  and may be a little overambitious! I was thinking to then start mat leave at the beginning of Term 3 after the 2 week break. But obviously if I cant work then I cant work, so will have to play it by ear.  How was the baby expo? Your babymoon (AKA not babymoon) sounds fab. I was only just recommended that accomm recently, so it must be amazing.

Yes Lala my belly is always different too. At the beginning of this week it felt smaller and then bam, suddenly it popped out a little more and even DH noticed! Its like an ever changing part of our body we have no control over.

Oh yes Little lion, being in early pregnancy and working is so like ground hog day because you have to dedicate so much time to resting when you're not working. awwww we are your big sisters  biggrin.gif  Im the same as you, had already gotten loads of stuff during first preg and after MC  original.gif  Congrats on reaching 7 weeks, how wonderful. Is your scan Tues?

Hi JLove, yeh its weird that preg intuition thing, I think some people can sense it (especially at work for some reason!) even if you dont look noticably pregnant. mmmmm pancakes thats what I had yesterday with cream and maple it was divine *drool* and yes if my DH was an OB I would get a doppler so that I wouldnt have to go into his surgery all the time!

Mojo we are so close with our dates! omg you are going to have so much continuing your baby clothes shopping sprees. I LOVE hearing all your pram budget updates  laughing2.gif I think a great pram = a happy mummy and baby! Which pram is luring you in the most now after trying them out? I think we have to pay import tax though on products over a certain amount that we buy OL from OS?

Lou so good to hear your little boys are healthy and well and even having a little midnight party in there  wub.gif

Hi to everyone else. I wonder how Pincushion, Superfruity and Dizzyanne are going?

AFM well Im pretty tired today. In the night last night I woke up to cramps and my uterus contracting - it went really hard and painful every minute or two for about 15 minutes. I ended up going back to sleep but waking sometimes with a hard belly but the pain had gone. So I rang the delivery suite in the morning and they said if the pain comes back to call them again but that it just sounds like braxton hicks and because first pregnancy plus baby growing and pressing on something sore, things are tender in general. The midwife recommended I drink lots of water because it can be a sign of dehydration. I can feel he's been having a growing spurt again in the last few days and I am tired and my tummy's a bit sore... but it scared me. Im glad its gone now. Early labour is a scary thought  unsure.gif I worry about him coming too early or being still born. Ah the joys of pregnancy anxiety.

Have been feeling baby more and more now. If any of you have ever gone to a Koi farm and fed the fish and had them bump up gently against your hand, thats what baby feels like! And I felt like a bubble pop once. I feel so in love with him, it gets stronger and stronger now, this feeling.

Im meant to go grocery shopping today while DH is a work but I just dont want to, I feel like laying down all arvo. Im usually pretty energetic but think I should listen to my body today. But I want yoghurt and we dont have any left!

Dont really feel like going to work tomorrow... waaaah!

ETA had my first antenatal midwife visit at the hospital the other day and I am officially in their system, finally. She was really nice and I have never been given so many fliers and pamphlets in my life!

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#106 mojo11

Posted 18 March 2012 - 05:25 PM

Lou - Wahoooooooo on your great scan and that is so so so awesome that you can feel movements now !!!!!

Loulla - I get to play with them next weekend but I think as much ads I love the Bebe if I can get the Bee for the same price I will go that one... I am fairly sure if you keep it below $1000 then there is no import tax payable on them !!

Ohhhhhhh sounds like you have gotten to experience some Braxton Hicks !!!! I had that the other night as well !!! I agree early labour scares me to but fingers crossed you wont need to worry about it !!!  That is a great description of what it feels like !!!

I hear you I dont want to work fullstop atm !!!

AFM - Went to the markets and found an awesome little stall with baby clothes all around $3 - $10 each item - I have never noticed this stall before lol.... Anyway I bought some more onesies and my fav with elmo on it !!! She threw in a free beanie for us so I will definately be back !!! Counting down till next weekend and PRAM PLAYING oh and a nice weekend away with DP ;P

#107 little lion

Posted 19 March 2012 - 09:09 PM

Time for a me, me, me post! I had my scan and it went perfectly.  biggrin.gif  The heartbeat was 153 and Ob said that's great. I got some printed pics of the littlest lion. He/she doesn't look like a baby yet but it was such a relief when I looked at the screen: I knew the black blob was lots bigger than last time, and I could see the fetal pole and yolk, and that lovely fluttering heartbeat.  hheart.gif

#108 lalalollipop

Posted 20 March 2012 - 09:53 AM

Woooohoooo Little Lion! Great news, you must be over the moon. I reckon you've got yourselves a sticky one there! I bet the work-sleep-work-sleep routine feels worth it now. So great original.gif

Jlove - my yoga class is in Annadale, but it's run by the Parent Education Centre at RPA and I think you need to be booked for delivery at RPA to go, but not sure! And I hear you on not wanting to DTD (sounds like it's alot of us!) - but luckily my DH is the same, he's so petrified he'll hurt the baby and we're both so tired at the moment (his work is really stressful currently) so I don't think either of us feel like it anyway at the mo'. LOL about your OBs wife... wow, if DH was an OB I'd be popping in to see him at work very regularly!

MaryLou - how's the doppler working out? Does DH know yet? laughing2.gif And those swaddles look great, will do some reading up on them... easy for DH sounds like a big plus original.gif Are you going to the ALDI sale tomorrow? My mum is an ALDI addict and is essentially beside herself... she has to work tomorrow and doesn't work near her ALDI store so has lined up a friend to be there early and get some of the cute stripy merino wool hoodies in a range of colours, and no doubt some bodysuits etc.

