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TTC or Pregnant Hyperemesis Gravidarum Sufferers and Survivors ~ # 25

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 06 July 2011 - 11:07 PM

Hi all

New thread time

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#2 Luvbngamum

Posted 08 July 2011 - 03:43 PM

Hi Ladies,

GOLD for me today yay,

School holidays officially start today, four kids home for two weeks argh!!!!

Bettymm;  I must look up that blog that you are talking about, sounds great.  i have always wanted to do a blog but just do not like the computer much.  My Baby DS is walking, rather RUNNING.  We call him Cyclone Harry because he is intent on destruction and just when you have cleaned up one mess, he is busy pulling out stuff to make another.  I hate the bending and picking stuff up from the floor, it is getting very difficult to pick stuff up now.  Am busy teaching him to put his own things away.  He is definitely a very energetic boy but also so cute.

Spinning girl:  LOL about your baby clothes still being in the car.  You should see my car at the moment.  It is a tarago and it has never been so messy.  I am usually fussy about keeping the car clean but it has not had a decent clean for ages, since I have been pg. i keep hinting, hoping DH will do it but he just hasn't and I can not bear the thought of vacuming and cleaning it.  Kids are on holidays now so might pay them to do it for me.  Also LOl about the glass of champagne.  I did not touch a drop in my first three pg but absolutely craved beer and champagne in my 4th and current pg.  I hated beer before being pg with number 4 and now like to drink it.  Have been craving all the wrong things this time too and have had a glass here and there, probably one a fortnight or every 3 weeks.  Even at my sickest very cold, bubbly beer did not make me spew so maybe we have stumbled across a cure for hg, alcohol LOL!!!!! Glad all went well at your scan.

KeLLY: Prednisolone has been used for a while for hg, I had it last pg, very briefly, and my cousin was put on it 9 years ago to treat her hg.  The problem is that Drs in Aust. are not great in treating hg so very few will even treat with Zofran let alone steroids.  In the USA the health practitioners are so much better at diagnosing and treating hg.  I had hg with all of my pg, even my pg 16 years ago but back then things were even worse and it was just treated as morning sickness.  I lost 14 kg in 7 weeks and weighed only 61 kg to start with but still they did nothing, i was told it was normal.  Welcome to our group.  I hope you can keep dropping in.

Must fly, baby DS is awake and crying to be set lose from his crib.

Love to you all xx

#3 ReadySetRace

Posted 09 July 2011 - 09:07 PM

SILVER - yay!!

Hi Girls,
I am new to this thread but it has been lots of comfort reading through all the posts.  I am 9 weeks tomorrow with #3 and feeling awful 24/7.  With my previous children I had HG for 41 weeks so I know I'm in for another bad run.  I'm on zofran, maxalon and took my first stemetil tonight.  They help a little, but not much.  I would take more zofran but for $$$, I do know about using half an 8mg wafer.  I try to take zofran in the morning and maxalon in the evening as it knocks me out.  I dont vomit that much and don't get dehydrated but have to constantly eat plain crackers, bread and lemon cordial to stop from sick.gif .  I hate all food now but have to eat.  I've lost a couple of kilos with each pregnancy and it stays off (OK I'm not that disappointed about that laughing2.gif ).  

For the first time I am regretting falling pregnant.  I feel bad about that, but I feel so sick I wish I just want it to be over.  Work is busy (full-time, hectic job and no I can't cut down) as is home life with 2 toddlers and DH works away alot.  Every cramp I get I think maybe this is it, I'll have a MC and it will be over but them remember how sick I am and realise its not going to happen.  I explained to DH how I felt, he was shocked but asked me if I wanted a termination - I could never do that to a normal baby, and he wouldn't support that either.  We always said we would have 3 kids, but were so busy with 2 we have chatted about stopping at 2, I wish I had now.  I dont enjoy the newborn period either (DDs were shocking newborn sleepers, think 8 hours a day in small amounts, but great by 8-10 weeks), so its doom and gloom here - don't think its the maxalon, just the HG getting me down.  Might ask my OB about prednisolone at my next appointment.  

