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August 08 Parents # 40

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#1 Sandra

Posted 17 December 2009 - 09:25 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 hutais

Posted 17 December 2009 - 05:48 PM


now just need to catch up!

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#3 ~my2beautifulbabies~

Posted 18 December 2009 - 01:10 PM


SILVER   eexcite.gif tthumbs.gif

How's everybody?  Staying sane in the "silly season"?  Elise, how u feeling?  Has the ms started to hit you yet?  That's so great that you've joined a new DIG for this next bubba.  Hope u don't forget about us in little ol Aug '08 DIG!!!!!!  That's so funny that you're in EXACTLY the same DIG 2 years later.  You guys must like the month of November   tongue.gif   blush.gif   dev (6).gif

Better go back and catch up.  Things are interesting around here, but don't have time to post now....waaaaaaay too much housework waiting for me   cry1.gif

Lots of   bbighug.gif


#4 oli77

Posted 18 December 2009 - 02:08 PM


Thought I would pop in and say hi....better go back and re read.

See you soon

#5 Fizzle

Posted 18 December 2009 - 05:45 PM

Just popping in to say hi. We're having a bit of a sucky time at the moment so I'll probably not be in for a few weeks and I want to wish you all a good Christmas and New year.

I hope you all have lots of fun and all the bubbas have fun making a mess with the wrapping paper and boxes.

#6 Buzzie

Posted 19 December 2009 - 08:23 AM

Morning everybody *yawn*

Its 6.15am here.. Ive been up since 4am.. Didnt get to sleep till after midnight and got up between midnight and 4am aswel.. Griffin didnt sleep well last night sad.gif and I cant get comfortable already - worst backache when I go to bed sad.gif But yeah, Griffin, 4th night in the row he has vomitted everywhere in bed - completely out of the blue, no temp, while he was asleep (wakes him up) and then we have to do a midnight sheet change and spewy sheet wash in the morning.. meh.. I'm over it.. No idea whats going on with him.. But if hes still doing it over the w/e I think I might visit the doc on Monday because it is mainly phlegm but he doesnt have a cold or blocked nose or anything like that - so it must be in his gut? I dunno.. But hes so stressed out and scared/upset when we are in thre cuddling him and changing sheets (THANKYOU for not getting it on yourself last night G!).. No idea whats going on.. (do you have any thoughts!??)

Finlaw - I'm sorry your not having a good time at the moment, hope all is well and it gets sorted (whatever it is?) soon.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! original.gif

Oli - Hi waves.gif

Olivia - No ms yet, i didnt get any with Griff so maybe it'll miss me again? ph34r.gif Haha.. not liking my chances though as I'm not feeling 100% in the mornings - bit of a churny in the tum.. It is weird being in the same DIG, But definitly wont forget this one! Tounge1.gif Good luck with the housework - I hate that part of the day sad.gif haha

hutais- Hi waves.gif

#7 hutais

Posted 19 December 2009 - 12:10 PM

Hi Ladies,

Elise- Poor bubba sad.gif Hope he gets over it and that you get some sleep.

Just really busy getting ready for Chrissy. I have both girls now that school holidays have started so its constantly on the go. I dont go back till the last week of january which is great.

I better run have a banana bread in the oven which looks like its ready original.gif

#8 Buzzie

Posted 22 December 2009 - 01:47 PM

hutais- yeah hes over it now.. I think I know what it was.. we figured out that he started after we started going to the pool - I think he may have been swallowing to much water or something huh.gif Little bugger thinks he can swim and tried to make me let go and is always putting his head/face under - no fear mellow.gif

Yuuuuum banana bread - send some over to me! happy.gif

Narelle - Ohh how exciting about your fish having babes - they'd be so little!! and a new cat wub.gif what a great time to get one - around christmas original.gif

I cant wait till my tum starts gettig round again to.. even though I think I already look about 20weeks sad.gif  huh.gif I know its not baby - but I'm just so bloated! ugh..

#9 ~my2beautifulbabies~

Posted 22 December 2009 - 02:45 PM

Happy holidays everyone!  I just LOVE this time of year    xmas_wink.gif   xmas_biggrin.gif

Hutais - Mmmmm, banana bread....I can almost smell it from here!!  I LOVE the stuff, pity I wouldn't have a clue how to make it   xmas_tongue.gif   xmas_blink.gif

Elise - I remember how bloated I got with ds.  Maybe it's something that gets more pronounced with each pg.  I remember too how crampy I got as well around week 12 or 13.  SO many things get more intense as you have more kiddies.....that's why I thought it was a good idea for me to stop at 2!!!  So do you think you will find out the sex of this bubba like you did with Griffin??  Have you told all your friends/family yet, as I notice you haven't mentioned anything yet on FB?

