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Due in August 2005 # 73
Due in August 2005 # 73

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#1 Sandra

Posted 13 June 2005 - 02:45 PM

New thread time ladies.

#2 Superman+4sisters

Posted 13 June 2005 - 03:02 PM

Yep, procrastinating again...

I found a good quote though:

"If you put off everything 'till you're sure of it, you'll get nothing done"
Norman Vincent Peale

I've pasted it at the top of my work to remind me to just do it, and not wait 'til it's perfect (because if I do it will never get done!

OK, OK, back to work...


#3 KyAquarius

Posted 13 June 2005 - 04:04 PM

Heya Mums and Tums original.gif

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Michael/DP and I had a much needed sleep in yesterday!
Well after all that apartment hunting on the weekend, we’re going to be looking at getting a less expensive apartment to rent a few suburbs out of the city. We decided its too much to pay in regards to the apartments I was looking at close to the city. So tomorrow I’ll be trekking out on the train to a couple of outer suburbs to see what’s around. Though as far as being able to apply for one, well that might not be til next week which is frustrating as we don’t have the funds to do it this week which is disappointing. Well at least if I find one this week that we really like, hopefully we can apply for it without having to put a deposit down straight away. SIGH so not quite as close to finding one as I thought we were! I feel so unsettled.
THANK YOU though to everyone who wished us well on getting an apartment! The hunt continues!
Bubby has been active, waking me most nights with big kicks and feels like he/she’s trying to lever me off the bed if I’m in the wrong position! I’m taking my iron tablets but still feeling generally tired. I think its having to get everything organized which is getting on top of me too. And I won’t feel relaxed til we’re in our own place!


Rebecca: It gets exciting getting into the final stages doesn’t it?! If I was still working my old job I would have been happy to work up until around week 38. Though being down here in Sydney has changed everything. Though you sound like you’re relived to be finishing work soon!

JenBel: Good luck in receiving your GD results on FRI. Hopefully they’ll come up clear for you. You also, like Rebecca, sound like you’re relieved to be finishing work soon. Geez I wish I was still working, rather be in some sort a routine every day rather than having to look for a apartment, sort out new doctors, hospital and settle into a new city!

Zoe: Nice post. You made a lot of sense.

Donna: Oh no sounds like you didn’t have a very nice day on Friday! Hope you are ok now! Not the best when you have Rohan to look after and you’re pregnant, that alone takes enough out of you. Yes I think I will be going back to the apartment soon where we’re staying to have a sleep, and hopefully not be interrupted. And of course Phil would have been excited about the Eels beating the Knights if the Eels are his team!

Tris: Haha nice work on telling Isabella who’s boss of your body! As I mentioned above, bubby kicks me awake at night, though if I’m still comfortable on which side I’m laying, I stay there, where it suits him/her or not! And wow I am not going to tell Michael/DP about your idea of having an Eagles jersey for our dog if we ever get one in the future! He is a mad Eagles supporter and I an NRL/Newcastle Knights supporter, so they debates over which jersey our bubby will wear will create a big enough war of the codes!

Michaela: You shouldn’t just be ducking for cover, you should be RUNNING! And HIDING! Lol. Like I said whether my Knights win lose or draw, I support them and tip them every week. As far as you saying you tipped your Broncos because of your heart not your head, well I’ve tipped the Knights to win every single game as far back as I can remember ever being in a tipping comp! (Heck I’ve got a Knights tattoo so not likely I’ll be changing teams anytime soon, or for the rest of my life!) So obviously I haven’t had any perfect rounds this year! Still every round they get my tick original.gif I know Joey hasn’t played much footy in the past two years, though that’s due to injury, not bad form. Obviously the selectors have faith in him putting him into the NSW squad after he’s only just come back from injury. And with the chat with Michael/DP, we both decided we’d be more reasonable as far as looking at what we’ll pay each week in rent and look for somewhere a few suburbs out. HOPEFULLY we’ll be in our own place next week. This week would have been optimal, though it can’t happen. SIGH, as I said above, the hunt continues! Yay on Josh blowing his nose! Lol yes I can imagine the little things I’ll be celebrating as our bub progresses through learning to do new things.

Janine: Well you put an excellent argument forward! Though as I mentioned above, Michael/DP and I discussed paying so much in rent is not affordable for us, taking everything into consideration. He has to travel to work each day anyway, so the public transport ticket he uses for work every day to get out to where he has to do his sales can double as his ticket to get into the office in the morning. I think I am starting to like the idea of not being so close to the city anyway. Its to hustle bustle and the way I’m feeling now I just want to be away from it all. Hopefully next week we'll be in a position to be moving into a suitable place.

Kathy: Read my personal msg to Michaela RE: the Knights. I am a true supporter, jokes or not. original.gif

Naomi: Haha yeah I don’t plan on msging you yet either!! Not for another 8-9weeks ok! And from you I can wait another 12days after that ok wink.gif.

Spunky: Thanks for that link to the Knights baby set on Ebay! I so want it! I don’t have a credit card so can’t bid for it DAM! Or can I?

Have a great night everyone! Time to sleep for me! Luv Ky *wink.gif

Me: 23 & DP: 34

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#4 ~Meagan~

Posted 13 June 2005 - 04:57 PM

You can bid on ebay without a c/card..
When the auction ends you pay the seller via bank transfer original.gif
Good Luck

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#5 MiniDoo

Posted 13 June 2005 - 07:08 PM

Ohh a new thread original.gif

I have just got back from 3 hours of shopping.. yep i majorly pushed my limits. I was sore after an hour but I hadnt got to the target sales... and once i got into Target there was no stopping me sad.gif. I ended up putting some lamaze toys on laybuy for bella, and one for my sis in law for her baby shower (since she got me toys for bella for mine). I found so much cute stuff and kept thinking 'oh i can get this for my secret stalk, ohh that or that.. then the reality of just how much postage it would cost hit. In the end i got some mostly practical so tom i have to go to the postoffice and send it...I feel bad though because there is only one thing.. im sorry secret stalk really i am..

