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Due 1st - 15th August, 2012 #2

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 06 January 2012 - 12:07 PM

Hi all

New thread time

Previous thread



#2 MegsW

Posted 06 January 2012 - 12:31 PM


#3 magicalsurprise

Posted 06 January 2012 - 12:48 PM

Silver biggrin.gif

#4 SarahBubble

Posted 06 January 2012 - 12:51 PM

BRONZE original.gif

The funny thing about this is that I haven't had a chance to be on EB since I wrote 'silver' on our last thread wink.gif Hehehe

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, personally I'm glad its over as we had some interesting and testing family times, but that's ok. MS is a little frustrating, feel it most of the day and am completely exhausted, but I am trying to remember that there's a little someone who needs my energy more than me original.gif

#5 Chasing daisies

Posted 06 January 2012 - 01:09 PM


well the tonsilitis has cleared up unfortunately the m/s is as bad as ever..i keep thinking only 4 more weeks of this...Well i hope anyway

Sarah sorry christmas wasnt the best for you.
Hello Everyone else

#6 twilightangel

Posted 06 January 2012 - 03:54 PM

~ 1st August ~

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - SE QLD
Siblings -

Gender Prediction - We'd really love a bbluestork.gif to even things out a little, but I have a feeling its a ppinkstork.gif Excited either way
Location - SE QLD
Siblings - DD1 7 years, DS1 5 years, DD2 3 years and DD3 1 year

Gender Prediction - No idea. Last time I kept alternating between the two and couldn't make up my mind.
Location - Adelaide SA
Siblings - DS 19 months

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - No idea but high HcG is said to be linked with ppinkstork.gif
Location - VIC
Siblings - 2 Goofy canine furbabies, 1st human baby

Gender Prediction - Would love another bbluestork.gif
Location - A little country town in Southern NSW
Siblings - DS1 6 years and DS2 3 years

~ 2nd August ~

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - DS Harry

Gender Prediction - Now that I know it's only one, ppinkstork.gif
Location - Brisbane QLD
Siblings - DS1 8 years, DD1 5 years, DD2 3 years and DS2 1 year

Surprise Number 5
Gender Prediction -
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings -

Gender Prediction - No idea yet
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - Two step-children

Gender Prediction -
Location - Dubai
Siblings - One, who is currently 8 months old

Gender Prediction - Either ppinkstork.gif or bbluestork.gif ... haha , I have no feeling either way... weird cause I knew what DD & DS were way before scans!
Location - Regional VIC
Siblings - DD 6 years and DS 22months

Gender Prediction - I would love a ppinkstork.gif but I think it's a bbluestork.gif
Location - Geelong VIC
Siblings - DS 11 months

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings -

~ 3rd August ~

Gender Prediction - I've got a feeling it's a bbluestork.gif
Location - Perth WA
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif
Location - ACT
Siblings - DD 10 months

~ 4th August ~

Gender Prediction - Both DH and I have a "feeling" ppinkstork.gif
Location - QLD
Siblings - Only furr babies so far

Gender Prediction - Not sure, possibly ppinkstork.gif
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - DSS 13 years and DS almost 2 years

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - Melbourne VIC
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings -

Gender Prediction -  ppinkstork.gif not sure why just have a feeling
Location - Northern Suburbs Melbourne VIC
Siblings - DD will be 25 months when baby is due

~ 5th August ~

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - Brisbane QLD
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings - First Bub

~ 7th August ~

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif
Location - Toronto
Siblings -

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings - 2 DD's

Gender Prediction - I have no idea if it's a ppinkstork.gif or bbluestork.gif or one or more
Location - Hawkesbury
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - DS 15 years, DS 2 years and DD 1 year

~ 8th August ~

Gender Prediction - thinking ppinkstork.gif
Location - Canberra NSW
Siblings - DS 4 years and DD 2 years

Gender Prediction - No idea
Location - Melbourne VIC
Siblings - DD 6 years

Gender Prediction - Husband thinks we are having a ppinkstork.gif
Location - Brisbane QLD
Siblings -