Narelle - baby fishies.....how adorable!  I've actually never seen baby fish before.  The downfalls of being brought up in a unit my whole life and NEVER being allowed to have any pets   xmas_mad.gif

Finlaw - hope everything's OK with you.  Merry Xmas to you too   xmas_smile.gif

Sooooooooooooooooo busy around here ATM.  Crazy stuff.  But I'm totally loving it.  Wouldn't have it any other way!   yyes.gif   Although, an update on the MIL......I had sent her a Xmas card a few weeks ago with a pic of our portrait that we had taken at dd's pre-school.  It was to her and her partner saying the whole Merry Xmas/Happy New Year stuff, and that I hope it was full of "new beginnings" (wink, wink, nudge nudge!!), and I addressed it from me, dh, dd and ds.  I hadn't heard anything until last week when I opened the mail.  There was an envelope addressed to dd and ds.  I opened it up and there was a xmas card from Grandmother to Granddaughter, then a xmas card from Grandmother to Grandson, then another envelope inside that addressed to "Birthday Girl" (ie for dd, her 3rd b'day is on the 28th Dec).  And NOTHING for Aaron and I!!!!!!!  She addressed each card to each of my kids, saying "Love you, Miss you" etc etc "Love Nan".  This woman is PSYCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO   xmas_ohmy.gif   xmas_wacko.gif   xmas_sad.gif .  So I hold out an olive branch to her and write her a lovely xmas card from all of us, and all she can do is send us a huge "f*** you" by sending the kids cards and not even acknowledging us.  Also, we hear along the grapevine that she is going away for Xmas.  So she can't even put all that rubbish aside that happened 4 months ago to spend Xmas with her only grandchildren.  Just when I think she couldn't get any more stupid and selfish, she raises the bar   xmas_angry.gif .

Oh well, vent over.  We'll have a nicer Xmas Day without her sad, sorry face bringing us all down anyway.  It's just so awful as dd is still asking me "Where's nanny?"  "Can we go to nanny's house?"  And sooner or later, she's going to stop asking me.  Heartbreaking   ddown.gif   cry1.gif

Have another story to tell you about my maid of honour from my wedding (and how she's TOTALLY taken me for a ride), but I'll have to leave that 'til my next post.  Have to start getting the kiddies dinner ready before they wake from their naps.

Stay well.



#10 Buzzie

Posted 22 December 2009 - 03:41 PM

Olivia - Nope havent announced yet.. just waiting for the all clear from my scan in January then prob wait for DH to get home (late January) immediate family know though original.gif

Weve already lost 2 girls out of the DIG sad.gif So hoping there isnt any more..

Oh no about yuor MIL.. oh well.. hopefully its a more relaxing christmas without her there happy.gif

Cant wait to hear to story about your MOH..! cool.gif


AFM - Well.. I'm in a crappy mood.. I'll try explain.. but will prob be all over the place.. DH has a loan for his boat - all is good.. until we recently noticed (yeah, I know I should have noticed earlier rolleyes.gif ) that it was being direct debited fortnightly instead of monthly.. which was great that it was getting paid off quicker without us realising.. BUT then we got married which had lots of hidden costs $$ then DH hurt his back and between no work for the last 12weeks, Wedding, Christmas, Drs,drugs,injections,physio,chiro for DH the $$ started dwindling VERY quickly (as you can imagine!) so when I was going though our stuff is when I found out about the boat loan going out way to often.. so we contacted the people the loan is through and sorted it out and decided we'd get a bit of the extra we'd paid given back to us to cover us till DH goes back to work. SO we did that, filled it out in both our names etc.. then it asked for verification of me - but as we only got married in Oct I had no identification in my new surname.. and they wouldnt accept the wedding cert, my old drivers license etc.. (grr!) so we tehn re filled everything out in just DHs name and were promised we'd get the paperwork last week and get the $$ this week. BUT today is Tuesday and we STILL havent received the paperwork due to the postal strike! They cant email it and cant do anything else. The worst thing is I got my new license in the mail last week so could have done it that way - but they had alraedy cancelled the old paperwork. I'm so annoyed. We have had to borrow money from my Dad/Stepmum and MIL/FIL and even though I know we'll be able to pay it back next week I still hate doing it. DH is getting a lecture from his Mum at the moment about saving etc - and saying I should be working etc.. I know we shouldnt have been in this situation.. but everything came all at once and I'm just so stressed out and want to go to bed sad.gif cry1.gif