Anyway im absolutly aching all over.. so i need to get some pain killers... no more shopping for me for a while original.gif

Tristelle & Troy (Dh)
(diary - minidoo)

#6 Donna's Boys

Posted 13 June 2005 - 09:09 PM

Hi Guys,

OK.  No more sickness in this house please.  Phil has now had a small dose of the vomiting bug & it has made for a very, very low key weekend for us all.  Of course it also meant that I didn’t get any of the items ticked off my ‘to be done before the weekend list’.  It’s just getting closer & closer & this house is in total disarray – only 2 rooms at a time seem to be liveable.  I’ve had enough & really need to get it sorted before I go totally insane.  It’s just too big a job to do on my own & in this state.  I’m finding it harder & harder to even move around during the day (have developed a horrible pain in my groin area that really hurts when I walk) let alone pick up toys & move furniture.

To all the Perth girls who took the bait on my little dig yesterday.  I hope that you realise that it was all said in fun!  Hehehe

Janine – Thanks for the get well vibes.  I’m feeling much better now thanks.  I can’t believe that you sister goes to that much trouble for a 2yo birthday.  Don’t have the energy for that.  He’ll be lucky if he gets anything near that for his next few birthdays.

Tris – Sorry that I abandoned you on MSN last night.  Phil got sick rather suddenly & I had to go & hold his hand for a while.

Kathy – I can’t just blame Jenbel  for the gastro bug cause a few of the other girls have had it too.  I hope that you start feeling better again & get a good night’s sleep tonight.

Kac – Hope that you enjoyed your long weekend with your family.  Make the most of them while you can.

Laura – I’m so glad that I didn’t watch the V8’s.  I hate to see Fords thrashed like that.  Hope that you get your heartburn sorted out.  Congrats on changing back to your maiden name.  I remember how excited I was when I changed back to my maiden name.  Was sort of like a ‘up yours’ to my ex.  I even thought twice about taking on Phil’s name when I married him – the only reason I did was because we were planning on having kids.

Spunky – Still waiting to see pictures of all this knitting that you are doing.  Are you nearly done?

Zoe – Good luck on getting organised for your talk.  You are a brave woman.  Talking in front of people is my biggest ever fear.  I’m in awe of you.

Kylie – Gee you have had a busy weekend.  Glad that you were able to relax a little today.

Bec – That wedding cake sounds absolutely amazing.  Not my scene but I’d love to see photos if you have any.

Michaela – Hope that you’re feeling a little chirpier tomorrow.  Sorry that you missed out on your perfect round.  Better luck next week.

Ky – More good luck on you apartment hunting.  It sounds like a very sensible move to look a few suburbs out.  Give me a buzz if you want any advice on suburbs etc.  Remember I was a Sydney girl for most of my life & know them like the back of my hand.

Have a good day back at work to those of you heading off tomorrow.  I’ll be at home waiting for my baby’s chest of drawers to turn up.  Yay.  Then I can get onto washing & sorting baby cloths.

Night all.

Donna, Phil, Rohan & baby Rocky

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#7 ~Andi~

Posted 14 June 2005 - 12:15 AM

Hi girls,

Just wanted to remind everyone who's in the Secret Stork that your presents should be sent by the end of this week, if you haven't already.  I've only got PM's so far from about 10 of you and there's over 30 of us participating.



TTC 3 years
Me 32
DH 32
IVF # 2 - Nov 2004 - BFP!!!  
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#8 lilly'smum

Posted 14 June 2005 - 08:38 AM

Hello all- have been lurking and reading. Plus I ahve been totally bushed looking after toddler, myself and DH.

Anyway, I dropped in to say the final leg is approaching- I noticed my ticker was down to less than 50 days!!!!

Hope all are well and I am thinking about you all!!!

DH Damien
DD Lilly 7/9/03
DS EDD 1/8/05

#9 Sif

Posted 14 June 2005 - 09:24 AM

RE: Baby bonus, LOL, I'm just going to assume it's $3000 until it lands in my bank account, hehehe!

RE: Secret Stork, Andi, PLEASE post daily reminders of this this week - we're all pregnant, yk wink.gif!!!  I'm wrapping mine tonight and will send it to work with DH tomorrow!

Laura, Great to hear you have an anterior placenta, that explains a lot about the not feeling movement!  Will it affect your caesar at all?  Or is it higher than where they'll be wanting to cut?

Donna, Sorry to hear that DH has been sick again sad.gif...

Ky, Good luck on house hunting further out...  Prices here in Melbourne are horrid, but Sydney just takes the cake - don't envy you the househunting at all!

Nothing much to report from me.  Winding up towards my boys birthdays at the end of the month.  Have a midwife appointment on Friday.  Got a support belt for my belly last week, but haven't figured out how to use it yet, LOL...  Still getting daily bouts of BHs, but everything is still all good.

Belly rubs to all...

Love Sif

Erik (5)
Luey (3)

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#10 papsnet

Posted 14 June 2005 - 09:33 AM

Good Morning Ladies and Babies…

Hope that all of you have an uneventful weekend or eventful.. Depending on which way you want to look at it….
Thanks for all your well wishes, I have my 2nd GTT on Thursday morning… So, another day off work what a shame… Only 5 weeks left of work and I can hardly wait… I really thought that I would want to work all the way up until the very end…. But I really just want to finish… Work is really annoying and all I want to do is clean and wash (I can’t believe that I just said that – I hate cleaning)
Have put on a little more weight, but still not that much according to everything that I have read… Is 8kg really not enough, or is it OK????? I just think that because I was soooo sick the first few months and I walk every day at lunch has worked in my favor….
I have to do something to put Bubba back to sleep so that I can finish the working day…

Secret Stork will be sent tomorrow, forgot to bring it into work this morning… Ooops…
Hope that you enjoy…

Take care and have a Great Day

Bubba EDD – 8/9/05

#11 ~JASB~

Posted 14 June 2005 - 09:36 AM

Hi girls,
I'm feeling better today.  I very rarely have a down day, but yesterday was certainly one of them.  Hormones I guess.  Thankfully the boys were being good and playing nicely together.  They put their train track together and played Thomas and I sat on the lounge and had a cry! sad.gif  Made me feel better though!

