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#501 purple_daisy

Posted 14 March 2012 - 08:29 AM

Hey ladies
The strangest thing happened here last night. DD is a fantastic eater and has never ever refused a feed but last night after her bath when I offered her some goodnight milk she just lay there with her mouth closed, happily looking up at me unsure.gif I even switched sides but she just kept her mouth closed and was not interested. What is that??? Is it too early for her to start self weaning?

She does eat a LOT of solids. For example yesterday in the arvo her menu was like this:
BF around 2:30 after nap
1/3 cup of yoghurt for arvo snack around 4:30
About a cup of mashed vegies and half a banana for dinner at 6.
Normally then she will have a goodnight feed at about 7, but last night she had no interest whatsoever.

Is this about the amount of solids your babies are having? Do you think she is getting so much to eat that she doesn't need goodnight milk and if so, is that ok at nearly ten months? She latched on like normal when she woke up this morning, so I am confused what to make of it all.

#502 ChantelM

Posted 14 March 2012 - 11:29 AM

purple_daisy - I think just go with the flow. Sometimes Axel will skip an afternoon bottle and occasionally even the bottle when he first wakes up. He does eat a lot of solids though so I just let him decide. I do worry a little about dehydration but I just try to offer him his sippy cup with water as often as possible.

A cup of mashed vegies I think would fill their little tummies. Maybe she was just a bit full from dinner.

AFU - Separation anxiety is getting better and better. Some afternoons he still just wants cuddles, but mostly he is back playing with his toys without needing me to watch.

He gave me a heart attack last Friday! Axe was playing with his toys in the loungeroom so I quickly ducked into my room to get dressed. I was only gone 2 mins. When I came back he had climbed on top of his Dads ab circle. I panicked and he turned because he heard me running for him and fell. I kind of caught him mid fall so he didnt hit the ground hard. He thought it was funny though. My heart was pounding afterwards for ages. Cheeky little monkey!

ogglyn - Hope you had a fantastic child free night original.gif

#503 J.E.T.E

Posted 15 March 2012 - 09:52 AM

purple_daisy- Just a tip about baking a number one shaped cake you can either do two things. You can make 2 seperate cakes with one being in a long flat loaf container and a shorter flat loaf container then place them together (you would have to slice part of the shorter loaf to make the tip of the one) or you can get a very large cake container and cut the one out and maybe use the excess cake to do little dots around the one to make it a little fun. That's just what I would do but I'm sure there are always plenty of other things!

We are going to make a cupcake tower with multicoloured cup cakes, also thinking of defrosting the top of our wedding cake to have for their first birthday. original.gif

ogglyn- Robin is so cute! Such a cheeky little smile on him aswell!
ChantelM- Nice to hear about the robotic vaccum, lol! How's that working out for you?
gisses- I'm sorry to hear about your MC, I hope your feeling better and I have my fingers (and that of Theo and Eb) all crossed for you for next time! Hope you had an awesome birthday bash, did anyone tick on that you wern't drinking alcohol?

AFU: I'm back at work now 3 days a week, Theo and Eb were sick on the first day that I was due to go back to work so luckily DH stayed home and took care of them for me. They are both crawling now and getting into mischief, I've nearly got the house full baby proofed. Our lounge room looks like a bomb hit it during most of the day because of all the toys they leave laying around, lol.
I'm excited for winter to come so I can dress them up in cute warm jumpers and fluffy beanies, etc! original.gif

We have decided to TTC come September this year so that the twins and their next sibling (hopefully one this time!) will be close in age. I'll probably regret it later down the track but we will see how we go.
Ebbie has 2 teeth now and she has the most gorgeous smile.. she's developed a bit of a weird laugh though, kind of a mix between her coughing and the noise she makes when she's doing a number 2, haha.

I can't believe that they are a little over 10 months old now, it's astounding how fast time goes! I'd best get my bum into gear and write out their party invitations this weekend. We decided to make them ourselves again and so as per my usual style there are lots of bright colours! original.gif I might post a picture of them once I'm done, lol.

That turned out to be a big post so I'll finish up now with a picture of my little monkeys!

Hope everyone and your gorgeous babies are well. original.gif

#504 Brownbear

Posted 16 March 2012 - 11:55 AM

Hi all,

Haven't posted in ages, but I have been reading and trying to keep up with everything!

