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Ectopic Pregnancy Support Group #123
All welcome

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#1 Freckles

Posted 09 November 2010 - 08:16 AM

Welcome to the

Ectopic Pregnancy Support Group

A place for all those who have experienced an ectopic pregnancy and want some support.

original.gif original.gif original.gif

Old thread is here.

#2 key4

Posted 09 November 2010 - 09:39 AM

Shumunster - Happy birthday glad to hear you had a great party original.gif

Camster- Happy first birthday to your little girl.

Floss - What could be seen in your scan at 5weeks was it just the yok sac?

I had some good news yesterday original.gif I spent the weekend in the emergency with terrible pain and heavy bleeding ultrasound yesterday finally found the yok sac in the yesterday measuring 7 weeks but no fetal pole. Maybe just too early having another scan next week so see what has been happening. It was was not there last week when they did the scan but huge this week! It was right at the top of the uterus.

#3 shmunster

Posted 09 November 2010 - 10:06 AM


See EP fertility stats HERE

See actual real (left) EP operation pics HERE

See EP Signs and Symptoms info sheet HERE

There IS hope after an ectopic!  It may not seem like it at the time, but there are so many who go on to have perfectly healthy pregnancies and babies.  The journey might be fraught with worry at times, but well worth it in the end.  We send our best wishes to the girls below (and they are just SOME of the success stories) as they leave their ectopic journey behind them and concentrate on their precious new babies.   Think of these girls when the going gets tough and focus on the fact that IT CAN HAPPEN!!!  original.gif

Theresa (Munsy) Rachel Mariam - 30th March 2010
Ectopic at 6w3d Fallopian tube removed 4.3.09

Annie13 Stella - 15th March 2010
Ectopic Right Fallopian tube removed Nov 08

Shmunster Archer James - 30th January, 2010
Ectopic at 6 weeks fallopian tube removed 21.12.08. TTC #1.
EP Story

Rachel (rachelemma) : Charles Edward – 12th January, 2008
Rachel (rachelemma) : Jack William – 1st December, 2009
TTC #2. DD 8 months. Ectopic: 8 ½ weeks (07/10/06). Right tube lost

Cam (Camster) : Joshua James – 23rd April, 2007
Cam (Camster) Emmeline Jean – 9th November, 2009
Ectopic 19.12.05 at 7.5 wks. Right fallopian tube removed 19.12.05. TTC #1.
EP Story

Nic (Jrsmummum) : Jordan Ryan  - June, 2006
Nic (Jrsmummum) : Ashton Jay - July, 2009
Ectopic: May 05 - left tube lost.

Kerrie (Kezball) 30 : Hannah Amy - 26th October, 2006
Kerrie (kezball) Olivia Mary – 7th May, 2009
Ectopic 22.04.05 Left fallopian tube, tube damaged but saved. TTC #1. Conception: natural

Janet (faisdodo) : Zara Claire– 23rd January, 2007
Janet (faisdodo) Darcy Owen and Leo James – 9th January, 2009
Ectopic Dec 05: Methotrexate treatment worked on betas but left tube tore when cells were being expelled, and tube was removed by emergency laparotomy 21.12.05 (12 days after methotrexate). TTC #3. Conception: Vitex and charting

L&L Liam – 1st December, 2008
EP Story. TTC #2. IVF ICSI. DS 1 yr. Ectopic: Caesarean scar tissue ectopic 8 weeks (01.03.07). Treated with methotrexate x2.

Bess (allyanddeak) Shylar Belle – 31st October 2008
TTC #3. Ectopic: Dec 07 at 12 wks.. Ruptured left tube lost

Dannie (Pink~Diamond) Kael Harold – 18th October 2008
EP Story. TTC #3. DS 5, DS 4. Ectopic:  – 9 weeks (07.10.06). Left tube lost

Shari (TazzieD) : Brenna Imogen - 19th September 2008
TTC #2 since 01/07. DD 12.5.06. Ectopic: 6+2 weeks (14.04.07). Left tube lost

Carolyn (Bigbird78) : Lauren Ann – 14th September, 2008
TTC #2. DS 2. Ectopic: 8 weeks (06.01.07) - right tube lost

Corrie (just-call-me-martha) : Finn – 4th August, 2008
Corrie (just-call-me-martha) : Tilly – 4th August, 2008
Ectopic: 6 weeks 20.06.07. Right tube lost. TTC #2. DD 1 26.05.06

misspixie : Jemma – 5th May, 2008
Ectopic (1): 04/01 - right tube lost. Ectopic (2): 01/06 – left tube lost. DD 08/02. Conception: IVF (ICSI)

Mon (merbaby) : Lucia Merelyn– 10th April, 2008
EP Story and Fertility Story
Ectopic: 6 weeks (06/07/06). Right tube removed. TTC #1.