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - Western Sydney NSW (having baby at Nepean Hospital)
Siblings - DS 6 years, DS 4 years and DS 2 years

~ 9th August ~

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif
Location - Adelaide SA
Siblings - DSD 8 years

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - I really don't know! Maybe a bbluestork.gif ??
Location - Perth WA
Siblings - Nope, unless you count a noisy staffy

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings -

~ 10th August ~

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif (I think and everyone I told)
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - SE QLD
Siblings - DS 6 months old

~ 11th August ~

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - DS 4 years and DD 2 years

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings -

Gender Prediction - DH thinks it's a ppinkstork.gif
Location - Canberra ACT
Siblings -

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings -

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif
Location - Country VIC
Siblings - DD 18 years, DS 4 years and DS 2 years

~ 12th August ~

Chaising Daisies
Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - Country NSW
Siblings - 3 brothers

Gender Prediction - I am feeling a bbluestork.gif
Location - Melbourne at the moment, plan will be to head back to Canberra for birth to be nearer to loved ones
Siblings - Baby #1 for us, and grandchild #1 for both grandparents

~ 13th August ~

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings - DS 6 years and DS 3 years

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location -
Siblings - First Bub

~ 14th August ~

Gender Prediction - Would love a bbluestork.gif so DH can stock up on Lego!
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - Melbourne VIC
Siblings - DD 5 years

Gender Prediction -
Location - Adelaide SA
Siblings - 2 x DD's and 3 x DS's

~ 15th August ~

Gender Prediction - Thinking another bbluestork.gif
Location - SW QLD
Siblings - DS 5 months

Inigo Montoya
Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif
Location - Perth WA
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction -
Location - Melbourne VIC
Siblings - DD 18 months

~ Our Angels ~

First Time Mama

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#7 twilightangel

Posted 06 January 2012 - 04:13 PM

British Kiwi - Congrats on getting to see your little baby. Will miss you in this group but will enjoy stalking you in the other group.

DecafJane - Yay, what a gorgeous pic. I guess a little boy for you based on the angle of the dangle. Will you be finding out the gender? Of course it is ok for you to stay in this group. It is likely I will be having this baby in July too as I might need to be induced early if the baby is looking to be any bigger than 8lb.

MegsW- I have also suffered with a little anxiety every now and then and worried that things weren't right but I am sure we are both fine and it is just the crazy hormones. Hope you are enjoying your time with Finn. Thanks for reminding me, I'm going to have to search through the boxes in my garage for my doppler too.

AFM - Last weekend I told my mum, dad, brother and step sister about the pregnancy whilst we were out having a family lunch. The reaction was what I expected, shock and are you crazy but towards the end of the lunch my mum and brother had come around and seemed happy for me. Now that a couple of days have passed everyone seems ok. Now for DH to tell his family. I know we will get negative reactions there.

I have been researching baby bottles over the passed few days as I have become very unhappy with the Avent bottles I have used for the previous 4 kids. Have decided to go stainless steel. Can't wait to place an order and see what they are like, lol.

Have also decided to buy a new bassinet for the baby as the one I have has been used for the previous 4 kids (is 9 years old) and is starting to look a little worn and old.

Symptoms definitely easing here, only the tiredness remains.

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#8 sam78s

Posted 06 January 2012 - 04:22 PM

Wow, I go away for a couple of days and we get a whole new thread!

I'll concentrate on this one, I have the attention span of a fly ATM.  Over everything.

YAY!  My mum's here to pick up my boys!

#9 sam78s

Posted 06 January 2012 - 04:41 PM

Cool, a night with just me and DH.  After sharing a bed for two nights with a bickering 2 and 4 year old (with the 2yo constanting wanting boobie), this will be bliss.

twilightangel - shock is the common reaction we get too!  Of course, that was OUR reaction too!

Chasing Daisies - chocolate is becoming very interesting to me lately!  Usually it's a big turn off.  I bought a block of Snack yesterday that I am becoming very fond of.  I feel like crap too.  12 weeks usually sees it gone here, so 3 more (fingers crossed).  I am totally over it.  