Anyway look forward to sharing the journey with you all and hope we can support each other through it.  


#4 Luvbngamum

Posted 10 July 2011 - 12:04 PM

Hi Ladies,

Drseuss:  Welcome to our group, you will find a lot of support and understanding here, it has literally saved my life and my sanity.  You could try phenergan, an antihistamine, to help with the nausea and vomiting too.  I tried it in my fourth pg and it did help a bit.  Could not take it this time around as I was breast feeding and it does dry up breast milk.  It makes you very drowsy so I would take it at night when i knew I had no more work or driving to do.  It may help but does not always work for everyone, you can buy it over the counter at the chemist, just explain what you want it for.  Other than that I tried acupuncture this time around and found that it helped greatly.  I had really bad hg last pg but with early meds, acupuncture and a high protein diet I found this pg better.  i was still very sick and felt yuk but no where near like last time.  Before going in for a treatment of acupuncture I would be feeling nauseated and after a treatment I would sit up and be starving hungry.  The effects of the acupuncture lasted for about four to five days.  I would still have nausea and vomiting but would also have periods where there was very little nausea, usually toward the evening.  It is worth a go.  A couple of ladies are also finding success with hypnotherapy.  I tried to eat high protein, cheese on my crakers, small pieces of cooked chicken, an egg, and quite a lot of almonds.  I would also have high protein shakes a couple of times a day.  I was never hungry but would force myself to eat or drink the shakes.  They usually stayed down if I could sit or lie still after i had eaten.  Sometimes everything would come back up but high protein and high carbs reduce nausea so I would persist with it.  Other than that I just waited until the worst of it was over.
I completely understand where you are coming from re your thoughts toward your pregnancy.  I think every one of the girls here has had the same feelings. I have only very recently felt a bond with this baby and for my last three pg would dream of an end to it all and would have probably had a termination if one was offered to me.  My fourth pg was horrendous and I would lie in bed and cry to my DH begging for it all to end.  i feel so guilty about all of that now.  I love our baby DS to bits and just can't imagine life without him.  It was the effects of the hg,not my true feelings but it does not make it any easier to deal with afterward, knowing that you had those thoughts in the first place.  This time around I kept dreaming that they would find something wrong with this pg which would mean that I would have a miscarriage and I even hoped that at my 12 week scan they would find no heart beat and it would all be over.  I am again mortified that I ever felt this way but constant nausea, dehydration and depression makes you have thoughts that are otherwise totally out of character for you.  I have been lucky enough to get a break in the nausea and vomiting for the past 5 weeks or so, hopefully it stays that way.  I vomited right up until D day with number 2 although it was not everyday, probably 3 times a week so I did get a rest from it then too.  
Other than that I do not know what else to say other than I do not know how we do it but we do survive this and someday soon it will all be a distant memory for us all.  It does end and although it seems like an end to it is ages away, it will come so every day passed is one day closer to the end of the hg.  When eash day is over I think to myself '' I am one day closer to meeting her and being over this for good".
I really hope that you do not get the whole 41 weeks this time around and do get to enjoy some part of your pg.  It is so unfair that pg is so exciting and wonderful for some women but a nightmare for others.  Visit here often, the girls are great and all will have some ideas about what you may be able to try that may bring relief.  The support is fantastic.

