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How many MCN do I need to start with?
And do I have enough variety in types

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#1 Katia09

Posted 16 May 2010 - 07:05 PM

Hi All, 

DH and I have decided to go for MCNs with our first born, due October 6, 2010.  

So far, I have bought (on sale) 6 BBH OSFM bamboo fitteds and 2 BBH night nappies + PUL covers (newborn and small - I wanted wool, but they don't seem to do those any more), and (also on sale) 6 cushie tushies couture AIO.  A friend has recommended Bambooty, so I'll probably buy half a dozen of those as well to trial, and a couple of their night nappies, which will bring me up to 18 day nappies (12 AIO and 6 with covers) and 4 night nappies (2 AIO and 2 with covers).  I also got 2 tri-fold BBH boosters.

Do you think this is enough to start with, keeping in mind that we'll probably buy more of whichever type suits our baby best, in the gender appropriate colours after it's born?  My friend has told me that I should get another half dozen "to be safe" and allow for Melbourne drying times - do you think I need to do this now, or would I be fine to wait until after I know what fits the baby best? Are there any obvious gaps that you would recommend that I fill (eg, bumgenius?  I've heard that they're very popular).

Really, I just want to know do you think I have enough for a pre-birth stash; I can always buy more once I know what works, but I don't want to be caught short on my second day home with the baby, with a house full of drying and dirty nappies, and nothing else to put the baby into.

Thanks original.gif

#2 Skip to my Lou

Posted 16 May 2010 - 07:19 PM

Wow that sounds like heaps to me.

I am starting with only 12 - and that encompasses 7 different brands. I am too hesitant to buy lots of any particular brand until I know what fits my bub the best. I do plan on supplementing with sposies until then though - easier I thought then selling on second hand nappies when I don't have access to the trade room yet.

#3 purplebilby

Posted 16 May 2010 - 07:26 PM

i would suggest some SIZED options, just in case you have a bub with skinny legs, and the OSFA stuff doesn't fit immediately.  i coudln't get the OSFA stuff to fit my child for the first two months (and she arrived at 3.79kg, so not a tiny bub).

i tried all sorts of styles on her, and what endedup working (cos it fitted, and fit is everything in MCN) was nb sized bamboo foldups (i got from baby beehinds), folded in three and placed inside a PUL cover with leg gussets (e.g imse vimse, bambino mio, thirsties, motherease rikki).  we neeeded the "two lines of defense" to get thru the watery, explosive poo stage.  Once that stopped, and her legs fattened up, then all the other styles of nappies worked on her too.  

but the newborn sixzed covers, the nb sized trifolds, were very important at the start.

the nb covers were easy to sell after she grew out of them
the nb sized trifolds we kept on using, (until she tt-d at 27 months) by using them as boosters in fitted nappies, stuffers in pocket nappies.

every bub is different, some stuff you ONLY know, once bub has arrived.

i had no clue my bub would poop a dozen times a day minimum - until she arrived.  So i was changing her 20x a day (she woke EVERY two hours) and i needed 3 dozen nappies minimum to cope with that. (i washed a nappy load eery morning).  Other bubs poop less frequently, but they all wee pretty often - their kidneys are only the size of a marble at newborn stage.  changing them often is a way to avoid nappy rash too.

the best thing i bought (to prepare for using MCN) was a Little Squirt.  Without an easy way to deal with the poo (and i was dealing with pooey nappies ALOT with my baby ha ha), i doubt i would have kept going with MCN,, but due to the LS making that aspect so easy, it wasn't a big deal at all.

so if i were you, i would have a few nb sized covers with leg gussets on hand
at least one or two dozen bamboo foldups (baby beehinds) or bamboo prefolds (booroi) or bamboo trifolds (peapods) to use as the actual nappy.
Plus get half a metre of micropolar fleece, cut it up into 30 x 15cm strips, to use as nappy liners.  this keeps your baby's bottom dry.

a baby beehinds wetbag is a good thing to have too, so when you go out, you have somewhere to put eh used nappies, until you get hhome.  the BBH wetbags have a very sturdy zip, with all that washing, the zip needs to be sturdy.