Lisa (lisa77) : Shae Veronica Ann– 5th March, 2008
Ectopic: 5 1/2 weeks (30/3/07). Right tube lost (ruptured EP). TTC #2. DS 15/8/05

Orient99 : JD - 14th October, 2007
Ectopic: 8 weeks (02/02). Left tube lost. TTC #2 since Nov 2006.

Jo (pjpuppy4) 37 : Gabrielle Jordan – 1st October, 2007
EP Story
Ectopic: 6 weeks 16.06.06: ruptured, lap 17.06.06. Right tube lost. TTC #2 since Aug 05. M/C April 02 @ 9weeks. DD 2 born 02/06/04 after TTC 14months. Complete m/c 6 wks 11/06.

Kerry (Kerry77) 29 : Aiden Michael – 8th September, 2007
Ectopic: 6+3 weeks 23/08/06. Right tube lost. TTC #1 since Jan 06.

Michelle (folly3) : Josephine Joy – 26th August, 2007
EP Story
Ectopic: 8+3 weeks 02/10/06. Left tube lost. TTC #2 since April 2005. DD 4.

Siobhan (STB) : Mairead Nellie– 20th July, 2007
Ectopic: 23.04.06. Lost right tube. TTC #2

Tweekle : Vaughan David – 6th June, 2007
EP at 8 weeks (02.06.05, diagnosed 15.07.05). Treated with Methotrexate, tube saved but now blocked with scar tissue. TTC #2

Emma (Freckles) : Elizabeth Erin – 23rd May, 2007
Ectopic: 6 weeks 27.01.06. Laparoscopy and left tube lost. TTC #2 since Nov 2005. Conception: natural, charting, OPK’s.

Ang (Angeliqua) : Connor James – 21st February, 2007
Ectopic at 6 weeks, lost left fallopian tube 22.01.06. TTC#2.

Babycake : Annaliese Ruby – 8th January, 2007
Ectopic at 6 weeks (14.02.06). Lost left tube. TTC #1

Cas (Cas03) : Eloise Scarlett – 21st October 2006
Ectopic: July 05. Left tube removed. TTC #2

RebelYell : Zoitsa Chaya - 6th October 2006
Ectopic: 23.11.04 Left fallopian tube removed. DD 16 and DS 14 from previous marriage. M/C 16.09.04.

Sheree (Magic) : Mitchell James – 21st September, 2006
Ectopic: 07.04.05 Right fallopian tube removed. TTC#2 Concetion: natural/Vitex.

Cupcakes : Sophie - 26th July 2006
Ectopic at: 8 weeks, ruptured and right fallopian tube removed 21.02.05. DD Olivia 12.08.01

Mummy2Piper (formerly Kahli) : Piper - 17th July, 2006
Ectopic: 7.2 weeks, lost left fallopian tube 23.07.05. M/C @ 6 weeks 04.03.05 (EDD 29.10.05).

Emma (EmmyEm) : Lily & Charlotte – 13th July, 2006
Ectopic: Jan 2004 @ 7.5 weeks. TTC #3 Since July '02(IVF) Has DS 6 DD 4. M/C Aug 2003 @ 8.5 wks.

Kbear : Baby Bear - 27th April, 2006
Ectopic: Jan 05 - right tube lost. Conception type: natural with OPKs and charting

Little1 : Blake Noah - 24th November 2005
Ectopic: 7 weeks. Laparoscopy 04.04.04. Lost right tube. Conception type: natural, OPK's, charting and vitex. Naturopath prescribed herbs to help cycle.