AFM:  Went to bed Friday night feeling ok but woke up feeling nauseated and spent the rest of Friday night, Sat morning vomiting, yuk.  I had the dreaded nausea all day yesterday and basically spent most of the day in bed.  Feeling better today, not great but better.  I am hoping it was a tummy bug and not the return of the hg.  I hope that you are all having a good weekend.
hugs to all xx

P.S Spinning girl:  The group that you mentioned sounds great, a lot like the one I am in.  I think that it is important to put a plan in place for dealing with PND.  I have had AND and PND as a result of the hg in this and last pg.  I am terrified that the PND will return when this baby is born but do have a support plan in place to hopefully prevent that from happening.  I think my state of mind had more to do with a post traumatic stress after last pg.  I was not depressed just really anxious and could not leave baby DS with anyone, he had to be with me all of the time or I would have a panic attack.  I would wake up with that knotted feeling in my stomach and that would last all day, I was teary and emotional all of the time.  When it came time to dealing with it I eventually realized that it was linked to the pg.  I believe my thoughts regarding wanting to be rid of my baby during the hg lead me to be so over protective when he was here.  It was like I believed that by having those thoughts meant he was destined for something bad to happen to him.  I kept saying to my DH, I wanted him gone, what if God does listen and decides to take him now.  It took me ages to get past that and even now I still do not think I am totally past it. Getting help does improve things but i think giving yourself time to recover is also important.


#5 ReadySetRace

Posted 10 July 2011 - 12:21 PM

Thanks Luvbngamum for your wonderful reply.  It was so nice to hear your words.  I too am hoping for some reason on US to terminate, it is a horrible thing to stay but I just want a break - I never felt like that before.  

Sorry to hear about your illness, I hope it is gastro and will disappear again.  I can't believe you've done this 5 times, you must be so determined.  

I have tried phenergan before and it knocked me out but probably a good thing for night times.  Acupuncture sounds good too, never had it so nervous though!  Counting down the weeks doesn't help yet - only 31 or 32 weeks to go seems like a very long time!!   I do adore babies so I'm sure in a years time I'll get over it but terrible to think this away about a child of ours.  

I was asked twice today if we wanted a 3rd, its hard to know what we say.  I just said the sensible thing would be to stop at 2 but we're not sure - can't really say I'm pregnant and regretting it!  This baby isn't unplanned or unwanted, and we did always want 3.  At least my mind is made up on that - there is no #4 ever, and DH agrees.

Wishing you all some improvement over the coming weeks.


#6 bettymm

Posted 10 July 2011 - 01:23 PM


im sorry you got a tummy bug! it does sound like one, rather than HG returning.  but the LAST thing you need at the moment!!  

doctorseuss, nice to meet you!  though sorry to hear you have been suffering too.  I just wanted to say Luvbngamum is right in saying that the majority of us wo have experienced HG have had those negative thoughts about the pregnancy, especially in  early pregnancy when it feels like you have an eternity of nausea and vomiting ahead of you.  I never had those feelings with DD and i believe that was because it was my first pregnancy i had no idea what was normal or not, how long it would last for.  THIS pregnancy though, it was such a hard decision on when to start TTC , i went through a  lot of anxiety about it and then we fell very quickly and the HG hit suddenly , i had many many thoughts that (and even said it aloud to a few different people) that i thought we made a mistake sad.gif  it really saddens me to think about that now i have started to feel better and bond with this bub.  

I just want you to know your not alone in those feelings.  I actually was half expecting something to be wrong at the 12 week scan due to my negative thoughts about the pregnancy.  I stillhave those fears sometimes that something will be wrong with the baby because of how i felt.  

AFM  im still generally feeling better though still vomiting in the morning every second day or so.  Hopefully that gets less and less as i am over it!!  It hits so quickly i often miss the bucket and it ends up on the carpet which i then have to get up and clean.  im just over starting the day like that!!  BUT feeling a lot better during the day and have a good apetite now for all different foods so i shouldnt complain too much!

oh , first midwife appt went well..although she made some comment about how it sounds like i have a "sensitive stomach"  which is not the case! normally when im not pregnant i have a cast iron stomach..never vomit, hardly ever pick up gastro or things like that.  its just the damned HG!! anyway, she was great otherwise and was pleased how i had handled the HG this time and is working with me to get my diet and my body in better working order now.

