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Pregnancy After Miscarriage #52

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#51 OOfarmgirlOO

Posted 01 March 2012 - 02:42 PM

Jens - yay for finishing work!!! Am jealous original.gif

WhiteLily - congrats on your scan results. I felt the same about my preg until I started to feel movement. I couldn't even give my baby a nickname - that took until 20 weeks. It will come with time.

Satie - welcome & hope your stay is long and uneventful.

PinkSurvivor - congrats on your scan results - onwards and upwards!

Spit - fingers x'd you stay on that line a bit longer...

Sorry & Hello to anyone I've missed

AFM - Twins might be home this weekend if they put on weight. Great news original.gif
I'm having a sh*t of a week, work has been stressing me out, I've started my last uni subject and I'm trying to get everything together for my shower this wknd. I've left work sick this arvy as I've had a sore throat and headache all day and that's all I need. my boss has had the flu and if I get it I'll be most unimpressed.
I've invited about 30 ppl to my shower, yestrday was rsvp day and I've had rsvp from about 5 people. So thats making me feel very loved. not. I went past one persons mailbox today and I swear I saw the invite still in the mailbox - ?? I'll be in the poo for not inviting them now. Hope they feel like a tool when they check their mailbox properly.
Tomorrow I'm having my hair done and I have an appointment with my beautician to have my waxing sorted - hopefully that will make me feel better.
I'm being a crappy wife this week and cooking my poor DH shoddy meals again. I managed to cook him some whole fish last night, but all I could muster for myself was cereal. I get home from work and crash on the lounge - he doesnt get home till 8.30 or so and I'm still out to it on the lounge. So dinner has been a bit of a hit & miss affair.

see you girls - going to attempt a nanna nap original.gif

#52 bananagirlsmum

Posted 01 March 2012 - 04:12 PM

Hi girls hope you are all well.

I thought should give an update on how this pg is going. So I am now 29 weeks 4 days bump is measuring 3 weeks ahead currently. I had my GTT last monday and have GD which I did not have with Alanna.

I had an appointment at the hospital today where I was issued with a blood sugar monitor and have to check my levels 4 times a day from now on until bub is born.

I see Dr at hospital next week to get the referral for my 34 week scan to check if placenta has moved or not since my morph scan was done.

I only have 4-5 weeks of work left as it is a policy with them that I finish up and go on leave 6 weeks before I have bub.

#53 Guest_chocmudcake_*

Posted 01 March 2012 - 08:41 PM

Hello Ladies,
Sorry I have been MIA the last couple of weeks, we had no net at home. I was reading along on my phone, but its harder to post so just left it original.gif

Fluttergirls, congrats on your great morph scan and finding out you're having a little girl original.gif Best of luck with the name game. We only settled a couple of weeks ago. Its so stressful to find that perfect name.

Pink Survivor, Congrats on the great scan and awesome pics. Your belly is very cute too  original.gif

Susieblue, congrats on finishing work original.gif

Farmgirl, Glad to hear everything is going well with the twins original.gif Enjoy your appointment tomorrow and forget about everything with work

Jens1607, Hope your BP is ok and your Baby shower went well on the weekend. Good to hear your ob is keeping a very close eye on you and making sure everything is ok.

Spitmurphy's glad to hear your scans are still going well.

Anthnessa, glad to hear things are going well for you and your little one is growing along nicely original.gif Your ob sounds very thorough with all the monitoring, can only be a good thing.

Welcome Satie, hope your stay is long and uneventful original.gif

Bananagirlsmum, sorry to hear about the GD, but sounds like they are keeping a good watch on it.
White Lily, Hope you received good NT results and your MS settles soon. I completely sympathise with you.

