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September 05 Parents # 395

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#1 Sandra

Posted 30 May 2010 - 07:14 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 bellemae

Posted 30 May 2010 - 07:35 PM


#3 mhjemma

Posted 30 May 2010 - 09:45 PM

waves.gif  I am still alive!! (if only just). Have one more week to finish writing reports and wish I still had 2!! Arghhhhhh!!!! Been sick for 3 weeks but not sick enough to go to the docs or take a day off. Might take one this week anyway just to finish these reports. Those of you with school age children, spare a thought for your child's teacher at this time and please don't complain if yours read similar to half of the class. Do you have any idea how hard it is to write the same thing 20 different ways!!!

Off to watch the first lap of the grand prix (go Webber) and then crash into bed.


#4 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 01 June 2010 - 07:09 AM

of course - no new posts means new thread! ddoh.gif

back in a sec!

#5 bellemae

Posted 02 June 2010 - 04:34 PM

...nearly there...Matt had his last exam for semester today, I've got my last one on Friday....feeling sooo tired!

Strange afternoon, Boys got home from school, Kai sat on my lap in the bean bag and read his flash cards...I sat there afterwards talking to Matt and within 5min Kai was snoring away!! He's now dead to the world in the bean bag - really hoping this isn't him coming down with something  hands.gif  and he just had an exhausting day at school.

#6 bellemae

Posted 02 June 2010 - 06:02 PM

*sigh* definitely sick sad.gif He just pooed and weed his pants while he was sleeping  sick.gif  sad.gif Poor little man. He hasn't done anything like that in around 2yrs!  I feel so sorry for him because he was so distressed by it...and at the same time I freaking out that he'll be home tomorrow and I've lost my last study day! Gosh, that's really selfish of me to be thinking of that when my little man is so unwell...

#7 bellemae

Posted 03 June 2010 - 08:45 AM

crappy night - as expected - Kai's still in bed, at least he's getting some sleep now. Tien's still home because the rain started coming down so hard (with hail) that we couldn't get him to the bus stop! Hoping it eases soon and Matt can scoot him to school. The whole garden in under water now sad.gif Can't believe how wet it is!!!
*soggy* *soggy* *soggy*

#8 bellemae

Posted 03 June 2010 - 09:47 AM

Ok, for some reason, just me talking to myself here  unsure.gif  but anyway....gotta get it out...feeling soo frustrated. Matt's told Tien he can have the day off, it's really wet, but seriously, pretty sure the school would be open, there's no real need for him to be home, and it's so much harder for me to focus with the three of them out there!! Mmm, feeling cranky - probably the lack of sleep not helping my headspace *sigh*

#9 Titania

Posted 03 June 2010 - 09:49 AM

Yeah it's like that here too Belle - just bucketing down. We have water coming through one of the light fittings. That can't be good.

Poor Kai - hope he is better soon. Lor was home Monday cos he's sick. G was home yesterday cos our FDC lady's daughter had her baby, and now he is home today cos she's ill. So he's stir crazy, and I have deadlines! Makes it difficult, so I feel your stress.

#10 bellemae

Posted 03 June 2010 - 10:24 AM

Oh T, that's rough! At least I've got Matt home to look after the kids while I attempt study - though my brain's not cooperating!!!

#11 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 03 June 2010 - 11:51 AM

Oh no Belle - poor little man - hope he feels better soon sad.gif

Same to all the other sick kiddies - I love winter but hate all the illnesses that comes with it

Nothing new here - 2 weeks from today I go in for blood tests to double check my blood type, then an admissions interview (what the..?!) then the following day it'll all be over red rover! tthumbs.gif

Unbelievably uncomfortable, sore, fat etc - must just be a 3rd pregnancy thing?? wacko.gif

anywho off to collapse in the lounge - can't do anything else atm ninja.gif

#12 mirandarine

Posted 03 June 2010 - 05:43 PM

T and Belle- I hope you got as much work done as possible today.
How did you fair with the weather B, considering your proximity to the mini tornado?
Only light sprinkle shower for 20 mins here this am then back to blue skies...

Lynny... 2 weeks! YAY!!!

