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Washing Machine and Dryer Programs

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#1 Dahlia

Posted 26 May 2019 - 05:32 PM

Hi All

Have just lashed out on a new washing machine and dryer (Miele) as our old one died and we are just about to renovate our laundry so thought why not.

Just wondering though if anyone makes use of the different types of programs they have e.g. denim, shirts, cottons, etc etc.. and whether they think it is worth it or not re water saving, energy saving, wash quality.  My old one, I used to just bung everything in and press start.  


#2 Coffeegirl

Posted 26 May 2019 - 05:41 PM

We have a Bosch front loader and condenser dryer.

On the washer I use:
Shirt wash for DHS business shirts
Cotton for most daily washes
15 minute wash for school uniforms and last minute needs
The extra soak for dirty loads
Quilt wash for our down quilts

I also use the timer quite a lot.  I set it to run early morning so if I ready when I wake up, or to be finished just as I get home from work.

On the dryer I tend to just use the timed hot setting

#3 ~LemonMyrtle~

Posted 26 May 2019 - 06:14 PM

Nah, I use the “everyday wash” with extra water and an extra rinse for everything.  I have an Asko. Took some experimenting to find this perfect setting.

I always wash a full load and any other cycle besides the “normal wash” only works for a part load anyway. I’m not one to separate my laundry.

On our condenser dryer (bosch) I dry everything on the cottons cycle cause it’s the only cycle that gets things reallyyyyyy dry like I like them. It’s sensor dryer anyway, so ends when everything is dry. No matter the load size.

#4 molinero

Posted 26 May 2019 - 06:25 PM

Like Lemon Myrtle I am also take a survival of the fittest approach to laundry. Everything goes in together - I don't have time to separate.

I do put our 'nice' office clothes into bra bags but that's about it.

I don't like using dry cleaning, so winter coats and jackets will get washed on their own in one of the delicate or handwash cycles.

FWIW I also washed my silk and lace wedding dress in my current toploader, just put it into bra bags and used the silk cycle. I'd prewashed the fabrics in the same machine prior to making the dress, so I knew they would be fine.

So yes, there's some good uses of the more specialty cycles, but for everyday use I don't bother.


Posted 26 May 2019 - 06:36 PM

My washing machine has:

Cotton - 60 deg wash, use for all towels and sheets, and DH work clothes.
Mixed - Use for everyday clothes
Delicates - use for well delicates!
Handwash - use for bras, pantyhose etc
Wool - school jumpers and my cardigans
Energy Saver - Never use. Cycles are way too long.
Quick 18 - Use alot for anything that needs a quick wash and will tolerate fast and hard!
Bedding - Use for doonas and pillows.
Refresh (cottons) - Have tried it out when I got the machine, but not needed.
Refresh (mixed) Same as above.

My dryer has Normal and Delicates. Only use the dryer a couple of times a year.

Oh and it also has:

Pre Wash - Never use
Easy iron - Use often
Extra Rinse - Don't need.
Vapour - Don't use.

Delay start - use this all the time!

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#6 hills mum bec

Posted 26 May 2019 - 06:43 PM

On the washing machine I use The Bulky setting for bedding, 30min wash when I don’t have a full load (usually when a work/school uniform is required for the next day) and hand wash for knitted item.  Everything else goes on a delicate setting.

For the dryer the bedding goes on Bulky setting, shirts go on the Shirts setting and I sometimes use the wool setting for hand knots to fluff them up.  Everything else goes on delicate/storage setting.

#7 can'tstayaway

Posted 27 May 2019 - 02:49 PM

I have a Miele and use lots of the programs.

I’m an avid laundry sorter and I have a collection of washing detergents for various programs.  It seems like a lot of extra work but it fits in my routine and takes minimal though load. I did have the kids trained at one point to sort their own washing but I don’t have the space in my current laundry so their dirty washing stays in their bathrooms until Friday when I start the bulk of the clothes washing. My regular washes are saved in the favourites which saves time, thinking and is almost dummy proof for kids.

Bed linen gets done on the hygiene cycle with an extra rinse.

Towels are also done on the hygiene cycle but with water plus and an extra rinse.

Our chair covers are washed on the 40°C cotton cycle with water plus, the booster cap (like napisan) and all the food stain options selected.

Regular clothes are on the cotton 40°C cycle.

Dirtier clothes (DS and DH’s) are 40°C cotton plus a prewash.

Silks on the silk option.

Woollens on the woollens option.

Gym gear and sports uniforms are on the sportswear cycle.

Hand wash items are on the delicates cycle.

Jeans on the denim cycle with the dark fabric detergent.

T shirts and business shirts on the shirts cycle.

School uniforms I was using the darks cycle but have swapped to Cotton 40°C with the dark fabric detergent and an extra rinse because the kids have grown and i can’t do all their uniforms in the one darks load.

I don’t know the science behind it but I know my woollens are less stretch out of shape than when I handwash them. My silks maintain their silk lustre. The t shirts don’t need ironing if hung up on hangers out of the machine. The business shirts and uniforms can getaway with not ironing if I use the minimum iron or shirt setting on the dryer as well. I have gym gear that I would have worn weekly for nearly 10years and they look new. I was asked recently where I bought it from and the person was so surprised it was that old. The uniforms I can sell for a good price because they look new even after being handed down and worn by a second child.

For the times when life happens, I do use the Express 20min cycle too. I don’t use the Powerwash cycle as much because it uses more water and electricity to agitate and rinse faster.