Am measuring 2 weeks ahead of dates! i believe that is more to do with my lax stomach muscles than the size of the bub but im sur epopping out now!

take care everyone , hope you have a great weekend

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#7 Serenzy

Posted 10 July 2011 - 05:46 PM

Luvbngamum, sorry you're feeling awful again, hopefully it's just a tummy bug. sad.gif

bettymm, I hope it stops for you soon you poor thing! sad.gif Sorry but I had to laugh about the sensitive stomach! I can't remember if I asked if you're having bub at TCH?

Welcome doctorseuss, sorry you had to come and find us though. I hope it eases off for you before birth day. *hugs*

AFM, have been back to vomiting even during the night the past few days.  Urgh.  BUT the end is in sight, and I'll never have to go through this again!

#8 bettymm

Posted 10 July 2011 - 06:59 PM

Hi Serenzy
ugh  sorry to hear the vomiting has made a return but you are on the home stretch now!!! so exciting original.gif

yes, im booked into the birth centre at TCH.  Apart from the stupid "sensitive stomach" comment, midwife was lovely, we have the same idea about the kind of birth im aiming for and she is very supportive of that.  she will be my primary midwife the whole way through and at the birth as well.

I had DD at Calvary.  The labour itself was wonderful and i was in love with my midwife!! she was an angel. Downside was i hate d the shared ward there, DH couldnt stay and i had a nightmare time there by myself with a screaming newborn and very unhelpful night staff!  DH can stay with me at the birth centre overnight thank goodness.

hope you get a frewe vomit free days before bubs comes!

#9 Nicole7

Posted 10 July 2011 - 08:25 PM

drseuss - welcome! Sorry you're feeling so awful, though. I had similar thoughts about this pregnancy and felt horrendously guilty about it until I found out that most of this group feels the same way. I haven't bonded with this baby at all and regret getting pregnant. I was also hoping that there would be something really wrong with the baby at the ultrasound so we could terminate without feeling guilty - can't believe I'd wish for an unhealthy baby!

Luvbngamum - I hope it's just a tummy bug and you start to feel better soon. Good luck surviving the school holidays.

Bettymm - Love the sensitive stomach comment. I'm the same - never get gastro.

Serenzy - I hope you get some good days before bubba comes. At least the end is near!

AFM - haven't vomited in about a week but am still taking maxolon and zofran. I tried taking half a zofran on Weds but felt nauseous enough to take the other half pretty quickly and the nausea dragged on for a few days. I feel a bit guilty about the cost - I might be able to go without them and put up with the nausea and occasional spew, but it's just been so nice to feel "normal" and play with DD. I'll take the zofran for another couple of weeks and then try to cut back again.

#10 ReadySetRace

Posted 11 July 2011 - 07:46 PM

Hi Girls,
Thanks so much for all the supportive comments, I am so relieved to hear there are others like me and these horrible thoughts about my baby are a result of the HG.  I too am hoping for an abnormal scan at 12 weeks, just any way out of this illness.  I hope to bond after that!!  Knowning the sex will help too, especially if it is a boy.  We are considering a CVS but I dont know if I am doing it for the right reasons, has anyone had one?  

I'm now on stemetil during the day, zofran if it gets too bad, and maxalon at night.  I still have to eat every hour, and the kind of food I don't normally go for - crackers, toast, salty meat, lemon cordial, lemon tea.  My work colleagues must think I'm crazy - or must realise I'm pregnant.  Two have asked in the last few weeks if I'll have a third!  I'm hating food now, but cant wait to have a cappucino and cake and yoghurt in the maternity ward (I did that last time, and lots of other yummy food).

It is just so sad that some of us suffer like this, and others just love being pregnant.  My mother said she just glowed with health and happiness, and two of my pregnant colleagues just complain f hunger - I no longer feel hungry ever, if my stomach empties I'm sick!  My only soothing thought is that maybe I'll get a good feeder and sleeper again (well from 8/10 weeks), maybe that's my compensation.  We all deserve it!!  

Thanks again girls, I hope you all get some relief soon.  