Fairey - writing a letter to your baby is a lovely idea. Like Little Lion, it reminds me of that gmail ad that never failed to make me cry, especially after MC. I have been thinking about setting up a gmail account for baby and sending scan pics, little messages along the pregnancy and when they're a child, etc so we can give them the log-in details when they're 18 or something. Knowing me though I'd get bored and forget - my usual short attention span is even shorter these days! Yay for babymoon - Tassie will be lovely, and Cradle Mountain Lodge looks divine. And GBHs to you - I imagine your EDD for baby number one would have been a sad day - good advice from your DH (but still won't stop you being a little sad about it I'm sure!). Our #1 would have been due on 2 April, and I'm finding myself thinking about it a fair bit lately.

Mojo - How exciting about your mini shop-fest ... and how'd you go with the pram test-drives? I've heard Bugabees last forever and have good resale. How's wriggly wombat? And that market sounds great - where is it (cant remember where you live)? Yay to part-time work... I felt so lazy when I changed roles and dropped back to 4 days, but now I wish I'd done it sooner! Thanks for the well-wishes, scan is on this Friday (I wish it was last week!) laughing2.gif

Lou - great news on the scan - details please! Did you get a look at twin #2's bladder? Can't believe you're still sick.gif you poor thing, twins must really knock you around... hope you feel better soon. Are you getting big? Your midnight play party in there sounds lovely - it must be cool for the twins to already have their best friend to play with wub.gif

Loulla - 37+3 does sound a bit ambitious, but good luck to you if you can get there! I'm thinking of finishing up by 36 weeks at the latest, so I can hopefully get a few weeks good rest before D-day. Your comparison of early pregnancy to groundhog day made me giggle... so true - sleep/work/sleep/eat(if you can)/sleep/work and not much more. Wow, Braxton Hicks already, that must be scary (but from what the midwife said, totally normal from about where you're at... she said it's the equivalent of your uterus going to the gym to shape up for it's big day!) Glad your prenatal visit was good!

AFM - still just trucking along... belly changing daily (it's huge/harder one day, smaller and squidgy the next, though sounds like most of us are in the same boat). Getting a bit anxious about this Friday's scan, I hope everything's ok in there! Can't believe we'll (hopefully) know if it's a boy or girl in a few days! DH still thinks girl, but the last few days I've started to think boy, not sure why... mother's intuition maybe? Most of our family and friends think it's a girl. Don't care either way so long as she/he is healthy and ok in there hands.gif

Apart from that, a bit (lot) stressed about DHs work situation. His job finishes up on Friday and he'll be back to freelancing again (he's a graphic designer) and I'm a bit worried with the current market he won't get much (or any) work and I was really hoping that we'd not have money stresses with a baby on the way! But I guess I just have to trust that he knows what he's doing, and I know he will do everything he can. Stupid global financial crisis! wacko.gif Possibly doesn't help that I'm something of a moody, hormonal cow I guess laughing2.gif Been thinking alot lately that we need to get a good idea to start up our own business that I can be involved in too, and still dabble in while on mat leave (with a view to long term not having to go back to work and put baby in daycare). No idea what though!

Speaking of daycare, has everyone that will need childcare applied yet? I've been hearing horror stories about people not getting places here in Inner West Sydney until their baby is over 2 years old, and they applied when they were just past first trimester of pregnancy! I've applied for a centre at the Uni I work at, as well as all the centres from my local council. Seems nuts to have to apply so early (forms are fun... Name: Unknown; Gender: Unknown, DOB: Unknown!)

Hope everyone's doing well xxx

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#109 Lou87

Posted 20 March 2012 - 10:15 AM

Good morning! I can still only access the net from my phone, so we shall see how my memory goes!

Little Lion: FANTASTIC news. So happy for you! Grow littlest lion grow! So, so wonderful original.gif

Loulla: That does sound scary! But I'm glad the midwives talked you through it. Must just be your body getting a bit of practise in! You're right about the koi pond description! Although I think my little fishies just feel like little goldfish now wink.gif  Oh, and as for grocery shopping: Bring on online shopping!! I only just found out I can get it delivered for all of $7-$9 so that's good enough for me! Maybe you can do the same?! Screw pushing a heavy trolley around. I found it really uncomfortable yesterday, especially since I've had all kinds of stretchy pains in the past couple of days, not to mention those little goldfish!

Mojo: I've been wondering about getting a pram in from OS too. I buy all my art materials  and stuff for that exact same reason. The paint I like is 3x as much here! But, if I start talking about art materials I'll never stop! Back to the point: prams.... Hope you have fun when you go and play next weekend! I'm having trouble finding the 'perfect' one, OTHER than the Bugaboo Donkey, which is $2200 here....... Yep. Though, I'm kind of considering just getting much cheaper cots so I can spend more on the pram original.gif I had fallen in love with the Leander cot but by the time it's nearly $3500 for too that just seems kind of batty! Oh, and brilliant work finding the market stall with the cute clothes! It will be wonderful having a go-to place from now on original.gif

JLove: Have you made your mind up about the 3D scan? Apparently I'm getting one at my morph scan on the 28th, which might have to be repeated two weeks later anyway. It will be interesting! But I've heard the same thing, that it's not the most flattering time! Hope you've had a great catch up with your parents by now if you've seen them!

Fairey: Oh, Cradle Mountain lodge... It's beautiful. It was snowing the tiniest bit up higher when I was there. And I'm a wildlife freak so all the animals were just wonderful. You'll LOVE it!!

