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April 06 Parents # 189

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#1 catalyst

Posted 20 July 2010 - 07:32 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 LittleDCJ

Posted 20 July 2010 - 09:28 AM


How is everyone?

We're all doing well.  Back at school yesterday after an enjoyable holidays just spent at home having lazy pyjama days.  Deakin was 6 yesterday and had a fun YMCA party on Sunday. Was very spoilt with lots of lego.  I think my dream job would be to work at Lego, I love the stuff and get very protective of my creations.  Watch out boys if you break them!!!

My running is going really well.  I did my longest course on Sunday, 15km in the Hills to Henley!!  I am so proud as I did it without stopping and in 1h 25m.  It was pouring with rain most of the way and was only 6 degrees when we started at 8.45am.  I must have caught the running bug as I've just signed up to do the Adelaide half marathon in 4 weeks, it will be 21.1km!!  What's an extra 6.1km of pain???

Well best be off.  Hope you are all well.

#3 Polaris

Posted 27 July 2010 - 08:50 PM


I know that I have no right to really come in an just take a place considering I haven't really been in much. sad.gif

Things have been going well here; just started my second semester at uni and I have changed over to the Bachelor of Psychology Honors program - qutie excited about it all, but life is as busy as usual.

We had Raife's second birthday party the other week (just a family affair) with a Thomas cake that mum and me were up until 0030 hrs making the night before...well the morning of if you want ot get technical.  Raife loved it which was what we were after.

Eylee has been going well too, just growing up before our eyes.  We have her all sorted for school next year.  She will be going to the same school that DH went to  happy.gif .

We are house hunting at the moment but are really disenchanted by what we have seen around the place and it is quite exhausting seeing one place after another without anything tweeking our interest.  Yet the search goes on.

Tina - good on your for your running efforts, definitely much better than what I could ever manage!  You go girl!!!

Okay it is late...well 2050 hrs and Raife just went to bed so I think I will follow.

hugs to all

#4 tomkatsmum

Posted 06 August 2010 - 08:50 PM

hi girls,

gee we have got really slack in here haven't we. Does anyone even come in here anymore? oh well..

DEE so great to hear from you. I can't believe that Raife is 2 already. Gee that seemed to go really fast. COngrats on your uni course it sounds like you are all doing well, and as always are super busy. Would love to see some pics of the kids if you get a chance to pop back in. Is Eylee excited about school next year? i would love to send Katelyn but she doesn't make the cutoff down here, so shes off to kinder. oh well, wont hurt her, ust drive me insane! LOL.

Tina - you go girl. You sound like you are doing so fantastically with your running. I am hoping to get back into it as obviously i haven't done much since falling pregnant. I just need to find the motivation. Am thinking of hiring a treadmill for a few months until the weather warms up and daylight savings kicks in and I can walk after dinner. I hope Deakin had a great birthday. I love Lego too, but DH refuses to have it in the house LOL. He can't stand all the little pieces. And besides Tom is not all that interested so i don't really have an excuse. How are all the boys going? I hope well.


well Emily is already 7.5 weeks old. I can't believe it and at the same time it feels like she has been hear forever. She is growing fast and has finally passed her birth weight. she is smiling loads and loves when the older kids are around. Funnily enough she also loves music and in particular the song "bob the Kelpie" by Don spencer. She just beams when this comes on. The kids think it is hilarious and are convinced she thinks her name is bob, so guess what her newest nickname is?  LOL. She is sleeping pretty well at night, but some days barely has more than 45mins at a time. I'm not sure wether to try and get her to have more during the day or just be grateful for the good nights sleep.

Katelyn is going great guns, and is so ready for school next year. But as she doesn't make the vic cutoff out by 3 days) she is off to kinder. SHe has already been doing the kinder program at daycare so we are looking at putting her into a "designated kinder" for next year just for a change in environment. SHe is doing funk classes once a week and is loving it.