Mardi- keep up the good work with the reports! I read, re read and even question the teacher on the reports, so I understand and appreciate the work you are putting into preparing them.

AFM- Charlottes booster seat broke last weekend.... While she was sitting in it and we were driving along. So bizarre. I have replaced it with a Hipod Barcelona... while it is height wise better than her old seat... the Pegasus was more comfy looking! C doesnt really like the new seat either.

Edited by mirandarine, 11 June 2010 - 07:27 PM.

#13 bellemae

Posted 05 June 2010 - 11:28 AM

Miranda Weather here was nuts, intense rain & wind - though nothing like as bad as in Lennox! Feel very lucky with that, it so easily could have got us rather than there - very close!

Sooo, no sleep again here...Tien was up from 11pm-2am with stomach cramps, we kinda thought he was bunging it on a little because he was overtired and couldn't sleep, then 5am he dashed from bed to vomit! sad.gif So, today, Kai seems much better, Tien on the other hand is very tired, sore, and sorry for himself sad.gif

Edited by bellemae, 05 June 2010 - 11:29 AM.

#14 mirandarine

Posted 07 June 2010 - 10:27 AM

I am growing a future basketball player here Im sure....

Guess who can now go on all of the adult rides at dreamworld at 122cm tall....
Oh my.

#15 ~*Sharon*~

Posted 07 June 2010 - 10:53 AM

Eeek Miranda!  YAY for her, though!

Belle - I hope your boys are better!

Lynny - counting down the seconds?  How is everything going?  I can't believe you are so close (and SO glad that we broke the baby-matching pattern! ROFL)

Sorry for the short post - things have been really full on here at the moment.  Last weekend was the APPAs (Australian Professional Photography Awards) so I spent most of my weekend socialising with people who had travelled from around Australia to see the judging, or else at the judging itself (and the trade show that was attached).  I scored a silver and a merit, so I am stoked about that.

Meanwhile Toby is not well - he has had a cold for a couple of weeks, but I got in from a dinner on Saturday night (at about 5am Sunday morning - lol) and when I checked him before crawling into bed found him wheezing and coughing, so I had to give him ventolin and redipred.  Now he is really chesty, so we are off to the Drs this afternoon.

BUT - about an hour ago I was in the bedroom (heading to the toilet) when he called out from the next room saying "Look mummy!  I'm standing up!" so I dashed out, and he stood there for a second (looking hugely proud of himself!) and then walked over to me!!! biggrin.gif  so FINALLY (and hopefully for more than 48 hours - touch wood!) he is walking again!!!  It has been over 8 weeks now, so very relieved!

Off to have a shower and get ready to pick Hannah up from kinder. original.gif

Edited by ~*Sharon*~, 07 June 2010 - 05:49 PM.

#16 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 07 June 2010 - 11:40 AM

Bleugh 1 week and 4 days to go wacko.gif  Scuze my south african but GOOD GAWD I AM SORE!!  cry1.gif

I think my wonky uterus is to blame - bub is stuck on the right hand side (like the others were) and just about everytime he kicks or moves I am in agony sad.gif  Got some really painful tightenings last night, again this morning but nothing came of it.

You wont believe this but my poor 20 yr old DSD got hit by a car last night and the idiots drove off! rant.gif  DH just went and saw her at hospital.. her leg is broken as well as her wrist so she'll need a wheelchair or something to get around..   Think they're going to operate on her hand because her thumb/wrist is completely stuffed.

Just quickly...

Miranda - oh wow I didnt know you were trying! happy.gif  I hope it happens soon original.gif

Belle - oh no - seems like theres a few bugs and things going around atm.. sad.gif  Hope yr boys are better today...

Sharon - counting down the split seconds is more like it! laughing2.gif

(and SO glad that we broke the baby-matching pattern! ROFL)

laughing2.gif there's still time to catch up! wink.gif grin.gif  Awesome news about the award! and even more so with Toby's walking!  tthumbs.gif

I better go and work out what to do for dinner - the never ending struggle.  I must say I am thoroughly looking forward to hospital food! ninja.gif  Not that I like their food but if some one other than me cooked it then I'm not going to complain LOL

Hope you're all well and that all the sick kids get better soon hhugs.gif

#17 Titania

Posted 07 June 2010 - 11:51 AM

Sharon CONGRATULATIONS! That's fabulous. Not so good re Toby's wheezing - bad time of year for it (been non-stop here)... Great about his walking - flip!