AFM: I have another ultrasound on Monday  rolleyes.gif   Hopefully bub's kidney problem has rectified. Then another High risk appointment Monday arvo. Everyone told me being in the high risk clinic would be great and the care was exceptional, but to be completely honest it has been very sub standard. I've only had one good appointment so far and twice have left having questions unanswered as the Ob didnt know the answers  unsure.gif   hmm and they are meant to be specialists. Very over being pregnant now, im 35 weeks and I have put on 20kgs, im struggling big time. Cant reach my feet properly and everyone keeps telling me how tiny I am, cause I am normally very small, so I look like im all baby and like I havent put much weight on. People nearly fall over when I tell them i've gained 20kgs. I went two weeks early with DD, so hoping for the same again original.gif

waves.gif to everyone else. Hope you are all well

#54 spitmurphys

Posted 02 March 2012 - 11:57 AM

Hi to all the lovely ladies!  
Will come back later for persies!
Just a quick update here, saw the FMS and OB on Monday and had another good scan and the OB said nothing to be gained from letting me go over 38weeks so at the latest I have 8 and a bit weeks to go!!  Bit scary but good!!

I asked the specialist what the odds of my scans still going great till the end.  He said pretty low and bubs would prob get anemic its just when.  So that was a bit of a downer!! He said the critical weeks are sort of from now till 33/34 when we would have to decide if its too early to deliver or do a transfusion to get me a few weeks further along.  Anyway I am weekly scans now so they monitor it more closely and we catch the start of anything going wrong!!

There is a few of us getting to the end now!! Yay!!  So my new EDD is 3rd May at the latest!! woohoo!!!

Hi to all the lovely ladies!  
Will come back later for persies!
Just a quick update here, saw the FMS and OB on Monday and had another good scan and the OB said nothing to be gained from letting me go over 38weeks so at the latest I have 8 and a bit weeks to go!!  Bit scary but good!!

I asked the specialist what the odds of my scans still going great till the end.  He said pretty low and bubs would prob get anemic its just when.  So that was a bit of a downer!! He said the critical weeks are sort of from now till 33/34 when we would have to decide if its too early to deliver or do a transfusion to get me a few weeks further along.  Anyway I am weekly scans now so they monitor it more closely and we catch the start of anything going wrong!!

There is a few of us getting to the end now!! Yay!!  So my new EDD is 3rd May at the latest!! woohoo!!!

#55 dizzy-anne

Posted 04 March 2012 - 11:19 AM

Hello beautiful ladies!

Anothery here to apologise for not being around.  I started a new position a month ago and have been flat out with work and super tired when getting home, but now I am on maternity leave woo hoo!!!

I wondered how I would spend the next 6 or 7 weeks but have decided to learn how to sew, and to build and plant a vegie/herb garden - so that should keep me nice and busy.

I have also been having lots of fun with the itti bitti March madness sales at the moment and stocking up on MCNs.  Wow, not long to go for so many of us now!

spit - good luck!  I hope you get good results with all your scans and bub stays healthy!

choc - that's a surprise that you haven't had much good come out of the high risk clinic - I too would've thought they'd be great.  Bit of a disappointment hey.  Hopefully though, you will get a happy and healthy bub by the end and good luck for going early - 20 kg - that must be tough you poor thing

banana my friend had GD as well.  She's now had her little bub and all is well.  Hope you don't have a fear of needles!  I too have to have a 34 week scan for placental issues - it's on Tuesday!

farmgirl I hope you had a fabulous time at your shower - you must tell us all about it!

Yay jens for finishing work!  I hope all your results come back all clear over the next few weeks so you can keep that bub inside for a little while longer.  Fingers crossed for you.

Whitelily I too had trouble connecting until after the morph scan.  I had nicknames for all my other babies, but this one didn't get a nickname until 24 or so weeks.  But don't worry, it will come around, and there's plenty of bonding and nicknaming time left!  You'll know when you feel ready.

Welcome satie and good luck!

yay pinksurvivor on your results that's fabulous!

#56 OOfarmgirlOO

Posted 04 March 2012 - 06:49 PM

Hello everyone

Bananagirlsmum - not good news about the GD, hopefully you won't need insulin injections and you can keep it under control with diet - good luck.

chocmud - good luck for your scan and appt tomorrow. Am sad that your high risk experience has been ordinary sad.gif It should have been a much more comforting and informative experience for you.

spit - here's hoping the anaemia holds off a bit longer so you can keep baking that bubba.

Dizzy - I wish I was gardening and sewing right alongside you - I'm over being busy!!