Tom is doing really well at school, but we have this wek had loads of trouble with toileting again, and he is so constipated we have had him up at the hospital. He is now one a huge course of laxative solutions as the xray showed waste impacted right up to his ribs making it hard for him to eat and to go to the toilet. We will get this lot out and then have to look into the reasons behind it. Part of it is not wanting to miss out on playtime at school so holding on more. We will also investigate whether there is another reason behind it, such as perhaps food intolerances or the like.

I am doing ok, enjoying the time off from teaching and have just stared back at the evening presentations which is a nice hour or so out of the house. I need to get myself moving and shed some of this baby weight that is still hanging on  i just have to find my motivation somewhere. lol.

ok had better head off. I hope everyone is doing well.

sending everyone lots of love.
Sharyn. xoxo

#5 Polaris

Posted 11 August 2010 - 10:15 PM

Evening all,

This isn't going to be a long post as it is already after 2200 hrs (it always takes me so long to put photos into photobucket), besides I have uni tomorrow - and probably should have been doing some of my readings....or perhaps some of the other myriad of things that I feel I should do wacko.gif

Anywho I just wanted to come on and post some picks (I know I have probably been promising these for a while - I am the queen of slackness)....but here goes.  

Eylee and Raife at underwater world looking at some pretty impressive crabs

Waiting for the show in the Crocaseum at Australia Zoo

The boy chowing on his Thomas birthday cake (pre-hair cut).

Okay sorry it was so short, but I really need some sleep.  Will definitely get back on when I feel more in control (of my uni stuff).

hugs to all - hope you are all well


#6 Babyhugs

Posted 19 August 2010 - 10:17 PM

Well Well its been a long time since I have popped in here for a visit....

Glad to hear that many more babies have arrived safe and sound original.gif Congratulations!

Well i am actually pregnant myself with baby number 4 (due the 28th feb 2011)
Still in shock, and trying so hard to deal with all day morning sickness. Off to my doctor tomorrow as all i can keep down are water icy poles... so not good but hopefully not far to go..

I have read in a previous post about school for next year...
What is everyones thoughts and decisions on this? Being in NSW I can send my Amelia even though she wont be five until May 9th... her pre-school teachers definately think she is ready now and will definately be ready in 6 months. So at this stage it looks like i will be sending her to Kindy next year...

Is anyone around anymore????

Cheers Tara

#7 mummagoobs

Posted 01 October 2010 - 12:37 PM

Why hello there old friends, it is true...I am still alive and kicking hehehe

Don't get on EB much these days, if it wasn't for FB on mobile I wouldn't get online at all  rolleyes.gif

Tara's post caught my attention as I've been having the same thoughts. Although we're in a different mindset - we don't think Georgia is ready, and her daycare teacher has advised us it's better to wait another year.

She's smart, socialable and an absolute pocket rocket, but there are a few things we're not confident about just yet for her to be starting school while she's only 4. I've read so many people are going to start them next year but we think it's better for her to wait one more year.

The main issues seem to be around turn taking - she's an amazing sharer but she tends to 'manipulate' her turn, ie. if someone has something she wants and it's not her turn yet she'll turn on the grumps and they feel sorry for her - to me that is kinda smart  tongue.gif but not very nice obviously hehe

She's an avid reader, singer, dancer, counter, drawer ......everything but I still think she's a bit too little for Kindergarten.

It's been a hard decision cos' her main group of friends are actually 6mths older and will be going but all to different schools.

Be interested to hear your opinions for your littlies though.  wink.gif

#8 Polaris

Posted 07 October 2010 - 07:47 PM

Hi all,

Procrastinating here, should be cooking dinner, or at least doing some study...but don't really feel like doing either.  The kids are in bed (spoke too soon, Eylee is going to the toilet - her routine for the evening is to go to bed and then get up five minutes afterwards to go to the toilet).  DH is out at work and won't be home until late, so I am here plodding along.

All is well with us, we are in the process of buying a house and should be moved in the next 2 - 3 weeks, which is very exciting but quite a balancing act with uni, work and the kids.  It has taken a long while though as the house is in posession of the bank and they have been moving at a snails pace.

