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#51 BboysFlygirl

Posted 22 February 2008 - 12:05 PM

Morning Ladies,

Well I finally did my full handover for work yesterday. I only have one more outstanding item which is a assessment to write. I'll do that on Monday when the kids are at daycare though. So YAY, no more work for me!!! original.gif

Melli: Love your belly shot. Your bump is really cute. Is the pg support belt you're wearing the ones you get from the physio for SPD? You poor thing with your feet. Are they really sore as well? My advice would be to lie on the couch with a few pillows under your feet so they are higher than your head. Not to sure how the SPD would cope with that though.

Maddy: How is your DP now? Are the headaches everyday or less frequent? Do you know what you are having and are just keeping quiet or is it going to be a surprise? (sorry I can't remember)

Lauren: I'm not game enough to get waxed down there while pg. I've heard that it hurts heaps more. How was your hair appointment? I'm thinking of getting mine done either this monday or the following, but like you I'm dreading sitting in that chair.

Carly: How was the visit to your friends? I can't wait to see my friends little (lol well 10lb12oz) girl. She lives over the other side of the city though so it's a matter of being organised enough without the kids to get there. I'm with you on finishing work early. I originally planned to see if I could get to 35 weeks. Pfft so much for that. I finished at 31. You poor think with your gall bladder. My sister had bad gallstones with her last pg but didn't know what it was. I went to the hospital with her thinking she was in labour it was that bad.

Kiralee: Sorry I haven't said hi yet, so waves.gif and welcome.

K: How did Mik go with the interview yesterday? I'll be keeping my fingers crossed he gets something here really soon. And how sweet is he with the flowers and chocolates. I actually said to DH yesterday that I would be thinking he's having an affair or is up to something if I got flowers out of the blue. YAY for you and Mik having a great lunch - and really yummy I might add. Hope Gael feels better quickly.

Cally: LOL the last time I got flowers was when Jack was born as well. It must be really the week for all of us to struggle. It sounds like most of us are not coping with the pain and no sleeping. hhugs.gif I hope you get some more sleep soon.

bumbum: With the sciatica you sound just like me with my last pregnancy. For the last 8 weeks I would cry every morning just trying to get out of bed. How are the floorboards going? DH laid ours a few months ago in the back hallways and kids rooms. I love them - so much better than the carpet we had. Love your belly shot.

melsb: Glad to hear your midwife appointment went really well.

Helen: Yay for being on Maternity leave now. That buffet & hutch are amazing. Your DH is very talented. LOL my DH is like Tim the Toolman. And you should have told the lady at medicare to shove it. People and their insensitive comments really p*ss me off. I don't think your belly pic looks smaller. I think they both look great. I'm sorry but I LMAO over your  sick.gif incident. Glad your DH has a sense of humour. I don't think mine would have been able to handle it. I'm glad you are starting to feel heaps better now. I think there is nothing worse than being pg and sick.

Jo:  laughing2.gif at your DH and his "elective" c-section and his bits tingling.

SueK: Congratulations to your friend. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for them. Hope you're having a great holiday in Hahndorf. I haven't been there for years. I loved it. I'm jealous. Tounge1.gif

Donna: Good timing for the sciatica to go away. When in your DH home again?

Alicia: LMAO at taming the furry mammal. I find razoring it too difficult now. I think I might pull out DH's old electric shaver this arvo and give that a try. Brilliant news on the CTG result. I love your belly pic. LOL I always get excited when I see yours. Maybe cause I know there is 2 in there. And yeah it looks like it's dropped heaps. Maybe your boys will come of their own accord sooner rather than later.

Addison: Don't stress about the low pain threshold. Seriously I am a massive sook at the best of times, but come labour I actually surprise myself. It's weird because although the pain is intense, it's still nowhere near as bad as I ever expected (says the woman who ended up havng epidurals for both in the end LOL) And seriously, don't every feel you can't vent - that's what we're all here for. And I can tell you that most of us are feeling just the same.

rachael-f: I agree with K (lol again) and think a really personal gift that would be meaningful to them would be the go.

