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December Mums chat
introductions :-)

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#426 Bec_M

Posted 21 April 2012 - 10:34 AM

Kate - Colitis is inflammation around the colon and large intestine. Very painful. Causes loss of appetite, stomach cramping, fatigue etc. Like I wasn't tired enough Tounge1.gif But the new lot of antibiotics seem to be working. Certainly tired of it after almost 4 weeks!
That's great Maya's hips are all ok. Lol that one leg is chubbier than the other original.gif How cute! Declan is doing lots of new things too. At the moment he seems to love watching his hands open and close. Just working out he can control that. It's amazing watching them develop. I'd forgotten some of this part original.gif

Have a good weekend everyone!

#427 Ice Queen

Posted 26 April 2012 - 04:12 PM

Hi all,
Can i please join your mums group.  Timothy was born 6th Dec 2011, I also have a DD turning 3 in May. I have just moved to Perth so quite a bit of upheaval for everyone and now I have ......no friends!  No not really but I do feel a bit isolated without my close friends and mum to chat baby stuff too.

Tim is just lovely, so cuddly and pretty good overall although my daughter was soooooo easy so it was always going to feel harder with the next one.  We have just come through the 4mth regression bit but seem to be doing okay now.  Next challenge food.....currently has no interest.  Typical boy, loves breasts.

I type 1 fingered on an ipad so excuse my bad typing in general.

Lovely reading all your posts, many feel very familiar.

#428 Bec_M

Posted 26 April 2012 - 05:54 PM

Welcome Ehill original.gif Your DS was born the same day as mine biggrin.gif Where have you moved from? And where in Perth do you live? I am in Perth as well. Gorgeous day today isn't it?! original.gif Glad to hear things are going well. I also have a DD - she was 2 at the end of January. When did you try food for Tim? We are thinking of trying Declan soon - milk just doesn't seem enough for him. Thought it might have been the wonder week but he still hasn't settled down...

#429 Ice Queen

Posted 26 April 2012 - 08:09 PM

We have come from Adelaide just for 6 mths and have rented in Highgate.  I have just tried some rice cereal and he takes a few spoons and then just looks horrified!  Thefacial expression is hilarious.  Anyway i shouldnt worry too much, he is huge, thriving, happy and sleeping well so no rush.  I suppose i just know that once food starts the breastfeeding becomes a bit less fullon and you can have a bit more flexibility.  4 mths is tough, you can google '4mth regression' and see what you find.  I did that and found the advice about routine and naps to help for me.

#430 leita

Posted 30 April 2012 - 06:12 PM

Hiya!! OK, lets see how far I get before Lukey wakes up.

Ehill- Hiya!! We're in Perth too, but south of the river. We used to live in maylands before children, but now that DH is the breadwinner we moved closer to his work in Freo.  I hear you on the flexibility once solids are in the picture, kinda sucks not being able to leave the house for more than an hour! :-) Lukey is loving his solids, we've been giving him them for a month now... did I say that already?

Kate- Aww, love the new photo in your sig- your girls are starting to look quite alike- or they are in that photo anyway. Are they still good mates??

Bec- How are you feeling? Hope things have improved for you. Did you start Declan on solids??

Deejie- how are you going- was thinking of you this week- had a nightmare week of sleepless nights here (thanks to a cold that everyone shared) and the only way I was coping was by consuming generous amounts of chocolate.... how are you coping with the modified diet and lack of sleep? Gosh that would totally suck.

AFU... Have to say this week that being a doctors wife totally sucks. (yes yes, woe is me!!) DH has his new roster and I was hoping this rotation would be better, but it turns out he has on average 3 double shifts a week (8am til 10pm). As well as night shifts and day shifts. He does get more time off which is nice, but we are going to pay for it. I think it's more just a frame of mind, I hate having to do the "witching hour" by myself with the two kids, even though they are MOSTLY fine :-) I'll get over it.
Lukey seems to be doing better with his sleep again, now that his nose is cleared, though it's still normal for him to wake at 12, 2.30 and 4am, and be up some time between 5 and 630. He is sometimes kind to me and misses one of those though, so I am hopefull..... He's loving his food now, and we've started giving him teething rusks to chew on which he loves. He did his first front to back roll this morning (by accident :-) ) and did manage a back to front roll yesterday, so I imagine he'll be rolling around the floor in a week or two. He's so very smiley and giggly and just a charmer in general, just love him to bits. wub.gif  DD is asking me to come and play, so better run. HOpe everyone is doing well. :-)