Emma_P, your two are just adorable! Exciting news that you're planning to TTC later this year. I hope it goes smoothly.

ChantelM, we have also had climbing incidents. The other day, Toby climbed on top of his nappy buckets in the laundry (there are several in there stacked on top of each other - they are actually plastic box-type things) and dangled his arms into the washing machine, which was off at the time (I was there, putting clothes in). I have now vowed to always leave the laundry door shut and not let him in there unsupervised.

purple_daisy, the Women's Weekly birthday cake book has numbers in it. You could probably find it at most bookshops, and at least have a flick through it if you didn't want to buy it. As for the refusing a breastfeed, I wouldn't worry about it. Toby is all over the place with both milk and solids - sometimes he wants lots, often he refuses. I think it's a good sign that your DD can self-regulate her appetite.

Ogglyn, Robin is so cute! He's looking very cheeky in that photo! We are also having changing difficulties. Sometimes I get frustrated and just have to leave the room so I don't lost my temper (we change Toby on the floor). I have become very good at putting his nappy on while he stands up.

gisses, I'm very sorry to hear about the miscarriage. On a happier note, it sounds as though Leah is thriving at childcare, which is fantastic.

Mummyhales, beautiful photo! Yes, I have also heard that many people have different-sized pupils, and it's great that the specialist was reassuring and offered a follow-up appointment. Regarding the napping, Toby also sleeps for about 4 hours in total during the day (but in 2 2-hour blocks) and is pretty hopeless at night. I'm not going to try and discourage his day napping, but rather wait it out and hope that he starts to sleep less during the day and more at night. Sorry, that doesn't really help!

Toby is now doing lots of unaided standing but hasn't taken any independent steps yet.
He babbles lots, but I don't think he has said any meaningful words (at least, I haven't understood them!) and only has 2 teeth so far.

I am working 2 days per week, and am really enjoying my job. Toby is cared for by DH and my Mum over those 2 days. DH is looking to change jobs, so we may need to put Toby in childcare, and it's good to hear that some of your little ones are doing so well in that respect.

We go to baby gym on Fridays (heading off shortly) which Toby just loves! He's always a bit shy for the first 10 minutes, but then there's no stopping him.

I am starting to get a it bored at home and I think Toby is too. I have been trying to take him lots of places - the park, library, mother's group (once a week or so) - what else do you ladies do to keep yourselves and baby occupied?

That's all for now - here's a recent photo!

#505 runnybabbit

Posted 18 March 2012 - 10:20 PM

Hello everyone!

Have been totally MIA, we have been having a tough time of it sleep wise. DH was away earlier this week for three nights, and of course that would be the time for Nathan to get his worst cold ever. He was so congested, poor boy, even with the vaporiser going full time. First night he was up every 30-45 minutes (!!!) for a cuddle so he could be held upright, second night every 1-2 hours, third night he did two 2.5 hour stretches... And as soon as DH was back he was sleeping 3-4 hours.

So I was feeling really exhausted, and his self-settling became non-existent because of the sickness. We've been working on getting him to self-settle and so far today he was held to sleep for his morning nap, but self-settled for the afternoon nap and bedtime. He has stopped sleeping through the night and has been very unpredictable sleep-wise, usually is up 2-3 times a night, sometimes four times. It's driving me a little batty.

We are officially TTC! I just had my second post-partum period, about 7 weeks since my first. So no idea what is going on cycle-wise. DH says the only solution is to have lots and lots of sex, which of course sounds FAB when I'm already feeling exhausted!

At the moment sex is like going to the gym -- I never regret doing it once it's done, in fact I quite enjoy it. But getting myself to do it is really difficult!

And yes I can't believe our babies are almost a year old. I'm planning Nathan's first birthday party and I think I am getting kinda carried away, but I can't help myself. Spotlight had 30% storewide so I bought up big on balloons and partyware. We are still unpacking so the house is still quite messy. I also had the $200 of toys from Amazon for Nathan's birthday arrive last week. Good grief I need to stop spending! I've unpacked most of Nathan's toys and already he has THREE Ikea toy baskets full of toys.

Anyway, a quick one from me, I'm going to try to get as much sleep as possible tonight. xo Sorry no personals, I promise I am still reading and still think of you all as my online mums' group! biggrin.gif

#506 ChantelM

Posted 19 March 2012 - 11:15 AM

runnybabbit - Good luck with TTC. Axel is also sleeping terribly, maybe it is just a developmental stage? I am finally able to keep him in his cot for most of the night but he ends up in my bed by about 4am as I am just exhausted from getting up constantly to re-settle.

