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TTC #2 Thread #205
For those trying to conceive their second child

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 17 February 2012 - 09:08 AM

Hi all

New thread time

Previous thread



#2 SoTired

Posted 17 February 2012 - 09:47 AM

Just catching the thread!

Back later.

#3 clm1982

Posted 17 February 2012 - 10:53 AM

SILVER (i think buy the time i post as it will be long lol)

Hi lovely ladies.

Im back for personals. Here goes:

Gisses - Any more news?  Have you tried a first response? Feb is turning out to be a dud month for everyone. Im in the FEB is my month thread too and only had a few BFPs so far and were nearing the end of the month, last month we had heaps though. lol to the kitchen floor baby while i had a natural birth 6 days early i was in prelabour for 9 days and it sucked, + 11 hours of normal labour. I hope the next one is quicker and easier to push out!

Psst - Sorry you didnt get a +OPK but at least you got some good BD'ing in. What ever works is my motto too. I hope you get your BFP soon!

Mumma - Thanks for the costs about IVF im hoping i dont need it. I said before i probably wouldnt do it but that was for the assumed costs of 10K but for a few grand i would look into it if needed but of course im praying i dont! So glad that the eggs are fertilised good luck for Monday! I reckon you are going to be our first BFP for the month.

Bellefin: Im praying for a 2012 baby too but maybe im gonna end up with a 2013 one. Glad your DH decided to do a SA hopefully there isnt anything wrong there. Hopefully the bloods and pessaries help you out this month for a BFP!

Smileyhappy - Goodluck for the BFP sounds like you got lots of BD'ing in! I dont usually stick my bum in the air BUT i do make sure that i dont get out of bed all night lol

Cheri- Im also swaying for anything now, i really wanted to sway for a boy but i decided im happy if i have 2 girls and my DD can have a sister i always wanted one when i was younger. I do have a sister now but was only a baby when i was ready to leave home so it didnt count lol Im also addicted to TTC i think its also the nurse im me which likes to know all the ins and outs so i can help other people if needed. Im praying the Vitex works for us this cycle!

Carol - Not sure about the herbs besides the Vitex which i decided to take myself after research and email advice from my natropath friend ive decided to try it for a little while and see how it goes. Maybe just do the same?

Jess - Hope your feeling better but i have to agree with the others that your chances seem really high with the quality of eggies you have so fingers crossed it works for you when they finally put them in. Medicare are usually pretty good for me sometimes i get the money back before the money is even taken out of my credit card!

Duck - Sorry AF arrived. I would be freaked out by the Cadavers too we didnt have to deal with them for my nursing course thank god and so far i havent had to deal with any dead bodies yet either but im sure my time will come. Not sure on the CS scar issues either sorry.

Andrea - Do you have an Ipad or laptop you can take on the plane to entertain your LO. We did that for DD and she was quiet the whole trip. We bribe too it works lol

Aurora - Your making me jealous all this talk of Paris and holidays. Ive never been to the UK i hope we can go when the kids are a bit older

V's Mummy
- Welcome i hope your stay is short. I take the Vitamin B6 as recommended by my gene specialist at first i didnt know what it was for but learnt that it increases LP dont think its working in my case though cos my LP is only 8-10 days, so i decided to take Vitex this cycle as its also supposed to help.

Hi to everyone else i missed!

AFM - CD11 today, managed to BD last night and going to continue every 2 days until i see clear thermal shift. Did an OPK this morning and looks to be getting darker so i hope thats a sign that O will be a few days away and not CD18-19 like it has been.

#4 andrea79

Posted 17 February 2012 - 12:16 PM

BRONZE woo hoo!!!

Hi ladies!

mummamajeena - fantastic news on 6 fertilised and healthy embies and possibly some more!! Great news and hurry up Monday!!!

clm1982 - yeah DS loves to play some games I downloaded for him on my iPhone so that keeps him pretty occupied. And before we flew to Malaysia last year I brought him a small magnadoodle (well that's what they were called when I was a kid!!) and he loves that. We also take it everywhere with us now, out to tea etc! Plus he loves sticker books etc so we can normally keep him pretty occupied on a flight! At least 1hr 35mins to Sydney is better than 8hrs to Malaysia!!! Ooh sounds like you'll get your positive OPK a little earlier this month, great news!!