Josh had a bad day yesterday - had an accident at the park - was standing on the bottom step of a ladder and went to chase after a little girl, I think he thought he was already on the ground - forgetting he was on the step, just went to run off and landed face first i the sand.  Grazed cheek and a big lump over his eye - his eye only opens halfway today!!  Then last night I got his foot jammed in the front door!  How bad did I feel?  And he milked it for all it was worth!! LOL

Tris I'm glad you're going to be positive now - I'll be holding you to that!  Annoying about the 12th being cancelled - but as for needing to know for Troy's work - think of it this way - those of us NOT having c/s's don't know what day it'll be!  Scott's work know my EDD and that it'll happen sometime around then - if he has to leave in the middle of a function so be it - they just have to expect it, and as the head chef he runs the functions, but if his baby is on the way he won't be sticking around!! original.gif

Zoe I love that quote!!  Will have to remember that one!  Thanks again for cheering me up on msn yesterday.  ((hugs))

Ky Sorry to hear you're not getting the apartment you wanted, but you sound ok with the fact you really can't afford it.  Hope you can get settled soon mate, it must be really frustrating this close to August and having to find somewhere to live.  Thinking of you and sending you good house hunting vibes!  LOL at telling me to run and hide! wink.gif

Laura Totally understand your reasoning for changing back to your maiden name.  Good thing you found out now hey?  Would have been quite distressing after the birth to be told bub is having your ex's name.

Donna I'm glad Phil only had a small dose of the bug if that's any consolation??  I hope you are all over it now and it stays away!

Mel Hello!  Time for less lurking and more posting from you luvey!!

Sif You mentioned your boys birthdays (as in plural!) are coming up.  Are Erik and Luey's birthday's pretty close?  How do they cope with that?  Do you do seperate party's or what?  (Interested as I'm due so close to Josh's birthday!)

Time to get these boys outta the house I think!!

Mummy to Joshua (3yo) Adam (2yo) #3 EDD 2nd Aug 05

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#12 ~Joanne~

Posted 14 June 2005 - 10:17 AM

Hi Girls,

Not much happening here. I hit 30 weeks today and hope the next ten go just as fast. Three pregnancies so close together are really taking a toll on my body.

Today is my 36th birthday and I feel every year of it and more. Got some lovely winter P.J's (can't fit into my normal ones anymore - GRRR!!!) from DH and the boys with some money and a card. Will save the money to splurge on myself on clothes after bubs is born. We are all going out to dinner at a local restaurant tonight. They have the best deserts - can't wait!! I'm hoping the boys will behave themselves. Have booked in for 5.30pm - how sad is that?

Ky Good luck with the apartment hunting. What suburbs are you looking at? If you need any info on any of the suburbs you are considering just give me a holler.

Laura So glad you finally have a reason for bubs lack of movements. Put your feet up and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!!

Tristelle You are very very naughty - 3 hours of shopping!!! Hope you enjoyed it and got some bargains. Take it easy!

Donna Hope you are all feeling better very very soon!

Andi I'm a bit worried that you didn't receive my PM re my secret stock gift - my PMs have been playing up lately. It has been sent.

Michaela Poor Josh! Hope his eye gets better soon.

I have my OB appointment tomorrow and am hoping that bubs has turned but I don't think so. Please turn soon I don't want a C/S. My boys need me!!!

Oh well better finish up as my boys are destroying the house and I've got an exam to study for on Monday. Being pregnant really stuffs up your concentration span!!

Take care,

DS James 29/8/02
DS Aaron 1/12/03

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#13 Naomi*

Posted 14 June 2005 - 10:28 AM

Hi girls

Annette So with you on the hating work thing! I never hated work until I realised I had 6 weeks to go. Now I only have 5 weeks but have just been told I have a weeks holiday so may only work for 4 yet!!

Michaela Glad you are feeling better today. Hope you have a nice day 'out of the house'.

Donna Yay! on the drawers arriving. Dont go to mad about moving clothes around. Remember baby steps.

Andi Yep got my pressie just have to remember to post it LOL

Sif Are you having parties this year? April is my worst month I have my husband my neice and nephew and my little cousin who is also my god daughter. Costs me a bloody fortune!

Oh well better get back to work. The baby bonus debate is a pretty funny read in the managing money thread! LOL I suppose we will know in a couple of weeks. I cant see the big deal really, whatever we get is exactly what its called a BONUS!!!!


Me 28
DH 28
Bubba #1 due 25th August!

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#14 kyrrie

Posted 14 June 2005 - 11:00 AM

Good morning all!

We did have a really lovely weekend.  Just back to me and Gabby this morning.  After coming in to me for a cuddle this morning she was off looking for everyone.  Sorry kiddo, just Mummmy today.  (note: she slept in her bed all night!!  note, Mummy was awake from 1am to 5am waiting for her to come in lol!).

Was so lovely to see my mum and brother.  Gabrielle adores them.  They are so good at letting her adjust to them being there.  Isn't it a shame so many of us don't live near our families.  But then of course there's times I'm very glad we don't as well!

Going through a good phase with pg right now.  Only things bugging me are heartburn, fatigue and a small rash.  Pain occassionally but (sorry Donna now that you've got it), nothing like it was.  Until bub moves into a new position I guess!  Getting to the point where I'm so looking forward to his arrival.  Soon I'll be 30 weeks.  It still feels like such a long way away.  Must be time for a belly shot to compare with my 30 week one last time!  I was too selfconscious to get one before that and then was going to take one at 37 weeks and we didn't quite get there so this time I must get some over the next few weeks.

