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#51 unwind

Posted 04 November 2009 - 09:13 AM

Hey Everyone! I'm on holidays now so finally have a moment to post. Thank goodness that semester is over.

First of all I can't remember if I have already said this so congratulations to Mandy, Bec and Rachel on your new little bundles of cuteness! They are so adorable! I love seeing the pics wub.gif

Yvette - Congratulations on the engagement, so glad to hear that everything has been going well for you.

Add Zali to the temperamental toddler list original.gif Although she seems to be getting past that stage now (knock on wood, cross fingers that I haven't just jinxed myself). Zali's fav words were 'no way' and 'go away' which thankfully we've managed to replace with 'no thankyou'. She is also very independant and wants to do everything for herself and like Natalie has to dress herself and pick her own clothes.  She is very strong willed about what she wants to wear and is going through a stage of having to match everything. We constantly get told that what we want her to wear doesn't match. Yesterday I put white shorts on her and went to put a red top on and Zali goes 'not red shirt, the white one, dora on it. See matches white shorts yeah'  wacko.gif laughing2.gif DH blames me because I taught her colours and I always say no you can't wear that it doesn't match. Thankfully I've worked out a way to get around it by telling her that the one she wants to wear is dirty and she seems to accept that and let us pick her outfit.

Well I guess I better go and decide what we're going to do on my first day of holidays.

Good luck to those who are having babies soon.

#52 Shadowess

Posted 04 November 2009 - 08:13 PM

Hi guys,

Just a quick hello... we've been in Perth for the last few weeks, seeing family, and attending 2 weddings. Ruby was flowergirl again, and did a fine job, although was a lot more wary of it this time round. It was all good... just having to undo all the bad sleeping habits that Ruby had developed though!

Ruby is also exerting her independance.. she likes to dress herself (or at least choose what she wears), but unlike Zali, she has no idea of how to match colours or patterns! She seriously has no idea, and sometimes I really have to cringe at what she chooses! Her favourite answer to any request of ours is "no! too late!" We're not entirely sure where that comes from, but anyway.. she also likes to tell us to "take it away!", when she's finished her dinner.. it's kind of cute, really! We have tantrums if she wants something and can't have it, but I'm determined to teach her that no means no! She's pretty good... just wish that she had an off stitch, or at least a volume control button, at times!

That's pretty much it, really.. just getting organised for half my family to descend on Canberra next week!

Catch ya later,

#53 Guest_*I-AM-ME*_*

Posted 06 November 2009 - 09:40 PM

HI Girls,

Thanks for the congrats.  Life has been on the extremely good side for me lately.  

I am so happy to hear of all your births and impending births.  

ANGE - No chance of me having any more.  With Craigs 3, and my 2, we made the executive decision that no more kids is for us.  Craig has even ensured that it doesn't happen.  Yes I was abit upset about it at first, as a 3rd child of my own would have been lovely, but realistically 6 kids would just be too much I think.

FEE - Oh the weather here in Perth has been so weird, hope your weddings didn't get the horrible windy or wet weather.

Yeap add Delia to that horrible list too.  Add a 3 year old with alot of emotional issues, and dont forget the two tempermental teenagers, and you can imagine our household is full of laughs sometimes.

Delia is throwing tantrums like mad.  Oh and the bossiness.  She rules the roost here, and bosses the boys around like she owns them.  It is so hard.  Oh and the puppy dog eyes when I tell her off.  Oh I love her to bits I really so, but she is going to be so much trouble as she gets older.