#11 Maeli

Posted 23 December 2009 - 12:36 AM

Elise - UGH, how stressful sad.gif  Totally NOT what you need for Christmas sad.gif

On a happier note... ~*Congratulations*~ on the pregnancy  bbaby.gif biggrin.gif  I only just saw this now, & wanted to send you a huge congrats biggrin.gif  Hope that all is going well & that you have a stress free nine months biggrin.gif[

Olivia - Sorry to hear about MIL's behaviour sad.gif  How utterly unfair sad.gif  Give your kiddles big hugs.  She's the one that is missing out by her own silly behaviour sad.gif

T.J. - ~*Congrats*~ on the new member of your household.  Glad to hear Ruby is settling in well original.gif What does she look like?


We're all doing really well.  Until yesterday things had been cruising along really well towards Christmas. I've actually been really looking forward to it ohmy.gif Shopping all done, family getting along reasonably well, kids all behaving reasonably well & dh spent days converting the sleep out into a bedroom for DD2 & did an awesome job of it biggrin.gif

Then my sister put a spanner in the works *sigh*.  Nothing unusual for her, but it would have been nice not to have been dragged down by other peoples rubbish when things were going so well.

Dh has managed to get MIL to have the 4 older kids for a craft day tomorrow (gasps!) & he has gotten someone in to do a shift at work so that he can finish at lunchtime & we are going shopping together biggrin.gif  Funny to be excited about shopping, (especially right before Christmas,) but I am!  We don't get to spend much time together without all the kids & we'll still have Noah with us, but it will be nice just hang out together minus the whole tribe for a while wink.gif

Speaking of Noah he is doing really well.  Still teething, poor little mite, but no more ear infections & no more febrile convulsions thankfully.  He has a mouth full of teeth now ohmy.gif  He's cheeky, always on the go & in to EVERYTHING ohmy.gif   He certainly keeps me on my toes ohmy.gif

Me - I'm doing pretty well.  I've stuck to my healthy eating plan pretty well (a few slip ups here & there,) & have now got down to 74.5kgs.  A total of 12.5kgs lost biggrin.gif  Considering back in early October I was 87kgs, I am absolutely BUZZED to finally be *almost* back to my pre-pregnancy weight biggrin.gif

Hope that everyone is doing well & I wish you all a wonderful & safe Christmas  xmas_huh.gif  xmas_cool.gif

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#12 Micha70

Posted 23 December 2009 - 09:30 AM

Hi all!!

No, haven't fallen off the face of the planet, just busy as usual!! I find the 3 kidlets keep me very busy and I stay in touch with most of my friends via facebook, but I know I shouldn't neglect my EB buddies though! Naughty me!!

You've probably forgotten me, but I still wanted to pop in to wish you all a very Happy Christmas!

I hope everyone and their BIG bubbas enjoy a lovely time with your families and that everyone is well over the festive season.

Elise - I see there is some EXCITING news!! Congrats!! That's awesome. Hope the $$ situation sorts itself out too. Nothing worse than money stress at Christmas time.

As for us - everything going nicely here. NO chicken pox for us this Christmas so we're going to BIL/SIL's house for lunch, then back to my brother/SIL's house for dinner.  Feeling very laid back as I don't have to do the mad run around getting everything and cleaning the house... it's a nice change actually!

I'm back at work 3 days a week now, prob another reason I'm time-poor at the moment.  But I love my job and it fits in well with our family's lifestyle.  DH being a shift worker, there are ups and downs in the roster, but mostly it works well for us. I'm on school holidays now, of course... and looking forward to having some weeks off with the boys.

Deegan is now 16 months old (like all our babies!!) and still not walking completely. He's almost there, tottering around more now but still will do only about 8 steps max before reverting to his fast crawl! He's still on the 50% percentile for everything.  He's still a happy little boy most of the time (teething a bit at the moment though!) and an absolute delight!! He's definitely our last baby though, I have a VERY strong "I'm done" feeling, so much so that DH has now had "the snip" and we're both very happy with the decision!!