OMG triplets!!!  ohmy.gif  Does she already have any kids?!! Wow instant family!!

V's mummy - actually I don't know how I'm managing to resist peeing in a cup?!! I guess because we've kept up with the BDing it doesn't really matter! I know I haven't O yet though based on CM and CD! so did you get your positive OPK today??

Hi everyone else!

Nothing new to report from yesterday!! Based on CM haven't O yet, only CD12. I'm guessing Monday but wait and see!

Andrea xox

#5 Bellefin

Posted 17 February 2012 - 12:16 PM

Morning all!

Duck-o-lah I have heard that CS scarring can prevent an emby from implanting if it tries to implant on the scar. But I'm no doctor obviously, just trying to rule out things for myself.

gisses CD11, one of the most exciting days of the month! All full of hope. Good luck. My birthday is 21st December and it causes nothing but trouble now, I hate Xmas time and I don't want a babies birthday mixed up with it all. I will keep trying naturally but not going to take any drugs to force it that month.

V's mummy Hi waves.gif I didn't have a CS, but a have a friend that did and went on to have a drug free VBAC and was fine.

Hi AJ 29 weeks! I still remember when you got BFP...crazy!

Mummamajeena DH wanted to give DD chocolate for going to the toilet and I said no! Don't open that can of worms, because she is so demanding. So we used stickers and after about 3 days she went to the toilet and forgot about the stickers anyway. I work in behaviour management, we use the word positive reinforcement, not bribery haha. Incentive is also a good one. You must be getting excited, only days away. It drags doesn't it? I was reading in an AC forum that the main thing with AC is waiting and more waiting. So you have 6 ready to go? Do they choose the strongest looking one to put in?

Andrea DD wanted to wear undies to daycare a few weeks ago and wet them twice so I sent her in a nappy the next time. Then the time after that she wore undies and they said they found her in the toilet more than once taking herself! She's only just turned 2. They learn it really quickly. She wouldn't do a poo so I had to put a nappy on her to do a poo but after 3 days she did it in the toilet too. She still can't tell the difference between needing to do a poo but she knows once it's on the way out. TT is awesome, I love not having to do the whole nappy thing.

clm1982 Twins I would like but triplets  ohmy.gif  wow does she have any other kids? Was that a natural conception? Exciting though as long as they are healthy and stay on the inside long enough. Send her on over to Baby Names, we love helping decide names for multiples!

Jess How you holding up? You have been waiting soooo long, what's a few more weeks right? Remember they kept delaying you by another month and month and month, but you are getting closer now, I'm warming up for my dance, I know we all are.

Hi everyone else, all busy with OPKs, vitex and everything!!

AFM- DP got his SA results. It was 146,000,000 per ml which is super A+. Is that 146 million? Per ml? And great mobility so he is feeling all manly now, told all the guys at work haha. I am 11dpo and no sign of AF and temp still high which means I will be having a longer LP yay. Last two cycles have been 9 and 10 days. I keep having dreams about getting BFP, they are so real, I come on here and post to you guys and I go about the thing I was going to do that day, it's soooo real. And then I wake up. Blah.

#6 andrea79

Posted 17 February 2012 - 12:26 PM

Hey Bellefin! We must have been posting at the same time!! Oh wow your DD is a clever little vegemite, got TT done at 2! Nice work! Totally agree with you about the nappy thing though! So nice not to change them! Not that DS was going through many a day but still nice, not to mention the money!! Not sure what DS will do when it comes to a poo, I think he's a bit unsure about doing it on the toilet so will probably wait for his night time nappy or something!!

Wow no wonder your DP is feeling very manly!!! I have no idea what's "normal" with a sperm count but that's a lot of swimmers!!! Fingers crossed for you, things looking good this cycle so far!