Anyone elses babies singing heaps too? I swear if I hear incy wincy spider, or baa baa black sheep one more time, I will go crazy myself...hehehe

#54 MnM

Posted 07 November 2009 - 11:37 AM

Fee: awww i bet Ruby loved being flower girl wub.gif Miles would love to be centre of attention! Good luck with the sleeping problems

Yvette: yep Miles sings all the time, usually Row Row your boat or Baa Baa Black sheep....he sings as im wheeling him and Greta around the supermarket laughing2.gif and after he's gone to bed at night - i think he's gone to sleep then i hear him singing Baa Baa or some such song to his Teddy bears wub.gif

Add Miles to the prima dona club too! For quite  while now he has been insisting on picking out his own clothes - loves anything in blue that has a motive on it - which is hard as i dislike clothes with motives on them so most of his clothes are plain - so this means he usually goes and graps a pajama top and says "this blue top" so then i have to explain that he wears that to bed not for day time...oh the joys!
Anyway i tend to try and show him 2 outfits and ask which he prefers and he either picks the top from one outfit and the pants from the other outfit  wacko.gif or he says he doesnt want either and goes and graps hsi PJ"s top and says "this blue top" Im not even going to go into his shoes - he has long been obsessed with shoes - i swear he's going to be a fashion/shoe designer  tongue.gif

Well guess what! Im officially being made redundant on Thursday next week  eexcite.gif finally, i gt my last maternity pay on Wednesday then i get my redundancy package on Thursday - so im offically a SAHM  ffear.gif  well untill next July when i start job hunting !

Ok best go, DH has taken Miles out to collect the new born picks of Greta and Im home holding the baby  Tounge1.gif she's meant to be feeding but has fallen asleep - oh she slept last night from 6.30pm - midnight - 5.30am how good is that for a 5 week old im impressed ....actually its pretty much the same as what Miles was doing at that age but she is so tiny compared - at 5 weeks she is the same weight Miles was at 9 days! but is still shorter than him!

ok all for now waves.gif

#55 twogirlsandaboy

Posted 08 November 2009 - 09:44 PM


Popping in to say hi, haven't been on EB much lately, although seem to spend way to much time on FB lately and also making my bows and korkers.

Yvette, So thrilled to read about your engagement that is wonderful news. eexcite.gif

Rachel, Good luck with TTC#3.

Fee, I saw your photos of the weddings on facebook. Ruby looked so cute as a flowergirl. Annaliese was a flower girl in my sister's wedding in 2001 and she wouldn't walk down by herself either, so she held my hand and walked down with me.

Mandy, I offer Emma 2 outfits to choose from some days as well, and she has been known to raid her drawers to get her pj's out and put them on.

Beck, I would have done the same as you with getting the whooping cough immunisation done now. Apparently it's been a bad year here in SA for it as well.

Emma can be added to the list of temperamental toddlers as well. (The joys of a 2 year old rolleyes.gif , although my 8 year old could give her a run for her money some days.) She is getting quite a large vocabulary now and doesn't hesitate to tell someone (in our family) to go away or to stop it. I sometimes give her a choice of 2 outfits each morning that she can pick one or she just wears whatever I pick. Tantrums don't seem to be too bad atm, although she still has her firey temper. Although I would say my 8 year old boy who still chucks a tantrum like a 2 year old and sooks and whines at just about everything is almost worse than Emma glare.gif . I could quite happily send him back to where I picked him up from some days. Emma is also obsessed with Hi-5 now wacko.gif . We only have a couple of dvd's (with all the original members), and I have now had to put them on top of the fridge as she has worked out how to open the dvd player, put the disc in and press play. I think she would quite happily watch them all day if I let her, but she is only allowed to watch 1 in the morning and maybe 1 in the afternoon.

We're in for a bit of a scorcher this week, 35 today, 37 tomorrow, getting to 39 for Wednesday and Thursday and back to around 34 by Saturday. We also have to go to a funeral Saturday morning as DH's grandpa died Thursday night, so hopefully it won't be too hot for that.

Anyway, have a great night everyone waves.gif

Edited by twogirlsandaboy, 08 November 2009 - 09:45 PM.