#11 Nicole7

Posted 11 July 2011 - 09:07 PM

After doing so well for so long, was sick last night. I feel really disheartened. Hopefully I'll improve again and it was the last spew. DH made me lemon and ginger soup for dinner tonight - he makes it for me when I feel shocking and it usually helps things.

Went to the doc today for a repeat script of maxolon and zofran and he was shocked when he weighed me. Not sure why - how can you vomit for 5 months and not lose weight?

Sorry about the short, self-involved post - really needed to whinge.

Hope everyone else is doing OK.


#12 spinninggirl

Posted 12 July 2011 - 09:40 AM

Nicole7 sorry to hear you were feeling bad again. How sweet of your DH to make you soup.

doctorseuss welcome. I hope you find some support here, it's a lovely group of people and I guarantee nobody will ask 'have you tried ginger'?!  ddoh.gif
I'm hating food now, but cant wait to have a cappucino and cake and yoghurt in the maternity ward (I did that last time, and lots of other yummy food).
I am exactly the same! The morning after my DD was born my husband came to the hospital with an enormous fresh coffee and a chocolate croissant - best thing I'd ever tasted! This time around I've actually got a list going of things I want him to bring me to eat in the hospital - I love food and not being able to eat what I want is really really annoying me!

Have a good day everybody.

#13 bettymm

Posted 12 July 2011 - 03:47 PM

My only soothing thought is that maybe I'll get a good feeder and sleeper again (well from 8/10 weeks), maybe that's my compensation. We all deserve it!!

Dr, Seuss, i hear ya!  My DD was a beautiful sleeper (from 6 weeks) and no issues feeding so im praying this next bub is the same!!!  I think this helped keep me out of PND territory. you are so right we all deserve this!

Nicole, sorry to hear about the relapse, it sucks!  sad.gif   but sounds like you have a lovely supportive partner making you soup!  

AFM.. AM sooooo excited to be heading to Port Maquarie for a big extended family holiday original.gif   unfortunately i have been very nervous today as my BIL and family stayed at our place last night and we awoke to find thier 3 year old girl vomiting everywhere this morning sad.gif  had to hand over my trusty spew bucket.  Now im so worried that one of us is going to get the vomiting bug on our holiday!!!  its really going around this bug.  I would especially hate to get it as ive been feeling so good , mentally the past few days knowing we have  abeautiful relaxing holiday in the sun coming up.  Would be just my luck to catch the bug.  Hope not!

anyway, will be offline for the week, Sending you all anti spew vibes  xx

#14 JuniPooks_

Posted 12 July 2011 - 07:28 PM

hi all.newbie here... sorry for crappy post. i am suffering badly for the past couple of weeks, my GP seems to be just cluing in to how bad it is and i am just starting to use zofran which seems to be the only thing that helps at all.

i am contemplating taking a few weeks off work has anyone here managed to work with this illness?

how do you not get too depressed with this?

#15 ReadySetRace

Posted 13 July 2011 - 12:06 PM

Hi Girls,
bbighug.gif to all those still suffering.  Especially so sad to hear about relapses when you thought you were through it, Nicole7, Szenzy and luvbngamum.  How awful.  

Have started stemetil 3 times a day, with zofran as well and am finding it better than maxalon, but it only seems to last 2-3 hours, then I'm sick again....would you believe I just had to run to the bathroom halfway through the last sentence???  

Have been trying fatty foods the last few days, but in the end I think it is salty foods that are helping.  Just bought 3 packets of country cheese crackers - the rice ones or Jatz I can't stomach.  I can't drink too much either.  I find it so frustrating to have to eat all these foods I don't even like and aren't healthy just so I don't vomit continuously.  I'm just hating food right now, normally I'm so keen to eat healthy but yummy things.  

I'll ask my OB about prednisolone next time I'm there.  Has anyone had any side effects from it?  How long were you on it for?  I've only met him once (just moved interstate so different from last pregnancies) and he seemed lovely. He asked me how I felt, I said awful and then he said "well that's what we expect at 8 weeks, its a good sign really".  Not such a good sign at 20 weeks though.  