OK, off to read old thread...

#10 DecafJane

Posted 06 January 2012 - 04:52 PM

Twilight angel, it is funny that you say it looks like a boy. Immediately after the scan I was talking to DH and he said, "You realise that you keep calling it "he", right?" I'm now guessing boy, but we will definitely be finding out the gender whenever possible.

Sam78s, enjoy your night off!

I hope the rest of you start to feel better soon. My MS is definitely easing. Still have all of the other symptoms +++, but it is so nice to be able to contemplate regular food.

#11 sam78s

Posted 06 January 2012 - 05:11 PM

Jane, I just looked at your scan pic.  It's about a million times better than any 3D pic I've had!  I always think my babies look like aliens in them.  I can see the bump, boys rock, so you win whichever way it goes.  We've always found out the sex, there is no way we aren't this time.  Bummer about your c/s, my first was a c/s and while the recovery time was about the same for all my births (I'm a fragile flower) that first day after my c/s is a total blur for me.  It wasn't planned (although not emergancy), so if you can prepare I've heard much more positive reactions about them.  I know one mummy who had hers scheduled in the evening, and she thought that was awesome.   Sounds great, you can have the baby, then sleep when you are supposed to while they are having their big, post-birth nap.  

Anyhoo, I'm also jealous of your lack of m/s.  Grr.

#12 Chasing daisies

Posted 06 January 2012 - 07:15 PM

OH MY Jane that is just the cutest u/s pic i have ever seen..WOW!!

#13 BusyBee01

Posted 06 January 2012 - 07:21 PM

Had my Doctors appointment today. The Doc who delivered my last 2 is no longer doing babies, but volunteered to do a shared care arrangement with the OB just so he could be part of the third one as well. YAY! It's nice to have a doctor that actually cares & means less travel for me.

Got all my paperwork to have bloods & 12 wk scan. Was offered a dating scan but said no  given the 12 week isn't that far away anyway. wink.gif

Looking forward to ms easing off, I did speak too soon earlier, been worse than ever since! Also seems I'll be working for the next 6 months, I got offered a job today - that may be a challenge. I guess I'll find out.......

#14 Honeybee12

Posted 06 January 2012 - 07:57 PM

Decaf Jane, thanks for sharing your pic that's amazing! I had goose bumps looking at it.
Sorry I'm bad with personals tonight I'm really struggling with the ms at the moment. So relieved to have made it to Friday. Work has been a challenge. I so hope that ms only lasts for the first trimester. Trying to make decisions, organise teams and problem solve all the time not breaking into a run to the bathroom or wanting to cry or nap has been exhausting.
I have a family wedding tomorrow. To be honest all I want to do is stay home and nap. I'm also pretty nervous about the food, not just what, but when it will be served. I need to eat every 2hours and then I never know what I want to eat until I want it! Really not in the mood to be too social.
Sorry if I'm a bit flat tonight, just really looking forward to the day I feel better  sad.gif
It probably doesn't help I ate almost a whole cheese pizza and chicken and corn soup for dinner. I know an odd combination but I'm learning to not be surprised anymore.

#15 DecafJane

Posted 06 January 2012 - 09:44 PM

Thanks for all of the sweet comments about the picture. I was VERY impressed, too. original.gif I'll be happy as long as the baby is healthy, but it will have an easier time in life if it is a boy, I think, as a child of either gender will likely end up over 6 feet tall, and (from experience) that is not an easy life to lead as a girl. sad.gif Still, she'll have a Mum with a wealth of experience in that field.

I really don't mind a c-section, to be honest. My aim is for the smoothest and safest option, with a healthy Mum and Bub at the end, and if the c-section is the best option with my pelvis, then that is the way I'm happy to go. original.gif

I am extremely emotional at the moment, easily breaking into tears. I saw the ad for the 60 minutes segment where the poor lady from the Grantham floods had lost her child (I remember her from watching it at the start of the year) and just started crying. Hormones!