My take on the epidurals: I had both of mine while sitting up curled over. I just had a monitor on so we could see the contractions starting before I could feel them so they knew to stop trying until the contraction had passed. I agree with K though, the local injection bloody stings, but you can't actually feel the epidural - it just feels like a bit of pressure and cold. They had trouble with both of mine (took 5 goes with Jack and I had a bruise the size of a fist the next morning). Aparently if you are overweight it makes it harder for them to judge exactly where the epidural layer is. (Well that was their excuse and I am considerably overweight) But all in all, I will most probably have one this time. I figure why be in pain when I don't need to.

Anyone who is having their 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th or 7th () baby, is there anything that you will take or use or do during your labour that has become a bit of a ritual sort of thing???  Actually no. This time I'm going to try something different. I'm planning on holding out on the epidural as long as I can and using the shower for pain relief (I never tried that with the boys). This time I want to try different positions as well. Both boys were delivered on my back in stirrups, so this time I want to give gravity a chance.

As for what I've been up to:
Last Tuesday I spent the day in hospital having an iron infusion done - all up it took about 6 hours. The hospital I go to has a pregnancy daystay ward, so it was good and relaxing. I remember people talking about iron from the last thread. Mine keeps going down and down and although I'd doubled my iron tablets it still went down. Hence having the infusion. Weird though as I thought I'd feel less tired really quickly, but it hasn't seem to have made a difference.
I also had my scan on Tuesday and it's all confirmed 100% that BabyB is a little girl.  wub.gif It's also confirmed that she is as unco-operative as her brothers as this was the only clear pic we managed to get:

As for her being huge - the ultrasound estimated that she was 1.9kg. They worked out for me that at the rate that babies should put on weight, if I was to deliver at 40 weeks she'd be about 4kgs (8lb 13oz). So yes, still a larger baby - but almost 1kg less than Jack so I'm really happy with that.

And while I'm on such a roll with a monster post, I may as well add in my latest pg pic. Taken this morning at 31w+4.

Well since I started writing this at 9.30am and it's now 1.15pm I should really stop now.

Hope everyone is feeling ok and massive hhugs.gif too all with the pelvic pain. I so know how you feel.

Kylee original.gif

ETA: Sorry about the pic size. it's only thumbnail size on photobucket so I don't know what's going on. I'll try to fix after I've eaten lunch.

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#52 whydoibother

Posted 22 February 2008 - 01:46 PM

Kylee: gees if that was the case Amelia would have been huge!  She was 1.8kg at 29 weeks and my OB said she'd double that by the time she was born and she did!  Gees how big was jack?
Well I've washed and dried all the unisex baby stuff I had from Amelia and which I have bought.  I am not game to wash the boys stuff yet just in case!
K: roll2.gif yeah the boys would love MUM for that too! gees than you'd really have a world war on!  Poor Gael bbighug.gif for him!

As for epidural, mine was a dud and yeah it is terrifying trying to sit hunched over when your cx are coming only 30-1min apart!  This time if they HAVE to induce me, I won't do it without an epidural put n before they do anything else!

Well there is a break in the rain atm and DD is outside with the dog playing and getting up to no good I suspect so I'd better see what she is doing I can hear banging of something out there!  rant.gif

#53 AuntyK

Posted 22 February 2008 - 02:50 PM

Kylee - I hope that infusion works!!! What a bugger. That pic is sooo cute! And that is a good size bubba me thinks. I would LOVE one smaller than that this time (I really would love a 7lb baby!) but somehow I doubt it! And YAYAYAY for finishing work! Lucky thing you! What are you going to do with all of your time now??

Cally - I am thinking the same thing with the epi before the induction, but then I was thinking last night that I should deal with the pain and do what I did with Gael - stand up, scream through the contractions, and just let him slip out when he is ready. It really was over so quickly! Of course, can't guarantee THAT will happen again!

OK, word of advice for you all. Don't fall asleep on the couch whilst sitting to the side, with one knee up (like you have a pillow on your lap supporting a head) and bent over cradling a little ones head. OOOOOOHHHHHHH, MY HIPS!!!!!! Seriously, that was freaking painful!