Brownbear - Clever little munchkins they are. They figure things out so quickly! The photo of Toby is just gorgeous! They look like such little ppl now, our little babies are gone!

AFU - Axel is doing well besides for the night sleep problems. He had his clinic appointment last Friday and now weighs 10.2 kgs and is 73.5 cm long. He was still on 5 bottles a day including lots of solids so the nurse told me to cut it down to 3. Yesterday was our first day with only 3 and he went ok. Missing the 10am bottle didn't phase him but he was a bit cranky in the afternoon. I gave him plenty of solids but he uses his bottle as a comforter so I think that is why he wanted it.

A bit of a vent but I am missing my little man so much when I am at work the last couple of weeks. I am really struggling with it. I would love to find work that is 3 days. I am only doing 4 now, but I think that extra day with him would really help. Is anyone else struggling that has to leave them at Day Care? I know he loves it there so I am not worried about him not being looked after, its just me being sooky  cry1.gif He is just growing so quickly and I feel like I am missing it...

#507 Small Potatoes

Posted 21 March 2012 - 10:12 AM

Sorry I have been MIA.  For some reason I stopped getting notifications and it just slipped my mind until now, apparently the last time I was here was mid Feb  ohmy.gif .  Hope all are well

#508 MummyHayles

Posted 21 March 2012 - 10:24 PM

Hello waves.gif

Small Potatoes - that photo of Lachie is so cute - makes me want to just squeeze his cheeks!

ChantelM - I was still giving Ruby a bottle first thing when she woke up and after her next nap, then before her 2nd nap and bedtime, so she was having 4 sometimes 5 and I thought she wasn't eating a lot. Now Ive got her used to having weetbix and some fruit after she wakes up and her bottle at nap time and she is only having 3. Definitely eating heaps more solids now and she's content so I know she's not missing it.

runnybabbit - sad.gif poor Nathan! I just think how crappy I feel when I have a cold and its hard to imagine them going through the same. We havent had a cold in this house for a while (surely I've just jinxed myself) but Im dreading it.
At the moment sex is like going to the gym -- I  never regret doing it once it's done, in fact I quite enjoy it. But  getting myself to do it is really difficult!

Hahahahaha - LOVED this, and so true - I feel the same biggrin.gif

Brownbear, ogglyn & Emma_P - Gorgeous photos! hheart.gif

So many ready to TTC again - you brave souls you! wink.gif DH & I know we want another child but as for when...? The age gap is 4 years between my two (though this wasnt the plan, I had a m/c in between - the gap would have been two years. It took me a while to get my groove back to want to try again) I'm thinking the end of the year....maybe....I'll be 28 and DH will be turning 31 then, I wanted to have all my children before I turned 30 so I guess I'll stick to that plan. Might try and gender sway for a boy happy.gif not that we're bothered either way!

Ok, more housework is calling me - Night x

#509 purple_daisy

Posted 22 March 2012 - 03:30 PM

Small Potatoes it is good to see you, I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how your studies are going?

ChantelM Can you ask your current employer to consider going down to 3 days or even 3.5 so you have a little extra time with your LO? DD is in care 2 days per week and I find that is just a perfect amount to give both of us a break from each other. I think I could probably handle 3 days unsure.gif but 4 days I would be feeling the same as you, so it must be really hard.

Runnyrabbit how exciting about TTC again. Good luck, enjoy those gym-like workouts hehe.

Brownbear thanks for the tip about the women's weekly birthday cake cookbook. I found one on special at my local bookshop so grabbed it and I have spent hours drooling and cooing over the cakes! I think I will be making DD birthday cakes till she is 40 just so I can try all the different types. What 40 year old doesn't want a jelly filled "Swimming pool" cake complete with barbies in bikinis laughing2.gif

AFM After three days of being in awful abdominal pain, nausea, feeling faint when BFing and generally thinking my stomach was about to explode............... AF arrived. First one since August 2010 original.gif I had been warned that some women find their post partum AF tough. That was the understatement of the year. Before AF showed up (this morning) I actually went to the GP yesterday to ask if I needed blood tests or an ultrasound as I was in such agony. I am hoping it is only the first one that will be like this. I have a pretty high pain threshhold, but this has taken me by complete surprise. Did anyone else have a terrible first cycle then all back to normal again?