Ky  I really hope you find an apartment quickly.  How far out do you intend to look?  Having your own place will make the world of difference.  You'll feel like you've finally landed.  There must be times you feel like Dorothy in Oz it's been such a whirlwind for you.

Laura Thanks for sharing your lovely news.  Made my morning.  And congrats on changing your name.  Must feel like such a relief.

Tris You make me feel so guilty that my poor bub has no toys of his own!  Well he has two cloth books I bought him.  I think Gabby's planning on getting him something though (wonder how I know that!).  I'm sure 3 hours of shopping would have well and truly done me in, how did you manage it?  Ooh that reminds me (the spending money thought) I got my hair cut on Friday.  It feels so great.  I've gotta put some money aside so I can get it done again before bub arrives.

Ah Donna sounds like your household has had it's share of the sicky bug now. Do try and relax about the house.  You guys will get done what you can.  I was looking at the huge piles of books taking up space in my bedroom last night thinking at how quickly I got used to walking around them.  I started moving them but like you now by the time I'd made two trips pain got the better of me.  So yeah should do them now while I'm feeling OK!  Obviously you want the place more livable but remember it's you, Phil, Rohan and Rocky that make the place home, not what it looks like.  I realise I've just destroyed my credentials as a house sorter-outerer but if you want some help doing something just call OK.

Sif when are your boys' birthdays.  What are you planning on doing?  You're right about us needing reminders about things!  I had my secret stork present ready to go and would get to the shops without it feeling very stupid, especially since I was at the post office twice paying bills!

Annette I haven't caught the cleaning and washing bug, can you please send it this way!!  Hope the GTT goes well.

Michaela Glad to hear you're feeling better.  Poor Josh.  Had to laugh at you jamming your foot in the door.  I can picture it so clearly cause it's just the sort of thing I'd do.  I've had plenty of them I could confess to but my favourite belongs to Peter running down the stairs with a very tiny Gabby in his arms and banging her head on the knob at the end of the bannister.  He still feels guilty about it.  

Happy birthday Joanne Have a lovely day and good luck with the studying.  

Who was talking about the PUPP rash before (Zoe, Julie?).  Is it a pimply rash, a little bit itchy.  I've only got a small patch so not sure what it is.

Time for me to go and take the DVD babysitter off and be a proper mummy.  Mommy and me time as supernanny would say!  Have a good day everyone!


DD Gabrielle (1/9/03)
EDD 24/8/05

#15 rosienico

Posted 14 June 2005 - 11:25 AM

hi everyone...
Well this is again the 3rd time i have hit reply and gone to do a post and been distracted ( or fallen asleep)

The long weekend just went too fast for me.. i was so upset last night when i worked out that i work my butt off 7 - 5.30 5 days per week and all i get is $255 for the week...  it really sucks.. although i think i miscalculated and it is closer to $270. Still really crappy money for what i have to do....
I think i'd almost be better off on centrelink payements again...lol
Ok winge over Tounge1.gif

Laura: Thats great news about your bub being ok, and only your placenta in the way.. i bet it is a huge weight off your shoulders... and congrats on the name change. wink.gif wish i had an easy solution to all our names being different :s

Annette: 8 kg is good...a healthy amount. wish i'd only put on that much..lol

Michaela: You poor thing, hope your feeling better today hun.. glad the boys were a help original.gif How is Josh after his fall, playgrounds are dangerous things aren't they, i still worry when i take dd there...
Hope today is a better day for all of you wink.gif

Ky: sorry to hear about your house hunting, hoping you find something really soon. i had to move at about 37 weeks while preg with dd. not fun....

Donna: Hope the sickness has left your household and you are feeling better... housework is becoming harder i agree, it seems like we have done a lot by the way we feel, but not by the way it looks... Have fun with your drawers arriving and all that washing and sorting wink.gif i only have a few outfits left to wash, as i'm waiting on a few things on ebay to makeup a load... hehe.. then i'm all done original.gif

SO speaking of housework, i better try and get some done before the kids wake up... i want to vacuum though.. that will have to wait wink.gif

Take care every one,

dd Tahlia Jade (3)<p>

#16 spawn

Posted 14 June 2005 - 11:26 AM

Hello Ladies

Well I have now been away for what feels like almost a week!  Last week I had a few days of manic work (lots of weird cases requiring research and lab work to find out what on earth was going on with these poor babies!) and then on Friday it was my OB appt and my birthday so I was busy during the day and then DH left work early so that we could go to an early screening of The Machinist.  Went out for dinner after that at a lovely cafe around the corner from our house which a friend of ours owns.  Then on Saturday went to pregnancy yoga, came home and DH suggested we go to have a look at this new baby store in Subiaco (he had mentioned it in passing during the week).  So I said sure, let's go.  He takes *ages* to get ready, we finally get down into Subi and as we're walking past this woodfired pizza place he says "Remember when we went to Woodpeckers ages ago?".  I look through the front window and there are all of my friends trying to hide behind menus!!!  Can you believe (pregnancy brain attack) that I honestly thought they were all out having lunch without me?  And I got all upset!  DH said "Let's go in" and I was all embarassed cos I thought they obviously didn't want us there (durhead!).  We walk in and they (of course) all yell "Surprise!".  Had a gorgeous lunch, our table was so loud and everyone had great fun - I love it when there are different groups of your friends and when they meet up they actually all get along.