AFM - Baby shower yesterday - was stinking hot but great. Not without its dramas, my mum's partner's father passed away suddenly just before the party started so mum was a little shaken, but she soldiered on and heated up food furiously all afternoon. I don't speak to mums partner, so I didn't really get upset, only for his mum who is a lovely lady.
Had a couple of games, I had organised a tray of things that I showed around then everyone had to remember what was on it, then my friend asked a bunch of other questions - how was I wearing my hair, etc, other little details about me, while I was hiding. Threw them but it was fun - Mum won that one original.gif Then I had a jelly bean guessing that I passed around, one of my good friends won that, and I gave away a prize to the person with the closest birthday to my due date, a couple of ladies who are twins were the closest.
We got lots of lovely pressies - my favourite was a Lamaze play mat that converts from tummy time to sit and play to a little pyramid thing - its so cute and just what I was looking for. I got lots of practical things - wipes, wash, creams, nail care kit, dummies, nappies, nappy sacks. Got some washers, towels, toys, photo frames, and some lovely soft rugs. Mum had a little outfit knitted, a cardigan, beanie and pants in a nice green, and she'd knitted another cardigan herself. oh and a jolly jumper and musical mat to go under it. We were very spoiled original.gif
Mum had organised a cake - choc mud, and the bakery had misspelt Congratulations on the icing!! I had a great cackle about that - but the cake was divine and I'm soo glad there were leftovers cos they are in my fridge original.gif
Yesterday was the 12 month anniversary of my first D&C, We'd found out on the 2nd baby didnt have a heartbeat, and I had the curette the next day. It was accidental that I'd organised the shower for that day, but it was a good way to make a sad day into a happy one. Apart from DH, only one other person acknowledged the anniversary, that was my SIL (with the twins) as it falls on her birthday. I spoke to her and she asked me how I was feeling. Which made me feel good to know someone remembered.

Am stewing on a few things - MIL - won't go into that here. BIL's GF has had the hide to criticise why I had my shower when I did - apparently it was too early or something?? So I had a bit of a teary to myself this afternoon, and cheered myself up by going into my nursery and playing with my baby things. Nothing makes you smile like a 0000 jumpsuit original.gif
Have been feeling sad all day, just feeling a bit unsupported on the home front, but can'tpin DH down long enough to have a sensible conversation.

Sorry to vent all this here, I did cut it down a bit - but I had to get it out somewhere.

Oh the twins - came home today. They are on EBM with fortifier to help put weight on, but home. There's a houseful of people there otherwise would have gone to see them but poor girl hasnt been home for 8 weeks - she doesnt need a houseful of people right now. We'll go when its quieter and we can spend some quality time there instead of standing in the corner trying to get out of everyone elses way. Great news, we can't wait to meet them.

better go - thanks for the sympathetic ears.

#57 Guest_chocmudcake_*

Posted 05 March 2012 - 03:42 PM

Hi girls original.gif
Spitmurphy's, Hope the anemia holds out a bit longer for you, but great news that the scans are going well original.gif

Dizzy, Woo Hoo for mat leave original.gif and hope you're enjoying your new garden.

farmgirl, sounds like you had a good baby shower all things considered original.gif Glad your SIL remembered your angel's D&C date too. I find it easier to cope/get through the day if someone remembers. Makes you feel less alone. Dont worry about your BIL's gf, do what is right for you and just stay happy original.gif

AFM: Had my ultrasound this morning, bub is sitting very very low, sonographer had trouble trying to measure the head cause it is so low. In the end the measurement was 31.5cm  unsure.gif DD was only 32cm when born. Hopefully it is out a little cause she had trouble getting it. Other then that, bub has had a bit of a growth spurt and went from the 20th centile to the 30th so its looking better. A nice amount of fat and all fluid levels are great. Only thing the kidney issue hasn''t resolved yet. The sonographer said they have to report if the dilation of the kidney is greater than 4mm, one kidney is spot on 4mm and the other is 4.5mm, so it is very minimal and bub will just need an ultrasound after birth to see how it is all going.