Get familiar with how to wash mcn before baby arrives.

buy MILD detergent like Planet ARk Aware Sensitive or Ecostore (at supermarket).

make sure anyone helping you with the baby understands NO fabric conditioner, TINY amount of washing detergent needed, NO napisan etc.  many well meaning relatives manage to do the opposite of what is needed, in the first weeks, when they helpfully wash the nappies for the new mum.  they mean well, but they're doing what was needed for flat nappies decades ago.  to look after the nappies, you need to understand the fabrics used in MCN, which are very different to old nappies, and to clothing.

buy a clothes rack for drying

two nappy buckets is very useful (one in use, one drying)
try and get the lockable ones, once baby is toddling around, this will keep them OUT of the nappy bucket.
target have lockable ones for $12 last time i looked.

sus out nappy bags, you WILL need a bigger one for mcn, most nappy bags are made to fit sposies.
i ended up getting a "bowling bag" style one to accomodate my baby's mcn.  i roadtested the bag, in the shop, by putting all the stuff we needed for an outing, in the bag i was considering buying. (I asked the owner if i could do this).  no point buying a bag that might not fit what you need.

join www.nappycino.com.au (forum) and www.ozclothnappies.org (yahoo page) so you'll always have somewhere to ask your questions, you'll have HEAPS of questions esp once baby arrives and you start using the mcn for real.  it's great you know someone in real life too, who is familiar with mcn.

#4 kotchiornok

Posted 16 May 2010 - 07:36 PM

QUOTE (purplebilby @ 16/05/2010, 07:26 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
but the newborn sixzed covers, the nb sized trifolds, were very important at the start.

I second this idea for the early weeks. We had lots of newborn sized PUL covers and then something very small inside them that we changed regularly. What we actually got away with doing was just using 1 or 2 booster pads directly inside the PUL covers (kind of like a trifold I guess but not folded). This worked well as baby pooed often so we didn't really need a huge amount of absorbency but we did need to change often. We could buy a lot of boosters without stressing too much about the expense because as baby grew we then used them as boosters inside our one-sized nappies. So if you don't want to get trifolds on top of all the other nappies you have got, you could just use booster inserts (either from the nappies you have or buy ones that you can use with your nappies when baby is older) and use them inside a good PUL cover that is the right size for baby with elasticized legs. Doesn't sound like it would work but it did - really well.

With this method (and I think pretty much any method in the early days) the small PUL covers get poo on them often so it was good to be able to just throw them in the machine and have a lot available to change into. I would normally prefer wool covers too, but for this early stage there was just way to much soaking and rubbing of soap onto poo stains (say 3-4 times a day) to make them practical. I found I used wool covers more as they grew up a bit and pooed a bit less or the poo was a bit more solid. At the beginning we were looking at about 8 watery poos a day and quite often it would get onto the cover as well as the nappy (although not leak through that onto the clothes - which is why a good newborn sized PUL is important).

#5 robhat

Posted 16 May 2010 - 09:20 PM

It depends on whether you want to use ONLY cloth to start with... With what you've got, it's very possible that you will need some disposables as back-up... It's really hard to say, as so much depends on how much an individual baby poos and wees... If you want, you could just use terry flats as back-ups... When you finish buying more MCN the flats are always useful for lots of other things.

We went with a stash of 36 BBH bamboo fitteds right from the start and I can tell you we needed every single one of them (washing every second day)... The fitteds take a while to dry... We did OK at first as DD was a November baby, but once we hit Autumn, the weather got too cold and wet to dry stuff in one day and we would seriously go through our whole stash, with nappies only just drying in time as we ran out of clean ones... Now that she's a toddler, we don't need anywhere near that many, even in the middle of winter...

You may not need night nappies much with a newborn... They are designed to hold more wee than a day nappy, but that doesn't help a lot if bub does a poo a few hours after you've put them to bed... No harm in having them though... Wool covers are lovely, but BBH are working on a new design, so you won't be able to get theirs right now, unless you try ebay or somewhere like that... Handknitted covers are really nice and we love our Disana cover... But cleaning poo off can be a pain as you must handwash wool, or at least wash it seperately on a wool cycle in your machine... Might be best to wait until the worst of the runny poos are over... You could try fleece, which is much easier to clean...