And we have a new world record here. Gael hasn't moved from his spot on the couch for 8 hours now. He MUST be on his death bed  laughing2.gif .


#54 breilla

Posted 22 February 2008 - 03:49 PM

WOOHOO! THANK YOU CARLY!  biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif

I have tried a couple of different tickers and every code possible and couldn't get it working. You rock!


#55 Melli

Posted 22 February 2008 - 06:30 PM

Thanks for all the suggestions for my feet everyone!  

They are once again quite puffed up.  I went looking for some looser/more comfy shoes today but couldn't find anything that didn't make my feet hurt.  I also saw some boots I really liked but I couldn't try the darn things on because of how swollen and sore my feet are.

I'll have to get some of that cordial to try.  I did try on some crocs as suggested, but they made my feet hurt too!

My fingers aren't too bad, I am still wearing all of my rings, they do seem ever so slightly tighter, but my fingers are so skinny I can still get them on and off easily.  Something I did notice earlier today though, I think my nose is puffy looking too!

I keep double taking when I catch my reflection in the mirror because it looks bigger than it should.  So apparently the fluid retention areas in my body are my feet/ankles and nose laughing2.gif

Kylee - thanks for the suggestion, but if I lay on the couch with my feet on pillows I would be in agony when I tried to get up!  I actually tried that in bed last night for a little while since my feet were so sore, but the pain in my pelvis this morning told me that I should never do it again laughing2.gif

Yes the belly support belt thing I have is the one from the physio.  I have the one that's like an elasticy material tube, this is what it looks like (probably would have been easier to take it off and take a photo of it  blush.gif ).

Cripes I just saw the time, I was going to sit down and write some proper personals but I better go cook dinner instead!

#56 lovemybabies86

Posted 22 February 2008 - 08:12 PM

hi girls,
just passing to say hi and loving all the belly shots  wub.gif im going to take pic in the next couple of days when i unpack my camera stuff i been slack  ph34r.gif and still have unpacking to do

will come back tomorrow and do more personals

Take care

#57 bumbum

Posted 22 February 2008 - 08:52 PM

Hello Girls,

I broke down in Big W last night  cry1.gif . I went to buy a few things and was struggling to walk around the place. My lower back/sciatica was so bad I had to stop every minute to bend and stretch. However, I just couldn't tolerate the pain any longer so I just broke down and cried. I felt so silly.

Then last night DF found me crying in the lounge room because I was in so much pain. I really lost the plot last night. All I wanted to do was have a good night sleep but this damn pain got the better of me. I told DF that I couldn't take it anymore and that the next 9 weeks are going to send me insane.

Kylee - What a gorgeous bump you have  wub.gif And hooray, the floorboards are done. And wow!! It's amazing how a room can transform when you replace the carpet with boards. So for now, the cleaning is done but somewhere in he near future we will tackle our bathroom and MAYBE the kitchen.  Oh, and Baby B is just adorable.

Carly - to answer your question. I still have the nightie I wore when I had DD. However, I didn't wear it when I was delivering (the hospital made me put on one of theirs) so yeah, I may just take it along with me this time biggrin.gif

Melli - You poor love. I hope you find some shoes to go with your puffed feet. I don't know what to suggest to you that will definitely work. I know that when my feet swell I soak them in a tub of warmish water and epsom salts for relief. I have sore feet in the mornings and find it hard to walk and then during the course of the day they get worse. My heels ache and I have to take my time in getting from one end of the house to the other.

Have any of you travelled with a 3 month old? We are thinking about going overseas in July for a month.....are we mad to even contemplate the idea?????? I figured if I was breastfeeding it would be a whole lot easier because I wouldn't have to worry about formula and sterilising. The flight is about 8 hours. Would you do it??

Ok, I'm off to read in bed for a while. Pray for me that my sciatica behaves tonight  hands.gif Lauren and others who suffer such pain, I hope you have a good night sleep too.