I have almost completed semester 2 of my first year of uni and I feel like I have so much to learn, I have decided to power through and do 2 subjects in the third semester.

Ange - I think this forum has been quiet from every corner of Aus, there are not many posts from the Apr 06 mums - but I think it is just more a sign of how busy we all are doing things IRL.  I know if I am not at the computer I am enjoying time with the kids and if I am on the computer I am usually completing assignments.  As far as school is concerned - I don't want to keep Eylee behind, she definitely needs the stimulation and believe that she is more than ready to move on.  Pre-prep are also of the opinion that she is ready for school.  These are the decisions that we need to make as parents, no one knows better than ourselves.

Tara - Congratulations on your pg!!!  A little green with envy as I would love to have had a large family, but it is just not meant to be.  DH and I haven't completely shut that door but it is really only a whisper away (especially with me being in my first year of a four year degree and having only just bought a house).  Hopefully the m/s has settled down by now.

Okay I know that is not much of a post but there is no more putting off cooking dinner.

hugs to all

#9 *~Bluebird~*

Posted 19 October 2010 - 11:27 AM


I am still around, just keep up with the gos on FB lately. LOL. I do keep in touch with my Dec 03 group but we have a private group on Face Book now original.gif

Us:- We are all good, Declan is nearly 18 months.  ohmy.gif Loving how they all grown up a bit, definally no more babies.  Got that feeling of being a complete family now if you know what I mean.   rolleyes.gif I will be 38 soon so glad I have had the girls and Declan. I wouldn't want to be pregnant with all the risk involved with my age now.  ohmy.gif  Girls are good, Willow is off to prep next year. Then I will only have 1 home. Chris is good, still working in daycare, he is studying his diploma in childcare now.

My brothers wife (she is Thai), finally got her visa to live over here so she is happy about that. Their baby is due in January. She hasn't had it easy as she had a operation while she was pg because of a 10cm tumor. Thankfully it turned out to not be a cancer. She lost one of her ovaries so if they want to have another child the dr said they could find it a bit hard.  sad.gif But that's down the track. They find out what they are having this week. I reckon a girl.  biggrin.gif

Me:- I am good, getting a sewing machine for christmas so going to get back into sewing. Now I have heaps more time which I am loving.  eexcite.gif The first year when Declan was born was a really long year and stressful year for us. He looks so well now. Wouldn't think he was so sick back then.  mellow.gif  

Better go and do some washing I suppose, girls are at school and Declan should have a sleep soon. I forgot his stroller at school today and he walked the whole way so he should be tired.  grin.gif

ETA:- I have a few pics in my craft blog if anyone wants a look. original.gif

Tracy original.gif

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#10 ~cackleberry~

Posted 25 October 2010 - 01:50 PM

Well, hello girls! waves.gif  Long time, no see!  I don't come onto EB at all anymore, as I got sick of all the b**chiness.  I've felt much better after not being on here.  Like others, I go onto FB when I can now, that's about it.  

Tracy, it's nice having your time back as the kids get older hey?  I am loving it.  Definately no more children for us either!  So glad your brother's wife is ok.  Have you found out yet what they're having?

, gosh you are busy!  Have you moved yet?  We are selling our house at the moment, so hoping to move soon too.  It's a huge job.  Love the photos you posted!  Can NOT get over how big Raife is now!!  Wow!!

School next year
We are like you Ange, holding Caitie back another year.  Our reasons being that you always hear of people regretting sending their children early, but never hear of anyone regretting sending them later.  Also, as the health nurse pointed out to me, is that she will be one of the younger ones when she is in Year 12, therefore will be around others who can always drink alcohol legally etc.  It's later you have to think about as well.  Plus, she's my last baby, so an extra year at home is fine by me.  original.gif

Congrats on your pregnancy Tara!!  How have you been?