And.. that's where my memory ends! Hope everyone else is doing well. Dizzy-anne I'm anxious to hear from you! Thinking of you original.gif

AFM: I don't know how ANYONE gets anything done EVER once they start feeling movements. Sometimes it just plain tickles and I get the giggles. Other times I just sit there with a goofy grin on my face and stop whatever I was doing. The first time I felt them I was visiting mum, and she knew exactly what was happening by the way my face lit up. I didn't have to say a thing! I can't get over it. It will be crazy when it gets stronger!

Just found out DH has to leave for his next work trip two days earlier which is a bit crap, as now he'll miss the morph scan. He feels really bad about it, I can tell, but it's not his fault! At least there will be the DVD + pics for him to see, and chances are I'll have to go back a couple of weeks later if 18 weeks proves to be too early for all the measurements. (It's 18 weeks more so to check for the earliest signs of twin to twin transfusion, but I'm feeling strangely more positive about that now, considering how badly its been bothering me of late!).

And my OB said that at 17 weeks I was measuring 20 weeks. But he was really happy all round, which definitely rubbed off on me! He said I've got a high chance of developing high blood pressure towards the end, considering it's my first pregnancy + twins + family history (mum was induced early with me for that exact reason) but chances are I won't get far along enough for it to be a huge issue, so that's good too original.gif

It's so nice to be feeling positive again. A lot of it is due to my last positive appointment, and actually FEELING them, but it makes such a difference. I'd been in a really negative place for the couple of weeks prior to that. Oh, and I'm up to 5 days with no spewing, which always helps!! MrsS - how are you going with that ?!?!

Love to all. xox.

#110 Lou87

Posted 20 March 2012 - 10:30 AM

Oh I was too busy trying to get my post to publish that I missed yours Lala!

I totally can't remember what I have and haven't said! How could I forget to say that YES, he spotted a bladder on our little #1! He's measuring 4 days behind, but for once his bladder wasn't empty, so yay! They both still had a good amount of fluid around them, which was fantastic news. There will be frequent checking from now on though!

Oh I feel for your DH being going back to freelancing as a graphic designer, since I'm trying to delve into freelancing as a graphic artist/illustrator myself now! It's damn scary. I hope he finds something! The art/design world can be so fickle. And I'm totally with you: Damn you world economy! (Especially the Euro, in my case!) The last thing you want with a little one on the way is income worries, but it seems these things always crop up at once! I hope you can get something sorted! xx.

(That reminds me little lion, you asked for my website details and I forgot to send them to you. Clearly I am pregnant! Am just tidying up my portfolio section and will send you the link in a couple of days. Will do my best to remember! P.S. I know the fatigue feels ENDLESS, but it does eventually go away. I didn't believe it but it did!! Though mine's already starting to creep back, eeek!)

And to add to all of that: BODY PILLOWS. Oh my goodness, why didn't I buy one a couple of months ago? Some foam-core 'buddy' one is at Pillow Talk for all of $25 and it's my new best friend. Oh, sweet sleep! Plus, all of a sudden I'm not getting up at LEAST 4 times a night to pee - it must relieve the pressure of those 2 little rascals stomping on my bladder. Now I only get up once or twice. Bliss! Helps some of the joint aches too. And if you're belly's against it you can feel the little goldfish better original.gif

#111 Fairey

Posted 20 March 2012 - 04:47 PM

Hullo lovely girls!

Baby Expo was quite good - I was mainly interested in having a look at some MCN's and comparing different brands. DH and I each liked different brands (of course). Then I had a look on one of the websites (Itti Bitti) and because it was St Pat's Day, they had 40% off any green MCN's. So I ordered 2 in a soft peppermint colour from the website. I think we've decided that we're going to use both cloth and disposable. We want to try each of our favoured brands too, and decided from that what we buy more of.
We also bought a Woombie cocoon thingamebob (I'm sure that's what they're officially called!). It's like a blanket thingy that bubs can just lay on and they can't roll off it. Hubs and I both liked it.

Loulla - I'm planning on finishing at the end of Term 2 (will offically be on leave from start of Term 3). I would be 34 weeks going back at the start of T3 - so I've concluded that it's just not worth it. You're a fair bit ambitious to be thinking you'll still be there at 37 weeks! Though I totally get where you're coming from with that - financially makes sense to start your leave after the holidays.
I can't believe that you're already experiencing Braxton Hicks - isn't it still a bit early for that?

Little Lion - WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! Yay for a positive scan!!! So happy for you, my love!!

Lou - That's so beautiful - reading about your movement experiences. I can't wait until it's me! I wish we were staying at C-Mountain for longer (only the 1 night there). Sounds (and looks) amazing! I can't believe you pee so many times a night! I only go once a night. Can't imagine having to pee THAT many times in one night! That totally sucks about your hubby missing the morph scan. Are you going to take your mum instead? Just so that you have someone there to share it all with you?

Lala - That's so sweet (the gmail account idea). I don't have the patience for anything long term (half my problem with a pregnancy diary). Would love to read some of your child care forms - sounds fabulous all the unknowns! That's one thing about living in the country - don't really have that problem!

Mojo - Nawww little onesie shopping! What a find (the little stall at the markets!). I can't believe our children will fit those little clothes... (OMG.... OUR CHILDREN!!!!!!)

Mmmm.... I have attacked a packet of Honeycombe pieces. I think the baby really wants me to eat more too. Hrmmm....

What international websites are you looking at for prams? I'm still caught between a Strider Plus and a Baby Jogger City Select (a Bugaboo Cameleon would be nice too!). Decissions decissions!