Then on Sunday I woke up to an empty bed (apart from the cats of course).  DH was up and in the shower which I thought was weird (considering it was cold/Sunday/early, not that he never bathes or something!).  He then came in and started saying weird stuff like "Come on, let's get up and enjoy the morning".  I'm there all snuggled up in the quilt, covered in cats and warmth and thinking "What kind of crazy world are you living in?".  Then he tells me that since I obviously won't take the hint (after about 30mins of cajoling), he's arranged a surprise family breakfast for me out at a cafe for my birthday!!!!!  

Of course I was all arranged to go to my EB Perth Meet but DH had forgotten all about it and had arranged this instead!  I didn't have anyone's mobile number to call and cancel and I didn't have time to get on to EB because I had already mucked around in bed for 30mins I didn't have much time to get ready.  So I hope the Perth Meet went well - I haven't had a chance to read back on the previous threads yet, I must have missed a few by now.

We got the bassinette, change table/bath from my friend the other weekend which was great, it forced us to actually arrange things in the baby room.  Of course because we're moving early next year we haven't been in nursery decoration mode so I am so jealous of all of your beautiful, co-ordinated nurseries that I see on this board.  KyAugust, your nursery is just stunning, I so wish I could do what you've done!

OB Appt - Harriet is measuring well, she has long legs apparently (measuring a week longer than they should).  My belly size is right on track too.  She's been pretty active in the past two weeks, kicking up a storm which is lovely to feel.  I was just saying to DH last night that I will actually miss those kicks!  As annoying as they when she gets very active because I'm lying in the wrong position for her, they are so nice and reassuring to feel that I'll miss them when they're kicks from the outside.  I took my grandma to the appt and she got to see Harriet's u/s so that made her week.

Laura - I am so happy that you could see bub kicking! YAY!  Plus you have a reason for why it hasn't felt as strong, thatmust be such a relief!  Just knowing something like that can make your day, people really underestimate just how important knowledge is in these situations.  And I'm glad that you're happy about changing back to your maiden name.  I don't have DH's name and Harriet is having a different surname again to both of us, so it was of no consequence that she would have my name on her little armband.  However I can imagine that seeing your ex's name on her arm may have been upsetting for you and Marty.  Hope Marty has a good surname  wink.gif

Secret Stork - I'm going out today to buy and post mine.  FUN!  Was there a monetary limit?  I love buying presents, of course it's a little more difficult when you don't know the person you're buying for, but also makes it more exciting.  So I hope my recipient likes her pres.

Ky - I read about you looking at an apartment in Surry Hills, it made me all homesick!  I can't wait to get back to Sydney and look at houses.  Which suburbs are you targetting now?  I lived in Surry Hills in my first move out of home, into a tiny terrace with two other grungy chicks and we all thought we were *so* cool!   original.gif  Are you still going to be looking for an apartment or perhaps a terrace/house further out?  Good luck with it all, trying to find a place is so exhausting, especially trying to find a carpark nearby during the open hours.

Michaela - Hope you're feeling a bit brighter after your down day.  Josh sounds like he had a pretty average day as well with his little scrapes.  I don't know how you manage it with the boys + the pregnancy + all the stuff that makes up day-to-day life!

Joanne - What exam are you studying for?  I am so impressed that you can study with the pregnancy + other little ones running around!  Happy Birthday too, seems like there are a few of us Geminis around the place here.  Which dessert did you end up having at your cafe?  I couldn't fit in any more food when I went out for my birthday dinner, so I took home this delicious sticky date tart thing - mmmm...scrumptious.

Naomi- We're getting closer to our dates at Mercy!  We'll have to keep an eye/ear out for each other when we're getting close so that we can see if we'll be in hospital at the same time.  We can actually see each other's babies then!

Sorry for anyone I've missed, I'm determined to try and stay on top of threads now that this made birthday business that DH stretched out over 3 days is over (what a sweetness).  

Hope everyone is rested, feeling healthy adn happy and getting lots of lovely reassuring kicks/elbows/punches from our bubs.

Cheers, Cass

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#17 casperhugg

Posted 14 June 2005 - 11:26 AM

Tris – I would hope the news would get it right, especially since every paper/news show in Australia seems to be saying this year, but you never know! DH and I are still only budgeting on $3000. Well done on the shopping. I went to the Target sale and DH and I laybyed some Fisher Price toys

Andi – Sounds like a nice baby shower…I can’t wait until mine (July 17th). Hope the chocolate eating is going well, I think of you everytime I eat some (and whenever I am on the way in to town as I have to pass by Cadburys)

Nic – Sounds like your baby shower was amazing! My MIL keeps telling me people are going to buy us pressies, but so far no one hasn’t. Hope you are enjoying that new pram. I looked at the Bidwell (4wd) and ended up with the Childcare 4wd pram (it was the lat one in stick so a lot cheaper then normal)

Zoe – I hope you get that talk written in time. I always leave things like that to the last minute. Best wishes for it

Kathywithak – sorry to hear you now have the dreaded cold/flu, hope you get better soon!

Bec – what an amazing wedding cake! Sounds more like a sculpture. I wouldn’t want to be the one cutting into it. I can relate to the 5 weeks and counting for work….it is exactly where I am up to now

Michaela – hope you are feeling more cheerful after the coke. Hope Josh heals quickly…

Ky – I hope you find an apartment soon

Laura – well done on changing your surname back. I remember how much of a pain it was to change to my married name

Joanne – Hope you had a fab birthday!

The new (second hand) car is going fabulous! DH and I managed to use an almost full tank of fuel since we picked it up last week (they paid for the fuel). I am loving my new car to bits! Even DH commented how much happier I seem with the car (and I feel a lot safer driving at night between the city and our place). I will post pics when I can find some batteries that aren’t flat!
DH did an excellent job on the weekend with the garage. We threw out 2 more boxes of rubbish and filled the trashpack. He is a terrible hoarder, but has now learnt the art of organizing! I sent him to office works to buy some of the archive boxes and they are now all labeled with the appropriate items inside for easy finding.

I am really looking forward to some time off work before Wes is born…only 5 weeks of work to go! My best friend is organizing a baby shower for me on the 17th July.