Take Care ladies


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#58 kiaralee

Posted 23 February 2008 - 06:48 AM

Have any of you travelled with a 3 month old? I travelled with my daughter a few times when she was young. A big hint i learnt that helps you out is, when the plane is taking off and landing start breastfeeding. that way there is less chance of bubs ears hurting from the change in pressure.

Melli: i hope your feet feel better soon
Kylee: the pic of baby is just too cute original.gif
Bumbum: I am so sorry to hear you are in so much pain, i totally know how you feel.

Well i had my physio appt yesterday and they ended up getting a special gyne physio in. I have been fitted with belts to hold my pelvis together and another to support my bump. I have also been given crutches to help me walk. I have never been in so much pain sad.gif they will review monday to see how im going and have said i may have to be admitted on bed rest if things dont improve. I am hoping this is not the case because at least at home i can have foxtel and still be with my family. hope you all have a good weekend

#59 Loll80

Posted 23 February 2008 - 07:38 AM

hugs to everyone in pain! I am now starting to worry about how labour will be if the sciatica pain is this bad at the time  unsure.gif

gorgeous belly shots  wub.gif

My hair appointment was ok..I managed to get out of the chair  laughing2.gif But I wasn't happy with the end result. How hard is it to get blonde foils to cover/blend my greys for longer than 2 weeks? Obviously very! They are copper rant.gif and barely visible..so they took $20 of..ummm how about take it all off? They should have known what colour they would turn out surely??? Sorry there is my whinge for the day laugh.gif

melsb - I am still really tired too. I got a different iron liquid formula today and going to try that. After that I really give up.

I went to visit my nan yesterday and the first thing she said was "geez look how big you have gotten!" Thanks Nan  laughing2.gif I do feel like I am a lot bigger though compared to a week ago so i didn't mind.

32 weeks today  biggrin.gif

#60 AuntyK

Posted 23 February 2008 - 09:31 AM


Well, Gael is a whole lot better this morning. Last lot of womiting around 10ish last night after a massive spike in his temp. Unfortunately we couldn't keep any panadol down, so it was wet cloths only and it really wasn't helping too much! But he had a good sleep, only up a few times last night, and this morning temp is mostly down and he is cheery enough to chat. Still no solids, but hopefully that will come across the day! Now, we just have to wait to see who else gets it! Hopefully NOT me!

Lauren - I hate hairdressers, like seriously hate them. I get so frustrated when they don't do what I ask for, and am very much the same - how hard can it be!?!?!?!

Kiaralee - gosh you poor thing! There are so many of us having probs with SPD and other similar probs in this group! I hope that you get some relief now with the extra support!!!! The last thing you need is being admitted!

C - I have travelled on short flights a lot with the babies. Kiaralee's advice of feeding for takeoff and landing is the biggest tip I can think of for the moment. But I KNOW there are more! Ask me again after the end of May. I am taking this little tacker to Italy when he is around 5-6wks old, so I am sure I will have HEAPS of advice for you after a 24hr trip!!!!

And C, don't worry about having a teary! That is soooo normal. Hormones freaking suck!!!!

Hey Skye!!! Good to *see* you!

Melli - maybe thongs will be the way to go for a little bit? I know they don't give any support, but maybe that will just help with the pressure on them? Have you seen anyone since the swelling started? They might be able to recommend something else for fluid retention.

Carly - hope work settled down for you and you are relaxing today! How is Dion's foot going now a week down the track????

Well, as usual, we have done NOTHING yet for the morning. We are SOOOO slack on the weekends! Also, the heat of summer has finally hit QLD and its hot out there today. The air-con is looking great right now!!!

Talk later!


#61 Melli

Posted 23 February 2008 - 09:39 AM

Well I spoke too soon.  

My rings are now hanging on the chain around my neck because I tried to take them off when I had my shower this morning and I could not get them off!  Took me quite a lot of grunting and tugging and a bit of soap to finally remove them.  Don't think I'll risk putting them back on for a while!

bumbum - We have travelled with a 3 month old, but nothing like what you are contemplating!  We used to have family living a 5 hour drive away so we have had to drive long distances with babies/small children.  There is inevitably a lot of screaming and frequent stops to feed/change or just cuddle when the screaming gets a bit much.  It tends to make the trip a couple of hours longer!