Hi to all you other lovely ladies that I have missed!

#510 Small Potatoes

Posted 22 March 2012 - 05:10 PM

Purple DaisyStudies are going well.  Only part-time this year and next but will go full time after that.  My first AF after bub was sensational, barely new I had it.  I used to get quite bad pain before and all since have been very doable.  I still don't have mine yet original.gif. I might need to keep breastfeeding Lachie until he is20 (that should get me to menopause LOL)
My sister makes cakes so she is doing a Mario Bros cake for Will and a Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit cake for Lachie

Mummy Hayles THanks  blush.gif

no more TTC for us.  DH has had the snip and been given the all clear  sad.gif

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#511 purple_daisy

Posted 26 March 2012 - 06:24 AM

QUOTE (Small Potatoes @ 22/03/2012, 06:10 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I still don't have mine yet original.gif. I might need to keep breastfeeding Lachie until he is20 (that should get me to menopause LOL)

roll2.gif This quote had me in stitches roll2.gif

We've had a busy weekend. We've decided that my zippy little micra (only slightly bigger than a mini) is no longer a suitable car for our family. I have known for ages as when the pram is in the boot I can't even fit one bag of groceries in there. So we spent the weekend looking at station wagons and I think we have settled on a Hyundai i30. So now we are watching the second hand markets and hoping to get a 2-3 year old one. Wish us luck.

What have other people been up to?

#512 SoTired

Posted 28 March 2012 - 02:56 PM

Hi All! I am still alive and on the planet, albeit only just!

ChantelM- I hear you about missing your bubba. Next week I go to full time. NOT HAPPY about that. But we need the $$$, so I dont really have a choice. The benefit is that Leah is happy (and sleeps well after her busy days!), so that is a consolation. She is about to go up to the bigger bubbas room, which will be different for her.

Emma_P- Your monkeys are sooo cute with their big blue eyes! Well done on going back to work. I dont know how I manage to get out the door and I only have one! I am ready and calling Leah to crawl towards the garage and all I hear is a giggle and a frantic crawl in the other direction as she wasnts to play and hide from me! I feel so mean I have to strap her in the car and leave!

Brownbear- Toby is so cute, I just want to squish him! (not in a bad way of course) I sometimes struggle with things to do with Leah but I find she is mezmerised if I put her in her high chair and cook something (usually packet mix cakes or muffins). I put Mamy Mozart/Giggle and Hoot CD's on and I dance around the kitchen for her looking like a right royal doof. She loves it- esp as I verbalise everything I am doing: "Mummy is cracking an egg, oops, got eggshell in the cake mix", that sort of thing.

runnybabbit- Yay, TTC! I had to laugh about your comment about sex being like going to the gym. I have to agree with you- sometimes I even get sore muscles! How is Nathan sleeping now??

Small Potatoes- waves.gif

MummyHayles- How is Ruby?

purple_daisy- Ouch for your AF- has it improved? I loke Hyundai i30- nice choice.

waves.gif to everyone else!

AFM- Tired/busy/tired/busy!

I am certain Leah is growing one or more Molars! Yup- holy sh1t. I must admit she is a little trooper but we have had some awful nights.

She is getting into so much mischeif at home, always wanting to pull things on top of herself and fling her head back and arms up when she doesnt want to be picked up so you almost drop her!

She has learned to play peek a boo but with a difference- she thinks she is hiding when she covers her hands over her ears- it is such a classic!

On the weekend, we took her to a swing in the park and we took the most gorgeous phone footage of her absolutely loving it! Kicking her feet and squealing- I watch it all the time cause it just makes me laugh.

Oh yeah, I forgot my most important news, I am pregnant! bbluestork.gif
I tested yesterday and we anticipate I am about 5 weeks but because of the m/c, my cycle went a bit out of whack, so I might need a dating scan. I have no symptoms, which is unusual for me but hey, I'm not complaining! Looks like I will be due late Nov/early dec. Daddy Pig is pretty thrilled although disappointed that he wont be able to ravage his wife 9 times in 13 days for a while! (sorry, TMI!)

I had better get back to work, Leah sends lots of XXXX to her online friends.

LOVE the photos, keep em coming!

Here is one of leah- it is a couple months old as I havent had time to upload any more to snapfish!

