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#101 emmsie78

Posted 17 February 2012 - 03:40 PM

Sorry to have been a bit MIA these past few days & thanks so much to everyone for looking out for me. I hear you on the rollercoaster scenario! Our 4 little embryos looked cr@p & fragmented & the other 3 had died off by day 4. One little guy was still only at 6 cells & hadn't started to divide further but had started to compact so they have transferred that one with very little hope (10-15% the embryologist said as a maybe statistic).

When I saw the FS during transfer I asked him whether we should be giving up on our hope of 3 kids or not - he made a bit of a "how long's a piece of string" face & said we need to have a think about it & maybe you should just be thankful for 2 kids. I asked if this bad cycle is indicative of things to come & he reckoned "might be, might not be". Geez thanks. But I do get that it is a bit of a guessing game. So what I was hoping I could chalk up to just bad luck may in fact be a signal from the universe saying "times up, be thankful for what you have & bow out now". We're going to go in there & have a proper appt with him, ask lots of questions etc but we will certainly attempt at least one more fresh cycle to see if we can do something a bit better...Don't think I will bother joining 2WW group as such a small chance so I'm just trying to treat this as though I'm not even in the 2WW. Fat chance of that happening though!

Enough whingeing from me girls - sorry I have been a bit of a downer lately in this great group.

Lokum I agree about the drama in this group - it's crazy! But at least seems to be a lot of luck lately so hopefully you can continue that too. I hear you on the POAS protocol - much rather know than not & prepare myself. The pee sticks haven't lied to me before so I will be POAS 12dpt.

Glitterz Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome news! So glad to hear of the turnaround but what a ride hey?! As you say - hopefully you will have a naughty little cheeky bub in 9 months time. That's something I try to tell myself about the "good" side of IVF - if we are lucky enough to get babies at least we get to have stories (& sometimes pics) of them from a super super early age. Kind of precious whereas all those unlucky fertiles only get to know their bubba from about 4 weeks on!!!! Yay IVF! Hmmm...
Back to my own selfish agenda - do you see many people come through with terrible cycles that go on to have OK ones? The embryologist looked back at my successful 2 cycles & said both of those were 8 cell grade 3 on day 3 but went on to be OK (though DS#2 was only a compacted morula by Day5). Anyway, love to hear your impressions. I know my FS is super non-sugarcoated with everything - he started talking donor sperm very early on before we'd even started IVF & made us think that's what we were definitely going to have to do - when we asked him about it a week later he went "oh no - I was just preparing you & looking to the future if IVF with your sperm didn't work". Hopefully that's all he was doing with me today but gave me a big shock. Sorry about the novel!

spotty dear spotty dog - so happy to hear your news!!! - spotting is never the most fun is it. I lost a full 0.5 cup of fresh blood at 11weeks & thought it was a guaranteed miscarriage. Turned out to be fine (sub-chorionic haematoma for those playing at home) & became DS. Hopefully no more yucky times for you with this pregnancy. Will miss you round here though!

wishful Goodluck for tomorrow! Re: telling work - hard to say...I think just bite the bullet when the time comes & they should accept that you're a female of child-bearing age & that's par for the course (if boss knows about IVF you could always remind him how lucky he is that you have been around the last couple of years when would rather have been preg!)

mum2one Good to hear all is going well with you - going to be so many graduates here!

workerbee Welcome (belatedly!) & glad to be joining you in the 2WW (even if my chances are slim at least I've thrown my hat in the ring). Fingers crossed for us both x

hopingforaddition Welcome & best of luck this cycle!

Penny Sorry to hear it's looking like a BFN this cycle but hopefully you've just tested too early - fingers crossed! It is a horrible feeling thinking it won't happen for you again though I agree. I think we are lucky in here (of course that we all have a child or 2 to start with) but also because at least we know IVF has worked in the past for us so it "should" work in the future. Having said that - I am guilty of complacency in thinking - oh, of course it'll work, just a few more transfers & we'll be there. But this cycle has been a huge wake up call & made me realise it's all a bit more hit or miss than I thought. Hopefully it works out well for you (& everyone else on here)

#102 Wishful thinking

Posted 17 February 2012 - 08:52 PM

Hi girls,

Em, great news on your transfer. Let's hope it's a good one despite its shabby appearance & slow start.

Don't have the energy for other personals tonight, sorry. Came home from work this afternoon to find we had been robbed. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!! Good news one day, horrible news the next. B*stards took all my jewellery, DH's watches, laptop, old iPhones etc. DH was devastated as all his cuff links were taken and there was a pair with DS' fingerprint from when he was about 3 mths old. 😥

Hoping for a better day tomorrow.