#56 MnM

Posted 09 November 2009 - 09:14 AM

Kylie: laughing2.gif Miles does the same with his Wiggles DVD's how he knows which button is open and play i have no clue!  ive had to move them too, if i hear "we're on our way to Wiggle bay" one more time i will scream!
Looks like being a stinker here today too, it was 39 last week which is way too hot for a girl from the UK  ohmy.gif

Well i have conjunctivitis in both eyes, as does Greta, Miles has a full on cold, as do i - so feeling a little yucky!  Greta vomited on me no less than 4 times last night and i had to get changed and scrub the sofa each time - then Miles woke up and vomited all over his bed  rolleyes.gif  oh the joys.

Ok best go waves.gif

#57 321Cas321

Posted 10 November 2009 - 12:16 PM

Hi girls..

Its been a while since I have been on.

Life is great but hectic... I am now working 3 nights a week, two of which are overnight shifts.. and with James at home I only get about 1-2 hrs sleep from Tues am - thurs pm....

I have been having ongoing skin cancer treatments 3 times a week which is draining but going back for another check tomorrow...

James has mastered to wee standing.. which has made the TTing easier.. he wont' wear nappies during the day which is a pain sometimes but we are getting there.  still waits until his night nappy and does a poo just before bed.. will need to work on that one.

We have been having interviews to send Brendan to a private school from K - 12.. and we got our acceptance letter yesterday so happy chappies here..

Loving reading about your growing babies..

yvettee congrats on your engagement.. fantastic!!!!!

Fee - saw some of your pics.. they are great!!!

well gotta go and do some paperwork...

take care all!

#58 MnM

Posted 27 November 2009 - 06:24 AM

Gosh took me a while to find this thread, no ones been in for a while.

Hope everyone is well.

All good here, Greta slept through the night last night, 7pm - 6am  tthumbs.gif  pretty good for a 7 week old.

Isnt Bridget due around now ?

#59 Kat78

Posted 04 December 2009 - 10:22 AM

Hi Ladies

Just a quick one to let you know that I got an sms from Bridget this morning.

Tess Victoria  born last night at 8pm, very quick labour (not sure, I assume around an hour, going by her last quick one) Mum and baby doing well. 7pound 3.

We have 5 weeks to go now. I can't wait. low blood pressuer is giving me grief. Jade and Carmen are both doing well. Hubby is busy with work, and needs a break!

That's about it. Hi everyone I hope you are all well..... Will check in again soon
Love kat

#60 MnM

Posted 04 December 2009 - 02:18 PM

Oh wow thats so great, what a gorgeous name too... cant beleive we all had little girls this time, Rachel was our only little boy.  

Cant wait to hear your news Kat, and Ange too - another 2 little girls - looking forward to hearing their names.

All good here.  Not sure if anyone remembers but Miles so such an easy baby, well Greta is even easier  ohmy.gif  everyone keeps saying we should have another as we have such easy ones, but if we had another boy or girl id then feel guilty because we had 2 of the same sex and the other would be missing out so id have to go for another to try and even it out and ...well 3 kids seems ok but im so dont want 4 kids!  

Greta is still sleeping great, wakes once a night or sleeps through, depends what mood she is in - but its a pleasur to get up to her, she's such a little angel wub.gif
Naps after each feed then has her huge nap for 4 or 5 hours in afternoon after her 12 o'clock feed.  sleeps even more than Miles and he slept/sleeps a lot laughing2.gif

Adores her big brother, sometimes more than she adores her mummy i swear! I bath her and Miles helps and she looks from me to Miles with such a huge grin on her face its so lovely. Not so sure about her Daddy, but he's not so keen on the newborn stage, im sure they will be great mates when she gets older and DH feels a bit more comfy with her laughing2.gif

Well i was made redundant last month, we have decided i wont go back to work, i'll be a SAHM till the kids go to school, or untill i get bored and want adult company laughing2.gif

We also have our house on the market - decided 3 bedrooms is just not enough for the 4 of us, so looking for a bigger place, also looking keen on a plot ot land we have seen, so watch this space.