I told DH last night that I am hoping for an abnormal US at 12 weeks so we can terminate, he was truly shocked.  He asked why this time, you were never like that before?  I think its because I can see us being happy long term with 2 children, this one is "optional", and I would never get pregnant again if it ended soon.  We had decided 2 weeks before conceiving that I would go off the pill so we don't have that feeling of trying and trying and feeling grateful.  Or maybe this is just so bad its playing with my brain??  Am very hormonal at the moment, cried at Australia's got talent and amazing race laughing2.gif , and went through a red light this morning ddoh.gif ...there were no other cars around, luckily.

Bettymm - enjoy Port M, hope the vomiting bug stays away, you have suffered enough.

Pookems85 - So sad to hear about your suffering, glad zofran helps.  I work full-time and it is tough, but I know I get bad symptoms until 41 weeks so can't justify taking a week now knowing that nothing will change by next week. I haven't told anyone yet at work but may tell one colleague just to get some sympathy, and will tell my boss and everyone else after the 12 week scan.  I had a couple of days off with each previous pregnancy if I vomited on the way to work, thought I could justify it then.  Have vomited at work and kept going after a break, don't know how but if I left every day I vomited I'd never be there!  Currently they must all think I have worms as am constantly disappearing to eat crackers or bread or take meds!  I'm not sure how supportive they will be (new place of work from last time) but we'll see soon enough.  

Can't answer how not to get too depressed with this - am struggling too.


#16 spinninggirl

Posted 13 July 2011 - 12:20 PM

Hi Pookems85, sorry you're so unwell, it's a really horrible thing.

In answer to your questions, I have had HG with this pregnancy and my last one. I managed to work through the first, although I went from full time down to 4 days a week and one of those days was working from home so that I could just roll out of bed and work in my pj's if needed. And truth be told I probably didn't put in a full day on those working at home days - naughty!

This time around I am working 4 days, but I've had a few sick days here and there (I'd say about 2 per month on average).

Rest is something that's absolutely vital for me, so all I do is go to work, come home and flop. The weekends are a total write-off because I'm trying to recover and get ready to survive another work week. I think that if you could take some time off work it would probably be a good idea - often people find that the HG eases after a certain point, so maybe some time off might help while you're in the worst of it.

In my last pg I did become very depressed, and I'm starting to struggle a bit with this one too. This time around I'm being much more proactive - my hospital offers counselling and I'm doing that and finding it really helpful, it could be worth asking the question about what support is available to to you?

Other things I'm doing differently this time:
- accepting help (MIL: "Can I cook you a meal?" Me: "Yes please, make it something I can keep in the freezer.")
- Identifying what really needs to happen, focusing on that and then letting go of the small stuff (Dusty house? Doesn't matter! Carpet needs vaccuuming? Doesn't matter! Daughter needs dinner - does matter!)
- taking one day at a time. This sounds super obvious but last time I got very overwhelmed with the journey ahead. This time, I congratulate myself every night on getting another day done, and focus on the fact that I'm steadily putting these days behind me, it's one day closer to feeling better.

And keep in touch with this group - it really is great to be able to be fully open about everything with people who really understand.  original.gif

#17 JuniPooks_

Posted 13 July 2011 - 10:28 PM

thank you so much. so much! will write decent post when i have the energy and brain coz right now i'm a bit cukoo lala. but just wanted to send a very heartfelt thanks.

#18 J-A

Posted 14 July 2011 - 08:28 AM

Morning All

Sorry haven't been around lately haven't really had much to say, been over thinking this whole TTC process.

This may be a bit of a me post so I appologise in advance.

I'm quietly freaking out as I am 3 days late for AF, now I know I could just go do a test as any normal person would do but I'm scared of the result. I know I sound crazy as I do want to get pg but I just know that once it happens that's it life as we know it changes and I know there will be some people my life who may not be happy about me being pg and the changes this will bring. Also I can give DS so much one on one attention now & feel sad that this will not happen when another comes along. I just hope he wants a sibling close to his age as I think he would like one..