#16 Jacapanthus

Posted 07 January 2012 - 06:38 AM

Hi everyone,

Still feeling a bit concerned that I don't feel that sick. unsure.gif I feel like my belly has deflated too - although I am sure that was just bloating, but its gone right down now. Just odd that I don't feel as bad as I have been. Still a bit of nausea but not as bad as it was. I was expecting it to last til about 14 weeks like the other times and am only 8 now so a bit concerned. Oh well, nothing I can do but wait.

My boobs are still tender - this is totally gross but last night I dreamed I was breastfeeding my cat. ohmy.gif Yuck!! Then in the dream I found my breast pump and expressed and it was like "Ah, relief!". LOL, they were obviously hurting overnight.

My number one pregnancy tip to the first timers is a body pillow. Mine is basically like a normal pillow but 2.5 times the length. Its heaven to curl up to and supports your belly/legs later on. Think I'll have to dig mine out today.  In the meantime I am enjoying being able to sleep on my back and belly while I still can. It kills me not to be able to sleep on my back!

I will be having a c-section, all going well. I had a failed induction with my first which ended in a c-section (at 10 days overdue - he just did NOT want to come out). With #2 I did EVERYTHING for a VBAC. Hypnotherapy, acupuncture, read constantly, had a supportive OB etc....was in painful labour for 48 hours on and off and got to 1cm wacko.gif. OB told me I have a cervix that just can't open or opens way too slowly to be safe. I really wanted to experience natural childbirth but after my VBAC attempt I felt like everyone gave it everything they had and it wasn't to be so I won't be going down that path again. Straight to the surgery for me and I'm fine with that. My OB was actually open to trying for a VBAC again but I said no thanks.

Honeybee and Busybee I hope you both feel better soon. And congrats on the job Busybee!! original.gif

#17 magicalsurprise

Posted 07 January 2012 - 07:43 AM

QUOTE (DecafJane @ 06/01/2012, 10:44 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I am extremely emotional at the moment, easily breaking into tears. I saw the ad for the 60 minutes segment where the poor lady from the Grantham floods had lost her child (I remember her from watching it at the start of the year) and just started crying. Hormones!

Remind me to stay clear of 60 minutes this weekend then! I think there are a few shows on tv this weekend for it though being one year on.  I started crying on new years when the radio had the flashbacks to the floods. sooo over emotional. We live in the Lockyer Valley and its still heartbreaking seeing those pictures or hearing those stories!

Jacapanthus - I loove my body pillow! And yes definately making sure I enjoy sleeping on my belly or on my right side as much as possible while I can.  roll2.gif about your dream! Crazy! Haha

Honey - Hope the wedding goes fine today original.gif Take some little snacks with you if you can.

Sam - How was your night of peace? Lucky you!

My goal for this year is to be more organised. I found when I had Imogen, I couldn't just go with the flow anymore and needed to have routines in place... but we've all slipped into bad habits again so I'd like to have an orderly go with the flow approach this time around. Kids are desperate to have their rooms reorganised. I hope I can muster enough energy today. I was sooo sick last night. Is anyone else the sickest at night? I can't eat dinner after I cook it. Lucky DH is feeling sympathetic. He sent me to bed early last night lol.

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#18 sam78s

Posted 07 January 2012 - 08:59 AM

My night of rest was lovely.  DH and I just sat around and watched TV.  I couldn't sleep when I went to bed, I've been having that problem a lot.  As tired as I am, I just can't nod off.  Even when I wake through the night.  I feel like I have a hangover today, achey, headache, just the usual stuff!

I worked out last night what is my dream way of giving birth.  My calmbirth instructor (highly recommend this for a great birth) told us that a woman in a coma can give birth with no medical intervention, her body will just push the baby out.  I would like to go to sleep right now, and wake up after my body has squirted out the baby and it's placed on my chest.  Or, at least sleep for the next month and get over this horrid feeling.

magicalsuprise - my goal is to get up earlier so I can get everyone organised before school.  I refuse to be late this year.  We always crept in just when assembly was started.  Ooh, maybe DS1 will even let me leave him at the gate occasionally!  I've been crying heaps, I had heaps of One Born Every Minute on the PVR and I cry everytime a baby is born.  It also helps me realise what NOT to do in labour.  

