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#76 mards

Posted 02 June 2013 - 07:57 PM

Oh Great to see this thread moving along again!!

Fiona - so glad to hear things are looking up for your RG girl.

My DD is level 2NDP this year and first comp is 30june -

It has been an INSANE year at our gym with MOST of the top girls leaving to another gym - so a lot of DD friends are NOT there - i could not move DD as i work and cant get to the other gym 25 minutes away - SO we are left with only 3 NDP girls in level 3!!

So the coach has been doing intense training sessions with them all - they train 3 days a week 9 hours a week  - so hopefully they will have lots of fun at the first comp - it will be hard as they will be competing with their other friends from the other gym too!! - and they all used to be in the same team!!

So hard to NOT be a gym mum!! - i have to keep reminding myself that if DD is loving training and having fun its all good!!   biggrin.gif   - you all know what i mean!

#77 FionaM

Posted 04 June 2013 - 11:23 AM

mards - i totally hear what you are saying.
It will be very hard for your DD competing against the girls that used to be her team mates.
Im sure once she gets the first comp out of the way it will be ok.
all the best for her first comp.

#78 mards

Posted 08 June 2013 - 09:14 PM

Stick It is on tonight - kids love it!

#79 babygirl03

Posted 11 August 2013 - 08:53 PM

Woo hoo ... my dd did her first Level 4 RG team & qualifying competition and came 3rd as a team. She had also qualified for the September state championship in her free, hoop and ball routines and as a reserve for clubs.

She is ecstatic and we are all so proud of her and her team. Well done girls and thank you to her wonderful coaches. All the hard work paid off :dance:

#80 mards

Posted 12 August 2013 - 07:42 AM

oh baby girl that is amazing!! you must be super proud..

My DD had her first state Trial Level 2 yesterday and came equal 2nd on the all arounds.. SO EXTATIC - they have another 2 trials to try to make the team before state in Sept..

Babygirl - they put in so much hard work - its so good to see them being rewarded for their efforts eh!

#81 babygirl03

Posted 12 August 2013 - 11:04 PM

Thanks, mards. We're definitely very proud of her and her 2 team mates especially when we really didn't expect them to place in the top 3 given that this was their first competitive attempt. They were just as stunned as their initial reaction & surprise were quite funny to watch before they took to the podium.

Their coaches had trained them really well 'cos I knew how nervous they were. Dd said she was literally shaking during each wait to get on the mat but once on and her music started, she said she went on auto pilot and there were no major mistakes or runaway apparatus with the big throws and traps.

Congratulations to your dd too for coming equal 2nd in her trial. She sounds like she's doing really well and I've got my fingers crossed for her making into the team.

I reckon both the artistic and rhythmic comps must be on the same dates 'cos while we were in the 'blue' stadium, the artistic groups were performing in the 'red'. Our RG individual apparatus is scheduled to be held 8/9 and the final state all around, 29/9.

You have to update on how your dd goes :)

#82 mards

Posted 13 August 2013 - 08:00 PM

thanks Babygirl!! - great news for you - Our trial was for the reginal team up north in NSW  - but YEP there are lots of different trials going on at the moment - if she makes the team it is on the 21sept.

Good luck to your DD and keep us posted - Love gym talk - i go onto Chalk bucket a lot - but there are not many ozzies on it - and the US system is so different to ours.

#83 lishermide

Posted 13 August 2013 - 08:48 PM

Good to see gym chat is back :)

My DD left Artistic Gymnastics at the end of last year and has switched over to Tumbling. Mainly because we grew out of our gym as they only do levels 1-3, but also because the flipping has always been her favourite part of gym. We have State Trials this coming weekend, she's doing Level 4. She also decided to add Trampoline Sports last term, so is going to be competing Trampoline and Double Mini Tramp as well for the first time this weekend, but only at Level 3. It's a bit different to some of the other gym sports, for this year we don't actually have to qualify for State - just compete in a Trial and you can go to State. So she'll be competing State in early September.

Last weekend we headed up to Brisbane for National Teams champs. She didn't place individually as she mucked up one of her tumbling passes (nerves and a sore foot got her). Her second pass was great though, she would have made the finals if she'd done two like that one! Our team actually came 2nd overall for Tumbling, which was an awesome effort.

Babygirl, congrats to your daughter, that's fantastic!

Mards, congrats to your daughter too. We have some talented kids here it seems!

#84 mards

Posted 14 September 2013 - 07:29 PM

Hey there - just wondering how everyone's gymie is going?

there are so many comps on at the moment Im sure some of you are involved?

My dd JUST made it into our regional team for WAG state level 2! we were gobsmaked her name was the last to be called - she is thrilled and we are too...

we have a comp at Rooty Hill on Saturday and then Country Champs in Orange to come.

I hope you are all well..

#85 twinmumplus1

Posted 14 September 2013 - 07:49 PM

Hiya all :)

Another gym mum here.