#7 mummamajeena

Posted 17 February 2012 - 01:25 PM

clm- triplets OMG? conceived naturally? i have to say that would be my worst nightmare too, I couldn't cope!

bellefin- awesome news about the spermies. it's good to get that concern out of the way. yeah we used stickers for DS TTing also and yes he also forgot about teh stickers in a few days.

jess- how are you doing? any news about what happens next in regards to a frozen transfer?

Nothing here, no embie updates today. Have spent a lovely day with DS at a gorgeous beach so we're both happy original.gif

#8 jesstazzy

Posted 17 February 2012 - 02:08 PM

TTC #2

It's time for a brother or sister!!

bbluestork.gif  ppinkstork.gif  bbluestork.gif  ppinkstork.gif


mummamajeena Me (37) DP (44)

jesstazzy Me(25) DF(23)

mummy2bj10 Me(24) DH(25)

Loz_716 Me(27) DH(28)

Bellefin Me(32) DP(35)

CheriDeMomie Me(39) DH(32)

duck-o-lah Me(28) DH(30)

nurserobin Me(27) DH(29)

Me(?) DH(?)

Smileyhappy Me(40) DH(41)

andrea79 Me(32) DP(33)

Red31 Me(32) DH(43)
DS 26.02.2011 hheart.gif

bubbatime Me(?) DH(?)

Me(?) DH(?)

Pssst... Me(35) DH(36)

gisses Me(29) DH(34)
DD 7months

clm1982 Me(29) DH(?)

caroldiem Me(32) DH(?)

aurora sleeping Me(30) DH(33)

BFP.gif V's mummy BFP.gif
Me(30) DH(31)
DD 8months

kpingitquiet Me(33) DH(26)

bex18 Me(27) DF(29)

Mrs Ginger Ninja Me(?) DH(?)

Tem83 Me(29) DH(30)

meteorite Me(31) DH(33)

wwhistle.gif 2WW wwhistle.gif


hands.gif Testing hands.gif

clm1982 - 14th March
Tem83 - 22nd March
jesstazzy - 24th March

Babydust & goodluck to all bbabyflip.gif

Keep me posted with the testing dates and results!!

***If your name has dropped off the list please just let me know and i'll add it.***

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#9 nurserobin

Posted 17 February 2012 - 02:55 PM

Hi Ladies, How are you on this friday afternoon?

Mumma- Thats very good news about your 6 fertilised eggs, cant wait for your next update and goodluck for monday to.

V's Mummy- Hello, and welcome. Its hard to take the relaxed approach, I find myself after 4 unsuccessful cycles just take the relaxed approach but its easier said then done. DH and I also have a daughter she is going to be 18 months this sunday, arent girls just so much fun? all the best on your first month will be looking for your BFP in a couple of weeks for sure!.

clm1982- Holy moly triplets! what a blessing. What a shock it would of been for her though. p.s have fun catching your egg over the next couple of days.

Andrea- Very good idea not peeing in cups I felt the same last month, this month I was back doing it and well 3 days of positives just about did my head in so who knows if we dont get pregnant this month next month I'm throwing the cups and buying a temperature taker. CD 12 already times flying.

Bellefin- Nice result for your DH! and 11dpo and high temps looking very good for you. ME TO having dreams on BFP twice this month I've woken up and it felt soooo real only to be not real, if only life were a dream hey?.  all the best for you this month be checking in to see your BFP I'm sure in no time.

Aurora- You never know you may have still got the timing right, goodluck when you do a test of the 22nd. p.s your little boy Levi is adorable your picture is just devine those eyes so sweet.

duck o lah- How are you going this month? oh I would cry to if I were in your lab.

gisses- I hope you get a good answer in the next few days and AF does not show.

jess- How are you going? have you got plans for the weekend?  Our list that you do so well seems to be getting longer we need some BFP's this month to make it alot shorter dont you reckon?

AFM- CD20, Im in my TWW but we are still BDing every second day just incase this is a longer cycle but I have a feeling it wont be. Tesing on the 25th hope the next week goes fast. Have a great weekend everyone and those who are catching the egg GOODLUCK!!

from nurserobin

#10 CheriDeMomie

Posted 17 February 2012 - 04:37 PM

Nawwww Jess!!! You made me SMILE!!! I see you put my mantra in our thread list - love ya work!! You inspired me to add it to my signature!!!