We're going away down the south coast for a week in January and we're SO looking forward to it.  We're going to do a whole lot of NOTHING and just relax, something that DH and I are not really good at, just stopping and chilling out.  We're going with my friend, who's a single mum and her 2 teenage boys.  We've planned on her boys and my DH BBQing each night while we supervise with a bottle of wine... can't wait!!

Anyway... enough from me!  Hope everyone is happy, healthy and enjoys a wonderful Christmas with their families!! original.gif

#13 Liz Mem

Posted 23 December 2009 - 11:20 AM

Hi all,

I'm another one who hasn't been here much...not that I don't want to, but life is crazy.

Don't know if I've said it yet, but congratulations Elise, awesome news on the PG.  I hope the next few months treat you well.

Well lots happening here...still working full-time and feeling like a single mum some of the time with DH doing shift work...but we are coping okay.

DS & DD are both doing well...they have started sleeping through some nights (DD was really good with her sleeping until she got a series of ear infections).  DD is now in a 'big' bed and sleeping better for it...she got to the point where she would scream at the sight of her cot.

DH is having Christmas day off as a normal off day for him, which is great...but he's working NYE.  Was to be expected really, but still sad about it.

Anyway, better run...at work and just going through some stuff before shutdown.

Take care all, have a great Christmas and I promise to try and get on more regularly.

Liz x

PS. Narelle I didn't design the tatt myself, but looked for a long time to try and find the perfect design that fit what I wanted...I'm not good with drawing!!!

#14 Fizzle

Posted 23 December 2009 - 11:40 AM

Hey Girls just letting you know I've changed my name from Finlaw77.

Things are still hard but better than they were. DH's dad is on the last stretch and it's just a waiting game. The news was out of the blue so it kind of rocked us both as he was only given a week which has now passed. On top of that DD gave us a scare and had us at A&E most of the night a couple of days later. We both seem to have got our heads around things for the time being and got over the initial shock (and also the sleep deprivation!) so we're coping again.

Sorry I don't have any time for personal just now as I'm at work but I'll try and get in and catch up this evening.

#15 Maeli

Posted 24 December 2009 - 10:53 PM

~*Merry Christmas*~ for tomorrow ladies!!  xmas_cool.gif

Hope that you & your families all have a truly magical day & that all the Mama's get spoilt!  xmas_happy.gif

#16 oli77

Posted 27 December 2009 - 05:53 AM

Hi Ladies,

Hope that everyone had a great Christmas and is having a relaxing time afterwards.

Is everyone on holidays at the moment? I am forced to take leave until the 18th Jan which is a long time which at first I wasnt happy about but I think the wind down time will do me some good. Also have to get the spare room ready for Angus to move into.

Poor Angus has a really heavy cold at the moment...I am glad it didnt hit him completely on Christmas day but I know that he wasnt well as he was quite whingey. It is all courtesy of my SIL sending her son and daughter over last week with a cold and i then coming on Christmas Eve and my BIL was coughing and spluttering but all over him as well....oh well.

It is a bit hard with the weather at the moment as it is raining that we cant really play outside as I think staying inside for too much longer will make him go crazy. We may even just have to go to the shops just so he can run around.

Anyway, had best get going....I need some breakfast...DH gets a sleep in today...but then again I slept in until 930am yesterday morning biggrin.gif

Take care

#17 Micha70

Posted 27 December 2009 - 10:47 AM

Hey all!

Twice in a week I've been on EB! What is the world coming to?? biggrin.gif

We're on holidays here, one of the perks of being a school teacher! I don't go back until the end of January, but I'll probably get into school to do some work in my Library before then and certainly will do a stack of work at home before then too!

We had a lovely Christmas Day here. We went to DH's brother's place for lunch and my brother's for dinner. Our preparation was very low-key this year, compared to previous years where we've put everything on! Nice change! The kids were spoilt rotten as usual and got way too many toys that we're still unpacking and finding places for at home!

Nothing on this week... dirtbike riding Wednesday and preparing to go on our holiday on the 4th.

Watching the cricket while Deegan sleeps... bliss!  original.gif

#18 Buzzie

Posted 30 December 2009 - 10:14 AM

Hi all waves.gif just popping in to say hi original.gif

#19 Buzzie

Posted 30 December 2009 - 11:17 PM


Is anybodys bubs totally obsessed with food at the moment..?

