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Due in November, 2012 Chat Thread

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#51 Batmansunderpants

Posted 29 February 2012 - 01:44 PM

Hi everyone!

Welcome Funnygirl. Congrats on your BFP. How exciting. It must feel surreal at the moment.

Wishing - I'm being careful but not over the top. No alcohol, neurofen, smoking, deli meats bu other than that I'm still eating normally so far.

AA-I can imagine it would be hard doing I hour sessions,especially back to back. It must be so hard doing drop offs but I bet your DS is having a ball as I type this.

Has everyone had their pregnancy confirmed by the GP yet? I haven't yet as I have been so busy with moving. I will probably do it tomorrow. Im not sure if i should get a referal from my gp for the hospital and 12 week scan and bloods or wait till i move and get one from a local doctor.

I just visited a friend in hospital who had her little girl on Monday. So tiny and cute. It really hit home that I am pregnant again.

How is everyone feeling? I feel normal just heavy in the tummy IYKWIM?

#52 suzy-c

Posted 29 February 2012 - 01:51 PM

Sigh... I wish I could book into a centre, but I'm certain my labour will be a 3 ring circus, with the hospital as the only option. I have a few risk factors, and our last baby was born sleeping at 20 weeks.

In fact: I propose a November DIG mocktail party after my (and possibly your) 20 week scan, because I'm going to be quaking in my boots until then.

#53 Batmansunderpants

Posted 29 February 2012 - 02:02 PM

Suzy - I bet you are anxious! I won't be able to go toabirthing centre as there are none here I am moving, and  i had a c-section last time. Count me in for the mocktail party. I think I am worried I will go to the GP and he will say its in your head, your not pregnant.

#54 suzy-c

Posted 29 February 2012 - 02:20 PM

Hehe, I know! Even with the BFP, I was worried my super regular period would come this morning as scheduled, and it hasn't! Now I feel like a dill. We're going to the doc's for the first time about this, early tomorrow morning. I still have a faint worry about whether I'll still be pregnant by then! Durr!  blush.gif

#55 suzy-c

Posted 29 February 2012 - 04:34 PM

As far as the eating thing goes, I've been loosely following the Best Odds Diet guidelines in "What to expect when you're expecting" for the last month or so. I figured TTCing would be a long journey, so I might as well get used to the diet beforehand. Then we got our BFP straight away, so it wasn't that big a transition.

My main vices were diet coke and chocky. Finding out I was milk allergic really cut out a lot of options, cakey-wise, so that helped. Now I don't drink diet coke anymore, because I've cut out as many artificial colours, flavours, preservatives etc as I can. Keeping sugar to a minimum too. My chocky ration ends up being less than one freddo a day, so I don't think that will hurt much!

What is everyone else doing?

#56 Spring Chickadee

Posted 29 February 2012 - 05:10 PM

In fact: I propose a November DIG mocktail party after my (and possibly your) 20 week scan, because I'm going to be quaking in my boots until then.

Only if I can load my mocktail with icecream?! I really hope this pregnancy is an uneventful as possible. I want to beleive I will relax more in the coming weeks, but stillbirth is in the back of my head as well as my brother who passed away due to complications at birth. I'll be sending lots of good vibes and prayers to all of you.
Are you girls being strict with the food/drinks you can and cant eat yet?

Due to issues ive been having with my Hashi's as well as the recurrent MC its been strict for the time TTC which i am just continueing now. I see a Fertility Naturopath with a masters in endocrinology who advises me on my diet. Now, this is extreme i know but I'm Gluten/Soy/Caffine/Alcohol/Artificial Sweetner/ junk food free and low Iodine/goitrogins then have at least half of every meal veges/salad, 1 cup carbs and a palm of meat. I also drink 3L of water a day, take alot of suppliments and try to avoid processed foods if possible. Then all the usual no sushi, soft cheeses, deli meats ect.  The bright side is I lost 8-10kgs before falling pregnant this time around!my 71kgs and 167cms which im happy with, but suddenly im starting to loose weikght again so i need to address this with my docs.

Also just wanted to share my BFP pics from today (13DPO) as Im so darn proud of how much darker they are getting....

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#57 Tabbus McCattus

Posted 29 February 2012 - 06:29 PM

Your lines are beautiful Spring Chickadee!

I'm following the NSW Food Authority Guidelines for food safety during pregnancy. I've been trying not to eat too much processed food in the last year, so I'll keep that going.