Ellie : Ruby Mae - 13th November 2005
Ectopic: 11 weeks. Laparoscopy 26.12.04. Lost left tube. Conception type: natural

Georgiagirl : Georgia Grace - 8th November 2005
Ectopic: 9 1/2 weeks. Laparoscopy 28.06.04. Lost right tube. Conception type: natural

Megan (Bowie) : Kieran – 31st July 2001
Megan (Bowie) : Mikayla - 5th December 2002
Megan (Bowie) : Hayley – 1st July 2005
EP Story. Ectopic: 10 weeks. Laparoscopy 28.10.99. Left tube split/damaged but saved. M/c April 2000. Conception type: DS – IVF, DD1 – natural, DD2 – natural/OPK

Please PM Shmunster if anything needs to be added or changed.


Edited by shmunster, 16 November 2010 - 12:13 PM.

#4 shmunster

Posted 09 November 2010 - 10:07 AM

Key, OMG, I have heard of that happening, fingers and toes and legs and arms and everything crossable crossed for you chicky

#5 milly81

Posted 11 November 2010 - 07:18 AM

Help pls ladies.
I really need some advice/support.
Yesterday my doc said my pg is most likely ectopic.
I'm 5w4d since last LMP.
This is my third pg in four months. The other two ended in m/c at 4.5 wks, prob due to low progesterone.
Anyway, this time I thought I was actually going to have a baby.
But my HCG just wasn't rising enough.
Yesterday it was 457, with it being 414 two days earlier.
He can't see anything with vag ultrasound, but he's pretty sure it's EP.
I have no pain (twinges on the left) or bleeding.
So, my doc says he will do a laproscopy and REMOVE MY TUBE!!!
Is this standard? Just take out the tube?
I've been crying all night at the thought of losing a tube. I'm sick with worry about it.
He says one tube will do the work of two.
Says leaving the tube in means 1 in 8 chance of EP in that tube.

Can someone pls reply with thoughts/experiences?
I"m really not coping.
Trying to get in to someone today for a second opinion.

Distraught sad.gif

#6 jjc1

Posted 11 November 2010 - 08:08 AM

Hi everyone

Shunmuster happy belated birthday biggrin.gif

Camster happy first birthday for your little girl biggrin.gif

Key i hope it all goes ok everything crossed for you.

Milly81 So sorry to hear i had an ectopic about 4 weeks ago i lost my right tube because it had ruptured. My doc said it depended on where in the tube it was as to what he could do. It is really hard i cried up until i was put to sleep and then for about a week after that and still not really myself. If your not happy get a second opinion but they usually like to move pretty quick in case your tube ruptures. Thinking of you bbighug.gif

#7 shmunster

Posted 11 November 2010 - 08:48 AM

Millie, if you can get a 2nd opinion, at your gestation and with no bleeding or pain nd the fact that they dont yet know if it even is an ectopic, they can give you a methotraxate shot first, which is basically a chemotheraphy injection which will kill off any new growing cells in your body

If at any point you do have extreme pain or heavy bleeding go to emergancy and tell them the doc suspects ectopic

My ob did a few repeat bloods as I was bleeding and my hcg wasnt rising as it should, and told me if I had severe pain to go to emergancy, which I did along with heavy bleeding, and the internal ultrasound at emergancy showed a bulging tube so they went in to look and then removed my tube as it was too late for anything else

Your doc is right that losing a tube doesnt mean you lose half your chances, as the remaining tube can sweep across to your other ovary, but it is not necessary to remove the tube "just incase"

Even removing the tube you aparently still go from a 1 in 100 chance of ectopic to a 1 in 10 chance

bBig big hugs lovely but try to get into someone else quickly for another opinion, if you do lose your tube you will be ok, but dont let them take it just yet

Which area are you in? If you are in SE vic pm me I can reccomend my ob Jacque Lam extremely highly

Edited by shmunster, 11 November 2010 - 08:49 AM.

#8 milly81

Posted 11 November 2010 - 09:39 AM

thanks girls
I just rang my doc and said I was freaking out about what he said yesterday about removing the tube.
He said if I want to try and save it he will do that, but as long as I know the risks are much higher in that tube of having another EP.
I want to save it, fair enough if it happens in that tube again then we can remove it.
Maybe I can only TTC when I'm ovulating from the other side (Is that ridiculous?)

I just managed to get in with a gyno (I'm on the Gold Coast) for another opinion.
Seeing her in an hour.
It's costing me $220 as I have no refferral. So hope I just don't get more confused.

so far no bleeding, no pain.

