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Due in Feb 2018

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#151 Mingles

Posted 18 June 2017 - 07:46 PM

Hey ladies, congrats! Hopefully it's all good Mandi but maybe get that second opinion if it'll reassure you.

#152 Cat1234

Posted 18 June 2017 - 09:16 PM

Hey Mandimoo if it eases your mind definitely go get a second opinion - you may be able to get some follow up bloodwork to measure HCG levels now or even another scan if you are pretty sure of your LMP date? Ps I am pretty sure we have been in the same DIG not too long ago  ;)

#153 mandimoo112

Posted 18 June 2017 - 10:33 PM

Thanks Mingles and Cat1234.

Oh is this your username here :) Yes I need to find another GP and let them know what I want. I was to upset last time to be assertive. I'm not positive about my cycle but I am about my LMP as I recorded it. I can't find a date make sense, the date that makes sense for 5 weeks is after the date I took the positive pregnancy test.

#154 nimble

Posted 19 June 2017 - 11:21 AM

Hey Mandi, definitely find another GP as you should never feel that way. They are there to help you, and need to listen to your concerns and advise accordingly.  Hope all is ok.

For those still around, how are you feeling?  

I have my docs appt today, so will get bloods and see  if this one is anymore viable than the previous pregnancies.  Super strong line on FRER today so that is one good thing.   Other than that, and sore boobs, not feeling anything.  Just managed a Pump class, and feeling pretty good.   Not sure if that is a bad thing or not!

#155 stace_wa

Posted 19 June 2017 - 12:15 PM

Hi guys. I'd like to introduce myself and I'll go back and read all your posts soon.

I've got my bfp on yesterday morning on an frer after getting a late night squinter on Saturday. Had to do a 7 hour round trip yesterday leaving very early and so called past the only chemist open on a Sunday for a frer and tested in the public toilets on main street 😂😂 all class lol I had to wait until I got home top tell DH and he's over the moon. 1-2 weeks on a cb digi this morning and booked into the gp on Thursday for a referral for bloods and dating scan. I think I'm about 4 weeks so barely utd.

I have a 10 month DD who took 3 years to conceive and we got married this march so if this one sticks we will have a newborn on our 1St wedding anniversary. So very excited, nervous and trying not to got overly excited yet in case it doesn't stick.
I have am amazing group of women from this forum as my mother's group with DD and hope to enjoy the ups and downs of this pregnancy with you all.

#156 Uliejay

Posted 19 June 2017 - 08:23 PM

Hi & congrats to all!

I'm due late Feb and currently 3wks 6 days. Very early!

Our story... 1.5years of trying, 1 miscarriage 😔, An operation to have a 4x2cm polyp removed, and diagnosed with Factor V Leiden - a blot clotting disorder. I've been told I need to be under the care of an OBGYN and have an appoint tomorrow to get prescribed Clexane (blood thinner) which is either an injection once or twice a day until 34-36wks ish. And on 100g aspirin as well to thin blood.

....sounds like a lot when it's written out!!

[NSW Sutherland public]

#157 Carrietarool

Posted 19 June 2017 - 11:06 PM

congratulations everyone!

im still here nimble! been a very long week with 3 sick kids which has kind of forced this pregnancy to the background the last few days (although i still think about it all the time!)

i told DH the other day about our surprising news, he was shocked but also happy.
With the kids being sick i havnt had time to book into a doc but finally did it this afternoon, i see my GP on friday and i assume will get bloods and maybe an ultrasound request form as i dont have an LMP to run off for due date. Im hoping if i can get an ultrasound next week sometime that should be long enough since i found out i was pregnant to be able to see something on the screen IF it is all growing normally.
i used my 2nd clearblue digital from the pack last friday and it showed 3+ weeks and thats really all ive got to go by atm!

sometimes i feel the familiar morning sickness and other times i feel completely normal, during the normal times it makes it really really hard to believe that there could be anything in there at all!