Far out Griffin can put some food away. He is 'average' weight and a bit taller tehn 'average' for height.. but he just EATS so much! He would eat all day if he could (if I'd let him more like it!) but the other day he even had THREE breakfasts! He had 2 pieces of toast + cereal at home.. tehn at my dads he ate 2 more pieces of toast.. then they cooked up bacon and eggs and he shared that with his Poppy.. huh.gif THEN still had lunch, dinner and snacks the rest of the day..

He eats pretty healthily so I'm not to worried.. and will eat pretty much whatever hes given (minus casserolle and strawberries -reasons unknown..) but he would happily eat a whole watermelon for afternoon tea if I let him I reckon! Its just the quantity that everybody comments on.. but hes always hungry.. standing at the fridge trying to open it.. standing at the food cupboard with his hand out waiting.. going upto strangers in shopping centres with food with his hand out ohmy.gif (yeah I gotta stop that one pretty quick!) He is such a guts but I was a really fussy eater when I was little and my parents struggled to get me to eat (plain rice, plain pasta and beetroots were my main diet haha)

He eats more then me.. mellow.gif (wish I had his quick metabolism wink.gif ) But I guess if hes an alright weight it shouldnt matter to much?

#20 Fizzle

Posted 31 December 2009 - 09:16 PM

Just popped into to wish you all a happy New Year.

#21 Buzzie

Posted 01 January 2010 - 03:27 PM

Narelle - Oh good its not just him then Tounge1.gif I cant imagine what he'll be like with food as a teenager huh.gif Haha.. Ohh poor Lachie getting teeth through, I hope they come through soon.. All of Griffs are through now ddance.gif (except for 2nd lot of molars but dont they get them closer to 2? dunno) but now hes sick sad.gif Arggghh.. Does it ever end? haha

Hope you still got to surprise your bro original.gif

#22 oli77

Posted 03 January 2010 - 06:59 AM

Hi ladies,

Happy New year to you all.

Food Yes bottomless pit here as well...we cant eat around him without him wanting what we are having even if he has just had a meal.

I sometimes wish that DH cooked more of his meals though as there are times where I lose my enthusiasm on what to cook him.

Not much to report her....on leave until 18th which is forced leave unfortunately. We need to get the spare room tidied so Angus can move into it but it is difficult to do with little guy who is climbing everything at the moment.

I used to be able to go upstairs, turn some Wiggles on for 10 mins and get ready for work now I am not sure what he will be doing as yesterday DH found him sitting on the glass topped coffee table after climbing over the couches.

Anyway, have to make a spinach dip for a bbq today.

Take care

#23 Buzzie

Posted 03 January 2010 - 09:33 AM

Narelle -Oh well at least he acted suprised happy.gif Aaww haha.. Good on you for facing your fears with the flying fox - bit of a bugger they didnt tell you to lift your legs up though.. hope you didnt hurt yourself to bad!

Hehe Griffin is the same with needing a snack while dinner is getting organised.. hes obsessed with using a spoon/fork himself and gets really upset if we try to help him.. cant even just spin it in his hand so its facing the right way otherwise he cracks it rolleyes.gif Hes actually getting pretty good though - still messy, but better haha.. Last night he was trying to eat peas and corn with his spoon and just getting nowhere.. but when he eats yogurt with a spoon he does really well - must be cos it actually sticks to the spoon haha..

I was a really fussy eater (much like your Cameron hehe) so I'm glad G isnt like that.. Apparently when we went to dinner at a restaurant that used to be near us when we were kids it was a self serve salad bar and all I used to eat was beetroots.. no meat or anything else.. just beetroot, everytime we went there.. drove my dad crazy Tounge1.gif and then as hes italian we always had big spagetti bolognaise's etc and I would only eat pasta with butter - no sauce.. haha.. oh dear.. I am only realising now how irritating it would have been for them Tounge1.gif


Olivia - Hehe Griffin is a climber to.. fun isnt it happy.gif Ps - How is #2 going? original.gif Already half way - geez its gone quickly! (well for me anyway! hehe)


AFM - Griffin has been sick.. but.. HES ALL BETTER ddance.gif haha.. hes sleeping again and doesnt have snot covering his face - so thats always a plus biggrin.gif drove me insane for a few days there.. I'm getting a bit anxious about going to the doctor Tuesday.. Ive had some spotting and just hoping that everything is okay.. I'll have a scan this week to.. so I'm REALLY looking forward to that..