Shmunster and jjc1 thank you for your replies.
I feel a little better, but still really scared about all of this.
I'll post again later.

#9 shmunster

Posted 11 November 2010 - 10:27 AM

I'm Glad you're seeing a Gyno

You can still get pregnant from either ovary, the body is pretty cool like that, it just lowers the chances a little bit

Several of the girls on here have since had babies from the ovary they have no tube for

Good luck Millie, it truly is the scariest feeling xxx

Oh and with the referral get your gp to do a referral for today and then you can claim it on Medicare, I did that last time, I saw the ob/gyn early in the day and got a referral later and gave it to them and it meant I could claim it

Edited by shmunster, 11 November 2010 - 10:30 AM.

#10 key4

Posted 11 November 2010 - 11:03 AM

Milly - I hope everything works out well for you. I have been to theatre twice with ectopics and I still have my tubes. Last week I had bulging tubes the Drs squirted something in there and the swelling had gone down by my next Ultrasound which was on Monday of this week. At HCG of 457 it is very difficult to visualise an intrauterine pregnancy so hopefully just too little and Hcg will come back nice and strong today original.gif

AFM - I am coping! 5 days to the next Ultrasound to see if there is a heartbeat. I managed to finish an assignment over the last 2 days off work so at least it was not wasted time! Very tired today and feeling ill but the bleeding started again this morning so probably just low BP doing it.

Edited by key4, 11 November 2010 - 11:03 AM.

#11 babyonthebrain

Posted 11 November 2010 - 01:23 PM

Hi All

I am new this to this group but feel so grateful i found it.

Four weeks ago I was over the moon to find out we were pregnant after 9mths of TTC#2 and a miscarriage 3 mths ago.

At 6 weeks i had discomfort in my right side that made me visit the GP.  After extensive internal ultrasound they determined a ectopic pregnancy.  It took awhile for them to determine as I had no bleeding or servere pain.  Anyway I had my right tube removed.

Only now is it hitting me emotionally.  I tell friends and some say the right thing and others say completely the wrong thing!!  

How did or do you get through it?  When did you start trying again?  I think my doctor said we could start whenever we felt ready. I am due to have a follow up app next week so will confirm.

Just looking for support and guidance from others who have been through similar emotional times.

Milly81 - I hope you get the result you are after.  But I also was told that my other tube will work just as good as if I have two.

#12 shmunster

Posted 11 November 2010 - 02:34 PM

Key, bleeding is so hard, I had it with my ectopic and I also had it with Archie, your body is really playing games with you

Baby, welcome, I wish there was a magic way to make it all better but time really is the only thing that helped me, along with finding the girls in here and knowing that they had had babies since their ectopics. At the time I just wanted to hide away, everyone was pregnant and it broke my heart

After an ectopic most ob/gyns and surgeons recommend 3 months or 3 cycles before etc again to make sure you are healed up properly

Trying again is completely terrifying too, so don't be worried if you are scared to try again, I was completely obsessed with trying again (we'd been ttc #1 about 14m when I had the ectopic) but also so so scared

Edited by shmunster, 11 November 2010 - 02:36 PM.

#13 milly81

Posted 11 November 2010 - 03:33 PM

well I actually never got the second opinion at the other gyno.
I thought I was being paranoid and I should trust my own gyno.
Esp when the receptionist at the place knew my doc and said he was brilliant and had a really good reputation etc. Bit of comfort I guess.

I went to a friend's and cried there for a while.
She is the first person I've told other than my mum.
But I came home to try and sleep cos the nausea is getting worse, bit worried about the pelvic niggles/light pain I'm having too, might call the doc back before the end of today.
I'm having a blood test early tomorrow morning and then appt at 12 to discuss results and most likely surgery on monday.
But now I'm thinking monday is too far away, I want it done now, I'm stressed it will rupture and I'll have no chance of saving the tube.
Maybe my gyno will agree to do it Saturday.

jjc1 - does it get easier as time goes on?

Baby - yes, my gyno said the tubes are amazing organs and one tube will sweep across to grab an egg from each ovary. I really hope that happens for me if I lose a tube.

shmunster - thank you for your wisdom. I take comfort from your experience.

I'm so glad I posted on here, you girls are all just lovely.