DD is level 4 state in WG, and is Level 2 in RG (started this year) and the boys do tumbling (for fun)

Is anyone going to the Wet and Wild comp in Queensland at the end of the month?

#86 mards

Posted 26 September 2013 - 08:28 AM

welcome Twinmum - No we are in NSW - good luck for the wet n wild comp.

We are off to Orange this weekend to compete in Country Camps - is anyone else going - its going to be 15degrees   brrrrr!

#87 babygirl03

Posted 30 September 2013 - 12:10 AM

Hi there twinmumplus1, welcome to the EB gymie club. How did your dd go in the Wet and Wild comp. I assume that was for artistic gym, is that right?

mards, what about your child? I hope the weather was not as cold as you had anticipated and she did well.

On our side, dd had her State Championship RG All Around event for L4 today and managed to come away with a trophy for 3rd place. As you can imagine, she's absolutely ecstatic about it and can't stop smiling. We are very, very happy for her. Such a great way to end term 3 as well - yes, 1st week of school holidays start for us tomorrow :)

#88 mards

Posted 30 September 2013 - 08:03 PM

babygirl - that is fantastic news - she must be so happy!

Orange - was cold it was 3degrees at 7am - the comp started at 7.30am - there were heaters in the gym so wasn't so bad - it was good experience for her - she fell on beam - and nearly fogot back hip circle on the bar - so her head was elsewhere!! but she was happy ! Very happy as the GK man was there - and she got new grips for training - first ever ones - and he had a SALE rack so she scored 2x leos.. so she was very happy!

One more Comp to go State Regionals in November - then the girls can start learning some fun stuff....

#89 babygirl03

Posted 10 October 2013 - 12:22 PM

mards, good to read your dd had a happy time at her Orange comp. So lucky the gym had heaters. We don't have that luxury here and I clearly remember our 7:30am start in winter for our comp #1. The poor girls were shivering and all were looking rather blue in their skin colour!

We have one more comp in November too - multiples, where the girls are paired, each with a different apparatus. Dd will find out who she will be partnered with and what apparatus have been selected for them. Not much training time for this one at all.

#90 mards

Posted 13 October 2013 - 06:45 PM

Hey babygirl - are you in NSW in a cold part? we dont have heaters in our gym either but it would only get down to about 15 the time they are there. - my daughter wears thermals to train in!! she is a cold fish

Today we had the Meet the teams regional girls. So we went into the gym and met all the girls that were in the regional teams that the girls had been placed in they trained a bit and did some get to know you games - we have the comp at rooty hill at the begining of Nov.

so glad when this is over - so then they can do some FUN stuff till next year..

I hope your DD is training hard for the next comp..

#91 babygirl03

Posted 13 October 2013 - 10:44 PM

We're in Adelaide so winter overnight can go down as low as 1-2c every now and again. That winter morning when the girls had their comp was about 7 degrees. Whilst they can warm up in their tracksuits, once march on commences, the tracksuits come off and stay off, which means all they have got on is their sleeveless leotard! although in the case of my dd, I let her wear a body stocking which she says does help plus a thermos of hot'ish water for her to sip ...

As for her multiples comp, I'm not sure that I'm keen on her training overly hard or take it too seriously, iykwim. Firstly, it's the lack of training time - 6wks starting tomorrow to learn and prepare for it (she trains 3x a week). Plus, I've got a feeling that it's going to be a trio so coordinating with 2 other girls whilst handling 2 different apparatus in the routine is never going to be easy let alone when the 3 girls are not all with the same abilities. So, I don't want her stressing out if the coordination and transfers of apparatus don't work out. I like to see her just enjoy the challenge of working together and have fun interacting with one another. On top of that, she's also preparing for her end-of-year dance concert - she does classical ballet, contemporary and tap too.

And yes, you're so right that when the comp season is all over, she gets to start learning new tricks as a Level 5 :)

How does your regional comp work? Are you in country NSW so you take on the Regional comps first and then get selected to try out States?

#92 mards

Posted 15 October 2013 - 02:50 PM

Hello - Wow thats harsh 6 weeks to prepare something new - Its so boring for our WAG girls as they do the same routine for an entire year!! - i don't know how they do it. It sounds tricky.

We are in regional NSW. So the comp is for the Hunter Region  - so the pick the girls from the results of 3 separate comps over the course of a few months... I was amazed when she made it - so now they have State comp where they compete with other regions of the state..

Yep DD wills start level 3 in Nov.. so that will be fun for them to learn new skills.

Let us know how your dd goes - she sounds busy - Ballet would also be tough - she obviously has determination.

We have said to DD if she wants to do anyother sport etc she will have to give up Gym or go down to state level where there are less hours involved. - she says she is happy where she is..

#93 Lickety Split

Posted 25 November 2013 - 05:56 PM

Hey Gym Mummies

My DD is nearly 4yo and we live in a country town. She currently does kindergym and I believe won't be able to start proper gymnastics until she's 5. Is this the norm for gym kids?