#431 Aly_1982

Posted 01 May 2012 - 09:59 AM

Hey everyone  original.gif

Finally have some time to post.  Like Kate, life seems to have been quite busy recently and I just have the one child!!

I have still been reading and keeping up with everyone's news but forgive me for lack of personals with this post, I have to leave for an appointment shortly but I just really wanted to say hi!!

We went up to Brissie for a couple of weeks to see family and friends.  We did the 13 hour drive with Zach there and back.  He was really great.  There were just a couple of times where he lost the plot - once towards the end of the journey up there and once towards the end of the journey coming back to Sydney.  I think he had just had enough - which was fair enough as both DP and I were over it too by the 11/12 hour mark!

Anyway we had a really lovely time and Zach got so much attention.  It was nice to have some extra helping hands as well and of course nice to have DP around during the day too  original.gif

Next challenge will be Zach's first plane trip in a few weeks when we go to Melbourne for the weekend.  I think DP is quite nervous about how Zach is going to go!

We have attempted to start solids but it's been a bit of a slow start.  He seems to really love banana, hated the pureed apple I gave him, is not so fussed about rice cereal, seems to think pear is ok.  Last night we tried some sweet potato.  I was a bit worried about the consistency but ended up putting too much water in it in the end and it was like soup.  Anyway I'm not too worried about the whole solids thing.  He's just 5 months tomorrow so I'm happy to take it slowly.

Have been a bit worried that he's not rolling over yet......should I be?  He is trying but he isn't quite there yet.  I'm sure he will get there soon  original.gif

He does however have his two front bottom teeth!  It was a bit of a surprise finding out.  He pulled my finger into his mouth and started chomping and then I felt something sharp...looked into his mouth and saw the teeth.  I think now that we know he's teething, we can see that he is suffering a bit with his gums.  All of the teething rusks say 6 plus months on them so I have been a little bit reluctant to give him rusks so have just been giving him teething rings to chew on.  I'm not sure how effective they are though.  I think rusks would be better, I remember how much they helped my younger brother when he was teething and how much he loved them.

We have also tried some bonjella teething gel but he hates it!

Anyway have to leave for my appointment now.  Hope everyone is doing well and I'll try be back soon for some personals  original.gif

Hope everyone has a great day x

#432 katevin

Posted 01 May 2012 - 05:14 PM

Hello everyone! Been another busy week but I finally have time to post now original.gif

Aly it's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels crazy busy all the time! Wow, 2 teeth already- I think he's the first in the group isn't he?! DD1 had teeth by this age but still none for Maya...yet! Have a feeling they can't be too far away but who knows really.
Great to hear you had a good trip and the little man behaved for most of the trip there/home. That's a great effort! Maya is heaps better in the car now than she was thankfully but she used to get hysterical after about 5 minutes in her carseat! wacko.gif Glad she's outgrown that!
Nah I wouldn't worry at all about the whole rolling thing. They do it when they're ready. Enjoy him staying in one spot while it lasts wink.gif Maya has really only started rolling purposefully (I'm pretty sure it was her head weighing her down before that!) over the last week. And she has never rolled from back to front.
Oh and can you believe our babies are 5 months tomorrow?!?? ohmy.gif

Leita yep Maya is looking a lot like her big sister these days! Its funny comparing baby photos and seeing how similar they are. DD1 was a lot chunkier though- she looks like a mini Sumo wrestler or something laughing2.gif
Gee DH's shifts sound pretty horrible, no wonder you're not too impressed with his new roster! Hope the reality of it isn't as bad as what you're fearing it will be like (if that makes sense!?)!
Good to hear that Lucas is giving you some better stretches of sleep  at night original.gif

Ehill welcome to you and Timothy! Wow moving from Adelaide to Perth is a huge change, no wonder you're feeling it! Are you going to join a playgroup or anything while you're there? Might help with the feelings of isolation original.gif How's DD coping with the move?