Hi to everyone else!!  We've been busy lately.  Trying to sell our house, which has now been on the market for around 8 weeks.  Argh!  But, over the weekend we had 2 second inspections through and there is talk of one making an offer, so fingers crossed!!  I started working at a B&B, cleaning 2 cottages.  Hard work, but it is nice to see the extra money coming in.  That will be finishing mid November though, as the lady has sold the B&B and the new owners aren't keeping it as a B&B, but keeping the cottages for family.

Michael turned 13 a week ago, can't believe he's a teenager!!  We had a party at home for him.

Caitie is going well.  She is a busy girl with playgroup, swimming and kinder each week.  She LOVES kinder and has a favourite friend there named Issac.  I had kinder duty last Friday and to see them both together is quite cute.  They follow each other everywhere!  Hopefully they'll be in the same group next year at 4 yr old kinder.  

Well, thinks that's about it!  Hoping that I can pop in a little more regularly. original.gif

#11 Mumtotrampolinists

Posted 28 October 2010 - 03:31 PM

For kids to start prep here in Qld they need to be turning 5 by 30th June 2011. if not they stat the year after.

If you dont send you child to prep when eligible they need to go right to grade 1 teh year after.

you can get an exception form from somewhere I dont know where.

Mav went for his assessment last friday he wrote his name did patterning,recognised numbers 1,2,3 and numbers by using toys.

the issue he has is his speech some of the sounds come out wrong like seven sounds like Heaven, his f sound is H sound,and vice versa.
That kind of stuff. The interviewer said has he had speech therapy I said no. Cause Our 8 yr old had the same issue in pre school (qld style) and we had her repeat a year and worked wonders. So she saw the old system out and the new system in now known as prep.

So mav is off to prep next yr,coen is in child care 3 days a week Atm,Chayton will be in grade 1,Josie grade 4 and cheyanna last yr of primary school grade 7.

States are so diff.

ETA...... mav will be 17 if/when he hits grade 12
Josie will be 17
Chayton will be 18 if/when he goes to grade 12 (cause he missed cut off of june 30th)
Josie will be in the new system of high school (where its starts from grade 7)
Atm High school starts in grade 8
Primary school til grade 7

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#12 mummagoobs

Posted 09 November 2010 - 01:41 PM

Hey!!!! No fair changing titles girls...it took me a sec to work out who the hell you were original.gif and then I realised....aha it's Debs & Kaz!!  biggrin.gif

Kaz - thank you, thank you, thank you - I was feeling so conflicted, am so happy to have a kindred spirit.

Now I know we're all few and far between with the visits on here, but I wanted to ask your opinion - posted it in travel section and not once response!! hehe

We've pretty much decided to pack up and travel the country next year for about 8mths, we'll try and sublet our unit we rent - the landlord likes us so you never know. I'll have to resign but I was needing to change roles anyways when Georgia starts school as I'll need to do reduce hours and this current role won't be viable. I was scared about it but now am not so much. I can do anything really.

We're going to buy a 4WD and caravan - nothing fancy just something comfortable which we'll sell when we get back.

DH will work in certain places, especially up north where there is always chef work so that will keep us going.

We figure if we don't do something now - we won't till we're in our 60's! Not like this anyways.

Am excited, nervous, excited - and pretty much resolved to do it. It's the little things on the return that might be concerning but I am pretty confident it will be mangeable.

#13 Mumtotrampolinists

Posted 12 December 2010 - 03:41 PM

gee this group is slow now...fb takes over lol.

#14 scuttlebutt

Posted 20 December 2010 - 08:19 AM

Hey all, I feel so bad sometimes that I don't get in here enough, and it seems I am not the only one!

We are doing well, sold our apartment in Aug and are living in a rental now, a little house across the road from a park - it's lovely, we have great neigbours, and hope to stay here for a few years.

Ben should be getting a job offer this week, hopefully the $$ are good enough that we can start thinking about buying a house in the next few years, we will just be saving like mad to increase the deposit, we wound up selling at the peak of a little bubble in our old area, so we managed to get a nice little bit of equity sitting in the bank, our place was only on the market for 5 days!