#158 1stTimerCass

Posted 20 June 2017 - 08:59 AM

I've been feeling a bit rubbish the last few days.  I've been feeling nauseated for most of the day the last few days, and finding it hard to eat!  This morning for breakfast I had a Twix stick and a chocolate milk! And I've had a fluffy feeling in my head, like I haven't slept enough or something, even though I had almost 8 hours straight (or more) the last few nights!

Today is a big day at work, and all I want to do is go home to bed!  I've got a full work day, followed by a seminar tonight where I need to be there to meet and greet, make small talk and pass food around to the attendees... And then I have a dance class that I have to go to because it's the last one before a performance this weekend!  9pm can't come soon enough!

#159 stace_wa

Posted 20 June 2017 - 12:24 PM

Not real hopeful for a sticky one here. My FRER on Sunday was very clear, but not really strong, cb digi was 1-2 weeks yesterday, but this morning on a prognosis test the line, while clear, was faint. I should be 18 dpo and implementation occurred some time after last Monday with a BFN that morning. My tests were so sharp and clear with DD from 11dpo so I think this is going to be a cp... Booked in to the gp Thursday and we request bloods and a dating scan referral and will continue testing to see if the results start getting clearer or fainter...

Sorry to hear a few of you are getting ms so early!

#160 nimble

Posted 21 June 2017 - 09:38 AM

Welcome Uliejay - how are you feeling?  

stace_wa  i am sorry to hear that, it is such a stressful time and all the waiting does not help one bit.  Everything is crossed for you that those lines get stronger and clearer!

1sttimeCass - hope you got some rest after that manic day!  I laughed at your brekkie; and it made me really crave a Twix.  One of my favourite chocolate bars, but I have been good recently and only been having 70% and above choc.  Think I will have a Twix today though :)   Hope today is less crazy.

Carrietarool - good news on the 3+ weeks on the CB.   I've not tested with them for a few days but previously only 2-3 weeks which makes sense.  I am 4w7d today, so theoretically should be 3+ if i test.   Wow, MS so early on?   Did you get that with your previous pregnancies??

I'm feeling tired but otherwise normal.   HCG was 951 at 4w5d and just had another test this morning so will see if it's rising appropriately or whether this will be another MC. Scan booked for next Friday, should the next couple of bloods go in the right direction.   Last time I had a dating scan, saw the hb then lost the baby the next day so that was a bit depressing.

Hope everyone else is doing ok (if anyone is still reading here) x

Edited by nimble, 21 June 2017 - 09:43 AM.

#161 stace_wa

Posted 21 June 2017 - 01:41 PM

I hope this one sticks for you Nimble! Sounds like a good hcg level for 4+5 so I hope it's rising within range at your next blood test.

I tested this morning and it was a bit darker, definitely clearer and today I feel like hurling so that's got to be a good sign right? And my boobs were way more sensitive last night.
I think I just have to stop comparing this pregnancy to last time or I'll send myself insane.

It has been pretty quiet in here hasn't it. I hope we get some more traffic! I love having people to share the journey with, especially in these early weeks where noone knows so there's not many people to talk to and share the crazy lol

#162 nimble

Posted 21 June 2017 - 02:47 PM

stace_wa  that sounds promising!  Go the sore boobs and feeling of hurling lol.    Understand, though, it is hard not to compare if you have had another child before.  My last pregnancy (that resulted in a baby), I was in Cuba and Mexico on holiday and travelling around lots.  I do remember feeling tired and the odd wave of nausea that only lasted a second or two, but that is it really.  Otherwise I don't think I felt much this early on.

Yes, hope we get some traffic in here as it is so good to be able to talk to people going through the same thing.   I am a member of a FB  group from my first DIG and they're an amazing bunch of ladies but am hesitant to join another until i am a little more certain this pregnancy is viable, IYKWIM?

#163 Carrietarool

Posted 21 June 2017 - 03:30 PM

sounds very promising indeed stace_wa!!  