Hi girls! AF has taken it out of me this month - been a weird one ... spotting, then 3 day AF and now back to spotting. I'm wondering if it's always been like this but i've always classified it as 5 days. Weird. Anyhoo.

Well - i did hot yoga today and dedicated my practice to 'becoming more fertile' haha ... i hope it worked, I know one thing I was soooo tired afterwards that I slept for an hour on the couch this afternoon! yikes!!

Also - quick question ... how do you decide the difference between 'light' and 'spotting' on Fertility Friend? I'm a little confused right now ... my herbs seem to have given me the 'power AF' all out and fast! I had a really heavy painful first day, then medium 2nd, then light 3rd and now i guess spotting! Anyone else experienced this?

I'm so tired right now that i'll pop back later for more in depth personals!! Please don't think i've missed any of you - i've ready everything just so knackered! Hope this is a good sign!!

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#11 duck-o-lah

Posted 17 February 2012 - 09:37 PM

Just dropping in to say hi original.gif
Jess, how you doing? bbighug.gif

I just noticed something I need to edit in the mantra...
My body didn't really get the 'deliver' part, but I'll take the first two and then we can cut the little sucker out laughing2.gif
Sorry, that's all I have in me, I've spent the last few hours analysing stats. On a Friday night. Wooooo. yyawn.gif

#12 aurora sleeping

Posted 17 February 2012 - 09:47 PM

Hi everyone!!!!!

Belle I reckon your DH did well to tell his buddies about the sperm test initially - if one of them ever has to go through it too, they now know they have a sympathetic ear. Very good amongst guys, sometimes they're not very good at this stuff! All sounds good so far, moving forward and all!!!

Gosh duck, I'm sure that happens a lot in those classes - cadavers!!! Yikes, you'd think they might prepare you for that!!!! Hope your next encounter isn't so shocking!  ffear.gif

Hi V's mummy!!! LOVE your daughter's name! I can't use it for a girl cause my last name rhymes with Green and it would just be confusing and weird I think.... But love hearing when people have used it! Welcome to our lovely group!!!  tthumbs.gif I have a slightly inconsistent cycle too - bloody annoying isn't it!!! I O'd later this month so I'm pretty sure we missed it this month. Next month we'll be a bit more on target hopefully!!!

Oh, and I'm a control freak too... I'd find the relaxed approach a bit hard as well! First official try is fun though! Wooo!!!! ddance.gif

Andrea, good on your DS - I'm keen to TT my DS. Will give it a go when he's about 21 months I think and see how we go. He's pretty interested in when I go to the toilet now. And it'll be hard cuz I'm working (I'm on hols when he's 21 months) and also hopefully will be preg by then, so won't be wanting to do stuff too close to D Day with #2. The idea of having to change 2 kid's nappies is not an appealing one... nno2.gif

Cheri I would think light is still like you've got your period but to have to change panty liners but spotting is infrequent and would use only one liner perhaps? That's what I'd think anyway.

clm - Woah TRIPLETS!!!!..... Can I say, I would be kind of excited...? WAY too clucky atm....

AFM - Technically in the eternally BORING TWW now. yyawn.gif  Ugh, most hated time. I need to keep BDing regularly as that's the advice for a girl, so that's keeping me and DH pretty busy!!! Just have to use condoms which isn't so fun.... Except we may be using the 'pull out' (sorry for crude phrase blush.gif ) instead as we did that a few times and it was way better. We might just do that and see how we go....

#13 CheriDeMomie

Posted 18 February 2012 - 07:42 AM

Duck-o-la, hahaha - my DD was cut out too - I call my scar the love zip and so does DD - she says 'mummy is another baby coming out of the love zip' hahahaha! I had an emergency ceasar, but the way I see it - I delivered her, I had help, but she came out of me! I think it's really bad that society makes us feel like we haven't delivered our babies if we have had a c-section. It's a bit like lessening our experience in some way, which upsets me. I wouldn't have chosen an emergency ceasar but when push came to shove, I am so glad that operation existed. After 36 hours labour, DD went into the breach position sideways so it was going to be a case of her or me ... she was delivered via ceasarian section, that might mean i didn't push her out - but as far as i'm concerned i delivered her with the assistance of the medical professionals i placed myself in the hands of to ensure a safe birth for me and my child. Sorry - that was a bit long! I just have really strong feelings about the topic - like most people - LOL.