Then the dreaded High risk clinic, I had the dr that has NO idea. She asked me about my high blood pressure issues, argh I've never had high blood pressure, so she then asked me what my card said. It was hyperemesis. She had to ask what it was and why I was seeing the high risk dr's. I asked her what to expect if I was to go into labour now, as I was having regular contractions 5mins apart friday and saturday night and she told me bub would be premmie. Umm I know that, so asked again what would happen in regard to NICU and she said I need to get to full term, being 37 weeks. Again I know that, but if bub comes early I cant just close my legs and say, oh not today baby. So she never actually answered my question and told me to wait until 37 weeks.

Ok sorry for the vent/whinge, but this particular dr really irritates me with her lack of knowledge. Its the 2nd time I have seen her and felt the same way when I left.

Hope everyone else is well original.gif

#58 dizzy-anne

Posted 05 March 2012 - 07:45 PM

Oh choc that's terrible - I'd be tempted to make a complaint.  That's just not the right information you need.

#59 Family Girl

Posted 10 March 2012 - 12:30 PM

Morning ladies!!!  I am so, so sorry for my recent absence.  So much going on over the past few weeks/months and I have litteraly been so exhausted by it all that I come home and fall into bed!

Choc, that's terrible!  I would complain, although I am pretty quick to complain about bad service.  That cannot help you to feel looked after at all!

Farmgirl, congrats on your lovely baby shower, and on finding a away to be positive with such a painful anniversary.  As to the critisizing family, tell them to bugger off!  I can't believe what people think they have a right to comment on when you're pregnant.  Just about everything I have purchased, or have mentioned that I intend to purchase, has drawn some comment or other. And don't get me started on my MIL's comments. "Oh, you think you're going to have the bassinette in the bedroom with you???  Oh that's not a good idea.  Oh, you want that chair for the nursery???  I don't want to say anything, but I don't think that's a good idea."  Please!  Just don't say anything, I say!

AFM, just hit 26 weeks, and I'm so excited.  I can't wait for it to be June and to get some beautiful newborn cuddles!  We are going through the local birth centre, but have to see the high care OB because I also have bowel disease.  But we saw him during the week for the first time, and although he said the baby was "a little on the big side" and I need to have my GDT this week, he saw nothing else to be worried about.

On the work front, my "mat leave" started a little earlier than expected.  After being made redundant in October and told I needed to find a work place that was more supportive of priorities I have outside of work, I started a new job (told them I was pregnant before I accepted the job, they promised it didn't matter to them) and was promised I would be made permanent asap.  A couple of weeks ago, I was told that they had decided I wasn't suitable to be made permanent.  I was so upset.  I turned down a couple of other job offers in December, before I looked pregnant, and now they have punted me out into the world of unemployment looking heavily pregnant and without the hope of being able to find a permanent job between now and May!  I do a small amount of work from home, so I will just have to ramp that up a little more and enjoy some time to myself before the baby comes.

Ok, I've got to run, I'm starving and need to find something to eat!!!  I promise to be more active now I suddenly have more time to myself!  Wishing all of you lovely ladies a great weekend (a long one, down here in Canberra!) xxx

#60 OOfarmgirlOO

Posted 11 March 2012 - 06:13 PM

Family - that sucks about your work. At the moment they are advertising my job, at this rate I won't get a chance to train a replacement as the process is taking so long. I gave them 10 weeks notice of my resignation which was more than generous, and nothing was done for ages. I'll be lucky to see my notice out at this rate. Dr advised me to slow up the other day. He reccomended that I drop my study (which I've done) and the mw thinks I should finish up earlier.I've just got home from a weekend away and am so exhausted. My legs ache and my belly hurts. Bub is active though, which is comforting. Am going to run myself a bath shortly. Got to a pumpkin patch on Friday and bought a pr of jeans. $10 off, and a top for $20. Bought 3 other tops at target & Kmart. Jeans are so comfy. Can't wait for the weather to cool off so I can wear them. Feet have been giving me curry - swelling up every day now. Only thongs are comfy. I'm on a mission for shoes. Am thinking a pr of crocs Alice shoes, trying to get a pr off eBay. Hands & fingers have been swelling too. My rings are cutting into me & I have a skin irritation under them. They are coming off tonight.Sorry only quick. Am on phone. As its too hard to go 5 feet to computer lol original.gif now to run that bath original.gif night all