#112 mojo11

Posted 20 March 2012 - 05:43 PM

Little Lion - WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!! That is fantastic news I am so so soooo happy for you !!!!

Lala - I have heard the same about bugaboos as well, test drive is this weekend coming... The market is just the one down the road (local) I live in rural vic... I am the same I love part time work as well !!! Ohhhh this friday !!! How exciting I hope the week goes nice and fast for you !! I hear you on the childcare, I have heard horror stories to !! I cant even look at applying due to DP's work we have no idea which state or where we will be in 6 - 12 months sad.gif lol about the forms it does seem silly.. I have everything crossed your DH will get work and you wont need to worry about money.. I would love to do a homebusiness as well..

Lou87 - The site I have been recommended to get the bugaboos from is this one http://www.babyshop.com/Bugaboo_Donkey/s/348 The donkey is almost half price then what you are looking at, some options are over $1000 though so you would need to check if import tax would apply and how much but its WAY cheaper !!!!! The leander cot is so cute but so expensive !!! Nawww that is so cute you got to share that experience with your mum...

Bummer about your DP not being at the morph scan though hopefully you get to go back and he can go with you !!  I am so glad you have had such a postive apt and that you can now feel them it gives you so much piece of mind !! Ohhhh I can not agree more about the bofy pillow I picked up one at spotlight for around the same and I love it though DP trys to steal it off me in his sleep lol

Fairey - The expo sounds awesome !! I will be doing the same mix between MCN's and  disposables.. I bought these as a trial as I have heard good reviews on the them http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/10-PAPOOSE-One-...item3a6ae03ca7.. I am also going to get some itti bittis as well !!! LOL I cant believe Wombat will fit into them either so cute !!! The main overseas site I am looking at is http://www.babyshop.com/Bugaboo_Cameleon/s/56..

AFM - Still plodding or should I say waddling along lol !!!! Still wanting the weekend t hurry up so I can play with some prams lol

#113 little lion

Posted 20 March 2012 - 06:57 PM

Lala I work with graphic designers a lot and half of them are freelancers. It is so common in the industry. One big university I worked for had a list of 'approved' freelance designers who had been briefed on the uni's brand and style guide, so the uni got rid of most internal designers. Maybe your DH could approach unis to see if he could get on such a list?

Lou I was test driving prams on the weekend. I saw this loooong twin orange one (can't remember the brand as I'd never heard of it before) and I was surprised how easy it was to push - albeit in a straight line.  wink.gif I thought of you and Mrs S when I saw it, the store was Bubs. Lou i lurve the Leander cot too but I thought the price was a bit much.

Continuing on with prams, Fairey I see you mentioned strider plus. My friend has one, with the car seat that plugs into it. She kind of regrets her choice because it is so enormous, hard to put up and down in the carpark on your own. I think if you just want to walk straight from home to wherever, no assembly and disassembly, it'd probably be good. After hearing her review, I'm a bit besotted with Combi. They're oh so light! original.gif

Superfruity, how did the move go?

As for me, my big work project ends Friday night. I am so looking forward to this weekend. My life at the moment is sleeping, working, eating mostly dry biscuits and drinking watered down juice! Hehe.  cool.gif

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#114 Tomate1910

Posted 21 March 2012 - 09:09 AM

Just a quickie again from me!

Yay little lion what an awesome strong heartbeat! I bet you are stoked!
And Lou Hurray for the bladder! finally! glad to hear you are much more optimistic now!

I still havent unpacked any of our clothes, really have to do that BUT I have finished all my PhD revisions and now only have to wait for the paperwork to filter through the system before I am officially Dr Superfruity biggrin.gif

As for Cookie I am somewhere in nowhere land between dating and NT scan, still no bad nausea just really really hungry about every couple of hours and still poking my boobies... and because of easter my NT scan wont be until 11/04 when I will be 12+4... still havent told my boss and am not planning on it until it is really safe.... I also toy with the idea of keeping it from my family O/S until my moms bday May 1st (i will be around 15 weeks) and maybe I can surprise them on skpe with  bump biggrin.gif

About Pram: PPM is working at the Zoo and loading lots of Prams on their sky rail thingy... He really likes the strider plus, (although he always has to take a wheel off) but he says he likes how sturdy it is... Little lion what is the combi? I think if we get the strider we wouldnt get the carrier simply because We would need to buy a new seat after 6 months anyway... Also do not buy a Macclaren... the handle bars get disgustingly sticky after a while (PPM intel)

and pregnancy diary: I have actually started one pretty soon after we found out. I just bough a diary for 2012 from kikki whatever the store is called and only write little bits and thoughs about cookie every day original.gif
helps me bond even though I still feel weirdly detached...

Internet is also back on at our new house so I will be able to catch up properly soon. Today I have to move office to be closer to my boss and give up my old student office sad.gif I will share the new office with 4 other people one sitting directly behind me so wont be able to sneak on EB so easily...

and I now have about 2.30-3hour return bus commute... have started reading hunger games and love it! on to the second book and cant wait for the movie, just dont know anyone to go with me... any of you going/reading?

hope you are all doing alright! Sorry about the me post... just bringing you up to date after my long absence!

#115 Jlove14

Posted 21 March 2012 - 07:11 PM

Mojo- yeah I am thinking against 3D shots as well (unless I can get them a bit later on).  If you buy the pram from o/s will you have it posted to you?  Or do you know someone going o/s that can bring it back for you?  Have you looked into how much postage would be?