Ps - can anyone tell me what is the recovery time for tube removal via laparoscopy? (If we do get it removed)

Milly x

#14 babyonthebrain

Posted 11 November 2010 - 06:53 PM

Milly - I think the worst part is the wait for you. Is there any reason you need to wait?  Can your doc confirm it is ectopic?  What are they waiting for?  I think you will stress and make yourself sick over the weekend.  
It is crazy but I was grateful it all happened in a matter of 24hrs.  As for my recovery. I was in bed the day I was discharged but the follwoing few days I was out and about (not recommended ) but I had only just relocated from Melb to Sydney when this happened.  Otherwise after one week I felt fine and movement was good.

shmunster - I agree it takes time to heal but it hurts to see or know people who are pregnant along the way.  In particular my sister is pregnant with her first and I really can't and don't even talk about her pregnancy. I feel terrible for that... very very guilty. Not to mention if I didn't miscarriage the first time we would have been 3 weeks apart.

As for the 3mth/ 3 cycle wait. I don't think I can wait that long. I don't know how to shut it off (wanting a child) and needing to try.

jjc1 - how are you doing 4 weeks on?

#15 shmunster

Posted 11 November 2010 - 09:27 PM

The only thing that kept me somewhat sane in the wait to ttc (and I had to wait 4 months because everything turned to crap) was the thought that if I didn't wait my body might not be prepared for another pregnancy yet and it might not cope with it and something could go wrong

At one point I had 12 people around me pregnant and I was devastated and not functioning at all

Edited by shmunster, 11 November 2010 - 09:28 PM.

#16 ʚϊɞ Ellorilee ʚϊɞ

Posted 11 November 2010 - 09:36 PM

Hi All

Am popping into here....

I have had a long 4 weeks as knew something was wrong from the 1st week of the + HPT...it has been a bumpy ride with different opinions sending me up and down emotionally. The hospital kept me waiting (and would have if I hadnt said enough was enough) as the HCG was still rising and they didnt do terminations. It wasnt until the head gyno looked at scan and called it.

As they advised the operation would have been to risky, I had opted (didnt want to but for a few reasons) chose to go the med option as they said it would be the safest option...but it could mean that if the first dose doesnt work I am in for a second dose. Will need the op if the 2nd dose doesnt work) so still in the whole process.

I have to wait (currently, it will depend on further tests etc) 3 months and that is what I am struggling with. Plus the bleeding so soon (after the 2 mm/cs I had D&C and after the last one didnt bleed so least had that time to process) is getting to me. Hoping it doesnt last long.



ETA: I lost it yesterday when I was waiting for the treatment and had to get lunch in the cafe, with all the pg women and ladies with newborns walking around. Hit that soon I was no longer going to be pg.

edited due to spelling.

Edited by ~Ellorilee~, 11 November 2010 - 09:57 PM.

#17 shmunster

Posted 11 November 2010 - 09:55 PM

I'm so sorry roz sad.gif

Hopefully you won't need the 2nd lot of metho, I had to have methotrexate after they removed my tube as my hcg levels went down then back up again, it was horrible


So many new people in the thread sad.gif I'm so sorry for all of you

#18 ʚϊɞ Ellorilee ʚϊɞ

Posted 11 November 2010 - 10:00 PM

Shmunster: Sorry to hear... I wish I could have opted for the op though but did weigh up the risks etc at the time. I am hating the side affects of the 1st dose really dont want the 2nd.

#19 shmunster

Posted 11 November 2010 - 10:29 PM

Yeah you are way better to go for the metho first rather than have an op and lose the tube

I'll keep everything crossed for you that your hcg comes down quickly

#20 babyonthebrain

Posted 12 November 2010 - 08:18 AM

milly81 - how are you today? Any news?

Ellorilee - I had tears in my eyes when you mention getting lunch and seeing pregnant women & babies. But try to hold hope that will be you soon if you stay strong. Take each day as it comes.

shmunster - do you mind me asking how long you have been TTC since EP?
12 people around you would have been tough. Be great if we could live in a bubble until we felt ready to face it all.

AFM - just hanging out for my follow up app to ask more questions about where i go to from here.  I had a little break down last night with the DH just telling him that the anxiety is starting to rear its ugly head again. eg the trying, waiting, testing, disappointment.

