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#476 babygirl03

Posted 02 October 2015 - 10:45 PM

twinmumplus1 - what brilliant result. You must be 1 proud mama.

mards - that is a really hard choice. You may want to sit and talk through with her the changes which would entail from her spending up to 2hrs on school nights 3x per week just commuting to and from gym - things like managing homework, lesser play / relaxation time, bedtime, etc and be guided by how much she's willing or is capable of making those sacrifices. It may be that at 10yo, she's not quite ready now but will be better able to cope given another year. Can she do a trial for 1 term in the first instance? Having said that though, it will be a tough gig during winter still, I reckon - this speaking from having an 11yo who had school aerobics training at 6am Tuesdays & Thursdays and gym trainings the night before which didn't finish until 9pm. She coped really well during Term 1 but it was hard from mid-Term 2 onwards as the days got shorter and colder!

EssentialBludger - what about getting her to do the holiday program but then tell her she can have a few weeks off after that to recharge?

TenYears - I would talk to the coach and see if they can cater to her strengths and weaknesses a bit better i.e. extend her with higher difficulty work where her strength is but work at building her confidence and skill set in her weaker areas. That's where I love our coach!

bokchoy - are you looking at artistic gym or rhythmic gym for your dd? And, whereabouts are you in Adelaide? PM me if you like - I'm sure I can suggest some options for you to pick :)

#477 TenYears

Posted 02 October 2015 - 11:07 PM

View Postbabygirl03, on 02 October 2015 - 10:45 PM, said:

TenYears - I would talk to the coach and see if they can cater to her strengths and weaknesses a bit better i.e. extend her with higher difficulty work where her strength is but work at building her confidence and skill set in her weaker areas. That's where I love our coach.

Her current coach is very good at this (I just think she is all round marvellous actually!).  If my daughter can somehow stay with her I will have nothing to worry about.  But she is currently in a 3/4 group and I wouldn't be at all surprised if the coach stays with them and it becomes a 4/5.  So yeah, the success of next year will depend on who she gets as a coach and how able they are to keep her moving forward.  She likes being challenged and hates to cruise!

#478 mards

Posted 04 October 2015 - 02:36 PM

Thank you thank you ladies!! soooo good to get your insight - we are just back from Country Champs - where the gym that we are thinking of going to WON everything!! BUT!!

we have decided to stick where we are for at least another year -our house hold can not take such a change -

The girls did well at Country - they came 5th on beam as  team -we were 2 girls down  (our better girls), so they were really proud of themselves - the competition was extremely HIGH and most of the clubs had just come off the back of Club State in Melbourne.

But you you know she had FUN competing with her friends she got over 9 in beam/floor - and yes there is work to be done on bars if she is to go level 6.


Sort of training six but competing five.  Or competing six for the experience even with deductions on the bars?
- LOVE LOVE this!! thanks i will be talking more to her coach about it - we are MISSING 2 weeks of training in Dec as we are going AWAY!! - coach is a bit like - well you are missing 2 weeks blah blah you won't be ready blah blah - but i think the 2 weeks off will do her good.

THANK EVERYONE! the gym world is a different one entirely and you know have learnt its NOT about only winning - and i must say  - Comps are getting more expensive  - they are giving away less bling - even less ribbons - i think there has been many complaints to gym NSW - they had 2 groups in DD division - 85 girls cut into 2 groups so there were 9 year olds competing with 11 year olds - it just didn't seem right???

#479 mards

Posted 04 October 2015 - 02:39 PM

EB = our coach is exact oppistie of yours - sort of not even wanting to let DD try yet for 6 (: - as she likes everything to be perfect!! yes 6 is a huge jump in the bar work hey!!

In saying that she is a wonderful coach - and loves her job and always gets the best out of the girls!
Ten Years - All round marvellous!! would sum up ours too! (:

maybe see if she will do holidays - we love holidays here as they seem to be the only ones in the gym and they seem to make progress???/ - and then give her a few weeks off in the next term?

yes gym SUX in the winter time!!  such long days for them all! love summer - DD now training till 8pm 3 nights  a week i have only said YES as its summer!!!!

Edited by mards, 05 October 2015 - 07:39 AM.

#480 EssentialBludger

Posted 05 October 2015 - 09:20 AM

Well done to your DD and team mards!!!

DD had a good training session yesterday and is now never ever quitting. :rolleyes:

I talked with her coach a bit and she laughed, apparently all DD lacks is confidence. Once she decides she can't do something, she doesn't put the effort in. But when she does, she can do it just as well as anyone. Coach thinks she will be totally fine in 6, but we will see how we go! Worst comes to worst, she just won't compete. She has no desire to move to the level 5 group at all. And tbh, I don't want to pay comp fees for a second year of 5 if she's not happy.

Apparently all the girls learnt the 6 floor routine when we went to the royal show last weekend, so I think she was a bit p*ssy about that!