AuroraSleeping, I booked my apartment in Paris!!!!! I'm so excited, we are staying in MonteMarte in this beautiful apartment, it's a good size and really close to everything!!!! We had dinner with friends last night and they pulled out their Paris photos and my friend gave me this excellent little book for shopping and also a pack of those cards where each card is a different walk of Paris!!!!! Thanks for all the wonderful tips, I am writing them down in my travel book so that I don't forget... i think my friends were talking about the bakery you mentioned last night - and they mentioned that it's better to eat at the local bistro's as there will be better food and less chance of gastro etc. Mind you I had 10 days in Bali and sick tummy every day - but I think that was a different kind of sick if you know what i mean - as opposed to a full blown 24 hour gastro gone wrong situation which I could do without! hahahaha !!! GUESS WHAT !!!!! LOL - that's so cute about the heart shaped donut, we must have been on the same page because DD wanted to get DP something and the day before when we were out - she bought him one too - well with my money - but guess who ate it - ME !!! bad Mumma !!!! hahahaha ... I sooooooo hope you are right and I get my own blue eyed boy OR girl in Paris ... sigh ... hahaha ... re AF i'm going to classify it as light, so we are day 5 today and i'm guessing i'll be classifying as spotting. I use tampons, so I think that makes it harder for me to figure out, but it was definitely light yesterday ... in fact and sorry if TMI - but those herbs are definitely doing something because i had what i would consider dark brown old blood yesterday which i haven't seen in a long time. So I think i'm getting a good clean out!!!

BelleFinn, great news about the FS, it sounds like if all testing comes back clear then you'll have a straight run and AC which would be awesome... good luck !!! That's so fabulous about your DPs SA restults! he sounds funny with his buddies, first the ribbing about the test and now the bragging about the results!!! All the SA talk makes me think of that episode in Packed to the Rafters where she slips in to give him a 'hand' so to speak!!!

Vs Mummy, hello and welcome!! Sorry I haven't said hi yet !!! I had an emergency C-Section and will probably have a planned C-Section next with and if I can afford it, i'll ask my plastic surgeon from last time to come in and tidy up my scar for me. My scar is fine, it's small and you can barely see it (now) but it went keloid after the operation and I had to have steroid injections in it to flatten it and make it go white, and it has a tiny bump in it. DP doesn't care, but i'd prefer it was managed better 2nd time around - I mean he doesn't care what my scar looks like, it's so faint now you can barely see it - but I know it's there!

Gisses! You are being funny againa ... hahaha - you have a great sense of humour, i love funny people!! We are going to see Charlie Murphy at the Comedy Festival, he is Eddie Murphy's brother and was on the Dave Chappelle show - soooo funny !!!! How is that BFP going ???? Any signs of a line yet !!!

AJ-74, hi !! Not sure if we have met as i've been in and out - but welcome back !!!

Andrea79, have you POAS yet? Exciting to see another Paris fan! We are going to Barcelona first then over to Paris then back to Barcelona and doing some Spain coast short trips while away too so that's really exciting. Are you really sure you haven't O'd yet? My friend got UTD and she said in that cycle she couldn't detect O - but she obviously did! hahaha

MummaJeena, such great news about your eggs - really hoping that everything goes smoothly for you!

CLM1982, triplets, OMG - that would be my WORST nightmare!!! hahaha - my waxer concieved triplets naturally and gave birth naturally - CRAZY or what !!!!! She must be a machine ... i'm like you - i'd love a boy but i think for my DD it would be great if we had a girl too - because she'd have a sister - i never had a sister and always wanted one - mind you - DP and I say if we had a girl then we'd try again a 3rd time for a boy - hahaha - we must be mad !!!!! Have you noticed the Vitex has turned your pee flouro yellow? It's done that to me! hahahahaha ... i'm a bit like - wha tha ???? I'm going to try Egg Meets Sperm plan when we get home if still no baby - but by then i'll prob be off to the FS because of my age and the length of time trying!