Now I have had some nausea but I always get nauseas just before AF also so that doesn't guarantee I'm pg. Urgh wish I had a test in the house so I didn't have to make the effort to get to the shop.

Can you tell I'm really scared lol.. Something that should make me excited just sends me into fear mode.

Anyway that's enough from me.

Some of you must be really close now I bet you are counting down the days. Hello to those new to this group & to veryone else I hope life & HG is treating you kindly.

Sorry if I haven't made much sense just feeling a bit all over the place at the moment.

Talk soon


#19 spinninggirl

Posted 14 July 2011 - 09:27 AM

Good luck J-A.
Looks like you've been through so much, maybe the universe will be kind to you this time and let you off lightly with the HG. I will have fingers crossed for you.

#20 Suzewantstwo

Posted 14 July 2011 - 09:45 AM

If I ever got to choose a super power it would be the power to cure HG.  I'm just so damn sad and sorry for all of us, I really am.

To those new amongst us shocked and guilty about wishing away the pregnancy please know this is perfectly normal for a HG sufferer.  I begged my DH for a termination at 9 weeks this pregnancy.  I think that because I knew from the last pregnancy that HG was probably going to be the full 40 weeks for me, I had no 'hope' left in my tank and that's a pretty bleak place to be.

AND/PND/PTSD - I had all of these with the first pregnancy.  I don't know how you can vomit 12 to 16 times a day every day for almost an entire pregnancy and avoid depression and post traumatic stress at all.  This time around I'm still down and anxious but not to the extent I was last time - I was prepared this time and have a great professional support team in place monitoring me closely.

Food - I hate it right now.  I hate that I hate it because I usually love it...hahaha, did that make any sense?  I just can't bring myself to eat.  I lost 20 kilograms in my first pregnancy and I've lost 15 in this one.  First pregnancy I was hooked up to an IV for extended periods of time and given glucose and vitamins to get me through.  I've only been hospitalised a few times this pregnancy.

Work - I've suffered through work both times.  I've had to start my Mat Leave 8 weeks before due date rather than the more traditional 4 or 6 before.  I'm the primary bread winner in our family so if I don't work the mortgage doesn't get paid.  I can't begin to describe how hard it's been.  The filthy state of my house is a good indication of my exhaustion.

Coping - Ask for help.  Accept help when it's offered.  Demand pro active care from your health professional.  Talk about it, talk about it, talk about it.  Think of each day as one day closer to being well again.  Try to remind yourself that HG does have an END DATE!  Try as hard as you can to keep hydrated even if you can't eat - dehydration makes you very sick very quickly and messes with your mental health in the worst possible way.  Take the drugs, take all the drugs, don't try to tough it out.

My HG became controlled at 28 weeks this pregnancy BUT got out of hand again at 34 weeks.  However, those 6-7 weeks of mere nausea as opposed to full blown HG were HEAVEN.  I'm one of the lucky amongst us in that I am having my C Section next Friday.  I don't have to explain how relieved I am to be near the end of this awful experience.

Love to you all. xoxoxoxoxo

#21 spinninggirl

Posted 14 July 2011 - 03:14 PM

Just felt the need to come in here and say that the girl I share an office with has come in with a big package of hot chips from the fish and chip shop and now our office STINKS!
sick.gif  sick.gif  sick.gif

I'm waiting on a phone call and as soon as it comes I am going to have to go and work in a meeting room or something. Gross.

(And to add insult to serious smell, she's got an amazing figure but eats crap food all the time. What's that about.)

#22 ReadySetRace

Posted 14 July 2011 - 09:28 PM

Hi Girls,
How are you all?  So sorry to hear the sad stories...but glad to know there are others like me, or worse then me....  

