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#26 FingersCrossed123

Posted 04 August 2018 - 01:34 PM

Hopeful - got my fx for your embies over the next couple of days!

Joany - not long till your BT, less than a week now.

Ck -thanks for the support. I watched one more shot a while back and bawled it the whole film. We are incredibly lucky to have access to ivf.

Hope you all have a good weekend. It's a bank holiday on Monday so a long weekend for me woo hoo!

Took the higher dose of gonal last night and woke up this morning with all my bloating gone! Maybe my body has just gotten used to the injections now.

Trying not to worry but at the same time feeling like :omg: wtf is going on in there. gah

Trying to enjoy my weekend and not obsess over IVF the whole time. easier said than done.

#27 Aardvark2016

Posted 06 August 2018 - 09:00 AM

Theia- I am sorry to hear you only got one to test. I hope that it makes it through! When are you expecting the results?

Mrs hopeful- I hope you get good news and all your little embies are still in the running. Will you transfer straight away if you get day 5s?

Joany- when is your bt? Will you POAS early?? I can never help myself. Knowing I could know is just too tempting.

Ck- I hope this flare cycle work- at least there are a few different options for you.

Fingers- don’t worry too much about bloating etc. I Never get much bloating and tend to get reasonable results! good luck!!!

AFM- I have been booked for transfer on Thursday and I am terrified! This time they are adding clexaine from transfer day to stop miscarriage- hopefully it works!!

When i went for bloods on Tuesday the nurse taking my blood said that the day before they had 130 people in for blood tests. That is one clinic in one city on one day. It is staggering to think how many people go through this roller coaster. At least we can connect through this board- I think it makes things easier.

Have a good week everyone!

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#28 FingersCrossed123

Posted 06 August 2018 - 10:16 AM

Yay Aardvark! Thursday will be here before you know it! :):):)

#29 Aardvark2016

Posted 06 August 2018 - 11:10 AM

Fingers- that is what worries me!! I have gotten used to the limbo and actually going through with the transfer is scary.

#30 Joany

Posted 06 August 2018 - 11:45 AM

Hopeful – hoping you get a good fertilisation report today.  Whilst your numbers aren’t what you were hoping for, fingers crossed the quality is better and that you may not have that drop off between days 3 – 5.

CK – 8 months in still a long time but glad you were able to get your endo sorted last year.  I never realised how debilitating endo can be.  Sounds like you have a good plan and yes, fingers crossed you won’t need all of those steps.

Fingerscrossed – I think you have bloods again today? When is your first ultrasound? And I think that WTF feeling is very normal.

Aardvark – I can only imagine how you are feeling but crossing my fingers and toes that the clexane helps getting that embryo nice and snug.  Sending lots of positive vibes your way.  130 people in one day is so many isn’t it.  Hard to believe that there are so many of us struggling with TTC.

AFM – I’ve already started spotting which usually happens for 2 days and then AF arrives but I didn’t trigger till Wednesday 25thand they say you ovulate 40hrs later.  Is it too late to be implantation?  I usually have a 14 day luteal phase (although sometimes it can be shorter)  I’m not sure whether to call the nurses and ask the question but I know they’ll just be cautious and won’t be able to confirm either way. I'm so sad, I can't stop crying!

#31 FingersCrossed123

Posted 06 August 2018 - 11:51 AM

Oh sorry aardvark - didn't mean to add to your worries. It's hard when you are used to being prepared for things not working out, when something goes in the right direction. Just take one day at a time if you can.

Joany - when is your BT? If you're on progesterone that will be changing the way things usually go. as the nurses will say, just have to wait unfortunately. I hope you can find something nice to do to take your mind off it. hugs xx

#32 FingersCrossed123

Posted 06 August 2018 - 11:53 AM

Ps. AFM - had BT this morning and just waiting for the call to find out what's next :)

Got one of the nice nurses who uses the little butterfly needle for my difficult veins. Also got a bruise now from all the BTs. :( but no bruises on my belly which is a bonus.

#33 Joany

Posted 06 August 2018 - 12:03 PM

FIngerscrossed - BT not till Friday.  Maybe I should POAS and put myself out of my limbo misery.  That's not ideal you are getting bruised from the BT's, especially when you have to have so many.

#34 MsHopeful18

Posted 06 August 2018 - 12:17 PM

Joany - I am so sorry to hear you've been crying. I get the exact same spotting before AF so I know how you feel. In my various research, it can be either the start of AF or implantation so it's not all over yet. In the last few months I never POAS because I personally found that single line worse than the actual AF.

Fingers Crossed - Make sure you always ask them for the butterfly ones from now one! I also have tricky veins and found those and drinking a ton of water to help. Hope your bloods are on track and you can have a scan soon!

Aardvark - All the best for transfer day! Try to rest up and keep warm. You are so right, there are so many people going through this, it is crazy but does make you feel more 'normal' in a way.

AFM, I got the day 3 call and feeling pretty sad. I was so hoping for better quality due to the new protocol/drugs but I got told I have 2 embryos that are on track (8 cells) but with some fragmenting, and 1 that is 5 cell so behind and 1 that is a total no hoper. My worst results happen between now and day 5 so I am terrified I won't make it to transfer or again, have no blastocysts. Nothing I can do but wait and hope...