#61 jens1607

Posted 12 March 2012 - 12:06 PM

waves.gif Hi Ladies,

OOfarmgirlOO - I love my Pumpkin Patch maternity clothes.  They are so so comfortable!!  I got a pair of their jeans as well but its been a bit warm to wear them.  Can't wait to wear them though. My feet have been swelling since 30 weeks and I've been wearing my thongs ever since even to work.  Rest up and put your feet up which I know is hard (trust me). sad.gif

Family Girl - I'm so sorry to hear about you loosing your job.  Use the time to rest and get your bub's room ready original.gif .  Good luck with your test this week.

chocmudcake - Glad to hear bub is doing well and is in position.  But I agree with complaining at the high risk clinic.  That Dr sounds like a moron!!  

dizzy-anne - How's the maternity leave going?  Are you keeping busy or board??

Hi Everyone else waves.gif hope your all doing well.

I started maternity leave this morning and I have to say I'm a little board.  I can't do all the house work like I use to becuase I get really tired and sore so I have to have a rest which is the boring part.  sad.gif Hopefully bubs comes early all I want to do is give him/her a cuddle. I've started walking every second day, taking my raspberry leaf tablets and DTD.  Hopefully it works original.gif

We had an u/s on Saturday and he/she is so so cute!!  And apparently has so much hair. And blood pressure is going well so that is good. Just a waiting game now...

#62 White-Lily

Posted 12 March 2012 - 01:16 PM

Jens hooray for maternity leave! Enjoy it, grab a book or a magazine to help pass some time.

FarmGirl hope you have managed some rest and recovered from the weekend away and that the swelling is going down. Good luck finding some comfy shoes.
Glad your baby shower was lovely and helped to make a sad day into a happier one. Sorry to hear about some people being insensitive.
Wonderful news about the twins coming home! Hope you get to meet them soon.

Family how rude of your employer (or ex-employer now!). Maybe you could pick up some temp work in the meantime, just to be doing something. Enjoy (if you can) then extra time off before bubs arrival.
Good luck for your GDT this week.

chocmudcake great news that bub is low and in position. That Dr sounds terrible! How can she be part of the high Risk clinic and not know her stuff! I would also be making a complaint!

Dizzy hooray for maternity leave! Hope the sewing is going well and you get your vegie patch up and running original.gif

spitmurphys glad to hear bub is still going well. Hopefully it will stay that way for a few more weeks.

bananagirlsmum bummer to har about the GD. Hope you are able to manage it well. How did the scan go for the placenta position? Have you had it yet?

AFM I finally told my brother, sister and their partners and my Nana that we are expecting. They are all thrilled for us. The rest of the extended family will find out in a few weeks when we see them. Work is still in the dark!

I started getting some little MCN's over the weekend to boost my stash so I actually feel like i'm doing something for bub now.

#63 bananagirlsmum

Posted 12 March 2012 - 03:04 PM

HI girls hope you are all well  biggrin.gif

Whitelily Thanks the GD is being managed pretty well at the moment I have been put on metformin to take twice a day to help bring down my fasting sugar levels as they were still too high for the Dr's liking.  I have had my scan to check placenta position and although still anterior it has moved well clear so I am still able to try for a VBAC if I wish to.

Congratulations on telling family.

Jens yay for being on maternity leave I start mine in a couple of weeks time 30th March is my last day at work.

Hi to everybody else that I have missed hope things are all going well for you still.

#64 readyandraring

Posted 12 March 2012 - 06:26 PM

So sorry I have not been in, I have been reading along but the energy has been flagging!

bananagirl I am finishing up the same day as you and I cannot wait! I will be almost 37 weeks and I am just so tired. The pregnancy insomnia started last week and while I understand that this is preparing us for the babies arrival yadda yadda yadda I wish it could have held off until I started leave as I could then nap!

Everything is going well, bub is measuring average on everything which is great news and has started to descend nicely, our doctor is really pleased and cannot believe how quickly the pregnancy has gone. So all on track for a normal delivery and a healthy baby.