Bec how are you feeling now?? The antibiotics sort out your tummy issues? Hope you're feeling a bit more human now.
Oh Maya is obsessed with her hands at the moment too! DH and I joke that she looks like she's doing martial arts the way she slowly moves them infront of her face and turns them around and stuff laugh.gif She also discovered her feet the other day- so cute watching her watch her little toes wriggling!

AFU poor DD1 is recovering from a tummy bug sad.gif Poor little thing was miserable for about 24 hours but seems to be almost over it already so thankfully it was just a quick one. Maya,  DH and I remain unnscathed at the moment- hope it stays that way! I think I'd freak out if Maya caught a gastro bug!
Not much else happening (apart from the busy everyday life with 2 little ones!). Maya's personality is developing more and more every  day and we are loving it. Her cheeky smiles melt our hearts and her fake coughing (her current favourite pasttime) is hilarious!

Anyway speaking of my darling daughter, she's carrying on in her cot so had better go and give her a hand rolleyes.gif Lucky they're so cute hey!?

P.S.- Please excuse any typo's- I picked up an iPhone/iPad compatible keyboard at Aldi the other day and am still getting used to it.  It's tiny!!

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#433 leita

Posted 01 May 2012 - 05:28 PM

Just popping in to say- Aly- I've started giving lukey rusks this week (he's 5 months) and he looooves them. Gets so excited when he sees one coming! I did try him on pasta first to make sure he was OK with wheat (he sounds very much like your zach, loves banana and pear, hates apple and pumpkin, he also loves pasta!) The recommendation used to be that you not start solids until 6 months, and I think the rusk manufacturers haven't changed their packaging to match the new guidelines so still say from 6 months. ;-)

#434 Ice Queen

Posted 01 May 2012 - 05:44 PM

Thanks for your welcomes everyone.  Gosh it is hard to remembef once you start typing who has what baby and who has sid what etc.  Be good for my mushy brain.

Leita, i feel your pain with doing witching hour on your own.  My DH is working insane hours currently and gets home just before the kids go to bed but misses bath, tea, hunger etc etc. I am finding it hard to insist on my DD eating tea when I am on the couch feeding and she just gets up and plays with toys etc.

Katevin, DD has been fine but this last week has been atrocious.  I cant enjoy my beautiful Tim as all my energy is spent on her. I dont think it is anything as complex as in security, it is just boredom.  Not enough playdates, no kindy etc etc.  Tomorrow she starts halfday at a kindy, next week we have a few more playdates so getting there slowly.

Aly, Zach will be fine on the plane.  Tim has done 3 flights to/from Perth.  Absolutely fine.   He is in baby heaven as he gets held by his mummy for hrs on end. I just sit by the window so i can feed as discretely as

Bec, tried pear yesterday.  Sooooo not into it and it made it hard for him to poo this morning so i am not going to worry for a bit.  He is happy.

I love hearing what your babies are doing.  Tim rolled about 3 or 4 times back to front about 2 weeks ago and now wont do it again!  I think he has gotten too fat.  Funniest thing is i never saw him do it.  I would be busy, hear this muffled cry and look over to his playmat and he would be face down stuck.  Too funny, like the Little Britain wheelchair guy! biggrin.gif

#435 Javva

Posted 06 May 2012 - 04:24 PM

Hi I am just new here so I thought I would introduce myselfMy DS was born 4 weeks early on the 23/12/11 he had to be delivered by c section I was very very sick during the pregnancy not sure if it was due to all thd ivf drugs but he was not doing so well do my obs said we had to get him out he spent 10 days in a isolette with feeding and breathing tubes so quiet stressful we bought him home after 3 weeks in hospital. He is doing great now and is almost sleeping through the night! We also have a DS who is 4 and a half who adores his little brother it's challenging having the two and  just trying to find the balance!!
Javva x

#436 katevin

Posted 06 May 2012 - 05:35 PM

Ehill it's hard work when the older child is playing up isn't it! They're meant to be the easy ones! wink.gif Hope she gets to release some of her energy at kinder and with the play dates you have organised. Did she settle into kinder okay?
Too funny, like the Little Britain wheelchair guy!