Lynny OMG - your poor DSD! The police are investigating? Hope they catch the bastards - and that she is ok. sad.gif And poor you re pregnancy blues. Rather you than me Tounge1.gif  biggrin.gif Can't believe how soon it is.

Wow Miranda, that's tall lol.

Desperate for a holiday here - but cat (hanging in there) is sometimes on six doses of meds a day - and it would cost us a fortune to have her looked after properly. We though she was going to be put down a couple of weeks ago - but she sure has nine lives - so I booked something - but now I guess we'll have to cancel. sad.gif
I love her dearly, but I'm a bit over having our lives on hold.

Edited by Titania, 07 June 2010 - 11:54 AM.

#18 ~*Sharon*~

Posted 07 June 2010 - 05:39 PM

I am just coming in for a rant.

I am so p*ssed off right now.

We have just arrived home from the Drs.  I had to drag Toby out of bed to get to the appointment, but he woke up worse than he was this morning.  The poor kid is really not well.

So the Dr was saying that yes, I was doing the right thing treating him with ventolin (obviously - but this whole asthma thing is new in this household) and with redipred, and he has also put him on Ceclor as well.  I know our GP well, and really trust him not to over-react or to under-react (he is the only person I will take the kids to when they are this sick).  He also said that "he is not quite needing hospital, but keep an eye on him, and if he gets any worse, then take him in." This was something that he raised, not me.  I really am just as happy never to see another hospital in my life right now.

The reason I am p*ssed off.  I knew early Sunday morning Toby wasn't well.  I knew he was going down hill, and needed to see someone.  I woke DH at 6am as I was crawling into bed that Toby was sick, and would need to see a Dr.  I reminded of this fact in the morning, and said that he really should not be taking Toby out of the house, save to get him seen.  Meanwhile, the ventolin that he was taking and the redipred from the early hours of the morning had picked him up a bit, so DH basically said there was no reason for him to stay home, they were only going there and back (to drop a laptop off 1.5 hours away - and I knew that was bull that they were not going straight there and back at the time) and that if I really thought Toby needed to be seen, then I should stay home and take care of him.  Mind you, my "planned months in advance day out" was to go and see my prints judged in the Australian Professional Photography Awards, so not small event, and really not something I wanted to miss.

So I went out to my thing, with parting words that Toby really needed to just be seeing a Dr and NOT going out.

They went out to deliver the laptop.  They didn't go to the Dr.

I called when my thing finished up about 5, and Toby had just gone to sleep.  This is a sick child who had had one nap in the 4 days before (one skipped because he refused to go down, the others because we were out).  So he effectively skipped another nap.  When I got in an hour later DH was talking about going and waking him up for dinner, at which point I put my foot down and said no, he needed to sleep.

So now I have a REALLY sick boy to look after.  DH is talking about going out tomorrow night for dinner, so not planning to be in before the kids are in bed, and I am in a really hard spot to contest that after being out all weekend.  He refuses to acknowledge that he did wrong in not getting him seen because "it was Sunday - where am I going to take him on a Sunday" (uh - one of the places we usually use on a Sunday?) and "well, he wasn't that sick yesterday" (yes he was - I had told you he was.  I don't wake a sleeping child to given them steroids overnight because they are healthy!)

I am so angry that Toby was allowed to get this sick before he got treatment.

I am really angry at myself for not dropping my plans when I knew that DH was being too selfish to change his.

I am really angry with DH for putting his own plans and a workmates laptop ahead of this own child, and for putting me in a position where I had to choose between a fairly major event and getting medical care for my child.

I am insanely angry that DH refuses to accept any responsibility for what he did wrong.  I know that there is going to be an argument tonight over it, and he is going to "say" that he is should have but... blah blah blah and get p*ssed off with me for being angry with him.


Edited by ~*Sharon*~, 07 June 2010 - 05:43 PM.