Does anyone else at the end of their pregnancies find they start their sentences with "I am so lucky and this has been a great pregnancy I know but..." I am so uncomfortable and at times in pain that I feel like I cannot complain at all. I know after four miscarriages that I am so blessed but some days I just feel like a good cry!

I will just blame the hormones!  cool.gif

Hope you are all well, Jen I am glad you are on maternity leave, like the others said grab a good easy novel, download some movies or tv shows and learn to put your feet up as I am sure you won't get to do that much once bub arrives!

#65 dizzy-anne

Posted 13 March 2012 - 08:11 AM

ready it's great everything is going well for you!  And I know what you mean - if I ever complain about anything, I always qualify it with an "I'm blessed" or "I'm so lucky" statement.  I feel bad for whingeing but you've gotta let it out too!!  I'd much rather have the discomfort of pregnancy than the discomfort of wondering if you'll ever have a baby, but it doesn't mean I won't whinge when I'm sore and tired!

Wow banana, countdown to maternity leave begins!!  Yay for your placenta position - mine is the same, it's anterior but has moved much higher up.  That's a relief!

White-lily that's fantastic you're feeling comfortable enough to start telling people and buy MCNs woo hoo!!!  It's such a wonderful time when you can start letting go and enjoying the pregnancy.  I have just bought a huge stash of MCNs from the itti bitti sale - lovin' it!!

Jens yay for your u/s!  Mine has lots of hair too  biggrin.gif .  As for maternity leave - it does get boring at times - especially when I get a sore back or my feet swell so I have to rest - it's the resting part that's boring as I can't even find a fully comfortable resting position!!  I've so far made 6 pairs of baby leg warmers, 4 more to go - still have the vegie patch to do, have joined an aqua therapy for pregnancy class, and am planning on making a quilt (which I've never done before so it should take me ages...) - just trying to find easy-ish projects to keep me occupied!!

farmgirl can you start working part time at all?  That's what I really wanted to do but couldn't unfortunately.  I have the same swelling problems as you - my rings are around my neck on a necklace now - they came off 2 or 3 weeks ago.  Hope you enjoyed your bath - great idea - I might do that tonight  biggrin.gif

family I hope you find some great stuff to do on your surprise extended maternity leave - and hope you got a good payout too!!!

AFM - just toodling along - have sort of mentioned everything that's going on with me in the persies above!!

#66 Guest_chocmudcake_*

Posted 13 March 2012 - 12:33 PM

Hello Ladies,
Thank you to everyone for the support regarding the HRC. I had another appointment yesterday and thankfully had a very competent dr. If I get the one I had last week again, I will certainly be making a complaint if the situation is the same.

family girl, sorry to hear about the work dilemmas, that really is the last thing you need at this point in pregnancy, well any time really but especially now. Hope your not too stressed about it all.

farmgirl, I took all my rings off except my wedding band when I was pregnant with DD, and they never made it back onto my hands sad.gif Unfortunately they never fit me again cause I lost too much weight. Might try again after this bub.

jens1607, Congrats on the mat leave original.gif I know what you mean about trying to do the housework though. Im getting DD to help a lot with things that are down low original.gif Great news that your u/s went well. We are soooo close now.

White lily, congrats on telling some of the family original.gif

ready and raring, yep I feel the same way. I feel guilty that i've had 4 m/c's and cant stand pregnancy, but i've had enough. Im very emotional at the moment too and crying at the drop of a hat.

dizzy, good luck with all your projects you are doing/starting while on leave.

AFM: Having a lot of false labour. I was contracting for over 4 hours last night, and thought it was time to go the hospital. They were getting stronger and closer together, then just after 230am, they started to die down. I have no idea how I am going to know the real thing when the time comes as I never knew with DD. Im more worried about it this time as DH works an hour away and I dont want him missing the birth. Really hoping it happens sooner rather then later. I am so ready to meet this little bub  wub.gif

#67 athnessa

Posted 14 March 2012 - 07:37 AM

Hello ladies,

Chocmudcake, I am glad you got a competent dr this time, the last one sounded atrocious.

Dizzy, I am so impressed with your craft projects. I am not a crafty person at all.