At least when travelling on a plane you won't have to pull over and get out everytime your baby needs something! laughing2.gif

kiaralee - I hope all the new support belts and things do their job!  Fingers crossed you don't get admitted!  

I must say I've almost wished I had crutches a couple of times when the pain has been really bad, but I don't actually want any, I'd rather take less pain!

Lauren - sounds like you had a moron doing your hair!  Though copper isn't all bad, that's what colour grows out of my head and I do alright! laughing2.gif

#62 Loll80

Posted 23 February 2008 - 11:55 AM

K - I am glad Gael is doing better! hands.gif That you don't get it!

Melli -don't get me wrong. The copper actually looks good, but I need it a lot blonder because my greys are just hideous!  laughing2.gif

Carly - thank U for reminding me about getting my lashes done before the big event! Sorry to hear about your friend dad  sad.gif

When is everyone planning on all their last minute touch ups/ treatments? I was planning 2 weeks before I am due - but don't want to go earlier and go in looking like crap anymore than I need to  laughing2.gif

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#63 Lump-of-Coal

Posted 23 February 2008 - 12:30 PM

Mmmmmm all this talk of self maintenance. I am having my hair cut and coloured on Monday so 8 weeks from there would be the week I would be due - ahhhhhhhh!!!! I can usually go 10-12 weeks so I don't really want to go in at 6 IYKWIM.

Carly - Great idea about the eyelashes, I usually only get mine done for weddings and the likes but that sounds like a plan! Not sure I am game to go back for another Brazilian unsure.gif how often do you have yours done normally?

K - Glad to hear Gael is feeling better. I have been very fortunate (touch wood) that DD has only had one spewing episode in 20 months of her life. She was only 7-8 months old and it scared the crapola out of me.

To all those girls with puffiness and pain you poor things.

BBL DD just woke upo

#64 Busy working mum

Posted 23 February 2008 - 01:15 PM

Hi Ladies,

Had an terrible night's sleep because DH is away. I got up at least 6 times to go to the loo but I think it's just because I knew he wasn't around - we have been in separate beds for the last week thanks to this virus!
My antibiotics seem to be finally working though. I got up this morning and made the decision to go to the Canberra Show by myself (after ringing mum to see if it was weird or not)!
I had the best time ever!
I strolled around at my own pace. Actually sat down and watched animal judging. I've only just got home now and I got there at 9.30 this morning!
It was just fantastic not having to worry about kids or DH and could do exactly what I wanted. Now my ankles are swollen for the first time and I'm exhausted but it was so worth it! Off to have a nap now...

#65 Michw

Posted 23 February 2008 - 01:16 PM

Hey girls!!! Remember me????
WOW.... you a re in your 30s already biggrin.gif How times flies. I will be  ph34r.gif  in here over the next few months looking for the births. I wish you all safe delivers biggrin.gif

My news, well we have moved and we are pregnant again. 13 weeks tomorrow and so far, all the scans I have had have been great. Am now looking forward to 10th April for my 19 week scan.

Hope this finds you all well,

#66 AuntyK

Posted 23 February 2008 - 01:20 PM

Michelle - sooooo good to hear from you! And SUCH good news about the pregnancy!!!! That is fantastic!!! You must be so happy!!! Keep yourself safe and well!!


#67 breilla

Posted 23 February 2008 - 03:16 PM

luckynumber7 - how are you coping in the heat today? I'm sitting in an air cond room and I am STILL overheating. sad.gif

ARGH! Too hot!

#68 AuntyK

Posted 23 February 2008 - 03:44 PM

Hey Alicia! I'm fine, as long as I don't get too active! I did just go outside and hang out some more washing though, and noticed that a breeze has picked up and it has cooled down quite a bit here.

Poor Gael though! Temp spiking again, so he is in direct line of the air-con with wet towels on him trying to bring it back down. He isn't doing so well!!!!

You just make sure you keep your feet up, get Alex to bring you lots of cold drinks and don't get too much hotter! Remember Carly and all her friends going into labour with the heat!?!? Don't you DARE!