Jacapanthus - I HATE my body pillow!  The padding kind of split in the middle where I would bend it, and now it's like two pillows stuck together.  I want to get one of the reading pillows, with the high back and little armrests.  Looks like a gem for BFing in bed at night.  I don't know about anyone else, but with my August baby I don't plan on feeding anywhere at night but snuggled in my bed!  Have you been eating differently lately, making the bloat go down?  I think my belly is mostly bloat, slow intestines and a bit of extra padding from all this food I've been eating.  You're right though, can't do anything but wait.

Jane - You're tall?  I'm a midget.  My boys aren't going to be especially tall.  I just hope they will be taller than me, and as tall as their dad (who won't win any height awards!).  

Honeybee - I hope you survive your wedding today.  Take some crackers or saos in your handbag so you can eat when you have to.  Have fun!  You might forget about feeling yucky.

Busybee - What a bummer about your doctor, but he sounds lovely wanting to still be involved.  The OB who saw me with my three (but only delivered #1) has retired now, so I would have had to start from scratch had I not been going public this time.  I have to wait until the 20th of Feb to see the midwives at the hospital.  Normally I would have seen the OB twice by then.  Good work with the job, that sounds exciting!

I have a tip of a house to clean today, but first I have to go check in with my boys.  I'd better get dressed too!  

Have a nice, non-sick feeling day everyone.

#19 Lumikki

Posted 07 January 2012 - 11:33 AM

Hi everyone  waves.gif I haven't had time to post recently, but I have been keeping up with reading all the posts.  Good to see everyone is progressing well and that some of your MS has started to ease off.

Sam: I love your idea of a sleepy birth!  Maybe not being in a coma for the whole pregnancy though, as I need to get a lot of shopping done original.gif

Jacapanthus: I'll be buying a body pillow very soon.  My sister had a Snoogle and loved it, and they're $20 off at Babies R Us at the mo, so I'll probably get one of them.  I'm sure DP will whinge about it taking up room on the bed, but if he doesn't like it, he can go sleep in the spare room!  I won't need him when I've got a Snoogle to cuddle anyway!

AFM: I've had an easy last few weeks, with little MS, but I was feeling a little nauseous yesterday.  I put it down to this horrible ear infection I've been battling to kill over the last month.  I went back to the doctor the other day and he now thinks it's fungal, so I've got some drops that seem to be helping.  I'd rather not be taking them, as they're not recommended during pregnancy, but there's nothing else I can do really and it's unlikely that the drug (a very low dose) will get into my bloodstream from my ears, so it should be ok.  My doctor made an effort to find the best drug with the least risk and best outcome, so I was grateful for that.

I'm having the freakiest dreams ever, every single night now.  They've all been quite entertaining so far, but I'm hoping I don't cop a bad one!  My boobs are still sore and I pity any of you ladies who are breast feeding with such sensitive nipples! Ouch!  I'm so bloated at the moment that I'm considering switching to maternity clothes already!  My digestion has slowed down a lot over the last few days and I think I'm going to end up quite constipated sad.gif  The last time it happened (about 7 weeks), it was over quite soon, so I'm hoping for a speedy resolution this time too.

I hit 10 weeks yesterday, so I got my bloods taken ready for my NT scan.  I'm waiting for the scan place to contact me in a few days to make my appointment, as they didn't have their roster available when I rang.  I'm hoping the next 2 weeks don't drag too much.  It's going to suck having to work a full week next week after all the nice short weeks over Christmas.

Does anyone have their NT scan booked yet?

Is anyone else seriously thinking about names yet?  I'm so sure I'm having a boy, but boys names are so hard to pick, it'll probably take 7 months to decide!  I think I'm going to start making a list this weekend.

#20 Curious.chicken

Posted 07 January 2012 - 12:14 PM

You'd think that since DH isn't working at the moment, I could expect a few things to be done around the house "other than keeping the kitchen tidy".