#103 emmsie78

Posted 17 February 2012 - 10:19 PM

Oh wishful - so sorry to hear the news of the robbery! That is scary stuff - so invasive & horrible. Hope life calms down so you can enjoy your very exciting news x

#104 Mum2TwoDSs

Posted 18 February 2012 - 08:24 AM

Oh crap Wishful! Awful awful awful to have this happen to you!  sad.gif Those idiots! I hope the police will be able to round them up!

#105 Lokum

Posted 18 February 2012 - 07:43 PM

Hi Wishful - so sorry to hear about the burglary. The loss of stuff and the invasion. Awful.

Emmsie - hoping your embryo hangs in there, despite not looking that flash. It seems really hard to understand what your FS was saying - or how to make sense of it in your situation. Have you thought about what you will do if this cycle isn't the one? I guess you wouldn't be up to back-to-back stims so you'd have time to think about it anyway. Who knows, maybe it's not an issue you'll need to worry about!!! FX.

Penny - how are you doing? I think we might nearly be at the same stage. I'm 11dpt and 13dpo, and had my last pregnyl shot 4 days ago. POAS this morning, and there's only the very faintest of 2nd lines - the last of the pregnyl. It was so faint, and I'm far enough into this cycle to be pretty sure it's a BFN. Fully expecting no 2nd line at all by tomorrow, and naturally feeling crampy and sooky now.

Anyway, straight back into my next FET if that turns out to be the case, with my only remaining frosty.

I can't fit in another stim until around October, so if I get BFN next cycle it will be a bit crushing.

#106 spottydog

Posted 19 February 2012 - 07:29 PM

Sorry i havent been in this weekend.

Wishful, how awful about your robbery, sorry to read that. When is your next BT? etc?

Emmsie, i am pleased to hear about your ET, even though you dont feel positive about it, its a numbers game, i have friends who have transfered embryos at day 2, 7cells and have a child out of that cycle, they didnt think they were going to ever get there. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

lokum, mum2oneds, everyone else hello.

No more spotting here, but i have terrible cramps, and the likes, hoping its nothing. Going to see if i can get another BT on Tuesday, see if my prog has moved up, or if i need to use two pessaries etc. So ill be back after that.


#107 Glitterz

Posted 20 February 2012 - 08:16 AM

Hi Everyone,

Wishful: That is just awful.  I dont understand how people can do that.  Im really sorry your going through that.

Spotty:  Great news that you have stopped spotting, yay!  Yeah great idea about getting your bloods done to check prog.  I bet its perfect and your prog is nice and strong.  Let us know how you go.

Emmsie:  Great work that you got an embryo for transfer.  A morula on day 5 is fine, we do it all the time and have success from them all the time.  I know its hard to not stay positive about it, but try... you never know???
Ypur question about cycles, yes definatley.  People can have cycles that arn't great, and then the next xyxle is text book perfect.  Not really sure why this happens, I guess in a way our bodies react differently to drugs etc.  We always see ladies who have cycles where the batch of eggs arn't great, and then they look great another time.  Our bodies are so dynamic, things change but it doesn't mean they are always going to stay like that if you know what I mean?  My first cycle with DD was better than this one, we had one embryo transferred, and 3 frozen.  This cycle we were lucky to get one for transfer and none were frozen???  Who knows why and im 29?  (30 in a few days... *gulp*)

Hi everyone else original.gif

AFM.. just had more blood taken.. now we wait anxiously for the phone call.  Im at a point now that I have a feeling the bloods will be ok, but now just holding out for the scan to see if the sac is empty or not... time will tell.  I let you know the results this afternoon.


#108 Glitterz

Posted 20 February 2012 - 10:52 AM

quick update to let you know bhcg 3600 prog 110.
Fingers crossed.

#109 spottydog

Posted 20 February 2012 - 11:16 AM

Oh wow Glitterz,

That is awesome news, a slow started like my DD original.gif Another BT for you soon or a early scan?

I have decided not to have a BT until Fri, i cant cope with the stress of waiting, haha. I am sure things are good with me now, just holding out until the scan in 2weeks.


#110 Wishful thinking

Posted 20 February 2012 - 12:10 PM

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't popped in over the weekend either. Lots to organise and clean up following the burglary...argh!!
Thanks for all your empathy. Worst thing about it is it has taken away my sense of home being a place where you feel secure. Sleeping has been pretty difficult the last few nights and I am paranoid about what I might find when I get home from work today. Anyway, trying to focus on the positive being that my bloods on Saturday came in at 2600 for hcg and 140 for prog. Scan next Thursday due to my history of ectopic. Hoping it's not too early for the heartbeat.