#513 runnybabbit

Posted 29 March 2012 - 06:31 PM

OMG gisses CONGRATULATIONS! original.gif So happy for you!!!

#514 Small Potatoes

Posted 30 March 2012 - 05:08 AM

OMG Gisses that is soooooo exciting original.gif

#515 J.E.T.E

Posted 30 March 2012 - 08:46 AM

Omg Gisses congratulations! That is such fantastic news! biggrin.gif

#516 ogglyn

Posted 30 March 2012 - 08:57 PM

Congrats gisses! original.gif

Brownbear - We go to local playgrounds a fair bit, although with Robin it's still a bit full on as he keeps putting mulch and leaves in his mouth. He is getting a bit better though. We have gone a few times to those indoor playgrounds and he loved it. He climbs up the steps to get into the ball pit, silly thing. And he absolutely loves the bouncy castle. I go to gym two mornings a week and leave them at the gym crèche. It's only 1.5 hours, but I get my workout and they get a few more things thrown into the weekly mix. We also have playgroup and swimming, both once a week. He is not yet formally in a class, but we try take him for a dip when DD has her lesson. Throw in visits with friends and family, birthday parties, etc. and I find the weeks get pretty busy, and they really need quiet downtime at home, too.

Robin is so chatty now. Does little actions with his arms and hands original.gif my favourite is when he tries to do the mother duck quack quack with his fingers. He said 'bird' the other day, and 'nana' for banana original.gif He also says 'meh' for milk.

No walking yet, though seems very close now. Another thing he's started doing is trying to sort shapes. He knows quite a few of them and goes to put them into correct holes, but his fingers are still a bit clumsy and he hasn't figured out how to keep them out of the hole while he's trying to put the shape in.

He is on one sleep a day now. That second nap was just not happening any more. He's quite happy, and DD was on one sleep at 11.5 months, too.

PS Love the photos! They are all so adorable. Do keep them coming original.gif

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#517 purple_daisy

Posted 01 April 2012 - 08:14 PM

Wow Gisses that is super news. Congrats!

#518 ChantelM

Posted 02 April 2012 - 12:15 PM

Gisses - Congratulations! Good luck with going back to work full time. I know how hard it can be being away from your little one. I find you tend to adjust though, I only occasionally have a sad week when I really miss him.

purple_daisy - Unfortunately I can't go down to 3 days at work. 4 days is pushing it, I've been lucky that my new boss is great about the 4 days and me wanting to spend the other day with my baby. I don't want to push my luck..

AFU - Axel is doing well. He currently has his top two teeth coming through and his gums are extremely swollen. On top of that he is a bit fluey so he has been a bit of a cranky pants. We have had some long nights but I have managed to keep him in his cot which I am happy about. He is back to having a bottle in the middle of the night (most nights) to settle him back to sleep. The last 3 nights though, I have changed his nappy and then given him his bottle in the cot, I go back to bed and then he just goes to sleep when he is finished.

His two favourite words at the moment are 'bye bye' and 'no'. Usually he is saying both completely out of context and tells me 'no' when he does actually want something. LOL

I can't believe my little man is 1 on Anzac Day! The bday list is at about 70 ppl. I have no idea how this happened! I only wanted something little originally.  ohmy.gif
We have decided to just hire a bbq at the hall and have a sausage sizzle, that way I won't be busy in the kitchen the entire party. I have also hired a ball pit for the littlies. It should be cute!

Runnybabbit - Good luck with TTC. I so agree with DTD to be an exercise routine at the moment, way too tired! LOL. We are definitely not ready to TTC again. I do want to have another bub, just not yet.

Mummyhales - Axel is also on 3 bottles a day now. I also found he is eating much more solids, I was worried he would get dehydrated but I have found he also has more interest in his sippy cup now he is having less bottles.

Walking - Axel is crusining along the furniture and climbing things like a little monkey! He is starting to let go and balance so don't think his walking will be too far off. I am looking forward to him walking so we can go outside more often. He gets extremely frustrated being stuck in the pram.

#519 ogglyn

Posted 02 April 2012 - 09:48 PM

ChantelM - I'm also looking forward to R walking for the same reason. I remember with DD once she was walking lots of things got easier. And it will be sooooo cute! Had me laughing at how Axel uses the word 'no'. I remember when DD started saying it she did the same thing, and we had visitors once and I remember telling them "no doesn't mean no" original.gif

R has just started to arch his back when I try and sit him down into high chair or car seat. It's very frustrating as he's is very very heavy. Agh!