Javva welcome and congrats on the birth of your DS! What's his name? Sounds like you've been through a really tough time, glad that you've come out the other side now. And that's great that he's almost sleeping through... I'm jealous tongue.gif Yes it's certainly a balancing act with 2 kids isn't it?!

AFU we're just home from a 1st birthday party so all tired and full up with party food! Maya was a good girl, sleeping in the pram (after much pram rocking mind you).
She's moved on from her fascination with fake coughing now and is onto little airy blurt type things. Couldn't quite call them a blurt but she's trying tongue.gif Still extremely amazed by her hands!

Thought I'd share a few recent pics of my smiling girl wub.gif



Hope everyone is well original.gif

Edited because my pics were ginormous no matter how many times I re-sized them! rolleyes.gif Posted links to pics instead... hope they work!

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#437 Bec_M

Posted 06 May 2012 - 07:24 PM

Kate - gorgeous pics original.gif Your girls are adorable. Glad you enjoyed the party. I love party food! original.gif

Hi Javva. Welcome to the group! Sounds like you have had a rough start but glad to hear things are good now. Definitely hard juggling two kids!

Ehill - we tried a little rice cereal, didn't seem too fussed on it but like sucking on a piece of watermelon the other day original.gif Not really worried about food just yet really. Plenty of time for that!

Anyway - we had Declan christened today and it was a lovely day. Knackered now though! We also found his first tooth this morning! Would explain why he cried for 2hrs on Wednesday the poor little man. I thought it was his cold bothering him. A bit earlier than DD who got her first at 8mths. First tooth at 5 months. Hope he doesn't like to chew on my nipple lol!

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend!

#438 leita

Posted 08 May 2012 - 09:12 PM

Woot woot!! Back in my pre-preg jeans today for the first time  eexcite.gif Pretty chuffed about that cos it was about 12 months after DD. Still not looking at the nasty muffin top I've got happening above the jeans, they're on and they do up, so it counts!!  tthumbs.gif

Bec- Aww, congrats on the christening, I bet is was a special day. How is declan liking his new tooth, is he chomping on you yet??

Kate- that is one gorgeous smiley girl you have on your hands there.. actually two gorgeous smiley girls  llove.gif must just melt your heart to watch them together. He he, lukey is fascinated by hands, but this week has discovered he can reach his toes, he loves to grab hold of them, and absolutely cracks up if he can get one in his mouth- I think it must tickle! And yes, you're right, so far the reality of those nasty shifts DH has isn't as bad as the anticipation.... touch wood! And DD just loves having her Papa home more often (well, it's more often for her cos she doesn't notice when he's working nights!)

Javva- Hiya! welcome to our chat! Congratulations on your new little man- sounds like he had a dramatic entrance, hope everything has settled down now. Has your health improved since the birth? It is tough trying to find a balance isn't it? The actual baby part is so easy this time around but the sheer logistics of getting two little lives coordinated are daunting, but I have to say starting to get easier.... touch wood.

Time for some questions to get some chat happening I think!

What is the cutest thing your little one does (you know that one thing that just melts your heart even at 3am!)  Lukey laughs in his sleep. A real belly chuckle. He first did it when he was just 2 or 3 days old, and still does it from time to time, can't help but giggle myself.  wub.gif

What has surprised you about your baby? That he is so easy going. Think this one takes after his Daddy.

What do you think your little one will be when he/she grows up??
A politician. He's a real charmer, always grinning and making eyes at strangers (particularly ladies) and is always talking, loves the sound of his own voice!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!  grin.gif

#439 Ice Queen

Posted 08 May 2012 - 10:39 PM

Omg so many cute things.....i go in at night when he is asleep and he does this long sigh, or when he first wakes up in the pram and i look down and i give him a big smile and he looks me with his wide open eyes and gives me this huge smile like 'wow, my mummy is here', he just looks so happy that I am still there. happy.gif

Surprised me ......i just think that i am so utterley besotted with him.  I was besotted with DD too and you love them equally but he is a different person.