Glitterz, lovely levels you have there, great news.

Spottydog, things definitely moving in the right direction now for hcg & prog, must be a relief that the spotting has stopped.

Lokum, sorry to hear that the HPT gave a BFN. Hope u can move on to your next FET soon if BT confirms a BFN. You sound like you have a really positive attitude which is admirable.

Emmsie, hope the 2ww isn't to painful and that your boys are being a good distraction.

Mum2OneDS, my estimated due date is same as yours I think? 22 October?

Take care everyone and hope you all have a good week.


#111 emmsie78

Posted 20 February 2012 - 02:21 PM

glitterz/spotty/wishful Wow - you guys are all doing fantastically well! Yay you!!! Glad to hear all the levels are rising & now fingers crossed that all the scans go well. Our little group will start to dwindle but that's just the way it should be!
glitterz  Thanks for bucking me up re a morula transfer - I think it's just that on day 4 it was still only at 6 cells & they had pretty much given up on it then all of a sudden on day 5 it had started compacting. It's almost like it missed a stage & didn't go on to 16/32 cells & then start compacting. I was so certain transfer was not going to go ahead (& that I was just going in for my PCV BT to monitor signs of OHSS) that I didn't shave my legs, didn't organise babysitter past the 30 mins I thought it would take to get BT done etc. Gave me the shock of my life even though they said it was a crummy embryo. Can they go that quickly (ie overnight) from 6 cells to compacting without there being something seriously abnormal with the embryo?? Just so as if I get a BFP I won't be worried I'll be giving birth to an alien!!

Lokum I know what you mean about the worry of using last FET up & then having nothing for awhile til your next fresh cycle chance in Oct. Would you consider doing a fresh cycle now instead so at least if it doesn't work you'll hopefully have a few embies waiting for you come October? It's a hard call isn't it cos would then again be a shame to go through whole EPU if your little ice-baby is already sitting there waiting for you. If you would consider trying for #3 down the track at least the fresh cycle wouldn't be a waste though as you'd have a few waiting for you?? Re: what we will do if/when this cycle doesn't work - yes, we will have to wait a month as my clinic always makes you take a month off after a fresh transfer (& especially as they have been worried about me re OHSS). It's quite good timing as we are going away on a holiday next month anyway - just for a week but at least we don't have to try to juggle a cycle around it. Then we'll jump straight back on the bandwagon & do another fresh cycle. We will pretty much throw whatever we can at this year in terms of cycles & then probably call it a day at the end of the year if nothing much is happening. Will see how we go - I certainly don't feel like chucking in the towel just yet but the end of the year is a long way away so we'll see.

Hello everyone else - hope you're chugging away nicely wherever you're at. I'm kind of feeling frustrated about this half-chance we have onboard at the moment but trying to not dwell on it too much. Yeah right. My youngest son was a compacting morula so at least he didn't start off perfectly either!

Em x

#112 spottydog

Posted 20 February 2012 - 03:20 PM

Oh Em, i can totally understand where you are coming from, its hard not to compare cycles, embryos etc, but they wouldnt have transfered a dud, honestly original.gif Keep up the good fight, i will be praying that your embryo is a fighter just like mine! original.gif

Wishful, excellent news on the hcg doubling, and good luck with the scan, that will be just before 7w right?


#113 Wishful thinking

Posted 20 February 2012 - 08:18 PM

Hi Girls,

Em, if it's any consolation, I thought we were NO chance with a 2 day, 4 cell embryo and yet I got a BFP. In previous cycles, I had what appeared to be Grade 1, 5 day blasts but testing showed they were abnormal. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I think in IVF it is definitely a case of not judging a book by its cover. Hang in there, like Spotty said, they wouldn't have gone ahead with transfer if they didn't think it was a chance.

Spotty, my initial scan will be at 5wks 3days. FS says we may be able to see the heartbeat but it will stress me out if we don't, even though I know it will prob be just bc it's too early.
Booked in with my OB today, fx I don't jinx everything but wanted to get in before he books up. Yours is at 7wks 3 days right?

Glitterz, when is your scan?

Lokum, sorry to read in 2ww that AF arrived. You seemed pretty sure that the cycle hadn't worked though so at least you can move on and look forward to your next FET.

Wishful. x

#114 Lokum

Posted 20 February 2012 - 10:59 PM

wishful/spotty/glitterz - good on you ladies!! So happy for you all.

Emmsie - hope you're doing OK, this 2WW will probably be a long one for you, after the turmoil it took to get to transfer. Or are you maybe now there's some relief since you KNOW you can't info for a while?