He's 11 months tomorrow! We played some funny games today, just the two of us while DH took DD out to the shops. He was trying very hard to get me to chase him, and would go into a hysterical laughter when I did, the whole time crawling away from me as fast as he could manage original.gif

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#520 runnybabbit

Posted 02 April 2012 - 10:36 PM

Chantel Nathan is turning one the day before Anzac Day! original.gif We have managed to keep it small -- helps that we just moved to Townsville. My MIL and my parents are all flying in for his birthday, so we will have a full house. We are just going to have a morning tea birthday party, since Nathan usually has an early lunch and then a lunchtime nap these days. So I'm doing a lolly buffet and then we're just doing breads, chips and dips. Very excited about the lolly buffet -- think I have gotten carried away. Made some honeycomb on the weekend and it worked well. We're doing blue and yellow as our colour theme so honeycomb is in the yellow category. Also doing honey joys in blue patty pans. And I've bought 1 kg each of blue and yellow M&M's. Like I said, a little carried away... But OMG 70 people. I think we had 100 at our wedding!

ogglyn Nathan loves being chased, too. He doesn't quite know how to run away yet, so he crawls away, laughing, then usually starts to veer off instead of crawling in a straight line. He finds it hilarious when hubs carries him and pretends to be running away from me while I chase them. Today during dinner I was tickling his feet with his spoon and he was laughing his little head off. We have multiple spoons at dinner so he can pretend to feed me, too, which he thinks is great.

This is such a good age. We are not sleeping much (last night he did 7 to 7.30 with one wakeup for milk at 2.30 and then settled straight back to sleep -- best in months) but he is just so much fun. Apart from the sheer exhaustion I am enjoying him SO much.

They really have their own little personalities, don't they? We were at the park and I put him in one of those bucket seat swings, and he freaked out and started to cry and reach out for me. And next to us was a 14-month-old girl happily swinging away, not scared at all.

That being said, I think Nathan is a bit of a scaredy cat. We were at the animal sanctuary on Sunday, where they have free-ranging kangaroos. One of them was sniffing Nathan's foot while he was in the pram, and he didn't realise at first (was looking off to the side). He turned around to see what was tickling his foot and when he saw the kangaroo standing right there with its face right in the pram, he started and then began to cry. It was actually quite funny. He touched the wombat later on but only very cautiously and with a great deal of suspicion.

Edited for shocking grammar!

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#521 Small Potatoes

Posted 03 April 2012 - 05:29 AM

ChantelM 70 people  ohmy.gif .  We are having Lachie's this weekend as he is one in 8 days.  We are just having some family and close friends over for lunch.  My sister is making a Peter Rabbit birthday cake for him.  We just did Will's birthday last weekend as his birthday is today.  I can't believe he is 5 already.

Walking Lachie isn't even 4 point crawling yet LOL.  He comandos and gets up on his hands and knees and even gets into downward dog position but no crawling.  Will was 15 months before he walked and Olly was 19 months

AFM busy studying for uni.  Loving it but not sure how I am fitting it all in ATM  ohmy.gif

#522 ChantelM

Posted 03 April 2012 - 12:29 PM

Runnybabbit - Axel did the exact same thing with the swing. I was so excited to take him to the park for the first time and he cried  huh.gif
Love the sound of the lolly buffet!

#523 ChantelM

Posted 04 April 2012 - 12:05 PM

Hey All

Does anyone have any ideas of food I can make/buy that is good for a 1st birthday party? There are a few young bubs coming so just trying to think of snack ideas.

#524 MummyHayles

Posted 04 April 2012 - 10:11 PM

ChantelM - We are having around 60 for Rubys 1st as well, and this is only because DH's family are so freaking huge! The only family on my side are my dad and nanna rolleyes.gif the rest are his family, and the girls godparents! I'm making her a Hoot the owl cake because she's not really into any cartoons yet, but she likes them.
I'd just have fruit pieces, maybe little bread pinwheels/fairy bread, some little quiches. We are just having a webber and some salads, not a lot of young kids and generally they just eat what we are anyway. Its my other daughters 5th coming up and she's only having friends that I'm thinking i'll need "party"food.