Sounds like a great hcg result nimble, ill keep my fingers crossed for you that those numbers keep climbing nicely!

I am getting a crash course in remembering how stressful i find the first trimester, and it is SO hard not to compare to past pregnancies, both the ones that resulted in babies and the ones that didnt :/

I am feeling like SUCH an idiot right now, after the 3+ digi i got last friday i swore i was done with pregnancy tests and would leave the rest up to the bloodtests etc when I see doc this friday.

Then i was doing groceries today and walking up the aisle where the preg tests are i had a complete moment of weakness and bought another 2 pack of digitals... i dont even know why. Even worse is that i did one as soon as i got home (i even looked at the pee in the cup and thought "oh its so diluted, you better wait incase it gives you a lower result and freaks you out") but like a woman possessed i tested with it anyway and lo and behold it was back to 2-3.
Cue freakouts, even though i know the pee was more diluted than what ive been testing with FMU., ive still gone straight to worst case. :(  :down:

i have to say though, clearblue are absolute geniuses for coming up with these, they arnt cheap and they must absolutely rake in the cash from so many anxious pregnant woman (me!!)  early in the first trimester clutching for any kind of reassurance that things are progressing

Edited by Carrietarool, 21 June 2017 - 03:42 PM.

#164 stace_wa

Posted 21 June 2017 - 03:31 PM

Definitely do Nimble. I am the same re the fb group for my DD dig but wanting to make sure this one sticks before taking that leap this time.
I also had very little in the way of symptoms with DD, sore boobs from 6-7 weeks and some mild nausea like I'd had a couple too many wines the night before and I had really high hcg with her.
I don't think my boobs will be a bad early this time, they are still floppy from DD as she's only 10 months old (not bf though due to some feeding issues early on)

Cuba and Mexico sound like a wonderful distraction top early pregnancy too hehe

#165 nimble

Posted 22 June 2017 - 01:16 PM

Carrietarool - I know, right?!  CB definitely got that one right, as they really have preyed on anxious pregnant ladies!   I did the same as you, and did a CB today mid morning and only showing 2-3 when I am 5w.  So it is still correct, I guess, but wanted that 3+ weeks lol

stace_wa  hear you on the floppy boobs!  Mine are pretty much just back to pre-baby and my son is 3.   Any more symptoms yet?  My sore boobs are getting less and less so....

Mingles - once I know this is a viable pregnancy, I will definitely head over and join you guys :)

Not much happening with me other than a rise of HCG from 951 to 2270 in 36 hours which looks promising.  Will have another test tomorrow.

#166 stace_wa

Posted 22 June 2017 - 02:39 PM

Carietarool - with you on the clear blue scheme! I didn't with DD as was doing bloods up until 6 weeks, but this time I am! I've done one and bought another to use on the weekend in the hope it's changed from the 1-2 weeks!

Mingles - good to know! I think I'll wait until after my dating scan and jump on over if that's all good 😉

Nimble - that's a good hcg rise! Sounds really good. The lack of symptoms is worrying isn't it at times, even knowing it is completely normal and the range of normal in pregnancy is huge!

Afm, just got home from the gp. Positive on his test! Yay! Faint still, but definitely there and it came up fairly quickly too which is nice. Got my first trimester screening test forms so I'll do them next week and the bHCG is in that lot so I'll try and go with the flow until then. Got my dating scan referral so I'll try and book in for that in a few weeks  should be around 7 weeks then which I figure gives a bit of leeway if dates are a bit out. Kind of starting to feel real.
Still not much in the way of symptoms. I had nausea again mid morning today so will see if that continues tomorrow when I'm less nervous and then I'll rule it as ms lol

#167 Mingles

Posted 22 June 2017 - 06:53 PM

No worries at all! I know what you mean, I'll only be 5 weeks tomorrow but couldn't wait haha. Message Musefan earlier in this group :)

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