Sustainable Hemp Products sells some lovely fitted nappies, in newborn sizes too if you want to try some sized ones and lovely woollen covers. My friend had no success with Bambooty on her newborn, but you may as well try one or two. You may also find that the Cushie Tushies are a little too big to start with... Genesa Forge sells beautiful nappies which seem to work really well on a newborn for a AIO type nappy... You could try a Bumgenius, but I think they are quite expensive, so maybe don't buy more than 2 until you know they work for you. And I'd try some pre-folds... They are not expensive and dry quick and you can use your BBH covers with them (if you've got enough).

#6 Katia09

Posted 16 May 2010 - 10:05 PM

Purplebilby - the Motherease covers are gorgeous! I'll add some of those and some boosters, thanks original.gif We had planned to get the little squirt, so I'll add that to the YES list original.gif Thanks for the extra tips too.

Kotchiornok - Thanks for your tips too, I'll get some more covers and boosters to use until the baby is big enough for the nappies original.gif

Robhat - we'd rather use just cloth; sounds like it would be a good idea to add some prefolds and get some extra newborn/small PUL covers and save the wool ones for the larger sizes original.gif Thanks for your help original.gif

Thanks so much everyone original.gif I'll add some more of the boosters/fold-ups and newborn covers, and some of the prefold nappies too. Luckily whenever I ask DH, "What do you think about getting some of these..." he says, "You're the one who's researched it, whatever you think, love!" biggrin.gif

Edited for strange formatting.

Edited by Katia09, 16 May 2010 - 10:07 PM.

#7 Havachat2

Posted 16 May 2010 - 11:20 PM

One thing i found- dont stress too much about getting it 'right' from the start.  This is bub #4 for us, and still people gave us disposable nappies and wipes.  I will admit that i was lazy and just used these for the first week back home (Christmas week!), then used MCN.

Best cover i found was Booroi, love the gussets!  Bambooty smalls are very small and take ages to dry even in summer.  wink.gif  If you get more of these, get the Easy dry.  wink.gif

Sustainable Hemp Products and Genesa Forge have great fitted nappies that dont take too long to dry, but may be easier to use than prefolds.  They do need a cover though, but seems like you are set with those.

Another good one to try is the BBH Magicalls, but they are sized.  I found them fantastic, the smalls still fit my boy (just) at nearly 5 months.  They have a sale on now, so could be worth looking at.   Best thing is that they have a pocket so you can adjust the boosting and they dry fast.  

As others have said, you really wont know what will suit your bub til its born, but when you need help just pop in and ask, we have all been there before.  original.gif

Oh, and ditto to the microfleece liners- best thing ever and sooooo easy to 'make'.  wink.gif  biggrin.gif

#8 robhat

Posted 17 May 2010 - 08:03 AM

Ha! I don't think a newborn sized cover would have fit our DD at all! She was 4.25kg at birth!  Small covers worked perfectly for us! But then, if you have a little bub, you might need them... Hard to know, isn't it? I suppose if you have the newborn covers and decide you don't need them, you can always sell them...

Oh and get one of those peg hanger things... (looks like this:  http://www.fullmaxhk.com/custom/Plastic_Cl..._Peg_Hanger.jpg  )  They are the most useful things for hanging all the nappy inserts on and make it really quick and easy for you to shift washing in and out of the house in erratic weather!

And liners! Don't bother with the flushable sort for newborns, they don't achieve much, but microfleece makes nappy cleaning much easier! You can buy pre-cut ones or you can just buy microfleece by the metre and cut it yourself (it doesn't need sewing)... Just make sure you buy the right stuff! Must be MICROfleece. NOT POLAR fleece or microFIBRE!

#9 bubinoven

Posted 17 May 2010 - 10:37 PM

Just on the covers, you can get Thirsties Duo's which you can snap in to fit either newborn or small.  I have some but havent tried yet as bubs isn here.  They are so cute and seem extremely well made.  I managed to get mine at a mothers day special for $15 each, but have also seen them for sale for $18 each lately too (at darlingsdownunder) i got mine from nurture nappies.

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