Walking - hmmmm not yet. Ruby has just started standing without holding anything, but shes still pretty unsure of this. She crawls really well and is so cute watching her at a step - she stops about 20cms away and spins onto her bum then shuffles forward until her feet touch the bottom of the step, then she falls forward on her hands and starts crawling again lol obviously this wont work on stairs!

Gisses - Congratulations!!!!!

I had the absolute fright of my life today! I was changing Ruby's clothes (which she despises btw) and she started screaming, but one of those no noise screams where they just sit there with their mouth open. She's done this a few times but only for a couple seconds before sound (and a lot of it) comes out. Today though she kept it up and her lips started turning blue, at this point I had picked her up and was walking around talking to her trying to calm her down, the blue got darker and got to be around her mouth and then she seemed to go floppy in my arms - I was running for the phone screaming her name at her. All of a sudden she obviously caught her breath and was screaming at the top of her lungs for about 5 seconds and it was all over. A minute later she was smiling and shoving a toy in her mouth. My ordeal probably only lasted a minute at the most but I tell you what, it felt like ages. It was the most scared I've ever been in my life and I was shaking for an hour afterward.

I posted about it on facebook and so many people replied like - I used to do that, just blow in her face next time it makes her take a breath....my daugther used to do that she's just growing out of it.......my daughter did that all the time as a kid..... on and on it went - I was amazed, I had never ever seen or heard of this before. It scared the s*&t out of me!

Anyway, that's my drama - figured I'd share in case any of you had experienced this as well.
Night x

#525 au*lit

Posted 11 April 2012 - 12:09 AM

Hi all, sorry I've been MIA. No excuses except exhaustion. Apologies if I forget anyone in personals.

Gisses, congratulations! Lovely news. We're thinking of TTC but will probably leave it for a couple of months - thinking about a 2 year gap.

Mummy Hayles that sounds terrifying, but I have heard before that little kids are able to hold their breath until they pass out (at which stage they will start breathing again). Adults can't manage it though!

Chantel I thought about party food but realised it would be easier to do proper lunch food rather than mucking around with snacky types of things. We're going to have a barbecue. Kids can have a sausage in a bun and adults can have meat, salad, bread etc. That said, we're only having family (even then it will be at least 20, probably closer to 30 - I've got a big family!).

Purple daisy my first two periods were really light (compared to pre-baby which were heavy and painful). I've just had my third and it was a bit heavier, but nothing like my previous ones. I did have to take one Panadol, which isn't bad compared to the half pack of Panadol and half a pack of Naprogesic I used to take.

I also bought the Women's Weekly birthday cake book. Compelling reading! After wondering what to make I think I'm just going to make the number 1 cake too. H isn't 'into' anything and I figure there are many years ahead for him to ask for various types of cakes. One thing though, the first edition of the book has the 1 cake covered in Smarties, which I think looks better than the icing baby blanket thing in the current edition.

A friend linked to this blog on FB the other day - love it! http://womensweeklybirthdaycakeblog.blogspot.com.au/

Mands LOL on the breastfeeding - I was hoping I wouldn't get AF back while breastfeeding. But it seemed to come back when H started sleeping through (no overnight feeds). Unfortunately the sleeping through didn't last but the periods did sad.gif

Runnybabbit glad to hear that Townsville is treating you well, hope Nathan and sleep have improved.

Loving the new pics of the gorgeous babies!

AFU I've had a cold (better now) but it really knocked me around.

I agree with Runnybabbit - it really is a lovely age and we're having so much fun with Henry at the moment. Playing games and he does so many little things to crack us up. His latest is a funny noise he makes which sounds like an 80 year old with emphysema - hard to explain but such a weird noise for a baby! His laugh is also kind of funny, kind of a 'ki ki ki' little noise.

He finally started crawling properly a few weeks ago. Occasionally he'll still commando, but when he's outside on the paving or grass he obviously doesn't like the feeling on his knees because he does a funny crab-walk thing on his hands and feet (in the downward dog position). He is also pulling himself up to stand and has just started a bit of cruising around the playpen. I think standing independently and walking are still a way off though because his feet are quite unstable and never still when he stands.

We're still planning a move back to Melbourne, but in the mean time DH has applied for a couple of jobs in Singapore. It's probably not going to come to anything, but we've always wanted to do a couple of years overseas and the timing feels right. If it works out, Runnybabbit I may need some advice from you!

Um, I think I had more to say but that's all I can think of for now. I will try to post a photo soon. I'll have to remember how I did it before.

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