Grown up....hmmmmm no idea probably a numbers man like his dad.

Leita, congrats on the jeans.  I actually joined a gym last week with child minding.  Sooooo big bonus, i am going to pull myself into shape and get an hour alone time once or twice a week.  I do joke that i will just be strolling on the treadmill with a book most of the time.  I dont even like the gym!  But a creche......yah yah yah.

We had a great day, had a play at a new friend of DD's house.  I chatted to the mum who was lovely (keeping in mind i dont really know anyone
In Perth).  Came home, tim slept for 2 hours, had a rest and then off to the playground for a quick play.  Everyone in bed by 730, me to follow soon.

#440 Bec_M

Posted 12 May 2012 - 04:31 PM

Leita - no chomping on me yet! But he is loving playing with his new tooth. I think the one next to it is on the way as well. Congrats on being back in your pre-pregnancy jeans! What an awesome feeling biggrin.gif

Cute things: I love the excited little squeal Declan does. So cute! Makes me smile every time. And the way he snuggles in when I pick him up in the middle of the night for a feed. This little dude melts me every time.

What has surprised me: I think the same as Leita - that he is so placid and easy going! Thank goodness. Don't know how I would have managed another full on baby. And that he has slept right from the start!

Not sure what he will be when he grows up but as long as he is happy I don't care biggrin.gif

Things are ok with us. Things are much the same. DD is being a bit challenging at the moment, doesn't help she just covered me in lemonade! The joys of kids. I needed a shower anyway Tounge1.gif

Anyway got any special plans for tomorrow? DH is working so I'm off to hang out with my mum. Thought he might do something today as he is off but nah, he doesn't think of these things! Happy Mummy's Day to everyone original.gif

#441 leita

Posted 14 May 2012 - 01:19 PM

Hope everyone had a lovely mothers day!! DH got the hints I was dropping about some nice new ugg boots... he he he. DD decorated the box with lots of pictures, and wrote Amalia  hheart.gif Mama on the front which was sooo cute.

We have two new teeth!! He's been a real trooper about it though, and getting by with just bonjela every now and then. He's actually (touch wood) sleeping better than normal at night, so hopefully he'll be an easy teether..... :-) I can wish can't I?!

Bec- yes, I've been finding DD rather challenging of late too- we were 45 minutes late for kindy this morning because she threw an uber-tantie supposedly because I picked up her teddy when she wanted to pick him up herself, but I think more because I made her turn the TV off so we could go to kindy  ddoh.gif . Ho Hum. The good news is the tantrums don't stop when they turn 3- they just get more dramatic he he he.

OK, time to go collect said devil-spawn child. :-)

#442 Ice Queen

Posted 14 May 2012 - 02:18 PM

Yes, i can confirm that delightful small children morph into the devil as 3 approaches.  DD will be 3 on Saturday and her behaviour is as bad as it has ever been.  i had coffee with one of my MG this morning and her son is the same.

My devil spawn is thankfully asleep after her morning of painful behaviour in coffee shop, in bank, in parents room, in car......she is tired out from thinking of ways to torment me. wacko.gif

#443 Bec_M

Posted 14 May 2012 - 06:22 PM

And here I was holding out hope that things would be better in a few months cry1.gif  cry1.gif Thanks for shattering that illusion ladies Tounge1.gif Nice to know I'm not alone though!

Leita - is that 3 teeth now? Declan has his second just about to break through by the looks. And he has been a little cranky with it - poor little man. So unlike him to fuss.
Is DS still loving his food? We haven't really started any yet, he just had a suck on a piece of watermelon but we aren't really too fussed right now. He does reach out for things though so perhaps he will be ready sooner rather than later...