Lou- SO happy for you that you are feeling movement now.  I know exactly how you feel about just having a big grin on your face.  I felt that way when I thought I felt something about a week ago but the feeling hasnt come back since and I want to get that grin back on my face!  And glad you are feeling positive again and woohoo for the no spewing for 5 days!

loulla- braxton hicks!  It scares me!  Has it come back since?  Hope you are feeling ok.  Yeah I got heaps of pamphlets from my first hospital and ob visit as well!  I think I have finally finished reading the important ones

lala- good luck for your scan on Friday and hope your DH finds something soon.  Re daycare I have been thinking about that and DH and I are going to sign up very soon.  We have 3 places near our house so we are going to sign up with all 3 and maybe some more...its so scary how early you have to do it!

Little lion- YAY YAY YAY!  I am so glad for you, we all know how important and such a relief it is to get through those early scans.  Go littlest lion!

Superfruity- glad you are doing well, just hang in there till your scan and make sure you get plenty of rest

Hi to Fairey and all the other lovely ladies

AFM got the doppler from my friend today!  Havent used it and dont plan to use it until Friday as I have a big client presentation on Friday and dont want to freak myself out before then if I cant find the heartbeat.  My friend hasnt seen me for 6 days and she said that I had gotten bigger since the last time she saw me- that made me feel good.  Grow bug grow!

#116 lalalollipop

Posted 22 March 2012 - 08:52 AM

Morning girls original.gif

Lou - oh so cute the movements tickle, and glad you're feeling positive. That's just brilliant about the bladder and fluid (and a whole 5 days spew-free, woo hoo!) Body pillows are great - without mine I'd have no chance of getting any sleep now... I used to be such a good sleeper - asleep soon as my head hits the pillow, and don't wake up til the alarm goes off in the morning, but not any more... I guess bubs is training me up for all those night feeds laughing2.gif What a shame your DH can't be at the next scan, good thing you can get a dvd.

Fairey - can I ask a dumb question... what's an MCN? On the Strider - I heard the same... a friend of mine bought the travel system and ended up putting it on eBay after a couple of months and buying the Baby Jogger City Select, which she loves. She said it was just too much hassle to put up and down and back together again. I have the Baby Jogger City Mini (I really liked the Select but think the Mini will be better for inner city small shop doors, another thing probably not an issue for you in the country! Plus it's only 7.5kg and folds super-easy). Of course I can't tell yet if I'll love it once baby comes, but it sure is going well on my regular test drives around the house roll2.gif

Mojo - not long til the weekend and pram playtime! What does your DH do, is he in the military as well? I kinda think it would be fun to move around alot but I'm sure it gets old fairly quickly!

Little lion - hope you and littlest lion are doing well... I know the first trimester feels like forever, but it's so great to see your bub actually looking like a tiny baby at the NT scan, waving away their little arms and legs - not too long to go, and hopefully you're feeling a bit better soon. And thanks for your advice on DH - I'll let him know. I work at Sydney Uni and have given him the contact there, but we have a massive freeze on any kind of staff expenditure at the moment, along with redundancies and not replacing anyone that leaves, it's all getting a bit silly, but hopefully they're still allowed to get freelance designers to pump out the brand promo! I'm hoping he'll get some more government contract work - good pay and hours and none of the crazy pressure you sometimes get in the ad agencies - his last place was constant panic stations.

Superfruity - Congrats, Dr Superfruity!! Must feel so good to get that done and out of the way. Bummer you have to wait for NT scan - pesky public holidays! Your commute sounds full-on, glad you've got a good book to while away the hours!

Jlove - yep, a bigger belly has to equal a growing baby I'm sure! That's what I keep telling myself. Good luck for your presentation... and I'd put money on the fact that you'll be racing home on Friday after work to doppler up original.gif

Hey to everyone else waves.gif

Getting so nervous about tomorrow's scan - probably silly, but you all know how it is. I got my haircut last night and my hairdresser said her first movements were at 19 weeks (which is where I'm at today) and it felt like a mild electrical current in her belly. So of course last night after dinner I felt a mild electrical current in my belly - but probably just psychosomatic (or gas blink.gif )! Can't wait to know for sure if I'm feeling bubs, and for DH to be able to feel it through my tummy!!


Edited by lalalollipop, 22 March 2012 - 08:55 AM.

#117 MaryLou88MaryLou

Posted 22 March 2012 - 11:14 AM

Hello ladies,

Apologies – I have been a little quiet. Have been sooo tired and lazy that I haven’t managed to write a nice long post responding to everyone but I have been reading all your updates every day and am always thinking about you all.

Little Lion – how exciting that your scan went so well! WELL DONE! Another healthy and happy sticky baby! This really is a lucky group! I am so very happy happy for you!

Fairey – I love the idea of the letter to your baby. Such a nice thought – I might also steal that one original.gif YAY on you planning a ‘standard’ holiday original.gif Tasmania sounds so great – I wonder now if we made a mistake choosing Palm cove. Especially after going on the Cradle Mountain lodge website – HEAVEN! Just stunning! Have fun! Honeycombe pieces yum yum yum....

– so nice that you are feeling wombat a lot original.gif I can’t wait to feel bub! Must be such an amazing feeling. Well done on your shopping spree – sounds like you bought some lovely things. I think it sounds like a great plan to buy the pram online overseas if you can save that much money. I compared the bugaboo chameleon with the Mamas and Papas Urbo. We ended up buying the Urbo as it was lighter and easier to handle – what I especially liked with the urbo compared with the bugaboo is that you can actually fold up the pram without removing anything (like the seat), with the bugaboo you have to take the seat out to be able to fold up the pram which I thought could be a little hard when you are without DH dealing with bub and pram at the same time. I hope this feedback helps and doesn’t make your decision making harder.