Everything is well here. The weather is bizarre as always (nothing unusual for Hobart this time of year) and Wes seems to be doing well. He loves moving about. I was watching my belly last night and it was moving up and down in all funny spots, I was laughing to myself. DH missed the show of belly movements. I noticed there is a show on here Sat night called In the Womb, is that the Doco that a lot of you have watched? It is on normal TV so might tape it and watch it with DH.

Take care all you mummies and tummies… *hugs*

Cheryl 25 & Greg 26

#18 StilettoMum

Posted 14 June 2005 - 11:53 AM

Hi all

Just a quick message to thank the secret stork for my present - just love it. I got a winnie the pooh teething/sleeping mate for bubs and a foot spa treatment set for me (DH is always saying my feet look dry so now I'll be able to sort them out!) Thanks heaps.

All the best

Due 27 July 2005

IPB Image

#19 KyAquarius

Posted 14 June 2005 - 12:01 PM


Laura: What a relief for you! Great to know there is a logical reason why you can’t feel bub kicking much! And also what a relief that you bub won’t have your ex-husbands name! Lol about waiting for Marty to propose. I’m the same with Michael/DP. I’ve always believed in marriage before kids and have dropped hints that it would be at least nice to be engaged before bub is born… Though I think it is falling on deaf ears. I think he wants to make the proposal extra special. Well that’s what I hope anyway lol! Its special enough that we found each other and are having a beautiful baby, so I wouldn’t care less if he did a Homer Simpson and proposed with an onion ring!

Spunky: I tried registering on E-Bay with my bank account and debit card details but it wouldn’t let me! Oh well, at least I know there are Newcastle Knights baby sets out there. So when I next go to Newcastle, I can look for one. Thanks for you help!

Tris: Target is the best isn’t it? Compared to Big W and K Mart, it’s the best store to get baby stuff from, from the price to the way the store is set out and there is HEAPS of cool stuff in there!

Donna: I really hope the good healthy fairy comes through you house soon and rids it of the bug!! hugs. If your groin pain gets bad PLEASE go get it checked!! Don’t want it to be anything serious for you! Thank-you for the offer on the Sydney suburb advice. I am looking at Dulwich Hill and Marrickville area. I have heard they are decent suburbs?

Sif: Yes I’ve heard Sydney has the highest rental prices, just great lol! And from what I’ve seen yes I have to agree. Compared to Brisbane, the rent is way higher. Hope your appt on Friday goes well!

Annette: I think 8kgs is fine as far as weight gain. Good luck with your GTT test on THU. Lol you must be really looking forward to finishing work if cleaning and washing is tempting you!

Michaela: Hope your having a more ‘up’ day today!

Joanne: I’m looking at Dulwich Hill and Marrickville, I’ve heard they are good suburbs?!

Kacca: Yes your Dorothy in Oz comparison sounds something like me lol!

Cass: I’m looking around the Dulwich Hill and Marrickville areas. I looked up heaps of suitable apartments in the SAT paper in those areas, all well prices. Hopefully when I look at them on the inside they’ll be decent! And I don’t have a car! Train for me!

Well have to cut this short, have an interview to go to, tell you guys about it later!

Have a great day mums and tums, Luv Ky *;-)

Me: 23 & DP/Michael: 34
EDD: 13/08/05

#20 GingerH

Posted 14 June 2005 - 12:12 PM

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Now my attempt at catching up!

First of all thank you to everyone that gave advice on baby rockers. Sorry I didnt clarify whether I was talking about a baby rocker or a rocking chair - I thought everyone could read my mind  ;p
We ended up getting a mothers choice one from Target for $54. It was on special, but because we had to take the last one off the shelf as they didnt have any others left - we got a further 10% off - and it just came out of the box so nothing wrong with it!

Ky- Goodluck with the apartment hunting, I hope you get a good one for a good price.

Laura- Yay to you being able enjoy your pregnancy more now! It must be hard not feeling bub kick.

Donna- I hope you have a "sick free" house very soon! Can anyone else help you get the house in order - this normally gives a guy the kickstart they need - after he gets better of course!

Andi - Did you get my PM?

Mel- Less than 50 days - wow that is scary!!

Annette- I hear you on the - just want to finish work now - statement.
With the weight gain, I suppose it will depend on what you weighed before whether 8kgs is enough or not. Just check with your Ob or midwife. I too have read so many different opinions on what weight we should/shouldnt gain.

Michaela- my stomach turned at the thought of Josh hitting head first into the sand - ouch!!! I hope he is ok now.
My waterworks have been frequent lately too. DH will raise hise voice slightly about something and I will cry!!!!

Joanne- Happy Brithday!!!
So your bub is sitting breech at the moment too?
I have been trying to "turn" Bub - will see if this has worked at my appointment on Friday.

Kac- that is great to hear you are going through a good phase at the moment! It will help the weeks go by quicker!!!

Rosie- Have fun with the house work!

Cass- What a great surprise!! LOL that you thought they were having lunch without you - I would think that as well!!! Your DH is a gem!

Cheryl- Isnt it great to have a new car!
Those belly movements are just the best arent they!

Asked my Brother who works for Centrelink, if he knew about the increase of the bonus and he had no idea either!!! So much for making their staff aware of new policies. I am happy to take whatever we end up getting. (DH has already put in an order for a big screen TV - typical male!!)

We got our drawers/change table out of layby yesterday - the nursery is finally coming together nicely. I also got a "flower Mirror" from spotlight and did it up with coloured felt and also 2 little flower templates to go on either side of it on the wall. Just as well DH thought about it, as I wanted to put the mirror up on the wall already as it is in neutral colours, but DH said that maybe the "flower" would give the sex away!!! Glad he is around to think for me - damn preg brain!!!