Yeah, AF arrived, no luck this go. Emmsie - I don't think I can consider a stim before I use up the last frosty. DH went through this awful wobble where he was refusing to TTC#2 (didn't want another child) and I was distraught thinking about the 2 I had in the freezer.

I'm really afraid of leftover embryos after we're done actually, as I'm pretty sure I can't flush or dispose. I've realised I might JUST have time to do an antag cycle after this FET, before we go away... so might discuss with FS.

I don't think doing an antag just because it's shorter and I have timetabling conflicts is that good a reason, but I didn't respond that well (5 follicles, 4 eggs) to the long down reg anyway... so will see what he says. Is this a bit sick? I'm only on Day 1, and I'm already backing my back-up plan for when/if this cycle fails?

#115 Glitterz

Posted 22 February 2012 - 11:13 AM

Hi everyone,

Lokum: Sorry that your cycle didnt work, sad.gif I hope your ok.  Next cycle is yours for sure.

Em:  Hi!  No it grew perfectly.  So we usually see the embryos go from 6-8 cells, strait into a morula.  So seeing your embryo at 6 cells on day 4, then into a morula on day 5 is completely normal.  We never see an embryo at cleavage stage of more than say 12 cells (its rare to see more than 9 or 10).... all the cells are usually compacted by this stage so we're unable to count the cells anymore.  So if you do get a BFP... your baby wont be an alien Tounge1.gif

Wishful: Great to hear your levels are increasing well, thats awesome news.  Our scan is tomorrow at 3pm.. not that Im counting down at all original.gif  Ill be 6w2d.  Im just really worried about a blighted ovum.  

Would anybody know the answer to this, so because my hcg took a slow start and now its a bit behind even though its doubling fine now, do you think that could make the sac be smaller, or less of a chance for baby to be at 6w2d?  Less chance of hearing a HB?  Google is not answering my questions, maybe you guys could help.

Spotty: If you dont mind sharing, could you tell me about your experience with DD.  What were your hcg levels, and what happened at your first scan.  At what stage of pregnancy was your scan?  Thanks  


Edited by Glitterz, 22 February 2012 - 11:15 AM.

#116 spottydog

Posted 22 February 2012 - 11:23 AM

Glitterz ill share my info for you, original.gif

hcg at 14dpo was 31
hcg at 16dpo was 66
hcg at 18dpo was 325
hcg a week after was 2900.

Had u/s at 7w4d, and seen a perfect h/b. Im glad i waited until after the 7w mark, because if the heart was beating and bub alive i would know id see it, i couldnt stand the thought of that extra week or so wait. Same this time, going in at 7w3d this time.

GOod luck. Sorry my numbers are not more helpful.

Today i have been experiencing a lot of lower tummy cramping, its a ache from the front to lower back, i might take some panadol, so i can forget about it, as its nervewracking.

I will go for my BT either tomorrow or Fri original.gif


#117 emmsie78

Posted 22 February 2012 - 02:59 PM

glitterz Thanks for your reassurance - you're a legend! Re: scan - I do think if you hcg is on the lower side that its possible implantation occured a little bit later so it would make sense that if your scan is early there may not yet be a visible heartbeat? I thought heartbeat was more like 6.5-7 weeks so I certainly wouldn't be thinking all is lost if no heartbeat visible yet. Having said that - it would be lovely reassurance so everything crossed!

spotty Hope your tummy cramping sorts itself out - very annoying for you not to be able to relax yet xx

Lokum Nope - you are not sick at all - I am exactly the same - lock everything into place for the next cycle - it definitely helps me to have a plan in place in case of a BFN. I will be booking in an appt with FS to discuss where to from here & have to take a month off after a fresh cycle but totally keen to get back on the horse at this stage

wishful Thanks for the reassurance re dodgy looking embryos! Goodluck for your scan if I don't "speak" to you beforehand

AFM: Just counting down the days. BT on Sunday but I will POAS the day before. I usually do 2 days before but as this embryo was a bit behind the eight-ball I figured I'd give it an extra chance to implant & start working on that hcg! Not hopeful as you know but even despite my thoughts that it is very unlikely to work I can't help but have a twinge of hope - it would just be such a dream to get pregnant from this one & never have to do another fresh cycle nor have to make decisions re any frozen embryos. But - we have probably used up our IVF-luck I think so probably due a bit of a hard slog! Lucky I have you guys around to plod along with me. Thanks xx

#118 spottydog

Posted 23 February 2012 - 10:29 AM

Glitterz, GOOD luck for this arvo, please let us know how you go when you are up to it, i hope its great news for you. Its still early though, so i hope you can get a good idea of whats happening.