The kids are going great, LOVING christmas time, and just so excited.  We bought a camper trailer, so we are off on a camping adventure on xmas eve, will stay with mum for xmas, then head off camping with her and my little bro and his girl, the kids are very excited about that too!

Austin is off to Kindy next year.  He is definitely over-ready in some areas, not quite ready in others, but overall, he would just get so bored if he stayed back another year.  He really thrives in formal, structured environments, so I think he will be fine.  I expect the first term to be difficult of course, but we will get through.  I finished school when I was 17.5 so that's not a concern to me, I actually think its better to get him into a trade/uni younger, so he can get out younger and get on with life.  At the moment he wants to be a zoo keeper - has done for a few years now LOL

Elliott is going to be having a year at home with me next year.  He has been in daycare this year, but I can't find anything that I like that doesn't have a stupid waiting list near me, so we are going to have time together which I am so looking forward to.  He is such a funny little thing - he is going to be lost without his brother next year!

Best go, I think I might take the boys to the zoo this morning, its a nice, cool day here, so will be perfect!

#15 Babyhugs

Posted 02 January 2011 - 02:04 PM

Hi again,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and an exciting new year..

Mine was quiet, which is nice as I am 32 weeks Pregnant already. We are booked in for our c-section on the 18th Feb... so about 7 weeks away original.gif I know this sounds terrible but today is the first day I have been a little bit excited about the thought of having a baby.. The past 7 months have been so stressfull and I have been struggling to accept this pregnancy. So a little bit of excitement is exciting lol.. Dee i understand the slight green monster thing, DH and I tried for 2 years after Amelia turned 1, we had one misscarriage at this time but no little bubba's so we had began to accept the fact three was our number.. another reason it was so hard to accept the pregnancy..

School....Amelia attended the orientation days at her big school and coped beautifully. One of the teachers I had spoken to about the decision to send her was suggesting leaving her for another year. But after the orientation days she spoke to me about Amelia definately being ready and would cope with school beautifully. So the count down is on! I wish NSW was easier, there is such a huge difference in ages of school kids and if they had a definite cut off for sending a child to school at a specific age it would be easier to make the decision and the kids would all be the same age sad.gif

I would love to do some travel, our 12 year old son has been asking us to go and travel for a year.. he wants me to home school them original.gif I dont think that with a 12, 10, 4 and new born thats the best choice right now..lol..... sounds excellent though..

Tracy I got a sewing machine for christmas as well... cant wait to learn how to use it. Amelia was spending Mondays with my MIL while i worked the past term, she does a lot of sewing. So Amelia has been describing how to use it..lol I should get her to learn at the same time..lol She will probably take to it quicker than me.. original.gif

Wow 13...Happy Birthday to Michael..... my Austin is off to high school this year but not turning 13 until September. Its crazy how quickly time flys.. I remember bringing Austin home from the hospital as a new born. Then they go and grow up so quickly...lol... how  dare they.

Well I am off to play some board games with the kids original.gif They have been pretty good so far this holidays and its been so hot as well. Perfect weather to stay home and in the cool.... sad.gif

Stay safe original.gif

Cheers Tara

#16 Babyhugs

Posted 04 February 2011 - 05:19 PM

Hi everyone,

Well week one of big school done and dusted. Amelia is loving school and making friends. She is in a Kindy/1 class so a bit worried about the age difference, but can only hope I made the right decision.

Where is everyone?????

I only have 2 weeks to go now until bub will be here...

Hopefully someone else will pop in so I dont talk to myself sad.gif

Cheers Tara

#17 ~cackleberry~

Posted 09 February 2011 - 12:57 PM

Wow, it's been ages since i've even poked my head into read EB at all, let alone come and check out what's happening in our group.  Seems like it's been that way for others as well.