DH 29
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#21 Sassenach

Posted 14 June 2005 - 12:37 PM

Annette: I'm sure 8kg is fine, as I've only put on 8kg as well and my OB isn't concerned ! original.gif

Joanne: Happy 36th birthday!! Oh and 2 big claps for still studying.  I'm doing a PhD and just went on maternity Leave as I just cant concentrate ... brain has gone to much!

As for me, I booked my Baby Capsule this morning with QLD Ambo.  It gets installed on Friday 22 July .... and I can't wait! I know, I'm a freak LOL


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#22 Sassenach

Posted 14 June 2005 - 01:15 PM

More from me!  The new drawers in Ella's room are up, and the nursery is *almost* finished! Just some more stuff on the walls (above the border), need to put her toy organiser up, and get some baskets to organise her change table, and we're done!

Pics are clickable for enlarged version.



<img hspace="4" align="left" height="100" src="http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2004-12/908653/peanut3d2.jpg"><img src="http://www.snugglepie.com/cb/18066.png" align="left"><br>Me: 31<br>DH: 34<br>DDoggies x 2<p>http://bfpp.blogspot.com

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#23 Nic15

Posted 14 June 2005 - 01:49 PM

Good morning lovely ladies

Well had my OB appointment yesterday and all went good. My GTT results were all fine. I have so far put on 10kg!! OMG Oh well what can u do original.gif My blood pressure was 133/75 which was perfect apparantly.  He felt around and bubs head is down at the bottom ready to engage and its spine is curled round in fetal position with feet up near my boobs and hands on left hand side.  This morning bub was punching me for about 20 mins when I woke up it was sooo funny, she didnt stop and Geoff was cracking up too. She is very restless lately, doesnt stop moving.  constantly can feel little thumps and movement, its nice and painful sometimes, she packs a good punch. LOL

Kyliev -love your nursery its gorgeous

Kim -  your nursery sounds like it will be lovely, cant wait to see pics original.gif

Ky - good luck with your interview hun original.gif

Cheryl - my baby shower was wonderful, I cant believe how spoilt bub got.  I had so much fun putting it all away! you will def get pressies once bub is born for sure!! My pram is great.  I have fun trying to put it in the car in two pieces.  I have been practicing, its quite funny.

Kac - Gabby sounds gorgeous, how cute with the cuddles original.gif

Secret Stork - I am posting mine off tomorrow!!! original.gif

Donna - hope you dont get phils sickie bug!! I still have my cold a little.  Interested to know what dig you had at us Perth girls ? LOL

Tris - no more shoppping girly!! naughty naughty

Laura - glad bub is moving ok, i have a front placenta too but seem to feel my bub as she is kicking down really low or up really high or on the side.

Rebecca - how are u going hun?

Well best do some work, very busy as nobody did any of my job yesterday - what a suprise.

My stomach is rock hard all the time now is anyone else's like that? It hurts its sooo tight.  Have my 32 week scan next week to see if my low lying placenta has moved up!! Wish me luck original.gif

bye for now


Joanne happy birthday!!!!!

Michalea - glad you are having a better day today hun original.gif

32/33 ttc # 6 yrs
Unexplained Infertilty
#1&2 IUI 7/04 & 8/04 -BFN
#1 - IVF 10/04 -BFN
#1 - FET - BFP
EDD 14/08/05

#24 ~Andi~

Posted 14 June 2005 - 02:01 PM

Hi there,

Well Michaela I seem to have caught your downer mood today, who wants it next then?  

Nickii Glad your baby shower went so well hun.  Sounds like you got some great stuff.  LOL at you walking your pram around the house.  (Like we all haven’t done that…)  Your pics don’t show for me though….

Zoe Good luck for your talk on Friday!

Kathy Hope you feel better today.  LOL at gabriellephant.

Kylie  You sure did have a busy weekend.  Any luck with the pj’s?

Michaela Hope you are feeling better today too.  And you didn’t scare me hun I was just teasing.    Oh, just read that today is a better day, that’s good.  Crying helps me too.  Poor Josh, he really was in the wars yesterday!

Tris Good effort on the shopping.  

Donna Hope everyone in your house is over the bugs really soon.

Sif Will post daily reminders just cos you told me to lovey Tounge1.gif

Annette Good luck for your next GTT test.

Joanne Happy Birthday!!  And nope, didn’t get your PM, but I’ve noted that you sent your gift original.gif

Baby Bonus I agree with Naomi, whatever you get is a bonus!!  Ok, that’s just cos I’m jealous that I can’t get it sad.gif

Rosie Whinge away hun, it does sound like you are working awfully hard for not much remuneration!  

Cass Your surprise lunch & breakfast sounded great!  Your DH is good at keeping secrets then original.gif

Cheryl Ohhhh you live near the Cadbury factory???  Hmmm yep the chocolate eating is going a little too well…….  :gasp:

Ginger Yep thanks mate I got your PM original.gif

Ok well that’s about it from me, I’m going to get an early night.  And now that I’ve just polished off an entire block of Top Deck, I think I need to lie down LOL.  