2 weeks worth of his folding sitting next to his side of the bed - tick
Fridge still full of food from xmas & new year - tick
Still waiting 2 weeks on for him to clean my shower (v fumey spray so can't use) - tick
General crap everywhere in the living room - tick
STILL waiting for the oven to be cleaned....

I know it's hormones but I'm ready to hit the roof! I've already folded, put washing on, made the bed, cleaned out the freezer & fridge and tidied the living room. FFS.

/end rant.

Jane - that scan is AMAZING!

Jacapanthus - I'm with you, apart from a few twinges and fatigue every few days I feel quite good. Haven't had any MS so not worried about that. I'd like some sore boobs or something! I know they only hurt when they're growing though and they're pretty static after the initial burst. I'm just trying to enjoy the break original.gif

Hi to everyone else ... sorry, for lack of personals. Too grumpy.

#21 Artful

Posted 07 January 2012 - 12:20 PM

Love reading everyone's posts original.gif

Thanks for the tip re the body pillow Jacapanthus! Stupid question though, why can't you sleep on your back or side when you're pregnant? How else can you sleep? Surely not on your stomach?

I have a friend who is about 19 weeks at the moment and has just developed SPD sad.gif sounds horrific poor thing. She has to sleep sitting up of all things

I'm sorry to say that my DP is being a bit of a brat at the moment. Sulking about cooking for one night, passive aggressively refusing to do things like go shopping or cleaning. He even said, when I said I was worried that I had been using mortein lately (we have so many flies at the moment it's unbelievable) that if I'm not worried about eating carcinogenic 2 minute noodles then I shouldn't be worried about using mortein. It p*sses me off just writing about it. My theory is that he is so used to me being totally capable that he can't handle it when I start to not being able to do things. I am not putting up with it though because it is pathetic and totally unbecoming. My vent

Sam - I have heard that calm birth is awesome. Unconscious birth maybe even better haha wink.gif

Laneige, maybe tmi but my constipation seems to have gone away at 9 weeks. I winder if it's because I am back having a small coffee every morning? I tried so hard to give it up, but when tea started making me feel sick I had to have something!! Anyone else still drinking a bit of coffee?

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#22 bindy30

Posted 07 January 2012 - 12:34 PM

Jacapanthus- great tip re body pillow. I am in the same boat as you with symptoms, I had a couple of days last week where I was really bloated and my weight went up by about 5kgs on my pre preg weight. I have since gone back down to about a 2 kg gain.  My MS is easing off, I do have the odd feeling of like I want to be sick but then that goes.  Boobs are only moderately sore. I am finding food aversion the biggest thing at the moment.  I really had to try  to think of something that interested me for dinner last night. I ended up making a home made chicken and vege pizza.  I am also still mega tired. Was falling asleep on the coach at 8 last night. I am sure everything will be ok.

I have my first OB appointment on the 23rd.  I will be about 12 weeks then. Can people tell me did they take hubby/partner to OB appointment?? I dont think DR has a scanning machine in the rooms so there wont be anything to see.  Our first scan is booked in for the 30th which hubby will be coming to. thought it might be a bit pointless for hubby to sit an listen to all my medical history chat with OB.

LaNeige-  Scarey as it sounds we have a name picked if its a girl. My husband is sure it will be a girl. Haven't really thought about boy names.  

magicalsurprise & Decafe Jane- I am with you on the 60 minutes clip. Tears well up when I see it.  I remember  been so emotional during the first run of it even without all the preggie hormones. Its tough all the flood stories being revisited as its a reminder of what a sad time a lot of people had around this time last year.  There was however a very inspiring story today on the front page of Courier Mail today about a lady who gave birth to her daughter a day  after being evacuated from her home and losing everything.  She said the birth of her daughter and kindness of complete strangers helped her deal with the loss of all her possessions.

#23 BusyBee01

Posted 07 January 2012 - 12:54 PM

Sam - I think your birthing technique sounds fantastic, it would have to be a controlled induced coma because there is no way I could sleep through labor! laughing2.gif

Artful - as you get bigger you will probably find it uncomfotable to sleep on your back as bubs squishes everything and you have a major blood supply that can also get squished. Having said that, I slept on my back the entire time with one of mine, but not with the other 2 and without the pillow felt like my stomach was going to "fall off" ! The pillow was just a small wedge shaped foam so not the same as the body one.