Oh Miles is up from his nap, best go get him waves.gif

#61 beck73

Posted 05 December 2009 - 07:51 AM

YAY YAY YAY!!! I LOVE baby news biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif!!!

Congratulations Bridget, I am so thrilled to hear that your little girl is here safe and sound - I'll bet she has DH and her big brothers wrapped around her tiny little finger already wub.gif.

Thanks for posting the news Kat, I've been stalking her on FB because I knew she was due but it doesn't look like she gets in there very often sad.gif.  I can't believe you only have 5 weeks to go oomg.gif!  Have you decided on a name for your little one yet, or are you going to go in with a few options and see which one fits once she is here?

Mandy - wow, you've been busy getting your place on the market!  I went through that when DS1 was new and found it really stressful trying to keep the place tidy for inspections - but then again my boy certainly didn't sleep like your babies do (wonder if there is a 'jealous' emoticon...).  I think my poor Eloise would love to be a big sleeper too, but with all the ins and outs that go along with doing the school run twice a day she really doesn't get much of a chance.  It will be interesting to see how she goes when the school holidays start and we're not running around so much - 2 weeks to go, yikes!

Us - Benny is still working his way through the 'terrible twos' which isn't much fun sometimes.  Thank goodness I've been through it before so I know it doesn't last forever, it has really been doing my head in some days sad.gif.  On a more positive note though he has decided that he doesn't like wearing nappies anymore, so pretty TT'd himself within a few days oomg.gif!  He has been waking up dry from his sleeps too, but I'm waiting until I get a couple of brolly sheets before going commando for bedtime as well - now I just have to remember to order them wacko.gif.  My other babies are doing well too - Matty and James are finishing up the school year (yay!), and Eloise is 11 weeks old already, a bit more serious than Benny but that just makes the smiles and giggles all the more precious wub.gif.  She sleeps through most nights too (good girl!), if only Benny would!!!

That's about it for now, I'd best go and have a shower while E sleeps original.gif

Take care everyone!

Beck x

#62 321Cas321

Posted 07 December 2009 - 01:15 PM

HI ya a..

Congrats Bridget on your little girl.. I cannot wait to see pics... I am sure your boys will spoil her when she is older...

Beck - yay on benny TTing so quick, wow 11 weeks already for your little princess.. love seeing pics on FB.  and yay on a year down for your boys at school - i am sure they are looking forward to the holidays...

Us.. james is now I think I can say full TT'd.  No 1's and 2s on the loo with only one accident which was at day care last week (2nd week of a single day at daycare) and waking up dry in the mornings so once the pull ups and nappies are all gone no more for us.. yay.  

Beck I bought some waterproof protectors from Big W.. they have been great for us.

Kat - great to hear from you.. are you still living up the hill?  Are you going to Nepean to have bubs?

Mandy - i am seriously jealous in a nice way of your two.. they are just so perfect when it comes to routines.. but you know that comes from you... so well done and keep those pics coming!  yay on the SAHM and also buying a new house.. hope this driveway does not give you guys grief!

Kylie.. FB.. shocking isnt it.. do you still have your farm?  I mean the FB one?

Big week this week.. Brendans last week at preschool.. he has been there for 3 years and they feel just like family - the wonders of a community preschool... very emotional as next year he is at school.. he is excited me.. just overwhelmed.  

Scotty (DH) is currently on his way back from Melb driving our new Caravan back.. yay so exciting so we will be taking it away this weekend for a test run before we go away after christmas to coffs for 2 weeks.

Me.. new hair cut and first time in my life I have added chemicals.. (foils and some other type of highlight) never done anything but cut my hair all my life...

Still slowly losing weight... coming off slow because have had a few "bad" weeks.

Still working soem nights/evnings and loving just being away for a bit and earning some money and feeling like I am contributing...

what else.. our vegies in our garden are going well LOL...

the dog is going through menopause I think.. she is a emotional wreck....

no seriously all is well and its great to hear from everyone...

Well better keep moving make the most of james daycare hours...

take care and keep in touch!