Ready, don't feel guilty. Pregnancy is difficult. Have a good cry if you need to.

Jens, enjoy your mat leave. It is hard to just settle down and rest, particularly when we are used to living such busy lives. Remind yourself that once bub is here you'll never be bored again (well not in the same way anyway!)

Farmgirl, that's great the twins are coming home!

Familygirl, bugger about the work situation. Some employers have no shame!

Bananagirlsmum? Yay at the countdown to mat leave! It feels so real when you get there.

Whitelily, good for you telling people. I remember telling my SIL at 8.5 weeks after she badgered me and it made it seem so much more real, even though it was earlier than I wanted to share it after 3 miscarriages.

Hi to everyone else!

AFM: started mat leave on Friday. We had a long weekend here over the weekend so yesterday was my first non work day. I will be 36 weeks tomorrow. DS was born at 37 weeks. I hope this one stays in a bit longer, 38 weeks would be good. We finally sold our house too, price wasn't that great but it was for a short settlement, before Easter so at least we can get on with our lives as I am over running too households and paying 2 mortgages. My poor MIL is in hospital after falling over in our backyard on the weekend while playing frisbee with DS and breaking 3 ribs. Got an OB appointment this afternoon. She will do an US so I will get to see bub again.

#68 spitmurphys

Posted 15 March 2012 - 11:54 AM

Hi guys!

Anthessa - Mat leave!! Yay!!  I am hoping to make it to 38 weeks too,  pretty well baked by then!!!!  And yay to selling your house.  Ours is on the market too but nohting is happening here unfortunately.  Must be a huge relief to have it sorted before bubs is due!!

Chocmudcake, glad you had a better Dr this time.  Sounds like you are getting closer to the end with all the false labour!!  I was a week over with DS and I still didnt really know if I was labour when it was happening, thought I had sat funny on a chair the night before so my back was a bit funny!!   Know what you mean about being ready to meet bubs!!

Dizzy!  You sound busy on your mat leave!!  I am hoping to fit ina few sewing lessons beforebubs but not sure if I will get there.  I crochet and want to combine fabric with it but am not the best on the machine!!  Good time for gardening too!!  Before it gets cold!

Ready -  everytime I got pregnant I swore I woudlnt whinge about one thing if it would just continue!!  Now I am here and whinging about everything!!!!  I cant help it I am so over it!!!  Wasnt like this first time around! Felt good right till the end!!!  Am thinking it is the age thing too maybe?  3 yrs older and all that!!!  I also am having my iron checked but think i am just tired!!!!!  

Bananagirlsmum, glad the GD is under control!  I am still waiting for my results at 31 wks!!  Has been 3 and no one has rung me so I guess they are OK!!! And thats great you cna try for a vbac.  I only have one friend who has done it and with her first it was a nightmare 24hr labour with emergency cs and 2nd vbac and Issy was here in 2 hrs!  

Whitelily conrats on the telling people.  Its amazing how real it becomes when other know!!  And good work on the MCNs I am still not sure whether to invest as not sure If I will commit??  Think will see how I go at the start!!!

Jens!  Mat leave too!  Very exciting isnt it!!  Appreciate the boredom I say!!!  Ha!!  Being self employed I dont get any mat leave, will jsut work up until i cant anymore!!!!  Not really strenuous in retail though!!!

Gosh there are so many of us nearing the end!!  Yay!

AFM had a bit of a dodgy MCA scan on Tuesday so had another on Wed and still a bit inconsistent so have to go to Brisbane tomorrow.  I have a feeling this is the start of somehting but am a bit in denial that anything will happen just yet.  I actually watched a you tube video of a Interutero Transfusuion and it seemed pretty quick and painless!!  Spose would be differnet if its you lying there!  I think its the risks invovled with it that scare me the most.  So I am 31wks and if bubs is getting anemic then I will need a transfusion as still too early to deliver.  I sooo hope it is OK and I make it another month and they jsut take bubs out then.  A transfusuion lasts 3 wks so atleast I know I will only need one.  Anyway will be good to see the specialist tomorrow and jsut get it all checked again. Even if it means a 9hr round trip!!  Worth it to know things are OK or I have to get ready for some action!  