#481 TenYears

Posted 05 October 2015 - 09:35 AM

View Postmards, on 04 October 2015 - 02:36 PM, said:

THANK EVERYONE! the gym world is a different one entirely and you know have learnt its NOT about only winning - and i must say  - Comps are getting more expensive  - they are giving away less bling - even less ribbons - i think there has been many complaints to gym NSW - they had 2 groups in DD division - 85 girls cut into 2 groups so there were 9 year olds competing with 11 year olds - it just didn't seem right???

Everyone gets ribbons in three and four (they award bands rather than places), but it was weird to me to see that even when there are hundreds of girls competing in numerous sessions over multiple days they just get bundled into groups rather than age bands.  Even for states apparently, it'll just be the way of things that in any given session six year olds could be competing against 14 year olds.  (Although I can see that it would be much less exhausting for coaches to have their kids clumped rather than spread out across entire days.)

Hopefully this has been a transition year - new levels, new scoring system etc, and feedback from clubs and participants will shape how things change next year.

#482 EssentialBludger

Posted 05 October 2015 - 11:12 AM

WA is still doing scoring/awards the same as before, nothing changed with the new program.

Levels 1-3 are not age grouped at all and they don't compete against each other, only themselves. From memory 36+AA gold medal, 34-35.99 silver medal and 33.99 and below bronze medal. So everyone gets a medal.

Level 4+ 1st-6th apparatus ribbon, 1st-3rd AA medal (bronze, silver, gold). Groups based solely on birthdays. I found this particularly difficult as my DD was in such a difficult age group, and they compete against the exact same few kids all year, so the same brilliant few took out everything all year. Any other "birthday group" and DD would have placed AA at almost every competition. I would truly prefer they mix it up a bit each time, who cares when someone's birthday is. If she was born only a few weeks earlier, she would have been in a much less difficult group!

#483 babygirl03

Posted 05 October 2015 - 04:50 PM

I'm not sure how different it is in WAG but even in RG this age vs level / ability grouping is so tricky.  My dd has always competed against girls that were older than her for a few years now and didn't fare so well against them. However, as she moves up the level, we noticed that the attrition rate is also quite high and the age differences narrow as some of the younger girls would repeat the levels whilst a lot of teens who aren't progressing well drops off. Plus, as the little ones that have potential grows, they often catch up and learn quicker, especially their required masteries. So, patience, their time will definitely come especially if they have a love for the sport!

#484 twinmumplus1

Posted 05 October 2015 - 05:06 PM

Well it's all gone down here.

DD and another of the RG girls came 4th and 5th.  The scores came out - and they were marked 0.000 for one apparatus for some reason (the 2 coaches involved are hoping it is computer error).  Waiting for word, but DD could potentially move from 4th to state champion.   Talk about drama!

We do ages here - we don't have huge groups though (states had 64 for WAG 4) so it's not always the same kids.  It is the first year they have split for age though - we used to have state and national levels.  Now all national.

It's good to hear all the progress with the girls here - well done!  Good luck for those who still have a comp.  Ten Years - DD made the choice to repeat this year.  In hindsight, she should have gone up (bars hold her back big time) but she holds her own in the other apparatus so would be fine.  She has decided to scale back WAG to concentrate on RG (but is keeping a WAG session to keep up beam :p )

#485 FiFiLicious

Posted 07 October 2015 - 09:07 PM

Hi TY,
As much as I love Watching B do her thing on the gym mats, I have always gone by her lead.  That is, if she says she's too tired or I can tell, she doesn't go.  I pay for 3 sessions a week, she probably goes to all 3 60% of the term. If she isn't fit for training she doesn't go.   Gym must come ahead of all other social occasions unless we are away, so she understands her commitment is to gym.  A well earned break for a week or two isn't a worry.  

#486 mards

Posted Yesterday, 04:22 PM

Hi all does ANYONE have any level 6 footage of routines that they can share- i have goggled - you tubed - but can't find any

#487 EssentialBludger

Posted Yesterday, 04:29 PM

PMing you mards

#488 mards

Posted Yesterday, 04:37 PM

thanks heaps it will NOT be shared at all - just have only watched a few level 6 routines and have never taken notice

#489 TenYears

Posted Yesterday, 05:13 PM

My daughter competed this morning.  She didn't manage to get her coveted blue ribbon.  Her best apparatus was first, and she was the first kid on and she was just a bit wobbly and nervous and not at her best.  

But she finally competed bars for the first time and got an 8.2  which was better than expected given her difficulties there!  

She is very pleased with her haul of red ribbons and her red AA, and is currently still in the most lovely post-competition high sort of mood.

#490 EssentialBludger

Posted Yesterday, 05:24 PM

Well done to your DD tenyears!!

#491 mards

Posted Yesterday, 05:57 PM

lol the vid isn't attached - but its ok I'm not really worried about seeing it ...

#492 EssentialBludger

Posted Yesterday, 06:15 PM

Ugh. I'm so tech challenged. Do you have iMessage at all?

#493 mards

Posted Yesterday, 07:02 PM

il pm you LOL!

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