I'm not sure if I told you, but my SIL and Brother are pregnant with #1 (the one that had been trying for a year and had the ovarian cyst removed etc) and ahh it is just so exciting - but she had a scan during the week and the doctor put her days back 5 days - so due on the 19th Aug - Same day as me! Haha! Mine will prob change when I have a scan.. but far out.. cant get much closer Tounge1.gif EVERYBODY knows shes pregnant now though - she wanted to keep it secret till closer to 12weeks.. but my brother is a loudmouth and has told.. everyone haha.. at least she knows hes excited! So as immediate family only know about me at the moment I'm gonna be able to shock them all and (hopefully if all goes well) be able to tell them theres another one coming to! original.gif

Hmm.. well.. I better be off - Griffin is making a mess (something new) rolleyes.gif

Edited by Buzzie, 03 January 2010 - 09:33 AM.

#24 Buzzie

Posted 03 January 2010 - 07:30 PM

hey just a quick question..

When do you think you will start toilet training..?

I dont think Griffin is ready yet.. but I just thought I'd ask.. and what are the *signs* to look out for..? Have any of you started yet? Starting soon? Waiting till closer to 2yo..?

I just noticed a girl i know who has a DS same age as Griffin (well 1 day older) has started TT her son and getting frustrated because he wont go 'in' the toilet.. he's gone next to it and on a laptop bag (yuck) and the first thing I thought was "wow thats early" but tehn looked it up and looks like its not all that unusual (even though 2-3 is more the average - and even then it depends on the kid).. I mean I'd love for Griffin to be TT by the time the new baby comes.. but I dont exactly see it happening.. shrug.gif

I must admit, shes always been one for wanting to do everything *first* and *early* rolleyes.gif

#25 ~my2beautifulbabies~

Posted 03 January 2010 - 09:35 PM

HAPPY NEW YEAR, LADIES!!!!!!!!!   xmas_biggrin.gif

Elise - toilet training already?  Is that lady INSANE??  xmas_wacko.gif I'm only just tt my dd now......and she JUST turned 3 last week!!!!  She still doesn't have the hang of #2's (2 days ago, she got it in the loo, and tonight I caught her running away and hiding to do it in her undies   xmas_angry.gif ), but she's pretty much got the #1's down-pat.  I tried her originally about 4 or 5 months ago, and she just didn't get it at all, no matter how I said it, how I bribed her or what time of day it was.  And you know that after about 2 or 3 days of trying, if there's not 1 skeric of progress, then just stop.  I REALLY started trying with dd around the beginning of December and after probably 3 days, she pretty much had the idea of the #1's.  And as I said, STILL struggling with the #2's, but I just leave her night nappy on a little longer in the morning so that she can do it in there, and THEN I put her undies on for the day (although she wears pull-ups to bed for the afternoon nap).  As for eating, ds is a freakin' garbage disposal!!!!!!!   rolleyes.gif   Actually, the whole time we were on our boat for new year's, all ds did was eat, eat, eat and eat.  My 2 BIL's kept saying how ds is their idol with how much of an eating machine he is!!  We would feed the kids first, then have our meals (whether it was b'fast, lunch, or dinner).  Dd was fine....she'd eat hers and be done with it.  Ds would scoff his down, and want half of ours as well!  If I let him graze all day, he would.  Even this morning, he had 1 weet bix, then I cut up 2 oranges between the 2 kids. THEN he had a piece of toast and that was going to be it.  But then we all had breakky, and he snacked on mine, my dad's and then wanted some of my brother's too!!!  But I was stern with him and told him enough's enough....even though he's not eating rubbish, I feel it's teaching him bad eating habits, that he can just eat all day, whenever he wants.   Hopefully now that we're home, it will be easier to get back into the breakfast/lunch/dinner routine!!  hands.gif

Phew, so far, it's taken me about an hour just to get this far in my post.  I keep getting distracted with tidying up, unpacking bags, putting a load of washing on....I think I'll have to come back another time to catch-up properly!!  But after 4 gorgeous, memorable night on the boat, I'm finally home-sweet-home with the kids (dh is still on the boat with his 2 brothers and my dad).  I'm going to head off to bed as I've had 2 weeks FULL of late nights and not much sleep   aannoyed.gif .  So hopefully I'll be much better rested and stay on for a little longer tomorrow night.

'til later.



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Here are some ideas for getting that budget in shape, ready for being a one income family.


Baby Names

Need some ideas?

See what names are trending this year.

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