Em, your 2ww came round so fast from the outside, good luck with HPT original.gif

Had BT this morning, fingers crossed for my hcg to be still doubling well and that my prog has actually taken off, id like to hear that its higher now! Then i can relax a touch until i have u/s.


#119 spottydog

Posted 23 February 2012 - 11:12 AM

Oh its good news from todays BT original.gif

So so happy to say that my hcg is 8000 and prog is 63, which is a vast improvement from 18 last Fri original.gif

No more spotting, no more BTs for me, U/S is in 2weeks. Cant wait.

will be back in later to see what everyone else is up to.


#120 Glitterz

Posted 23 February 2012 - 04:32 PM

Good afternoon ladies,

Firstly I'll apologise for any spelling mistakes as I'm using my phone at the hairdresser.
Spotty, great levels girl... So happy for you

Scan this afternoon didn't go great. The sac was 8mm in length and was measuring at 5 weeks. He could slightly make out the gestational sac but that is it. He said unless you guys have conceived on the side then this pregnancy is likely to fail. So we will rescan in about a weeks time to confirm, then we wait it out. Such a bummer!!! I was getting so positive about it again as well.
Lucky I pre-empted a worrisome scan and bought myself a beautiful pair or shoes for my birthday original.gif
I rang my boss at work ( a you know they know everything that is happening) and taken the day off work tomorrow for a "me" day.
Speak to you all soon!

Bel x

#121 spottydog

Posted 23 February 2012 - 05:10 PM

Oh hun, i was so hopeful for you sad.gif take it easy and please be kind to yourself x


#122 Wishful thinking

Posted 23 February 2012 - 05:22 PM

Bel, I'm sorry too. Does that definitely mean its all over or is there a chance it could turn around again by next week? Good work on the new shoes and day off. Endulge in your "me" time and look after yourself.

Spotty, that's great news. My clinic likes prog to be above 35 so 63 is really good.

I had a scan today, not much to see at 5wks 3 days but could see the sac in the uterus so is promising its at least in the right spot. Repeat scan next week at 6wks 2 days so hopefully we will see something in the sac.

Afm, must be defense mechanism as still expecting it all to go pear shaped. It's so hard to allow yourself to be happy after the journey were all on.

Wishful. xx

#123 Lokum

Posted 23 February 2012 - 08:46 PM

QUOTE (Wishful thinking @ 23/02/2012, 06:22 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Afm, must be defense mechanism as still expecting it all to go pear shaped. It's so hard to allow yourself to be happy after the journey were all on.

Wishful. xx

It's true, I think it is a defense mechanism. That's how I was with DS until at least 14 weeks!

Glitterz - so sorry it wasn't a happier scan. This next week will be really tough - waiting and wondering. Such highs and lows for you. Good idea on the day off and new shoes. Eat something delicious too!

Hurray for you Spotty!!! Go over to a due-in group! Even AC grads.

Emmsie - hope you're going OK. FX for your little embryo.

#124 emmsie78

Posted 24 February 2012 - 02:52 PM

Such a mixed bag at the moment -

spotty Congrats on your levels that's wonderful news - please keep an eye on us all throughout the pregnancy & hopefully we'll join you x I agree my 2WW has actually been pretty fast for me too!

Glitterz So sorry to read the sad news. Hopefully a miracle will happen & all will be well by next week but it's a horrible spot to be in. Thinking of you at the moment x

wishful Great news on the scan - hopefully it gives you a few days of rest from the stress before you start getting prepared for the next BT/scan. I know what you mean re the stress - you keep waiting for something to go wrong so it is quite a while I think before you can relax & enjoy it xx

Hi Lokum & everyone else - hope all is good wherever you are in your journeys.

I'm just waiting out the last little bit of time. Getting some AF-like cramps which is always a tad depressing. Gastro has been doing the rounds at our playgroup at the moment with everyone dropping like flies. I have started to feel a little bit nauseous so think I am either getting gastro or pregnant!! Great. Know which one I'd rather have. DS#1 has just told me his tummy is feeling sore so I think I know which one it might be....Will POAS tomorrow am & let you know xx

#125 Barefoot

Posted 24 February 2012 - 03:06 PM

Hi everyone, I have been reading to keep up, just not posting.

Glitterz, so sorry. I hope you have a little miracle there. Bit definitely take time out to take care of yourself.

Congratulations to those I didn't know about before I took a break.

Lokum, sorry to hear AF arrived.

Me, I had transfer today, used my last embies today (one didn't survive the thaw), so next cycle will be a stim cycle. Not quite sure how I feel about that.

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