#94 BeAwesome

Posted 25 November 2013 - 06:07 PM

Hey all, I might pop in and say hi too!  

My DD just turned 5, and has been doing gymnastics for fun for the last 6 months.  A few weeks ago she tried out for the competitive stream, and next year she'll be starting in a pre-competition class they've started for kids in their first year of school.

She'll be doing 1.5 hours one day a week after school.

Did anyone else's children start at that age, and how did they find it, being in school for the first time as well?  She currently only does a 5 day fortnight of Kindy, and 1 class each of ballet and gymnastics, so I'm a little concerned with how she'll cope with the long day.

#95 babygirl03

Posted 25 November 2013 - 10:17 PM

Welcome LicketySplit & SlinkyMalinki!

Which type of gym are your girls interested in? We do rhythmic, so not sure if it's the same for artistic, and for us our club is happy to take them in when they are 4 and toilet trained.

My dd started gym at 6yo though. This was also 1.5hrs once a week and while she was a bit worn out at first, with it being held on Friday nights at 6pm, it only took a few lessons for her to adjust to it. It was really no harder / different to the previous year when at 5yo she decided she wanted to take on tap & jazz classes in addition to her once a week ballet when she started Reception, which is our FYOS in SA. So, since 4yo her extra-curricular activities have been increasing in hours per week each year i.e. total of 45min at 3yo, 1hr at 4yo, 2.5hrs at 5yo, 4hrs at 6yo,  5hrs at 7yo, 6.5hrs at 8yo and now at 9yo she's averaging 9hrs per week doing gym, ballet, tap & contemporary. There is no pressure for her to do so many things but it's what she wants. In fact, I forced her to drop Jazz this year 'cos it was just all too much for me carting her back and forth. She was upset with me for weeks over it, lol.

I would say, let her try it out if that's what she wants and reassess after 3-5wks to see how she's coping and whether she's enjoying it. I know at our primary school, the Receptionist and Year 1s all get nap / relaxation / quiet time after lunch for 20min which was enough to allow my dd to recharge her batteries to take on an hour of dance after school with not much problem. Her stamina just gets better each week.

#96 BeAwesome

Posted 26 November 2013 - 12:30 PM

She'll be doing artistic gymnastics.

We'll have ballet once a week (just an hour class) as well, but she's been doing that for a couple of years already.  She wanted to take on tap as well, but I think it's a bit much with starting school.

It looks like we'll be doing Gymnastics on Tuesdays, and Ballet on Thursdays, so they're kind of spread out at least.

#97 karkat

Posted 26 November 2013 - 01:22 PM

Hi everyone,

Thought I'd join in too. I'm a very ex-gymnast (used to be in Orange, so know about training in the cold) and my almost 5 yr old has been doing GymFun this year and will be starting level 1 next year. We're in QLD.

Our gym has a rule that you can do GymFun (rec gym without parents) from 4 yr and level 1 once they turn 5. The coaches had wanted DD to start this term and were disappointed that she isn't 5 til Dec. Personally, I'm in no rush. The gym here seems to get stuck into the hours really quickly, 3 hrs a week for level 1/2 then up to 9hrs for level 3. I'm a bit concerned at how she will handle 3 hours of gym on top of starting school but if she can't cope I'll just drop her back to GymFun again or have her miss a training session here and there.

Congratulations to everyone who's kids have been doing great this year.

#98 Lickety Split

Posted 26 November 2013 - 03:38 PM

We're in southern NSW. I spoke to DDs kindergym teacher today and she's happy for kids to start recreational gymnastics from 4yo so it looks like we might start that next year instead of kindergym. It's only one hour, one afternoon a week.

#99 Fourteenyears

Posted 26 November 2013 - 03:55 PM

I have the same worry SlinkyMalinki.   My daughter is already doing 4 hours a week in a precompetitive squad and I'm a little worried that it might go up to six at the same time as she starts school next year (I will try to delay that happening if I can but you only get so much choice in the matter).

Luckily, one session is likely to be on a Saturday, but we're dropping ballet because I think two episodes of extracurricular activities is more than enough for a tiny little FYOS kid.

LS that sounds good, as they definitely outgrow kindergym after a term or two.  The other thing you could do is look for a testing day for the competitive stream as they'll often take little kids from 4.5 (or even younger in some clubs) and most streams only do ninety minutes or so a week for kids that age.  That's an option if your daughter wants to start working on progressively fine tuning skills rather than mostly just having movement based fun.  But it depends on your club, the programs they offer, and how set up they are for taking little ones into the competitive streams.

#100 my serenity

Posted 26 November 2013 - 04:07 PM

Thought I'd join
My dd is now NDL2 currenh she trains 3 days a week 2 hours each time
This year in act her team placed 1st overall in state comp
We are moving to qld in a few weeks hoping to find her a new good gym centre.

Edited by my serenity, 26 November 2013 - 04:07 PM.

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