– How cute about the midnight party wink.gif So so nice! So happy for you that everything is going so well! So great that the scan went so well and you saw bub #1 bladder! YAY! Bubs are doing well! Your morph scan is next Wednesday – that is not long at all – YAY! Sorry to hear that DH will not be able to come to the scan. SORRY! Can you take a good friend or your mum? So nice to hear you all positive and happy! You deserve it! And no spewing – another YAY!!

– Your story regarding your OB and his wife was too funny wink.gif I can just imagine the situation. Sounds like a good idea to wait till after the meeting with using the doppler. I have been good and only use it once a week on Sundays. I can definitely recommend the Mamas and Papas Urbo – so far it has been great using it on little tours around the house and folding it out and up original.gif easy to use and light and not overpriced.

– I have DH about the doppler purchase and it went better than I thought it would be after I presented him with the facts from the GP that it is perfectly safe etc. That is very brave of you to work till 37 + 3! See how you feel – you might be all good and fine with it. Your cramps don’t sound like a lot of fun! I really hope they have disappeared and haven’t returned! But so exciting that you feel your baby so much – cute analogy with the Koi. Every time I feel something now I wonder if that is what a Koi would feel like bumping against your hand (have never fed a koi in my life). Did you end up making it to the shops or did your lazy side take over and you survived without yoghurt original.gif ?

Lala- Your scan is tomorrow!!!! YAY!!! All the best for it! Only one more sleep original.gif Can’t wait to hear all about it and to hear if you are having a boy or a girl original.gif Don’t be too nervous – everything will be fine and it will be amazing to see your bub again!
And oh how good is pre-natal Yoga – I go every Tuesday evening and love it sooo much. Could not imagine a Tuesday evening without it now. The Aldi sale – too funny. I lined up with all other crazy people at 8.30am yesterday morning and bought heaps! The little white singlet's are great so I bought six packs in all different sizes. Came to work with it and everyone thought I was a little crazy especially as I bought the hoodie and socks in both the boys and girls colour just to be covered for either original.gif Everything is such nice quality too – the wool feels nice and the singlets are 100% cotton. I wish you all the best with your DH and his work situation – I work in advertising too and it is such a demanding job but luckily it is normally busy so I hope that will make it relatively easy for him to get some great freelance work ligned up. Crossing my fingers for him! Has he given his name to freelance agencies that find work for you like recruitment agencies?

Superfruity - or should I say DR superfruity! WELL DONE! Congratulations! Shame that you have to wait till after the public holidays with your scan. I hope the time flies by for you! Sounds like you will get lots of reading done on your commute. I have now heard lots of feedback on hunger games and should start reading it – still thinking about it original.gif Haven’t got a good book at the moment so might be a good plan. Don’t apologies about your ‘me’ post ! All good original.gif

AFM – Sorry for being so quiet! I was at the Gold Coast with DH last weekend for a weeding and when we returned I was so knackered – felt like I was hit by a train. Today is the first day I fell normal again and that’s because I went to bed at 8.30 pm last night original.gif I am still not sure at all but I may have felt bub yesterday in a meeting – even wrote down the time because I was so excited – it was 4.25pm but not sure if it was movement as I haven’t felt anything like that since. DH is still away and to be honest – I have had enough! 8 weeks is too long...but nothing I can do. And now he is working all of this Saturday too. Luckily next week is the last week for him to be away for a little while...pphheeww wink.gif There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Can’t wait for Sunday as I will be using the doppler – YAY! Otherwise I am just counting the days till the morph scan – 12 days to go. I also bought a body pillow today which goes around your entire body...very pricey $99 but I am hoping so much that it will stop me waking up on my back as it should hold me in the side position as there is pillow in front and behind me....we will see. I will report when I get it...only ordered it online today...more online shopping...whoopsssss...


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#118 Loulla

Posted 22 March 2012 - 01:19 PM

Hi ladies!

Oh Mojo so Braxton Hicks for you too? Apparently they start coming at about 22wks, I even happened to read it in my FF pregnancy tracker for this week! The pain part has completely gone, I think that was a random one off, and Ive had a couple more tightenings (tummy feels like wood!) and then it passes again. ooh that baby market stall sounds so good! It's so fun browsing and finding bargains. I got the cutest zip up jumper and thick soft overalls at Vinnies today in good nick too.

Little Lion a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS for you and littlest Lion cutie blob with a heartbeat and everything  ddance.gif That is seriously fantastic news. You have so earned this weekend, pulling through on a big project and being in the first trimester  original.gif

Lala I will be thinking of you tomorrow, how great the day has finally arrived. It's so exciting and scary all in one, right. Im sure baby will be absolutely fine and you will leave there on such a big high! Yes, I think 37+3 for me leaving work is sooooo ambitious too! I do have my doubts lol.  And yes I think my uterus is having a good work out, Ill have to get it a sweat towel and gym sneakers. Daycare - same prob here with spots and having to reserve before baby is born. I emailed quite a few in the area to reserve a spot for mid next year and NONE got back to me! Then people at work with babies said you have to call and drop in regularly and make yourself known. Maybe I should make a few calls today while Im not at work... Good luck for both of you with the work sitch, I can imagine it would be a little more stressful with baby coming than not. I bet you guys work out a good plan soon.