ETA - yay for ugg boots! I got a handmade card DD did at daycare which was pretty cute. And DH bought me a tablet which is great! Wanted one to read books on. And now on the hunt for some apps so I can use it with DD too.

And Ehill - happy birthday to your DD for Saturday! Are you doing anything special?

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#444 Ice Queen

Posted 14 May 2012 - 10:28 PM

I am back in adelaide this week so tomorrow we are having a small party with my 2 bff's and their little uns.  Bizarrely my bff and i had babies on the same day....all our other friends were a bit shocked when they got the texts within 2 hrs of each other.  Then on saturday we are having a family lunch at a winery (more as an excuse for us adults to have a nice lunch).  It is a nephews bday too.  Poor DD, shares her bday with everyone.  Little timmy just gets carted along but it is nice to have people to hold him.  My friends are way past babies now so they love cuddling him.  Old mum...sad.gif

Bec, tim has been really uninterested in food but DH fed him banana yesterday and he loved it.  He didnt eat a lot but he did love it.  Got all excited and pureed up some apple today....not interested so i think i just need to work out what he likes.

I got a babysitting 'voucher' and a beautician voucher.....hmmmm facial here i come.  DH wrote a 'note' from the kids.....very cute. And i got this necklace that DD made in kindy.  I join the ranks of mothers everywhere wearing ugly jewellery but of course i love it!

#445 katevin

Posted 19 May 2012 - 08:47 PM

Hello alll! Sorry I've been MIA for so long! No real excuse, just been busy with everyday life. I'm sure you can all relate original.gif

Leita yay re pre-pregnancy jeans! That's awesome, good on you! I've lost about 6kg's but still have a way to go before I'll fit into my size 10 jeans.
Yeah it is adorable watching my girls interact, especially now that Maya is getting older and loves to watch her big sister all of the time. Adorable seeing their little faces light up when they see eachother wub.gif Are you finding the same with Lucas and DD?
Oh and I think you deserve a good teether after the frequent night wakings that you endured in his earlier months! tongue.gif Still waiting for teeth here... DD1 had her first tooth by 4 months so thought Maya might've followed suit but not the case.

Ehill happy birthday to DD! How was her party yesterday with your friends and littlies? That is crazy that you and your friend had your babies on the same day- what are the chances!? Have a nice lunch at the winery? I know what you mean about kids having to share birthdays- DD1 shares hers with Santa! blink.gif Poor child.

Bec you never know, Abby's behaviour may improve soon. I actually found DD1 to be a delightful 3 year old, but has been a lot more difficult since turning 4 (may have coincided with Maya's arrival...?) So they're all different. The joys of parenthood...

AFU All going well here. Maya been waking a bit more at night the past week or so which is a bit of a drain but slowly getting better I think (touch wood). Up at 12.45 and 5.50 last night, better than 3 wakeups which we were having earlier in the week wacko.gif Yuk!
Had a lovely mothers day. Woke up to a breakfast picnic in the loungeroom- bacon, eggs, toast, croissants, donuts, strawberry milk. Yum! Got a few handmade bits and pieces from DD1, some chocolate (thanks DH!) and a Koolaman designs necklace which I am in LOVE with! It has 2 pendants on it with the girls names and dates of birth on them. SO special. Here's a photo of Maya in her bumbo with my necklace original.gif

And a cheeky smile...

And this hilarious, squinty face that she has started pulling lately! laughing2.gif
Any other bubs making this silly face!?? I keep worrying there's something wrong with her but DH assures me it's just her being a dag rolleyes.gif

Anyway hope everyone is having a good weekend original.gif

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#446 katevin

Posted 22 May 2012 - 06:55 PM

Yay, we have tooth #1!

Only 19 to go laughing2.gif

#447 Bec_M

Posted 22 May 2012 - 08:24 PM

Yay Katevin - that is great! Lol, *only* 19 unsure.gif Great pics of Maya! Cutie.

Bit quiet in here lately....I hope everyone is doing well!!

Well, Declan got tooth number 2 on the weekend. Been a little clingy but not too bad so far. Poor lil man, can't be much fun. Little bit of bonjella did the trick anyway original.gif

Still a few wake ups every night here which is a little discouraging. I thought he would be having longer stretches by now! Doesn't help DD's sleep is going downhill fast!!!