As part of registering at my GP (we've only been in Perth a month) I had to see the nurse first for her to collect a basic history and get blood pressure/ heart rate/ height/ weight readings. While I was in there the other nurse was looking after a very very newborn baby while her mum was in an appointment. It felt a bit surreal, like it was either end of the whole pregnancy process.

#58 Maysie81

Posted 29 February 2012 - 09:26 PM

Hi allI'm Maysie. My husband of 2 years (together 11 years) and I have one DS 16 months. Have been TTC no2 since Oct 11. Have had 2 miscarriages, 1 in November and another in January. Lucky enough had a BFP since last Tuesday. Will be 5 weeks tomorrow and due 1st November I think. I'm very nervous, just want to get to early scan so I can relax a little bit and start to tell people.Are there any other Victorians here yet? I didn't see any in the previous posts, but could've overlooked.When are the pregnancy symptoms meant to kick in? I didnt find out with DS until I was 6 weeks preg, and by then the boobs were getting sore, but I was lucky enough not to get any morning sickness. I feel like its first time all over again!Hope everyone gets plenty of shut-eye, we've got babies to grow.
Maysie x

#59 Spring Chickadee

Posted 01 March 2012 - 09:58 AM

Welcome Maysie! and congrats on your pregnancy. I'm sorry to hear of your previous MCs, how many weeks along were you for those? I'm finding I'm getting more positive as I get out of my usual danger period. I think Pregnancy symptoms can hit straight away but usually don't until 6 weeks.  I've been feeling really nauseous and threw up last night, but it may just be from upping my metformin dose rather then Morning Sickness.  My Fertility naturopath told me the best thing i can do for the baby to grow and to minimise nausea is get 12 hours sleep nightly  ohmy.gif I'm working up to it as I'm struggling to get to bed that early- I feel like i've just gotten home!

Got back my next HCG result. it was 109 at 11DPO and 324 at 13DPO, that's a tripled result in 48 hours!

I know its still super duper early but it gives me extra confidence that things are off to a flying start. I've stopped doing to HPTs as I've maxed out the test line and have decided not to do any more bloods as I feel so anxious leading up to result time. Now the wait is on until my first scan and OBGYN appointment. is anyone else planning on getting a scan before 12 weeks?  I cant decide how many weeks along I should get a dating scan to see the heartbeat.

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#60 Alacritous~Andy

Posted 01 March 2012 - 10:18 AM

I am having an dating scan, Spring Chickadee.

I have a history of early losses, and think I may have had a chemical pregnancy on the cycle before I conceived, as my AF was all over the place (6 days of heavy spotting/light AF, followed by a very heavy period for another 5 days), so because I don't have a clear LMP date, my GP ordered a dating scan (though I am fairly sure of my ovulation date).  

I didn't have an early scan or bloods done with DS.  I did have a scan in my OBs office at 10 1/2 weeks.  Getting to see the heartbeat was amazing.

#61 Alacritous~Andy

Posted 01 March 2012 - 10:19 AM

I meant to add, I am having my dating scan at what I think is 7 weeks.  I might even leave it a few more days if I can.  Before about 6 1/2 weeks, I have heard you are unlikely to hear a heartbeat, so I want to wait for as long as possible, because I think a scan with no heartbeat would do my head in.

#62 Spring Chickadee

Posted 01 March 2012 - 10:21 AM

Alacritous~Andy- how many week along will go get it?  My GP was saying 7 weeks is good (i think this includes a buffer in case your dates are wrong) But since I was using OPKs and have stronger HCG levels then my dates I'm thinking of getting the scan at 6.5weeks. I'll need to do some more research to see if that's the right time to see the heartbeat.

ETA- Just saw the reply you beat me to!

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#63 Guest_V's mummy_*

Posted 01 March 2012 - 04:19 PM

Hi everyone!  Hoping you don't mind me joining in!  I'm Sam,  My DH and I have 1 DD who is 9 months old.  biggrin.gif   So excited and can't believe that #2 came on the first try!  It was not so easy with Violet!  Praying for a sticky bubba!!!   hands.gif to answer some of the questions

Am I following pg diet?-  yep, but I don't go crazy.  I don't eat soft serve or soft cheeses or deli meats.  I do sometimes have ham or feta if it is cooked HOT HOT HOT!  I still have a half strength coffee everyday.  