ETA - Just looked up the temp, and at 2.30pm it was 39 at our closest measuring point, but no updates since then. But I really do think its dropped a good few degrees around here in the last hour.

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#69 whydoibother

Posted 23 February 2008 - 03:48 PM

to all those in pain (much like myself) bbighug.gif
well I am so tired, went to kmart (like we have a big choice here tongue.gif  mad.gif ) got DD some winter clothes as we had the coldest days on record this week anyway was 25% off kids clothes.  She jsut wrecks her clothes anyway!  Red dirt is not good for clothes!  So I have her winter wardrobe pretty much sorted got a couple of jumpers, quite a few tops, a pair of jeans and some other pants.  Just need to get her some gumboots and slippers but they didn't have any out here yet oh and some pjs.
Then did grocery shopping with DD helping us  wacko.gif she broke two eggs which was funny cos she laughed when she did it...quick exit  tongue.gif  blush.gif Then I've done 3 loads of washing and hung it out and yeah yesterday arvo did about 4 loads as soon as the sun came out I was out iun the laundry!  Gonna go look at some german short hair pointer pups this arvo-Gemma will be surprised if we come home with a puupy! biggrin.gif
Alicia: if i feel hot when it's liek 11C at night you must be boiling!  poor thing!
Lauren: As for maintenance, will get my hair done in a couple of weeks time as I hate the way they did it (not my usual hairdresser). Yay 32 weeks for us today!
Hello MICHELLE!!!! Congrats!
Oh I best be off gotta hang out DDs happy feet quilt cover  wacko.gif
take care
lv Cally

#70 breilla

Posted 23 February 2008 - 05:38 PM

The temp here dropped from 39.6 to 28.5 between 3pm and 4pm.

It was relief! I even managed to get a nap in the other room.

Have to love a cool change original.gif

Cally - If you want a real Pointer (an English one) Let me know. I have Shensei's lovely sister Brook back with me. 6 months old, loves kids and already 'manner' trained.

The woman who had her bought 2 for showing and decided that she preferred the other girl to Brook, so Brook came back here.

Really, you don't want a GSP. They suck laughing2.gif (my bro shows one of Qld's top GSP's. I swear those dogs are all mental  grin.gif  Then again, I may be biased. )

#71 BboysFlygirl

Posted 23 February 2008 - 06:58 PM

Evening ladies,

Had a lovely Saturday here. The weather was only 20 and rain and the kids were climbing the walls to get out, so we took them on a drive (to Queenscliff for the Melbournians) and caught a ferry across the bay (to Sorrento). The ferry trip is just under 1hr and you get to drive the car on then get out and go upstairs. The kids were soooooooo excited. I'm buggered and have a very sore hip and pelvis after walking up and down all the stairs on the ferry.

Alicia & K: My goodness, I can't believe it's been that hot up there when it's only 20 degrees here today and I was still hot.
Cally: How do you go hanging all the washing out? I just hang out one load and I have to sit down for a while cause I'm in pain and out of breath.
Michelle: Congratulations darl. I'm so happy for you and glad to hear that everything has gone so well.
Helen: Sounds like you had a lovely day. I'm hanging for my kid free day on Monday. DH was trying to get the day off as well. Am I the worst wife in the world if I prefer he stayed at work so I've got the house to myself?
Liv: 10-12 weeks between colours??? I'm very jealous. I had let my foils grow out this pregnancy only to discover over the last month many, many grey hairs. So I guess it's back to the hairdresser for me.
Lauren: Hmmm last touch ups? Because both of my boys were scheduled inductions, I went for the buzz cut the night before (with DH's help). This time I'm not sure. I'm waaaaay overdue for some maintenace. DH keeps telling me I've no longer got a map of Tassie but a whole Atlas. rolleyes.gif I also got a voucher for a dayspa place from work, so I'm thinking about booking in for a pedicure just before. I have a thing about having ugly feet LOL. I'm sure my feet will be the last thing that anyone is looking at.
Carly: Ohhhhh great idea on the eyelash tint. I might just do that. Gee, I have not had my eyelashes done for years. YAY for the dishwasher. I  wub.gif my dishwasher and would lose my mind without it. As for the iron infusion, it actually wasn't that much of a big deal. I was just hooked up to a drip for 5 hours. It was actually a peaceful break from the kids.
Kiralee: OMG you poor thing. I can't believe your SPD is so bad. Please rest up as much as you can (although lying down is probably just as painful for you as anything else)
Melli: Thanks for the info on your support belt. I actually had one of those after I had Jack. It never occured to me to use it. Hmmm, must look around and see if I've still got it somewhere.