#19 Titania

Posted 07 June 2010 - 10:18 PM

Hey Sharon.... Bugger all that stuff... Seriously, in the grand scheme of things, it just doesn't matter. All that matters is that Toby's ok. And when you have an asthmatic child BOTH of you have to be prepared to just drop everything. Nothing is more important - and asthmatic children can become critical extremely quickly (I mean within an hour or less). We've had to cancel whole holidays - flights accommodation etc - because one of the boys has ended up in emergency (and then admitted) right before we were about to leave. As it is at the moment, they can't go outside to play at all if it's windy... yada yada  - I could go on...

The thing is - this is probably all a learning curve for you guys, and you need to work through it together. It may not seem 'real' or so serious just yet.
Has he been officially diagnosed as asthmatic? And DO take him to the hospital if you are at all, in the slightest way, concerned. It's not worth the risk. Have you been given advice on bad asthma symptoms  - recessions etc?
Ceclor? That seems an odd antibiotic to have chosen - do you know why?

I'm going to bed now - but pm me if you need any help.

#20 ~*Sharon*~

Posted 08 June 2010 - 12:47 AM

T - the thing that has triggered this is a bug that has hit his chest.  The asthma side of it is not bad on its own - it is the combination of that and being quite unwell on top of it, which is why he really needed to be seen sooner.  The asthma part was manageable, but without getting treatment for the bug, which was getting worse, the asthma issues were only going to get worse.  Ceclor is because he has reacted to something at the same time as having penicillin - not sure if it was the penicillin or a viral rash - it was not obvious which it was, even to the Dr, so he does not have penicillin.

He has not been diagnosed with anything officially that I am aware of, but he is being treated for it. I think we are waiting to see how he does over winter.  If he starts having more issues as winter bugs are passed around, then I guess he gets an official test and diagnosis done.  If he stays the same with occasional symptoms but no full on attacks, then we just keep treating the symptom as it comes, and I guess he stays in the same undiagnosed category he is in now.  I must admit, I really have no idea about asthma diagnosis, and how it happens.  He is pretty much in a "looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and when you give it ventolin if reacts like a duck would... so we are assuming it is a duck" lol.

It is actually kind of annoying, because our Dr does not label things, he just treats them, so I have no idea what to call it... he is just being treated for asthma.  I am guessing we will get something more definitive when he actually has an episode bad enough to land him at the hospital (which he isn't too far off at the moment - I am about to go and check on him but before he had his last pump before bed he was just starting to tug around the ribs. sad.gif I am really hoping the redipred he had before bed is helping.

#21 Titania

Posted 08 June 2010 - 10:34 AM

Yes, just going to take Griff to docs now too - as despite his flixotide and ventolin - and having finished antibs - he is still wheezing and has recessions. *sigh

Sharon - if Toby continues like that (and yes the asthma can be virally induced but it does mean a predisposition to asthma regardless) - the only thing different is that he may need to be put on a daily preventer - that's all really. Official diagnoses is just made on the history really.

#22 Titania

Posted 08 June 2010 - 03:49 PM

Hippy Hippy Shakes Business is now for sale as a going concern - if anyone's interested let me know...

#23 ~*Sharon*~

Posted 08 June 2010 - 06:03 PM

Well, Toby is now "asthmatic" - oh yay! Kinda dumb, but I am actually glad, in that we will be getting a treatment plan etc, and have a better idea of how to manage it.

He is in the childrens at the moment - will be in overnight, hopefully home tomorrow.

#24 Titania

Posted 08 June 2010 - 06:39 PM

Sharon - sorry to hear Toby's in the hospital. Good to have an asthma plan though, and to learn how to manage it properly. Perhaps having it 'named' will also enable it to be taken very seriously as well...
Let us know how he gets on - and as I say - don't hesitate to get in touch if you want any info or support. Asthma can be a very, very scary thing to deal with...

Here we were, thinking Griff is maybe growing out of it - and the doc today is talking about upping his flix - when he's already on a substantial dose - and the same as L. sad.gif Additionally, I reversed into the neighbour's car today - in the rush to get G to the docs... Sale of HHS was almost finalised but the purchasers were refused finance - wow, crappy day indeed here.

#25 Titania

Posted 09 June 2010 - 12:10 PM

How's Toby today Sharon?

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