- I wish you had that superpower too!!  I keep trying new salty bland foods thinking maybe this will be the one thing that stops me feeling ill...but no.  sick.gif Keep trying different combos of drugs too.  Have decided from today that I'll stemetil 3 times a day and zofran twice a day, not see how I go, or eat crackers which work for 3 minutes.  I'm going to be poorer but maybe happier.  Have been having sips of water from a cup I carried round all day to and that helped. Also I have my meds before i get out of bed.  I was once told by a doc that 9-10 weeks is the worst and I'm clinging to that but can't remember it being true last time!  Some girls in my DIG are coming out the other end but with my history I better not get too hopeful.  I hate food too, hate what I have to eat to feel semi-human, hate that I cant eat my favourites / usuals (yoghurt, fruit, cakes, cinos etc), no going out to dinner either, what a waste it would be on me!  

J-A - bbighug.gif
Dont know what to say, I do wish a BFP for you when I read your signature, and the strength to cope with whatever that entails.  hands.gif

Seeing my OB in 2.5 weeks, and contemplating prednisolone, anyone tried it?

off to bed for me now

#23 Starrydawn

Posted 15 July 2011 - 08:10 PM

HI all hope you are keeping well. Or as well as one can with HG.

To those who asked I think a standard saying on the HG site is if you haven't thought of terminating you haven't had HG. It is a perfectly normal thought process. I thought we could just be plugged in for 9mths and put in a coma. Anything.

Some people are able to work. HG affects everyone differently.For myself there was no way i would of been able to work. I was bed bound literally for at least 5mths.  No computer no reading no anything. I needed to just lie there and die. It was the overwhelming sickness and nausea that was paralysing me that was the worst for me. All of us have different thresholds and different things we can and can't do. The only thing we all know is how debilitating it is and how mentally and physically challenging it is.

Can't wait for more of you to have your babies and be free.

#24 Nicole7

Posted 16 July 2011 - 08:00 PM

Pookems - welcome to the group. Sorry you're suffering too. To answer your question about work, I'm a stay at home mum and have had to put DD in daycare two days a week because I can't look after her properly when grandparents aren't around. I worked a bit during my last pregnancy (took a lot of sick days) but that was bad morning sickness rather than HG.

Doctorseuss - Does stemetil make you drowsy? Can you take it long-term?

JA- Good luck!!!

Suzewantstwo- You'll be holding that baby so soon! How exciting!

AFM have had a bad cold and sinus infection since Tuesday. Still vomiting occasionally, but teamed with the cold I'm completely wiped out. DH is sick too. Poor babe got mild food poisoning from something he bought for lunch. (Been trying to resist the temptation to say "now imagine feeling that bad for the past 5 months). To add insult to injury my MIL came over today with a sore throat. Hopefully I won't catch it but my immune system is rubbish at the moment. She said she was just coming down with it, but to be honest she was so raspy she sounded like a phone-sex worker. She said that "you can't worry about germs". I think you can, especially when you've been barely-coping for so long. (Sorry, had to vent. The woman drives me nuts!)

#25 Kellzz

Posted 17 July 2011 - 05:30 PM

Hi ladies,

Sorry I havent been back for a little while but i would like to say thankyou for the welcome.

I'm still suffering with MS, some days it can be good others my head is in the bucket from the time i wake til i sleep again.

I have been taking my maxalon and zofran, but some days it just doesnt seem to work. Speaking of Zofran have any of you ladies taken it all through your pregnancy without any complications. The reason i ask is by the looks i may have to do it if I dont settle down soon. I also found out the other day that I have thrush in my mouth so i have to take nilstat for that now.

Also early hours of the morning i wake up with a dry mouth and it feels so thick...lol

So far this pregnancy i have lost 20kgs in total. When i went to book into the hospital last wednesday the mid wife did my bmi on my starting weight and she told my it was high which meant i may have to deliver at a hospital 2hrs away from me, then she decided because i had problem 3 previous problem free births that she would do it on my current weight which brought me below the bmi threshold required for my local hospital, now i just have to maintain it and only put on baby weight and i should be able to deliver here instead. Fingers are crossed.

thinking of you all....

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