Hello to everyone else waves.gif
Kylee original.gif

#72 ~Girk~

Posted 23 February 2008 - 08:04 PM

Michelle: Congrats, I was so excited to read your post!! please pop back in and keep us updated.

Kylee: DH and I have done the Queenscliff to Sorrento trip and love it, I love all the little day trips ypu can do out of Melbourne...especially visiting the wineries, mmm, yum. Gee I miss wine and soft cheese now!

Alicia and K: was only 34 or so here but I was at a BBQ and silly me, no sunscreen so I now have very red shoulders...plus there were hardly any chairs so I sat on the grass for a couple of hours, very uncomfy!
...and K, poor Gael, I hope the virus has almost run its course and he bounces back soon, has anyone else in your household caught it? (hope not) lots of my friends with older kids have come down with tonsilitis etc after returning to school, guess all the germies spread more easily

wow, have never actually visited anywhere in Australia that has red dirt, I am imagining desert/outback scenes, is that where you are? sorry to sound so naive. I have only been to QLD, VIC and NSW so far, and mainly coastal places.

Helen: hehe, I found it funny you rang your mum for advice on whether going to the show was weird  laughing2.gif aren't mums great? I love going to the show, especially seeing the animal pavillions, looking forward to the Sydney show this year.

Lauren: I actually booked my hair appt yesterday! Going to get a pedicure soon as I can't really reach my feet well and also going to get a brow wax/lash tint, but I do that regularly anyway as I hate wearing Mascara. As for the hairstyle below the waste, I have been keeping it tamed with the help of DH and an electric bikini shaver I recentloy bought, well worth the $30 as I don't think I would let DH near me with a normal razor.

glad to hear Dion is recovering well. wow, will the nail ever grow back or did they remove the nail bed?
I love my dishwasher, we only got it a few months ago but it has been wonderful.
By the way, sorry to hear about your workmates loss, I'm sure you'll be a geat support.

Melli: hmm, I'm going to agree with the others, better safe than sorry and best to get checked out..glad you managed to get your rings off, I know someone who had to have theirs cut off at a jeweller during their pregnancy. hope all is ok with you.

Kiralee: oh dear, SPD sounds bad, hope you can rest up and feel better soon.

#73 Melli

Posted 23 February 2008 - 08:43 PM

Hmm I haven't actually had my blood pressure checked since my last doctors appointment at 30 weeks.

I am due to go back for my 32 week appointment during the week, so I am thinking I will be phoning first thing Monday morning to get the earliest appointment available just in case!  My left foot is especially huge this evening, and I can tell that my hands are getting bigger as well, it definitely seems to be getting worse every day!

Think I should go stick my feet in a bucket now!

#74 BboysFlygirl

Posted 23 February 2008 - 08:51 PM

Melli if it's getting that bad, maybe instead of waiting to see your OB, see if you can get into your GP. I'm on medication for my BP and it's really freaky how fast it can jump up. I don't want to scare you but please get it looked into asap.

#75 ~Girk~

Posted 23 February 2008 - 08:54 PM

Melli: oh dear, hopefully its nothing to worry about and just another one of the joys of pregnancy, will be watching the thread for your updates...

well everyone. I have a TMI question: after I eat a meal, I notice I sometimes get a small amount of food coming back up my throat...is this reflux, it doesn't really burn so prob not heartburn...is there anything you can do, perhaps just eat smaller portions? But it happens even when I just eat toast, I'm not eating massive portions..maybe just a sign that bubs is pressing my stomach further up towards my ribcage

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