NurseRobin, eek, the 25th isn't too far away! So exciting! We need some BFPs in here - so hoping you are on of them!! Are you saying that last month you got 3 BFPs but AF arrived? I read somewhere that we know about a lot more CPs than we ever did because of early testing. I wonder if it's a good thing, I remember in the past I new I was UTD because my AF was late - it made it a lot less stressful I think ... now we are all about the testing it seems rather than the waiting! hahaha

Sorry if i've missed anyone!!!

AFM: I'm getting so excited about my holiday and starting to wonder if I maybe shouldn't wait but then again what's the point in waiting, i'm 39 and there really is no time to wait! But then I think, Paris, Wine, Cheese and I think - wait wait wait .. hahaha ... what will be will be! I'm taking DD to ballet this morning and she starts swimming on Monday and tennis too, she's also doing Italian at kindy which is fun. Because I'm delaying her start at school for emotional maturity not development reasons I want to keep her as active and stimulated as possible. She's a 4 turning 5 in April bub which would mean 17 turning 18 for first year of Uni which I wouldn't want for her which is why i'm going to wait. It's a trend her in Victoria anyway so she won't be alone! She'll actually be in the majority. She's also going to start violin this year so it's all good as far as I can see.

Anyway- hope everyong has a great day - Baby dust to everyone waiting to POAS and I hope everyone else catches the egg!!!!

#14 Guest_V's mummy_*

Posted 18 February 2012 - 08:09 AM

Just popped in to say positive OPK!  Yay!  Day 18 so a little later than last month but oh well.  I missed my acupuncture appointment last week so I bet that's why!  Damn it!  I'll be back later for personals!

#15 kpingitquiet

Posted 18 February 2012 - 10:30 AM

Hi ladies. Thought I might join in as we're planning to start trying for #2 when we get back from vacation. I'm in the prep-process now, losing some weight, taking vitamins, easing off nicotine patches (stupidly restarted smoking after traumatic birth), etc. I look forward to getting to know you all and hopefully seeing lots of you vanish off to due-date groups before I really even get started!

Today's freakout: I have long cycles, but very regular. I'm now officially 4 days late and there's no chance of it being pregnancy. Figures my cycle would screw up right before we're planning to ttc. Sigh. I just finished a turbo-round of antibiotics last week and am hoping that's the cause. But, to be honest, it's scaring the crap out of me. Ah well. Just had to let that out. Back on to happier things!

Good luck to everyone, this week!

#16 CheriDeMomie

Posted 18 February 2012 - 12:16 PM

QUOTE (kpingitquiet @ 18/02/2012, 11:30 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Hi ladies. Thought I might join in as we're planning to start trying for #2 when we get back from vacation. I'm in the prep-process now, losing some weight, taking vitamins, easing off nicotine patches (stupidly restarted smoking after traumatic birth), etc. I look forward to getting to know you all and hopefully seeing lots of you vanish off to due-date groups before I really even get started!

Today's freakout: I have long cycles, but very regular. I'm now officially 4 days late and there's no chance of it being pregnancy. Figures my cycle would screw up right before we're planning to ttc. Sigh. I just finished a turbo-round of antibiotics last week and am hoping that's the cause. But, to be honest, it's scaring the crap out of me. Ah well. Just had to let that out. Back on to happier things!

Good luck to everyone, this week!

Welcome!! YOu'll love this group - everyone is just fantastic and so supportive ... hoping those late days are a BFP for you!!

V'sMummy - great news about Oing - hope you caught or catch the eggy!!

#17 mummamajeena

Posted 18 February 2012 - 02:48 PM

Hi keepingitquiet! Good luck with TTC and hopefully you won't need to be with us for long wink.gif

Cheri your trip is sounding so great! Lucky you biggrin.gif

Update from the clinic today- 6 embryos still going! Yay original.gif 3 of them are at 8 cells, which is great ( i won't bother explaining it all as it's meaningless unless you know the IVF process). 2 at 7 cells and 1 at 6. Happy with that. Hoping that I get 3 ready to go on Monday. Just transferring one though but I hope there are a few to freeze incase we need them. Anything could and does happen between now and then though but i'm trying to stay positive. Transfer booked for 10.45am Monday biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Having the day off work. DS will be in child care so hoping to come home and spend the day horizontal in bed! Not that you have to but hey I'm sure it can't help.