I haven’t had to soak or pretreat clothes in a long time. The machine does its thing and gets most of the grime out. Paint is the only thing that it has set but I know I should have pretreated it.

#8 seayork2002

Posted 27 May 2019 - 04:33 PM

Sorry I am not sure if you are meaning just washer/dryer combo ones

but we dont use a dryer (one was there when we moved in)

For washer I use a samsung 1000 speed washer

I use the delicate setting mostly and the daily wash one for towels/bedding

once or twice the heavy/hand wash one but that is it really

40 degrees most of the time too

I soak DS's school shirts if they need then in Napisan then wash in Biozet

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#9 SeaPrincess

Posted 27 May 2019 - 05:31 PM

My washing machine has 13 different cycles, plus 2 that can be programmed. In order of frequency, I use:
Memory 1 (1-hour cold wash) most of the time
Rinse only cycle after swimming lessons each week
Quick 60 1-hour 60 deg occasionally

I put hand washing in a delicate bag in a cold wash.

I have a sensor dryer, so it stops when it detects the clothes are dry. It is much smaller than our washing machine, and I don't use it much.

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#10 Charli73

Posted 27 May 2019 - 06:03 PM

My DH shirts are done now on a shirt cycle, I wish I had used it sooner as there is less ironing.

Delicates a fair bit, cottons mainly but dark wash too and express for a 30min quickwash..

#11 OrangeSprout

Posted 27 May 2019 - 08:26 PM

I have a Beko 8kg front loader.
At first I was using the Aqua 40-40 : 40degrees for 40 minutes for most things..
But now it is as follows:

Towels (4 per load) - quick was 26 as they are only used to dry us
Dark go on the Aqua 40-40
DH work clothes go on the sport/outdoor load which is long but given his job it is better for his grungy work clothes

DS school clothes Aqua 40-40

Sheets go on the bedding cycle

All lights & pjs/underwear now go on the cotton cycle.. it is long BUT I am really feeling that the clothes are clean.. you know how you can feel something is clean?
Well I do with that cycle...

#12 Prancer is coming

Posted 27 May 2019 - 08:35 PM

How exciting having nice Miele products.

I have a Miele washing machine and a heat pump dryer.  I love them!  I do use a lot of the cycles.  Every day things (normal clothes, towels, sheets etc) get washed on a long cotton cycle.  I use seperate cycles for delicates, shirts and hand wash. If I am washing a small amount of things I might use the automatic cycle.  I use quick wash with no detergent to rinse off bathers.  

My favourite thing to wash and dry is my puffer jacket.  I have special down detergent and it comes out looking brand new.  I even wash my friend’s jackets as it does such a good job.  I do shirts in the shirt cycle and them out them in a smoothing program on the dryer that means they come out ironed.  Just need a shake and out straight on a hanger.  If I am washing a few pairs of jeans I would use the jean cycle, but tends not to happen like that.  I would also use pre wash if washing dirty things or when I was using cloth nappies.

#13 Dahlia

Posted 28 May 2019 - 08:49 AM

Thanks so much everyone.  Some great info.  Yes so far the Miele machine seems very good.  Sooooo quiet.  I'll have to try out the iron cycle as I hate ironing. And i didn't know that about the Powerwash taking up more energy and water.  We are on tank water only so any water savings are a plus.


#14 can'tstayaway

Posted 28 May 2019 - 09:40 AM

When we were on tank water and I bought my first Miele washing machine, we noticed a huge difference in water savings. I’m not sure if all models have fuzzy logic where it adjusts the water use so if you do smaller loads, it reduces the water used. Very handy when you’re a washing separater like I am and don’t want to feel guilty about wasting water.

I forgot to mention the dryer cycles. I have the optional basket and it is brilliant for drying shoes (that have been washed in the machine). It sits on a rack so doesn’t get bashed about and dries perfectly without going hard like it does being dried in the sun.

And the down wash is awesome for the down filled jackets and vests. People think I’m nuts buying the kids down filled jackets because of the dry cleaning costs but I just chuck ‘em in the machine.

For bathers/togs, I use the separate rinse cycle. It uses less water than the quick wash cycle. Rinsing the chlorine out of the togs means they last longer. We have rash suits that have being passed down amongst my kids and then still in good condition to pass on to others.

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#15 ~LemonMyrtle~

Posted 28 May 2019 - 12:23 PM

I throw the kids shoes in the dryer with a full load. All the clothes in there cushions the shoes and they come out nice and dry. I also wash them with a full load of clothes though, same reasoning, nice and cushioned, plus the clothing helps rub off the stains. My MIL was shocked by how easy it was to wash the kids shoes, and how clean they came out! She would have hand washed them and left them to dry for days on a window sill or somewhere warm.

#16 OrangeSprout

Posted 28 May 2019 - 02:16 PM

View Postcan, on 28 May 2019 - 09:40 AM, said:

When we were on tank water and I bought my first Miele washing machine, we noticed a huge difference in water savings. I’m not sure if all models have fuzzy logic where it adjusts the water use so if you do smaller loads, it reduces the water used. Very handy when you’re a washing separater like I am and don’t want to feel guilty about wasting water.

I find that front loaders are so much better in water usage fullstop.
I had a FL and went back to top loader and omg the water bill jumped up!!
So I umm went and bought a front loader again .. OOPS..
They are also so much better on the clothing.

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