We ended up finally selling our house.  (Kate, 5 days...you lucky gal...took us 2.5 mths!!!).  We put it on the market in August and it finally sold the end of October.  We were so relieved.  Like Kate, we are also living in a rental for a little while and hope to get back into the market again in a few years.  Not sure yet if we'll buy an investment property and rent it out, or buy one for ourselves as yet.  We absolutely love it where we are at the moment.  Close to everything, schools, kinder, Andrew's work etc.  Great house too with heaps of space.  Hopefully we'll be here for a while to come.

I'm getting a little jealous reading of all these children starting school this year.  Ahhh to have that time without Caitie, lol!  Caitie just isn't as confident as some though, still very shy and happy to play alone, so i'm glad for her that she has that extra year to adjust and come out of her shell a little...hopefully.

Andrew has another job as a Mechanic as his last boss was trying to make them leave work early some days and then either dock them pay or take it off his holiday pay.  Over Christmas, he had 3 weeks off as the workshop closed down over that period.  When he returned, he was told he had no holidays left, as a result of being told to leave earlier and that he owed them more than $1000.  He called the Fair Workers Ombudsman and they told him that they can't do that.  He has to be paid his full hours as he is employed as a full time worker.  He told the boss the next morning, so she gave him a week's notice!  Grrr!!  She still hasn't paid him that last week either!!  The new job he started on Monday and it's going really well so far.

Tara, good luck for 18th Feb hun!  You will have to come share some pics of your new little one.  How exciting that it's so close!!

We had to swap schools for Cameron and William and so far they are enjoying their new school and making new friends.  Such a relief!  Michael got to stay at his high school, as we moved closer to it.  He is in Year 8 this year and loving school.

That's about all the news for now.  Have to go take Caitie to kinder.  Hope everyone is well.  Maybe we should start posting some up to date pics of our 2006 little darlings?

#18 Quack Quack

Posted 09 February 2011 - 09:11 PM

Hi everyone! I know the posts are few and far between now.. and I was never a very prolific poster anyway :-/ LOL but anyway I thought I would just pop in and updated a bit what we are up to!

Malakai will be 5 in a couple of weeks! and is starting school in term 2.  We have moved from country SA to the city and so far everyone is settling in well and loving it.
Malakai has been disgnosed as having Autism and Selective Mutism which has had its major adjustments etc.  but so far we are doing ok.

He has started at a brand new kindy this week just for the term, and I anticipated having major settling in issues to the point where I wondered if it was even worth it.. but he has walked in there like he owns it and is loving every moment biggrin.gif such a load off my mind.

I hope all the other April '06 babies are doing well biggrin.gif

#19 Polaris

Posted 12 February 2011 - 07:15 PM

Hi there all,

Well I can certainly put my hand up as one of those slack posters too.  I don't really do much by study (and a little surfing) on the net.  I don't do FB or Twitter so don't really know much of what goes on around me.

I have just finished my third semester (I did two subjects over summer), and it is nice to have a couple of weeks off.  So far I have done more reading, some sewing (mainly reducing my mending pile) and I have done some organising.  I would like to get out and do some yard work but it has been too hot for that kind of business.  I am also trying to teach myself how to crochet which is a bit fun.

Eylee has settled well into school, it just amazes me how much she comes home with (like a sponge).  

Raife is a little unwell at the moment.  He has taken the change in day cares a little hard but he is improving little by little.

5*little*ducks - Good to hear that you are settling in after the move.  Wow Autism would be quite challenging but great to hear that you are doing okay.

Kaz - sounds like you and your DH have had some trying times with work - I can't believe that he was employed as a full timer and they wanted to dock him pay after sending him home early.  Sad that there are people out there like that.

Tara - wow chick two weeks....well more like one now!  All the best - can't wait to hear baby news (and see picks).

Okay that is all my window is letting me view (for some reason the internet is super slow tonight).

Well I entered a competition the other day for a bebe stroller, and I won.....which was totally unexpected - especially as I don't really have anyone to go in it.  DH and I have been tossing about the idea of a third but we are still really conflicted.  I am only one year through a four year degree, he has just changed jobs and it trying to start up a personal training business.  Finances would always be an issue as a third would cost more.  And I am 30 next month and I didn't really want another after 30.  