#35 ckmelb

Posted 06 August 2018 - 12:46 PM

Aardvark, I can see why transfer day could be scary but wishing you lots of luck. You got to be in it to win it!

Fingers crossed- I think IVF in winter is helpful due to bruised arms. But at the same time I don't like getting my belly out in the morning to stab it either. Can't win! When do you have a scan?

Joany - sorry to hear you are feeling sad. I think POAS if you want. Or don't. Whatever makes you feel a bit better. I also count the number of people in the waiting room. There is a lot. Too many...

Mshopeful sending you positive vibes for days 3-5

#36 FingersCrossed123

Posted 06 August 2018 - 12:47 PM

hopeful - so sorry to hear the results aren't as expected. I hope you are able to do something small for yourself to help distract your mind until you get the final results. Lots of crossed fingers and toes for your embies.

AFM - Got the call - increase gonal to 200 and start orgalutran tonight. BT and scan on Wednesday AM . Can't wait to see what is going on in there.

#37 Joany

Posted 06 August 2018 - 01:47 PM

Thanks for your support ladies.  I just went and exercised for 30 mins to get myself out of my slump and I must admit I feel better. There were two eggs that could have potentially fertilised so will try and remain positive until AF is in full force.

Hopeful - I'm not sure if this helps but I only had 1 egg that made it to day 5 and he is my beautiful 2.5 year old.  Crossing everything for your embies.

#38 MrsP2014

Posted 06 August 2018 - 02:58 PM

hi everyone, so much to catch up on so sorry if i miss anyone.

FX- all sounds promising, hopefully your scan on wednesday shows some happy little follies. i never get nurses who use a butterfly needle...always the huge ones :(

hopeful- hopefully one or two make it to day 5. i know the feeling though, i always get nice numbers 6-15 eggs but only ever end up with 1-2 embryos. its a horrid rollercoaster.

Aardvark- we use clexane too, have you used them before? they sting a bit after the injection and its a bit pot luck as to whether you'll get a bruise or not.

afm- af arrived today. excited but nervous as. this is potentially our last transfer. I've gotten a referral to a grief counsellor to deal with everything thats happened in this last year and to develop support in case this journey is over for us. im finding work hard as there were 7 of us at work who all got pregnant at the same time. those girls are now starting maternity leave and are all looking lovely, so all the talk is around pregnancy and babies. i don't begrudge them at all but jealousy is a cruel Bi*ch.

we are doing FSH ovulation for our FET this month, so using low dose gonal everyday and then a trigger to ovulate, then will transfer our last embryo.

baby dust to all

#39 Aardvark2016

Posted 07 August 2018 - 07:49 AM

Omg- I woke up this morning and realised I forgot my progesterone last night. I just rang the nurse and she said it is ok but i am still in a bit of a flap. That is the first time I have forgotten something like that on this journey.

#40 ckmelb

Posted 07 August 2018 - 07:58 AM

Oh aardvark I know exactly how you feel. Good to hear that the nurse said it's fine. And trust me you won't forget again now

#41 Aardvark2016

Posted 07 August 2018 - 08:43 AM

Thanks ck. I just want to cry. This is probably my last chance. I just can’t believe it. I was distracted last night because I went to my gp late about something else and I was thinking about that instead of what I needed to be doing.

Edited by Aardvark2016, 07 August 2018 - 08:43 AM.

#42 Aardvark2016

Posted 07 August 2018 - 10:12 AM

MrsP- lovely to see you back. I think the grief counseling is a fantastic idea- I think I will do the same. I probably should have already. I hope this transfer is the one! I think we might be at about the same stage in our journey and it is so hard to be confronted with the end.

I am sorry to hear that work is hard too. I can’t imagine how painful that is day in and day out. I use work as a bit of a refuge most of the time. Jealousy is tough, and normal, good on you for staying happy for them. But remember it doesn’t make you a bad person if you are angry or jealous of them.

I have gotten over my morning hiccup- mainly by leaving work and coming home to take the progesterone! I am lying down for an hour before heading back to the office. At least I will get some work done when I get back. If I had stayed I would have just fretted at my desk all day.

Edited by Aardvark2016, 07 August 2018 - 10:14 AM.

#43 Theia

Posted 07 August 2018 - 10:28 AM

ckmelb - sounds like you have a good plan in place for next cycle, will be crossing my fingers for you. I hear synarel is a b@#$% though, if I do another stim cycle my fs also wants me on it, will be interested to hear how you go.

MsHopeful - sorry you're feeling down about your results so far, I completely get it. We've all been through so much already it would be nice to be on the right side of the numbers for once. Having said that, it really does just take one so fingers crossed your one is in this batch. Hope you get some good results tomorrow.

Fingers crossed - another bruiser here plus only one vein suitable for blood draws so I always ask for the butterfly needle too. Seem to help a little with the bruising although I think the biggest factor is the nurse, some are just terrible. Hope you see some good follies growing in there tomorrow.