Lou I am SO INTO yout idea of online grocery shopping! That is definitely reserved for later pregnancy and beyond  happy.gif DH and I ended up going together when he got back from work and he wheeled the trolley and carried everything phew. Love your tickly wiggly description of the two little ones! How so totally cute. It's like a little wriggling secret that only you know about... 5 days no spewing must be such a relief! And YIPEEEE for a bladder!  eexcite.gif

Fairey having your last day at 32wk sounds really good for yours and baby's health. Realistically, I think I will need to finish earlier, but I guess you just dont know until you get there. Some women charge but I dont think I am the charging type. Wish Term 2 ended just a little bit earlier!  Sounds like a good idea to go with both MCNs and disposables. So when are you heading off on your baby moon? (oops I mean, normal holiday  tongue.gif )

Dr Superfruity, I like the new title! So about 20 days until your NT scan, hope it doesnt drag on too slowly for you  hheart.gif  It will so be worth it - seeing a fully formed little kicking wiggling bubba! Good to hear you survived the big move, you must be very relieved that part is over now. Shame you lose your private office space waaaah! Hopefully you will all have a nice time working together.

Jlove all the best for your presentation tomorrow. And you have to let us know how you go with finding bubba's heart beat! Yes, the most reassuring thing is feeling your belly grow each week or so and that with the wiggling has helped me personally use the doppler less now for reassurance.

Marylou  yes it's true once you explain the non-existant risks of a doppler people relax. Although my nanna always nags me about it and I wish I never told her! haha. Yes in the end, DH and I went shopping together and I got two big tubs of Bornhoffen yoghurt mmmmm! Your body pillow sounds great... I got given a long sausage one but have found it a little too thick and Im still comfy laying on my side or half on my tummy with one leg bent up so I dont squash bub. I often wake up on my back! And then I bend my left leg up so Im sort of tilted slightly to the left. But I dont wake up on my tummy anymore because my body knows not to unconsciously. I was told by Dr not to worry too much about it all until 3rd tri? But I dont know... You just want the best for your baby right. Hope your new pillow is perfect for you! And YES wedding weekends are exhausting when pregnant  yyawn.gif

AFM am at home today with a stinging sore throat  sad.gif  So I decided to stay at home and get some extra sleep rather than use my voice all day with the kids. Ive been okay to do admin stuff at home though and have tidied up a bit, took some stuff to Vinnies. So Im not super sick, but I feel like I need to put baby first and take it easy when my body tells me to.
Thanks to Fairey's inspiration, I organised us a mini babymoon  happy.gif  Because we both have Easter off, we are going away to the Blue Mountains for 4 nights! We will be staying in an old historic B&B.
Am not feeling baby wriggle everyday, sort of every second day and sometimes more than other times, and its so gentle  wub.gif
We have figured out a sort of sleeping plan for baby - will put cot next to my side of our bed and take out the sliding side so that its open access for me to feed. And because the cot is lower, he wont fall out or anything. Then we will just keep the kitty cats down stairs in the loungeroom with the door closed for a few months until baby gets bigger and we will go from there. I will be able to take him out for nappy changes without the cats sneaking into the room too! I feel much less anxious about it all now.
Ive been loving white bread rolls with lots of butter, tinned tuna, cheese and salad mmmmmm
And sweet stuff again uh oh!


#119 Loulla

Posted 22 March 2012 - 05:15 PM

Oooooh best baby wiggle session yet! Kick kick wriggle squirm, so soft and gentle.  I Lifted up my top to have a look and my tummy moved! Upwards like a poke from the inside!! Then he stopped. Must have gotten stage fright  wub.gif I am so in love right now.

Went to Dr and with one little sore throat he took my blood pressure, did doppler, measured my tummy, listened to chest and heart, checked temp, got virus bloods done, throat swab done (all bulk billed), urine tested etc. Told me to come back in if I have a fever or rash because it could hurt little bub. Told me to drink lots of fluid and to not take too much panadol, just occasionally. Wowzers, what a good Dr!  Wants me home tomorrow too yay so got med cert for both days  biggrin.gif

Edited by Loulla, 22 March 2012 - 05:17 PM.

#120 little lion

Posted 22 March 2012 - 07:21 PM

Get better soon Loulla. That's so cool that you could see the poke. I have only ever seen it on TV. I am looking forward to that.

Marylou what kind of work does your husband do? Will he be home for your morph scan?

Lala I will be thinking of you tomorrow. original.gif I hope the scan goes perfectly! Will you find out of it is a boy or girl?

Jlove good luck with the big presentation. Then enjoy dopplering it up!

Superfruity Combi is a Japanese brand of pram. We are considering it, but I think they are best suited to short people, and my husband is pretty tall. But they are really light (maybe under 7kg) and easy to maneuvre.

As for me: I passed another pregnancy milestone this morning: my first vomit! Yuk. It took me by surprise, I was using the hair dryer then BAM! Kinda makes me paranoid that I could spew any time now...

#121 mojo11

Posted 22 March 2012 - 07:49 PM

Little lion - YAY for your project finishing tomorrow !!! Enjoy your weekend !!

Superfruity - How cool would that be to be able to skype with a cute bump to your family !!!  Has your PPM come across the Bugaboo or Bebe in his travels ?? What are his opinions ?? That is an awesome idea with the preg diary !! Bummer about having to move offices and having less EB time !!!

JLove - I will have the pram posted to me, the postage from that site is $37 with a 3 - 5 week delivery time frame... Yeah I have now decided against the 3D shots !!! Good luck with the doppler on friday !!!!

