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Ready Set Go Girls #284

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#26 Wonderstruck

Posted 12 February 2020 - 06:24 PM

Nice to hear from you Andi. Crossing fingers for some excellent quality!

SunStarMoon sorry about the BFN - here's hoping AF rocks up soon so you can get on the horse.

Wango, hope things are going ok.

I've never done progesterone pesseries  before. Any tips? Do you need lube or anything?

#27 Dolled

Posted 13 February 2020 - 09:23 AM

View Post*Andi*, on 12 February 2020 - 04:34 PM, said:

So sorry the cycle didn't work out Dolled :-( Does your clinic not require you to have a blood test regardless? Good that you can see you FS soon, and some of the financial strain has been relieved.


No, I called them and said I wasn't pregnant and offered to come in for the BT anyway and they said it wasn't necceassary.



Good luck with your transfer WS.  I am sure it's hard to remain positive when you have had two unsuccessful FET's, but at least time time they are trying something different, with more luteal support, so hopefully this time sticks.



That's a great yield Andi, hopefully they are continuing to progress.



I'm sorry SSM, look after yourself, I hope you can get a plan to move forward and schedule a FET ASAP.



Goodluck Blue, hope your hanging in there.


#28 *Andi*

Posted 13 February 2020 - 09:29 AM

View PostWonderstruck, on 12 February 2020 - 06:24 PM, said:

I've never done progesterone pesseries  before. Any tips? Do you need lube or anything?

What sort of pessaries are you using? I use oripro. No lube required. I put on a liner (the wax stuff can wreck your undies) and just put it in as high as I can quickly and easily do, then I stay lying down for about 30 minutes to give the progesterone time to absorb. The stuff will run out after you get up, but it has to come out at some stage and the active ingredient should have absorbed by then.

Some people use them up the back so they don't have to lie down - I only do that if I am doing one during the day (I'm often on it 3 times a day) and I have no time to lie down.

#29 Wonderstruck

Posted 13 February 2020 - 09:36 AM

I'm using compounded ones. My friend I'm staying with has also done IVF and has recommended long liners for the wax.

I'm only on one a day thus far at night so hoping it's ok.

Thanks for the tips Andi.

Edited by Wonderstruck, 13 February 2020 - 09:36 AM.

#30 *Andi*

Posted 13 February 2020 - 09:43 AM

Just got the call that only 2 of my eggs fertilised :-( Nervous wait now for the next update on day 3.

#31 Wonderstruck

Posted 13 February 2020 - 10:16 AM

Oh Andi. Crossing my fingers and hoping they are fighters. The wait for updates is so tough!

#32 Dolled

Posted 13 February 2020 - 10:24 AM

Oh no Andi.  I hope they keep soldiering on.  Are you planning a day 3 or day 5 transfer?

Has anyone travelled / had to fly to their IVF meds?

#33 Wonderstruck

Posted 13 February 2020 - 10:33 AM

View PostDolled, on 13 February 2020 - 10:24 AM, said:

Oh no Andi.  I hope they keep soldiering on.  Are you planning a day 3 or day 5 transfer?

Has anyone travelled / had to fly to their IVF meds?

I've not travelled to meds but travelled while on them/cycling twice. The clinic can give you a letter but I've never even had the drugs questioned but travel with one.

The clinic will give you bloods and scam forms, print a few extra copies.

See if your clinic has local clinics to where you are travelling or who they can recommend.

I travelled with my meds in an insulated lunch bag with one of those big ice packs they give you with the meds. This trip I left the house at 6.30am and got into.the hotel room and the ice brick was still half frozen. I found the same with our driving legs too.

This trip I did Sydney (home) to Melb by plane, then Melb to Albury by Car then Albury to Canberra and then will do Canberra home this weekend.

I triggered yesterday and will be home in time for my FET.

Let me know if you have questions.

Edited by Wonderstruck, 13 February 2020 - 10:40 AM.

#34 *Andi*

Posted 13 February 2020 - 11:28 AM

Not planning a transfer Dolled, plan is to biopsy, freeze and test any suitable embryos. I'm more nervous now though! I don't usually do fresh transfers as I'm at risk of OHSS (I had it severely from my first retrieval just from the trigger shot and ended up in ICU).

PGS testing has been part of our protocol for a long time now, and I definitely still want to do it after my mmc last month ('natural' conception from a cancelled stim cycle). I was hoping we'd have a few more to work with!

I've flown with IVF meds - I flew with them to Bali! I was nervous about doing that, but when I got to the airport there I told the guy working there that I had medications and an ice brick. When he asked what they were, I said IVF, and he ushered me straight through and I didn't have to show anything! Such a relief.

#35 SunStarMoon

Posted 13 February 2020 - 12:20 PM

View PostWonderstruck, on 12 February 2020 - 06:24 PM, said:

Nice to hear from you Andi. Crossing fingers for some excellent quality!

SunStarMoon sorry about the BFN - here's hoping AF rocks up soon so you can get on the horse.

Wango, hope things are going ok.

I've never done progesterone pesseries  before. Any tips? Do you need lube or anything?

Depends on the pessaries. I use ones called something like endoderm, which I don’t have to stay lying down for. I often don’t put them that high. I have found at some points in my cycle they hurt to put in a bit (a bit dry) but I’ve never bothered to try and lube them.