Will update later when I know whats going on!!

Hi to everyone I have missed, hope you're all well!!!!

#69 OOfarmgirlOO

Posted 15 March 2012 - 06:33 PM

Jens - enjoy your resting. I'm stocking up on dvds and books in preparation.

WhiteLily - congrats on telling people - it makes it seem all the more real original.gif

bananagirlsmum - glad the GD is going ok, my due date buddy is waiting on results to see if she has it.

Ready - I'm the same, I sometimes stop myself from whinging because I don't want to feel ungrateful or something..I bite my tongue and carry on.

Dizzy - am already part time, 4 days a week. My replacement starts monday, somehow the whole recruitment process took 2 days. I'll get stuck in and train her madly for a couple weeks and then I might be able to back off and have a few sick days, I have plenty saved up. Its been a bit cooler here last couple of days and my rings fit again. original.gif for the time being anyway.

chocmud - fingers xd that you get to meet your little one soon.

athnessa - it doesnt rain, it pours! your poor mil!

spit - In NSW we have an isolated patients travel scheme, I'm sure QLD have one too - they reimburse some of your expenses. Might be worth a look?

AFM - Sunday/Monday was having lower pelvic pain, much like period pain and lower back pain. Rang the nurse at OB's on Monday arvo who said come on down and get checked out. (was at work) Dr went all over me, did a thorough scan and also an internal (he did the GBS swab at same time, two birds one stone I suppose) And verdict is baby is just growing and stretching me. Felt like a tool but also relieved. Baby has measured 6 or so days behind for a bit now, I asked if there was something to be worried about, but he says it would need to be a much bigger gap before he got worried.

Baby is so active, has been performing some amazing gymnastics in there. Belly shakes and moves even in the middle of the day. Its so cool to be sitting at my desk and my little rugrat is poking me to remind me that we've only got a little way to go original.gif

Better run and cook some dinner original.gif

#70 Guest_chocmudcake_*

Posted 19 March 2012 - 07:42 PM

Hello ladies,
A very quick update from me. Will come back with more details.

But I had our baby very early this morning and its a  bbluestork.gif

Baby Brock was born at 12:42am 19/3, weighed in at 3005g or 6lb 10oz, 47.5cm long and 34cm head circ. Labour was great and very quick.

All very happy and doing very well. Again I will come back with more details original.gif

Hope everyone is well and looking forward to all of our new arrivals that are expected just around the corner.

#71 dizzy-anne

Posted 19 March 2012 - 08:16 PM

Woo Hoo Choc!!

I have tears in my eyes - it's all so amazing that we are finally having our long awaited for babies after all these struggles.  I am so happy that you and little Brock are all good.  Enjoy your cuddles!

#72 athnessa

Posted 19 March 2012 - 08:54 PM

Congratulations Chocmudcake! Glad all went well and you are enjoying newborn cuddles with Brock. He sounds like he was a good weight too being a few weeks early.

Now you can move up to PAM graduates, hopefully a few more of us will be joining you there soon!

#73 readyandraring

Posted 19 March 2012 - 09:06 PM

Congratulations Chocmudcake such great news, so glad you are both doing well. Looking forward to a pic and your update soon  bbighug.gif

#74 jens1607

Posted 20 March 2012 - 11:24 AM

Big congrats to Chocmudcake on the birth of your little man!!!  I am so glad you had a great birth and your both doing well. eexcite.gif  

OMG I'm next!!!  Hopefully I don't have to wait long!!

#75 SusieBlue

Posted 20 March 2012 - 01:27 PM

Hi everyone! I have been reading along but things move so fast in here that I can barely keep up! biggrin.gif I just had to come and say congrats to ChocMudCake on the birth of your little man. I bet he is the cuddlest baby ever born wub.gif

Not long left for the rest of us April girls!! Its less than a month now for me, and I've just packed my hospital bag. The baby is no longer in breech too, which is such a relief because I can start thinking about and planning a natural birth. I'm doing pretty well - my DS (who has just turned 2) is giving me some headaches from time to time but other than that I can't complain original.gif

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