I will also be booking in for a dating scan, even though I am sure of when I ovulated.  I am SUPER anxious so my doc will just book me in so that I can see the small fry in there with the heart beating away.  lucky for me, my ob likes to look at baby every time I go in the first tri so it eases my mind to see it until I can feel him/her kicking away in there!  I will book around 6.5-7 weeks, the heart is usually beating around 6 weeks and if I didn't see a heart beat I would FREAK out! LOL!  so I don't want to book to early.

I'm off to the doc tomorrow to get my referral for my ob and book in ASAP.  They book out so quickly and I love my ob and would be heart broken if I didn't get her again.  I will also be trying for VBAC this time around.  Are there any other VBAC ladies out there yet?????

Hope everyone is feeling well so far!  Any morning sickness or other symptoms???

#64 Wishing2011

Posted 01 March 2012 - 06:27 PM

I think I'd like to try for a natural delivery but we'll see how it goes. I don't have a very high pain threshold so I may give up quickly original.gif

I don't really have any symptoms. I had a bit of brown stringy spotting last night then it stopped and returned thismorning but only very light. It's gone again but it freaked me
Out! So I'm trying to stay hopeful and off my feet a bit more than usual.

Lucky for me I'm at a resort right now so Ive spent the day laying on a day bed or relaxing in the pool grin.gif it does make it hard being away from home as I can't call my doctor with any questions I have.

#65 Batmansunderpants

Posted 01 March 2012 - 07:27 PM

Hi all! Welcome Sam.

I wasn't going to have a scan as I know my dates but the GP said I should as he wants to check all is ok (not an ecoptic) and how many (please just 1!).

I am going to put it off till 6.5 weeks but I can't go later than that as I will be moving.

Spring chickadee - sorry to hear you are sick. I feel a bit off and very tired.

I tried to get a referral to the hospital but GP wont yet as he said they won't accept me, although there is only one hospital near me and im stressing that I will miss out.

Better get back to my uni work now. Have a good night all.

#66 Guest_V's mummy_*

Posted 02 March 2012 - 07:28 AM

Wishing- go you for trying natural!  I always figured ' why not give it a crack!'  if i can't handle it i can have an Epi!  That was my plan with Vi, but she was breach and in a very odd position so my ob didn't want to attempt a normal breach delivery.  I did everything to turn her! Hypnotherapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, inversions, and finally a manual turn at the hospital but nope!  She was comfy with her butt down!  I'm hoping to have a VBAC ( vaginal birth after c-section) this time around and my ob is very supportive thank goodness. Although she did say to me she would prefer me to wait a year before we fall pregnant to attempt VBAC but 9 months bare minimum!  Just scraped in! biggrin.gif I did hypnobirthing workshop before I found out vi was breach and it was great!  Looking forward to giving it a try this time around.  It helped me HEAPS in the last tri,  especially with sleeping!  
Also I had some spotting with Vi, it's quite common.  Rest up and take it easy, if your worried go see the doc.  original.gif
Miss cookie-  good luck with the move!  What are you studying if you don't mind me asking?  Do twins run in your family at all?
Spring chic-  I'm sorry you are feeling unwell!  Hope you manage to get some sleep. I can understand you feeling nervous-  I am the same after losses of my own ( only one mc and one chemical,  but even though that is better than many others, it was still hard!). Such great news about your levels!  They are wonderful numbers!  Stick stick little bubba!
AFM-  off to the doc today for my referrals!  I won't feel less stressed until I see the little sprout in there at 6.5weeks with the little heart going!  I was only just there at this time last week with Vi having a check up.  I told him we had just started trying for #2! Lol!  I'm back a week later saying I'm pregnant!  Haha!

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#67 Wishing2011

Posted 02 March 2012 - 09:38 AM

V original.gif thanks yes it seemed to stop by yday evening it was a bit scary but fingers crossed it has stopped now. We have been TTC for a while now and this is the first time I have ever had a BFP. my cycles are really short and I got a blood test the day I gt my bfp but as it was so early and the line was really faint my levels weren't high enough to be positive . They were at 14. So now a week later the lines are same as control line but I can't see the gp
Til I get home which isn't long now original.gif I think relaxing at a resort is probably the best thing for me right now as we have really taken it easy. I actually have an apt with my FS NEXT Thursday to discuss IVF which I will need to cancel now (yay!) but he is a really busy man so I'm assuming once I get all my blood tests done I should book in with him for the baby stuff original.gif still can't believe I'm here pregnant. I don't feel it yet other than the odd occassion of neausea.