Definitely get panty liners. I get it coming out hours and hours after I last used them. White crap everywhere. Thankfully they aren’t waxy ones like others I’ve had

#36 SunStarMoon

Posted 14 February 2020 - 06:48 PM

How did you go blue lavender?

#37 Wonderstruck

Posted 14 February 2020 - 07:28 PM

Hope everyone is well. Had an emotional day today. I think I'm a little more sensitive due to the Ovidrel trigger.

We had a call from the scientist to talk remind us about the differences between the 3 embryos we've used and 2 remaining. It's been so long since we got the PGD results in early 2016. Essentially the results for the specific condition weren't as clear cut on these 2 as the other 3. Still an extremely low chance of having the condition just a tiny bit less certain.

It just reminded DH and I of why we are doing this and reminds us both of what faces him in his future.

Otherwise heading home from Canberra tomorrow. Will start pessaries ON Sunday as well as my Ovidrel boosters and bloods on Monday to confirm transfer.

Feeling nauseous and a little crampy from the trigger on Wednesday but hopefully it will settle soon.

#38 Blue Lavender

Posted 15 February 2020 - 07:58 AM

Hi All,

As I expected, BFN confirmed yesterday. Not at all surprising given I did the test before hand. The plan is to start a further stim cycle Monday - if Aunt Flo comes to town. I am at a clinic which is my second opinion. I have a few more dice to throw and then will move on. It was great that on the last round I did before Xmas I got 3 embryos to test and 1 was suitable to transfer.  If I hadn't got that result, I wouldn't continue on. I am fine- husband thinks I am a cranky and in a bad mood - but really I'm ok. Have a lunch out today with the girls where I will enjoy myself.

#39 Wonderstruck

Posted 15 February 2020 - 09:54 AM

Sorry to hear that Blue Lavender. Glad you have your plan for going forward.

#40 SunStarMoon

Posted 15 February 2020 - 10:41 AM

Sorry about your results blue. Sorry your husband thinks your cranky too. I think sometimes people project what they imagine onto you.

Glad you have a plan forward.

So much travel wonderstruck. I don’t know how you do it!

#41 *Andi*

Posted 15 February 2020 - 11:49 AM

I'm sorry the cycle didn't work out Blue Lavender. I hope you enjoy your girls' time this weekend and can get into a new cycle on Monday.

Good luck for your transfer Wonderstruck!

I got the call from the embryologist for my day 3 update, both embryos are still doing well. 7 and 10 cells (they like at least 6). Still nervous though, as the blastocyst stage is where they fell down last time. It's going to be a long few days!

#42 Wonderstruck

Posted 15 February 2020 - 02:15 PM

Glad to hear that are doing well at day 3 Andi. Crossing fingers it continues!

#43 IamOzgirl

Posted 16 February 2020 - 09:24 AM

Im sorry Blue Lavender

Wonderstruck, is your clinic in canberra?

#44 Wonderstruck

Posted 16 February 2020 - 09:45 AM

View PostIamOzgirl, on 16 February 2020 - 09:24 AM, said:

Im sorry Blue Lavender

Wonderstruck, is your clinic in canberra?

My clinic is in Sydney but has a presence in most states. I was able to go to their Melbourne and Canberra clinics whole cycling on holiday.

#45 IamOzgirl

Posted 16 February 2020 - 12:24 PM

Ah okay!!

#46 Wango

Posted 16 February 2020 - 09:22 PM

Not looking very hopeful here.   BT in the morning but I had a BFN on Friday 7dp5dt On a FRER and then was busting this morning and running late for swimming lessons so no time to test.    I have been nauseous all day so did one this evening after holding for about four hours and was stark white.

#47 Wonderstruck

Posted 17 February 2020 - 05:49 AM

Sorry to hear that Wango. Crossing my fingers that you're wrong as there is still time.

I'm feeling bloated and gross after the pessary and Ovidrel shot yesterday. Having bloods today to check progesterone ahead of Wednesday's transfer.

#48 Wonderstruck

Posted 17 February 2020 - 04:52 PM

Transfer booked for 8.30am on Wednesday. Then the dreaded 2ww.

Wango I hope you're ok. Sending support.

Andi, any news on your embryos?

Edited by Wonderstruck, 17 February 2020 - 04:53 PM.

#49 Blue Lavender

Posted 17 February 2020 - 05:20 PM

Hi- I am emotional. I guess dealing with the failed embryo transfer and today picking up the meds. Anyway, when I picked up the meds, I told  the pharmacist that I wouldn't be home until 6.30. She told me she  put an ice brick in the bag. Anyway, got home and one bag doesn't have an ice pack in it. Really annoyed. Something small but dealing with all the other emotions its really upset me. I am so meticulous about all my medications, so this really annoys me. We all pay a fortune for these drugs. Anyway, not a good start to my stim cycle feeling like this.  I think this will be my last- I have had 3 pgs that have taken and feel deflated.  I can't keep putting myself through this. I have rang the pharmacy but of course they can't deal with it till the morning. Sorry to be a Debbie downer.

#50 Blue Lavender

Posted 17 February 2020 - 05:21 PM

WS- good luck for Wednesday. Its going to stick!!  I am very positive for you. Don't let me dampen your spirits. Wango- how are you??

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