Okay I was going to post a pic of my big school girl but the internet is just not cooperating tonight....I will be lucky if this posts.

Night all


#20 *~Bluebird~*

Posted 13 February 2011 - 08:50 PM


I am been slack too. But I do keep up with mostly everyone's life on Face-Book. We are all good, 2 off to school and one at home.  Won't be long until I am home alone in the days.  ohmy.gif

Will do a proper post on Tuesday. Time to get these kids to bed.

Tracy original.gif

#21 Polaris

Posted 26 April 2011 - 08:36 PM

Hi there everyone,

Well it has certainly gotten quiet in here of late.  No doubt our busy lifestyles!!!  Or FB, I hear that it is really something (yes I still don't have an account).  

All is well here; still studying; DH working; kids sleeping (thank goodness  rolleyes.gif ) but I thought I would get on an post up a pic of my little school girl.  I know we have just finished the first term but just wanted to see if anyone else was still out there looking at the Apr 06 thread.

So there you have it my precious girl on her first day of school.

Okay I have procrastinated enough and need to do some more uni work.

Hope everyone is well.


#22 ~cackleberry~

Posted 05 May 2011 - 11:36 AM

Hey Dee.  I pop in every couple of months.  I don't go onto EB anymore, so keep forgetting about checking in here every now and then.  I think you're right, we are all busy and distracted with FB, lol.  Gosh, your 'not so little' girl looks so big now in her school uniform.  Caitie is at kinder this year and starting school next year.  

Not a lot of news here.  Everything is going along well.  We have settled in well to our new house, we are loving it.  Caitlin is loving kinder.  She started speech therapy last Monday, she's been substituting letters (for example 'car' would be 'bar' and 'fish' would be 'bish' etc).  This week, she's concentrating on the letter 'f' and doing really well.  She goes to speech therapy once per week for the next 6 weeks or so.  At least it will be fixed before school.  She had a great 5th birthday, having a Dora party with a couple of family friends and a couple of friends from kinder.  Hard to believe how fast these past 5 years have gone by.  I hope all the other April 06 children had a great 5th birthday too!!

#23 Mumtotrampolinists

Posted 24 June 2011 - 12:30 PM

Awwwww its been yonks since ive been in here

Dee check out your big girl pic.... can you beleive it?

karen Mav had the same issues with speech i put him in prep his speech is so much better even getting double sounds.... his report card was fab too well except being distracted now and then but hey hes only 5

in our house lots has been going on..... we have moved house a bigger one with a pool and more room....
cheyanna is trying out for the state team for trmapolining,chaytons about to turn 7 coen goes to kindy (qld style) he is avery full on kid..... cheyanna is in her last 6 mths of primary school....josie well josie is just herself her life atm is quiet and crafty.....
sewing is goign fab have been trying to start a hanging tent but so far only brought the poles....

i have my trampoline coach level 1 accreditation and now training to be a kindy gym coach so its all on here.....

I dont have a pic of mavs first day on this laptop  so will go to fb and save one and come and post it here.....

#24 Mumtotrampolinists

Posted 24 June 2011 - 02:14 PM

sorry they big I have no idea how to make them smaller took me this long to work out how they even get on here....

in the pic with all the kids is Mav,Chayton,Josie and Cheyanna

Edited by Mumtotrampolinists, 24 June 2011 - 02:16 PM.

#25 ~cackleberry~

Posted 29 March 2012 - 07:54 PM

Wow, no-one comes on here anymore since facebook!  We all catch up on there, lol.  This is the first time on EB for months.  But wanted to pop in and wish all our little (big) ones a big happy 6th birthday!!  Can't believe 6 years has gone by since we were all talking about mucus plugs, labour pains and contractions.  original.gif  Hope all our April girls and boys have a great day!  original.gif

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