TTC 3 years
Me 32
DH 32
IVF # 2 - Nov 2004 - BFP!!!  
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#25 MiniDoo

Posted 14 June 2005 - 02:28 PM

Hey girls,

This will start of as a "me me" post, then some personals.. hopefully by the time i do the personals i wake up a bit.. original.gif

Last night was horrible, i was practically in tears i lost count of the amount of times i went into mums room (she went to bed early 8.30 to read her new book and once she starts she dosent stop till it's finished). Anyway I had my normal contractions, and the matching back pain, which to a degree i could handle. I knew it was because of my big day out.. but then i was getting this (tmi) thing which i can only describe as me sitting directly on a sword or knife up inside me (down there) and it hitting the top of my cervix sending a sharp stabbing pain right though me. The pain was lasting for about 45seconds and leaving me in tears when i got it. I was also peeing trickles all day. In the end at like 12.30pm mum said to me to have a shower, she made me a milk milo, and then i had some Ural (i got it checked by the chemist back in jan that it was safe to use). I then tried like mad to sleep didnt so mum finally connected the tv in my room (the doppy who designed this house put a tv arial socket in my room not in the formal lounge so we have a areal socket for this room running from my bedroom) so yeh i got that connected and sat there until 2am watching bb update. I still have the pains now so i really think i have a bad UTI.. i will give the ob a call when i finish this, as i don't see him until tom afternoon.

ok personals now

KY - that sucks that you have to pay to apply to rent over there. When we got this place all we had to do was put a $50 fee down and if we didnt get the house we got it back. I guess each real estate is differnt. I hope you find an appartment though within your likes and budget. Also that's it im making you a eagles jumper in anticipation for your dog one day when you get one.. then again i might just make one for your baby wink.gif can't have your baby not surporting a wonderful team can we wink.gif ahahhahahahaha

Laura - Yay on everything going wonderfuly with your little girl... and the name change thingo.. I feel so dam slack i have changed everything to my married name except my drivers licence how slack am i... oh well come aug when it's up for renual i can change it then.. imagine the look im going to get since i got married end of oct!!!

Donna - glad the house is getting better.. let's hope it stays that way. original.gif it's ok about abandoning me i understand.

Andi - yep got my pressie in my bag and if someone in this house goes out today i will post it.. original.gif

My dad just rang me from canberra (he is there for his wife to go to some conferance with little johnie she works for the "work for the dole" dep.) and he said he got there yesterday afternoon and is tehre until thurs night and has 'seen everything already' i had to laugh. I said 'well go shopping' hahaha.. typical female thing to say.

Mel (lillysmum) yep were in the final stretch now.. getting excitting!!

Sif - take it easy sounds like a kids birthday party could really take it out of you. original.gif

Annette - 8kgs in my eyes is enough i have only put on 6kgs, but i was about 8-10kg over my "ideal" weight pre preg so i think that accounts for it. I wouldnt worry. Plus i do NO exercise.. im a lazy ass original.gif

Michaela - Hope your "down day" yesterday is over.. might have been something in the air, because i wasnt myself yesterday i was taking everything to heart in every direction on the net. On another web site i got a bit of a backlash and i read it 20mins after waking up and i sat there in tears for ages. Got over that, and then i went to the shops and whilst eating in the food court there was a guy with a brand new baby in a pram crying it's eyes out and he jsut sat there going 'open your gob take the dam dummy'. it didnt so he continued to eat. I wanted to grab teh baby and give it a hug, i felt a let down happening at the same time so im glad i was wearing nipple shealds, but all i wanted to do was cry. How hormonal am i?

Sorry back to your post...I know how the people not having a c/s date and partners works can be effected. The thing with Troy's work is in one weeks time they are changing the flights in and out, atm there is a flight in once a day and two out (8am and 6pm) but his roster is changing so there will be NO weekend flights in or out (last one if 6pm friday night) there will also only be i think its 5 flights out a week some days have no fligths out and other have two flights out. Also because each flight is booked for the people going home after there roster it is very hard to get on a flight without pleading for someone to give up there spot in the plain (last week there were two guys pleading to get on a flight to see there babies being born and only one made it on the night flight the other had to hire a car and drive the 750kms back took him a longgggg time). So yeh it's more the inconcience factor of not making it back in time. With the original 12th date, troy had from the 8th of, so it was all going well with that, then he had until the 5th sep off (worked out he only actually takes of 16 days of work). So yeh he's panicing. Also because he only started this new location in March and they actually want him to get of this roster and do another roster and proper shift work -days and nights as apose to just days in another spot of the plant asap. The manager has said 'no we will do that when you get back from you leave'. In the mean time they are getting 3 more graduates starting in July who will also be in Troy's spot. So yeh the whole thing is all over the place, but his work is being great.  They know that i could pop at anytime and they will TRY there best to get Troy on a flight. Anyway enough about him and his work.. he will be home in time so i wont stress!!

Joanne - enjoy your birthday and have a wonderful dinner original.gif

Naomi - yep the whole bbonus thing is a crack up really. We are still bugeting for 3k, 4k will be a bonus but yeh typical of centerlink not to know whats going on though.

Karen - yep i don't know how i did the shopping thing either.. admitadly about 25mins of that i was just walking - i have developed very much a waddle i call myself a duck about to give birth,, ughh so yeh I am very slow on the uptake now. I also did sit eating chips and having a drink for about 45mins so really the actual shopping bit wasnt very long at all.
Don't feel guilty about the toy thing.. remember im a first time mum who's going "OTT' with buying. I have a toy sale catalogue and i've already decided what to get her for xmas.. most of which can't be used until she's much older original.gif I am sad!!

Rosie - just sending you big hugs, and i hope the housrwork fairy comes your way wink.gif

Cass - sounds like your birthday was absolutly amazing.. wow 3 days of pampering you have one great hubby there original.gif. So Harriet is going to be nice and tall hey... are you and your hubby tall?

I have just relised with my secret stalk that i didnt get a 'specific sex' present.. more a 'either sex thing'. Secret stalk sorry i was aware of your babies sex, but i coudnt resist this pressie sad.gif

Cheryl - yeh you would hope the news would get it right most of the time wouldnt you wink.gif

KY - yep target is good to shop at, i have a local Big w i go there for little things, but i can walk around target baby section for hours (as i proved yesterday). wink.gif

Kylie - i love your nursery it's so cute original.gif

sorry im rushing the end of my personals cause i really need to ring my ob..

Nic - good luck for your scan next week.

Well that's it for now.. i will be on later.. hugs all

my ticker is not ticking.. i should be 30 week 2 days.. ughh i will have to get another one.. grrrrrr

Tristelle & Troy (Dh)
(diary - minidoo)

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