#63 Kat78

Posted 22 December 2009 - 08:49 AM

Wow, I remember when this thread would go so fast we'd need a new one in a few days. Much more my pace now ;-)

We are all well. Just over 2 weeks to go (hopefully that means there's only about one week to go, since the other two were a week early!) I had a night of what I thought was labour on Sunday night. Timed contractions for 6 hours. But it all finished at 8.30am, and I was bummed after that (but Rob got to stay home 'just incase'). Hopefully thats the start of dilation! I was already fully dilated when I got to hospital with Carmen, so hoping this will be the same.

Great to hear about Bridget's news. Hope to hear from her soon, and get some pics. (you'll have to see ours on FB, it's so much easier)

Cass - we're booked into H'bury this time. I would have loved to go up to Katoomba again (J & C were snowy winter Katoomba babies), but they couldnt' garuntee we could birth there with staff shortages. H'bury is tops, we're really happy with it.

Did anyone have any luck with 'raspberry leaf' stuff? Does it just soften the cervix or does it bring on labour? I've been for long walks, hot baths and spicy food..... bring on any other ideas...

Hope you are all well. Hi to everyone else. Have a great christmas and new year. Will msg with our news...

#64 Kat78

Posted 22 December 2009 - 08:53 AM

RE  TT - I've been passive with Carmen. We did it over a week with Jade after Carmen was born. I will wait till we have this bub before I do anything with Carmen. She's been showing interest in the toilet, so should be good. (we go bull at a gate with it, clear the calendar for 2 weeks, and stay at home and go to the toilet all day - I could think of nothing worse than doing it 'passively' over 6 months)

#65 twogirlsandaboy

Posted 24 December 2009 - 03:03 PM


xmas_smile.gif Just a quick post this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. xmas_biggrin.gif  

#66 MnM

Posted 25 December 2009 - 05:22 AM


#67 beck73

Posted 26 December 2009 - 12:58 PM


We had a lovely quiet day here at home, just us and the mob wub.gif.  DH's parents live in Melbourne and were up here for a couple of weeks just in October (to help out after Ellie was born) so we won't see them until the end of January, and my poor Mum has just come down with shingles so is in quarantine from all the babies for another week or so - and since 3 out of her 4 children have babies who are still under 1 and haven't had their chicken pox immunisations yet, that means she can't see any of us! sad.gif  We had a big day planned with dinner for everyone here tonight but it is just going to be my siblings and their families now - on the bright side, this means we get to keep our Christmas going for a bit longer because we all have to wait until Mum is well enough again to celebrate with us before we get our presents xmas_cool.gif.  Just because I can, here are a couple of piccies of my beautiful babies wub.gif

The boys getting ready to create some wrapping paper carnage tongue.gif.  Benny thought it was all just fabulous, and it took him ages to open all his presents (and there were only 4 of them!LOL!) because he had to stop and play with whatever each one was straight away and then come back to get the next one wub.gif!

Eloise checking out her very first Christmas stash - a new dress, amber necklace, nappies, dolly and ball, what more could a girl want?!

Hope you all had a lovely day, with an extra hug going out to all our gorgeous babes celebrating their first ever Christmas.  xmas_biggrin.gif

Beck x

#68 unwind

Posted 29 December 2009 - 07:57 PM

Hey everyone, been lurking, waiting to hear news about Ange and found this...

Simone Elizabeth born today 29th December at 3.28pm. 7lbs 6oz 48cms. All good

Congratulations Ange and family!!!! Hope you are all well and can't wait to see pics of the new addition to your family. I'm sure Simone will be a little cutie, just like Lachy and Natalie!

Merry Christmas to you too Beck!! What gorgeous photos, looks like you all had a great day.

Hope everyone else is doing going well, I'll have to come on and post more when I get a chance.

Edited by msg, 29 December 2009 - 07:59 PM.