#68 Amber Spyglass

Posted 02 March 2012 - 12:39 PM

Hey Everyone!

Spring Chickadee -  Your blood test results are amazing, the HCG seems to be increasing really well. On yours and Andy's topic of Early Scans, yes I will be having one, I will try to wait until 8weeks. I'll be checking for multiples, there are a LOT of twins in my family, and I am not 100% sure on my dates, as I have only had one AF since DD was born nearly 9 months ago, and I am breastfeeding. I am going to try not to go in too early, as last time I went in at what I thought was 6.5 weeks, turned out they couldn't find a heartbeat and said it might not be a viable pregnancy. I had a very nervous 2 weeks waiting to either start bleeding or get another scan. Obviously I was lucky and the dates were just out. But I don't want to go through that again!

V's Mummy - Good luck for your appt today, let us know how you go!

Wishing -  That resort holiday sounds great, I think I need that too! I had some spotting with my last PG, and all was well, I think it happens quite a lot and turns out to be nothing wrong. I hope you haven't had any more though. I'm having some nausea too, speaking of pregnancy symptoms, but I started feeling that before I even got my BFP. I'm sure I can't rememeber getting it that early last time. In fact, I think it took about 6 weeks to kick in. I did have that stretchy feeling last time, but haven't had it yet. Seeing as I only gave birth less than 9 months ago, I might still be 'stretched'!

TJ - Good luck this afternoon! If you can get straight from your Dr (without having to wait long for the appt!) to get your bloods taken, you might just get there in time this afternoon!

AFM - I will hopefully be booking in to Caboolture public, that is where I had DD. I went through a midwife program which was great, and I had really good care leading up to the birth. If I can brag, I had an 'easy' 6hr labour, and a totally drug free vaginal birth. I also got to go home and recover with my DH and DD as a family just a few hours after the birth, and had visits from midwives/LC's/CHN's in the comfort of my own home.

And on the topic of pregnancy diets - I'm not changing much. As I'm still breastfeeding DD, I'm off caffeine, alcohol and most food with preservatives/additives etc. I don't really eat much meat or dairy so I'm not hugely inconvenienced by avoiding deli hams or soft cheeses etc. I'm just trying to eat more, as I'm eating for myself, BFing DD and growing baby #2 now, and I can't take any supplements with iron in it as I have a condition that means I absorb toooo much iron. So, just trying to load up on the extra fruit and vegies. I can take folate, and I've just seen one that has only folate and iodine, which I will try and pick up next time.

#69 Batmansunderpants

Posted 02 March 2012 - 06:15 PM

Wishing - fingers crossed you are ok. Rest up and keep your fluids up.

T.J - no fertility meds or history of multiples. My GP is a bit clueless, but I will have the scan thank you very much!

V's mummy - I'm studying primary school teaching via correspondence. Your doctor will think you are very efficient with your baby making.

Chevrechou - wow, so maybe more than one on board.

I'm booked in for a dating scan on the 16th March. I had bloods today. No symptoms but I have period like pain in the tummy and lower back pain so not sure what is happening.

#70 suzy-c

Posted 03 March 2012 - 11:02 AM

Morning all!
I haven't been on for a couple days, as I guess I just wasn't in the mood. We told our son, and a couple of family members, and the response was lukewarm at best, so it kind of put me off talking about it, or telling anyone else. No one's going to show the slightest amount of enthusiasm until after the 20th week, and it's really bringing me down. I say to myself "Well, I can be enthusiastic all by myself if I have to be." but I don't think anything will convince the rest of them. sad.gif

I'll add the newcomers to the list this afternoon after work. Sorry if you've felt left out!

#71 Tabbus McCattus

Posted 03 March 2012 - 12:59 PM

Suzy, I'm sorry the responses haven't been enthusiastic. This is an exciting time for you, and I am excited for you! It must be hard, but try not to let the others bring you down. Their responses will be born out of their own issues, the lack of enthusiasm is not a reflection on you.