Hope everyons having a nice weekend.

Jess hope you are OK x

#18 CheriDeMomie

Posted 18 February 2012 - 03:02 PM

Mumma, that's so exciting about the transfer!! You might be our BFP we are hanging out for!! Really hoping you are!!

Hope you don't mind me asking but was DS also from AC?


#19 mummamajeena

Posted 18 February 2012 - 03:05 PM

Cheri I would LOVE to be our Feb BFP wink.gif
Nope DS was conceived totally naturally. Took around 5-6 months but we got there. Our Dr has told us we have 'Secondary Unexplained Infertility' extremely frustrating!!!

#20 jesstazzy

Posted 18 February 2012 - 03:29 PM

mummamajeena ddance.gif Embies are going great well done!! Thats fantastic news!!
10:45 Monday can not come soon enough! Got a great feeling about this cycle for you and hope hope HOPE you are out of here!
A day horizontal in bed can't hurt whether IVFing, TTCing or just living lol wink.gif
Will be thinking of you Monday!

Hi everyone I am still here I am alright, good moments, sh*t moments, not so abnormal for TTC though lol original.gif
Just studying and trying to get my brain a bit more organised, and not thinking too much about this stupid month original.gif
Exam Monday, will most likely be back to usual posting then.

oh and my medicare refund I put in for yesterday, she said should be in my account Monday. So we are all set financially for next cycle..... in April dry.gif

Jess xo

#21 mummamajeena

Posted 18 February 2012 - 04:11 PM

Jess yay for medicare!! and next cycle is great, not too long to wait.

#22 CheriDeMomie

Posted 18 February 2012 - 07:15 PM

QUOTE (mummamajeena @ 18/02/2012, 04:05 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Cheri I would LOVE to be our Feb BFP wink.gif
Nope DS was conceived totally naturally. Took around 5-6 months but we got there. Our Dr has told us we have 'Secondary Unexplained Infertility' extremely frustrating!!!

I've heard about that happening ... obviously seeing it first hand now in this thread! Gives m hope though seeing all you girls going through AC - i'm just so so keen for it to work for you !!!!! Bring on the BFP !!!! How long were you trying before going to the FS??? xxxx

QUOTE (jesstazzy @ 18/02/2012, 04:29 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
oh and my medicare refund I put in for yesterday, she said should be in my account Monday. So we are all set financially for next cycle..... in April dry.gif

Yaaaay - so exciting!!!!! But ... do you mean you have to wait til April to get the embryo's put in ???? We might get our BFPs at the same time yet ... I am seriously thinking of not trying properly this month and next month as i'm starting to think of cheese and wine and all the yummy things i will want to have overseas ... hmmmm

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#23 Bellefin

Posted 19 February 2012 - 10:47 AM

Cheri Oh I love Barcelona wub.gif I had such a great time there, many years ago. If I were you I'd keep trying, there is still tons of yummy stuff you can eat there, just not the wine. But that's just me cos I can't freaking get pregnant, I don't think there's anything I wouldn't give up to get pregnant right now.

Jess April?! How come not next cycle? Man this baby is gonna be special!

Mummamajeena yay for you! Me too, DD took only 3 months to conceive, I never dreamed I'd be at a FS for #2. Was it an easy decision to make to go for IVF or did it take you a while?

V's mummy Nice work with the OPKs. Get down to it!

Keeping it quiet Hi and good luck, how long did it take you with #1 with your long cycles?

AFM I went back to the FS to see a nurse and she explained everything better to me. I am waiting for AF, then I get a blood test CD2, then CD10 and continuing until they are satisfied I'm about to O at which point they call me and tell me to BD. If they discover a problem with any hormone level they will give me clomid or something to correct it for the following cycle. If that doesn't work, she said we go straight to artificial insemination. She said it costs about $500 a cycle and is just like a pap smear. It's to bypass the CM, they put a catheter tube thing right up into the uterus and put all the spermies up there.