#69 beck73

Posted 30 December 2009 - 06:58 AM

HI MEL!!! waves.gif  I love your new sig, Zali looks like she thought Dora was fantastic - I think Benny would run a mile screaming (it took him 3 weeks to work up the courage to even LOOK at Santa laughing2.gif).  Hope you are making the most of your uni break, it always seems to fly past so quickly!

Ange, I'm so glad to hear that Simone has arrived safely  wub.gif . Congratulations, I have no doubt whatsoever that she is absolutely gorgeous and can't wait to see some pics to cluck over. Enjoy your babymoon, I hope you are up and about soon  wub.gif .

Beck x

#70 MnM

Posted 31 December 2009 - 12:22 PM

Congrats Ange, can't wait to see pics, I keep having a sneaky peak on Facebook but none yet...
As Beck said, I've no doubt she will be as gorgeous as her big brother and sister wub.gif

cass: awww you're so sweet, what a nice thing to say, although I'm sure my kids think their Mummy is a sergent major sometimes with my routine laughing2.gif but works for us.

Beck: gorgeous pics of a gorgeous family wub.gif Benny sounds the same as Miles with the scary Santa, would look at him if Mummy held him.. He seemed a bit in awe of him, bless wub.gif hope your mum gets well soon.

Mel: waves.gif gorgeous sig piccie...

Kat: you're the last one then, another precious little pink bundle... Oooh no there is Sally still to go, forgot - hmmm wonder if it'll be another girl... Well good luck, can't wait to hear her name eexcite.gif

Rachel; happy anniversary,

Kylie: waves.gif hope everything is going well and your little lambies are growing.

Hey Laura waves.gif lovely pics on Facebook.. Hope you're well.

Is that everyone unsure.gif I like our little group it's easier to deal with being little.

AFM all good, had just us 4 for Christmas. My parents left in Oct, DH's Mum and hubby arrive in 3 weeks time for 12 weeks so looking forward to that.

Ooops Fee, I thought I'd written your bit but it's vanished..... How's TTC #2 going?  Having fun 'trying' I'm sure!

Miles is good, can count to 10, talk a hind leg off a donkey, addicted to Wiggles, fighting TTing with every inch of his being laughing2.gif gets more cuddly and sweet every day (very cuddly like his Daddy) He's controlling his tanties better now too, so doesn't have half as many, he tries to talk through what he wants but of course he's only 2 so sometimes it gets too much and he has a full on tanty but touch wood he's only ever had them at home, never out - phew! He's still a neat freak!  Everything MUST be on it's place!!! Like me, drives DH mad laughing2.gif

Greta is amazing, she just adores her big brother and he her wub.gif he gives her her dummy, gets her blanket, rocks her chair it's beautifull to watch and her eyes search the room for him whenever she hears his voice ... I don't think I could be more in love with my baby girl...she's still sleeping through, 7pm-6am, sleeps a lot in the say but can manage to stay awake for about an hour after each feed now, so spending some time with her which is lovely.  She's so laid back, where as Miles is very intense and demands attention, if I don't get her in her cot in time for her nap she happily falls asleep in her chair or on her playmat.

I'm good also,  DH finally got paid out for his motorbike smash, so had a good Christmas - He got a new laptop and iPod and I got a gift certificate to drive a V8 Supercar round a race track!  And he bought me an MG sportscar, I've wanted one forever and I love it, but it's a 2 seater so just for me ddance.gif

that's about it... Happy New Year waves.gif

#71 ~tinkerbell~

Posted 08 January 2010 - 07:42 PM

Hi girls,

Just a quick CONGRATS to all those new babies born.  Wow I am so jealous.  No babies left for me.  DF's test came back and all is set in stone now.  