Hope all is well. Look forward to updates on how all the bubs are going soon

#448 Ice Queen

Posted 24 May 2012 - 11:52 AM

Teeth.....oh dear you poor things.  DD was a very late teether and went through it without too much fuss.  I am praying DS will be the same, having said that, yesterday was a day from hell.  I have checked his gums and cant feel anything.  He has a bit of a cold and did a lot of pooing and farting so maybe just a stomach ache.  Yesterday was one of those days when both kids were pretty dreadful, tim whinged ALL day and would hardly sleep unless i held him, DD had kindy in the morning but was pretty vile afterwards.  At about 530pm when i shook the roast potato tray and got hot oil splattered on my face was about when i burst into tears.  I have a cold which isnt helping my ability to cope.  
Gosh, you soooooo want to be this coping mother and i was with DD but this time round is just so hard at the moment.  Not coping, i will put my hand up!

On the plus, they both sleep!  Tim never wakes before 5am anymore and i even had a few 12hr 7-7 when we were in adelaide.  No idea why he slept longer there, grrrr wakes here at around 530, feeds and back to sleep for an hour or so.  Cant complain about that though.

Birthday was good although of course tiring when they are this age.  She had this MEGA meltdown at 7pm in the bath and had to be physically dragged out and restrained and put to bed.  Oh dear!  She had a great day and also nice to see my friends earlier in the week.  The funniest bit about my bf's boy and my DD being born on the same day, they look the same.  Both the same height, build, blonde hair, blue eyes.  My friend took them out one day and got asked if they were twins.  They are really good friends which is nice!

Anyway i am off to tackle the train and mall as we have run out of Nespresso pods which under my current situation is BAD, VERY BAD!  Coffee and alcohol are my survival tactics.  Both kids are very good out and about so that is a plus.

Have a good day everyone, i am going to enjoy this beautiful Perth day. biggrin.gif    biggrin.gif

#449 Ice Queen

Posted 24 May 2012 - 06:32 PM

So very successful morning out and about in the lovely (said with great sarcasm) Perth CBD.....it isnt one of the cities highlights.....coffee purchased, checked out WA Art Gallery quickly to buy some exhibition tickets and then found the state library which has a great play area so DD played while I fed Tim and got him to nap.

All without incident and had a delicious machiato when i got home!  Tim did then have a bad hour but sleeping soundly, most house jobs done, DD watching dvd......relative peace and i soooooo need to iron DHs shirts rather than interneting.  And yah its nearly happy hour. wink.gif

#450 leita

Posted 26 May 2012 - 01:08 PM

Still alive- DH has been home this week after a horror 80 hour week last week. It was tough. But fortunately for me Lukey and Mali waited until this week to catch a cold, so even though I've been up 6 times a night he last few nights I'm doing OK cos DH has been taking them and letting me sleep in a bit in the morning.

Lukey has been just gorgeous during the day, just a bit of a terrorist trying to get him to sleep. Poor little man is a bit congested, and just wakes up in a panic cos he can't breathe. Ended up bringing him into bed with me at 130 this morning cos we'd already been up 4 times and it was sooo cold. He sleeps much better proped up on my pillow, but he does like to roll over and suck my nose when he stirs... and this seems to put him back to sleep  wub.gif laughing2.gif  

Been a busy week this week doing all those things I"ve been meaning to do for ages, but too tricky with the two little ones- been to the dentist, the physio, pilates, and been the mummy helper at Kindy, and have a hair appt and car service next week before DH goes back to work, so it's been really quite nice, I feel so spoiled! Physio has given me some good new stretches for my back which is really playing up with my monster poombah- he was 10.17kilos when i weighed him on Monday!! This was fully clothed, so he's really only about 9.9, but it's not like I carry him around naked!

Anyway, better get to cleaning while the monster is asleep- just wanted to pop in quickly! Kate- love the pics of Maya. Ehill- yep, days when I don't cope well here too.

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