I really don't know how I feel about that at the moment. I haven't had a chance to talk to DP about it yet because we have people staying with us right now. Drugs I don't mind if it's just a hormone imbalance. I can't help thinking about what that clairvoyant lady said about the 3 year thing so I think I'm not going to go for the insemination until after the time DD would be 3 if we decide to do it, and it's only skipping one or 2 cycles anyway and getting past the Xmas/NY EDD. I feel like I'm struggling with the morals of it all but at the end of the day, a baby is a baby, right?  

I still don't have AF which is good because it means my LP is longer again after all the naturopath stuff made it shorter. I stupidly let myself believe I might be UTD but an HPT confirmed that as usual, I'm not. I don't even know why I let myself think it. My temp is going down steadily but at this rate I think I'm going to have a 13 day LP which is awesome but doesn't mean I'm going to get pregnant.

#24 SoTired

Posted 19 February 2012 - 12:36 PM

Hi Ladies,

Not good news for me i'm afraid. For those of you who dont want all the gory details, skip this post.

On Friday I got what I thought was a very light line on a preg test but was waiting until yesterday to re-test.

Before testing I saw that I had a couple of large drops of red blood so thought AF was coming along. I then got some uncomfortable pains and then a really large bleed last night complete with clots etc. This isnt a usual AF for me. What I got last night (and am continuing to get today) is way more than I usually get when having my period. Normally I get some brown streaking, then it goes pink for the 1st 2 days. Then it is heavy overnight and on the 3rd day before going pink and brown again. This is just blood, blood, blood, soaking through a tampon every 2 hours and getting on my undies and last night it was in my bed.

Do you think I had a m/c? Or is it just a really heavy period or maybe a chem preg again?

I am really confused cause I was having exactly the same symptoms as I did when I was pregnant with Leah, even the same dreams about needing to go to the toilet. The symptoms disappeared a few hours before the big bleed yesterday...

I feel like the biggest idiot, reading back through all my posts about being pregnant. Next time I think I will just wait for the blood test.

I know that I shouldnt be feeling so upset seeing as there are so many people out there having trouble conceiving but I swear this time I was pregnant.

Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get it out cause it is upsetting me.

I will come back for personals another day.

#25 nurserobin

Posted 19 February 2012 - 12:38 PM

Hi Ladies, Hope your sundays are treating you well.

Vs Mummy- YAY for your positive OPK, Hope you had fun over the weekend wink.gif

kpingitquiet-  Hello and Welcome, goodluck with your pre conception prep, quitting smoking not an easy task but I'm sure you can do it! Hope your cycles get back to regular like they were soon also to make the wait less for you.

CheriDeMomie- Was it you asking about previous BFP being a CP?, if so, its not me whos had one this is our 5th cycle TTC and never had a CP and hope never to. I'm so jealous of your trip, DH and I love to travel is so much. Sorry if I havent picked this up but when do you leave and get back?

mummamajeena- How are you feeling? its almost Monday, I bet your excited. Wishing you the most goodluck.

jesstazzy- Thats good news about medicare putting money in your account. Hope your studying is going well. what is your exam on? I totally stuffed my medication quiz at work I am so bad at Maths, You can put me at the patients beside and Im all good but put me in a test situation and Im just dumb. anyway Im glad your doing ok, April and Easter are just around the corner this years going very fast. scary actually. take care

Bellefin- Sounds like ALOT to think about, but its good your doing the blood tests and you will get some help from the FS. A baby is definitely a baby and how you got there is a story but it doesnt matter in the long run as long as your happy. thats good about the longer LP and hope AF doesnt show and you are actually pregnant this month, its not over till the witch shows.

AFM- CD 22, I reckon about 7 dpo. Feeling the same as every month which is nothing. Next weekend we are flying up to Sydney for a wedding in Avoca Beach so looking forward to that but most of all looking forward to finding out if UTD or not.

Have a good week everyone. take care.

from nurserobin

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