US - DS is at his dad's in NSW for 3 weeks, he get back tomorrow.  YEAH.  It has been the longest 3 weeks that is for sure.  Delia is doing really well.  She is talking like you wouldn't believe.  So tall too.We are attempting TT, but I am not pushing it too much on her yet.  Want her to get her all ok with all her medical stuff first.  She may be requiring another another operation on her lips at the moment, as she is still salivaing up on her lips alot.  Her teething is bad, and she is still yet to get half of her teeth.  
DF and I are in the midst of planning our much anticipated wedding in April 2011.  I am so excited about it all, and have already started planning.  Nothing huge, just something small and quaint (sp?).

ME - I am going in to see a doctor specialist about my PFM and prolapse, and hoping that it will be fixed sometime soon.  Although only mild at the moment, doctor feels it may worsten if we dont do something now.  


#72 MnM

Posted 09 January 2010 - 02:08 PM


Hope everyone is going well.

Yvette: awwww, planning wedding that sounds lovely, i bet you cant wait - how exciting, and yay to getting your little man home too  eexcite.gif Hope Delia doesnt need more surgery poor little mite.

Kat: any baby news yet, i think you must be overdue now!

AFM: Well i had a Mirina fitted yesterday, was ok but it fell out so my obs spent 20 mins trying to put it back together then ended up running off to the chemist to buy another while im left there with my legs in the air laughing2.gif
DH was going to get the snip when he turns 40 (3 years time) for soe reason didnt want to get it done till he his the big) 40 so i said id have a mirina fitted for 5 years then he can get the snip in the nest 3 or 4 years when he is 40 ish but he has now done research and has decided against it so looks like ill be having the mirina for a few years yet - never mind i odnt really care...he might change his mind again who knows, i certainly wont be asking him to get it done its his body... so that means its down to me to sort out protection .... the mirina seems to be ok at the moment.  Im not game enough to go without anything im really not keen on a 3rd child, 2 is plenty for me.

Greta is going good, sleeping 12 hours overnight - shes  just over 6kg's at 14 weeks, sitting around the 50th percentile so all good.  She just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps ssleep.gif cant do tummy tiem or anything with her cos she simply isnt awake for long enough!

Miles is wonderfull, so funny and adores his sister and vice versa - hes still a small fry but has ha d alittle growth spurt an dis a but taller but still a shorty laughing2.gif

We put out house in the market yesterday so been out looking for houses to buy today... im worried there isnt much out there but guess we will see.

Erm thats about waves.gif

#73 Shadowess

Posted 09 January 2010 - 07:31 PM

Hi guys,

Just a quick pop in... I have some news for you all! I got a BFP this morning... #2 is due 15 September! So, that's all very exciting.. will have to call my ob on Monday and book in etc... anyway, for those of you who I'm friends with on facebook- don't mention anything about it on there, for obvious reasons!

Mandy, I reckon the house market is slow at the moment, due to everyone being on holidays! should pick up again in the next few weeks...

Yvette, good to hear everything's going well for you guys!

Kat, yeah, we want news!!!

Alright, well, will pop in again soon...


#74 MnM

Posted 09 January 2010 - 08:34 PM

Awww congrats Fee, such lovely news - hope its a little blue bundle this time wub.gif

#75 Shadowess

Posted 10 January 2010 - 10:19 AM

Well, obviously as long as it's healthy and happy, it doesn't matter, but secretly, I really want another girl.. but of course I'll be happy either way.  biggrin.gif

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As the 2017 flu season begins in earnest, here?s what you need to know to protect yourself and baby.

Mum tips to keep your pre-baby budget in check

Money might be funny in a rich man's world (or so ABBA told us), but for the rest of us it's a major consideration – particularly before having a baby.

5 easy ways to make your maternity leave last longer

Maternity leave is a special time for you, your partner and your new little bundle. The last thing you want is for financial worries to stand in the way of that joy.

10 ways to keep your 'buying for baby' costs down

Becoming a parent is full of surprises – not least of all finding out that, for such small beings, babies cause a lot of chaos and expense.

5 ways to prepare to go from two incomes to one

Here are some ideas for getting that budget in shape, ready for being a one income family.


Baby Names

Need some ideas?

See what names are trending this year.

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