Lala - My DP builds large commercial farms throughout Aust.. The moving is fun but we would like to buy a house and settle somewhere one day which we cant at the moment as we would never ne there long enough to make buying something worth while.. That soundslike bub moving !!!!! Good luck tomorrow !!!!

MaryLou - Thanks for the info I had no idea about that when folding up the bugaboo !! Something definately to think about as I really want something that is easy to deal with on my own... 8 weeks is so so long but YAY for him being home for a while once he gets back !!! Ohhhh let us know how you go with the doppler !!!! I have a body pillow which I love !!!

Loulla - Yes only had it that one night none since !!! I love bargains lol !!!! Bummer about the sore throat hope its easing up for you !!! Ohhh your baby moon sounds bliss !!! Wow I have not figured out our baby sleeping plan yet ! It sounds like a great plan you have !! Your Dr sounds awesome !!

AFM - Only 2 sleeps till pram playing YAY !!!!!!

#122 lalalollipop

Posted 23 March 2012 - 10:16 AM

Just a quickie - will be back later - but our 19 week scan went very well....

healthy perfect baby girl! ppinkstork.gif

So in love llove.gif

#123 Loulla

Posted 23 March 2012 - 12:44 PM

eexcite.gif Lala how EXCITING and WONDERFUL!!!  ddance.gif
Our first official baby girl to the group  ppinkstork.gif  ppinkstork.gif  ppinkstork.gif
omg there are waaaaay too many cute baby girl clothes out there.

CONGRATULATIONS to you and your DP!

#124 minidiamond

Posted 23 March 2012 - 01:42 PM

lala, yayayaayayay !!!! That is awesome, so pleased for you that scan went well & you're having a little girl.  Great news.

Lots of pram talk on here, I have not even STARTED to look, although I've started to ask people with babies their opinion on the big ticket items.

I haven't been on for a while so a bit to catch up on ...

Littlelion, that is fab news re your scan.  Very happy for you ! Are you starting to feel a bit better yet ??

superfruity, it's hard being in the 'middle' between dating & NT - I found between NT & morph scan a bit like that too, although Im lucky my OB gives me a little scan each time I see him.  Skyping your family would be a lovely idea !  Bummer about the lack of access to EB in the office, and bummer about your big commute but glad you're enjoying your reading time. Haven't read Hunger Games I'm afraid !

Jlove, did you get the doppler out yet ???? I hope you found a HB.

Marylou, it sucks having DH away alot. Mine is just back after being away both this week & last week for work, not sure how I'll cope when bubby arrives.  I have been feeling pretty tired too this week, not sure quite why, last week I was full of energy !

Loulla, hope your throat is better and woot woot for organising a lovely Easter getaway.  I am hoping to do something too, need to get my act together so probably searching for last minute options now.  Good that you've got a baby sleeping plan too - I have no idea what we'll do !

HI to everyone else.

AFM, all okay, morph scan next Thurs so looking forward to that.  I have been suffering from 'restless legs' at night, googled it & spoke to midwife, she said I might be a bit deficient in calcium so trying to get a few smoothies in, plus cheese which she suggested would be good.  Other than that, a bit tired because the restless legs are keeping me awake at night,  but can't complain.  I have booked myself into a pregnancy massage tonight so see how that goes.

My Mum made me a lovely CD of lullabies (she's a music teacher) so I've been listening to that & will start playing it to bubba soon.  original.gif
Have a great weekend all....

Edited by Liltuss, 23 March 2012 - 03:39 PM.

#125 Fairey

Posted 23 March 2012 - 05:01 PM

Lala - AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! A beautiful baby girl!!!!! So happy for you!!!!
Also - MCN is Moder Cloth Nappy. Cloth nappy that looks just like a disposable (not a white 'fold it like this then like this' thing that uses nappy pins!)

Liltuss - Hit the chocolate milk - it's so amazing! It will definitely help with the calcicum! I hope the next week flies for you. Are you going to find out the sex at your morph scan?

Mojo - Only 1 sleep to go until pram playing. Yay!

MaryLou - You most definitely did not make a mistake booking Palm Cove for your babymoon! That will be uh-mazing! I really liked the idea of Port Douglas but the airfares alone were quite exxy. Then the place I had the hots for was booked out  sad.gif  So then I got the sh*ts up and didn't want to go there anymore (I blame tbe baby hormones!)

Loulla - ooooh... The Blue Mountains will be lovely! I bet you're so excited about it. How are you going with names? Do you have a list of names that you refuse to use because of... shall we say.... bad experience?
My "Will Not Use" list is way longer than the names that I actually like!

AFM - Weekend - WHOOP WHOOP! Sleep ins coming my way soon! Have convinced hubby that when we drive home from Tassie / Melbourne we'll go via Ballarat so I can go to Pram Warehouse (yay!) Has anybody else had a look on their website? They have so many amazing deals on lots of items. Their shipping prices are quite fair too (www.pramwarehouse.com.au)
I woke up last night screaming with cramps in my leg... Hubby was lovely (you can all guess what's coming right???). "Just stretch it out, you'll be fine... geez labour is going to be fun with you"

Oh yeah - you guys were talking 3D scans. I'm not planning on getting them (don't know if I've shared this before? We'll blame the old baby brain if I have). I really don't see the point cos I'm not planning on finding out the sex of the baby. Besides - I'd sooooo much rather have newborn photos instead  wink.gif  Before bubs is 2 weeks old... (have a plan!)

Love to you all  hhugs.gif

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The toys of your childhood

Take a trip down memory lane with these vinage and retro toys that you may have had in your childhood or your parent's childhood.

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