Joany - the 2ww is tough, hoping the spotting was implantation bleeding. I'm an early tester to put myself out of my misery, I don't like the thought of finding out from the nurses.

MrsP2014 - good luck for your transfer this month, I truly hope you get your bfp. Booking the counselling sounds like a great idea although of course I hope you don't need it. I feel you with the work pregnancies, we seem to have at least one baby bump at all times at my work, as one leaves on mat leave someone else announces a pregnancy, can be so difficult to handle sometimes.

Aardvark - good luck this month for you too, hope we get a run of bfps this month. Don't stress about the progesterone, they tend to keep levels well above what is needed so missing a dose wouldn't drop your levels enough to matter. How are you finding the clexane? I had so many bruises from that one!

AFM - still waiting for pgs results on my one tested. It's been over 2 weeks already so hoping I hear soon so I can decide on next steps.

#44 Joany

Posted 07 August 2018 - 01:31 PM

MrsP – I think that’s a great idea to book in to speak to someone.  I can’t even begin to imagine having the daily reminder of pregnant women in your workplace.  You’re a strong woman and I think it’s completely normal to feel jealous.  I know I would feel the same.  I truly truly hope this will be a positive cycle for you.

Aadvark – You poor thing, glad you were able to leave work and do it instead of worrying about it all day.  

Fingers – good luck for your scan tomorrow.

Theia – I hope you receive your results soon so you can organise a plan of attack.  I’ve only ever POAS when we were trying naturally once, with IVF I’ve always been too scared to see the single line but I do agree that it would be probably better seeing it myself than hearing it from the nurse.

AFM -  AF in full force today so BT has been brought forward to tomorrow. Disappointed but trying to remain optimistic about trying again. Would have liked to have gotten straight in to another cycle but we are going away on 26 August so don’t think I’ll have time.  

IVF is so hard, even though I’ve never met any of you, it’s so helpful to have people to talk to who are going through the same rollercoaster.  No one else  gets it. Thanks for your support  xx

#45 Theia

Posted 07 August 2018 - 05:50 PM

Sorry to hear AF arrived Joany, this is such a tough journey. Hope you can find a way to squeeze in your next cycle before you go away.

I got my pgs results this afternoon and the embryo is normal, such a relief. Expecting to do a transfer early september.

#46 Aardvark2016

Posted 07 August 2018 - 07:57 PM

Theia!!! Such great news. I hope that your op helps the lining issues and your transfer in September is the one!

Joany- I am sorry to hear about AF. Do you have frosties to transfer or are you back into a full stim cycle? You are right. Ivf is soo hard and having people to talk to is fabulous.

#47 Joany

Posted 07 August 2018 - 08:19 PM

Theia that’s fantastic news! Woo hoo!  I second what Aardvark said and hope September is your month.

Aardvark - back to a full stim cycle, my egg quality isn’t so good so usually only get one to day 5.

#48 MrsP2014

Posted 07 August 2018 - 09:08 PM

theia- yay for the Normal result!

joany- im sorry about AF arriving, do you have to have a break or can you continue on with a stim cycle?

aardvark- glad you were able to duck home and do some progesterone. yes i feel we are at the same place, nearly at the end.

afm- just did my first injection, so on 50units gonal for 4 days, then 75 for 4 days then scan on wednesday next week. we are only aiming to grow one folic but it doesn't matter how many rear their heads as we have a 0% chance of conceiving naturally we just need me to ovulate so that things flow a bit better and that were just supporting things rather then faking things like we do with our normal FET regiment.

hopefully this is the positive month this group needs and their is an explosion of BFP's

#49 FingersCrossed123

Posted 08 August 2018 - 08:36 AM

Joany - so sorry to hear that AF arrived. If you don't have time for another stim cycle this month then I hope you enjoy the month off and get some relaxation time !

Theia - That is great news !

Mrsp14 - best of luck with your FET cycle.

AFM - I had my BT& scan this morning, there were 6 follicles on one ovary and 4 on the other, so 10 in total. The biggest was 13mm. There were also 9 small ones they noted but didn't measure. The nurse said she thinks it will be another week depending on how fast they grow. And she is going to order me some more Gonal F in case.

So will get further instructions this afternoon, but sounds like I will be back on Friday for another scan, and looking at EPU next week.

Not sure if the small ones usually catch up or not or if 10 is likely to be my number?

#50 MsHopeful18

Posted 08 August 2018 - 10:17 AM

Fingers Crossed - those numbers sound great! I think everyone is different but they can definitely catch up depending on their size. Some follicles can have two eggs, but some can be empty ( I have had both happen).

MrsP - fingers crossed all goes well and this will be your lucky transfer. Trying to make things as natural as possible sounds like a great plan.

Theia, that is fantastic! When will you find out if the lining has improved post procedure?

Joany, so sorry, that really sucks. Have you worked out the dates for the next round? This process is so hard and the constant waiting is awful.

I have come back from transfer and am now in the 2ww! Very glad one embryo made it to a hatching blastocyst, but it is only graded 3 and average quality so I am not getting my hopes up! They are watching one more which is an early blastocyst with poor quality but unlikely we will have anything to freeze/test which sucks. The other two have failed to develop past cellular stage.

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