#72 Spring Chickadee

Posted 03 March 2012 - 03:23 PM

Suzy-c Well I think your pregnancy is exciting! What a blessing it is to be expecting. It's a shame the reaction was so unenthused from family members. I got the same from my sister and cousin (best friends) initially. I dont think they really knew how i wanted them to react. once my levels began to rise and I began to get excited they are asking every day for updates and are excited for the possibility of having a baby come November (despite it still being a long way and not a sure bet). every pregnancy should be celebrated, no matter what the outcome ends up being.

T.J. 1 hour labour, oh that is my dream! sounds like you earned it after you first though. and im sure you bloods will come back positive original.gif are you having a quantitive test done to get the number also? anyone getting HCG numbers done this is a great site link

Wishing 2011
Bleeding happens in many pregnancies that go on to be successful, brown spotting is nothing to stress about as it's not fresh red blood. sounds like just the products of implatation slowly making their way out.  

AFM I went to my final meeting with my FS yesterday. by final I mean i'll either start with my OBGYN soon or if god forbid I loose this pregnancy I will find a new FS. I've had terrible issues with her communication, not returning calls, not fully discussing treatment options with me and being abrupt and rude when I tell her there are issues with communication.  So all done with her which is nice.

I'm starting with my OBGYN nice and early at 6.5 weeks and am thinking i might get a scan at 5.5 weeks (i just want to see there is something in there!). then the HB scan at the OBGYNs first appointment with his scanner. I will get HCG blood every few days until then so i can keep relaxing - I can be a bit of a control freak, I even ring the lab directly afterhours to get the results faxed to my home line the moment they are available.

HCG is still growing nicely- 758. doubled in 36 hours since last bloods. Its like im still surprised each time i Realise the baby is still growing. This morning when I got that result I cried. Poor DH thought I' d just gotten bad news rather then good news. laughing2.gif

as for pregnancy symptoms im still getting stretching and lower back pain from time to time and yesterday I got a disgusting sour metallic taste, even water tasted revolting! Getting lots of sleep this weekend as I've been buggered.

#73 Wishing2011

Posted 03 March 2012 - 08:44 PM

Suzy that is so unfair they aren't excited for you. Just pop on in here as we are happy for you when u need a pick me up or if u need to vent.
Spring chickadee oh I had the cramping last week. That metallic taste sounds yuck !

Afm I think (fingers crossed) the spotting has finally stopped. Been getting a few strong waves of nausea and a few cramps but not too often. Went to bed at 8pm last night I was so tired original.gif still don't feel pregnant though . I can't believe it's happening :-)

#74 Guest_V's mummy_*

Posted 04 March 2012 - 07:25 AM

Hi everyone! :-)  Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

wishing-  How's the holiday going?  When are you home?  Great to hear the spotting has stopped.  Hope you are still feeling ok apart from the bouts of nausea and I hear you on the fatigue!  i had to go to bed at 9pm last night!

Spring Chickadee-  Oh sounds like good news you don't have to see you FS again.  She doesn't sound very compassionate.  That's really great they can keep your mind at ease by doing bloods every couple of days.  Great numbers there!  Looking great!   biggrin.gif

Suzy- that is so sad.  I'm sorry that you haven't had the reaction that you and your beautiful family deserve.  Like the other ladies said, we are all super excited for you! I agree with Tabbus- it's there own issues no doubt.

TJ- fingers crossed for you the morning sickness stays away!  I wasn't very sick with my DD either.  Hoping to have a similar experience this time.  So far so good!  You should get the results from your bloods tomorrow yes?  Let us know how you go. wink.gif

Chevrechou-  yes brag away!  How great you had such a good labor experience after your first.  Gives me hope I might be able to achieve the labor I want this time around.  Even though my C-section was beautiful and amazing and I had no trouble recovering.  This time around I will have an 18 month old daughter who needs me as well and I would hate to not be able to pick her up and cuddle her for even a couple of weeks.

AFM- well went to the doc.  Got bloods done as my ob always requests them.  Haven't got results yet but my GP said he will call me if there are any problems.  I'm not very worried.  Got my referral for my ob and my referral for dating scan.  YAY!  I will make the dating scan for around 2.5 weeks. Otherwise feeling good.  some stretching but only little bouts of nausea.  Still managing to get to the gym just having to go to bed a bit earlier which does effect my work because I usually get it all done when DD goes to bed at 6pm! haha!  But oh well!

#75 suzy-c

Posted 04 March 2012 - 12:26 PM

Adding bel&j now!

Will be able to add you, V's mummy, when you know when you're due!

Hope all is well, will be back for personals in a bit.

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