Artful & Curious Chicken - I hear you with the mature behaviour and help around the house, I asked my hub to change my sons wet top bunk this morning and I got well you go spray the weeds then! Grrrrr, its only because its the top bunk, really painful to change, and the mattress needed airing outside. Apart from that he's been really great. I guess in my case he is still trying to deal with the news (big shock and totally unexpected) so I let it slide.  wink.gif I think when I start work I'm going to hire a cleaner just for bathrooms, floors and windows - it will only be 2 hours per week max so $50 or $60 - there is no way hub will do those jobs, but he will do others.

BTW Curious Chicken, have you tried vinegar and water mix for shower screen and bi-carb & water paste for tiles? I know it's not the point but it's not fumey or dangerous to you or bubs. I get to the point where i have to do something because I can't stand to look at it anymore!

I'll be booking my NT scan for 3 weeks time, bloods in 1 week. My next app is 5 weeks, but that is too long so going to change to 4 weeks so I don't have to wait so long to get NT results. Had really high numbers with #2 - 1 in 17, and really freaked me, ended up having the extra tests (not amnio, the sample one - CVS - huge needle - yuk) but all was ok. Will do the same if it is high again. Can't wait til all the tests and scary parts are over then I'll be able to enjoy the pregnancy because this is definately going to be my last!

#24 Jacapanthus

Posted 07 January 2012 - 01:39 PM

La Neige -
I'm sure DP will whinge about it taking up room on the bed, but if he doesn't like it, he can go sleep in the spare room! I won't need him when I've got a Snoogle to cuddle anyway!
LOL, my Dh is going to moan when he sees mine again. He did last time I got it out "Oh not that thing again...". Mind you we have a king size bed now so it shouldn't be a problem for him.

Bindy - Sounds like we are in just the same place symptoms wise. original.gif I am very tired too, just had a big nap but I think I actually feel worse after it. My DH didn't come with me to the OB. He did in my first pregnancy though. He came to the first appointment, then the scans and then the appointment where we talked about the delivery I think. Second pregnancy he came to the first appointment (there was a scan) and the two ultrasounds. This time he will come to the scans and that's it I think. I think its quite good for them to come along as there is a lot to learn and it gives them a bit of an idea of what is going on, especially the first time.

Artful - You can't sleep on your back (when your bump gets big) because the weight of the baby can cut off a main blood vessel - makes you feel yuck. Obviously you can't sleep on your stomach so on your side is the only option. Its torture for me as I really like to sleep on my back. The side pillow just helps support your legs and belly so there's not as much pulling on your back and hips from the weight. Grr to your DH. Mine has hurt his back so has been lying around for two days asking me to bring him things....only surprise surprise miraculously he was ok to play cricket today!!

Curious chicken - Grrr to your DH too! The other night I was putting away laundry and I asked Dh to get the kids ready for bed (they just needed pjs on) and he said "AGAIN!?". That did not end so well for him.....

I haven't booked my NT yet. I will get the referral at my next appointment with the OB and do it then.

#25 MizRhi

Posted 07 January 2012 - 01:45 PM

Hi girls.

I just posted this on the FB group, and thought I would share it here also for those who arent on the FB group. Cheers!

I mentioned the Pregnancy and Baby Expo (2012) below somewhere today. I just went and looked it up. Dates are as follows:

Adelaide: Friday 16th to Sunday 18th of March 2012
Sydney: Friday 18th to Sunday 20th of May 2012
Brisbane: Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th of June 2012
Perth: Friday 10th to Sunday 12th of August 2012
Melbourne: Friday 12th to Sunday 14th of October 2012

Free tickets to the event are available at the moment on the website. http://www.pbcexpo.com.au/ (If I remember rightly, there was some sort of issue with the free tickets going off display last year a few weeks before the event. Might be wise to print it off now!)

Who is excited? I will be going to the Brisbane Event original.gif

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