#21 shmunster

Posted 12 November 2010 - 08:56 AM

Baby, I had my ep in dec 08 after I had been ttc unsuccessfully for 14 months. My ob/gyn did the lap, dye tests and d&c and I got a bfp the next cycle. Unfortunately that was the EP

I then waited the 4 months, struggling the whole way with massive anxiety and I conceived my son the first cycle. I struggled the whole way through the pregnancy as I was so petrified of anything going wrong and I saw a psych the whole way.

I'm not currently ttc but alot of us in here aren't anymore, it's just home to us after we all have been through an EP which is just so different to any other pregnancy loss

I hope you guys are all doing ok, it was a while ago for me but I remember it like it was yesterday and the anniversary of mine is coming up next month, a few days before Xmas

#22 babyonthebrain

Posted 12 November 2010 - 12:16 PM

shmunster -  well i thank you for sticking around on this forum to help people like me and give me hope. It seems after some of the reading I have done on this website and others that women have concieved not to long after their EP.  Like you!!!  I hope that happens to me but like you I will be scared. Not only for pregnancy loss but with my last pregnancy I was SO sick i was bed ridden for 4mths and lost so much weight. So that in its self was a terrible time.

I could probably benefit from a psych to or though this forum helps as it becomes so consuming. Plus I am going through a tough time trying to reconnect with Mums, kids, friends as I have just up rooted my life to another state.  It is proving to be much harder then I thought, leaving me alone and time to think....think about what i want and can't quite reach.

oh and to have a laugh the only person that has reached out to me has a 21mth son and is due to give birth to her girl in one week. Ironic right??

#23 key4

Posted 12 November 2010 - 12:39 PM

Baby - Hope you give yourself time to heal before TTC the next baby. I fortunately or unfortunately fell pregnant within 4 weeks of my last EP and it is all pear shaped at the moment I can not help blame myself that if I had been more careful and waited the outcome would be different, but there is just as much chance of things going perfectly I guess. Counselling I would highly reccommend as there are other emotions including anger and frustration which appear suddenly.

Milly - I guess because you have no pain or bleeding they are ok to wait.  Both times I went in I was in theatre within about 2 hours of the Doctors visit. As for recovery physically you hurt for a few days and the anaes takes a bit out of you. First time round I went to work 3 days after the surgery but would not reccommend that as it takes a bit out of you and rest assists the recovery.

Roz- I feel for you as I am living the same nightmare at the moment. I hope you are emotionally able to heal soon.

i have a little bit of a vent....

In the mail yesterday I received a letter from the hospital I thought it was some sort of bill or something opened the envelope and there was pictures taken in Surgery last week - Why did they do that I did not want to see them. I thought it was extremely inconsiderate and they should have been forwarded to the Dr instead.

#24 babyonthebrain

Posted 12 November 2010 - 12:47 PM

key4 - OMG!!  They did the same thing to me. Sent the pictures that I assure you was not what i wanted to see either.  

As for trying after EP. Well my husband and i both remember two doctors telling us we could straight away if we wanted. But the ironic thing is why do i think I may fall pregnant straight away when it has taken me 9mths.  I will confirm with doc this week though.

I am sorry for your loss.

#25 CarlieAW

Posted 12 November 2010 - 01:00 PM

Hi all,

May I join?  

Two weeks ago today I went to my GP because I'd had pain all week on my right side and, on a whim, did a HPT and got a very dark positive.  I'd had a 'period' when I was supposed to so I had just assumed that the pain (along with very positive OPKs) meant I was just ovulating. My doc sent me for an emergency ultrasound and sure enough was told I was 6 weeks pregnant but it was tubal.  With-in minutes of being told this and that I should get to a public hospital (as private health waiting period wasn't up) it all went downhill and before I knew it they were saying I wouldn't make it to the other hospital in time as EP had already ruptured my tube and I was taken upstairs and had emergency laparoscopy and salpingectomy (removal of right tube).  I had lost 1L of blood into my abdomen and so also needed a blood transfusion.

This all happened (including finding out I was pregnant) on Friday two weeks ago.  I'm wondering how long it took others to recover (I'm off work for next week as well) and if the emotional side of it came later (I don't think the enormity of it all has fully hit me yet)?

Thanks, and sorry for the long story.

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